OerHeksgskellig, maybe you want to checkout the #bumblebee channel too00:00
Celsogskellig, stick with bumblebee because with vgaswitcheroo, i can't alternate from intel to ati.00:00
xiusis there anyone around that can help me install 12.04 onto my mac? I'm experiencing some issues I haven't seen in any tute.00:00
gskelligCelso, I'm confused, isn't that the point? That you can switch back and forth00:00
jhutchins_wkSara: Do you understand what happened now?00:01
pamelahi can eny one know program "gnome disk utility" ? I have install it but i cant see my hardrives there00:01
bluntedXius ask away no idea if help can be given00:01
Celsogskellig, well, it is but hybrid graphics on linux is curently problematic. in theory, vgaswitcheroo should work but for now, i didnt found yet a solution.00:02
xiuswhen I ran the installer, it encountered an error when installing grub, so I decided to restart my mac holding "alt" so I could boot into OS X again00:02
xiusexcept, the only disk it showed availible to load was "Windows" which I had not seen before00:03
bluntedGskellig, this doesn't work right windows yet and its nvidia.  I wish you the new of uck00:03
jhutchins_wkxius: Try thatl refit may have mistaken it.00:03
xiusrEFIt didn't even load.00:03
gskelligI'm not really interested in the "hybrid" as much as I am just being able to switch between one or another00:03
gskelligI don't mind doing it manually, I want my laptop on the integrated graphcis 90% of the time anyway00:04
Celsogskellig, for me, to be able to use intell i need to use sleep 6 comand on /rc.local file  but if i dont use that command, i am not able to switch it00:04
gskelligah gotcha00:04
L3topgskellig: I assume you are on an ati hybrid?00:04
roastedWell that's fun. I have my server running with two mirrored drives via mdadm. To test a fault, I powered it off, unhooked one drive, and booted up. I said y to boot degraded and things worked fine on a single drive. So, I powered back off, plugged in the other hdd, powered up, and now it's booting up degraded each and every single flipping time. Nice.00:04
gskelligno L3top nvidia00:05
daftykinsroasted: sounds epic00:05
gskelligNvidia GT218M00:05
roastedit pretty much is00:05
roastednever hadt his happen before00:05
Celsogskellig : yes, ati 5000 series+ intel hd300000:05
L3topgskellig: you want bumblebee00:05
bluntedXius are you doing a dual boot or standard load00:05
Celsogskellig : but mst of time i use intel.00:05
xiusboth produce the same result00:06
Celsogskellig : by the way, did the brightness link worked?00:06
xius"Missing operating system"00:06
gmulak_Is anyone here going to SCaLe 11x?  So Calif Linux Expo at the LAX Hilton?  Here? http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale11x00:06
L3topI am00:06
gskelligCelso, I'm waiting for a minute because I read that installing a different nvidia driver might work00:06
L3topre SCaLe00:06
gskelliggoing to try that first then try your link. It's bookmarked =P00:06
Celsooh ok00:06
Celsono problem00:06
gmulak_L3top:  cool - I will be at the Ubuntu booth00:06
daftykinsroasted: never used it if i'm honest, but are there any status utils you can try to see if it's even trying? or something to run to 'provoke' it?00:07
L3topgskellig: there is only one solution worth seeking with nvidia hybrid... bumblebee00:07
L3topgmulak_: I will be there under LinuxMCE00:07
roasteddaftykins: I have no idea. I ran cat /proc/mdstat and I can see it thinks /dev/sdc is missing. However, blkid shows sdb and sdc are there and active.00:07
Celsotrue L3top00:07
bluntedXius what error on installing grub00:07
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gmulak_L3top:  What is LinuxMCE?00:07
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:08
xiusjust said it couldn't install on the selected drive00:08
SonikkuAmericaBlind mice Linux00:08
histoL3top: What makes you think every sector was overwritten by windows?00:08
=== Brewster[afk] is now known as Brewster
L3topgmulak_: linuxmce.org00:08
histoL3top: specifically anything in the ubuntu partition was overwritten by windows for that matter00:08
gmulak_L3top:  let me check it out....00:08
bluntedI assume normal MBR install00:08
Celsogskellig : for more info check this page : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics00:08
L3tophisto it isn't an issue of sector overwrite exactly... if you would like to discuss this in depth hit ubuntu-offtopic...00:08
Celsogskellig : in the middle of the page you will see about nvidia cards00:09
histoL3top: are you going to join?00:09
daftykinsroasted: how frustrating. i'm glad i run with hardware controllers at times :>00:09
roasteddaftykins: one hardware controller was all it took to jump that ship bro :D00:10
roasteddaftykins: I've had boards fry and taken my mdadm RAID'd drives into a completely different system, installed mdadm, and had my array running on totally different hardware.00:10
daftykinsi've had a few 3wares00:10
daftykinsliked 'em all00:10
L3topNo histo... I am not. Nor are you going to provide a source. Your position is, however, off topic.00:10
histoL3top: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_carving00:10
daftykinsroasted: that's pretty good00:10
gmulak_L3top:  That is sooo cool  Mobile computing.  I have to check that out.00:10
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Celsook. time to go. bb all00:12
L3topgmulak_: it is beyond the scope of ubuntu support to explain what we are. You are free to /join #linuxmce for a discussion on what we are.00:12
histoL3top: Also from what Sara describing what happened. She didn't even overwrite any of the vfiles on the ubuntu partition. That data was most likely untouched on the drive.  The partion was deleted it was dual partitioned at the half way point of the disk.  Then windows created a parttion and installed to the begining of the desk where it was originally. Not even touching the second half of the disk00:12
L3tophisto... this is a support channel... you can come complain at me in #linuxmce too.00:13
L3topI AM there.00:13
SonikkuAmericaWow I wish I were an admin here.00:13
gmulak_L3top:  I think I get it, thanks.  I will join it later - thank you.00:13
daftykinsSonikkuAmerica: inorite00:13
histoL3top: I'm not complaining. I'm just trying to help you understand so you can stop telling people that their files are gone when they are infact not.00:13
daftykinsSonikkuAmerica: though kicking never helped anything ;)00:13
histoSonikkuAmerica: There are admins here.00:14
gmulak_L3top:  Have to run erands now. bback later....00:14
SonikkuAmericaI know.00:14
JokesOnYou77Hi all, I'm using the netflix for Ubuntu app and WINE tells me to install Mono and Gecko, it's best if I install the package for my distro, what packages should in install??00:14
L3topI await your link to show how to recover an ext4 partition overwritten by a factory restore of windows. I know how to read.00:14
L3topuntil that happens... this is an off topic discussion00:14
dr_willisJokesOnYou77: that netflix thing pulls them all in as needed00:14
L3topand I dont have time for off topic00:15
histoL3top: She didn't want to recover the parttion just the files00:15
Sara_ok im back i was frozen can you send me a messege america..00:15
L3topagain... this is not what this channel is for00:15
histoI already explained that the partition was gone but the files aren't.00:15
L3topyou win00:15
JokesOnYou77dr_willis, so...I don't have to do anything?00:15
frowniIs there anyway to remove unity ?00:15
L3topOff topic00:15
frowniI cant get used to it00:15
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:16
histofrowni: you can uninstall it. Or just switch de's00:16
SonikkuAmericafrowni: [ sudo apt-get {remove | purge} unity ]00:16
Sara_Im back send me a message please00:16
dr_willisJokesOnYou77: i dident have to00:16
histoSara_: A message about?00:16
L3topfix her histo.00:17
JokesOnYou77dr_willis, well ok then.  Thanks you :)00:17
L3topI will await your success00:17
L3topYou cannot use the word because.00:17
histoSara_: Are the files that were on your ubuntu partition worth the time to attempt to recover? ex: jpgs oo docs etc....00:18
daftykinsSonikkuAmerica: are you catching the messages from Sara_ above?00:18
SonikkuAmericadaftykins, I did.00:18
daftykinsok :)00:18
L3tophisto... why would her arbitrary evaluation of worth matter? Sounds like backing down from the challenge to me.00:19
gmulak_frowni:  Yes there is, but I don't remember the command.  Even better, it goes back to Gnome!  It's slick.00:19
Brewsteris there a suggestion box of some sort for ubuntu?00:19
L3topI should probably log off this chan. I am off topic00:19
gmulak_frowni:  sonikkuamerica has it I think00:19
histoL3top: because scanning the unallocated space on her drive will take overnight most likely00:19
SonikkuAmericafrowni: [ sudo apt-get {remove | purge} unity ]00:19
SonikkuAmericaThere it is again.00:20
histoL3top: if the files are trivial to her she maynot wan't to waste the time.00:20
OerHeksBrewster, http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/00:20
L3topThis is off topic histo. I am feeding at this point. Ignore me.00:20
frownii did it SonikkuAmerica  :) thank you. now installing gnome-shell00:20
daftykinshisto: i'm partly amused you're still on this but mostly horrified.00:20
roastedQuestion - is it a bad idea to have an ext file system on your hard disks BEFORE you add them to a mdadm array?00:20
histodaftykins: Sara just asked for a message? I'll ignore her if you want.00:20
daftykinshisto: is it one of those - i need to go to bed but WAIT! Someone is WRONG on the INTERNET! moments?00:21
SonikkuAmericaOh hallowed Internet. :P00:21
magmahi, I just want to allow ssh connections to my machines through key authentications. How can I do that, disable passwords?00:21
histodaftykins: well I know i'm right and I hate for someone to lose files that are important to them.00:21
daftykinshisto: roger that.00:22
histoSara_: Did you boot off of the live cd?  Also do you have an external drive we can recover files to.00:22
hplctalking of live cd, how well does "hirens boot cd" do in comparison to other distros?00:23
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magmaHow can I disable authentications with password to my machine via ssh?00:23
=== kion is now known as Kion
OerHekshplc hirens boot cd is illegal00:23
histohplc: not really a distro but a group of tools I thought.00:24
hplcOerHeks, it is? :s00:24
HamtechpersonHey, can someone help me with installing Wine?00:24
roastedThat's the first I ever heard of this.00:24
OerHekshplc use UBcd instead, it has all the tools too00:24
histomagma: edit the /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:24
Ben64magma: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/53000:24
histoHamtechperson: sudo apt-get remove wine00:24
hplcOerHeks, thanks00:24
Ben64histo: that does not install wine...00:25
histoHamtechperson: sorry installing thought you typed uninstalling00:25
histoHamtechperson: sudo apt-get install wine00:25
gmulak_bb for now00:25
* histo eyes are blurred with rage. jk L3top00:25
SonikkuAmericaHeck, use UBCD00:25
histoheath: What is it that you want to accomplish with HBCD?00:25
HamtechpersonOk, any repositories to add?00:25
histohplc: like what is your goal with it?00:26
Ben64Hamtechperson: you could add the wine ppa, find it at winehq.org00:26
histo!info wine | Hamtechperson00:26
ubottuHamtechperson: wine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB00:26
histoHamtechperson: just make sure universe is enabled00:26
hplchisto, just came to mind that i often find it useful to have a toolset on cd just in case i really need them00:26
DrumrollI'm having a hell of a time00:26
Ben64hplc: offtopic, but i use TRK a lot00:27
histohplc: well having a ubuntu cd bootable is pretty usable. You can install any tool in the repos and use it to fix.00:27
HamtechpersonQuantal is 12.10?00:27
DrumrollHow do I download a package and all of its dependencies onto a USB?00:27
DrumrollI've been googling it for a while00:27
histo!releases > Hamtechperson00:27
ubottuHamtechperson, please see my private message00:27
Drumrollkeryx did not work for me00:27
ubottuIf you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD00:27
Drumrollthank you ubottu00:28
OerHeksDrumroll, i would choose apt-on-cd00:28
Drumrollis that appropriate for just a single package and its dependencies?00:28
histoDrumroll: apt-get with the -d option will download only00:28
DrumrollI was under the impression that apt-on-cd would install a lot of packages00:28
Drumrollsomeone said you have to do it from a clean install00:28
HamtechpersonI'll need a precise version.00:28
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histoHamtechperson: precise is 12.0400:29
HamtechpersonThat's what I have.00:29
histoHamtechperson: okay then why do you need it still?00:29
SonikkuAmericaI'll need a precise version... O.o00:29
HamtechpersonI was late to the 12.04 party, wanted the LTS.00:30
histoHamtechperson: did you just say that's what you have?00:30
histoHamtechperson: You aren't making any sense.00:30
L3topHamtechperson: can you please provide an actual support problem? In enough detail on one line, that will provide me understanding enough to help you?00:31
histoWhen will then be now?00:32
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HamtechpersonBest way to install Wine on
=== tehrabbit4 is now known as shufflebo
=== shufflebo is now known as shufflebot
histoHamtechperson: sudo apt-get install wine00:32
L3top+1 histo00:32
histoHamtechperson: Oh I see you got confused by the response from ubottu. Yeah ignore that. quantal part. I was just showing you that wine was in universe00:33
histo!info wine precise | Hamtechperson00:33
ubottuHamtechperson: wine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4-0ubuntu4.1 (precise), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB00:33
histoHamtechperson: Is that better?00:33
HamtechpersonYeah, that was what had thrown me.00:33
memandIs there something in bash that represents any integer?00:34
Ben64Hamtechperson: and newer versions are available with a ppa00:34
escotti cant get gdb to attach to a process. I have changed the value of /proc/sys/kernel/yama/ptrace_scope to 0 and have tried running sudo gdb ./myprogram. neither works00:34
Ben64!ppa | Hamtechperson00:34
ubottuHamtechperson: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:34
histo!ppa | Hamtechperson I would only use them if the default doesn't work00:34
ubottuHamtechperson I would only use them if the default doesn't work: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge00:34
dr_willismemand:  i thought bash only did ints..  but you may want to douvbke check in #bash  i haventg scripted in bash in ages00:35
HamtechpersonHash bash?00:36
* SonikkuAmerica facepalms00:36
dr_willisHamtechperson:  irc basics.... channel names start with a #00:36
escottahh nevermind00:37
memandthanks :)00:37
HamtechpersonI know. It's just how things read. It was slightly humorous.00:37
UlyssesGaHi there!  Repeat question from earlier today (I had to step away).  I'm having a problem dual-booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04.  Non-UEFI system (so no Secure boot).  Each installation is on its own hard drive, with the Ubuntu drive being the set as the primary bootable device in the system BIOS. (grub2 also situated on linux drive).00:40
UlyssesGaIf Win8 is set as the first bootable HD, it starts fine.  If the Ubuntu drive is chosen as the 1st bootable drive and I attempt to boot to Win 8 from grub, Win8 immediately reboots.00:40
dr_willisive seen systems (bios's) that swap hds around. so that whatever hd boots.. becomes sda.  that would mean when you boot the win8 drive directly its sda. but when grub boots it from the 2nd hd.. it would become sdb..  that might confuse windows..   (not sire if this IS the issue. but ive seen that issue)00:43
OerHeksdr_willis, should UlyssesGa set boot on the 2nd drive and run update-grub to change the windows entry /00:49
dr_willisOerHeks:  he could try.00:50
dr_willisbut hes allready ran update-grub to get grub on the hd.. i dont think the entry will change00:50
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UlyssesGaYes - I did run update-grub.  Further details- I was running Win7/Ubuntu but then upgraded to Win8.  Win7/Ubuntu (in the configuration noted above) functioned OK.00:53
_porqueHello world!00:54
david_hello all00:55
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UlyssesGahere's the link to the boot-repair output - http://paste.ubuntu.com/1591745/00:56
aaasi have a headless server and I have this annyong problem that periodically the computer does not reboot because grub no longer countsdown...anyone experience this before..I've had this problem for the last several versions  a grub-update sometimes fixes it but I have no idea why it does this periodically00:56
david_I want to intstall ubuntu on my machine. My machine has two hard drives. onw with mint and one with windows. Whitch install option should I pick so that I can still launch into windows to linux depending on the drive00:57
_porqueI have this code: https://github.com/gerep/opengit/blob/master/.opengit I want to be able to accept options when calling it, like opengit -m file.dat00:57
_porquecan someone please tell me how?00:57
david_'I hvae that set up this way now with linux mint00:57
david_works fine00:57
david_in other words dual booting but with seperate drives. Just want to know the right install option to pick, ef "install alongside " ect.......00:58
david_in other words dual booting but with seperate drives. Just want to know the right install option to pick, eg "install alongside " ect.......01:00
roastedhello friends. Any mdadm experts? I tried to "test" my array by powering it off, unplugging a drive, booting up, powering off, plugging it back in, and booting up again. But it comes up each and every time as degraded. I expected that it would slide back into working mode but the 2nd drive isn't cooperating. Thoughts?01:00
somsip_porque: you would be best adding an issue to github repo, or asking in #bash if you want advice on coding in bash script01:03
tripelbI can't understand the grub2 tutorial. I would like someone to help me. PC machine. LiveCD cannot find any OS's. Grub can but....01:03
vishI am unable to find the enable wireless option in my system..01:05
vishI tried to install wicd... But it dint go through..01:05
tripelbFish it's on by default.01:05
vishNot in my case :(01:06
tripelbVish it is on at startup, by default. If all works it just connects.01:06
vishI installed ubuntu on my new laptop it worked fine.. When i installed on my old laptop it is giving this prob..01:07
roastedtripelb: I've used this guide in the past, for what it's worth - http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-recover-grub2-linux.html01:07
tripelbVish I am suggesting that the problem is not in the turning the wireless on- sofgware on off switch.01:07
tripelbRoasted, will look. I was stumped at grub rescue (and no one here responded) and do not know how it got what looks like npbetter. OK looking at link.01:08
roastedtripelb: I never bothered with grub once I hit the grub rescue menu. I always restored via liveUSB/liveCD like that link suggests.01:09
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xxiaois there a way to list all ubuntu server release packages?01:16
RevaskiHello, I have a problem with running Ubuntu(12.10 &12.04) on my PC(AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.5GHz; Asus M2N4-SLI; 2GB RAM). It always freezes and forces me to reboot the PC.01:16
MiebsterWhen I plug in my iphone 5 into my macbook pro retina 10,1 with ubuntu 12.10, I get a modal dialog box that says "unable to mount iphone" the okay button doesn't work, the close button doens't work, there is no window title.  Any thoughts on what this is or how to fix it?01:24
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jbasI am trying to understand what is happening with the Skype for Linux01:26
Guest97420i was wondering if there is any good programs to run that will help videos buffer faster and play better01:27
jbasI just installed and after 5 min, shutdown01:27
somsipjbas: how did you install?01:27
jbasI just downloaded from skype web site01:28
histojbas: dunno you'd have to ask them.01:28
somsipjbas: maybe best to use the version in the repos if you're having problems. I think you have to enable the partners repo list01:28
histojbas: see if you can file a bug or something.01:28
jbasSorry, but I am new in Linux01:29
nathan_can anyone help me with wifi drivers for my W530?01:29
jbasWhat is Repo List?01:29
Guest97420i have plash aid and download helper, can anyone tell me if there is something that will make videos buffer faster?01:29
somsipjbas: what version of ubuntu are you on?01:29
jbas12.04 LTS01:29
tylerwoodwardIs it safe to remove everything in Not Installed (residual config) or would it mess something up?01:30
somsipjbas: 32 or 64 bit?01:30
somsipjbas: remove the downloaded version you installed and follow the instructions here http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-skype-in-ubuntu-12-04precise.html01:31
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phoenixsamprasskype is easy, ive just installed 10 mins ago01:32
joshtsi have a question01:32
phoenixsamprasdownload it from skype.com, dpkg -i skype.deb01:32
phoenixsamprasapt-get -f install01:32
arbit30719Hi every one01:32
graveshuge problem01:33
gravesmy pc01:33
graves(1.9 ghz, 4 gigs ram)01:33
graveswon't run MC on xubuntu01:33
arbit30719I have face some problem deploying juju with MAAS01:33
FloodBot1graves: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:33
phoenixsamprasgot Windows ?01:33
arbit30719the detail is shown in http://askubuntu.com/questions/249350/juju-cannot-deploy-services-with-maas01:33
gravesmc gets five frames01:33
phoenixsamprasomg... another Minecraft lad01:33
gravesit got 50 on vista01:33
joshtsi am trying to get videos to buffer faster, is there something i can do to help?01:33
gravespheonix, get over yourself01:33
somsip!enter | graves01:33
jbasSOMSIP. Thank you very much. I will try01:33
ubottugraves: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:33
gravesI need help01:34
phoenixsamprasmaybe in #minecraftfans ?01:34
graveswhen mc crashes, it leaves this hs_err_pid1843.log:01:34
somsipjbas: there are reported problems with skype sometimes, but highly recommended to start with the ubuntu package rather than the deb. YMMV for other users01:34
arbit30719can somebody help me ?01:34
jbasGreat.! Thank you very much01:34
jbasBye Folks and thank you!01:35
* rootpt is away: bbl01:35
phoenixsamprasthe skype .deb worked fine for me by years01:36
somsipphoenixsampras: As I said, YMMV for other users01:36
joshtsdoes anyone have any tips on how to speed up buffering time?01:36
phoenixsamprasYMMV? you moda ..... ?01:36
somsipphoenixsampras: Your Mileage May Vary. It means it's not always the same for everyone and it's intended to prevent people popping up saying 'But it worked/didn't work for me'01:37
phoenixsamprasoh i see01:37
arbit30719Hello guys01:38
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bashnoobCan someone here point me to a good guide for booting a Live session of Ubuntu (or any linux distro really) from a USB drive on a Macbook running OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion)?01:40
bashnoobah hell im in unreg arent I?01:41
bashnoobStupid macbook not knowing my reg handle.01:41
dcopeanyone running 12.04 on a carbon x1? curious as to driver support and battery life.01:41
dcopei'm about ready to unload my macbook air01:41
NotIronicI've noticed when I do an ls -l some of the permissions end with an @ or a + what do those mean?01:42
dcopeNotIronic: + for executable01:42
NotIronicyou could have an executable directory in Linux?01:43
dcopesorry, brainfart01:43
NotIronicdcope:  no prob.. here's a sample of what I see:  drwxr-xr-x@01:44
janderson91zhey guys, could i possibly get some help?01:45
=== adrian is now known as Guest46723
janderson91zi have an amd 4850 and want to install the catalyst 13.1 drivers for legacy cards so i can download steam and play tf2. is version in jockey 13.1?01:45
NotIronicah, looks like it's specifically for my version -- thanks anyway01:46
phoenixsampraswhat version?01:47
janderson91zi'm on 12.0401:47
arbit30719can some body help me solve juju and MAAS problem01:48
arbit30719I have also posted on ask ubuntu01:48
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Guest34347hello, I am trying to get youtube videos fired up but get a message 'could not load shockwave player'. I installed ubuntu-restricted extras, but no luck. Also, I get this message when I do an update on my computer: http://pastebin.com/RWw9KHFT01:51
NotIronicphoenixsampras: I'm using Mac OS X and Ubuntu 12.04 (VM).. I saw this is OS X01:51
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NotIronicforgot which box I was working on for a second there since I've been using SSH between the systems01:52
phoenixsamprasNotIronic: ok01:52
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, what browser are you using?01:53
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, Chrome01:53
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, where does the message pop up?  In a message bar at the top of the window?01:54
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, Yep, just below the addy bar01:55
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, I know this one seems obvious, but have you tried restarting the browser?01:55
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, I restarted the whole freaken 'puter01:55
_helios_ubuntu has got to be the coolest OS ever.01:56
Guest34347what about this issue: http://pastebin.com/RWw9KHFT01:56
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, do you have Flash Player installed?01:57
Guest34347I did run apt-get update, the same issue pops up01:57
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, Does ubuntu-restricted-extras not do that?01:57
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, Adding restricted-extras to your sources allows you to download additional packages not supported by connonical, it doesn't automatically install anything for you thoguh01:58
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, Open up the software center and search for Adobe Flash01:59
arbit30719can some body help me solve juju and MAAS problem : I have also posted on ask ubuntu  http://askubuntu.com/questions/249350/juju-cannot-deploy-services-with-maas01:59
LikePuzzleMy ubuntu 10.04 is without sound.. Any device? Is KDE!02:00
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, you need to install Adobe Flash plugin02:00
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, What do you make of this? http://pastebin.com/RWw9KHFT02:01
josesierrahi guys.  So, I'm trying to install Sublime text editor right...?  I can get the app running, but how do I get the app into my gnome menus..?  Am I even in the right channel to ask this question?02:01
josesierra(I'm using gnome shell)02:01
nomodesetI've tried to install ktechlab, but when I run ./configure I have: hecking for KDE... configure: error:02:02
nomodesetin the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE libraries installed. This will fail.02:02
nomodesetSo, check this please and use another prefix!02:02
penguinmanjosesierra, look into alacarte02:02
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, you have duplicate entries in /etc/apt/sources.list02:03
RocketLauncherI sudo apt-get remove libgtk-3.0 by mistake. It messed up LightDM so I had to reinstall that and gtk3. Firefox's menu text is now broken http://i.imgur.com/1lnoPd2.png02:03
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, do you want to fix it using the software center or manually with the terminal?  I haven't used Lubuntu in a log time so I don't know what else is available to you02:03
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, Command line, baby02:04
MiebsterI tried to update my boot loader, grub asks me what to boot, I select ubuntu, and then just a blank purple screen.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/1591988/02:04
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, open up a terminal and enter: "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list"  (no quotes)02:05
LikePuzzleHow can I fix a sound problem in the ubuntu 10.04?02:05
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:06
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:06
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines02:06
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, that will bring up the file that lists all of the software repositories available to your system in a terminal-based text editor called nano02:06
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, The lines that start with a # are commented out and not read by apt. All you should have to do is comment out those duplicate lines.  If they're not there is one other place to look as well, but it's unlikely02:08
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, http://pastebin.com/LH5q0wSY02:08
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, unless you're not finished installing your system or you always run with the disk in for some reason you should comment out both of the lines with the cdrom02:10
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Guest34347JokesOnYou77, I just installed flash through the synaptic thingy, should I do a reboot?02:15
NewUbuGood evening all02:15
Guest34347JokesOnYou77, according to the command line I already have adobe flash plugin02:15
NewUbucan someone tell me how to turn off the hover click02:15
Guest34347latest and greatest02:16
NewUbui think the kids somehow turned it on and it is driving me crazy02:16
Guest34347"could not load shockwave flash" wtf?02:16
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, you shouldn't have to reboot.  Windows makes you reboot all the darn time because it has to make changes to protected system files and such, unless you're changing drivers you rarely have to reboot in ubuntu02:17
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, what do you mean according to the command line?02:17
JokesOnYou77Guest34347, restart chrome and then in a new tab go to chrome://plugins02:18
NewUbuGood evening all02:18
NewUbucan someone tell me how to turn off the hover click02:19
NewUbui think the kids somehow turned it on and it is driving me crazy02:19
NewUbuGood evening all02:20
NewUbucan someone tell me how to turn off the hover click02:20
NewUbui think the kids somehow turned it on and it is driving me crazy02:20
LikePuzzleNewUbu, What is your machine?02:20
NewUbuubuntu 10.1202:20
NewUbuthe latest one02:20
LikePuzzle12.10? Just search for keypad and change the configurations!02:21
gmulak1NewUbu:  In 11.10  Disable mouse hover function of Oneiric Oeclot .  On the top right of your desktop, click on your name  Click “System settings”  Click “Universal access”  Click “Pointing and clicking” tab  Set “Hover click” to “OFF”02:22
NewUbuyes. 12.1002:22
ChaozHenchmanI'm using a Sabrent usb-snd8 sound box02:23
rob___is there a way to easily purge the entire ubuntu-desktop in 12.10 in favor of another DE?02:23
LikePuzzleNewUbu.. More detail the fella post upthere!02:23
ChaozHenchmanbut the headphone jack for it doesn't seem to work02:23
NewUbugot it.02:23
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »02:23
rob___thanks ubottu02:23
NewUbuthanks gmulak102:23
ChaozHenchmanthe sound just plays out the laptop speakers02:23
NewUbuand <LikePuzzle>02:24
dr_willisnot sure how acutate those guides are for 12.10 rob___02:24
gmulak1NewUbu:  Do you have your name in the top right hand corner?02:24
NewUbuno but i went to the system setting02:24
NewUbuI have 12.1002:25
NewUbuit does not have the name in the top right02:25
NewUbubut in the bar on the left I have system settings02:25
NewUbuthe rest was similar to what you said02:25
gmulak1newUbu:  Are you running Unity desktop or Gnome?02:26
_porqueis someone here thats a boss in bash scripting?02:26
RocketLauncherI sudo apt-get remove libgtk-3.0 by mistake. It messed up LightDM so I had to reinstall that and gtk3. Firefox's menu text is now broken http://i.imgur.com/1lnoPd2.png02:26
dr_willis_porque:  people in #bash are02:26
LikePuzzleNewBu, The name is optional. You can access the seetings clicking on the wheel on the corner top left of screen!02:27
_porquedr_willis, thanks ;)02:27
