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TorikunI am almos done installing Ubuntu on N718:12
TorikunI might actually use this tablet now lol18:12
Torikunany bad issues to expect?18:12
nhainesThere's no touch UI.18:20
Torikunit just booted for the first time and teh screen all jacked up18:20
nhainesMake that two issues then.18:20
Torikuntouch screen working18:20
raevoldown to one again18:21
nhainesIt works, there's just no touch-optimized UI.18:21
raevolone and a half18:21
nhainesRun updates.  Hopefully they fixed something.  :)18:21
Torikunyou dont run it anymore?18:21
nhainesI don't run Ubuntu on a tablet.  Because there's no touch UI.18:22
nhainesIf I wanted to be furious at an user interface I could install Windows 8.  :)18:22
nhaines(Which is actually awesome on a touchscreen.)18:22
TorikunDesktop just loaded!18:28
Torikuneverything looks ood18:28
akkThis is sounding like a seriously slow boot.18:28
Torikunwifi suspends when screen is off =(18:30
nhainesYou're probably not surfing the interblags when the screen's off anyway.18:34
Torikunit's pretty neat hving unity on the tablet18:34
Torikunkeyboard is much better18:34
Torikunthan android18:35
pleia2Torikun: 12.10 or 13.04?18:35
Torikunlooks liek 13.0418:35
pleia2the point of the tablet version isn't end user use :) it's a developer version so they can make improvements to the UI18:35
pleia2I think they're shooting for usable-by-muggles for 14.0418:36
Torikunwhat version do you ahve installed pleia218:36
pleia2I don't18:36
pleia2played with them at UDS a couple months back though18:36
nhainesUnity being focused on touch-screens was a slander invented by people who didn't like it in 11.04, and it hasn't become less untrue since.18:37
pleia2(I don't have a tablet of any kind)18:37
nhainespleia2: I got to play with a Nexus 7 yesterday.  It was nice.  :)18:37
pleia2nhaines: but so small! if I do make the tablet plunge it'll probably be the 1018:37
TorikunTablets are over rated18:37
TorikunI would be happier with a macbook air lol18:38
nhainespleia2: the 10's probably the way to go.  As nice as the 7 inch was, the 10 must be luxurious.18:38
pleia2but really I'm quite happy with phone+netbook for on the go stuff still18:38
nhainespleia2: me too.  But the idea of Ubuntu everywhere makes me happy.  I love Android on my phone but I'm not convinced tablet-wise.18:38
pleia2I can't do on screen keyboards and most of my work and fun needs a keyboard18:38
pleia2so I could get a tablet and carry a keyboard and... well at that point I have a netbook again18:38
Torikunyou need a macbook air18:39
pleia2I really don't18:39
Torikunproblem solved18:39
pleia2my ultrabook is similar to the macbook air, but has a useful operating system on it18:39
pleia2but it's too big to put in my purse (my netbook fits)18:39
nhainespleia2: onscreen keyboards make me want to punch a kitten.  The Android 4.2 keyboard is a nice alternative to Swype however!18:40
pleia2nhaines: I tried the swypey keyboards, do not grok18:40
nhainespleia2: it's like touch typing with your thumb.  :)18:40
pleia2I just tether to my netbook when I need to type more than a sentence :)18:40
pleia2or say "they can wait until I get home"18:41
Torikunlol desktop locked up I gotta wait until the battery dies now lol18:43
Torikunnhaines: it was horrible uninstalling it19:07
nhainesTorikun: uninstalling Ubuntu or Android?19:12
nhainesYokoZar: heya.  :)19:12
TorikunUninstalling Ubuntu19:12
Torikungoing back to android19:12
Torikuni was hoping it would be somewhat usable19:13
nhainesIt should have been.19:14
nhainesJust slow.19:14
Torikunoh very slow19:14
Torikunand keyboard would not appear when needed19:14
Torikunand unity screen would be locked and you can not close it19:14
Torikun*application screen19:14
Torikun4 CPU's in the n7 and it runs so slow19:15
Torikunand keyboard on unity too small19:17
Torikunnhaines: got a raspberry pi?19:33
nhainesTorikun:I really want one but have absolutely no use for one.19:34
Torikunhaha I understand that19:35
nhainesTorikun: didn't stop me from buying bitcoin, but eh...  :)19:36
TorikunHow is bit coin doing19:36
pleia2heh, jyo had a backpack full of 'em at a global jam event, that's how I ended up with one (it sits next to my desktop and runs an irc bot that does nothing)19:37
pleia2re: I wanted one but still have absolutely no use for one19:37
Torikunhttp://www.linux-toys.com that's what I did with them19:37
