trkmstrwggyhow goes it?05:08
andygraybealhey i found this thought it was cool: http://www.thefanclub.co.za/node/5015:28
andygraybealbut you guys probably already know that stuff15:28
andygraybealabout securing ubutnu15:28
paultagufw, yick.15:30
paultagneat guide, though15:30
jrgiffordufw isn't *bad*15:33
paultagit's not good :)15:33
jrgiffordit just could be better.15:33
paultagand it's not *U* either15:33
paultagiptables is a better solution15:33
jrgiffordi'm lazy, while i like iptables, this is easier for me.15:34
jrgifford(for my laptop)15:34
thafreakufw is pretty great for the vast majority of cases...17:51
thafreakI want to block all ports except for x17:51
thafreakwhat's better than ufw for that?17:51
thafreakpaultag is just jealous he didn't write ufw17:52
Unit193Ues /eval, you can spam so much faster! :D19:38
thafreakTHE GAME    <--- what canthus13 just lost...(or will lose eventually)19:39
thafreaklike you have room to talk19:40
thafreakevery time I see you even post on facebook, I lose19:40
thafreakbecause I remember what you normally do here19:41
* canthus13 stabs thafreak with an outdated CCNA study guide.19:44
thafreakoooh burn...19:45
* thafreak has an outdated CCNA study guide...19:45
* thafreak blocks canthus1319:45
canthus13Mine comes in 2 volumes. :P19:45
thafreakmine wighs about 10lbs19:46
* thafreak is actually horrible at estimating things like weight, distance, volume, etc19:46
* canthus13 forcefeeds his entire windows 2000 MCSE binder collection. (Over 3000 value!)19:46
thafreakFun fact....a sysadmin who sets up a system, instantly becomes an expert on said system20:03
thafreakand can then tell you WHY the system behaves the way it does without ever looking at any of the several thousand lines of code20:04
thafreakby system, I mean piece of software actually20:26
thafreaki installed this java web app...so I get asked why it's not doing such and such...20:26
thafreakWhat's the loco20:33
thafreakthe loco's take on this: https://www.artemis.net/what-is-secure/20:33
Cheri703first instinct is that it's a gimmick20:43
thafreakyeah, most people say that whenever I mention any TLD that's not .com or .net20:50
thafreakI like the fact that they do extensive human identity checks on all registrants, and require everyone to use TLS for everything20:51
Cheri703well, the idea of "we're super secure, omg trust us!" when it's all voluntary that people sign up anyway...I dunno, it just seems pointless. Unless you're ONLY going to use THEIR websites, and NOTHING ELSE on the internet, then...why?20:51
thafreakI think it's more of a, wow, this is a .secure site, I know that I can trust any data I send them to be secured in flight20:52
thafreakand I know I can find the human person behind the site if my data isn't secured after it gets there20:53
Cheri703I guess20:53
canthus13...I thought my van was stolen. Called the cops and everything.  Somehow in my delerium this morning (i'm rather sick), I drove to the store around the corner, got a drink, and walked home. o.o21:13
Cheri703:/ at least it wasn't stolen21:13
canthus13yeah... Kit is on the phone retracting the police report right now. :/21:13
thafreakand filing a new one... canthus13 was driving under the influence of influenza21:14

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