NewUbudono... how can i check that02:27
pertinateCould I get some help mapping a mouse key to another mouse key using xbindkeys?02:27
gmulak1Do you have a little gear in the top right hand corner of your computer screen?02:28
dr_willisyea - top RIGHT = a system menu ;)02:28
gmulak1NewBu:  Look for the system menu.  You can even type it into search02:29
pertinateCould I get some help mapping a mouse key to another mouse key using xbindkeys?02:29
dr_willispertinate:  what have you done so far with it?02:30
gmulak1NewUbu:  Did you find systems settings?02:30
pertinatedr_willis: I have the code down, I just don't know how to call the middle mouse clicking function when I press the extra key on my mouse.02:31
NewUbubut in the bar on the left02:32
gmulak1NewUbu:  Yes what?  If you found system settings than click universal access02:32
gmulak1NewUbu:  Doesn't really matter where, it could be placed differently in dif desktops.  Find system settings, OK?02:34
tripelbroasted u here. reporting ba k how it got stuck.02:34
gmulak1NewUbu:  You got it?02:35
sipelauthow to empaty full hdd02:35
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NewUbuare you helping me fix the hover click problem?02:37
gmulak1NewUbu:  I am trying NewUbu.  Did you find the system settings menu?02:37
NewUbuI fixed it with your initial comment02:38
Seven_Six_TwoI took my laptop apart and replaced the video cable. Now my wifi is blocked and I can't remember how to unsoftblock it02:38
gmulak1NewUbu:  You are good!  thanks.02:38
folorndoes anyone got time to help me resolve this error please  ive got something running in the software center but the process is refusing to quit any ideas how to kill it?02:38
NewUbui though you wanted to know what distro <I was using02:38
NewUbui asked how can i find that out02:39
folornbecause ive tried reboots shutdowns nothing seems to kill it02:39
gmulak1NewUbu:  No problem.  I thought you were stuck.  lol02:39
NewUbubut still thanks for the help02:39
NewUbuhighly appreciate it02:39
jerry_lhello room02:39
gmulak1NewUbu:  No prob.  Are you going to SCaLE?  So. California Linux Expo on Feb 22?02:40
Seven_Six_Twofolorn, what process? it might be a child of another process, so the parent is restarting it02:40
tripelb roken ubuntu installer soea not see any paeritions. i am now lookins at >sudo  fdisk02:40
folornits stuck on applying changes !!02:40
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NewUbuunfortunately can't... just started a new program at Uni02:41
NewUbuin toronto02:41
gmulak1NewUbu:  I understand.  It looks like it's going to be good.  I am going to be at the Ubuntu booth.02:41
NewUbuwish i could make it02:42
RocketLauncherI sudo apt-get remove libgtk-3.0 by mistake. It messed up LightDM so I had to reinstall that and gtk3. Firefox's menu text is now broken http://i.imgur.com/1lnoPd2.png02:42
folornany ideas seven_six_two02:42
folornany ideas then seven_six_two?02:43
gmulak1NewUbu:  Perhaps next year.  Always in Feb.02:43
phoenixsamprasRocketLauncher: use chrome?02:43
NewUbuwill keep that in mind02:44
NewUbuthanks again02:44
jerry_li want to set up ubuntu 10 as a media server for a bunch of xp computers. " http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157324 " asus rock, amd-e240, sata3, ddr3, 1gbLom, $60.0002:44
tripelbBroken install: ubuntu installer does not see any partitions. i am now lookins at >sudo  fdisk -l then > sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt  Which said that 'LVM2_member is an unknown filesystem type02:44
RocketLauncherphoenixsampras: >Using Chrome02:44
jerry_li have 4 2TB HDs02:44
cfhowlettjerry_l, ubuntu 10.04 I presume?02:45
jerry_llongterm 10?02:45
phoenixsamprasthats a lot of pr0n02:45
jerry_l:) porn02:45
cfhowlettjerry_l, 10.04 is LTS02:45
designbybeck__I'm not saying I'm Lazy!... I'm just wondering how I can login to the other ubuntu machine acrsso the room that is plugged into the same router I'm on wifi with? If i wanted to browse or use it's files and such?02:45
cfhowlettjerry_l, FYI latest LTS is 12.04 ...02:45
RocketLauncherjerry_l: as a porn expert, how do you feel about implants02:45
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:46
Seven_Six_Twofolorn, oh you were installing something?02:46
RocketLaunchercfhowlett: Autism02:46
RocketLauncheri'll ask my question then02:46
tripelbi have been on this over a week.02:46
RocketLauncherI sudo apt-get remove libgtk-3.0 by mistake. It messed up LightDM so I had to reinstall that and gtk3. Firefox's menu text is now broken http://i.imgur.com/1lnoPd2.png02:46
Seven_Six_Twofolorn, I don't know why it would be stuck. You said that it's like that after a reboot too?02:46
cfhowlettdesignbybeck_, I think the VNC function would do that ...02:46
designbybeck__cfhowlett:  so I just setup VNC on both machines?02:47
cfhowlettdesignbybeck_, yes.  One to "dial out" and one to "accept call".  Forgive the imprecise verbiage, but you get the concept?02:47
jerry_li have to go to home depot for a big shelf. any comments about ubuntu 10 or 12 as a better headless media server for a bunch of XP machines?02:48
jerry_li will read when i get back. AFK.02:48
cfhowlettjerry_l, 12.0402:48
cfhowlettjerry_l, but also post this query is #ubuntu-server02:48
jerry_lmy girl says hers are all natural and very nice. :)02:48
jerry_lubuntu-server cool will go.02:49
cfhowlettdesignbybeck_, vinagre comes with all ubuntu version if I'm not mistaken ...02:49
designbybeck__never herad of it cfhowlett.... I'll look into it. Thank you02:50
cfhowlettdesignbybeck_, that02:50
cfhowlettdesignbybeck_, that's the VNC launcher02:50
folornya seven i dunno what to do its locking me out of the Var folder so i can't even update stuff02:51
phoenixsamprasis there a chat for ubuntu server?02:53
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cfhowlettphoenixsampras, ironically enough #ubuntu-server  :)02:53
Seven_Six_Twophoenixsampras, #ubuntu-server02:53
phoenixsamprasim so bored02:54
hatakehy how to fix this  chroot . /bin/bash = groups : cannot find name for group ID 1902:54
hatakecan help my02:54
Seven_Six_Twofolorn, can you see the software center window on the screen? what's the process called?02:54
tripelbi need help. i have the web page, follow instructions and got stuck. problem is a Broken install: ubuntu installer does not see any partitions. i am now lookins at >sudo  fdisk -l then > sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt  Which said that 'LVM2_member' is an unknown filesystem type02:54
phoenixsamprasbrasero is hung...02:54
phoenixsampraswont let me burn again02:55
tripelblvm was invoked in error02:55
cfhowletttripelb, can you see that lvm partition?02:55
folornits called applying changes while doing so it crashed plus ive got quite afew broken packages dunno how to repair them as well02:55
cfhowletttripelb, start over, delete the lvm and install as normal02:56
phoenixsamprashelp Brasero aint responding02:56
tripelbthis has been over a week, grub-human please emerge for me.02:56
phoenixsamprasstupid brasero02:57
ChaozHenchmanhow do you install sound drivers in ubuntu 12.10?02:57
tripelbcfhowlett: how do o do that? gparyed cannot see anything. fdisk can (so sorry for ignorance)02:57
cfhowlettChaozHenchman, you mean for a hardware device?  sound card?  what?02:57
ChaozHenchmansabrent usb-snd802:58
folornso i take it no idea then seven_six_two?02:58
ChaozHenchmanusb soundbox02:58
folornthink anyone else could help with killing a process please ?02:58
cfhowletttripelb, if this an ubuntu only machine?  restart your installation, wipe/format the hdd and then install.02:58
cfhowlettfolorn, kill -9 process02:59
folornthanks cfhowlett lemme see if it works03:01
tripelbi have a windiws partition too. cfhowlett ans an nt recovery. i03:02
cfhowlettfolorn, kill -9 PID   (process identification number)03:02
gskelligCan someone help me get nvidia drivers working03:02
folornhow can i view the process's again?03:02
tripelbcfhowlett: reading man fdisk03:02
gskelligthey are not showing up in additional drivers03:02
cfhowletttripelb, OK.  reboot the installation media, delete that LVM partition03:02
folornhow ya list all of the process's running?03:03
ulkeshfolorn: ps -ef03:03
folornthanks ulkesh03:04
mikehaas763Hello. I noticed in Win 7 when using keyboard shortcuts to align a window to say the right half of my screen, if I keep doing it will move to my other monitor (I have dual screen). Is there a similar functionality in Ubuntu?03:05
tripelbhow? cfhowlett gparted sees no partitions at all. i just checked.03:05
mikehaas763I guess any kind of keyboard shortcut to move a window to my other monitor would be awesome03:05
folornhere's a vpaste of the processes running on the box atm any ideas then which i should kill?03:08
ulkeshfolorn: what's stuck again?03:09
cfhowlettulkesh, updates ... see the bottom of the image03:10
gizmobaydf -h will tell me my temp size?03:10
ulkeshcfhowlett: good call :)03:10
somsipgizmobay: du -h /tmp03:10
ulkeshfolorn: update-notifier (4141) or python /usr/lib/software-properties/softwa (4962) would be my guess03:11
folornya its stuck in like the updateing part wont let access to my updater03:11
folorni kinda was thinking the same 1sec03:12
gizmobayls -al what is the units for the file size? Kb or MB?03:12
ulkeshfolorn: i sometimes see the updater look like it's stuck, but actually it's simply wanting some input on the "command line" of it (where you expand the details of what's going on)03:12
ulkeshfolorn: usually during the configuration phase of some update/new install of an app03:12
tripelbdear cfhowlett i have deleted it. when man was no help i googled ...03:13
cfhowletttripelb, fingers crossed03:13
folornya it liked asked for my pw but then lagged and quit out during it03:14
tripelbcf now gparted still sees no partitions at all03:14
fresnowaz going on room03:14
cfhowlettcfhowlett, not even your windows parts?03:14
tripelbcfhowlett:  now gparted still sees no partitions at all03:14
fresnowindows 7 suxs03:15
ulkeshfolorn: also look at this one:  root      4155  4037  0 20:26 pts/6    00:00:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 14 --configure -03:15
TheLordOfTimecan anyone think of a reason that generating an 8192-bit SSH key would be practical?03:15
folornwell wtf03:15
tripelbcfhowlett: no means no. i refreshed devices.03:15
folornyes that was one as  well it was giving a error before the install03:15
RocketLauncherIt looks like i have NO FONTS. I can select them but it shows no preview and it doesnt work. Profont is the only font that works and that's probably because I manually installed it myself.. how do i get everything back03:15
fresnozorin is good liunxs03:16
Drumrolli want to make a live USB for my brand new PC build03:16
ulkeshTheLordOfTime: to require a computer a gazillion years of something to do by trying to brute-force crack it? :)03:16
tripelbcfhowlett: for a while i was stuck in grub rescue, then i reinstalled windows xp and afterwards got a choice at boot.. but nada from gparted03:16
folornfinally got it03:17
Drumrollchecked it ahead of time for compatibility drivers-wise, but got rev 1.1 with new network card03:17
ulkeshfolorn: sweet, which one?03:17
folornthanks you guys ..any ideas how to repair03:17
folornthat dkg deal03:17
DrumrollMy network card is not supported by the kernel, but there is a package.03:17
DrumrollAnyway to create the USB with that package installed. so that the netowkr will work??03:17
tripelbFresno  xp03:17
fresnoboot usb stick03:18
folornulkesh now it will update again lol woot thanks alot03:18
TheLordOfTimeulkesh:  heh03:18
codepython7771how do i test the speed of my network using a ssh login? Both incoming and outgoing? Is there a tool to do this?03:18
ulkeshfolorn: oh sweet, i hope it stays happy!03:18
fresnoto make boot usb stick03:18
dr_willisDrumroll:  what kind of package?03:18
Drumrollpackage: linux-backports-modules-cw-3.4-precise-generic03:19
tripelbcfhowlett: i need to switch debices brb03:19
Drumroll+ dependencies03:19
dr_willisDrumroll:  and its in the repos?03:19
zykotick9codepython7771: test or monitor?  bmon is a terminal network monitor.  no idea on "test".03:20
Drumrolldr_willis: yes its in the repo03:20
Drumrollwould install with apt-get install package_name03:20
DrumrollBUT without network, that's not an option03:20
DrumrollI would like to download updates as I install as well03:20
dr_willisDrumroll:  issues ive seen with live  usbs are that if you apt-get install kernel and drivers.. they may not get used by the live setupo03:20
dr_willisDrumroll:  a full install would let you install them however.03:20
dr_willisbut a full instal on usb.. wont let you install to other systems03:21
DrumrollOk so I should install first, then download the packages onto USB later and install them manually03:21
Drumrolli dont want to install ON usb, just from03:21
DrumrollI was hoping to install the drivers with the OS03:21
cfhowlettDrumroll, use the DVD iso, install THEN update03:21
dr_willisDrumroll:  and that woul dbe a live usb.. and from what ive seen.. you dont  just install new kerneles/drivers on a live usb and expect them to work.03:21
Drumrollgot it03:22
tripelbFlannel I have partitions I do not want to overwrite03:22
Flanneltripelb: So, you don't know which ones they are then? or what?03:22
dr_willisive had issues in the past with live-usbs where you insstall for example a newer kernel. or nvidia drivers.. well they get stored in the persistant save file.. but the system cant boot from them03:22
fresnodo u got a windowz t03:22
fresnodo u got windos 703:23
cfhowlettfresno, think he said he's got XP  :)03:23
dr_willisyou may need to remaster your own live setup03:23
fresnodo u got windos 703:23
dr_willisDrumroll:  or do a full install to a 8gb usb. install what you need.. then clone the usb to the hd of the system you want to install on.   ;)03:24
folornis there anyway to check and see if your wireless driver is up to date?03:24
fresnoare u new to liunxs03:25
cfhowlettfolorn, if it works?  Also, enable backports will capture, well, backports.03:25
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging03:25
xorox90__is there any default log(connection ip, time .. etc) on ubuntu? should I install additional program?03:26
Drumrolldr_willis : can I do a full install to USB using unetbootin? or different method?03:26
dr_willis!u | fresno03:26
ubottufresno: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.03:26
tripelbcfhowlett: I have to mount something to update grub  it says. Since I have no idea I am going to try to fix grub. I am a bit in the dark. There's a web page roasted suggested..   http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-recover-grub2-linux.html03:26
dr_willisDrumroll:  that wouldent be a full install..03:26
ubottutripelb,: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:27
tripelbThat's where I was when we started03:27
cfhowletttripelb, OK.  Take you time.  I had multiple grub headaches when I was triple booting ubuntu/windows/osx but it can be done.03:27
Drumrolldr_willis would I need ... two usbs, or a usb and a DVD?03:28
tripelbcfhowlett: been there no help. That's when roasted came in some hours ago. Took me a while to read the page and see what applied, sadly it didn't.03:28
dr_willisDrumroll:  yep.. one to install from to a usb...03:28
fresno  do u got windoes 703:28
dr_willisfresno:  do you  have an actual ubuntu support question?03:28
fresnousb boot program03:29
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cfhowletttripelb, Assume that your windows and ubuntu are actually installed.  Just need to configure grub correctly.  I made the mistake of reinstalling multiple times.  Ultimately, it was  an easily fixed grub issue03:29
fresnowindos 7 usb boot03:29
tripelbcfhowlett: roasted it is my fault. I said install and didn't realize that *I* had to make a swap partition. I was trying to replace an Ubuntu partition and if messed me up.03:29
janderson91zcan someone tell me how to open the catalyst control center? i have the drivers installed and working, but i don't see the icons in 12.04 and when i type in the terminal "gksudo amdcccle" nothing happens03:29
fresnoif u all need help hit me up03:30
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dr_willisfresno:  im not sure anyone has  unstood anything you have said in the last half hour.03:31
tripelbcfhowlett: windows is installed. Ubuntu is not. In fact there is no longer a partition there. NT is installed. I used that to run a dell "check your hardware" way back over a week ago when I was given this old underpowered computer.03:31
tripelbI booted to that partition03:32
cfhowletttripelb, old computer?  OK.  Try this.  Stop with the ubuntu and install lubuntu or xubuntu.  Both are optimized for older and lower spec machines.03:32
folornis there a way to do that ?03:33
fresnozliunxs is good03:34
dr_willisfolorn:  do what? ive missed somthing.03:36
cfhowletttripelb, had a thought: if this machine has NT, then I assume it was configured as a server, which would explain why it defaulted to the LVM, i.e. server, partitioning scheme.  Start over, wipe all the buntu partitions, leave the windows partitions in place.03:36
Drumrollis a swap partition always necessary?03:37
DrumrollIf I understand correctly, swap partition comes into use when ram is maxed out. What if you have 16GB ? Can you go without?03:37
cfhowlettDrumroll, only if you want to be able to suspend/hibernate03:37
dr_willisDrumroll:  i got no swap on my desktop box03:38
dr_willis8gb ram.. just hope you dont run out of ram ;)03:38
zykotick9Drumroll: wap CAN be used when ram is maxed, but it's used more often to move non-used stuff out of physical memory.  with 16GB you can certainly get away without swap, but it will be slightly slower (see "/msg ubottu swap" for more details)03:38
janderson91zcan someone help me get the amd catalyst control center to open?03:39
Coded1I'm running a FX-6100 @ 3.2GHz, Vertex 3 120GB SSD, 16GB PC1600 system on 13.04.  Why is software centre so slow?  I click to install one app and it greys out the window for about 40s and remains unresponsive for another 30s.  Clicking to install subsequent packages takes even longer.03:40
dr_willistry running it as  user janderson91z ? if theres no error messages..  not a lot we can really debug.. guess you coud run the debugger    gdb on it as it runs03:40
tripelbcfhowlett: I may have misspoken, not a server. Reading more on the web, I just did  >lsb-l /Dev/disk/by-label03:40
dr_willisCoded1:   13.04 in #uubntu+1    -- its in testing... so expect issues03:41
dr_willis  #ubuntu+103:41
janderson91zrun it as user as in just type in amdcccle in the terminal?03:41
janderson91zsays command not found03:41
janderson91zis that not what it's called? amdcccle03:41
dr_willisjanderson91z:  i  have no idea what its called03:41
dr_willis try amd<tab>03:41
cfhowletttripelb, noted.  still if this box was running NT, I'd say x/l/ubuntu are the way to go ...03:42
Coded1dr_willis: the release you run has no such problems?03:42
dr_willisCoded1:  never really noticed it being slow.. i tend to use the cli tools...03:42
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Coded1same here but mostly because it's faster than the gui, which on a decently quick system that I'm using kinda sucks03:44
janderson91zin synaptic it says i have fglrx-amdcccle installed03:44
janderson91zso i tried running it with that name03:44
janderson91zand same story, nothing happened. sorry, i'm new to actually using the terminal lol03:44
dr_willisjanderson91z:  check the  'properties' of tghe package. and see what path it has to what files03:44
Coded1janderson91z: the command is 'amdcccle'03:45
janderson91zit says command not found03:45
janderson91zhere are the file locations03:46
Coded1should be in /usr/share/ati/amdcccle03:46
Coded1or /usr/bin/amdcccle03:46
prototrying to use a bootable usb to install ubuntu on my laptop, reformatted the HDD and now it says 'Image failed to verify with *ACCESS DENIED*. Press any key to continue. and then powers off when I press a key03:46
Drumrollis there any reason not to use LVM ?03:47
cfhowlettproto, image?  iso image?  presumably you verified the iso integrity with md5sum??03:48
protocfhowlett how do I do that?03:48
ubottuproto,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:49
Coded1proto: check the permissions of the image.  Is it owned by your user?03:49
protocfhowlett, I can't even get to terminal03:49
protoCoded1, I'm not sure, I used Universal USB Installer, is there a way I can check that on my windows desktop?03:50
janderson91zwell i found out it's located in /usr/share/ati and i am in that directory03:51
protoLooking through BIOS, does AHCI affect it? BIOS tells how it affects windows installations, but not linux03:51
janderson91zhowever when i type in amdcccle it says command not found, yet the file is clearly there when i type LS03:51
tripelbcfhowlett: I may have misspoken, not a server. And I clicked LVM by accident.  Reading more on the web, I just did  >lsb-l /Dev/disk/by-label  And my result shoed only 3 things now, not the 5 disk shows. They are, backup ..../sda4 which disk callsHPFS/NTFS/exFAT  And DellUtility..../sda1 Which fdisk calls the same.  And Ubuntu\x2012\x20LTS\x20i386   .../sr0 (sic)  which could be swap.  Meanwhile, XP is on /Dev/sda3 which fdisk callsW95 Ext'd03:51
tripelbcfhowlett: that was a bear to type03:52
Coded1proto: my bad if it's during the install then it's not your windows computer (not likely).  Try booting off the usb key and select verify image (or what ever the closest option is)03:52
protocfhowlett, Coded1, I have a windows 8 laptop, and it looks like bios had some secure boot setting enabled, disabled that, rebooting now03:52
cfhowletttripelb, no doubt.03:52
tripelbRandom NOTE03:52
cfhowlettproto, proceed carefully.  secure boot weirdness ...03:53
protocfhowlett, Coded1, secure boot was the problem, looking at desktop now.03:53
protothanks for the help =D03:53
Coded1proto: ya that's likely it.  After the format it will try to install a GPT / MBR.  Secure boot will thwart that03:53
cfhowlettproto, smile son.  Have a beer.03:53
protoI'll have a glass of milk, going to bed now. =D03:53
Coded1better yet send some money to the "buy Coded1 beer foundation"03:54
Coded1it goes to a good cause03:54
SonikkuAmerica!ot | Coded103:54
ubottuCoded1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:54
SonikkuAmericaHate to say it but...03:54
SonikkuAmericaLegalism: Gets me through the day!03:55
ubottuSonikkuAmerica: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:55
SonikkuAmericaHey Maxx__!03:56
Maxx__Ummm Hey.03:56
folornanyone know how to repair broken packages from the terminal?03:57
Coded1janderson91z: can you run the file from the directory?03:57
SonikkuAmericafolorn: Try [ sudo apt-get install -f ]03:57
hexacodeanyone know the opposite of modprobe -r  ?   i need to remove a module but then ill need to put it back...anyone know how to? also, does modprobe -r only remove the module until next reboot, or permanently?03:58
Maxx__Is anyone having trouble logging into ubuntu?  I did updates today, and now cannot get past the login screen03:58
penguinmanhexacode, just modprobe by itself03:58
janderson91zcoded: that's what i was doing03:59
folornokay 1sec sonikkuamerica04:00
tripelbcfhowlett: now reading http://www.rodsbooks.com/missing-parts/04:00
dartosCan anyone tell me why I keep getting this IO error "INPUT OUTPUT ERROR ON READ /DEV/SDA" when I try to run sudo dpkg --configure -a. It is not a bad HDD I have run many MANY SMART tests and they all come back okay. Any ideas?04:00
Coded1janderson91z: what happens?04:00
Coded1dartos: can you pastebin your dmesg?04:02
zykotick9dartos: file system corruption possibly?  have you tried fscking it?04:02
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Coded1dartos: is it a SSD?04:02
dartosI am not amazing with linux so bear with me. What is dmesg and no I don't know how to fschk :$04:02
folornsonikkuamerica you wouldn't happen to know if theres a way to see if  a wireless driver is up to date?04:02
dartosno it's a HDD with a windows and ubuntu partition04:02
janderson91zcoded1: actually i just went into that directory in nautiluls and all i see is files named 'amdcccle_cs.qm and such04:02
dartosthe windows partition works fine04:02
Coded1dartos: run "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit" paste the url here04:03
SonikkuAmericafolorn: AFAIK drivers are updated via the package system.04:03
dartosoh dmesg is a command :D okydokey04:03
janderson91zCoded1: ok, i found the correct directory with the two legit amd catalyst control center icons. when i click on either (regular or administrative) it says Details: Failed to execute child process "amdcccle" (No such file or directory)04:04
dartosthe dmesg was larger than 500 kbs -_-04:05
coolspotHow do I make a WiFi hotspot in 12.04 using WPA, not WEP?04:05
dartosCoded1: it was too big for pastebing :(04:05
tripelbcfhowlett: that's too old sends me to fdisk, so I looked at man parted and going -l tells me --- can't have overlapping partitions. Oh I made the Ubuntu and the swap. I could have done it wrong. This is the first bit of meaning I see.04:05
tripelbAnyone here repartitoned with parted ? I seem to have overlapping partitions.04:06
dartosCoded1: it is basically this error over and over again http://pastebin.com/yKTNQQqT04:06
SonikkuAmericatripelb: Why parted... as opposed to gparted?04:07
tripelbIs /xev/sr0 where grub goes?04:07
dartoszykotick9: I am runnin fsck on /dev/sda .. it's says superblock invalid04:08
lauratikahow can i check the ink levels?04:09
dartoslauratika: thats more of a driver thing than an ubuntu thing. What printer do you have?04:09
tripelbSonikkuAmerica: gparted sees no partitions. That's the problem. fdisk does but is not for large partitions. Hence parted.04:09
Coded1dartos: can you paste the output of 'smartctl --all /dev/sda'04:10
Coded1smartctl --all /dev/sda | pastebinit04:10
dartosCoded1: it's not installed... I can't use apt-get because of the whole dpkg thing04:10
dartosBut I ran smart tests with the disk utility and they all came back OK04:10
coolspotWhy is WPA hotspot/adhoc disabled in 12.04?04:11
Coded1dartos: are you running a laptop?04:11
dartosCoded1: nope04:11
dartosCoded1: I had fedora running on here before but I decided to swtich.. more stable updates04:12
dartosCoded1: or so I thought -_- I remember 11.04 worked fine04:12
Coded1dartos: not sure if this will help but in your bios try to enable AHCI and disable any power saving options04:12
tripelbShould fdisk be listing /dev/sd0 ? Because it is not.   <-- basic idea need to clarify04:12
dartosall of the sudden it found windows 7??04:13
Coded1dartos: apparently there was a problem with some distros where the HDD was parked too quick04:13
dartosCoded1: parked?04:13
Coded1dartos: power saving features will tell the drive to stop spinning and bring the needle to rest (park).  If that happens when the kernel isn't expecting it you get ... errors ;)04:14
dartosCoded1: I'll check if that's on during reboot04:14
dartosBut I don't think it is04:14
kerfscreen -d04:15
dartosCoded1: NOW I can install the nvidia drivers and have a whole other mess to clean up -_-04:15
dartosI'll be back after reboot04:15
Coded1dartos: good luck04:15
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tripelbSonikkuAmerica:  I need to retire for the night. I thank you for your attention. NN04:16
DrumrollHow do I install these packages offline?04:18
DrumrollHow do I resolve the dependencies I mean04:18
DrumrollFor example: how do I resolve this message: "Dependency is not satisfiable: linux-headers-"04:19
Drumrollsorry linux-headers-3.5.0-2204:19
Drumrollhow do I fix that04:19
Coded1Drumroll: can you download that package on a different computer?04:20
DrumrollCoded1: yes04:20
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Coded1Drumroll: download it and install it with "dpkg -i linux-headers-..."04:21
dartosCoded1: Okay so I don't have that option but apparently if I just want the error goes away for that process... idk04:21
DrumrollCoded1 thanks, I will hop on linux and brb04:21
Coded1Drumroll: actually wait04:22
dartosCoded1: but do you, by chance, know how to install the nvidia drivers? I tried installing linux-source and linux-headers-generic then the nvidia-current-updates package but nothing seems to work04:22
g0rsDoes anybody use gedit ? Can you please include line numbers feature in the editor in next version of gedit?04:22
laurusHow do I connect a Nexus 7 running Ubuntu to my Ubuntu computer via USB cable?04:22
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Coded1Drumroll: try installing the package with "apt-get install --simulate packagename"04:22
Coded1dartos: what version of ubuntu are you running?04:23
dartosCoded1: 12.10.04:23
zykotick9g0rs: gedit has line numbering already?04:23
dartosCoded1: I hearded after I installed it about the nvidia drivers problem -_-04:23
dartosCoded1: sorry for saying hearded... I feel stupid04:23
Coded1lol np04:23
dartosIt has been a long day of trying to get drivers working04:24
dartosI love these IRCs though the people are so helpful :D case in point Coded104:24
Coded1dartos: when you say it doesn't seem to work what do you mean?04:24
DrumrollI am trying to install my atheros 8161 network drivers, linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic_3.5.0-18.2_amd64.deb is what I found suggested via google, but couldn't find that package. Found linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic_3.5.0-22.28_amd64.deb | "apt-get install --simulate linux-backports-modules-cw-3.6-3.5.0-18-generic_3.5.0-22.28_amd64.deb"??04:24
dartosCoded1: low resolution and unity no loading04:24
Coded1the "buy beer for coded1 foundation" is always open :)04:24
dartosCoded1: actually in my last try it didn't look like X loaded at all04:24
dartosI have the "feed my hungry wallet" trust04:25
Coded1always a good thing to have04:25
DrumrollI will be right back04:25
dartosCoded1: if only problems == money04:25
dartosCoded1: but back to topic. Do you happen to know what to do? Does  that x-swat repo actually work or... idk04:26
kunjidartos: They do, they just need to be other people's problems :P04:26
dartoskunji: lol... thats true... but then money is spend solving your own problem04:26
Coded1sudo apt-get install --simulate build-essential linux-headers-generic linux-headers-`uname -r`04:27
dartoskunji: plus you always end up having more problems than others... but with a smaller apartment... makes no sense...04:27
lauratikadartos: sorry... didnt read your. is a epson nx130... it works fine is just to chek ink levels04:27
dartosCoded1: ill give it a shot04:27
Tdog676how do i download a c complier for ubuntu?04:28
dartoslauratika: check epson's site to see if they have drivers for linux04:28
Coded1dartos: sorry that was for someone else04:28
dartosTdog676: sudo apt-get install gcc04:28
dartosCoded1: oh okat :(04:28
Tdog676tks dartos04:28
dartosTdog676: np04:28
kunjidartos: I thought gcc was included?  just not g++?04:28
dartosTdog676: I think that also gives you a debugger04:28
dartoskunji: It wasn't in fedora... idk if it is here04:28
Coded1dartos: try "sudo lsmod | grep nvidia"04:29
dartosCoded1: nothing04:29
dartosbtw what is the difference between su and sudo?04:29
Coded1dartos: try "sudo lsmod | grep nouveau"04:29
dartosCoded1: yeah things... I know thats the driver i'm on now. It works fine... just not for steam :(04:30
kunjidartos: I have it, and I know I haven't installed it04:30
dartoskunji: have what?04:30
kunjidartos: gcc04:30
Coded1dartos: k, try "sudo apt-get remove --purge nouveau"04:31
dartoskunji: ah... I like gcc when I have an IDE to go with it04:31
dartosCoded1: WHY? that is the only thing keeping my video alive04:31
Coded1dartos: lol, that's also keeping your nvidia drivers from loading... try "apt-get install jockey-gtk"04:31
kunjidartos: I actually don't know of any C or C++ IDE that I like, I do like some syntax highlighting though, so I usually use gedit.04:32
dartoskunji: codeblocks is nice04:32
dartoskunji: small and functional04:32
dartoskunji: also someone started maintaining devc++ again... i never liked it though... then there is emacs :D04:32
dartosCoded1: no package nouveau04:32
kunjidartos: yuck, yuck, and yuck, to each his own though.04:33
dartoskunji: i have become dependent on auto-complete04:33
Coded1dartos: did you install 'jockey-gtk' ?04:33
