xnox(for example have 2GB thumb drive and 100GB disk & choose to install onto 2GB thumb drive using manual partitioning)00:00
TheLordOfTimexnox:  and what about using the liveusb environment (no persistence) to install to a bare 750GB drive?00:02
xnoxno, that should be fine.00:02
TheLordOfTimethat's where i ran into the issue - it crashed/errored, and apport stated its LP Bug 22096100:03
ubot5Launchpad bug 220961 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "[MASTER] ubiquity crashes instead of notifying the user of not enough disk space" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22096100:03
TheLordOfTimein the 12.04.1 LTS ISO on the liveusb00:03
TheLordOfTimenow, one of two things could have caused this:00:03
TheLordOfTime(1) my partitioning scheme was wrong (unlikely - it lets you know if you're doing something stupid), or00:04
TheLordOfTime(2) having selected "update software during installation" caused the issue00:04
TheLordOfTimeand since it got to "Installing System..." i'm pretty certain (1) was not the issue00:04
TheLordOfTimenote that when i reran the installer i didn't choose "update software during installing" or whatever the option is and it didn't error00:05
balloonsback later guys00:06
TheLordOfTimexnox:  so unless apport is completely wrong, and its a much more major bug in ubiquity, the ISO should be rechecked00:06
TheLordOfTimeor, ubiquity's functionality for updating during installation checked, at least00:06
xnoxTheLordOfTime: i'd like to see logs of it triggered with "update software during installation" checked.00:07
TheLordOfTimexnox:  good luck to you - i didn't have apport keep em because apport said it would have my password data00:08
TheLordOfTimeand i'm not risking the now-working installation to retest00:08
xnoxTheLordOfTime: and that's a lie, unless you booted with "debug-ubiquity"00:08
TheLordOfTimexnox:  then apport needs to be shot00:08
xnoxTheLordOfTime: it's just we don't check if we have booted into 'debug-ubiquity' mode or not.00:08
TheLordOfTimeand retooled.00:08
xnoxTheLordOfTime: well, not apports fault, but the ubiquity hook in apport.....00:09
TheLordOfTimexnox:  given i'm not on the live usb anymore, do those logs even exist?00:09
xnoxTheLordOfTime: the real fix is to fix debian-installer not to print passwords in the logs.00:09
thomiballoons: still around?01:05
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balloonsthomi, I'm heading off now04:28
balloonsif your here04:28
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jibelGood morning07:37
Noskcajjibel, evening07:44
jibelhey Noskcaj07:45
dholbachgood morning07:51
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pittijibel: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Raring/view/JHBuild%20Gnome/ is slowly returning back to sanity16:13
jibelpitti, phew, thanks!16:13
jibelpitti, I finish data gathering on the nexus7 and will come back to it next week. I don't want to check everyday if xvfb is stuck16:14
pittijibel: yeah, let's; we need to clean up the stale dbus-daemons and xvfbs better16:15
pittijibel: and next week I'll have some time again to actually fix gnome stuff, too16:15
pittithis week with its nexus7 sprint + UDW + adt hackfest + patch pilot + emergency fixes is a bit stuffed16:16
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fetznick fetzed19:21
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Noskcajphillw, do you know if the "recurive" PPC bug affects the latest builds of 12.04.2?20:31
phillwNoskcaj: lubuntu don't have a LTS, so no 12.04.1 or 12.04.220:54
Noskcaji'm meaning netboot too20:54
Noskcajjust realised netboot ppc doesn't have a testcase http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/204/builds20:56
balloonsNoskcaj, I have this: http://pad.ubuntu.com/wfjvrAzFq221:00
Noskcajbug 111180921:00
ubot5bug 1111809 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "12.04 daily's don't have a netboot PPC testcase" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111180921:00
balloonsI believe you wrote that testcase correct?21:00
Noskcaji think so, i just need someone else to confirm21:00
Noskcajand there are minor changes nessisary for the PPC version21:01
Noskcaji'm just reporting some bugs in the tracker21:02
Noskcajbug 111181421:04
ubot5bug 1111814 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "desktop netboot has incomplete testcases" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111181421:04
balloonsnice.. against the new stuff21:05
balloonsk, I'll comment and add the pad link21:05
balloonsNoskcaj, if you want to convert this whole page to bugs, please do so: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/TestcaseUpdates21:08
balloonsthen we can close the page21:08
