rick_h_autocutsel -s PRIMARY &00:50
rick_h_autocutsel -s CLIPBOARD &00:50
rick_h_Blazeix: ^00:50
Blazeixrick_h_: thanks01:01
snap-lGood morning12:26
brousch1The snow is back12:50
brousch1And the cold12:50
rick_h_and furnace didn't start this morning...brrrr12:59
snap-lUgh. Got someone coming out to look at it rick_h_ ?13:06
rick_h_snap-l: well, reboot seems to have fixed it13:06
rick_h_so we'll see through the day I guess13:06
snap-lReboot? You running Linux on your furnace now?13:07
brousch1Isn't everyone?13:07
snap-lI have an old-school furnace13:07
snap-lit has a little monkey shoveling coal into it13:07
rick_h_heh, it's got a single little power switch13:07
rick_h_flipping that and the burners seem to have come on13:08
brousch1Ah, so you're running DOS on yours?13:08
snap-lfurn.exe /t 70 /u f /f 113:09
rick_h_while [ `/usr/bin/tmp` < 69 ] do /bin/run/heat done13:10
snap-lThat's not going to work. You're using unix degrees13:11
snap-lYou need to convert that temp stamp into farenheit13:11
rick_h_http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2013/01/exploring-grand-canyon-on-google-maps.html wow13:19
rick_h_man I'm not getting any work done today13:22
rick_h_need to find keyboard shortcuts for going through street view13:22
rick_h_ah, you logged out/in13:25
rick_h_http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2013/01/exploring-grand-canyon-on-google-maps.html wow13:25
snap-lyeah, restarted my machine because shit was hanging13:26
snap-lcompiz was at 100%13:26
snap-land pulseaudio gave up a few days ago, but was still playing audio13:26
snap-lOK< this is neat.13:27
jjessebeautiful day to be working from a home office13:53
snap-lyeah, I was half-tempted.13:55
jjesseanyone tried to run Ubuntu on a Nexus7?13:58
jjessethe on screen keyboard is way to small for me13:58
jjessekept hitting the wrong keys13:58
rick_h_http://www.slashgear.com/is-googles-new-chrome-android-a-tease-for-android-apps-in-the-browser-31267578/ ok that's interesting14:04
jrwreni don't know why reboot the furnace is funny. mine is computer controlled. Yours probably is too.14:50
brousch1rick_h_: That is interesting14:52
brousch1Makes my pants feel kind of tight14:53
_stink_like you had a big meal?14:56
brousch1Right right14:57
devinheitmuellerHey, quick question:  in Ubuntu 10.X, whenever you resized a Gnome window it would show the width of the window during resize.  Seems like they got rid of that in newer versions.  Anybody know how to turn it back on (assuming it's configurable)?15:35
devinheitmuellerPardon, I mean specifically a Gnome *terminal* window.15:35
jrwrenubuntu 10.x? i'm afraid it may be that none of us run a 3 yr old ubuntu15:40
jrwrenoh, you mean make current ubuntu do something 10.x did.15:41
jrwrenI'd ask on askbuntu.com15:41
devinheitmuellerFair enough.15:42
devinheitmuellerYeah, this is pre-unity.15:42
jcastrothat's a compiz feature15:53
jcastro(tag the question with compiz)15:53
devinheitmuellerjcastro: thanks.16:00
brousch1Ouch http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/01/31/detroit-fatal-multi-vehicle-crash/1880247/17:59
Blazeixman, cory set up the royal oak CHC dns entry without me even having to ask: http://royaloak.coffeehousecoders.com/18:08
Blazeixrunning off our github pages18:08
Blazeixi'll be making tweaks later tonight to make it look a bit sharper; i'm open to suggestions18:09
Blazeixaw, it's a bit messed up in IE. of course.18:10
rick_h_cup fail for my browser :(18:10
Blazeixreally? chrome?18:10
rick_h_well it works but not the same cup18:10
Blazeixoh, yeah, i went svg18:10
rick_h_ah, gotcha18:10
Blazeixthe coffee cup _kind_ of looks like an open laptop18:11
Blazeixwith a weird growth18:11