dartoskunji: I havn't really used C++ for much besides Qt as of late. I have been loving haxe and monogame... I usually only make games though04:33
dartosCoded1: downloading04:33
dartosCoded1: actually I tried jockey on another intall of 12.10 (this is the 3rd one) and it failed at the driver install04:34
TecheavyHas anyone installed ubuntu 13?04:34
dartosCoded1: and from what I have seen it failed on all 12.10...04:34
laurusHow do I connect a Nexus 7 running Ubuntu to my Ubuntu computer via USB cable?04:34
dartosCoded1: but I'll try again if you want04:34
zykotick9!13.04 | Techeavy04:35
ubottuTecheavy: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+104:35
kunjiTecheavy: Future releases are not supported here.  I would tell you the room where they are... but I forgot the name of it.04:35
becom33is there a way to link in android to keep a log of the installed applications in my machine and reinstall them automatically after I reinstall ubuntu ?04:35
becom33like in android *04:35
dartosCoded1: I installed it.. but when I run jockey-gtk it doesn't run... strange04:35
kunjiTecheavy: Oh, nvm, zykotick9's got it covered :P04:35
zykotick9!clone | becom3304:36
ubottubecom33: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate04:36
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning04:36
threex5could someone explain to me how there could be broken repositories in synaptic that don't appear in sources.list?04:37
gskelligI was trying to fix my nvidia drivers, and now when I login I just get a desktop and a mouse. Unity/gnome are gone04:37
gskelligI can get to a terminal with ctrl+alt+F1 though04:37
dartosCoded1: it doesn't look like jockey is going to work... should I install the additional drivers thing from the software center>04:38
Coded1dartos: http://www.upubuntu.com/2012/10/to-do-list-after-new-installation-of.html04:38
TecheavyOk thanks guys.04:38
Coded1dartos: ya they stopped using jockey apparently04:38
Maxx__I can't even get a desktop04:38
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fasWhat would cause my server to not log me in as myself when loggin in via ssh?04:41
dartosCoded1: they have a built in jockey now 0.o04:41
dartossir you are amazing04:41
fasAfter a reboot, I log in via ssh04:41
gskelligaha! i fixed it04:41
gskelligstill have nvidia problem though04:41
gskelligcan anyone help me with bumblebee?04:41
dartosCoded1: applying changes... lets see if this fixes it04:41
fasBut I still need to 'su user' to my user to get my user04:41
dartosI am going to try restarting lightdm... for teh lulz04:43
dartos80% sure thats a bad idea04:43
sulitI want to use it04:43
Coded1dartos: your best off rebooting04:45
Maxx__I'm using 12.04 and cannot get past the login screen.04:45
dartosCoded1: yeah i see that04:45
Coded1proprietary drivers are fickle beasts04:45
fasMaxx__: what's it saying is wrong?04:45
dartosMaxx__: did you type in your password?04:45
Maxx__Yes, I did.04:45
dartosMaxx__: was it the right one?04:45
dartosMaxx__: you are not giving us much to work with here... sorry04:46
dartosCoded1: X didn't start04:46
Maxx__Yes.  When I tried typing the wrong one, it simply highlighted the box and allowed me to re-enter the password. When I enter the right one, it goes off the login screen for a second then comes right back04:46
kunjifas: Have you checked that all is as it should be in /etc/ssh/sshd_config?  Also you can run ssh more verbosely to figure out exactly what is happening.04:47
dartosCoded1: I need to manually startx... and it doesn't look like unity is starting either04:47
faskunji: thanks for answering, I just looked at it and nothing seems different04:47
dartos-_- if conical keeps messing ubuntu up like this people will never switch04:47
faskunji: when I log in via ssh, it asks for my username, then I give it and I have the pubkey auth. Then I get a terminal but it's not normal04:48
fasI use oh-my-zsh but I just get normal zsh04:48
fasAlso, cd brings me to what seems like a guest acount's hime04:48
Coded1check your /etc/X11/xorg.conf  look for device04:48
faskunji: does that make sense?04:48
Coded1dartos: you should see a "Driver" listing under "Device"04:49
fasThen, I type 'su myuser' and I get oh-my-zsh back and cd brings me to the right directory04:49
dartosCoded1: okay ill check04:49
dartosCoded1: no xorg.conf04:49
kunjifas: Hmm, I think I know what you're saying, but it's not behavior I've ever seen before.  Maybe the BASH environment is wrong?04:50
dartosjust xorg.conf.failsafe04:50
dartosand that says the driver is not vesa04:50
Coded1dartos: cool, try "sudo nvidia-xconfig"04:50
Coded1then "startx"04:51
ThePhoenixLooking for a good media converter… Anyone have any suggestions?04:51
ThePhoenixI tried ConvertMe!, but… didn't install properly04:51
faskunji: how can I check?04:51
giggazillaAnyone familiar with having a drive fail in raid 5 using intel ich9 and replacing.... it rebuilt both the array's, but my 2tb is showing as no data.04:51
fasI have my user set up to use zsh through /etc/passwd04:51
dartosCoded1: random reboot?04:52
Coded1ThePhoenix: check out "gstreamer gui" on google04:52
kunjiThePhoenix: ffmpeg, vlc, mplayer, though the later two may use ffmpeg underneath, not sure.  ffmpeg will take some learning to use correctly, but it's by far the most powerful media converter I've seen.04:52
giggazillaI was able to boot into initramfs and run some dmraid commands to see the mappers still listed under /dev04:52
ThePhoenixDidn't know vlc did converting as well as playing04:52
Coded1dartos: what command made it reboot?04:52
giggazillaPlus blkid returns the path to all the partitions I had defined previously04:52
ThePhoenixwill check out those various suggestions, thanks04:52
dartosCoded1: it just kinda did... but it was a normal reboot so...04:53
Coded1dartos: see what happens when it comes back up04:53
kunjifas: I'm not sure, I don't mess with mine, sorry I couldn't be more help.  I would recommend running the ssh daemon with -v or whatever it is for verbose, maybe -vvv?  Then it will give you a lot more output and there may be some indication in all of that of what is happening.04:53
dartosCoded1: x didn't start by itself04:53
dartosI started X and still see no unity04:53
faskunji: I'm accessing it via putty04:54
dartosCoded1: nvidia's xorg is still there04:54
fasis that something I set on the server side?04:54
disco-eeldid you look at the lightdm logfile yet?04:54
dartosCoded1: oh yay system problem detected -_-04:54
disco-eeltheres always juicy stuff in there04:54
dartosI am looking at the details... and something with Xorg...04:55
Maxx__Gotta love those system problem detected(s)04:55
dartosMaxx__: ikr04:55
disco-eelIts samba giving me mine04:55
Coded1dartos: pastebin04:55
dartosCoded1: idk if I can...04:55
Coded1dartos: which nvidia card do you have?04:55
disco-eelI havent checked why casue im lazy04:56
dartosCoded1: GTX 560Ti04:56
dartosCoded1: crysis 2 edition ;)04:56
kunjifas: That's fine, yeah, you would set it on the server side.  I don't want to accidentally lock you out of your server, but i think something like sudo service ssh stop && sudo service ssh start -v  will run both commands and then you can just connect again, you should confirm that with someone else before trying it though.  I'm not sure about the -v when calling it through upstart.04:56
Coded1dartos: do you see anything with "EE" in the error log?04:57
dartosWas there ever an ubuntu version Linaro?04:57
fasthanks for your help04:57
fasI'll look into that04:57
fasI have physical access if anything goes haywire anyways04:57
dartosCoded1: where would I look?04:57
dartosCoded1: it is like a whole system log04:58
disco-eelWhy do I hear sometimes that modprobe.conf is depreciated? The man page doesn't seem to say so04:58
dartosCoded1: the actual error was04:58
Maxx__Well. I guess I will tackle my problem anew tomorrow.  Thanks everyone.04:58
faskunji: odd. I didn't get kicked out of my connection04:58
fasis it ssh or ssh server? or openssh?04:59
disco-eelwhere should I be configuring my modules?04:59
fasIt told me it stopped and restarted04:59
Coded1dartos: can you try "dmesg | pastebinit && cat /etc/var/log/Xorg.0.log | pastebinit"?04:59
dartosCoded1: It's too big04:59
dartoswait I have an idea... let me try something04:59
kunjifas: Actually it should be that smooth if all is well.  ssh-server should be the package for openssh I think.  I'm not sure about the -v when running it as a daemon though, using the debug modes is probably better, this should help: http://fixunix.com/mandrake/122505-run-sshd-debugging-mode.html05:01
giggazillaOk, well I guess the first step is to boot from the ubuntu livecd05:03
dartosCoded1: I don't thiknk trying the experimental ones is a good idea...05:03
dartosbtw does anyone know if you can get an ubuntu thinkpad in the USA?05:04
disco-eelsure, why not?05:05
faskunji: it appears it's logging me in as root05:05
dartosdisco-eel: no I mean buy one with ubuntu already on it05:05
Coded1I've personally used the 310 drivers and they work pretty good, It may be a good idea however to try one of the other drivers first and switch05:06
faskunji: which is odd since that's disallowed in my confg05:06
dartosdisco-eel: they sell those in the UK but I don't see any on their US site05:06
dartosCoded1: okay05:06
disco-eelbest to call I say05:06
dartosCoded1: trying the nvidia-current instead of nvidia-current-updates05:06
kunjifas: That's not good at all, I thought that wasn't allowed in the default sshd_config, ... that could be really bad then.05:06
dartosdisco-eel: probably... but that means interactions with... humans....05:06
chriysmy server won't work even in local. The server is running and error.log shows this caught SIGTERM, shutting down05:06
chriys.[00:06:20] <chriys> and also child process 24148 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM05:06
disco-eelyou will get handed off a bunch but if your persistent Id think05:06
* dartos makes a face of disgust 05:07
disco-eelyeah I understand05:07
coolspotSo no solution to make a WiFi hotspot with WPA in 12.04?05:07
chriyshttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/1661802/apache-server-keeps-crashing-caught-sigterm-shutting-downmy server won't work even in local. The server is running and error.log shows this caught SIGTERM, shutting down  and also child process 24148 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM*05:07
kunjicoolspot: That is highly dependent on your hardware as far as I know05:07
Coded1dartos: what happened?05:08
coolspotkunji: Worked in previous releases, so hardware is not at fault.05:08
dartosCoded1: same thing05:08
kunjicoolspot: It should work then, maybe you're using a different driver or something?05:08
dartosCoded1: going to try the 310 i guess...05:08
chriys:x sorry guys little mistake here is the message: my server won't work even in local. The server is running and error.log shows this caught SIGTERM, shutting down  and also child process 24148 still did not exit, sending a SIGTERM05:08
trkmstrwggywhats up guys05:09
faskunji, https://gist.github.com/468039005:09
coolspotkunji: No, just vanilla. WPA and related are greyed out for whatever reason, same in other distros based on 12.04.05:09
dartosCoded1: they need to really work on linux GPU support....05:09
dartosCoded1: do you have the default kernal?05:09
disco-eelI was never a fan of the phone deal until this strange day..I had to call Micro**t for my w box05:09
kunjicoolspot: Where are you looking to see this WPA option?05:09
RigidWiganyone know what this is all about: http://pastebin.com/zxREG1Xa ??05:09
=== aaron is now known as drumroll
disco-eelI was shocked...05:10
drumrollI need help installing a package containing network drivers on my computer that has no internet05:10
drumrollI'm not having much luck with google05:10
disco-eelusb key?05:11
drumrolldo I need apt-offline installed on the destination pc?05:11
drumrollI do have a USB key05:11
disco-eeldid you find your chipset yet?05:11
drumrolljust not sure how to get packages onto it, including dependencies, and then install them on dest. pc05:11
drumrollMy chipset is atheros 816105:11
Coded1dartos: I'm running 13.04 I have 3.8.0-2-generic05:11
faskunji, the end of that file is from today05:11
drumrollI found a package with the driver but it said "dependency is not satisfiable"05:11
dartosCoded1: is 13.04 more stable then 12.10... I have had NOTHING but problems with 12.10... these damn drivers05:12
drumroll"dependency is not satisfiable: linux-image-3.5.0-18-generic05:12
coolspotkunji: "Create New Wireless Network", and "nm-connection-editor" and wherever. Do you have such hardware and if so could you see if they are greyed out for you too?05:12
dartosI am thinking of just reinstaling 12.04...05:12
drumrollwould 13.04 have the drivers I need?05:12
drumrollI didn't realize there was a 13.04 already05:13
Coded1dartos: not a chance buddy.  I'm having stuff crash all day long.  Luckily I have an SSD :)  It makes the error reporting much faster05:13
dartosCoded1: ug...05:13
Coded1just upgrading crashes things05:13
faskunji: specifically line 2000+05:13
Coded1dartos: sometimes it makes it easier installing from scratch and following the step by steps right from the start05:13
dartosCoded1: if only i could curse in this channel.... I am really mad right now... it didn;t work... again05:13
dartosCoded1: that would be litterally the 12 time I did that05:14
adamshumpisxxxIs anyone available to help me with an Xbox 360 wired controller issue?05:14
disco-eelwas it alx?05:14
dartosCoded1: wait... WAIT05:14
kunjicoolspot: I think my card is a different one, just to be clear you mean in the Security dropdown menu?  WPA & WPA2 Personal and WPA & WPA2 Enterprise are both options for me.05:15
freestylesnoim trying to figure out what i need to do to dual boot on a laptop that came with win805:15
Coded1drumroll: try "sudo apt-get install --simulate build-essential linux-headers-generic linux-headers-`uname -r`" and download all the packages separately05:15
dartosCoded1: IT SEEMS to be working... unity started up and the 310 driver is still selected in software sources05:16
dartosI am going to run a benchmark to check05:16
coolspotkunji: Yes, "Wireless Security", as you can see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171914/sharing-wireless-connection-with-other-pcs-and-phones05:16
Coded1drumroll: http://askubuntu.com/questions/165192/how-do-i-install-drivers-for-the-atheros-ar8161-ethernet-controller05:16
drumrollCoded1 couldn't make those instructions work05:16
braviswhy is Gstreamer not in ubuntu?05:16
adamshumpisxxxIf anyone can weigh in on this issue I would appreciate it:05:17
Coded1 drumroll; what happens?05:17
coolspotkunji: And others are having the same issue with different hardware, and I'm also testing on two different machines. http://askubuntu.com/questions/142379/unable-to-use-wpa-security-when-using-laptop-as-hotspot-with-an-intel-3945abg05:17
drumrollthe irony of instructions to download a network driver...05:17
dartosCoded1: if this is working... I will buy you a beer :D05:17
=== scott_ is now known as Guest21992
disco-eelim seeing something that says you ought to blacklist the atl1c mod too05:17
disco-eeldrumroll check this http://askubuntu.com/questions/105607/how-do-i-get-an-atheros-ar8131-ethernet-card-working05:18
Coded1dartos: your success is a gift on its own buddy05:18
disco-eeldid you already look at that?05:18
kunjicoolspot: Hmm, those aren't grayed out for me.  That's not how I usually create a hotspot though myself, I usually use a much more manual method.  I never had much success with those actually working through the GUI, despite that all the options are available.05:18
dartosCoded1: well lets see i didn't run the benchmark yet...05:18
coolspotkunji: You're on 12.04, right? Not 12.10.05:18
kunjifas: It looks like it changes your identity after checking the blacklist?  Check if you're on the blacklist, also do confirm that sshd_config has root login disabled, just so that is absolutely for sure.05:20
Coded1dartos: well unity loading is a good sign05:20
juniourcoolspt ubuntu provide wep for hotspot05:20
TheLordOfTimeanyone know of anything like landscape, but absolutely free, so i can manage an entire net of systems?05:20
dartosthat it is05:20
kunjicoolspot: It is working on a 12.04 machine and two 12.10 machines here.05:20
faskunji: it has it disabled05:20
coolspotjuniour: Yes, WEP is available but not WPA* which used to be available.05:20
drumrollit's not that those instructions don't work05:21
kunjiTheLordOfTime: Umm, I don't know what landscape does, but Nagios is a good way to do some server monitoring.05:21
drumrollit's just that the destination pc does not have internet05:21
drumrollI'm downloading network driver packages05:21
giggazillaHow can you tell the live cd to stop trying to locate harddisks and just load the live cd?05:21
coolspotkunji: Just to make sure, you're trying hotspot/adhoc and not regular connection?05:21
juniourcoolspot i never seen wpa05:21
TheLordOfTimekunji:  i'm aware of nagios for montioring, but i need remote management as well... perhaps i should just ask in -server :/05:21
faskunji: also, I don't have anything blacklisted.05:21
juniourcoolspot when i turned hotspot its wep ony05:21
drumrollSo I need to get the packages from "sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-cw-3.4-precise-generic05:21
drumrolland put them via usb to another pc05:22
giggazillaIs there a certain key I can press or something?05:22
coolspotjuniour: Yes, older versions had it available, which is what I want. Which is why I'm trying to figure out why it's disabled and how to enable it again.05:22
dartosCoded1: the haven benchmark is beautiful05:23
Coded1dartos: congrats05:23
dartosCoded1: especially at 60 FPS05:23
disco-eelthat page was just one of the things that came up05:23
drumrollwhere does apt-get install --download-only put the packages?05:23
adamshumpisxxxDoes anyone know how to configure the Xbox 360 controller driver dead zone?05:23
dartosCoded1: sir... I can't thank you enough05:23
Coded1dartos: no problems buddy have at er05:23
dartosCoded1: ...just...just...thank so much05:24
kunjicoolspot: Ah, I see what you mean now, I still have WPA & WPA2 Personal though, The Enterprise one is grayed out though, as is LEAP and Dynamic WEP.  Anyway, is it actually important that this be reproduce on my system?  Especially considering that we don't have the same hardware...05:24
* dartos bursts into tears05:24
dr_willisdrumroll:  /var/cache/apt/ perhaps - or whever the resst of the .deb gets cached at05:24
Coded1lol now don't get too sentimental I'm gonna cry too05:24
dartosCoded1: you don't understand what this means05:25
juniourkunji i dont think its hardware issue05:25
=== Dude is now known as Guest2389
coolspotkunji: Well, others are having the same issue with hardware I don't have. What WiFi cards do you have? And you don't have to enable any hotspot, just check if the things are greyed out or not, which they are for me and others.05:25
Dr_PhysicistCan I install Ubuntu 12.10 QQ by side of two others OS and later change the size of them with, for example: Gparted?05:25
dartosI can move all my game development to linux now :D no more windows :D05:25
disco-eeldoes anyone understand what I mean about the modules?05:26
juniourkunji the same hard ware provide wep.wpa * in windows os but in ubuntu it provides wep ony05:26
Coded1dartos: you're not gonna propose are you, I don't think I can handle that05:26
dr_willisgiggazilla:  in not sure we are clear on the question.05:26
juniourso  i think its not the hard ware issue05:26
disco-eeloh ok05:26
Dr_Physicistdr_willis, Can I install Ubuntu 12.10 QQ by side of two others OS and later change the size of them with, for example: Gparted?05:26
dr_willisDr_Physicist:  yes05:27
dartosCoded1: lol no... btw how would I know if upgrading to the next release of ubuntu would break this05:27
dartosCoded1: should I just wait and look up forums and stuff?05:27
disco-eelwell Im just a bit confused on where I should pass options for my modules05:27
kunjicoolspot: Right I did check, my card is an Atheros AR9300.  You could try using hostapd for this, it's what I usually use for this kind of thing, this could help getting started with it: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/debian-ubuntu-linux-setting-wireless-access-point/05:27
=== Ubuntu is now known as Guest36912
Coded1dartos: wait it out buddy, next release they want to start with Wayland05:28
Coded1I can smell the borked boxen already05:28
dartosCoded1: wayland?05:28
disco-eells /etc/modprobe.d/05:28
kunjiCoded1: Wayland... well, we'll see how that actually goes over.05:28
Coded1dartos: it's a sweet idea, check it out on youtube05:28
Coded1think of a 3D game where all the surfaces are your desktop05:29
kunjiCoded1: Did they ever find a way to reincorporate network transparency?05:29
adamshumpisxxxDoes anyone know how to configure the Xbox 360 controller driver dead zone?05:29
drumrolldr_willis thank you that is where the packages downloaded05:29
Coded1kunji: network transparency?05:29
dartosCoded1: it looks like compiz...05:30
coolspotkunji: I also have "AR9300", which is a generic name for these models, the specific card I have is AR9382, you might have the same or AR9380, I think. So you're not using any other software to have WPA available as an option for hotspot?05:30
Dr_Physicistdr_willis: Thank you for the answer. Just one more thing. Does not any kind of problem?05:30
dr_willisDr_Physicist:  theres alwyas potential for problems..05:31
faskunji: I think I figured it out05:31
kunjiCoded1: Well, that's just the thing right, X is actually a server and can send to clients, it lets us do neat things like using the -X option with ssh.  Also it lets you do things like run many end terminals on the same server, whatever they're calling that these days.05:31
kunjifas: What did you find?  I've been looking at the log, but I haven't figured anything out yet T.T05:32
Coded1kunji: ahh you mean wayland remote "X" sessions05:32
giggazilladr_willis: the live cd hangs and when I esc out of the graphic it keeps trying to discover /dev/sda...b... etc05:32
faskunji: I installed xwindows the other day, when logging in via ssh and if I do 'cd' and then 'ls' I get a .desktop file and a README05:32
kunjiCoded1: So they did end up doing it?05:32
=== ke5pcv is now known as ke5pcv-away
Coded1I think that's going to turn into a VNC kinda thing05:32
chriysit'S alright i found solution -_-'05:33
chriysethernet cable was unplugged05:33
fasthe README says something like, this directory has been unmounted for your safety, use the gui to click the .desktop file or type in *some command*05:33
Coded1kunji: Wayland basically replaces X05:33
chriysdoes somebody can test this website and tell me if it works please http://regroupementjeunesseenaction.com/05:34
chriysi'm verifying if it works outside of my local network05:34
adamshumpisxxxThat website does not work.05:34
kunjiCoded1: I know, but those functions of X were originally planned to be scrapped in wayland because of difficulties doing it with Wayland's very different architecture.  It's been some time since I looked at the project though, they may have changed their minds.05:34
Coded1kunji: you could always run X as headless and still have remotes05:34
disco-eelso for instance, if I want to add support for more loop devices, I set "loop options loop max_loop=64"05:35
=== Err404NotFound is now known as Error404NotFound
threex5is there a particular version of ubuntu that works better in gnome fallback mode? I'm running 12.10 and it's a little buggy05:35
kunjiCoded1: You mean side by side with wayland?  Hmm, we'll have to see if they play nice, but I would expect some contention between them.05:35
threex5i would be willing to downgrade if it was worth it.05:36
kunjithreex5: You mean using gnome-panel?05:36
dr_willisthreex5:  gnome-fallback mode is scheduled for eventual  removal.. but it may have gotten a stay of execution for a few more releases05:36
faskunji: does that infor help?05:36
Coded1kunji: I doubt there will be many issues, they are so different now that they probably won't even notice eachother05:37
giggazilladr_willis:  I'm wondering if it's messing up with the chipset raid array I have05:37
dr_willisthreex5:  if you like the old skool type desktop. you may want to check out Lubuntu05:37
threex5dr_willis, I know. this is causing me anxiety.05:37
Dr_Physicistdr_willis: Yes. Where can I find a tutorial to up the partitions for start of installation?05:37
dr_willisthreex5:  gnome2 is dead... time to move on05:37
threex5I might try lubuntu again. I really, really like gnome 2 though05:37
adamshumpisxxxThat website does not work.05:37
dr_willisgnome2 has had issues for ages....  people just overlooked them05:37
chriysadamshumpisxxx seriously ? this is weird05:38
dr_willisDr_Physicist:  i just use a gparted live cd normally05:38
threex5I don't understand why I have to move on from software that works exactly the way I like it, that I've already mastered05:38
adamshumpisxxxYes. Seriously.05:38
kunjifas: Hmm, it doesn't help me, someone else probably would know more than I do though.05:38
threex5So frustrating. Mate is buggy too05:38
adamshumpisxxxI would say if you love GNOME2 then use MATE.05:38
dr_willisthreex5:  the gnome devs gave many reasons for moveing  away from gnome205:38
chriyscan you try to add the www admshumpisxxx05:38
chriyswhat is mate ?05:38
coolspotkunji: Could you provide a quick screenshot of the available WPA options regarding hotspot/adhoc that you see?05:38
threex5mate is a fork of gnome 205:39
adamshumpisxxxBut the big problem I have with it is the "Shut Down..." option under System is missing for me.05:39
* dr_willis finds the desktop hes using really dosent matter much....05:39
adamshumpisxxxThe website does not work even with the "www" in front of it.05:39
Edveadamshumpisxxx: try to reinstall the GUI05:40
adamshumpisxxxI already did. I even reinstalled the DM.05:40
giggazilladr_willis:  I will try the live cd without dmraid enabled and see what happens.05:40
adamshumpisxxxNothing works.05:40
Coded1dartos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FjuPn7MXMs05:40
dr_willisgiggazilla:   i dont use raid. so no idea how it affects thingss05:40
adamshumpisxxxIf you want to check out my issue I can send you my current thread link in UBuntu Forums.05:40
Edvehow you shut down the computer since ?05:40
Dr_Physicistdr_willis: Thank you.05:41
EdveYeah send it up though05:41
adamshumpisxxxI use "sudo shotdown -P now".05:41
adamshumpisxxxOr "sudo reboot".05:41
chriysi'm lost my webserver won't work -_-05:41
kunjicoolspot: My memory is failing me, what site is it for posting images again?05:42
=== noctis is now known as Guest83831
chriysi can access to my webserver from local but not from outside somebody has a solution ?05:43
coolspotkunji: ompldr.org for example05:43
adamshumpisxxxCheck your DNS setup.05:43
dr_willischriys:  soiunds like router is not port forwarding05:43
adamshumpisxxxAnd make sure your router allows a connection from the outside.05:43
chriysi can even access it using mydomain.com05:44
adamshumpisxxxTry SSHing from your cell phone.05:44
kunjicoolspot: http://ompldr.org/vaGFpOQ/Screenshot%20from%202013-01-31%2000:40:28.png05:44
chriysadamshumpisxxx how to SSHing ?05:44
adamshumpisxxxYou don't know how to SSH?05:44
adamshumpisxxxUh oh...05:44
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:44
adamshumpisxxxWhat do you think Edve?05:45
drumrollso im trying to run a script05:45
Edvehmm you did use which repo ?05:45
chriysi know it but never did from a cellphone. I'm using iphone 3g05:45
coolspotkunji: And in the "Wireless" tab "Mode" is set to"Ad-hoc" instead of "Infrastructure"?05:45
drumroll"./driver-select alx" -> PERMISSION DENIED05:45
drumroll"sudo ./driver-select alx" -> command not found05:45
adamshumpisxxxCheck your PM Edve.05:45
kunjicoolspot: Yeah, with infrastructure nothing is grayed out.05:45
jbuddrumroll: sudo su05:46
dr_willisdont use sudo su.....05:46
dr_willissudo -s  or sudo -i will work05:46
coolspotkunji: Hmm, ok. Thanks. How did you get it available? You must've done something..05:46
dr_willisdrumroll:  get a root shell  via 'sudo -i' and try the script again05:47
kunjicoolspot: I wouldn't worry about my system being different though, it's not a fresh install, it's using hostapd and various other things, something might have been installed as a dependency.. who know, I really wouldn't sweat it.  I really couldn't tell you how, this is the first time I looked at it on this system, because as I said, I usually do that with hostapd and dnsmasq and iptables.. in the terminal.05:47
drumrolldr_willis: still getting permission denied05:48
coolspotkunji: And that's from the 12.04 system?05:48
kunjicoolspot: yeah05:48
dr_willisdrumroll:  it is an executable scrit/file?05:48
coolspotkunji: Ok, I'll have to dig deeper then. Thanks.05:48
drumroll-bash: ./scripts/driver-select: Permissoin denied05:48
drumrollI've got a # prompt05:49
kunjicoolspot: No problem, but if you know that it works in 12.10, upgrading might be the way to go, or there are ways to install the newer packages on 12.04.05:49
dr_willisdrumroll:  what does ls -l say about the ./scriptss/driver-select file       what does the 'file' command say abvout it also05:50
drumroll-rw-r--r-- 1 aaron aaron 11736 jul 3 2012 ./scripts/driver-select05:52
coolspotkunji: Well, I'm not looking to use Ubuntu actually, I'm just checking on the issue as it appears on distros based on Ubuntu. I will soon use Trisquel 6.0 (100% fully free), which is 12.04, and LTS obviously, so.. yeah. I'll have to try newer packages and hostapd and so on. :/05:52
drumroll./scripts/driver-select: a /usr/bin/env bash script, ASCII text executable05:52
drumrolldr_willis got thanks05:54
drumrollchmod 77705:54
kunjicoolspot: Actually, the kernel handles this, no?  This might be the machine I installed the newer kernel on, in which case that might be precisely the difference that is important between 12.04 and 12.10.  I see this bug report here: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=818214  That is for the 3.3 kernel, it might have been broken in 3.2 as well (I think 12.04 uses 3.2 by default).  Maybe it's fixed in the 3.5 kernel (I think what 1205:54
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 818214 in wpa_supplicant "kernel is not able to create ad-hoc wifi (hotspot) with WPA encryption" [Low,New]05:54
drumrollhow do I chmod every file in a folder05:54
dr_willisdrumroll:  ;) guess it wasent executable eh...05:54
drumrollnope it wasn't05:54
drumrollI thought I chmod'd it already, but I did something wrong05:55
dr_willisdrumroll:  best to not go wild with chmod05:55
coolspotkunji: You got cut off at "(I think what 12".05:55
drumrolli haven't gotten a handle of chmod yet05:55
drumrollI only know 77705:55
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:55
drumrollmakes things work05:55
dr_willisdrumroll:  and forgetg about 777 you RARELY ever want to use 77705:55
kunjicoolspot: at the end?  Maybe it's fixed in the 3.5 kernel (I think what 12.10 is using).05:55
coolspotkunji: And yes, I was looking at that bug report earlier..05:55
dr_willis!permissions | drumroll05:56
ubottudrumroll: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions05:56
dr_willislearn about them ;)05:56
kunjicoolspot: If that is what the problem is, then the packages aren't going to make a difference and messing with them will just be a waste of time.05:56
jbuddrumroll: u means user, a means anyone, r means owner/root ;; r means read, w means write, x means execute ;; chmod ua+rw file    means user and anyone has read and write abilities for file05:57
coolspotkunji: What version of Linux did you install? It's not so nice for this to appear in the LTS release..05:57
kunjicoolspot: I did install 12.04, but I'm not using that kernel anymore.  That kernel did not play nice with any of my wireless devices, they would hang and broadcast, effectively jamming the entire wireless band.  It was not pleasant.05:59
drumrollmake worked woo06:00
coolspotkunji: So, what version of Linux did you install on that 12.04 machine to get WPA available?06:00
fasAnyone know how to uninstall x? Or at least stop it from logging me into X when logging in via ssh?06:01
dr_willis!text | fas06:01
ubottufas: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode06:01
kunjicoolspot: I'm using 3.5.0-22 at the moment, the same as what 12.10 is using, the only reason I did that instead of just upgrading to 12.10 was as a learning experience really.06:01
