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solarcloudMorning .. had a dream, but I've forgotten it, damn !06:57
dwatkinsI had a dream, and then I woke up.08:42
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popeyanyone going to that tonight?09:44
JamesTaitMorning all! :-)09:56
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:56
dwatkinsello ello10:16
brobostigonmorning JamesTait , dwatkins and bigcalm10:27
JamesTaitbrobostigon, o/10:27
bigcalmGetting surprised in Half-Life and my fingers flail about. Looks like caps-lock was a casualty this time10:27
bigcalmHi kids :)10:28
JamesTaitBigRedS, did you get a chance to play with masqmail last night?10:28
davmor2Morning all10:46
Laneyit's so annoying that the bathroom light kills my DAB radio :(10:47
bigcalmLaney: Using a laptop wifi in the vicinity of our DAB radio kills it10:50
bigcalmHi davmor210:51
davmor2bigcalm: how is your building of the Millennium Falcon coming along10:52
bigcalmdavmor2: trying my best not to do it all in 1 day. It's been 1 set of packets per day so far10:53
davmor2bigcalm: so you'll finish Friday then if you started Monday10:54
bigcalmdavmor2: Started Tuesday evening (that was when Hayley's brother surprised me with it as a gift)10:55
bigcalmdavmor2: and as we're off to my parents in Worcester tomorrow until Sunday... Might get a few more days out of it yet :D10:56
davmor2bigcalm: Yeah Sue did the same to me just after Christmas there was a Knock at the door and a Huge Box from Denmark10:57
davmor2bigcalm: turns out it was to justify the mixer she just bought :D10:57
bigcalmdavmor2: Hayley got me the X-wing for xmas. When her brother saw it, he instantly got hooked on building them. I think that he's just ordered the Super Star Destroyer10:59
bigcalmdavmor2: haha10:59
davmor2bigcalm: hang on a minute your future brother in law paid £150 for a lego box set for you?  He ordered it from 2 places and thought he had cancelled one didn't he ;)11:03
bigcalmpopey: indeedie11:04
davmor2bigcalm: did you see the uber deluxe version of the Millennium Falcon?11:04
bigcalmdavmor2: heh. He said that he gave Hayley £120, so I'm guessing that he found it cheaper11:04
bigcalmdavmor2: I've been trying to not look at lego kits yet. I can see a lot of money being thrown at them11:05
davmor2bigcalm: the little globe ones are fun11:05
davmor2bigcalm: no that is about right to be fair 150 was a round up as a figure11:06
davmor2bigcalm: http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/10179_Ultimate_Collector%27s_Millennium_Falcon11:08
davmor2311 pages to build it 5000 pieces that would keep you going for a couple of weeks11:09
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davmor2popey: ^ you know you want it too11:10
davmor2popey: I'll take that as a yes then :)11:12
bigcalmI've just moved my python photo booth project from my private gitlab to be on github. If anybody wants to help :) https://github.com/bigcalm/python_photo_booth11:12
bigcalmScribbles: https://github.com/bigcalm/python_photo_booth/wiki/Scribbles11:20
ali1234is that for like a real photobooth then?11:24
ali1234like you get in a train station11:24
ali1234if so why aren't you writing it in QML?11:24
ali1234it's ideal for touch interface11:24
* bigcalm goes to play with Lego11:26
Laneyi hope that guy has put his whale vomit in a safe place11:30
lubotu3sourceware.org bug 2013 in libc "memccpy() gives inconsistent results on mmapped files" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]11:36
popeyuh, no11:37
ali1234lolwat popey11:38
popeygood isnt it11:39
ali1234why do people write stupid #defines like that anyway?11:40
ali1234it just encourages bugs and makes the source harder to read11:40
ali1234still at least it only has to be fixed in one place11:41
ali1234here is the unmangled URL of the commit if anyone cares: http://www.sourceware.org/git/gitweb.cgi?p=glibc.git&a=commitdiff&h=dd930cc57100377d02a45b9113d6a3dc93136cbc11:43
ali1234that constant seems used in only one place11:44
AlanBellthat is rather special12:09
AlanBellgood job it isn't in anything important. Oh, wait12:11
davmor2czajkowski: morning prod12:16
Laneyom nom found a packet of sensations at the back of the cupboard13:09
dwatkinsI hope they havn't passed their best-before date, Laney ;)13:47
