tjaaltoninfinity: excellent, thanks!05:33
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Mirvcould someone remove bamf 0.2.126-0ubuntu1 from the precise queue and 0.3.6-0ubuntu1 from the quantal queue? nothing wrong with them, but we have an additional commit that fixes the bug in a more cases so that'd be better13:16
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cjwatsonMirv: done13:18
Mirvcjwatson: thank you13:18
cjwatsonMirv: (can you explain the quantal reject to Ɓukasz, if he doesn't already know?  he'll have got a fairly mysterious message)13:18
Mirvcjwatson: I agreed upon this with him13:18
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plarson upgrading (dist-upgrade) from 12.04.1, lsb_release -a still says 12.04.1 rather than 12.04.2. Is that intentional due to pinning the kernel to the precise 3.2 series unless you installed with 12.04.2 or manually requested the new kernel? or should it still say 12.04.2?16:20
cjwatsonplars: it's already fixed in -proposed16:21
plarscjwatson: ok, thanks16:21
hggdhcjwatson: so it will say 12.04.2, correct?16:21
cjwatsonfeel free to upgrade base-files and confirm :)16:21
hggdhthank you dear sir :-)16:21
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bdmurrayI skipped the precise one as it doesn't seem that important18:03
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