fasdr_willis: that's not what I want06:01
dr_willisi dont see how  logging in via ssh.. logs you into X06:01
JokesOnYou77Hi all, is there a way to set a more specific location for gnome weather?06:01
drumroll_itworkeWOO IM ONLINE06:02
dr_willisfas:  the you should give more details..06:02
fasdr_willis: after installing x I get problems logging in via ssh06:02
dr_willisfas:  problems  such as ?06:02
fasdr_willis: It logs me in as my user but typing 'cd' doesn't bring me to my home06:02
drumroll_itworkethanks dr_willis jbud Coded106:02
coolspotkunji: Ah, ok. So 12.04 is borked with regards to this. Sad thing on LTS. Well, cheers for the help.06:02
kunjidr_willis: His .bashrc maybe?  I could be completely off track though06:02
drumroll_itworkebrand new build complete06:02
fasI then have to do 'su myuser' and then 'cd' to get to my home06:02
Coded1drumroll_itworke: congrats buddy06:03
giggazillaIs there a way to limit dmesg output from the initramfs prompt?  less and more aren't available06:03
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drumrolllthanks Coded106:03
kunjicoolspot: anytime, yeah, I've actually found 12.10 to work out much better for me in pretty much every regard.06:03
drumrolllit was a pain06:03
fasdr_willis: after logging in via ssh I don't get my home, I get a .desktop file and a README, which both look like they pertain to X06:03
drumrolllI buckled and bought windows for this build too, just for games06:03
drumrolllwindows won't even install06:03
drumrolllLinux: 1 Windows: 006:03
fasdr_willis: does that make sense?06:03
dr_willisfas  youa re using an encrypted home.. so it makes sence...06:04
dr_willisits not unencrypting the home when you sssh in06:04
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fasHow do I get it to do that when sshing in?06:04
dr_willisand what is IN the readme?06:04
dr_willisI dont use encrypted home.. so no idea...06:04
seeqwelluptime tells me I have 4 users in my system and I only have one terminal open which one is for me, one is auto assigned to root.  What are the other two and how to I kill the pid please?06:04
fasIt wasn't like this prior to a recent reboot06:04
dr_willisyou may want to check on askubuntu.com for ssh and encrypted home issues06:05
coolspotkunji: I was looking to use Trisquel 6.0 (Ubuntu 12.04) as a server, also doing this hotspot, so I'd want WPA obviously. But doesn't seem to be the solution. Unless I just use a router on the ethernet port and let that do the wireless bit, but I'd prefer not to do that.06:05
fasdr_willis: I think I figured it out06:06
fasthanks for your help06:06
drumrollhow do I update from os06:07
drumrollfrom *terminal06:07
kunjicoolspot: It still might work with hostapd, seems like it did for this person: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183527406:07
dr_willissudo apt-get update06:07
drumroll"sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" ?06:07
dr_willisdrumroll:  yes...06:07
billytwowillywhy trisquel?06:07
Coded1drumroll: yup06:07
faskunji, dr_willis, prior to reboot I had logged in physically (at my desk) as my user thus whenever sshing in it was already unencrypted. Then after a reboot I didn't log back in so I need to unencrypt home every time I log in.06:07
giggazillaLooks like I have grep at least so that's plus06:08
coolspotkunji: That's not regarding 12.04 though?06:08
dr_willisfas:  makes sence to me.. I dont se emuch point in using encrypted home on my desktop machines06:09
fasdr_willis: it's a server06:09
fasbut yeah, I did it just for fun06:09
fasdidn't know of any downsides06:09
dr_willisseen LOTS of people with encrypted issues in here.06:09
kunjicoolspot: Ah, you're right, my bad.  Not sure why I thought it was.06:10
fashaha good, not just me06:10
dr_willisunless its on a laptop and you have critical stuff you dont want to get stolen.06:10
dr_willisi dont see much point.06:10
fasdr_willis: unfortunately it's a pain to stop home encryption06:10
aaron_uh what do I do if I get a general protection fault06:12
aaron_screen turns black, scrolling white text06:12
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drumroll_what causes general protection fault06:15
coolspotkunji: How about this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/104691806:17
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ubottuUbuntu bug 1046918 in wpa (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Enable RSN (WPA2) encryption support for IBSS (ad-hoc)" [Medium,Fix released]06:17
hillaryI have a window popup when starting libreoffice "Error loading BASIC of document  file:///home/hillary/.config/libreoffice/3/user/basic/dialog.xlc"06:19
* momo_ test06:19
gnomefreaktest cnfirmed06:19
hillaryWhen i click ok it start working well06:19
hillarywhat could be the issue here06:20
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hillaryIt reads generalinput/output error06:20
hillaryAny help?06:22
hillaryI have a window popup when starting libreoffice "Error loading BASIC of document  file:///home/hillary/.config/libreoffice/3/user/basic/dialog.xlc"06:23
hillaryI have a window popup when starting libreoffice "Error loading BASIC of document  file:///home/hillary/.config/libreoffice/3/user/basic/dialog.xli"06:23
hillaryubuntu 12.0406:23
kunjicoolspot: Hmm, that looks good, but as they say, they need the kernel changes, otherwise it will actually be creating an unsecured network.  That probably means the option on my 12.04 install actually creates an unsecured network though -_- good thing I wasn't using it.06:25
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coolspotkunji: Yeah, dang it :/06:27
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fsvehlaEven though I have set /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades to prompt=Lts, I get “New release '12.10' available.” on login. Is that normal?06:32
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aeon-ltdfsvehla: try lower case 'l'?06:33
somsipbook_list_for_tag (probably)06:34
fsvehlaaeon-ltd: Ooh06:34
fsvehlaaeon-ltd: Good catch, but that wasn’t it.06:35
xrsgo into the software sorces and adjust there06:35
xrstell it you only want lts notifications06:35
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:37
pen9u1nis it safe to remove a partition with parted, and add it again, and the partition still mount able?06:38
xrssure but any data on the partition will be gone06:38
pen9u1nwhy? I will do nothing on that area06:38
vbgunzanyone here pretty familiar with the quirks of ssh? I have a private key that can log into a host over lan without a problem *but* using the exact same key, going over the internet through the public ip, connects to the same exact RSA verified host but my private key does not get accepted and neither does my password.06:38
pen9u1nactually i want to resize a part06:38
aeon-ltdpen9u1n: if you are mounting it like /dev/sdx/ and the x is the same06:38
vbgunznone of these problems exist if I connect over lan, but over the internet, the key fails and so does the password06:39
vbgunzdoes anyone know what I can look into for fixing this?06:39
xrscould be your router is not forwarding06:40
aeon-ltdvbgunz: if you have a firewall restriction that only allows connections over lan that could be it06:40
xrshave you set up port forwarding for SSH on the router? no firewall restrictions that conflict?06:40
vbgunzit is and should be forwarding, I connect to the same RSA host, it checks the private key and fails then prompts for a password and that fails too06:41
RiXtErHow can I remove a directory when there is so many files in it I can't even do a ls in it? (I have done rm -fr /path/to/directory, but it ran for about 10 hours, any my cpu load was cruising about 8 )06:43
aeon-ltdRiXtEr: how did you get so many files>06:43
RiXtErI think a bug in another program.06:43
hillaryanybody with a remedy to my problem?06:44
aeon-ltdRiXtEr: if the progam's running then it could be generating faster than you can rm06:44
xrsvbgunz,  there is also #ssh and #openssh06:44
RiXtEraeon-ltd, hrm, I doubt it, but I will give it a shot.06:44
aeon-ltdRiXtEr: if it is, try booting to a livecd then managing the files there06:45
RiXtErwell, I can end the program, but it doesn't seem that is the issue.06:45
RiXtEraeon-ltd, I ran rm with the program down for about 10 mins and the folder size never changes06:45
aeon-ltdRiXtEr: do you own all the files?06:46
RiXtEraeon-ltd, the problem is I don't even know how many files are in this folder, but most are 0k06:46
RiXtEraeon-ltd, running this as root.06:46
RiXtEraeon-ltd, the only reason I noticed it at all, is that I ran out of inodes.06:46
xrshave you tried the verbose switch to see what its doing?06:47
RiXtErxrs, it looks to be working...06:48
xrswell i cant think of anything becides cloneine the drive but ignoreing that dir, then format n restore06:50
xrsi should sleep06:50
RiXtErxrs, I didn't know if anyone had a clever dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/directory command.06:50
litropyHi, all - I'm running stock 12.04; I have no sound. I guess I'd like to start with pulling my soundcard info, which I need help with, and also seeing if it's properly active, which I also need help with. But, if you guys have a better idea, I'm all ears.06:52
litropyThis is the first time I've tested sound on this box, btw.06:52
CHIexhello, I am choosing Linux distribution.. I am new Linux user, is UBUNTU user friendly?  is it hard to install software?06:52
litropyAlthough it's been operating fine in all other respects for months.06:52
cfhowlettCHIex, yes it's user friendly.  software install is easy.06:53
kunjiRiXtEr: dd can't ignore just a file, it doesn't have a concept of filesystems, only of block level devices.06:53
litropyCHIex, Ubuntu is just about the friendliest linux distro you'll find.06:53
RiXtErkunji, I know, I was just hopeful ;)06:53
kunjiCHIex: what litropy said, and installing most software is very easy06:53
cfhowlettabdullah, greetings06:54
abdullahis there a good beginners for mono ?06:54
kunjiRiXtEr: Are you just trying to get rid of the folder?06:54
RiXtErkunji, yep06:54
abdullahcfhowlett thank you06:55
RiXtErkunji, I have had rm -fr /path/to/folder running for about 10 hours, and ls -alhd reports the same size as 10 hours ago, 473 mb06:55
cfhowlettabdullah, what's your ubuntu question??06:55
RiXtErerr... 443 mb06:55
litropyCHIex, you're also in just the right place, for here is where your questions will be answered most effectively. You can count on this channel being active nearly 24 hours a day, into the foreseeable future.06:56
abdullahsorry it is my mistake :) i loged in both mono and ubuntu chanel sory for that guys06:57
litropyCHIex, just keep in mind, your questions may not be answered immediately. Case in point: my sound question up there.06:57
RiXtErlitropy, first check, double check, and check again if the card is just muted, then from a terminal run lspci (assuming its a pci card) and look for your sound card, then hop on google and see what module it uses and check to see if its loaded with lsmod06:57
cfhowlettabdullah, no worries06:57
litropyYay, RiXtEr. Reading and executing.06:57
kunjiRiXtEr: That's really strange, I thought that would have deleted in seconds.06:58
RiXtErkunji, what I can tell you is I was at 100% inode usage (df -i) and now I am at 11%06:59
RiXtEr/dev/sda1            16138240 1679125 14459115   11% /06:59
RiXtErkunji, and if what I read was right, 1 file takes 1 inode, so I cleared 14459115 files already.07:00
RiXtErkunji, and gaining...07:01
RiXtEr14466615 in just the amount of time we talked..07:01
kunjiRiXtEr: Hmm, I don't know what to think of that, I've never seen something like that.  I guess I've heard of an attack or two designed to fill a disk, but I've never seen it happen.07:01
RiXtErkunji, this is either a samba or cups bug, its a print spooler directory.07:02
RiXtErkunji, which I know some of the samba devs personally, so I will hit them up first.07:02
RiXtEr(I know just last week they revamped a lot of the printing code)07:02
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kunjiRiXtEr: Isn't the print spool a notorious attack vector on windows?  Or am I getting mixed up with something else?  It certainly could be a bug, not something I've seen before, but yeah, those could certainly be involved, the devs will know much more than I do ^_^07:04
RiXtErkunji, by my math, if I have killed of 90% in 10 hours, then the next 10% should only take maybe 1 more hour ;)07:04
kunjiRiXtEr: When it gets down to 5% it will trigger a regen :P07:04
RiXtErkunji, not funny.07:05
RiXtErThanks for the help guys, I am out.07:05
CHIexwhat would be the minimum advised computer requirements to be able to open a lot of videos in UBUNTU?07:12
CHIexI mean YOUTUBE and similar...07:13
CHIexa lot of tabs open in browser07:13
chriysdoes someone can try this website and tell me if it works. Im verifying if its accessible from outsite thanks http://regroupementjeunesseenaction.com07:13
cfhowlettCHIex, minimum advice is just don't.  YT is a known resource hog in ANY system.07:14
rypervenchechriys: En dehors de quoi ?07:14
kunjiCHIex:...flash... umm, I don't know about minimum, I don't have anything in between a 1.6 dual core and a 3.2 quad core.  The 1.6 is not really up to handling a lot of flash videos.07:14
cfhowlettCHIex, grab the firefox extension to download those videos for offline viewing07:14
DR01D-Engineeris anyone else getting weird pms?07:14
rypervencheDR01D-Engineer: Yep.07:14
CHIexwell its mostly illegal to download videos, isnt it?07:15
chriysrypervenche j'essaie de voir s'il est accessible hors de mon réseau local parce que je peux y accéder moi. Je l'ai placé sur le port 8080 parce que le 80 est bloqué07:15
cfhowlettCHIex, mostly no07:15
kunjiDR01D-Engineer: Yeah, not sure how to report that, they all want people to joing the calculus and philosophy channel...07:15
ubottuchriys,: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.07:15
rypervenchechriys: Let's chat is PM07:15
CHIexon youtube is allowed to download videos?07:15
chriysok thanks. sorry for french07:16
cfhowlettCHIex, see vimeo.  Download option right on the page.  Also see mininova for free movie downloads07:16
kunjiCHIex: I'm not sure about the youtube terms of service, but the youtube-dl package will download youtube videos, just remember to update it using the method in the program after installing it, the version in the repos is old.07:17
rooty_whats up07:17
purplerainmy Ubuntu sometimes failed to boot, what should i look at?07:19
cfhowlettCHIex, there are LOTS of free movies, videos and such available legally.07:19
cfhowlettpurplerain, not enough info ...07:19
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kunjicfhowlett: I think he's asking what info to gather, but yeah a better description of the failure would be good.07:20
pnkbsthow do I run other window managers in ubuntu 12.10?  the old way of apt-get installing, rebooting and selecting the new wm at login doesn't seem to be an option anymore07:21
purpleraincfhowlett: idk what info i should provide, it just failed to boot after BIOS screen07:21
cfhowlettpurplerain, could be hardware or software.  Are you dualbooting?  Is it only ubuntu failing to boot?   Is there any other off-key behavior you've noticed?07:21
kunjipurplerain: a good first place to check is /var/log/syslog, also /var/log/xorg.0.log07:21
cfhowlettpurplerain, did it free altogether or what?07:21
kunjipurplerain: After bios screen, but before GRUB2?07:22
purplerainkunji: after GRUB207:22
kunjipurplerain: Mmmk, does the OS start to load, if so, then I would expect some useful info in the syslog07:23
kunjipurplerain: Unfortunately I'm no expert, but post the syslog and any xorg logs in /var/log and it will help others to help you.07:24
kunjipurplerain: Also maybe dmesg and the kernel log, though I think problems there are less common.07:25
timfrostchriys: what are you trying to test? I can resolve your IP, but HTTP to it is blocked07:26
chriysyeah i know i just need my website to work07:27
chriysusing different port07:27
hillaryhow do empty tmp folder in ubuntu 12.0407:27
savagecrochow do i set a path for a system user in ubuntu?07:27
savagecrocpermantly that is07:27
kunjihillary: You can just delete the stuff in it like any other folder, also it is cleared on a reboot.07:27
savagecrocand is there someway i can set it for all the system users07:27
savagecrocadd to /etc/environment or /etc/profile?   also i need it to work for multiple shells07:28
hillarykunji, ok. how about removing junks from my system 12.04?07:28
kunjihillary: What sort of junk?  apt-get clean comes to mind.07:29
cfhowletthillary, apt-get clean && apt-get autoremove07:29
purplerainkunji: the OS doesnt start i guess, i dont use the plymouth so it just the _ that keeps blinking07:30
cfhowletteric_, greetigns07:30
eric_Can I ask if anyone knows when we can get Ubuntu on our phones?07:31
kunjihillary: be careful with autoremove, just make sure to read anything it wants to remove and verify that you actually want to remove it.  But it's typically safe07:31
ubottueric_,: Ubuntu for phone has been announced, see http://www.ubuntu.com/devices/phone to find out more and to sign up for progress updates. Discussion is in #ubuntu-phone07:31
hillarykunji, when i start libreoffice i get a pop which says07:32
hillarykunji, "Error loading BASIC of document  file:///home/hillary/.config/libreoffice/3/user/basic/dialog.xli"07:32
timfrostchriys: I suspect that you need to talk to your ISP (videotron?) - it is possible that they may be blocking all traffic not initiated by you. A dynamic DNS service might work (dyndns.com or the like) if protocol blocks aren't the issue07:32
kunjihillary: I saw you mention that earlier, I don't know anything about it, otherwise I would have tried to help then.07:33
CHIexUBUNTU has some special IRC rooms for begginers?07:33
chriysok i see. thanks for advie timfrost07:33
hillarywhat could have coused that?07:33
kunjihillary: Maybe it will be easier to find someone that knows by going directly to the libreoffice support?07:34
cfhowletthillary, run your updates.  If that fails, you might need to sudo apt-get install libreoffice --reinstall07:34
cfhowletthillary, and libreoffice support is highly recommended as this might not be an ubuntu glitch07:35
hillarycfhowlett, what caused this  "Error loading BASIC of document  file:///home/hillary/.config/libreoffice/3/user/basic/dialog.xli" when i start libre office07:35
hillarycfhowlett, could you be having there link?07:37
CHIexdo you have any IRC channels for begginers?07:38
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vijay_hi,  ':is not a valid identifier  error in terminal.  pls is not a valid identifier help on this....07:39
kostkon!irc | CHIex07:39
ubottuCHIex: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines07:39
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kunjihillary: I don't know and I don't think he does either.  From the error, well, the document might be gone, corrupted, or misformatted, or it could be a bug with how libreoffice parses the file, there are a lot of possibilities.  Try the channel #libreoffice07:40
UbubeginI have a video file in ogv format and a few audio files in wav format.. I want to add them together so that I can place the audio files at certain segments in the video file.. Any ubuntu sw capable for this ?07:40
kunjiCHIex: Beginner can ask questions here, that's not a problem.07:41
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kunjiUbubegin: Maybe Audacity?07:43
Ububeginkunji: now i am trying openshot.. I will try audacity ... tks.. :)07:45
PatrickCi have the ubuntu mini iso, and just flashed it to my usb drive07:46
PatrickCbut it says "ERROR: No configuration file found"07:46
PatrickCand i am just at a boot prompt07:46
subdesignhi any quick help with "No system traya detected on this system" error?07:46
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subdesigncan I reach Startup applications from command line?07:54
phoenixsamprasis there something i can do to improve the Unity performance? ive already have nvidia drivers..... its a bit better, but its lame compared to fedora for example..... help plz07:55
sgo11join #rsync07:56
=== Kneferilis__ is now known as Kneferilis
kunjisubdesign: yes... but I forget how T.T, some googling will probably turn it up pretty easily.07:56
subdesignyes meantime got it07:57
kunjisubdesign: ^_^07:57
subdesignthen where i found the startup prog. settings?07:57
subdesigni need to modify the hp settings to work with my task bar07:58
kunjisubdesign: hp?  task bar?07:59
kunji!details | subdesign07:59
ubottusubdesign: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:59
subdesignok this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/101828/no-system-tray-detected-on-this-system07:59
subdesigncan find the path of autostart apps08:02
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WhiteRookAnyone have experience dualbooting Ubuntu and WIN 8 AND/OR running it in VirtualBox?08:03
fasWhiteRook: both08:04
hillarywhen i click on libreoffice writer it opens terminal window. whats up?08:04
fasI'm on Win8 right now with 12.04 desktop on another partition08:04
kunjisubdesign: Does this help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/74031/startup-applications-missing-from-system-settings-screen-where-can-i-find-it  ?  Also it sounds like an update fixed that problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hplip/+bug/335662  Have you tried updating?  Your problem might be with a different application?08:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 335662 in HPLIP "[jaunty] hplip status service cannot find system tray" [Undecided,Fix committed]08:05
gnomefreakanyone remember the command to adjust update alternatives?08:05
WhiteRookI am trying to avoid losing my current install of Win8 (dont have files to reinstall programs) but dont know whether I would be better off dual booting or using VM to run Ubuntu08:05
dysunHi all. I installed GNS3 from source doing the make/make install. i was wondering how I can figure out where the program is located08:05
kunjiWhiteRook: Yes indeed, though not using gpt if that's what your setup is.08:05
subdesignkunji, i installed yesterday latest hp driver, and have the prob so..08:06
fasdysun: most likely in that directory08:06
fasidk GNS3 though08:06
fasjust a guess08:06
opalepatrickI keep moaning about this. unity 12.10 64bit - Every boot up, the hud and launcher are behind all the startup programmes or any that I open. Have logout/in to fix. Any clues what may cause this?08:06
fasif you didn't add it to your bin/ you won't beable to just call it from command line08:06
hillarykunji, Help me my ubuntu 12.04 messing me up. when i click libreoffice writer it opens terminal window instead08:06
kunjiWhiteRook: I like to dualboot for the better performance, but you would need to be careful doing the formatting.  A virtual machines is the most fool proof way to keep windows running as normal.08:07
fasWubi is pretty good, but kinda slow08:07
fasDual booting is pretty sure-fire08:07
* gnomefreak cant reproduce that issue hillary sorry not much help08:08
dysunfas: Is there a way to find it? It's been a while since installed the thing. If I do the apt-get install GNS3, it runs an older version f GNS3. I wanted a newer version so i compiled it all from source. If i have the apt-get install instance of GNS3 and i run gns3, it runs the older one, but if I remove it, ti'll run the one i compiled.08:08
fasIf you make a backup of win8 first you should be safe08:08
subdesignkunji, the bug you pasted, comment #10, where to find this code line?08:08
kunjifas: Wubi isn't really slow, Wubi installs are also not virtual machines.08:08
faskunji: my experience has been noticeably slower, but better than VM08:09
faswubi is sightly better at keeping win8 in tact though compared to dual booting08:09
WhiteRookI want to go ahead and repartition now just in case, any suggestions on how much space on my primary HDD to allocate for use in the event I dual boot? Including swap and any other partitions i may need, total size?08:09
fasdysun: sorry, someone else might know08:09
phoenixsampraswhat is wubi?08:09
fasWhiteRook: how much physical ram08:10
WhiteRookWubi is a loader for windows systems i think08:10
somsip!wubi | phoenixsampras08:10
ubottuphoenixsampras: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe08:10
hillaryi should embark on serious reading of ubuntu linux. where are the best easy to learn materials08:10
WhiteRook8GB physical08:10
dysunfas: ok. the question i guess is really more about where software packages go08:10
fashillary: the main site08:10
dysunfas: thanks though08:10
kunjifas: Yeah, that's what I mean, it is somewhat slower than a native install, but I find it vastly faster than in a virtual machine, but that's probably less noticeable on systems where you can devote more resources to the VM.08:10
faskunji: yup. I still prefer dual boot to Wubi though08:10
hillaryfas, link08:10
phoenixsamprasoh thanks!!08:11
fasThere is a LOT of documentation08:11
somsiphillary: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/an-absolute-ubuntu-beginners-guide.html08:11
fasWhiteRook: you probably don't need much swap08:11
fashow big of a hdd08:11
fasand how much do you have used by win8?08:11
WhiteRooki have 150GB used08:12
hillarysomsip, Thanks08:12
fasI'd give 8gb swap (even though it's still overkill08:12
fasThen at least 30gb for the main partition since you can afford08:12
fasBut of course, you can use as much as you want08:12
dysunfas: nvm i figured it out. /usr/local/src is where i put the source. /usr/local/bin is where the 'gns3' command is found08:12
fasPersonally I have a 512gb ssd and have it split down the middle08:13
kunjiWhiteRook: You only really need a root partition (/) and the swap partition (/swap), I would make swap the size of your RAM unless you have a lot.  / I would probably drop between 100 and 200 gigs on if my drive is that size, but you could install with as little as 5... I would use a minimum of 3008:13
WhiteRookYeah i was thinking of freeing up about 100GB as unalocated (to be divided on partitions for ubuntu, swap, and another OS)08:13
fasdysun: I figured it'd be there, but I wasn't confident. :)08:13
fasIf you're going to do a third, I would have more than 10008:14
fasYou don't want to keep on repartitioning to prevent screwing something up08:14
kunjisubdesign: You say you installed the latest driver?  Maybe put back the old one, I'm guess this new driver wasn't in the repos was it?08:14
fasWhiteRook: I mean, you don't want to keep on resizing partitions08:14
subdesignkunji, no08:14
fasI'd suggest taking at least 150gb from your win808:14
subdesigni downloaded the latest deb package08:15
fasthen split that into ubuntu and leave some unallocated for your third08:15
kunjiWhiteRook: Yeah, better not to keep resizing if you don't need to, though personally I've never had gparted screw up, it's better not to chance it.08:15
fasEasier to add unallocated to already existing partitions then resizing existing ones with data08:15
fasI've never had gparted screw up either, but yeah, it has been known to happen08:15
WhiteRookno i just plan on leaving some of the 100 as unalocated for 3rd i meant08:16
fasThat's why backing up is always a good idea08:16
fasWhiteRook: if you think 100 is enough for two whole OSs.08:16
fasYou Do have a 1tb drive. ;)08:16
fasUp to you of course. 100 will be fine for 2 *nix OSs08:16
kunjiWhiteRook: A heads up, windows likes to complain when it gets resized and will insist on checking the filesystem, sometimes it gets in a bad sort of loop where it checks it on every boot, so try really hard to not resize the windows partition08:16
kunjiMmk... I need to sleep, only 2 hours last night and it's 3:18 A.M. where I am.08:18
fasThanks for earlier kunji08:18
fasah balls08:18
WhiteRookIf i were to free up 500GB as unalocated, once I format a partition for ubuntu, would i have issues adding some of the unalocated remaining space to windows parittion if needed? the partitions have to be adjacent dont they?08:18
fasWhiteRook: probabl not too much of a problem, but windows does complain a bit when resized either direction08:19
fasJust make sure to back up win8 before doing anything08:19
WhiteRookhaha yeah08:19
WhiteRookany favorite bootloaders out there that work well for anyone with multi mixed OSs (not all nix OSs)?08:21
fasI'm running server 12.04, what is the best way to set up a vm? I'm looking at setting up a vm of metasploitable so there won't be any graphics on the VM08:21
fasWhiteRook: grub is awesome08:21
fasShould find win8 automatically too08:22
WhiteRookused grub once awhile back, liked it - didnt know if it has issues on win 8 though08:22
fasNope, it's solid08:22
fasIt's what I use08:22
somsip!info svfb | fas08:22
ubottufas: Package svfb does not exist in quantal08:22
somsip!info Xvfb | fas08:22
ubottufas: Package Xvfb does not exist in quantal08:22
fasBesides, grub just points to windows' own bootloader08:22
somsip!info xvfb | fas08:22
ubottufas: xvfb (source: xorg-server): Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.13.0-0ubuntu6.1 (quantal), package size 797 kB, installed size 1842 kB08:22
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
fassomsip: thanks08:23
fasI'll check it out08:23
fasI heard of bochs but it sounded like a poor solution08:23
somsipfas: I use this with a CI server so it may be similar for VMs. I think i've seen search results for VM on a headless server before too08:23
fashmm. Ok08:23
icerootfas: i am using xen for my headless vms on a server08:24
fasiceroot: how does xen work?08:25
fasIs it run in X?08:25
iceroot!xen | fas08:25
ubottufas: XEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen08:25
icerootfas: no08:25
fasthat sounds pretty good then08:25
icerootfas: its directly in the kernel (you need a xen-kernel)08:26
fasiceroot: thanks08:26
iceroothm, no xen-kernel in 12.04?08:26
iceroot!info xen-hypervisor-amd6408:27
ubottuPackage xen-hypervisor-amd64 does not exist in quantal08:27
subdesignif I installed drivers this way - http://bit.ly/14ye5ac - how can I remove it?08:27
fasI think everyone past 11.04 has xen-kernel08:27
iceroot!info xen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 precise08:28
ubottuxen-hypervisor-4.1-amd64 (source: xen): Xen Hypervisor on AMD64. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.2-2ubuntu2.5 (precise), package size 719 kB, installed size 766 kB08:28
icerootfas: you could also have a look at kvm08:28
iceroot!kvm | fas08:29
ubottufas: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM08:29
fasgod damn it08:29
icerootfas: seems like ubuntu os prefering kvm and not xen08:29
fasjust installed xen08:29
icerootfas: i am running fine here with xen, so xen is not a bad option but as it seems kvm is the current vm-tech (kernel based) which is getting more support/updates08:31
fasany way I can roll back this aptitude install?08:31
bonoit's simply the fastest virtualization sw out there08:32
icerootfas: apt-get remove packagename08:32
dr_willisbest to not use aptitude these days.08:32
fasdoes that take care of dependencies it installed?08:32
iceroot!aptitude | fas08:32
ubottufas: aptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.08:32
icerootdr_willis: btw the bug is fixed in 12.1008:32
icerootfas: yes08:32
fasiceroot: thanks08:32
WhiteRookok wtf is 686 architecture08:32
icerootfas: but for the dependencies you have to run "sudo apt-get autoremove" after08:33
icerootWhiteRook: 32bit08:33
icerootWhiteRook: i68608:33
TensibaiI'm looking for specs about partman in preseed files08:33
icerootWhiteRook: also known as x8608:33
TensibaiIf someone has a pointer on what the 3 numbers does exactly within expert-recipe it would really help me08:34
WhiteRooki just got an error stating my x64 ISO for ubunto wont run but i am running an intel i7 3630 quad core 64 bit08:34
icerootWhiteRook: and what error exactly?08:34
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
WhiteRooki was trying to get ubuntu up on a test in VM and it said only i686 was detected08:35
WhiteRookCPU virtualization maybe?08:35
WhiteRookno direct paging access?08:35
icerootWhiteRook: you did not enable VT-X in virtualbox08:35
icerootWhiteRook: or vmware08:35
icerootWhiteRook: or vt-x is not enabled in the bios08:36
WhiteRookyeah i disabled it because i got a conflict when i tried it first08:36
icerootWhiteRook: and how should amd64 work when you disable vt-x?08:36