Laneythey have actually13:47
Laneystill DELICIOUS13:47
dwatkinsI'm sure that's just a guideline, anyway.13:52
* Laney drops dead13:53
solarcloudToday on my Lubuntu netbook ans wireless headphones I discovered BBC Radio 4 and the myriad of programmes that are on the website. It all seems a bit Posh or Upper Middle Class to me, but I like it in my ear ..15:11
BigRedSradio4 is awesome15:20
BigRedSbut, yeah, if you're youngetr than about 40 finding other listeners is a bit like being a member of a secret resistance movement15:20
solarcloudI am a member of OSIN.15:21
BigRedSyou can't straight up ask somebody, 'cause if they're not aware of the goodness they'll think you're a bit weird15:21
solarcloudOpen Source Intelligence Network by RDS.15:21
KrimZon_2when I started dual booting with a newer version of ubuntu, it made the newer version the default in the boot menu - how do I make the old version the default again?15:25
lubotu3GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:33
dwatkinsif it's the same as it was many versions ago, you can just edit the order in your menu.lst, but I've not toyed with grub for a long time.15:33
AzelphurCan anyone recommend a nice cheap camera to go with zoneminder?15:33
Azelphurpreferably wireless15:33
BigRedSKrimZon_2: generally, the safest way is to have your preferred OS be in charge of Grub15:47
KrimZon_2BigRedS: how do I do that?15:48
BigRedSKrimZon_2: generally uninstall it from the non-preferred one and install it only on the preferred one16:03
BigRedSbut not that way round16:03
KrimZon_2ahh, I figured out how - "sudo grub-install /dev/sda1" on the old install16:05
KrimZon_2I was really stumped as to what to search for to find that out16:05
KrimZon_2I was googling vague stuff like "grub2 how to install again"16:06
BigRedSyeah, but next time grub is updated on the non-preferred one it'll overwrite that16:09
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Paladinehttp://www.googlelawsuit.co.uk/ if anyone is interested17:23
BigRedSHeh, get apache2_default without the www...17:25
Paladineyeah am gonna add the vhost now17:32
MartijnVdSPaladine: just add a ServerAlias directive in the current one17:32
MartijnVdSPaladine: much easier ;)17:32
MartijnVdS1 ServerName, then lots of ServerAliases17:32
Paladineor I can just use ServerAlias *.googlelawsuit.co.uk right?17:33
MartijnVdSPaladine: uh.. let me check17:33
MartijnVdS(I wasn't sure about wildcard support)17:34
Paladineok it works now17:35
Paladineor should17:35
Paladinetry going to anything.googlelawsuit.co.uk17:35
MartijnVdSPaladine: not everything resolves17:35
MartijnVdSPaladine: also, *.googlelawsuit.co.uk doesn't match googlelawsuit.co.uk (without anything in front)17:36
Paladineyeah I need to restart apache too I think17:36
Paladinecos it still going to default apache page for me17:36
MartijnVdSreload should be enough17:36
Paladinenope reload didnt work or the wildcard doesnt work17:37
Paladineok wildcard didn't seem to work so I just added the actual alias17:38
Paladineand it works now17:38
Paladineworking for you?17:39
MartijnVdSwell "whateverItypehere.googlelawsuit.co.uk" still doesn't resolve (hence it won't work with apache ;))17:46
MartijnVdSbut yes, with and without www work17:46
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BigRedSWildcard should work17:48
BigRedSI'm using it17:48
MartijnVdSBigRedS: his wildcard dns isn't set up17:53
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Klettbaranyone expert of cpu clock22:00
Klettbari am concerned with the radiation tehy emit22:00
Klettbarfor example22:00
Klettbarif they core duo 1.2 ghz22:00
Klettbarwhat's teh actual electromagnetic radiation output22:01
dwatkinsthere are regulations controlling the amount of EMI a device can put out, Klettbar22:01
dwatkinsif you want to detect it for yourself, you could get an EMF detector like this: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/62367895/mrghost-iphone-emf-detector/22:02
Klettbaryes, but i think subjects might be more or less sensitive22:02
dwatkinsyou could put your computer in a Faraday cage if you're really concerned, but I've been surrounded by electronic devices all my life and have never suffered any ill effects.22:05