darthrobotTitle: [Linux-toys.com | .....another techy Linux blog.]19:37
Torikunit's great for an irc bouncer pleia219:37
pleia2I don't use bouncers19:38
pleia2I run screen+irssi on my VPS19:38
Torikunlol that's not as efficient19:38
pleia2I guess it depends on what you're doing :)19:38
Torikunlol yeah19:38
Torikunwith bouncers, you can use any client app19:38
pleia2any client app that has support for over 100 channels, sure!19:39
pleia2most suck at it though19:39
Torikunperformance is terrible on the pi19:40
nhainesTorikun: bitcoin hit $20 overnight after fighting it for three days and is now worth $21.35.19:40
nhainesI've made a couple dollars and the sooner people accept it and just buy my trade orders at bitfloor I'll have another half a dollar.  :)19:41
pleia2nhaines: w00t, early retirement!19:41
Torikunyou guys play with yacy?19:42
* Torikun did not mean to sound sexist there lol19:42
nhainespleia2: haha.  Well, it's fun and then once I get a tiny bit I push it to bitzino.com where I can lose it in the slickest HTML5 Blackjack interface you've ever seen.  ;)19:43
pleia2nhaines: haha, we'll that's something :)19:44
nhainespleia2: it even runs on my Nintendo 3DS browser!19:45
nhainesNote: this is the worst way to play blackjack.19:45
YokoZaremail: Plz.. i need enter to the group to learn with the users, im new in ubuntu dev and i need some experiencie...19:59
YokoZarme: What exactly are you talking about or asking me to do?19:59
YokoZaremail: I need a group to start to develop for ubuntu but i dont know how start, and i need the code19:59
Torikunamazon is down =(19:59
darthrobotTitle: [Amazon.com Site Down Reports]19:59
pleia2prolly using ec220:00
pleia2YokoZar: you're on the CC, the membership board folks should be replying to that email20:01
pleia2(I'm sure they already have)20:01
YokoZarpleia2: It was sent to me personally, I have no idea what he's talking about20:01
pleia2YokoZar: are you sure it didn't come from LP? (I got one too)20:01
pleia2footer: "using the "Contact this team's admins" link on the Ubuntu Members team page"20:02
YokoZarAhh  you're right20:02
YokoZarI get messages like this a lot though20:02
YokoZarnot launchpad20:02
YokoZarhalf are people asking me to send them Wine20:03
pleia2I see them come through fairly often through launchpad, I get some personally too , people are funny :)20:03
YokoZarThe other half something blog related20:03
pleia2it's sweet that they want to contribute, but there are about 40 million documented ways to start, so if you can't even figure that out... :(20:03
YokoZarI think many of them are low-english IT students in places like India who heard they need to do something Ubuntu related, stumbled upon the website, and then ask me to send them it20:04
nhainesYokoZar: i needz wine plz if u culd send me cuz i hate windowz but i need it anywa but cant pay so plz send me thx20:14
pleia2YokoZar: I need wine please, it's been a rough week :)20:23
YokoZarDoes the universe explode if you deluser root?21:30
pleia2there's only one way to find out!21:31
nhainesSomeone just linked to this on reddit.  I had it posted on my cubicle wall at one point: http://xkcd.com/963/22:55
darthrobotTitle: [xkcd: X11]22:55
gmulakAm I in the correct place for Southern Calif loco team?  Especially related to SCaLE?23:09
nhainesgmulak: yes, except the team is statewide.  Welcome.23:10
gmulaknhaines:  Nathan?23:12
nhainesgmulak: yes.23:13
nhainesBy convention, anyway.  ;)23:13
gmulakIt's George Mulak from the Lake Forest Ubuntu hour.  Sure have missed all the people there23:13
nhainesOf course.  :)  Glad you made your way here via IRC!23:14
gmulaknhaines:  Mostly because of your contribution of help at the Ubuntu hour.  You were so patient with everyone.  A great example of colaboration23:17
nhainesgmulak: it was a great way to meet up with others and discuss whatever interesting problems they'd come across.  I should get over to Panera again soon.23:18
gmulaknhaines:  should I also join #scal and #scale-chat since I am going to be there?23:18
gmulaknhaines:  Now that I have changed jobs I could go again.  I would apreciate it.23:19
gmulaknahines:  Panera was very kind to us, let us stay awhile and the food was great also.23:19
nhainesgmulak: since about half of everyone bought *something*, I don't think they were too put out.  Lots of people use it for book clubs and study groups and so on.  :)23:27