fasiceroot: does xen run if my cpu desn't support hardware virtualization?08:36
icerootWhiteRook: vt-x is the reason why amd64 is working in vms08:36
icerootfas: yes08:36
WhiteRookyeah i know im tired and not thinking lol08:36
faskvm doesn08:36
fasso I guess I'll be going with xen. :P08:37
icerootfas: what cpu do you have?08:37
fasamd, it's old08:37
fasidk specifics off top of my head08:37
fasdual core08:37
icerootfas: you could have a look at "cat /proc/cpuinfo"08:37
icerootfas: but i dont know how it is named on amd cpus, on intel its "vt-x"08:38
icerootfas: hm, if that is missing, i dont know if your system can run xen08:38
WhiteRookintel core i7 should have vt-x08:39
fasno vt_x and it actually IS intel08:39
icerootfas: the manpage is saying its working without vt-x08:39
WhiteRookwhen enabling vt-x in VM it tells me its locked (BIOS i assume?)08:40
subdesigndr_willis, how to uninstall an app installed this way: http://bit.ly/14ye5ac ?08:40
icerootWhiteRook: maybe08:40
icerootWhiteRook: have a look at the bios08:40
dr_willissubdesign:  rerun the .run thing and see if it has an uninstaller08:42
dr_williswhatever.run --help      may give some info also08:43
=== atrius is now known as atrius_away
figis dell still making ubuntu laptops?08:46
=== gwinbeee is now known as gwinbee
subdesigndr_willis, meantime found offical uninstall commands08:47
dr_willisit pays to read the docs. ;)08:47
reilighaHi. I'm messing around in an attempt to learn linux, and I'm having trouble with echo. When I echo a - protocol it just echos all the things (IE <echo -e /a Alert!> returns <-e /a Alert!>, annoyingly)08:47
reilighaEr, sorry, it returns /a Alert!, not the -e08:48
dr_willisreiligha:  /a is supposed to do a beep? thats normaly disabled by a  a lot of disrtos who blacklist the pcspker module08:48
reilighaOh, I didn't know that, I thought I was doing it wrong. I'll try some other /stuff. Thanks!08:49
dr_willisive never noticed tbe -e option to echo. ;)08:49
reilighadr_willis I'm not sure if it's supposed to beep or what, the manual just says that it does an alert. I was curious as to what that means.08:50
reilighadr_willis Also, the manual is very wrong about what typing <echo --help> will do.08:50
dr_willisno idea.. id skip it and move to the nect chapter.  the book may be outdated.. o08:50
reilighadr_willis I'm just doing <man echo>08:51
dr_willisi thought echo was a bash builtin.08:51
reilighaI'm pretty sure it is, based on the other stuff I'm reading.08:51
reilighaBut I'm pretty newbie so I'm likely to be wrong and break my stuff.08:52
hexyHey, anyone know of a stable desktop automation utility? I tried autokey but it keeps crashing.08:52
dr_willissee the 'note:'  -08:52
dr_willisbash  has its own echo builtin i think.08:53
dr_willis#bash channel may be able to tell you more.08:53
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reilighadr_willis Thank you.08:54
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=== Guest17819 is now known as fig
dr_willisbash does have a echo builtin08:55
hexyAnyone know of a stable desktop automation utility? I tried autokey but it keeps crashing.08:56
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dr_willis!info autokey08:57
ubottuPackage autokey does not exist in quantal08:57
dr_willishexy:  what are you trying to do exaxtly?08:58
iceroothexy: i am using "xdotool" maybe there is also a gui for it. its coming directly from the x-server08:58
dr_willis!info autokey-gtk08:59
ubottuautokey-gtk (source: autokey): desktop automation utility - GTK+ version. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.90.1-1.1 (quantal), package size 40 kB, installed size 364 kB08:59
hexyLol, yeah I forgot the info08:59
BillyZane2hi dr_willis!08:59
BillyZane2u are my hero, you know that?08:59
hexydr_willis:  I am trying to download this huge list of videos which takes a few minutes per download and I don't want to sit and to it manually09:00
hexyiceroot: Will check that, thanks.09:00
WhiteRookso BIOS had vt x disabled - how ridiculous09:01
WhiteRooknow i have to re mount the ISO on my virtual drive09:01
icerootWhiteRook: :) its the same on my dell notebook, disbaled by default :(09:01
WhiteRookor maybe not09:02
WhiteRookhad to set 3 second boot delay just to have a chance to enter bios09:03
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odthey, is there a known issue with cifs mounts on raring with 3.8 kernel?09:06
odtJan 31 10:56:43 server kernel: [ 7755.524033] CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -2209:07
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somsip!13.04 | odt09:07
ubottuodt: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+109:07
Guest64524cant get wifi drivers in a wubi install, any thoughts?09:10
WhiteRookwow - ubuntu is flying on this new system even in a VM09:10
WhiteRookyou should be able to09:11
Guest64524no tethering option either09:11
WhiteRookwlan card model?09:12
Guest64524whoops dell wireless09:14
WhiteRookOS currently running?09:14
Guest64524think i may have solved it09:16
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Guest64524can i install ubuntus sta driver without net09:18
subdesignim totally lost. have no toolbar and launcher..09:20
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danskeanyone use redshift?09:29
llutz!anyone | danske09:30
ubottudanske: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:30
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.09:31
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:31
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.09:31
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:31
RaTTuS|BIGplease pm the bot and do it there09:31
adamlisIs this a valid command? rsync --dry-run -pav backup-lokal@adress.se:/var/www/site.se/application/xx/ /media/backup/xx/09:32
adamliswould htat work with dry run?09:32
RaTTuS|BIG-n is the same as --dry-run I think09:32
RaTTuS|BIGi'd try it and see what it says09:32
adamlisbut did I put the syntax on the right place RaTTuS|BIG ?09:32
llutzadamlis: -a  includes -p, it should run09:32
adamlisllutz: I want it to dry-run09:33
llutzadamlis: rsync -nav ...09:33
RaTTuS|BIGyes it will dry run though I tend to use -van to check and -va to tell me whats it doing09:34
adamlisllutz: rsync -pav backup-lokal@dxxr.se:/var/www/xxs.se/application/orders/ /media/backup/orders/09:34
adamlisllutz: I mean rsync -nav backup-lokal@dxxr.se:/var/www/xxs.se/application/orders/ /media/backup/orders/09:37
adamliscopied the wrong thing09:37
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yunfanhi, i just got a chromebook(the 245USD one), someone said i can install a ubuntu-core-armhf on it , and then add those softwares that i need, i have downloaded it, but how can i install that tarball?10:01
somsipyunfan: this link but it implies this is still alpha http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/arm-chrubuntu-1204-alpha-1-now.html10:02
yunfansomsip: well, that's what i talk about10:05
ItalyneI have some question about John The Ripper install , can any help me?10:06
chaz68OK... setting up 12.10 server in VM with bridging in VMware.... Been playing with the network settings.  Have local ping but no Internet... What am I forgetting about..?10:07
fedorhi there, when i installed u12.04 on my drives i used 7 gb for root 3 gb for swap(bcz i have 3gb Ram) and 100 for other files. approx 90 gb of space for files is available. However i cannot watch movies where buffering is needed for example files of more than 600Mb in size. What can i do to make my PC utilize space i spared for files (100gb)?10:08
yunfansomsip: somsip what i need is offline install10:08
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ItalyneI have some question about John The Ripper install , can any help me?10:11
fedori guess it is not the right time for questions. So many people online and no one answers. Am i beein' selfish?10:12
ItalyneI read and watch a lot of tut's how to install it .. but still doesnt work10:13
icerootfedor: i dont get what you really want to ask10:14
iceroottimfrost: and in your "question" i cant find usefull details10:14
iceroottimfrost: wrong nick10:14
icerootItalyne: see above10:14
fedorhi there, when i installed u12.04 on my drives i used 7 gb for root 3 gb for swap(bcz i have 3gb Ram) and 100 for other files. approx 90 gb of space for files is available. However i cannot watch movies where buffering is needed for example files of more than 600Mb in size. What can i do to make my PC utilize space i spared for files (100gb)?10:15
icerootfedor: i still dont get what you want10:15
icerootfedor: you can repeat your question 10 times10:15
icerootfedor: you are talking about partition layout and asking why your movies cant be watched10:16
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chaz68This fixed my problem:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/71159/network-manager-says-device-not-managed10:17
fedoru see, when u want to watch movies online browser needs to buffer what u want to see. What i mean is that cpu is buffering video saving chunks to be watched in the root. My rootspace is limited. When the limit is reached i can no more watch it10:17
Italyneiceroot,  what you mean see above ?  Where above ?10:17
chaz68fedor:  I would tell you to make a much bigger drive than 7GB for your OS install if you are using 12.04...10:17
chaz68of course that's the easy answer...10:18
fedorno kiddin' there.10:18
icerootItalyne: directly above, i just picked up the wrong name10:18
ItalyneI must wait for answer :D10:18
icerootItalyne: there is no real question from you10:19
icerootItalyne: just this "does anyone"... and that is not a real question so everyone here is ignoring something like that10:19
chaz68fedor:  do you have any network resources to try a net boot...?10:19
Italyneiceroot,  ok then my question will be :10:19
sireubuntu 12.04 why cant windows exe sapi5  voices be installed on ubuntu?10:19
fedori was advised to use 7gb of space for root, and that was given for 10.** version in the manual which i downed from the russian support site10:19
ItalyneHow to fix john the ripper on ubuntu 12.04 ?10:20
iceroot!details | Italyne10:20
ubottuItalyne: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."10:20
fedori am a newbie in u12.04. I only recently found out that middle button can be used to paste the highlighted text10:20
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kektalI'm going crazy with my wlan asking for password whenever I just want to connect to wifi someone please help me10:23
ItalyneI have problem with John The Ripper, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. When I try to decrypt some hash I get output answer: No password hashes loaded (see FAQ)..but I do everything correctly. So can any help me ?10:26
Italyneiceroot,  what you think for my question now :)10:27
WhiteRookUbuntuV***testing XChat on Ubuntu running as guest in VM10:27
Jojo_hello guys, can someone tell me or show me how name an IP address?10:27
ItalyneJojo_,  go to url :  whatismyip.com10:27
somsip!test | WhiteRookUbuntuV10:28
ubottuWhiteRookUbuntuV: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:28
ItalyneJojo_,  mailto:Jojo@
somsipJojo_: you want to map a domain to an IP?10:28
molqrafter a sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop .... the ability to maximize/minimize windows is lost... the menu which appears after hitting Alt-Space is not coming any more ....   can i restart the window manager? will it affect the already running programs that use X?10:29
Jojo_somsip, no, actually naming an IP address like
dr_willismolqr:  tey 'unity --replace &' in a terminal?10:30
Jojo_somsip, when i look up in browser, it only looks up the name of the IP10:30
ItalyneI have problem with John The Ripper, I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. When I try to decrypt some hash I get output answer: No password hashes loaded (see FAQ)..but I do everything correctly. So can any help me ?10:30
molqrdr_willis: much obliged.10:30
molqrwill it kill the current X programs? i m running a simulation that i dont' want to lose10:31
dr_willismolqr:  then use exit in the terminal. weirrd that networking caused that.10:31
Jojo_does someone know how to name an IP address?10:31
kektalnetworkmanager asking for root password whenever I just want to connect to wifi or any other network, how do I stop that? org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.settings.modify.system10:31
Jojo_does someone know how to name an IP address?10:31
dr_willismolqr:  it shouldent10:31
molqrdr_willis: great!10:31
dr_willisJojo_:  clarify what you mean10:31
ItalyneJojo_,  url :   no-ip.com   good luck10:32
hXmi have ubuntu configured with utf8, but modifing files with nano it looks as nano is not using utf810:32
hXmwhere can i check this?10:32
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Jojo_dr_willis, our teacher instructed to install DNS and now he wants us to give NAMES to IP ADDRESSES..10:33
llutzJojo_: "he wants us "  not us10:33
ItalyneJojo_,  are you stuped or you cant read? go to fucking no-ip.com  url , and choice your free10:33
dr_willisJojo_:  so you need to edit  your dns server configs.. this is a homework assignment?10:33
Tm_TItalyne: please watch your language and attitude10:33
dr_willisJojo_:  so on a local lan. you have your own custom dns server for the local lan> and you want local lan pcs to have a name you can lookup via the dns server?10:34
ItalyneTm_T,  why?  Couse  you answer only at stuped question's?10:34
hXmis no-ip still for free?10:35
karu_I just got ubuntu and I have no idea what I'm doing10:35
=== qos_ is now known as qos_|away
dr_willis!manual | karu_10:35
ubottukaru_: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/10:35
Jojo_Italyne, im not talking to you , sorry for being rude!10:35
AdeebHI -- How can I block a specific app from my computer --- linuxdc++ to be specific?10:35
ItalynehXm yes its is :)10:35
Tm_TItalyne: because our rules says so, so please10:35
Jojo_dr_willis, something like that sir :)10:36
=== Gabriel1 is now known as gabito
dr_willisJojo_:  so it sounds like you need to learn how to configure your dns server10:36
karu_how do I connect to another irc server10:36
Jojo_dr_willis, yes sir10:36
dr_williskaru_:  depends on your irc client10:36
ItalyneTm_T,  in my country only the sheeps follow rules. So be good sheep and answer my question? Mr.Skilled Hacker.10:36
karu_I got smuxi10:36
dr_willismost support a /server or /connect command10:37
AppleJuiceAdeeb, Is it a program you wish to remove from your computer?10:37
Tm_TItalyne: if you like to continue discussion about how this channel is run, please join #ubuntu-ops but while you're on ubuntu channels you are expected to follow our rules10:37
karu_so I just type that followed by the server i want to join10:37
dr_williskaru_:  try it and see  yes...10:37
dr_willis   /server servername10:37
karu_ok ty10:38
Jojo_dr_willis, i have installed the DNS, now how can I configure it? can you help me please?10:38
dr_willisJojo_:  configuring dns is the kind of thing theres  large BOOKS written about... its not a trivial thing.. and if this is your homework.. sounds like you n eed to go read the docs for dns.10:38
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AdeebAppleJuice : I've already removed it. The problem however is that i can re-install it, it's a distraction for me so I was wondering whether it is possible to block it for an amount of time from my computer10:39
dr_willisAdeeb:  you are trying to keep yourself from using it?10:39
Adeebdr_willis : precisely!10:39
dr_willisAdeeb:  you do realize how strange that sounds?10:39
bilelHi, I've installed ubuntu last week and I can't get windows + ubuntu to be bootable on my machine, on the first install, it defaulted to windows, I've then run boot repair, this time grub screen was there, but windows not bootable (only ubuntu) because of "secure boot", I've disabled it from BIOS, and ran boot repair again, and now it defaults to windows again, I don't see grub screen, what...10:40
bilel...can I do?10:40
AppleJuiceAdeeb, Joke rating: 9 out of 10 smilies.10:40
AdeebI'm trying to fight an addiction10:40
dr_willishang in irc all day.... thats a better addiction10:41
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AdeebI was thinking of writing a python script or smthing for doing what I need, the problem is that I will know how to stop it10:42
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AppleJuiceHmmm... yes... thats tricky.10:43
llutzAdeeb: create an sudo-account for one of us, remove yourself from sudo/admin group, ask everytime you want to install/do stuff here, problem solved. ;)10:44
Jojo_dr_willis, oh, ok...thanks..highschool work sure is tough10:45
dr_willisthats why its called home work....10:45
Adeeblltz : lol, very funny!10:45
Jojo_seat work10:46
Jojo_were doing it only on lab session in school10:46
* dr_willis just tossed out an old Book on using DNS/bind10:46
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llutzJojo_: if you already installed a dns-server, you know its name. so you start reading the man-pages/documentation for it.10:47
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molqrdr_willis: thanks that worked out great. but now nm-applet won't start ... it is complaining that it can't connect to d-bus ... ... if i restart dbus will it restart X? just want to preserve my currnetly running X programs10:50
dr_willismolqr:  then i would wait a while till they are all done doing stuff then just log out/back in10:50
molqrdr_willis: ok. thanks.10:51
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dr_willisyou stopped networking.. so why do you nwed network manager...   ;-)10:52
reilighaWhen I attempt to use sudo from my standard account, it says "This incident will be reported." But when I log into my admin account, I can't figure how to determine where it's been reported too. Where do those kind of reports go?11:05
tsimpsonreiligha: /var/log/auth.log11:06
reilighatsimpson: Thank you.11:06
groundnutyhey, anuone here has asus MB and boots in uefi mode?11:14
jimmy_loHi all, I am building webkit, but it shows the message11:16
jimmy_loconfigure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-3.0 >= 3.4.0) were not met: Requested 'gtk+-3.0 >= 3.4.0' but version of GTK+ is 3.0.811:16
jimmy_loI use "sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev", but it tells me that libgtk-3-dev is already the newest version.11:17
jimmy_loHow to upgrade gtk+-3.0 to 3.4.0?11:18
Ben64what version of ubuntu11:18
BluesKajHiyas all11:20
[twisti]hello, im following this article: http://rbgeek.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/how-to-install-and-configure-dropbox-on-ubuntu-server-12-04-lts/ after step "Start the dropbox and check it’s status:" i get this error "dropbox: unrecognized service". is the article wrong ? im pretty sure i followed everything correctly11:25
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BluesKaj!cn | spirit_11:29
ubottuspirit_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw11:29
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l057c0d3rsigh....   k well i totaly did a number on my system11:30
l057c0d3rbut i have to say... im rather happy with the outcome11:30
l057c0d3rstarted with a base lubuntu system..  installed gnome..  changed session to gnome/openbox.  and then run cairo-dock to replace gnome's taskbars ext..  yet keep the gnome classic application menu :-)  and i'm very happy with this setup11:31
l057c0d3rfixed the issue i was having with the messaging system in cairo-dock as well..11:32
ThinkT510l057c0d3r: curiosity asks for a screenshot11:32
l057c0d3rits not completely finished yet.. but i could hook you up...11:33
l057c0d3rdo me a fav  wait like ten seconds and nick alert me again.. i want to see something..  just switched over from xchat to xchat-gnome..  to add it to the messaging menu.. want to see if it works like i think11:33
ThinkT510l057c0d3r: ok11:34
inhiesis it possible to have a ppa on launchpad that will give the user 64 bit or 32 bit versinos of my package depending on their architecure automatically?11:34
l057c0d3roh now that is soooo cool....11:35
icerootinhies: sure11:35
icerootinhies: that is the default11:35
inhiesiceroot: cool, im just getting started so i assume one of the guides somewhere will tell me how to do that11:35
inhiesjust wanted to check11:35
l057c0d3rto bad i cant close it to the messaging menu like empathy...  if i close it it closes xchat..  and even if xchat is open if i click on it in the messaging menu it opens a new instance..  but not a big issue11:35
icerootinhies: there is nothing special to do11:36
icerootinhies: its all provided in the source-package which will tell if it is "all" or not, if it is not all, the buildsystem will create the amd64 and i386 version11:36
l057c0d3rk well i will take that screenshot and upload it for you really fast11:37
icerootinhies: and apt-get/aptitude and so on will fetch the correct architectue version11:37
inhiesiceroot: will my package be distributed as source or wtih a binary? it's written in Golang so i was hoping to provide users with my ppa detail and then they can just isntall the binary11:37
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jorik_как  зарегистрироватся на руи убунту?11:41
ThinkT510!ru | jorik_11:41
ubottujorik_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:41
skorpiohello, how can i install latest gnome-shell under 12.04?11:42
ThinkT510skorpio: you don't11:43
skorpiono way?11:43
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:43
AdeebIs it possible to block a dc hub address using SelfControl in Ubuntu 12.04?11:43
ThinkT510skorpio: you can but it isn't supported11:43
skorpioThinkT510: will it ever be?11:44
ThinkT510skorpio: no11:44
Ben64uh, pretty sure gnome-shell is in the repositories11:44
Ben64!info gnome-shell11:44
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.6.2-0ubuntu0.2 (quantal), package size 344 kB, installed size 933 kB11:45
ThinkT510Ben64: it is, but he is asking for the latest on 12.0411:45
l057c0d3rso what is a good website to upload this screenshot to'11:45
ThinkT510l057c0d3r: imagebin.org11:45
skorpioubottu: thank you11:45
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:45
AknotI have ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, what happens if i dont upgrade it? Can i only get programs which are years old?11:46
Ben64Aknot: no security updates, leaves you potentially open to attack11:46
ThinkT510Aknot: its not supported anymore11:46
AknotBut can i get for instance latest firefox from repositories?11:48
l057c0d3rhere you go http://imagebin.org/24491711:48
ThinkT510Aknot: the repos are no longer available so no11:48
ThinkT510l057c0d3r: that does look nice11:49
l057c0d3rand remember..  this is just setup with a tiny bit of work to it..  its no where near complete.. its my start for moving away from the new gnome and unity..  and having something that just works better then lxde11:49
Ben64Aknot: you should really update, it's not going to get any better11:49
Aknot<l057c0d3r that looks wonderful, if i install latest ubuntu then gnome how can i get it to look like that?11:50
l057c0d3ri started off by installing lubuntu..  then from there installed gnome and cairo-dock.11:50
l057c0d3rthen on the login screen..  select gnome/openbox for the session....11:51
roastedQuestion - when working with mdadm, is it bad practice to have a file system on your hard drives before adding them to the raid array? I had ext4 on both of my drives before mirroring them, but they seem to work fine (in fact I'm not even sure I set them as a raid f0 or whatever prior, but still the array is running now)11:51
l057c0d3rafter that..  you will have to make cairo-dock autostart with that session..  but for first time to get the cairo-dock to show up...  press ctl-alt-t and type cairo-dock &11:51
Aknot<l057c0d3r do i also need openbox?11:52
l057c0d3ropenbox comes with lubuntu....  since its an lxde/openbox session by default11:53
l057c0d3ri believe if you are using ubuntu instead of lubuntu.. you can just install gnome and cairo-dock.. and from the session menu there should be a cario-dock/gnome session as well11:53
CyLHi, I'm readind online about setting up a ubuntu box (12.04 LTS) as a LAMP server, and there is this article on how to do it using tasksel, however it is outdated (written for 10.04). I'd like to know if this is still a safe and easy approach.11:54
l057c0d3rmy main reason for using gnome over lxde for this setup.. was the fact the gnome menu is better....  just works better then the lxde menu...11:54
l057c0d3rAknot, and you can do a lot more with it then i have in this picture.... this is almost a base install setup...11:55
chuxxsssHi all11:55
l057c0d3rwell i'll probably be back in a min.. going to log off and check a few things..  make sure everything is working like i think it is11:56
nazmulwantedhi to all11:56
judgenSorry to ask what might be a stupid question. I know that Unity depends on gnome bits and pieces. But what parts of unity warrants the dependency of Qt?11:58
judgenDo not get me wrong, i do not mind having Qt, quite the opposite. But why can not the entirety of unity been done in one toolkit?11:59
FlowRiserjudgen, kde is done in qt; Whereas unity+compiz support qt, but don't actually depend on it.12:00
nep1xhi buddies! which is for you a good RSS/Atom reader for ubuntu?12:00
FlowRiserjudgen, if you want a Qt Desktop, get kubuntu12:00
judgennep1x: but if you install unity package it also pulls in Qt?12:00
FlowRiserjudgen, what distro do you have ?12:01
FlowRiserjudgen, might be it does so for the unity-2d which is done in Qt12:01
opalepatrickanyone else see unity dash and launcher under/behind startup programmes etc? Need to logout and back to get it to act normally12:01
FlowRiserit is unsupported as of 12.1012:01
judgenso it is all gtk now?12:01
FlowRiserjudgen, i'm not sure actually, might be so, but i hear they are looking into something else :D12:02
kostkonjudgen, it isn't realistic to expect the whole desktop to be written in one toolkit. Anyway, it's just the qt deps you have on your system and not the KDE ones. There are a lot of qt apps. Just try to avoid installing KDE apps, there aren't many anyway, and you should be fine?12:04
kostkonjudgen, e.g. the U1 client is a qt app.12:04
jimmy_loI use ubuntu 11.04, I am building webkit, but it shows the messag: configure: error: Package requirements (gtk+-3.0 >= 3.4.0) were not met: Requested 'gtk+-3.0 >= 3.4.0' but version of GTK+ is 3.0.8. I use "sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev", but it tells me that libgtk-3-dev is already the newest version.12:06
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: 11.04 is no longer supported12:06
jimmy_loSo I have to manually download and build it12:07
Ben64no, you need to upgrade12:07
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: to get support you need to be using a supported release12:07
jribjimmy_lo: no, you should upgrade your ubuntu version to a supported one (12.04 or 12.10)12:07
jimmy_loYou mean upgrade ubuntu to 11.10 or higher12:08
Ben64support for 11.04 ended in October 2012, so you haven't gotten any security updates since then12:08
jribjimmy_lo: yes, though 11.10 will only have support until april, so I'd suggest going to at least 12.04 at this point12:08
jimmy_loOMG, I didn't notice that12:08
bilelHi, I've installed ubuntu last week and I can't get windows + ubuntu to be bootable on my machine, on the first install, it defaulted to windows, I've then run boot repair, this time grub screen was there, but windows not bootable (only ubuntu) because of "secure boot", I've disabled it from BIOS, and ran boot repair again, and now it defaults to windows again, I don't see grub screen, what...12:08
bilel...can I do?12:08
Ben64if you don't like updating, go to 12.04, you only need to upgrade every 2 years with LTS12:08
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: the support schedules are clear12:08
jimmy_loOK, thank you all12:09
jimmy_loWait a minute, so that's why it tells me that libgtk-3-dev is already the newest version.12:10
jimmy_loso apt-get won't get anything new?12:11
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: 11.04 is from april 2011, it was likely the newest back then, the repos obviously have older software if you are using an older release12:11
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myrmidettehello, what is a good way to transfer a single large file between two linux boxes on an unreliable connection?12:20
myrmidetteI tried that and it starts over if it gets interrupted :(12:21
myrmidetteperhaps I was using it wrong?12:21
ericusHey! I'm trying to set up a PPTP-VPN server, anyone with experience in doing that?12:22
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ericusThe connection to my VPN from my android device fails. "Initiation...", "Timeout"12:24
ericusAny log files I should have a look at?12:24
TakeItEZericus: sudo grep -ri pptpd /var/log/12:27
CyLHi, I'm readind online about setting up a ubuntu box (12.04 LTS) as a LAMP server, and there is this article on how to do it using tasksel, however it is outdated (written for 10.04). I'd like to know if this is still a safe and easy approach.12:27
heshanhhow do i point to another hard drive in ubuntu, it gives me the location as /media/Apps and Data/12:27
ericusThanks TakeItEZ!12:27
heshanhbut i need to use it in apache config. what do i replace the space with12:27
TakeItEZericus: and btw, pptp-vpn is highly insecure, you should try to use something more modern/safe (openvpn)12:28
ThinkT510heshanh: can you put it in ""12:28
CyLherton: /media/'Apps and Data'/ or /media/Apps\ and\ Data/12:28
heshanhthanks guys12:28
thc-scriptingHello, there are anyone can help me to write in english? (i'm italian)12:28
ericusTakeItEZ, yes I know about the insecurity, but my android phone does not allow OpenVPN12:28
ericusIPSec is fine though12:28
thc-scriptingi have translate my website in english , but i'm not sure it is corrected12:29
CyLheshanh: /media/'Apps and Data'/ or /media/Apps\ and\ Data/12:29
ericusIs that better?12:29
TakeItEZericus: gingerbread? update to ICS, no need for root to use openvpn anymore12:29
=== mojtaba is now known as Gabri
ericusTakeItEZ, ICS12:29
GaboXandrethc-scripting: maybe I can check the translation12:29
TakeItEZericus: check the playstore, there is a non-root app for android >4.012:29
iceroot!ot | thc-scripting12:29
ubottuthc-scripting: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:29
heshanhDocumentRoot /media/'Apps and Data'/www ?12:29
GabriHi, I have just recently installed ubuntu in my laptop, the fan of my computer is always working.12:29
icerootthc-scripting: try ##english or something like that12:29
thc-scriptingGaboXandre can i contact you on private?12:30
ericusTakeItEZ, oh thanks, I didn't know that12:30
thc-scriptingin private*12:30
TakeItEZericus: "Openvpn for Android" it is12:30
GaboXandrethc-scripting: go ahead12:30
GabriIs there anyway to optimize the ubuntu?12:30
icerootGabri: optimize for what?12:30
Gabriiceroot: The fan is always working12:31
Gabrialthough the system is in normal condition12:31
icerootGabri: a fan is never stopping when the system is running12:31
Gabriiceroot: I know, but it is running in full speed now12:32
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Gabriiceroot: before it was not like this. (in windows era)12:32
heshanhDocumentRoot /media/'Apps and Data'/www  gives me DocumentRoot takes one argument, Root directory of the document tree12:32
heshanhAction 'configtest' failed.12:32
icerootheshanh: /media/\ Apps\ and\ Data/www12:33
Gabriiceroot: Do you know what should I do?12:33
icerootheshanh: but try to use normal path names instead of something like that12:34
icerootGabri: what is lm-sensors telling about the head?12:34
Gabrilet me see12:34
heshanhwhats hte normal pather? is there  an easier way of pointing to a hard drive?12:34
Gabriiceroot: Should install any package?12:34
Gabriiceroot: it does not know this command12:35
icerootGabri: sudo apt-get install lm-sensors && sudo sensors-detect12:35
icerootGabri: after that you can see the fan info, heat and so on with "sensors"12:35
icerootheshanh: its normal to avoid blanks in filenames12:36
icerootheshanh: will always bring trouble12:36
heshanhso... rename the hard disk?12:36
CyLheshanh: You aslso could have it mounted on a mountpoint that does not have spaces in it. Ubuntu is probably using you harddrive label as th mounting point12:37