Blazeixbut i think it's probably a bad idea to try to play up that concept18:12
rick_h_simple is best18:12
widoxBlazeix: sweet18:13
widoxthe cup is in the middle of the page on the right side, is that right?18:13
rick_h_Blazeix: I'd pull out the 'Other Groups' into a main body thing vs in Where18:13
Blazeixwidox: should look like http://files.fuqua.io/upload/chc.png18:14
Blazeixrick_h_: yeah, i was debating just putting it down as like a footer18:15
Blazeixwithout a white background, but with dark text18:15
rick_h_Blazeix: yea, it's a bit too hidden atm I think18:15
rick_h_I figured just after contact can be Other Groups: with the current theme/layout18:15
Blazeixmaybe, want to keep it simple though18:15
rick_h_yea, understand18:15
Blazeixi'll play around with that tonight18:16
rick_h_maybe reword the "What" to talk up part of other groups and link in there?18:16
widoxBlazeix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kslko7td52fl03p/chc_silly_mug.png18:16
rick_h_widox: what browser/version/18:16
Blazeixlol filename18:16
Blazeixcoffee cup what are you doing there get back in the header18:16
widoxchromium 18.0.1025.16818:16
rick_h_there's no audio sprite...this must be fail18:16
Blazeixwidox: yikes, i'm on chrome 24ish18:17
rick_h_I'm on 26.018:17
widoxyeah- I think I need to update...18:17
widoxsilly work machine18:17
rick_h_good to know i guess, but seems like it should have auto updated?18:17
widoxthought so, need to doubel check18:19
widoxBlazeix: can you just steal the standard CHC image? http://www.meetup.com/CoffeeHouseCoders/photos/1726151/183839262/#18383926218:21
widoxthough, I liked the old cup one better... http://www.meetup.com/CoffeeHouseCoders/photos/1726151/183839262/#2909192118:22
rick_h_yea, less fugly...18:22
widoxtrue. but, what about keeping a common theme?18:22
rick_h_an unfugly one? :)18:22
Blazeixyeah, the coffee cup was definitely constrained by what was freely available / licensed18:23
Blazeixso if someone can find a good one, i'm all for it18:23
widoxgotcha, just a thought18:23
Blazeixanybody know/have the original art for that?18:25
Blazeixkind of weird cup, but i suppose unique is a good thing...18:25
widoxbrass knuckles, yo18:26
widoxno idea who originally created it though18:27
rick_h_detroit coffee!18:27
Blazeixthoughts on this? http://openclipart.org/detail/10764/coffee-cup-by-sl4yerpl-1076418:27
rick_h_it looks like it's sicking up off the side :/18:27
brousch1I thought Detroit Coffee was a cup of "water" from Lake St Clare18:27
Blazeixooh: http://openclipart.org/detail/27828/realistic-coffee-cup---front-3d-view-by-mokush18:28
Blazeixthink i'll use that one. nice and modern18:28
Blazeixbasically just skulking: http://openclipart.org/search/?query=coffee18:28
Blazeixlmk if there's one you guys like18:28
rick_h_http://openclipart.org/detail/16977/coffee-by-jean_victor_balin ?18:29
Blazeixhey, that svg is actually intelligently created18:30
Blazeixlike in how they laid out the svg paths18:30
Blazeixwhat if i added the steam lines to the current cup?18:32
Blazeixthe saucer on the one you linked is kind of lacking18:32
rick_h_I'm cool with the current cup, but I agree we need to tie into the rest of the CHC better18:32
rick_h_so maybe we can just better tie in, color scheme to match with the green vs blue?18:32
widoxthose guys need to get off the bootstrap wagon18:32
Blazeixi think a2 is moving away from the brass knuckle cup18:32
widoxwhich is lame18:32
brousch1Everyone loves bootstrap18:33
Blazeixi think they want to use the one on the main page of http://www.meetup.com/CoffeeHouseCoders/18:33
Blazeixwhich i think is terribly ugly18:33
rick_h_yea, let's just kill that one18:33
rick_h_I'll pay a designer before I put that onto a page18:33