dwatkinswhy are you concerned about EMF, Klettbar?22:07
Klettbari don't know22:13
Klettbarjust a topic22:13
dwatkins"In the absence of evidence from cellular or animal studies, and given the methodological uncertainties and in many cases inconsistencies of the existing epidemiologic literature, there is no chronic disease outcome for which an etiological relation to EMF exposure can be regarded as established."22:13
Klettbarii imagine i feel something when i use a computer22:13
dwatkinssource: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1240626/pdf/ehp109s-000911.pdf22:13
Klettbarbut cna be my imagination22:13
dwatkinsthere's static electricity from a CRT, of course22:13
ali1234computers put out EMF all over22:14
ali1234not just the CPU. all the busses too, on different frequencies22:14
Klettbarother day i walked along a tall big antenna for telecommunications22:14
Klettbarand had the same feeling/imagination22:15
dwatkinsI imagine all sorts of devices put out a fair amount of EMF.22:15
dwatkinsMy alarm clock certainly does, but that's becuase it's a mobile phone ;)22:15
ali1234anyone got the link to the russian fm transmitter where the guy pokes it with a stick and you can hear the radio in the arc22:16
dwatkins'We had an interesting incident near Humboldt State University. A new cell tower went up and the local newspaper asked a number of people what they thought of it. Some said they noticed their cell phone reception was better. Some said they noticed the tower was affecting their health. To paraphrase the bottom line: "think about how much more pronounced these effects will be once the tower is actually operational."'22:16
ali1234Klettbar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hG0mnOCHvww22:17
dwatkinsPersonally I think any ill effects are in the mind. I could be wrong, but I've never known anyone to get ill by being around electronics.22:17
Klettbartime-lapse illness22:18
ali1234radio transmitters are serious business22:18
Klettbaryou can't see it from one single photo22:18
Klettbari know we can't renounce to electronic devices22:18
daftykinsdwatkins: :D so true. paranoia gets most people22:18
daftykinsi do however think kids should not have mobile phones until their skulls have formed properly22:19
Klettbarbut i think research should advance in the field of electronic devices and health22:19
dwatkinsdaftykins: agreed, for many reasons22:19
dwatkinsKlettbar: there are lots of studies like the one I linked, I don't believe anything has been found to show such devices are dangerous22:20
bagpuss_thecatKlettbar: it does, every day22:20
bagpuss_thecatelectronic devices are used to make miracles happen22:20
bagpuss_thecatie, CAT scanners, MRI, pacemakers, etc22:20
bagpuss_thecatyou don't hear fearmongers going on about the stuff that saves lives22:20
ali1234yes you do22:21
ali1234stem cell research22:21
ali1234genetic engineering22:21
ali1234"wah wah wah"22:21
bagpuss_thecatach I class them as religious extremists :-)22:21
ali1234nanotech is going to destroy the world22:21
dwatkinsgrey goo!22:22
Klettbarhow do you explain the increasing rate of tumors22:22
ali1234pretty much anything, someone somewhere thinks it is going to destroy the world22:22
Klettbarsuch a research shoudl have special criteria22:22
dwatkinsKlettbar: doctors are getting better at finding tumours22:22
AlanBellKlettbar: I would explain it by the lack of people dying from "a long illness"22:22
bagpuss_thecatAggressive Hegemonizing Swarms!22:22
ali1234first i would question is there any evidence that the rate of tumors is actually increasing?22:22
Klettbari like when ppl get what i mean22:22
bagpuss_thecatKlettbar: earlier detection and more accurate detection22:23
dwatkinsPersonally I think people should concentrate on stopping the damage to the planet, not turning off things which aren't actually causing any demonstrable harm.22:23
ali1234AlanBell: less people dying from a short illness too22:23
ali1234ie people live longer = more likely to get cancer22:23
ali1234cos we cured everything else22:23
AlanBellthat too, yes22:23
bagpuss_thecatI have no doubt our increasingly unhealthy lifestyles are also a contributory cause towards cancer22:23
bagpuss_thecatbut blaming it on electronics is just... bollocks22:24