icerootheshanh: or just quote it correctly12:37
heshanhyep, its use the label i have on windows12:37
icerootheshanh:  i gave you an example12:37
icerootheshanh: /media/\ Apps\ and\ Data/www12:37
thc-scriptingGabrieleV sei italiano?12:37
ThinkT510!it | thc-scripting12:38
heshanhcrap, i unmounted them from the left side bar and now i cant find them12:38
ubottuthc-scripting: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:38
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AknotAnyone here use the ubuntu gnome remix? is it buggy?12:40
jpdsAknot: All software has bugs.12:41
heshanh /media/\ Apps\ and\ Data/www does not work either12:41
Aknotjpds but compared to jsut installing ubuntu and then gnome shell from repos12:41
arcskyhow do i make a user to root permissons?12:41
iceroot!sudo | arcsky12:41
ubottuarcsky: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo12:41
icerootheshanh: is the drive mounted at the moment?12:42
ThinkT510heshanh: is there meant to be a space before apps?12:42
icerootheshanh: what is the output of "ls -all /media/"12:42
iceroot!paste | heshanh12:42
ubottuheshanh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:42
icerootheshanh:  ah yes it should be /media/Apps\ and\ Data/www12:42
icerootheshanh: just replace every space with "\ "12:42
icerootheshanh: or quote the complete line "/media/foo bar/www"12:43
heshanhok quoting hte fille path worked :D thanks12:47
ericusany cool ideas on machines to run in virtualbox?12:47
ThinkT510ericus: haiku, helenos, minix12:48
k1l_ericus: since this is a ubuntu support channel: ubuntu ;p12:50
jimmy_loI type command: sudo apt-get install cairo. It shows: E: Unable to locate package cairo12:50
fidelericus: this is more or less a support-channel - n ot brainstorming ;)12:50
jimmy_loI use ubuntu 11.0412:50
fidel!info cairo12:50
ubottuPackage cairo does not exist in quantal12:50
k1l_!eol | jimmy_lo12:50
ubottujimmy_lo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:50
fideljimmy_lo: thinking aboutthe cairo dock thing or what in particular?12:50
ericussorry :P12:50
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: if you are still on 11.04 we already told you it isn't supported anymore, the repositories do not exist anymore12:50
jimmy_loOMG, everything is gone.12:51
compdocI think the files still exist for 11.04, but they arent updated anymore12:52
heshanhis there way to check which apache is running? link the location of. i think i have more than one installed12:52
erupterHi. Problem: I need to give two users write access to a folder on a machine, and have it propagated via NFS. Currently the original owner of the folder obviously has write access. The other user, has correctly mounted the NFS but has only read access.12:54
heshanhbecause even after i kill apache2 i can still view localhost12:54
k1l_compdoc: that is mentioned in the wiki articles. but recommended is to go to an supported release anyway12:54
fidelheshanh: you might start with: apt-cache policy apache2 - which will tell you the installed version via apt & the available in apt12:54
erupterI tried following some tutorials about adding users to groups and changing properties, but so far I only managed to eliminate read access not grant write access to the other user.12:54
ThinkT510jimmy_lo: any reason why you haven't got a supported release (please don't say you miss gnome2 or dislike unity)12:55
BluesKajjimmy_lo, http://www.warpconduit.net/2011/07/31/apt-repository-for-old-ubuntu-releases/12:55
heshanhthis is what i got from apt-cache http://pastie.org/598567812:56
heshanhi also cant add files to the /var/www folder. i was going to do a phpinfo and see if it shows me anypaths for apache and php. but cant create any files12:57
fidelheshanh: do you understand the output?12:57
heshanhnot really, if i'd have to guess theres 2 apache versions?12:57
jhutchins_wkheshanh: What version of Ubuntu are you running?12:59
fidelheshanh: the output tells you that: you have the latest version. thats one info13:03
bizhanMonaHI does ubuntu  support "hald" daemon? thx13:04
fidelif you havent heavily messed around and limited yourself on using apt only to install software - its highly unlikely that you have > 1 apapche version installed13:04
fidelheshanh: my next test would be stopping apache via: sudo service apache2 stop - and then check the running processes13:04
jhutchins_wkheshanh: Apache2 has been current since 2000.  1.3 is still available, but very few distributions release it.13:04
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jhutchins_wkheshanh: If you have shut it down correctly, and ps ax does not show it running, you may have installed something else like ngenix13:05
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Guest24813Hi, Does anybody know why the fan rotates too fast when the system is normal condition?13:05
heshanhok now its dead!13:06
heshanhi did /etc/init.d/apache2 stop, but that didnt work13:06
TakeItEZ!upstart | heshanh apache is an upstart-job13:07
ubottuheshanh apache is an upstart-job: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/13:07
compdocheshanh, is there a files named apache2 in /etc/init.d/ ?13:07
Guest24813Hi, Does anybody know why the fan rotates too fast when the system is normal condition?13:07
heshanhthers a folder....13:08
heshanhim sure there are all noob questions. this is my first day on ubuntu.13:08
compdocthere is a file named /etc/init.d/apache2  - my bad13:09
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Ben64heshanh: "service apache2 start" or "service apache2 stop"13:09
heshanhwhat exactly does etc stands for?13:10
heshanhand /var13:10
heshanhvar -> variables?13:10
TakeItEZheshanh: "etc ~ etcetera" historical "all other data" now "configs for most things"13:11
TakeItEZheshanh: var ~ variable data13:11
jimmy_loThinkT510, I am going to upgrading ubuntu tomorrow. Thank you for help.13:11
ThinkT510!fhs | heshanh13:11
ubottuheshanh: An explanation of how files and directories are organized on Ubuntu, and how they can be manipulated, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview  see also: man hier13:11
heshanhi see...13:12
modrisi test ubuntu server 12.04 with ssd + hdd, and lvm snapshoots.13:12
heshanhalso.. why cant i save any files i open inside /etc or /var. do i have to also do sudo gedit path? or is there way to open with sudo from the gui ?13:13
ThinkT510!gksudo | heshanh13:13
ubottuheshanh: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)13:13
TakeItEZheshanh: a user shouldn't write anywhere except hist $HOME and /tmp, all other locations need sudo/gksudo (root-rights)13:14
modrisi'm newbie at lvm, Q: is possible create vg with ssd and hdd pv that hdd has full snapshoot from ssd for example after every 10min and if ssd crash at all i can get all back?13:14
a_c_mHi, over the last few days several servers have had their disks go into "Read-only file system" mode13:15
heshanhoh man thank u so much. thats gona save so much time13:15
a_c_many idea why this might happen?13:15
=== Guest24813 is now known as mojtaba
ThinkT510a_c_m: how old are the disks?13:16
a_c_mand a way to fix it (reboot does, but these are production boxes and i don't want to see this happen again)13:16
a_c_mThinkT510: its a cloud system13:16
BrittanyTrying to get a third party playstation controller working with ubuntu.. it's labelled 'snakebyte' and is a wired controller. anybody have any good ideas? There doesn't seem to be any specific support.13:16
compdoca_c_m, a problem with the disk. open the disk utility and look at the drives health and SMART13:16
a_c_mso not sure13:16
a_c_mcompdoc: its a cloud vps - so isn't a physical disk13:16
mojtabaHi, I have recently installed ubuntu 12.10 and the fan of the laptop is going to be exploded. Does anybody know what should I do?13:16
ThinkT510a_c_m: it is a physical disk, its just under somebody elses control13:17
compdoca_c_m, switching to read-only is an option in /etc/fstab13:17
jhutchins_wkmojtaba: Take cover?13:17
compdoca_c_m, maybe disable it13:17
mojtabajhutchins_wk: what do you mean?13:17
usr13mojtaba: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/hardware/C/laptops.html13:18
modrisi'm newbie at lvm, Q: is possible create vg with ssd and hdd pv that hdd has full snapshoot from ssd for example after every 10min and if ssd crash at all i can restore new ssd data back? link to explain may help13:18
usr13mojtaba: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerManagement/ReducedPower13:19
jhutchins_wka_c_m: That's a known problem with virtual systems.  The disk goes read-only when an error is encountered so that it won't be damaged by trying to write to it.13:19
mojtabausr13: That does not contain the issue.13:19
jhutchins_wka_c_m: You should be able to remount it rw.13:19
usr13mojtaba: What is your issue?13:20
jhutchins_wka_c_m: We just run a monitoring program that detects when that happens so we can correct it.13:20
a_c_mjhutchins_wk: thanks, i'm opening a support ticket with the host now13:20
mojtabausr13: first, the fan is rotating in full speed, and the battery life is short.13:20
usr13mojtaba: Look at BIOS settings.13:20
mojtabausr13: what should I look for?13:21
jhutchins_wkmojtaba: Do you have cpufreq installed? If not install it and read the docs, it should help you throttle the system back.13:21
mojtabajhutchins_wk: Actually, I did not have this problem in windows; I do not know why in linux this has happned!13:22
usr13mojtaba: The two links I gave you have information related to your issue, I suggest you follow those links and see.13:22
mojtabausr13: I will. Thanks13:22
jhutchins_wkmojtaba: Windows fails in different ways than linux does.13:22
mojtabajhutchins_wk: could you please explain more?13:23
jhutchins_wkmojtaba: Follow the links usr13 gave you, that should explain.13:23
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
a_c_mthanks jhutchins_wk :)13:26
mojtabausr13: sorry, but where is system in unity?13:26
mmgc84My Secret Maryo Chronicles ISNOT working on Xubuntu 1210 x(13:27
k1l_!ask | madaramost13:29
ubottumadaramost: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:29
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:30
ThinkT510!msgthebot | mmgc8413:30
ubottummgc84: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".13:30
madaramostok I have prob wiht ubuntu/ment whene I open & work  just a few mins it spot to working13:33
ThinkT510madaramost: mint isn't supported here13:34
madaramostok generally QU13:34
k1l_!mint | madaramost13:35
ubottumadaramost: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:35
k1l_since mints uses other drivers and other desktops please see their support13:35
madaramostwhat about ubuntu?13:35
madaramostI have 12.10lts13:36
k1l_madaramost: can you pastebin a "lsb_release -a"?13:36
ThinkT510madaramost: 12.10 is not lts13:36
usr13mojtaba  /sys/devices/system/13:38
madaramostyeah sorry it is not13:38
kracekumarI installed squid3 and followed https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/squid.html, when I telnet to particular 3128 Get connection refused13:39
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots13:40
zykotick9Brittany: when you plug the gamepad in, do you get a /dev/input/js0 appearing?13:42
yogeshwarani need help installing ubuntu on a windows 8 laptop13:42
yogeshwarananyonw there ?13:43
yogeshwaranhi all  !!13:43
TakeItEZkracekumar: check "sudo lsof -i :3128",   does it listen at all?13:43
fidel!ask | yogeshwaran13:44
ubottuyogeshwaran: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:44
yogeshwaran@fidel | How to install ubuntu on a UEFI enabled laptop woth win 8 ?13:44
yogeshwaran@ubottu : ok :-)13:45
fidelyogeshwaran: first of all - ask the channel as long as it is a general thing. second:13:45
fidel!details | yogeshwaran13:45
fidelwhat have you tried/where is the problem....13:45
kracekumarTakeItEZ, No output , but quid3 start/pre-start, process 780513:46
ubottuyogeshwaran: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:46
kracekumarbut ps aux | grep 7805 doesn't show the process13:46
TakeItEZkracekumar: check logs (sudo grep -ri squid /var/log/) for errors13:46
yogeshwaranI'm scared that I will lose my windows..i've read some horror stories of ppl who lost windows 8 after installing ubuntu.13:46
yogeshwaranare there any special precautions i need to take13:47
szxthe manpages for getsockopt/setsockopt don't list available options, is this an Ubuntu issue?13:47
pokkerfaceubuntu 12.10 unity 6.2 , how to show windows of the app when hovering over the icon in the launcher???13:47
ThinkT510!uefi | yogeshwaran13:47
ubottuyogeshwaran: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:47
fidelyogeshwaran: i havent tried dual-setup with win8 myself so far - best regarding fighting your fear is 'run a backup' before you start freeing space for ubuntu & continue to install it13:47
kracekumarTakeItEZ, /var/log/kern.log:Jan 31 14:47:49 aadukalam kernel: [6593385.319082] init: squ13:48
kracekumarid3 main process (8059) terminated with status 12713:48
kracekumar/var/log/kern.log:Jan 31 14:47:49 aadukalam kernel: [6593385.319107] init: squ13:48
kracekumarid3 main process ended, respawning13:48
yogeshwaranOk ..thanks guys .. I'll check out the link and also take a backup before attempting anything adventurous13:49
pokkerfaceubuntu 12.10 unity 6.2 , how to show windows of the app when hovering over the icon in the launcher???13:49
compdocyogeshwaran, remove the hdd containing windows, pop in an ssd or laptop drive, and install linux. easy13:49
fidel!repeat | pokkerface13:49
TakeItEZkracekumar: sounds like it fails to start, check configs again and try. sorry i don't know much about squid, so i can't really help you13:50
yogeshwaran@compdoc : i already have 32 gb of SSD in my laptop13:50
kracekumarTakeItEZ, Thanks13:50
foolshkracekumar: make sure the cache directory exists and is initialized.  An easy way to do this is to install Webmin and look under the squid section there13:53
=== themill_ is now known as themill
kracekumarfoolsh, any other alternates for squid, does varnish help ?13:53
expert_hey guys how to kill a not responding program?13:54
TakeItEZbot, wake up13:54
TakeItEZexpert_: pkill progname13:54
zykotick9expert_: you've got choices: kill, killall, xkill (and others)13:54
ubottupokkerface: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:54
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.13:54
foolshkracekumar: I've only ever used squid13:55
kracekumarfoolsh, ok13:55
expert_thanks guys13:55
MoL0ToVhi to all! i attached 2 monitor on my graphics board. now i see same thing on both display. howto set the extend, not cloned mode?13:56
OrgMentalMoL0ToV, what version of windows are you using?13:56
MoL0ToVubuntu 12.1013:57
MoL0ToVsorry, xubuntu13:57
OrgMentalops, wrong window :)13:57
MoL0ToVso xfce13:57
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HusarHi, i trying to connect my Nikon camera as MassStorage,  and get "hub 6-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 2" (it was working 2weeks ago :() - fix from google do not work - any suggestions?13:58
ggherdovHi all. a couple of questions: (1) what is the Desktop Environment closest to Gnome 2 I can have on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ? (2) What is the cleanest way to unstall Unity and replace it with said desktop environment?14:02
ThinkT510ggherdov: xfce is great, don't remove unity14:02
ThinkT510ggherdov: also gnome3 has a fallback mode14:03
ggherdovThinkT510: xfce isn't close enough to Gnome 2 for me. What I need more than everything is the upper panel, with system monitors for RAM, network, disk, system load. And Unity cannot run on my system: it's a virtualbox with very limited RAM and no graphic acceleration14:04
ggherdovnuxninja: yes14:05
nuxninjasudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback14:05
ThinkT510ggherdov: i'm saying don't remove unity if it is already installed, it will leave a mess, i'm not saying you must use unity14:05
Ben64ggherdov: gnome fallback mode then, install gnome-panel and it should bring in everything you need for it14:05
ggherdovThinkT510: understood. nuxninja , Ben64: thanks14:06
ThinkT510ggherdov: there are good plugins for xfce panels too14:06
Ben64not good enough, i wanted the same as ggherdov14:06
ggherdovThinkT510: will check that, thankyou for the heads up14:06
Ben64theres no other panel that matches the cpu and ram system monitors14:07
nuxninjaBen64 agree you read my mid14:07
ggherdovBen64: The amount of memory leaks in my code that I debugged with those monitors, without even firing up valgrind... :-)14:08
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shadow98rsync -n /home/brian/Desktop/ /run/user/bria14:10
shadow98skipping directory .14:10
FloodBot1shadow98: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:10
shadow98i tried floodbot14:10
shadow98anybody have any ideas on why it would skip that directory14:10
TakeItEZshadow98: use rsynx -nx14:10
shadow98TakeItEZ: same thing14:11
shadow98skipping directory14:11
shadow98that directory does not exist on the other end yet14:11
shadow98so not sure why it is skipping14:11
TakeItEZshadow98: .gvfs (gnome virtual filesystem) is very special. do you want it being included?14:12
shadow98yeah that is where my webdav folder is located14:13
shadow98that is the only path i know to it14:13
=== Guest24497 is now known as tm
shadow98TakeItEZ: any ideas?14:18
=== ke5pcv-away is now known as ke5pcv
TakeItEZshadow98: sry no14:18
TakeItEZshadow98: i'm not using gnome, but isn't the real path ~/.gvfs? "ls -la ~/.gvfs/"14:19
vimerrrrrrrhi, anyone help me. my ubuntu 12.04 has to wait for network configuration for 2 minutes when boot up.14:21
shadow98/home/brian/.gvfs/: No such file or directory14:22
icerootvimerrrrrrr: because you have setup something in /etc/network/interfaces and you are not controlling it with network-manager14:22
shadow98turn slow network boot off14:22
vimerrrrrrriceroot, no it only has lo in interface14:23
vimerrrrrrri tried the var/run link way, i left only lo in interface, and delete dbus files, no avail14:23
shadow98TakeItEZ: http://pastebin.com/RASBQapf14:25
shadow98check that out14:25
RollinV2i need a simple app for monitoring download and uploads over periods of time (a day to a month).. any suggestions? can be command line or gui based. thanks.14:26
vimerrrrrrrsorry but where is slow network boot conf?14:27
GTAXL-iPodRollinV2: use vnstat14:27
persona24Hey, I can't get the rm -rF/* command to work (and yes, I know what that command does). I'm running it as root. I don't understand why it won't work14:31
martin___persona24: What error message do you get ?14:32
persona24rm: invalid option -- 'F'14:32
persona24Try `rm --help' for more information.14:32
TakeItEZpersona24: man rm14:32
GTAXL-iPodI would'nt do that if I were you...14:33
TakeItEZpersona24: hint: linux systems are case sensitive14:33
GTAXL-iPodsudo rm -rf /14:33
AppleJuiceDont do it!!!14:33
persona24TakeItEZ: I tried it with a lowercase F and it still did nothing14:33
k1lpersona24: see the manpage and read about preserve root. besides i dont see a issue for that command14:34
TakeItEZpersona24: f /     add a space14:34
k1lTakeItEZ: its perserve root in ubuntu14:34
persona24Alright, I'll try that command, if I don't comment back you know it worked haha14:34
vimerrrrrrrhi, please anybody help with the boot up problem.14:36
GTAXL-iPoderror is?14:36
vimerrrrrrrboot without full network configuration14:37
vimerrrrrrrI need to wait for 2 minutes every time14:37
GTAXL-iPodis it the desktop version?14:37
vimerrrrrrryes! 12.04 lys14:37
GTAXL-iPodare you using wifi?14:38
vimerrrrrrrno wired14:38
jhutchins_wkvimerrrrrrr: How did you set up your networking?14:38
vimerrrrrrrlo only14:38
vimerrrrrrrno eth0 and wlan0 in interface14:39
GTAXL-iPodlo only is loopback14:39
GTAXL-iPodso the computer has wlan?14:39
GTAXL-iPodso it has a wifi adapter14:39
vimerrrrrrrany other configurations that I miss?  I hard blocked my wifi on my computer14:40
GTAXL-iPodmaybe disable the wifi adapter, and only use wired might speed the loading time up14:40
=== aguadito is now known as Austerity-Sucks
GTAXL-iPodvimerrrrrrr: the network thing shows on mine too14:40
jhutchins_wkvimerrrrrrr: What did you use to configure your networking?14:41
vimerrrrrrr<jhutchins_wk> im not sure what u mean  Im newbie in ubuntu14:41
miebster_atworkI'm using kubuntu 12.10, I am seeing a warning every time I source bashrc, the warning is from a line that is included with the install ( I didn't add it) http://paste.ubuntu.com/14:41
jhutchins_wkvimerrrrrrr: What did you do to set up the network?14:42
vimerrrrrrractually it seems i never have configured my networking since installation14:42
vimerrrrrrrjhutchins_wk: I havnt done any thing to my networking so far14:43
TriupsOne of my nics has a 50% chance of coming up as p33p2.  the other 50% of the time it comes up as rename3.  How do I stabilize this?14:43
LadyNikonwow lots of freenode spam today huh14:44
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skaI just upgraded 12.04 and the microphone is no longer shows up.. Can I fix this on the commandline?14:45
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 starts in 14 minutes in #ubuntu-classrom14:46
skaUSB device is missing.14:47
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martin___If I need to find a directory but exclude /home, how do I do that easiest ? :)14:49
TakeItEZmartin___: find / -type d -not -iname '/home*' -name 'findme'14:51
miebster_atworkSomething is wrong with my .bashrc file, it came this way when I installed the OS (kubuntu 12.10) http://paste.ubuntu.com/1593254/14:51
vimerrrrrrrany one using 12.04 LTS? do you have the 2-minute boot up problem?14:51
martin___Great, thx TakeItEZ :)14:51
charisHi, today is the release of 12.04.2?14:53
compdoccharis, cool - hadnt heard that14:54
k1lcharis: no14:55
k1lsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule14:55
norris900can anyone explain this command to me, sorry im a noob "sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"14:56
djBussHey guys, I can use apt-cache showpkg php5-cli to see which packages i can install but how do I install the specific package?14:58
charissudo apt-get install php5-cli14:59
djBusscharis, but it won't install the package I selected14:59
vimerrrrrrri love ubuntu! but the 2 minute boot up is going to kill me !!!! help ! anyone!!!!!!15:00
djBuss5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1 - phpapi-2010052515:00
djBuss5.4.6-1ubuntu1 - phpapi-2010052515:00
djBuss5.3.10-1ubuntu3.5 - phpapi-2009062615:00
djBuss5.3.10-1ubuntu3 - phpapi-2009062615:00
FloodBot1djBuss: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:00
jribcharis: apt-get install PACKAGE=VERSION    but it's unusual to want to do that.  You should explain what you are trynig to do15:00
jribdjBuss: erm, that was for you ^15:00
charisWhen did the release slipped to February 14th?15:01
djBussjrib, Yes, I want to have php5.3 on ubuntu 12.1015:01
RollinV2GTAXL-iPod, vnstat is perfect. thanks!15:01
charislast time i checked it was set for today15:01
jribcharis: what?15:01
charisis it because of the uefi patches?15:01
jribcharis: what release are you talking about?15:01
k1lcharis: last time i checked in decembre it was 14.02.201315:01
djBussjrib, is it ok if I just want to have php 5.3 ?15:02
apm1i had a compositioning crash on 12.04 unity15:02
charisprobably i am mistaken then :/15:02
charissorry about that15:02
jribdjBuss: as long as you're sure security patches are being provided for it, I guess so.15:02
GTAXL-iPodnp :)15:03
djBussI'm not sure actually :d but thanks for the PACKAGE= tip15:03
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djBussjrib, should it work like this sudo apt-get install PACKAGE=5.3.10-1ubuntu3 php5-gd15:05
TelespielstubeHi, since I updated to ubuntu 12.04 my computer freezes every now and then.15:06
jribdjBuss: replace PACKAGE with the package name and VERSION with the version15:06
djBussohhhhhh right15:06
=== synchrotronicman is now known as ten-year-old
djBussjrib, it worked thanks you15:08
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yeehiDoes anybody know a good fitness program? For example calories eaten, burned, suggestions for different weight machines - that sort of thing...?15:15
=== ten-year-old is now known as nuxninja
_helios_I installed lm-sensors on my desktop to check the temp and for a PCI it's showing 6873.0C I know that has to be wrong because that would be hot enough to melt through the ground lmao15:17
compdoc lm-sensors doesnt work with everything15:18
compdoc*every chipset15:18
_helios_compdoc: well it registers most of them correct just that one PCI it doesn't..lol15:18
jhutchins_wk_helios_: You can manually correct that.15:19
_helios_jhutchins_wk: how?15:19
=== nuxninja is now known as nuxninja-sucks
aminbhas anyone gotten MTP to work on 12.04?15:21
fidel!info mtp15:22
ubottuPackage mtp does not exist in quantal15:22
aminbI've tried EACH AND EVERY solution I could find on the net, but it doesn't work at all! :(15:22
aminbI even installed the latest version of libmtp which is libmtp1.1.5 but no use..15:22
fidelwhat 'mtp' are you talking about?15:23
fidel!details > aminb15:23
ubottuaminb, please see my private message15:23
fidelups - havent seen your line above sorry15:23
=== nuxninja-sucks is now known as o_O
aminbmtp as in the protocol that android uses to transfer files15:24
_helios_jhutchins_wk: here is the http://pastebin.com/VqXtSPbv display I get how would I manualy correct this?15:24
aminbdoes any one have any solutions?15:25
jhutchins_wk_helios_: The documentation for lmsensors describes how the data is interpreted and explains how to alter a particular sensor's configuration.15:25
theseusanyone know why I always have to start lightdm manually when I boot into ubuntu?15:25
_helios_And where can I find the documentation for lmsensors?15:25
roastedExcluding fdisk, how would one change a partition type via terminal?15:26
jhutchins_wkaminb: Is mtp the "camera" protocol or the "mass storage"?15:26
zykotick9theseus: "sudo service lightdm start" perhaps?15:26
jhutchins_wkroasted: cfdisk.15:26
=== o_O is now known as bakchodi-loser
theseuszykotick9:  correct I have to do that every time I turn on my machine15:27
frownfaceGood morning.  Is this a good place to come for help?  Somehow, I lost ability to connect to my wireless router.  Though, I am able to connect to my cellphone tether via wireless just fine.15:27
frownfaceI'm confused.15:27
theseuszykotick9:  it should just start automatically15:27
jhutchins_wktheseus: Use update-rc.d, rcconf, or chkconfig to set it to start automatically.15:27
zykotick9theseus: oh, you need to add it to startup, i see.  sorry, i have no idea.15:27
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zykotick9jhutchins_wk: none of those are upstart related... theseus15:28
Tecanis there anything to make usb/ip easier ?15:28
roastedjhutchins_wk: do you have an opinion on how that differs from sfdisk?15:28
jhutchins_wkzykotick9: They all work with upstart.15:28
frownfaceI wish I could set a beacon.15:28
aminbjhutchins_wk: well, android 4.x doesn't support mass storage any more and as far as I know, it only has the camera mode.15:28
=== frownface is now known as grueblur
kostkonaminb, MTP is not a camera mode, PTP is.15:31
jhutchins_wkzykotick9: upstart still determines what will start by the symlinkx in rc.<default>d, which are managed by those programs.15:31
_helios_jhutchins_wk: I've looked through the Documentation of lm-sensors not finding any information how to alter the output.15:32
jorik_nkкак регатся?15:32
zykotick9jhutchins_wk: i'm a big fan of rcconf (on d) but i'm not sure i'd want to use it on ubuntu... you're probably right.15:32
aminbkostcon: actually I'm not quite sure :/ when I connect my phone to my pc, in USB options settings in the phone there are two options. It is set on the first one. I don't have it handy right now to check again. I know i have to use mtp but i couldn't get it to work15:32
KxTwoHey guys, is it still the consensus to get 12.04 instead of 12.10?15:32
aminbkostkon: actually I'm not quite sure :/ when I connect my phone to my pc, in USB options settings in the phone there are two options. It is set on the first one. I don't have it handy right now to check again. I know i have to use mtp but i couldn't get it to work15:33
jhutchins_wkroasted: It has a c in front of it instead of an s.  I always use fdisk 'cause that's what I learned in DOS 2.x15:33
aminbany ideas people? i seriously need to get this file transfer thing working :(15:34
kostkonaminb, UMS and MTP probably15:35
kostkonaminb, or PTP and MTP, but let me give you a link15:35
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roastedjhutchins_wk: fdisk doesn't fly with GPT. And now that I did more digging on sfdisk, sfdisk isn't made for GPT either. I'm reading into cfdisk now.15:35
jhutchins_wkaminb: I guess I'm still on 4.1.1 - works great for me.15:35
jhutchins_wkroasted: Ah, for gpt you need parted.15:36
aminbkostkon: yeah sure. waiting15:36
kostkonaminb, you could try this: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/upgrade-to-gvfs-with-mtp-support-in.html15:36
aminbjhutchins_wk: but how did you get it to work?15:36
roastedjhutchins_wk: I looked into parted many times, but I never understood exactly how I would change the partition type.15:36
jhutchins_wkaminb: literally just plugged the phone into the PC.  It was so simple I was sure something must be wrong, but it just worked.15:37
aminbjhutchins_wk: you're so lucky then :)15:37
aminbkostkon: thanks. I'm gonna give this one a try. I'll let you know15:37
kostkonaminb, ok15:37
roastedjhutchins_wk: I assume I'm just doing it wrong. I keep getting invalid token when I try to set the partition type.15:38
zykotick9roasted: if you have access to a GUI, gparted makes creating a GPT partition "fairly" straightforward (i've never done it with parted, i really do need to learn that program)15:39
roastedzykotick9: I know GParted is such a win. I'm trying to learn the CLI equivalent since I work with headless servers from time to time.15:39
zykotick9roasted: i hear ya.  prior to gpt, i was all fdisk... now i'm "stuck" with replying on a GUI program :(..15:40
BluesKajwhat's the command to find which repos contains a certain package ?15:40
zykotick9BluesKaj: "apt-cache policy foo" then look at the url is one method15:41
roastedzykotick9: Realistically speaking, I'll likely just boot to a LiveUSB session and set the partitions up there. Then fire up the server and assemble the RAID via ssh over terminal.15:41
roastedzykotick9: but that doesn't take away from my desire to, at the very least, learn the CLI equivalent.15:41
BluesKajdpkg -l doesn't  list all15:41
BluesKajok zykotick9 thanks15:42
zykotick9BluesKaj: sorry, i may have misunderstood your question15:42
BluesKajno , zykotick9 that command works :)15:44
BluesKajzykotick9, , i should have remembered , but my memory leaves gaps over time15:45
zykotick9BluesKaj: oh how i wish i could remember half of what i've forgotten ;)15:46
BluesKajit's a bummer at my age ..I'll add that to my cli-commands text file15:47
Viralcan someone help me get the tty1-6 working?15:48
BluesKajheh , it's already there , I didn't think it was listed15:48
Viralor, get them to show up on my screen15:48
BluesKajctrl+alt +f1-615:48
BluesKajViral, ^15:49
Viralyeah, I know how to get to them. but nothing displays. however I can still login and type in commands15:49
aminbkostkon: thanks! it DID work!! however, it didn't work with rhythmbox. Isn't there a solution for that? :/ or a better way to sync music?15:49
BluesKajnothing is suppoed to display except the login prompt15:49
ViralI know that?15:50
Viralliterally nothing shows15:50
zykotick9Viral: did they ever work?  are you using nvidia/ati?  did you try to change the resolution?15:50
BluesKajso you don't see the  prompt15:51
kostkonaminb, nice. hmm, strange. in rhythmbox try the menu option Music → Scan Removable Media15:51
Viralzykotick9,  yes they worked before I installed nvidia display drivers15:51
zykotick9Viral: from nvidia.com?15:51
Viralzykotick9, correct15:51
kostkonaminb, to force it to do a new scan15:51
zykotick9Viral: good luck then.  don't reply to me futher.15:51
Viral0/2 for useful help. great!!15:52
BluesKajViral, didn't the additional drivers work ?15:52
aminbkostkon: will give it a try. I'll be back and i'll msg you15:52
kostkonaminb, k15:52