Blazeixwhat if i went from blue accents to green on the page?18:34
rick_h_yea, wondering if we do that and get some linkage up and tie in more without the logo itself it would be cool?18:34
Blazeixat least then the colors would be similar18:34
brousch1You should make a cup out of the big fist thing18:34
Blazeixbut we're royal oak. maybe we could tie in weed and hippies18:35
rick_h_but we're not AA...so not that hipster18:35
brousch1I have no idea what RO is known for18:35
rick_h_what's a toned down hipster?18:35
rick_h_now I want to hire a designer saying we're shooting for 'yuppie'18:36
widoxgreen version http://openclipart.org/people/TikiGiki/tikigiki_misc-coffee-cup-010.svg18:36
Blazeixthe cool things about svg is it's just a css change away to change the color :)18:36
Blazeixlike right now in the css i'm just saying fill:#3b3b3b to make it the darkish color18:37
widoxwell up the anty, multiple cups! http://openclipart.org/detail/8378/coffee-mugs-by-johnny_automatic-837818:37
Blazeixcold war between CHCs, accumulating logo cups18:38
snap-lIf anyone is looking for Christmas gifts for me, this would be an excellent start: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/5078098/list/A-Car-Lover-s-Man-Cave-Kicks-Into-High-Luxury-Gear18:58
brousch1D00d, it's not even February yet18:59
snap-lWhat is Royal Oak known for?19:04
snap-lDowntown ROyal Oak is the gathering of the Douches19:04
snap-lEspecially on Thursday Nights19:04
snap-lThere's Bike night, and then there's DOuche night.19:05
jrwrenrestaurant city!19:05
rick_h_snap-l: want!19:07
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, no kidding19:11
rick_h_so much wood!19:11
snap-lAnd that's before we talk lumber.19:11
jcastrothey are real desperate to get me back on contract19:30
rick_h_noooo, you can't escape19:31
jcastro$79 for both of us, unlimited everything19:31
brousch1What's that?19:32
jcastrosnap-l: it's not ting but I switched to simple and that's $600 a year in savings19:41
rick_h_wow, amazon.com down19:43
snap-ljcastro: That's awesome. I paid $8 last month for my bill because of referrals. ;)19:49
brousch1ohshit. I'm heading for the bunker.19:51
rick_h_does it have pie?19:53
brousch1Spam and water19:55
_stink_you can make pie from that19:56
snap-lYou can make me throw up from that too19:56
snap-lhttp://tomato.es/ <- Interesting if anyone is using Pomodoro20:04
jjessei'm on amazon.com right now20:18
snap-lI can't get to the front page20:18
snap-leverything else seems to work, though.20:19
jjesseah its the front page20:19
rick_h_yea, I mean I figure it'll get updated and start working20:19
jjesseyou are right everything else does work20:19
rick_h_but still was floored to see it down. Kind of like not getting google20:19
brousch1jjesse: Enjoying this blizzard?20:19
jjessebrousch1, yeah its pretty cool20:20
jjessehad to go rescue my dad cause his car died on the highway20:20
jjessegood thing he was safe and on the shoulder20:20
brousch1I'm home sick with the kid again today. We're watching the snow pile up20:20
jjessejust needed to pick him up20:21
jjesseyeah i'm working from home today20:21
jjessewife was supposed to do a girls night thing on the northwest side of town, i don't think she is going20:21
jhansonxiUs folks up near Alpena don't get snow like you southerners.  Just cold and windy.21:48
Blazeixany idea who this is? http://www.meetup.com/Coffee-House-Coders/-48374/23:28
Blazeixfounded January 31, 201323:28
rick_h_hmm, no udea23:39
brousch1It is snap-l starting a splinter-cell23:40
snap-lbrousch1: I wouldn't do one in Novi23:43
brousch1Exactly. It's misdirection23:49
brousch1You're devious23:49
snap-lI'm mor eclever than I realize, then. :)23:56

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