nhainesgmulak: #scale-chat is another IRC network, and it's really more for planning.  Also it's pretty quiet.23:28
gmulaknhaines:  Yup, Panera was like a coffee shop atmosphere with great food.  I better log onto #scale-chat then, cause I will be at the Ubuntu booth....23:29
nhainesI should sign up to be at the Ubuntu booth.  Looks like I'll be able to make it after all.23:31
gmulaknahaines:  Great news - see you there.23:32
nhainesgmulak: great.  :)23:33
gmulakwhat does this mean?  I am the only one in the chat room.  (3:33:52 PM) mode (+ns ) by hitchcock.freenode.net  Not active?23:36
gmulakThis is in the #scale-chat room.....23:40
nhainesgmulak: it means that you're not on the right network.  SCALE hosts their rooms at irc.oftc.net.23:40
nhainesWhat IRC client are you using?23:40
gmulaknhains:  Pidgin23:41
gmulaknhaines:  they are not on irc.freenode.net?23:42
nhainesgmulak: nope.23:43
gmulaknhaines:  OK, thanks.23:44
nhainesI strongly recommend the console application irssi.  But use pidgin if it's more convenient.  :)23:44
philipballewoh, nhaines haven't seen your name in here for a while23:44
philipballewQuassel is nice...23:45
nhainesphilipballew: this server's been up for 343 days.  :)23:45
nhainesnote to self: I should probably reboot the server.23:45
philipballewnhaines, I see your putting this server to good use finally :)23:46
* philipballew runs and hides23:46
gmulaknhaines:  OK, thanks.  I am using it at work on my windoz machine.  I was using it because it was cross-platform.23:46
gmulakphilipballew:  Hello-it's George Mulak23:47
nhainesgmulak: That's a good reason!  I actually just have a couple VPSes and ssh into my screen session.23:47
philipballewoh hey gmulak23:47
philipballewhope all is well23:47
gmulaknhaines:  OK, what is VPSes?  I know ssh is secure shell...23:48
gmulakphillipballew:  Yep.  I just ordered my new orange Ubuntu cap for the booth... :-)23:49
nhainesgmulak: it's a virtual private server.  Instead of buying a computer and paying rent, I just pay for a VM in someone else's colocated server.  :)23:49
gmulaknhaines:  Oh yes, I remember you showing me that.  One of the things that made me consider chat...23:50
nhainesIn fact, I went with prgmr.com who were at SCALE like two years ago.  I am just checking out chunkhost.com as well.23:50
philipballewgmulak, oh wow. Im gonna wear some shirts I have from uds, and ill bring some other shirts from to23:50
nhainesgmulak: you're welcome to have a shell account on one of my servers for a bit to try it out.23:51
gmulakphillipballew:  I didn't have enough money to order CD's  Only working part time.23:51
philipballewgmulak, Were gonna get official cd's in the mail to hand out so it should be good23:52
philipballewI have like 50 official cd's Ill bring as well23:52
gmulaknhaines:  Wow, that is your usual kindness for sure.  Perhaps at Panera again, you can show me how sometime?23:52
philipballewand someone might brink some blank ones to burn in case23:52
nhainesI'll bring my remaining DVDs (they're not CDs anymore) with me as well.23:52
gmulakphillipballew:  OK, thanks.  Can I buy a XXLarge shirt off of you?23:53
nhainesgmulak: all you have to do is shoot me an email.  I'll send you a username and password that you can change when you first log in and then you run 'byobu', then 'irssi', and then you can just type '/connect Ubuntu' and then '/join #ubuntu-us-ca'23:54
philipballewgmulak, I do not think I have any xx. Olny mediums. The Juju talk might have some shirts you can snag23:54
gmulakphillipballew:  Yes, I was going to bring some CD's and my HDD with distro's on it.  Although I can't find lubuntu distro23:55
gmulaknhaines:  gmulak - at - hotmail dot com23:55
philipballewgmulak, just come and answer questions in a professional manner and that should be just fine. :) No need to do more.23:56
gmulakphillipballew:  Can only afford a few labels however23:57
gmulakphillipballew:  Just don't kick me out if I don't know enough answers!  :-)  Please!23:57
philipballewgmulak, I can go over some basic questions you'll get on Friday, or anything you do not want to answer just send them to me.23:58
gmulakphillipballew:  Great, thanks.  Sometimes the best way to learn is to dive in.  I would like enough knowledge to start an ubuntu hr like nhaines showed me.23:59

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