balloonsmark the new stuff as 'to-do' tag21:08
Noskcajbug 1111820 , and i'm done21:10
ubot5bug 1111820 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Mythbuntu testcases are in the wrong format." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111182021:10
letozaf_balloons, I saw you ran the autopilot evince test21:43
letozaf_balloons, I get an error21:43
letozaf_balloons, http://paste.ubuntu.com/159439221:43
balloonsletozaf_, yes, it does work for me21:43
letozaf_balloons, what did I do wrong ?21:44
letozaf_balloons, I launched : autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o autopilot-evince.xml evince21:44
balloonsohh ouch21:44
balloonsit just failed21:44
letozaf_balloons, :(21:45
balloonsdid you install the package from the ppa21:45
balloonsdid it install clean?21:45
letozaf_balloons, yes I followed the instructions and it installed clean21:45
letozaf_balloons, non errors21:45
letozaf_balloons, could it be I have the old versions21:45
letozaf_balloons, I mean I had run the21:45
letozaf_balloons, unity tests time ago21:46
balloonsletozaf_, blame the packager :-)21:46
balloonswhich is me21:46
letozaf_balloons, :D21:46
letozaf_balloons, but you ran the test21:46
letozaf_balloons, and it workde21:46
letozaf_balloons, worked21:47
letozaf_balloons, :(21:52
balloonsit's still my fault don't worry21:52
balloonsbut we'll get it fixed and push up a new one21:52
letozaf_balloons, ok, thanks! thought I did something wrong as it worked for you21:54
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balloonsbah apt-file doesn't work with ppa's21:57
balloonsletozaf_, lol21:59
balloonsautopilot list ubuntu_autopilot_tests21:59
balloonsI'm guessing you see good stuff then right?21:59
letozaf_balloons, yes22:00
letozaf_balloons, 28 total tests22:00
balloonsautopilot run ubuntu_autopilot_tests.evince22:00
balloonsso in full22:00
balloonsautopilot run -v -r -f xml -o autopilot-evince.xml ubuntu_autopilot_tests.evince22:00
balloonsmy bad22:00
balloonsi thought something was wrong22:00
letozaf_balloons, autopilot run ubuntu_autopilot_tests.evince is working22:00
balloonslol, yes22:01
letozaf_balloons, as soon as it finishes I will launch autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o autopilot-evince.xml ubuntu_autopilot_tests.evince22:01
letozaf_balloons, :( no autopilot run -v -r -f xml -o autopilot-evince.xml ubuntu_autopilot_tests.evince   does not work22:05
letozaf_balloons, http://paste.ubuntu.com/159456122:05
balloonsohh that's simple22:06
balloonsyou need to run from a writable directory22:06
balloonsyour in /usr/bin and trying to write out a xml file22:06
letozaf_balloons, you are right!22:06
balloonsyou can fix it by specifying the output file better22:06
balloonsmaybe I should make the directions push it to the home dir?22:06
balloonsI'll update all of them like that22:06
letozaf_balloons, ok22:06
letozaf_balloons, it worked... in the right directory :D22:07
letozaf_balloons, what about the xml file ?22:08
balloonsok, if everything worked, we don't need it :-)22:08
letozaf_balloons, if something fails... where do we put it ?22:09
letozaf_balloons, not that I want it to fail :-b22:09
balloonsahh.. yes, attach it to the bug report22:10
balloonsit will help us understand how the test failed22:10
letozaf_balloons, it succeeded :D22:11
letozaf_balloons, but now I know what to do with the xml file in case the other tests fail :-b22:11
tgm4883Noskcaj, i think i wrote those mythbuntu testcases and got balloons approval22:12
tgm4883it was awhile ago22:12
balloonsohh carla is gone22:30
balloonswell, the instructions are fixed22:30
balloonstgm4883, let me look.22:30
balloonstgm4883, ahh.. no big deal, just a style change the tests went through22:32
balloonswe moved to <dl> and <dt> tags22:32
balloonsinstead of <ol> and <ul>22:32
phillwtgm4883: don't worry, balloons has handy little script to transfer them... He is just too shy to say :)22:34
balloons^^ yes, I'll fix them up for you22:34
balloonsthey'll be the same, just prettier ;-)22:34
phillwand, tgm4883 don't feel bad... i gave a classroom session recently using the wrong tags... It's still on my TODO list to get it corrected :/22:35
alesageballoons can you direct me to any autopilot tests you may have written for gedit?22:38
balloonsalesage, everything (most) is in trunk22:39
balloonsa non-intro example, hacks on intro stuff, and then the example I did for the the wlkathrough22:39
balloonsI have to actually merge those into the real test sometime22:39
alesageok thx balloons22:39
balloonsyou need links, or?22:40
alesageo sorry balloons no I'm fine :) , noticing that you stopped around where I'm stopping, i.e. detecting if text is highlighted, syntax coloring, etc.22:45

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