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angsis there any tool on ubuntu to transfer a file via serial connection, something like scp?15:54
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jim8888im having trouble getting a listing of my partitions in MiB... does somebody know a command to do this?15:55
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BluesKajjim8888, sudo fdisk -l15:55
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BluesKajjim8888, or df -h15:56
jim8888BluesKaj: unfortunately that only shows me sectors or cylinders15:56
compdocdf -h15:56
jim8888BluesKaj: and i dont have the disks mounted so df -h does not help...15:56
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jim8888compdoc: and gparted lists them in sectors and GiB - no MiB!!15:57
jim8888compdoc: parted only has MB - not MiB ...15:57
jim8888its very frustrating15:58
compdochow about disk utility? thats about the only one left15:58
BluesKajjim8888, do your drives show up in nautilus places15:58
roastedCan someone explain alignment to me? I'm not sure I understand what it means, exactly. Let's say we'15:58
compdocwell, Im sure there are others you could install15:58
roastedCan someone explain alignment to me? I'm not sure I understand what it means, exactly. Let's say we're working with a 3TB hard drive. How important is alignment? I keep reading about starting off at sector 2048 or something, etc....15:59
snakeri am trying to install wireless samsung printer drivers in ubuntu. how do i do that?15:59
snaker90% of the threads i find are shit15:59
snakeri have a CD15:59
compdocroasted, larger drives use small 4k sectors, and if the partition isnt created at the right place, performance suffers15:59
BluesKajisn't there a partition manager on gnome/unity ?15:59
snakerit has a .jar file in it16:00
snakeri cant run it16:00
jim8888yep just tried the built in ubuntu disk / partition managers but no joy...16:00
roastedcompdoc: so it matters where the partition STARTS, not ends?16:00
UbuntuNewbietry gparted16:00
compdocroasted, if you use a modern program like gparted to create the parttion, it will be correct16:00
zykotick9roasted: i didn't actually think alignment was such a big issue with HDs (though it was more a SSD issue?) but i could be wrong.  you might want to consult http://wiki.debian.org/SSDoptimization which discusses alignment and links to some youtube video explaining it.16:01
roastedcompdoc: I ask this because I'm setting up a software array. I want to set my drives to have 100MB remaining. I was messing with gdisk and it asks me at the beginning where I want to start. So I select accordingly. But when it asks about ending, I have NO idea. I wasn't sure if the entire drive should be in specific intervals or what.16:01
compdocroasted, I dont think it matters where it ends, but it might matter where 2nd or 3rd partitions on the same drive start16:01
compdocI always use one large partition16:01
roastedperhaps I should stop with this CLI obsession and just use GParted. :/16:01
compdocgparted is best16:02
roastedthe documentation of a lot of these CLI tools is often half baked, whereas GParted is just kind of an instant winner.16:02
snakeri am trying to install wireless samsung printer drivers in ubuntu. how do i do that? i have the CD with the drivers, but not a single tutorial thread guide worked.16:02
gmulak1Snaker:  What is the Samsung, a printer?16:02
compdocfdisk is too old16:02
snakergmulak1: multi function printer16:02
roastedright - I was using gdisk16:02
snakergmulak1: scanner printer etc16:02
snakergmulak1: works perfectly on windows 716:02
gmulak1Snaker:  Those can be hard.  Is the wireless working?  Properly?16:03
snakergmulak1: yes, under win7 it is. its connected through the switch16:03
snakertheres a .jar file in the cd16:04
snakerbut there are no threads that help16:04
BluesKajjim8888, gparted should list the size of each disk/partition , unless they're encrypted ?16:05
snakerall threads say reinstall java blablabla etc etc16:05
snakerand then open it with java16:05
FloodBot1snaker: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:05
gmulak1Snaker:  But under Ubuntu?  You have to get the wireless working properly under Ubuntu first, I believe.  I have my Shuttle wired.  I was going to try NDIS wrapper next.16:05
gmulak1Snaker:  Have a call.  I have to go - sorry.  Someone will help you16:06
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snakergmulak1: oh, thanks. i ll try to fix it like that then have a nice day16:06
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sabhainanyone here using multiple monitors on 12.04?16:09
lemos_do you like the ubuntu distro ?16:11
karu_Hey anyone know where linux drivers for intel gma 4500m is16:11
karu_I have to use nomodeset so that it doesnt boot to black16:11
lemos_run the additional drivers16:12
lemos_the drivers for intel16:12
karu_I'm new to this16:12
roastedas far as I know Intel's GPU drivers are open sourced, and therefore included within Linux without the need of going to Additional Drivers... whcih is normally the place to go for non-open source drivers, like Nvidia, AMD, etc....16:12
lemos_it's a app16:12
lemos_go in software center16:13
roastedAlthough the 4500 sticks out in my mind for some reason. I wonder if there was a bug resulting in that GPU to present a black screen.16:13
roastedYou don't need to go to software center.16:13
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igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:13
karu_My friends tell me it's in the kernel16:13
lemos_and search16:13
karu_but it keeps booting to black screen16:13
roastedAdditional Drivers is its own application within Ubuntu, outside of the software center.16:13
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:13
karu_unless I put in "nomodeset"16:13
roastedkaru_: yes, Intel drivers are open source. Open source software is oten included into Linux (the kernel) by default.16:13
lemos_all the people here,is using the Ubuntu ?16:14
karu_Dunno what's going on16:14
roastedkaru_: in short: There is, as far as I know, no reason to look for external drivers for Intel GPU's because they're already included by default.16:14
karu_Then why does it boot to a black screen16:14
roastedkaru_: it booting to a black screen doesn't mean you don't have the driver, it just means there's an issue somewhere... maybe a bug? It's hard to say.16:14
roastedkaru_: but you have the driver installed because you have the kernel installed because the kernel is part of the entire Linux system.....16:15
roastedkaru_: so there are no additional drivers to get with the Intel GPU you have.16:15
karu_Well it says I'm using some veza graphics driver16:15
roastedI'm not sure. I've never had an issue with Intel so I can't really comment too much further. I just know you won't find any Intel drivers within Ubuntu Software Center or Additional Drivers.16:15
karu_This laptop resolution is 1366x768 or something like that16:15
karu_but it only goes upto 1280x720 in the graphics option16:16
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:16
roastedkaru_: at the very least, I'd post on UbuntuForums.org (search fi rst, maybe somebody already found the answer) and let it stew for a bit to see what results you find.16:16
roastedkaru_: sorry I can't help further, but I have almost 5,000 posts on the forums. IT's amazing how much help I've received over the years. It's why I keep coming back.16:16
jhutchins_wkkaru_: Which kernel are you using?16:18
karu_ubuntu lts I think16:18
karu_not too sure  on what kernel means16:18
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:19
zykotick9karu_: "uname -r" in a terminal will show your kernel version16:19
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:19
jhutchins_wkkaru_: uname -r will give you the kernel revision.16:20
ignerousanyone help16:21
ignerousanyone help16:21
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:21
jhutchins_wk!repeat | ignerous16:22
ubottuignerous: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:22
karu_hutchins have you got anything16:22
karu_if not thanks for helping anyway16:23
jhutchins_wkkaru_: You could check  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds16:23
karu_whats that for16:24
karu_What do I do with this page?16:26
ignerouscan anyone?16:28
CatbuntuOne question.16:28
CatbuntuI've installed Cinnamon and then I setted Nemo to be the default archive manager.16:28
darkfroghow do I save settings to ufw?16:28
CatbuntuNow I setted Nautilus as the default archive manager again, with the xdg commands, but Nemo still handles the desktop.16:28
CatbuntuHow can I set Nautilus to handle it instead of Nemo?16:28
darkfrogI've added allow for some things but how do I make sure they will be re-applied at reboot?16:29
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.1016:29
CatbuntuOh, I fixed it.16:29
CatbuntuI just had to disable it on Gnome tweak tool and then enable it again.16:29
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.10  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee16:31
ignerouscan anyone?16:31
ShaneOHi guys could someone assist me with a PEM pass phrase error... I created a self signed cert for using my VMWare WSX... when I try to go to the address the terminal asks me to enter the pem passphrase but it will not take any input... when i eneter the pass and hit enter it just says "command not found" any suggestions on how to resolve this16:34
igneroushow to customize the clock applet in ubuntu 12.10  pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee16:35
sabhainignerous: what do you want to customize?16:36
isiIm quite the linux noob here, but ive got myself a mediabox with ubuntu and xbmc installed and xbmc freeze at exit, ive googled it and apparently the issue is i have to downgrade libgl-7.10.3 to libgl-7.10.2, and havnt figured out how I do that, anybody got any suggestions?16:37
morgiumim using spamassassin+postfix on ubuntu 10.04LTS, every 3 hours i get a mail containing "config: path "/var/lib/spamassassin/3.003001" is inaccessible: Permission denied config: path "/var/lib/spamassassin/3.003001/languages" is inaccessible: Permission denied", sent by user amavis. now my question: as which user is the command run? i chowned the /var/lib/spamassassin to amavis, no solution16:39
igneroussabhain: something like this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/10/how-to-customize-the-clock-applet-in-ubuntu16:42
jcamfieldGreetings all - I've managed to completely disable my touchpad (Alps, was getting ID'd as a PS/2 only).  I've tried restoring the original psmouse.ko, but even post-reboot am having no luck.  Help?16:42
jcamfield(Ubuntu 12.10, 64bit, Dell Lat e6430, was following http://resalxh.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/ubuntu-12-04-lts-x64-the-next-step-getting-touchpad-working/ , and then the psmouse-dkms option16:42
sabhainignerous: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/10/how-to-add-other-timezones-to-ubuntus-clock-applet16:43
igneroussabhain: have you looked at the link?16:43
invariantCan anyone tell me how to get Skype working under Ubuntu? It segfaults and it displays: bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused.16:44
sabhainignerous: that's for an older version, I think it's the gnome2 clock.  You probably need to be looking at something newer16:44
igneroussabhain: can it be customised like the previous?16:45
sabhainignerous: what have you tried?16:46
dartosHow can I get Rythmbox to import all the music in my music folder?16:46
igneroussabhain: no because i am not habituated with the codes16:47
sabhainignerous: what specifically do you want to customize?16:48
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic16:48
igneroussabhain: only the clock applet it really looks good16:48
madaramostubuntu just stop of working I dont have any idea plzz help16:49
igneroussabhain: can you help me?16:49
lkzonesomebody can help this one16:49
sabhainignerous: I don't know how to if you don't tell me what you want to change16:49
lkzonehttp://bpaste.net/show/TxZby4wCUB5moEBCE1lE/      how i fix IT ?16:51
igneroussabhain: i want to make date over time and to decrease the font size like this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Top-Expanded-Edge-Panel_015-copy.png16:51
CatbuntuNautilus is crashing and it stops managing the desktop when it crashes.16:52
sabhainignerous: I see.  I'm not sure how that is done.  I'd recommend posting it over at ubuntu forums, with the link you provided.  The link you provided is for a different clock applet, not the current applet I believe16:54
sabhainignerous: but make sure you specifically ask about the font size, and the stacking of the date.  It will help you get your answer.  "customizing the clock applet" could mean dozens of things.16:55
madaramosthow I fix it16:56
rexwin_what linux software available to play embedded video on linux system installed as VPS?16:59
marko-_-I have an USB flash here which contains some files a friend asked me to retreive. The USB seems to be working fine (light turns on and everything). I can see it in /dev under sdb and mount tells me it's mounted on /mnt but there are no files and it doesn't really look mounted... what should i do? I force mounted it. When i try to mount it normally it says mount: block device /dev/sdb is write-protected, mounting read-only mount: you must specify the16:59
marko-_-filesystem type16:59
rexwin_what linux software available to play embedded video on LAMP server?17:02
rexwin_can i install software to play video?17:03
zykotick9marko-_-: sdb is a device, not a partition.  you might want to try testdisk/photorec to recover partitions/files.17:04
lkzonehttp://bpaste.net/show/TxZby4wCUB5moEBCE1lE/      dbus error or qt-dbuss error somebody help17:07
jrtappersIs there a way to keep two X sessions running at once?17:07
zykotick9jrtappers: "keep"?  you can run 2 Xorg sessions at teh same time, BUT shouldn't be the same user!17:08
jrtapperszykotick9,  I can get them running, but changing with ctrl+alt+f8/7 pauses the other17:08
zykotick9jrtappers: sound you mean?  how can you tell it's paused?17:09
jrtapperszykotick9, I have 3 screens, 2 off integrated, 1 off internal, the drivers don't work together so two x sessions is needed17:09
jrtapperszykotick9, If I go from f7 to f8 then it blanks f7, but the other way leaves them both on, with f8 frozen17:10
zykotick9jrtappers: oh, i gotcha.  i was thinking 2 Xorgs on one monitor.  sorry, i have no experience with separate X.17:10
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jrtapperszykotick9, I have that working, its just the pausing thats annoying, any ideas?17:11
zykotick9jrtappers: sorry, no idea... good luck.17:11
jrtapperszykotick9, Thanks, I have been trying to fix this for a while, but I feel close to the solution now, any ideas where to ask?17:12
zykotick9jrtappers: you mean other tehn here?  not really... you could try ##linux perhaps.17:13
jrtapperszykotick9, thanks, il try there17:13
igneroussabhain: ok can you help me17:13
igneroussabhain: do you know how to do this17:14
jose106how do I know what shell I'm using from the terminal?17:14
lucisHey guys, im pretty now to network adminstration, and am studying atm. I managed with rsyslog to store my log files from local0 into my mysql database. now based on facility i can see what he maps. but is there a file somewhere that tells me what applications map to local0, and where i can add remove applications that log to local0?17:14
zykotick9jose106: "echo $SHELL"17:15
xanguaignerous: you did read that is for gnome2 right¿17:15
ubottuandre: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:15
lucisas far as i understand it now, daemons log the log files to a certain local file. can i see a list of which daemons map to which locals?17:17
jose106zykotick9, that gave me /bin/bash17:17
zykotick9jose106: that's you shell!17:17
zykotick9jose106: use "echo $TERM" to find what terminal you are using.17:18
gmulak1jose106:   # echo $SHELL17:19
jose106zykotick9, my bad, I meant desktop environment17:19
zykotick9jose106: don't know... good luck.17:19
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xrsmy sound has stopped working.17:22
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xrsall the mixers are turned up17:22
lucisill try to rephrase myself. if in rsyslog.conf i define local0 => ommysql, it stores data in my mysql. local0 is user defined. well, i simply want to know what that local0 contains, where to find any info on it, what it is.17:23
gmulak1jose106:  I am not quite sure myself.  I think it is just like winsoz.  It's sort of how it looks.  Try this:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/65083/what-different-desktop-environments-and-shells-are-available17:23
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maiconcan you help me?17:24
xrswhat is the issue17:24
RefeferWhat's a safe way to unmount a usb sound card?  currently whenever I pull it out, it causes a kernel panic17:24
jose106gmulak1, I'll check it out. Thanks17:25
invariantHow can I configure my microphone?17:25
ignerousxangua: no it is for unity17:25
zykotick9jose106: i'm not sure this is gonna work, but you can try "sudo update-alternatives --config x-window-manager" just don't change anything.17:25
igneroussabhain: do you know how to do this17:25
gmulak1jose106:  No problem.  Let us know if that helps.  Are you going to SCaLE?  So. Calif Linux Expo in LA of Feb 22-24?17:26
jrtappersIs there a known problem with the AMD beta drivers causing blanking? 777017:26
xanguaignerous: it is not17:26
aminbhey guys, can anybody please help with this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/249922/not-returning-focus-to-previously-focused-window17:27
igneroussabhain: can it be done for unity?17:27
jose106gmdeux_, No. I'd love too. Maybe next year17:27
igneroussabhain: no code for this customisation? :(17:28
UlyssesGaHi there!  Repeat question from yesterday.  I'm having a problem dual-booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.04.  Non-UEFI system (so no Secure boot).  Each installation is on its own hard drive, with the Ubuntu drive being the set as the primary bootable device in the system BIOS. (grub2 also situated on linux drive).17:28
UlyssesGaIf Win8 is set as the first bootable HD, it starts fine.  If the Ubuntu drive is chosen as the 1st bootable drive and I attempt to boot to Win 8 from grub, Win8 immediately reboots.17:28
gmulak1jose106:  SCaLE is always in LA and always February.  It's very informative.  BTW askubuntu.com is also a help.  Come back though!17:28
jose106gmdeux_, Thanks17:29
UlyssesGaI was running Win7/Ubuntu but then upgraded to Win8.  Win7/Ubuntu (in the configuration noted above) functioned OK.  I ran update-grub17:29
trismignerous: it works if you use gnome classic, so it isn't an indicator-datetime bug, it's an issue with how unity sends widgets, not really fixable without some considerable changes to the unity code17:29
UlyssesGahere's the boot-repair data: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1591745/17:29
igneroustrism: welcome back17:29
igneroustrism: :)17:29
barfodis there a recommended way to set up a debootstrap install ? I am having trouble getting /etc/fstab , grub etc correct17:30
barfodlike an official walkthrough or something , would be nice. tons of crappy articles written on it17:31
gmulak1trism:  I like a lot of features of Unity.  I function better in gnome though.  I will say, when I changed back to gnome I missed a lot of stuff in Unity.17:31
aminbanybody? please? :/17:32
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nicobnwhat is the best way to redirect a local port to a vm in ubuntu ?17:34
PrincessLunaIs it possible to install Ubuntu on one partition / and have both /var and /home on a different (but common) partition?17:34
zykotick9PrincessLuna: i don't think so.  you'd need /var and /home to be on separate partitions, so you can mount them properly.17:35
zykotick9PrincessLuna: perhaps you could link them... but i wouldn't recommend it.17:36
PrincessLunaIf I am installing Ubuntu on a tiny SSD and a large HDD, what should I keep in the HDD to save space apart from /home and /var ... I was thinking of installing in a 5gb ssd partition17:37
igneroustrism: the "\n" works but the the font size cannot be decreased17:38
zykotick9PrincessLuna: good luck with that.  5GB really isn't enough space for / (for ubuntu anyways)17:38
isihow to downgrade libgl-7.10.3 to libgl-7.10.2?17:39
PrincessLunazykotick9: Well, not the whole Ubuntu, ubuntu minimal with light kde and what I need17:39
zykotick9PrincessLuna: "light kde" that's funny.  best of luck.17:39
PrincessLunazykotick9: Well I have 24GB of SSD space I would love to try to squeeze in Ubuntu and Windows 8 in it. The high capacity ssd's are insanely expensive!17:40
kdsmainI know there's a LDAP channel, but nobody seems to be awake in it, so forgive me for asking, but with OpenLDAP, is the /etc/ldapscripts/ldapscripts.passwd really just supposed to say "secret"?17:40
zykotick9PrincessLuna: you said the majic word - i won't see your posts further.  good luck to you.17:41
jhutchins_wkkdsmain: No specific knowledge, but "secret" is often used as a placeholder for an actual password.17:41
jhutchins_wkkdsmain: Have you checked /usr/share/doc/openldap/README.Debian?17:42
kdsmainjhutchins_wk: Not yet, just the ldapadd man page17:42
kdsmainjhutchins_wk: I don't seem to have such a directory in /usr/share/doc17:43
bradleethank god for teh google17:47
jhutchins_wkkdsmain: Look for something similar - pretty much every package drops a folder there.17:49
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jhutchins_wkkdsmain: /usr/share/doc/<packagename>17:49
Thetawaves_has anybody reported problems with linux-image-3.5.0-22-generic for amd64?17:50
jhutchins_wkkdsmain: Failing that, I'd look for ldap docs on the ubunutu web page - and obviously it's not going to be .Debian (D'Oh!)17:50
kdsmainjhutchins_wk: I see, yeah there are a couple of ldap-related folders in /usr/share/doc. Regardless, I got a different error by changing the /etc/ldapscripts/ldapscripts.passwd from secret to the actual password. So at least it's not an authentication error! Whee...17:51
kdsmainjhutchins_wk: Thanks for the pointer17:52
rvgateLast night i've closed the lid of my laptop running ubuntu... Now i open it again and the only thing i see is a "_" in the top left on a black screen... Key combinations dont work, not even the power button.. it just sits there doing absolutely nothing.. what am i doing wrong ?17:52
root-_Plebeualguem do brasil ae17:54
=== altair is now known as Guest46829
TheGreya quick wifi question: it seems that all my wifi traffic is stuck at 500 KiB/s...I'm currently torrenting a file and if I open a webpage streaming video, my torrent speed drops. In my conky network stat; the 500 KiB/s remains equilibrium...Whereas on Speedtest my reported speed is 5-6 Mbit/s. Can anyone explain/help me?17:59
jribTheGrey: bits vs. Bytes perhaps?18:00
nanashiReio/ everyone. Quite new to using a non windows system for work and i've googled my fingers bleeding. Is there a way to really disable the password prompt or increase the cache time?18:01
nanashiReitbh, it's worth then back in Vista days :(18:01
jribnanashiRei: yes, but what are you doing that requires you to enter the password so often?  It seems unusual18:01
nanashiReiJust the fact that i do have to enter it again after login into my account which is not automatic makes it a hassle in my eyes.18:02
jribnanashiRei: well again, what are you doing that you're being asked for a password?18:03
nanashiReiAnd and i'm a fan ob shell scripts that i can click to enable and disable my development environment, so these require a password. I got rid of the shell prompt with the usual NOPASSWD: sudo thing18:04
nanashiReiAnd i kinda answesered the question you ask with the fact that i'm new to this kind of environment. So i am trying all kinds of software packages18:05
nanashiReiand ... there is 5 Minutes, ofc, between installs.18:05
nanashiReiIt's interrupting my workflow pretty badly :<18:05
nanashiReii see how disabling woud be a security risk if i had ssh installed or someone would ever gain access to that notebook, but that's not going to happen since it's mounted to my desktop :x18:07
jribnanashiRei: you can keep a terminal around with "sudo -i", that will give a you shell where you can install things and such.  You can disable the password altogether with NOPASSWD in sudoers as you mention, but I wouldn't advise it. You could also increase the cache time... IMO you'll run out of things to install soon enough :)18:07
nanashiReiBut, isn't this kinda backwards, i like ubuntu, no question. But Windows 7 and Windows 8 even are less annoying in that aspect :/18:08
Zeidhi guys18:09
nanashiReiStill there is nothign better then linux to administrate other linux systems :D18:09
Zeidi'm a newbie in ubuntu and i have a couple of questions18:09
jribnanashiRei: backwards in what way?  It shouldn't be necessary to do administrative tasks every 10 minutes so that it gets annoying18:09
XtremeWizZeid: Like?18:09
Zeidi want to install ubuntu but my pc is conected to a plasma tv18:10
kvothetechZeid: which prevents installation why18:10
nanashiReijrib: i'm used to dealing with Servers. And by default i enter them with a SSH Key... so there is 1 prompt per system startup (Pagent) and that's it :x18:10
jribnanashiRei: presumably you'd still enter the password when you sudo?18:11
Zeidso what about the drivers cuz i tried once to install it and when the installation begins it gives NO SIGNAL18:11
nanashiReiIn general i don't even make use of sudo.18:11
nanashiReiother than elevating me to root with it.18:12
Zeidso i cant see whats going on!!18:12
nanashiReiZeid, finish the installation. And don't use hardware from 1999 :D18:12
nanashiReij/k after installation there is non-opensource drivers at your disposal18:13
jribnanashiRei: that's fine.  You can do that if you are in the situation where you need to do a series of things as superuser (with "sudo -i").18:13
Zeidcool so the installation process will go smooth?! right!18:14
ExxKAHey guys, I am using apt-get to install nodejs, but I can only select between version 0.6.12 and 0.8.18, but on launchpad I see version 0.6.19 and that is the usual version. How do I go about getting it?18:14
nanashiReithat brings me to the question, can i not just start my session with sudo? \o/18:14
nanashiReiExxKA: install from git.18:14
jribExxKA: what ubuntu version?18:15
jribnanashiRei: that would be *bad*.  You don't want to run things as superuser unless you have to18:15
ExxKAnanashiRei, I would prefer apt-get if that is possible, because I am using chef for the installation18:15
ExxKAjrib, 12.04 LTS18:15
nanashiReichef... reminds me of scalarizer horror -_-18:16
Zeidand i have another questions regarding sat card skystar 2 will it work ?!18:16
jribExxKA: link to launchpad?18:17
barfod\o -.    ---->    \o>-.     ---->      \_-.18:18
jribExxKA: I see 0.6.19 in quantal, but not precise.  That's probably what you are seeing18:18
nanashiReilaunchpad... i was like (O_O) when i saw "ssh-import-id"18:18
drangeoHello, I am having issues with intel ivy bridge and ubuntu 12.04 64 bit18:18
ExxKAjrib, Thanks for taking an interest. What is the difference between quantal and precise?18:19
nanashiReidon't do ssh-import-id nanashi-rei if you don't want me lirking around :D18:19
jribExxKA: precise is the codename for 12.04 and quantal is the codename for 12.1018:19
Zeidskystar 2 anyone can help?18:19
ExxKAWell.. I suppose what I wanted to say is, is quantal the standard version?18:19
jribExxKA: 12.04 is the latest LTS release, 12.10 is the latest release18:20
ExxKAThat is unlucky18:20
drangeoCan anyone help me with 12.04 and intel ivy bridge? I get GPU hung errors, and the screen freezes18:20
ExxKASo I will have to build it from source?18:20
Zeidskystar 2 anyone can help?18:20
nanashiReiExxKA: it's easy. There is git-hook solutions for this :)18:21
ncsquid22Zeid: whats the problem?18:21
Zeidwill it work on ubntu?18:21
jribExxKA: you can look for a ppa, look into backporting it (either request or do it yourself), or you can upgrade to 12.10 :)18:22
jrib!backport | ExxKA18:22
ubottuExxKA: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging18:22
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OerHeksZeid, wiki says it should work >> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TechniSat_SkyStar_2_TV_PCI_/_Sky2PC_PCI18:24
threex5Hi could someone explain to me why my clipboard is so unreliable? It seems like when I copy something, image or text, It doesn't replace what's already in the clipboard half the time and I have to copy it 2 or 3 times to make it work.18:25
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest3920
jribthreex5: perhaps you close the application before you paste?  You may want to look into a clipboard manager18:26
threex5ok does that uninstall ubuntu's built in clipboard manager?18:27
jribthreex5: does it have one by default?18:27
threex5ubuntu's documentation says that clipboard persistence is a known bug. they recommend parcellite18:27
ZeidOerHeks, cheers18:28
jribthreex5: sure, that's a good one18:28
threex5I mean I assume if ubuntu can copy/paste, there's a built in clipboard manager by default. Should I remove that?18:28
=== root is now known as Guest68686
jribthreex5: nah, the apps are responsible for what's in the clipboard, that's why if you copy something, close the app, then try to paste somewhere else, you won't get anything18:29
jribthreex5: parcellite does some nice things.  You can sync your two clipboards, you can make actions, you get a history.  It's probably worth it if you use your clipboard a lot18:30
threex5ok i'll try parcellite. do you think it's nicer than glipper?18:30
jribthreex5: I don't know.  Try both in turn and see which you like18:30
kanikiluthreex5: not sure if it applies, but when I copy some text (for example), then before pasting, do something like click-and-drag a file in nautilus to move it, the previous copied text is gone18:30
kanikilu...is there any pattern like that for you, or just random?18:30
ExxKAThank you all, I will look into backports18:31
threex5kanikilu, good to know. I haven't noticed that specifically, but I'll keep that in mind18:31
isihow to downgrade libgl-7.10.3 to libgl-7.10.2? apparently that will solve the xbmc freeze on exit "bug"...18:32
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.18:36
jhutchins_wkisi: I think that's meant to apply to a whole-system downgrade.  Not sure if there's a package downgrade capability like with yum.18:37
JokesOnYou77Hi all, how do I check what sound driver is currently installed?18:38
jrtappersHow do I change between a propietary driver and an open source driver easily?18:38
adamkYou remove the proprietary one and reboot.18:39
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
jrtappersadamk, Is there a way to switch between them? Xorg.conf or some other way?18:40
solarshey, is there an ubuntu installer download that fits a cdrom? 700mb18:40
jrtappersadamk, I need prop. for games and open for using multiple screens18:40
adamkjrtappers: The proprietary drivers install a kernel module and overwrite the open source OpenGL library and GLX extension.18:40
adamkSo, really, there is no easy way to switch between them, certainly not without a reboot and replacing those pieces.18:41
OerHekssolars, minimal iso > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD18:41
=== xiambax_ is now known as xiambax
JokesOnYou77How do I check what sound driver is currently installed?18:43
gmulak1rvgate:  I have had this happen in diff OS (espesially windoz) when it goes into sleep mode which is not playing well with the OS on wakeup.  It is usually a driver issue.  Search on that in google.  Let us know if that helps18:43
kostkonJokesOnYou77, what is your problem18:45
JokesOnYou77I'd like to install alsa drivers from the realtek site but I want to know what's currently installed first18:45
BiPolahI'm running Ubuntu 12.10 minimal in a VM using WMWare Player on Windows 7. I'm running the network in bridged mode, and when I spin up the VM my newtork connection in Windows 7 fails. Could anybody help me with this?18:46
cvsdaveUsing 11.10 -looking for wifi documentation; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkAdmin seems to be far out of date.  Is more currect available?18:46
gmulak1rvgate:  Does what I said help your issue with nothing on the laptop?18:46