dwatkinsthere's a chance that car exhaust in the air has increased lung cancer, as has smoking far more significantly, of course.22:24
Klettbarfor example, bagpuss_thecat22:24
daftykinsi once heard that there's a tribe of people that've never been affected by cancer. however they eat all their food raw without cooking, so instead they have all kinds of other common ailments22:24
ali1234our lifestyles pretty healthy compared to a couple hundred years ago when everyone was pooping in the street and not washing their hands22:24
dwatkinsdaftykins: did they have a life expectancy of about 25 years?22:24
Klettbarwhat ailments daftykins22:24
daftykinsdwatkins: not a clue22:24
dwatkinswouldn't surprise me if they did, sadly22:25
daftykinsKlettbar: simple things attributable to not cooking food22:25
Klettbarhumans can not see effects in teh long run22:25
Klettbarthus should trust intuition, common sense tradition22:25
dwatkinsyes we can, that's what historians do22:25
ali1234common sense? nooooooooooooooooo22:26
dwatkinsI'm off to bed, have a fun discussion folks...22:26
bagpuss_thecatKlettbar: what you've just described is short sightedness and fear of the unknown22:26
ali1234common sense suggest the sun orbits the earth, which is flat - among other hilariously incorrect things22:26
bagpuss_thecatlike most extreme religions have22:26
Klettbaronly in teh field of health22:27
bagpuss_thecatyou can't have everything except something22:27
Klettbarsomething except something22:28
Klettbarscientist should focus on this22:28
AlanBellso, shall we trust intuition, or a double blind clinical trial22:28
Klettbarnot weapons but shoiield22:28
Klettbarhave to close22:28
Klettbarslowing my22:28
bagpuss_thecatthe EMF got to him22:29
daftykinsi'm sorry, but what a friggin' nutcase22:29
daftykinsalmost as bad as the time i got asked by a friend of a friend if there were any noise suppressors for network cables22:29
daftykinsoh he didn't do wireless22:30
daftykinsfear of, well what that guy had22:30
bagpuss_thecatI honestly cannot fathom why some people just can't trust science22:30
bagpuss_thecat"But I personally must understand everything"22:30
bagpuss_thecatyou can't. just face it22:30
ali1234of course there are noise suppressors for network cables...22:30
solarcloudTonite's meal of Toad In The Hole didn't expand high enough in the included Tesco baking tray. solarcloud is moderately disappointed with Tesco :( , but eats his chow none the less...22:31
* bagpuss_thecat looks at mgdm 22:31
daftykinsali1234: that's not the point, the guy in question was claiming he was getting noise on recordings or something22:32
ali1234well maybe he was?22:32
ali1234RFI can be nasty22:32
daftykinsor just generally paranoid about EMI on cables that went into his room22:32
solarcloudHave I missed a flame-war ??22:32
daftykinsugh nevermind, cba to have this conversation22:32
ali1234mains hum is pretty much universal22:33
ali1234of course if you're not setting up a recording studio there isn't much point worrying about it22:34
* mgdm looks at bagpuss_thecat 22:36
* bagpuss_thecat looks at mgdm again22:38
bagpuss_thecatyour fault22:38
mgdmwhat is?22:39
czajkowskidaftykins: /ignore is your friend :)22:45
daftykinsno, i've never used that function in the years i've been around IRC22:45
daftykinsand i won't be starting now :)22:45
daftykinsplus i've dealt with worse than ali1234 ;) sadly22:45
ali1234heh, that guy the other day. block someone and then ask what they said?22:48
daftykinswho was that?22:48
ali1234someone on g+22:49
ali1234kind of silly if you ask me22:49
daftykinsczajkowski: you must meet a lot of nutters in the circles you move in now?22:50
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dogmatic69done my tax return early this year. All done with 45min to spare...23:16
daftykinsdogmatic69: :D i did mine early too!23:30
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AzelphurAnyone recommend a good cheap surround sound compatible with a PC?23:52
AzelphurFor my HTPC, so a front room job23:52
daftykinsi used to use a logitech speaker set in the past23:53
Azelphurdaftykins: anything specific?23:54
daftykinswell the set is the Z-5500 i think but i don't know if they make them anymore23:55

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