kostkonJokesOnYou77, you are having sound problems?18:46
gmulak1Guess not!  :-)18:47
gmulak1monst:  hello18:47
monsthave a question about an ubuntu issue18:47
kostkon!ask | monst18:48
ubottumonst: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:48
monstmy error is "glance-common : Depends: python-glance (= 2012.2.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0) but 2012.2.1-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0 is to be installed"18:48
monstit says to run apt-get -f install to fix18:48
monstwhen I run that it wants to upgrade glance18:48
monstI DO NOT want to upgrade Glance18:48
monsthow can I get rid of the error without upgrading?18:48
JokesOnYou77kostkon, I hear crackling and noise when there is no sound playing.  I'd like to get rid of that.  Installing new sound drivers fixed the same problem in my windows install18:48
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cvsdaveIs  Ubuntu documentation at https://help.ubuntu.com/community commonly out of date?18:49
gmulak1monst:  I do not know, sorry.   Just put it out there and try askubuntu.org.  Search for an answer there if no response here--sorry18:50
kostkonJokesOnYou77, check the output of:  aplay -l18:50
gmulak1monst:  just state the question again, all at once....18:51
JokesOnYou77kostkon, I got devices, no driver info18:51
cvsdaveIs there a better channel for documentation questions?18:52
kostkonJokesOnYou77, what kind of info do you want exactly?18:52
JokesOnYou77kostkon, the current sound driver version on my system18:52
kostkonJokesOnYou77, hmm18:54
dvz-lo there18:54
cvsdaveUsing 11.10 -looking for wifi documentation; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkAdmin seems to be far out of date.  Is more currect available?18:54
snakerwrong channel nvm18:57
FloodBot1snaker: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:57
kostkonJokesOnYou77, is it a realtek or an intel card?18:58
JokesOnYou77kostkon, is't integrated, but I'm pretty sure it's realtek18:58
kostkonJokesOnYou77, do you want ot give the output of aplay -l18:59
kostkonJokesOnYou77, if you would like to give it19:00
kostkonJokesOnYou77, you can paste it at paste.ubuntu.com19:00
JokesOnYou77kostkon, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1593863/ I see what you mean.  It does say intel19:01
kostkonJokesOnYou77, right. so, it could be the classic power save problem: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tip-how-to-fix-crackling-noise-on-hda-audio-cards-in-ubuntu-9-10.html or this here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/PositionReporting. you could try both. start with the former19:03
JokesOnYou77kostkon, Cool, thank you.  I'll take a look and try and get back to you after reboot (as I'm guessing cconfig changes won't take effect til after reboot)19:05
kostkonJokesOnYou77, ok. yes, reboot after applying the changes19:05
yvahi are there some default limits in the amount of ram and cpu ubuntu allows apache and mysql to use?19:07
flintser http://paste.ubuntu.comhttp://i.imgur.com/a9MB50f.jpg19:07
ericusDoes anyone have link to a good guide for setting up a OpenVPN server on Ubuntu Server?19:07
fooloveI am having difficulty getting my bluetooth headset to work19:10
JokesOnYou77kostkon, alsa-base.config makes no mention of power-save anywhere and I don't think it's the second option as the problem isn't with playback with with static noise19:10
=== shuffleb1 is now known as shufflebot
fooloveit seems to pair but when i go to sound preferences it says waiting for sound19:10
CyLHow do I find out what packages are installed for a given server 'task'?19:10
foolovewaiting for sound system to respond19:11
kostkonJokesOnYou77, hmm19:11
kostkonJokesOnYou77, ok. you could try adjusting your volume levels, muting anything you don't need etc.19:12
JokesOnYou77kostkon, I really would just like to see my current driver version19:12
kostkonJokesOnYou77, using alsamixer.19:12
JokesOnYou77kostkon, I'm just going to install the realtek driver and see if it works19:12
kostkonJokesOnYou77, as you wish19:13
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flintserwhat do i need to do in order to see angle brackets around nicks in irssi. i use screen and irssi through ssh with putty on windows 719:15
esphflintser: that'd be something you set up through irssi's config or with scripting19:17
CyLHow do I find out what packages are installed for a given server 'task'?19:17
sianhulohey guys, I need help with vmware, I installed it and I'm trying to strat it up but it says that kernel generic module is missing(it's not), what to do?19:18
jribCyL: read /usr/share/tasksel/ubuntu-tasks.desc probably19:18
poqIs any software for web page monitoring for changes?19:18
CyLjrib: Well, already tried that files but it actually only holds the tasks descriptions19:19
flintseresph, ok thanks, i see brackets in other ssh clients so maybe it is a problem with putty after all...19:19
jribCyL: doesn't "Key" describe the packages?19:20
cvsdaveUsing 11.10 -looking for wifi documentation; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkAdmin seems to be far out of date.  Is more currect available?19:20
CyLjrib: Sorry, I don't get you19:20
jribCyL: what task do you want to know about?19:20
zykotick9CyL: does ubuntu use task-* packages?19:21
JokesOnYou77kostkon, $ cat /proc/asound/version19:21
CyLjrib: lamp-server19:22
CyLzykotick9: I'm not sure what are you talking about.19:22
zykotick9CyL: like task-web-server19:22
=== ke5pcv-away is now known as ke5pcv
zykotick9!info task-web-server19:22
ubottuPackage task-web-server does not exist in quantal19:22
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest30124
Guest30124HI! voyager 12.10?19:22
zykotick9CyL: guess not.  too bad.19:22
CyLzykotick9: You have to run tasksel19:22
sianhulonobody have tried to install vmware?19:23
zykotick9CyL: upstream has those packages, guess ubuntu removes them :(19:23
jribCyL: ah, well "Key" lists the essential packages.  Then you must query your packages to see which have the appropriate task field apparently19:23
CyLjrib: you mean doing a search on packages descriptions/titles for the key "lamp-server"?19:24
jribCyL: example: aptitude search '~tlamp-server'19:24
jribCyL: there are special fields apparently for tasks19:24
CyLjrib: Sure, that's what I was talking about. Thanks for the info.19:25
esphflintser: looks like it could be a color limitation like this: http://bugs.irssi.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=66619:25
CyLjrib: BTW last time I have used a Debian based distro, I had to stick either with apt-get or aptitude, there is still such obligation?19:26
esphflintser: in which case, changing some colors in your putty client might fix it19:26
cvsdaveare there alternative channels for support?19:26
jrib!support | cvsdave19:27
ubottucvsdave: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com19:27
SonikkuAmericaCyL: Depends.19:27
jribcvsdave: usually a project will have its own channel19:27
CyLSonikkuAmerica: On what?19:27
SonikkuAmericaCyL: You can install yum19:27
cvsdaveubottu:  isn;t this channel #ubuntu?  Then the answer is no?19:28
jribSonikkuAmerica: install yum?19:28
CyLSonikkuAmerica: Why would I install a redhat tool on a debian based distro?19:28
jribcvsdave: what do you need help with?19:28
cvsdaveUsing 11.10 -looking for wifi documentation; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkAdmin seems to be far out of date.  Is more currect available?19:28
SonikkuAmericajrib, CyL: You're asking me? I'm telling you it's possible. But why bother.19:28
jrib!wifi | cvsdave19:28
ubottucvsdave: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs19:28
CyLSonikkuAmerica: Have you read my question to jrib?19:29
SonikkuAmericaCyL: Yes19:29
jribCyL: can I ask why you asked your question by the way?19:29
=== Guest30124 is now known as Lorux
zykotick9CyL: stick with apt-get is safest option in ubuntu.  but aptitude should work, and using one or the other "shouldn't" matter.19:29
cvsdaveubottu thanks!19:30
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)19:30
SonikkuAmericaWell, aptitude has Easter eggs.19:30
nronksrWhat is the easiest way to see a grub menu (without rebooting) after adding additional kernels to set the GRUB_DEFAULT option to the desired kernel?19:30
CyLjrib: I haven't been working with debian/ubuntu for a long time, I find it sometimes easier to use apt related tools, and others aptitude, I was just afraid that would mess up with my package base the way it used to19:30
zykotick9SonikkuAmerica: so does apt-get, try "apt-get moo" sudo not required19:31
kaushalAny GUI to ping multiple servers or hosts?19:31
kaushalavailable on Ubuntu19:31
kaushalsimilar to http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/multiple_ping_tool.html19:31
jribCyL: just don't use tasksel to remove tasks.  You can actually use apt-get to intall tasks with something like: apt-get install lamp-server^   (actually I'm not sure if the ^ should be a prefix or suffix)19:31
SonikkuAmericazykotick9, did you use the v-switches19:32
jribCyL: also, I am reading documentation now and you can use "tasksel --task-packages lamp-server" to list packages19:32
CyLjrib: I don't want to install a lamp task, I'm going to run the webserver on a computer and the database server on the other. I'd just like to see what are the relevant packages for the webserver.19:32
kunjijrib: suffix, just like your example.19:32
CyLjrib: Thanks very much, I'm sorry for not getting that info from the manual.19:33
jribCyL: no problem, this way I learned about it too :)19:34
gmulak1L3top - please see private message - thanks19:34
kunjiCyL: Well, it depends, the web server itself is just Apache, though you could use other ones instead, like Nginx.  But then if you want PHP, then you'll also need PHP, or if you want PERL, etc...19:34
jribCyL: if you "/msg ubottu lamp" he gives you wiki link where the packages are listed explicitly as well19:35
flintseresph: i changed some colors and it helped, thanks :)19:35
CyLkunji: Yes, I just want to avois installing mysqlserver on the webserver19:35
kunjiCyL: Then you would install just the database, say MySQL or MariaDB on the other.19:35
noobilehi can anyone help me with an upstart script?19:35
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/19:36
kunjiCyL: It' not the installing part that's obnoxious when doing something like this, it's usually the part where you need to configure the webserver and database to talk to each other.19:36
CyLkunji: I believe this wouldn't have much difference if I was using a complete local lamp stack, is that right?19:36
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=== alanbell is now known as AlanBell
CyLkunji: I'm asking because running the database on the other machine would relief me from the burden of maintaining it19:37
kunjiCyL: I think it's not bad for MySQL, it was quite a pain for me configuring my intance of Apache to communicate with an Oracle database.19:38
=== ke5pcv is now known as ke5pcv-away
kunjiCyL: On a remote machine19:38
CyLkunji: Sure, thanks for your advice anyway19:38
=== live is now known as Guest96959
kunjiCyL: This looks applicable: http://library.linode.com/databases/mysql/standalone-mysql-server19:40
CyLkunji: Oh, it certainly is, thanks.19:41
=== daniel is now known as Guest25926
thoonai_hi mi nick is blocked :(19:46
kunjithoonai_: issues with your nick are handled in #freenode19:47
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.19:47
Roganisplop !19:48
Roganiswoops wrong chat19:48
thoonai_kunji: yeah :) thx. you dont know by chance which programm I can use for converting the output of scanimage to jpg?19:48
kunjithoonai_: What format is the output of that?19:49
thoonai_kunji: its some raw data19:50
kunjithoonai_: http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl1_scanimage.htm looks like you can output as a tiff19:51
=== moon_ is now known as moon`
moon`I installed ubuntu on a laptop 2-3 days ago and I seem to sporadically loose keyboard functionality, is this a known issue?19:52
moon`The only thing that allows it to start working again is reboot19:52
thoonai_kunji: now Ive to com from tiff to jpeg ...19:54
kunjithoonai_: GIMP can convert the tiff file, or imagemagick will as well.  GIMP might be able to handle the PNM formats, but that's a big might.19:54
oliverpHow do I get a list of available wireless networks? I've tried "iwlist" and that works - but its way too much information. Is it possible to get a simpler list of networks?19:54
johnnyfireworksanyone know about giving a usb wired mouse to work vb (virtualbox)? it micosofts standard one.19:55
musetuxGreetings All, Minor issue I was looking for some guidance on. It would seem i've somehow removed my (only) user in my 12.04 setup from all the system groups, including sudoers. any one have anyidea how to re-instantiate those privllages? Thanks for any help!19:56
zykotick9musetux: let me guess, you used usermod to try and add a user to a group?19:56
musetuxgreat quess!  or im a uber tool!19:57
sianhulosomeone uses vmware?I cant start it up, says that there is no kernel generic module19:57
zykotick9musetux: using usermod needs a "-a" to append, or you loose all other groups.  in future, using useradd is a lot safer.19:57
thoonai_kunji: thx :D19:58
adamksianhulo: If vmware is looking for one of it's kernel modules, and can't find it, it should ask you if it can install the module.19:58
musetuxthanks zykotick9, I was rushing, should have read the man oage19:58
lesshastehow do I do this? Copy prog/init/lm_sensors.init to /etc/init.d/lm_sensors20:00
lesshastewhere is this prog?20:00
natanybody i, Belgium ??20:00
natBelgium ?20:00
johnnyfireworkssianhulo,  state your question with your pc secs and your program specs. to avoid future 21 question game. and in the end you less likly not to get it fixed,because someone gave up.20:01
sianhuloadamk, I have the module installed, vmware itself suggest to find another location in the case it is somewhere else or isntall it myself20:01
=== thoonai_ is now known as thoonai
adamkI have never heard of that before.  Please show the *exact* message you are receiving.20:01
sianhuloadamk, well, wait a while because I cant' copy it, I think it would be better to take a screenshot20:02
musetuxzykotick9: would you say; time for a re-install?20:03
sianhulojohnnyfireworks, i think the only relevat information about this subject is that I have ubutnu 12.10 and kernel 3.7.0-720:04
kunjimusetux: No, boot from a live cd and chroot, add a new user.20:04
musetuxkunji:  Thank you. I'll give that a go20:05
zykotick9musetux: no.  just boot recovery and add your user back to the required groups (sorry i don't use ubuntu, so don't know what groups you need)20:05
kunji musetux: Or rather, you just removed your user from all the groups right?  So add the groups back rather than making a new user.20:05
flintserwhy not rescue and adduser?20:06
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
musetuxzykotick9: thanks that's not to bad idea, like that one too/20:07
kunjimusetux: I don't know if it's all the groups you'll need, or if you need all of these ones, but for reference my user if part of his own group (The same as the user name), adm, cdrom, sudo, plugdev, lpadmin, and sambashare20:07
kunji*is not if20:07
kunjiflintser: Hmm, rescue should also work I think.  We don't really want to adduser because it would leave his old user hanging, but he could remove the old user first and then add one with the same name.20:08
lesshastewhat's a nice graphical app to show cpu temp etc20:08
kunjilesshaste: Conky, you can write whatever lua + Cairo script you want if you want fancier graphics than the defaults.20:09
sianhuloI'm trying to start vmware but it says that the generic kernel module wasn't found, is there a way to fix this?20:10
musetuxflintser: Thank you very much for the suggestion, i may try that do to impaitents  of redownloading the .iso for a liveCD20:10
kunjilesshaste: sudo apt-get install conky  Then cp /etc/conky/conky.conf ~/.conkyrc   Or you can write your own .conkyrc, the options are further explained in the man page.20:11
musetuxflintser, kunji, zykotick9: Thank you so much for all your help, imma get cracking on this!!20:12
kunjilesshaste: You may need lmsensors or something for the temps20:12
flintsermusetux: http://serverfault.com/questions/11488/what-are-the-default-groups-assigned-to-the-first-user-in-ubuntu-server i think that info is update enough fot you to work with if you dont want to make a new user20:13
reilighaHi folks. I was running rkhunter and got this message in my logs after a warning on the check for hidden files and directories: Warning: Hidden file found: /etc/.fstab.swp: Vim swap file, version 7.320:19
reilighaI saw a couple other warnings but google told me those were false positives and that everything looks normal.20:19
jribreiligha: just seems like you didn't close vim properly after editing /etc/fstab20:20
monstseems there is a unresovable dependancy for Glance on the Ubuntu repo.20:20
reilighajrib That's probably the case. I couldn't get the :recover command to work as described by vim20:21
=== christian is now known as Guest17776
jribreiligha: #vim might help more20:21
jribmonst: "~cloud0"? what repository is this from?20:21
reilighajrib Thank you!20:22
nb-benhas anyone ever tried installing gfarm on ubuntu-server ?20:22
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!20:23
monstjrib, deb     http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise-proposed/folsom main20:24
jribmonst: have you tried not using -proposed?  Instead using -updates as in http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/cloud-archive-instructions ?20:26
flintsermonst: couldnt you just download those packages and install them manually?20:26
monstjrib I tried updates20:27
jribmonst: and?20:27
monstsame error20:27
monstI might already be in a jacked state20:27
jribmonst: pastebin command after "apt-get update" and "apt-cache policy PACKAGES" for the packages in question please20:27
Kinglethello guys, how can i do in terminal via tor? for example ssh20:28
monstjrib, http://paste.openstack.org/raw/30061/20:30
monstbtw at the moment precise-updates and precise-proposed are identical20:31
jribmonst: 2012.2.1-0ubuntu1.1 installed ok on quantal for what it's worth.  Is it ok to remove the packages temporarily?  If so, does that even work? :)20:32
Kinglethello guys, how can i do in terminal via tor? for example ssh20:33
jribmonst: oh I should say, python-glance installed ok but it seems like your issue is with glance, glance-api, glance-registry, and glance-common20:33
monstdo I need to remove a package?20:34
jribmonst: let's remove glance-common, glance-api, glance-registry, and glance for now and then install glance-common directly and see if there are issues20:35
monstI cant remove them since they are running, I need to do some distastor recovery work before I can turn them down20:36
jribmonst: hmm20:36
monstthis dependency mishap broke my system pretty good =(20:36
jribmonst: is it clear it's a dependency issue?20:37
flintsermonst: did you try to manually install broken packages? i had to do that once before everything worked out20:38
jribyes, I was going to suggest "apt-get install glance-common glance-api glance-registry glance" if you can't remove them.  There are new versions available anyway20:38
MaxwellAnyone else having trouble logging into 12.04 after updating?20:39
jribMaxwell: probably you :)  Can you say what issue you are having?20:39
MaxwellProbably me is right.  All it does is blink off the login screen, then right back to it.20:40
jribMaxwell: pastebin ~/.xsession-errors20:40
MaxwellAlright, let me try that.20:40
MaxwellWhat would be the proper syntax?  I'm getting command errors.20:44
jribMaxwell: pastebinit ~USERNAME/.xsession-errors20:45
MaxwellThank you, I'll try that20:45
jiffe98there still no way to play bluray on linux?20:46
=== sol is now known as Guest55251
jiffe98without ripping it first20:47
=== aguadito is now known as Austerity-Sucks
=== andy_ is now known as Guest36973
sdistefanohi ; I need help setting up my sound card20:52
sdistefanoI can't get it to output SPDIF20:52
sdistefanoand speaker-test -D iec958 gets me Channels count (1) not available for playbacks: Invalid argument20:52
kunjijiffe98: Huh, come to think of it, I've never tried playing one... don't even have a blu-ray drive.  I'm pretty sure that I heard it works though.  Maybe you need some stuff from the medibuntu repos?  It would be good if you let people know what you've tried so far.  This seems to be one way: http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/20:53
kunjijiffe98: Found it through this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/140080/playing-blu-ray-using-vlc20:53
kunjijiffe98: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/releases/2.0.4.html If you read the input and devices section they say they don't ship aacs and bc+drm libs and keys for legal reasons, that first site basically covers getting them20:55
MaxwellPasteninit said it was an empty file.20:57
timanybody have any idea why torrent files will not download anymore while using ubuntu but will with windows and also Linux booted from a cd20:58
timbeen this way for months20:59
shbkhello, does anyone know whether it's possible to look content of /usr/share/misc/magic.mgc in the  understood form?  I need know what magic number it uses for detecting files  for program in c++ (which is supposed to work in windows too, and I wouldn't like to use library)21:00
=== danbeck_ is now known as danbeck
kunjitim: I don't know, but more details would help others to help you.  What torrent programs are you using, can you find any logs or error messages that may be related?  Paste all the data you can find and link it.21:00
ahhdemhi, I'm having a problem.. I'm migrating some hosts from 10.10 to 12.04 and noticing some -select- bash builtins will not work with 'sudo -u user -i "cd /opt/something && ls" '   -- this previously worked on 10.10.  pushd also does not work, but strangely, umask does.21:01
ahhdemI've been reading the changelog between sudo 1.7.2 and 1.8.3 but not finding anything indicative of a default behavior change.. can anyone point me in the right direction?21:02
Static465need help with bash script, anyone ?21:02
root-_Plebeualguem ai e do brasil ?21:02
kunji!details | Static46521:02
ubottuStatic465: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:03
onefix_workStatic465: What is the problem?21:03
IOmegaZi got a quick question21:03
designbybeck__on a flash site, it wants me to click ok to accept for video/mic but it will not let me click on it in Linux21:03
kunji!ask | IOmegaZ21:03
ubottuIOmegaZ: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:03
TUplinkim so cunfused with this    initramfs-tools : Depends: initramfs-tools-bin (< 0.99ubuntu13.1~) but 0.99ubuntu13.1 is to be installed21:03
onefix_workStatic465: http://pastebin.com/ if you can put the script on PasteBin, it will make it easier to debug.21:04
IOmegaZwhen i try to to install ubuntu with ubuntu installer i get an error occurred list index out of range21:04
Static465onefix_work: i have a script which is called by: ./script.sh foo, later on i use a command which also uses $1: wc -c recovery.img | awk '{print $1}21:04
Static465onefix_work: so the $1 gets mixed up.21:05
ThreepwoodIOmegaZ: sounds like a python error :)21:05
onefix_workDid you remember to use the end quote?21:05
Static465onefix_work: yeah21:06
onefix_workStatic465: Also, try this : wc -c recovery.img | awk '{print \$1}'21:06
IOmegaZwhat shall i do?21:06
Static465onefix_work: $1 is already occupied by foo, so the awk command fails.21:06
TUplinkcan i delete /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin?21:07
IOmegaZwhat shall i do?21:07
onefix_workStatic465: Problem is that the $1 shouldn't be a problem...the braces should tell it not to treat it as a string.21:07
ThreepwoodIOmegaZ: is it this one? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119266921:08
onefix_workStatic465: You might also want to try adding "-F" to the awk command21:08
=== ke5pcv-away is now known as ke5pcv
Static465onefix_work: gonna try it, bb in a couple of mins ..21:09
onefix_workStatic465: The biggest question is does the command you are trying to run work outside of your script?21:09
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=== ctmjr1 is now known as ctmjr
morfeo_81hi there!21:17
Static465onefix_work: awk: unexpected token, printf: invalid number21:17
djznanyone using LVM here ?21:17
morfeo_81how can add the path to enviroment...?21:17
thoonaiscanimage outout in tiff doesnt work21:17
morfeo_81how can add the path to enviroment...? It is better to put in enviroment  file or in profile21:18
Static465onefix_work: http://pastebin.com/y6c0L7jS21:19
jribmorfeo_81: use ~/.profile (if you need some scripting logic) or ~/.pam_environment21:19
morfeo_81jrib, thanks so how can set more path  in onw21:20
jribmorfeo_81: what do you want to add?21:20
morfeo_81jrib, I need to give a path on /opt/software/21:21
Static465does anyone know how to circumvent the $1 in the awk/printf command: http://pastebin.com/y6c0L7jS21:21
morfeo_81jrib, I have different bin for  each program so I need to set for 5 programs21:22
jribmorfeo_81: there's an example in ~/.profile though you may want to consider just symlinking those 5 programs to some existing component in your path21:22
thoonaiscanimage doesnt work21:23
morfeo_81jrib, could you please explain me how can I do the second part..you mean ln -s?21:24
=== scott_ is now known as Guest91889
jribmorfeo_81: yes, I mean ln -s TARGET NAME21:24
[ent]how do i set a whole directory as non read only21:24
[ent]in ubuntu21:24
kunjithoonai: I'm testing right now21:25
[ent]chmod doesn't do it21:26
zykotick9[ent]: actually chmod can do it...21:26
kunjithoonai: Works for me: scanimage -d hpaio:/usb/Photosmart_C4200_series?serial=CN799MF0ZS04VP --format tiff > tiffScan21:26
thoonaikunji: thanks21:26
jrib[ent]: what directory?21:27
kunjithoonai: You device will be different of course though, but you know that, as you had it working for PNM I think.21:27
[ent]jrib any directory21:27
wellywuDoes anyone here use Rookcifer's Novell AppArmor profiles for X-Chat and Pidgin? Do they work for you?21:28
jrib[ent]: you should say which directory.  Since if you use chmod inappropriately on the wrong directory you can end up with a broken install21:28
morfeo_81where I can found  boostlib >= 1.38.0... library?21:28
zykotick9jrib: +121:28
=== jsindy is now known as monst__
kunjiActually chmod might not be able to (in the case where the filesystem is NTFS for instance)21:29
xrshaving an odd issue: when downloading files specified to save to my external hard drive, the files appear to go to the drive; they are there if i view it in thunar, but if i unplug the drive, the files are not on it, the file are instead located in /media/$user/$drive (where they would have been if the drive was connected)21:29
Linux_AlienHi, I am installing ubuntu 12.10 on a compaq presario laptop. The live system works 100% but when trying to install to drive, the install just sits doing nothing at "creating user....."it's been creating the user now for about 3 hours :( Any idea's?21:30
zykotick9kunji: good point.21:30
jribkunji: what if you suid bash? /me runs21:30
monst__jrib: sorry home internet went out21:31
monst__at the office now21:31
jribmonst__: any change?21:32
monst__still the same21:32
MacroManI've just installed 12.04 and put on gnome, but I'm missing any VPN options from the network widget. Any idea how I can get them?21:32
jribmonst__: I was going to suggest "apt-get install glance-common glance-api glance-registry glance" if you can't remove them.  There are new versions available anyway.  Also, is it clear it's a dependency issue as the root cause?21:33
kunjijrib: /me runs?  It's been too long since I've really dealt with permissions, I've forgotten anything complicated.21:33
jribkunji: may I pm?21:33
kunjijrib: sure21:33
Kinglethello guys, how can i ssh via tor in my terminal?21:34
Kingleti cannot set proxy for my terminal21:34
monst__jrib: according the rackspace guys its a dependecy issue21:34
Kinglethow should i do?21:34
monst__they seemed to think the repo was amiss21:34
Kinglethello guys, how can i ssh via tor in my terminal?21:35
Kingleti cannot set proxy for my terminal21:35
Kinglethow should i do?21:35
MacroManKinglet, Be patient, this isn't a instant answer service. No one is paid here.21:36
KingletMacroMan, i know, ok21:36
jribmonst__: oh, glance-common depends on python-glance (= 2012.2.1-0ubuntu1~cloud0) but you have the later version installed (2012.2.1-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0).  Uh, can you put up « apt-cache policy glance-common python-glance »?  I closed your previous paste21:36
=== MacroMan is now known as MacroMan_afn
jribKinglet: no idea if the docs discuss it, but you can check them out while you wait (see ubottu's message)21:37
jrib!tor | Kinglet21:37
ubottuKinglet: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl21:37
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
Kingletjrib, tor is installed in my machine, i want to ssh via tor from console21:38
monst__jrib: http://paste.openstack.org/raw/30073/21:38
jribKinglet: I understand.  I don't know how to do that, but you can browse the docs at that link while you wait for an answer21:39
kunjiKinglet: My second google result: http://www.howtoforge.com/anonymous-ssh-sessions-with-tor21:39
jribmonst__: hmm, why doesn't apt grab the 1.1 of glance-common...21:40
monst__can I do that manually?21:40
Kingletjrib, ok thanx man21:40
magdyI need to talk to some one interested in Java Programming system design and Algorithms21:40
jribmonst__: it might be trying to configure the old one before upgrading?  What versions were last working?  And are you in a position to just remove them and reinstall them at this point?21:41
monst__lets say I was able to kill this machine21:42
monst__what commands would you suggest21:42
BluesKajmagdy,I would tell you to  join #java, but apparently you must be invited first ., perhaps #freenode can tell you how21:42
monst__I am still doing some backups21:42
Star_Lighthello I want a command ... especially I want the version of find command in order to look for a c source file in etc directory..... I pushed find /etc -name "*.c" -print but I take some strange output with files like http://ideone.com/oDr4CG chatsscripts fro example is .c source file?21:43
schultzawhat is the site if your are going to post multiple line responses for use in irc?21:43
monst__jrib: yeah I can blow this thing away noe21:43
magdyThanks a lot21:43
aLeSDhi all21:43
zykotick9!paste | schultza21:43
ubottuschultza: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:43
RollinV2schultza, paste.ubuntu.com21:43
jribmonst__: well let's wait for the backups to finish. But the easiest thing to do would be to just remove all 4 of those packages: sudo apt-get remove glance-common glance-api  glance-registry glance    . Let's see if that works first21:44
aLeSDI installed nvidia drivers .. but the screen now is 3 times little21:44
monst__jrib: they are finished21:44
aLeSDand multiplied 3 times21:44
jribmonst__: alright, see if apt will let you remove those packages21:44
aLeSDsomeone knows how to solve the problem ?21:45
Kingletkunji, yes i've seen that, but theres no ~/.ssh/config21:45
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
kunjiKinglet: Ah, create it then mkdir ~/.ssh  touch ~/.ssh/config  I think it should be in the path ssh looks at.  Otherwise I think you can place those in /etc/ssh/sshd_config but that is for all users.21:47
kunjiKinglet: Also are you sure you don't have it?  Check with ls -la  as .ssh will be a hidden file.21:48
Kingletkunji, yes i'm sure!21:48
Kingletkunji, i did21:48
jribKinglet: you've never used ssh before on the machine?21:48
Kingletkunji, i'll touch, thanx, i'm trying that way21:48
Kingletjrib, yea i managed my servers via ssh at my ubuntu box :)21:49
=== scott_ is now known as Guest90542
=== tzl is now known as teazel
monst__jrib: it resolved21:53
jribmonst__: cool21:53
monst__after removed those packages and reinstalling21:53
monst__appreciate your help21:53
jribmonst__: I don't know why python-glance got installed at a later version before the rest of the things.  If you want, maybe you could try to replicate and file a bug21:53
Kingletjrib, kunji kinglet@blackbox:$ ssh root@x.x.x.x -p 2202221:54
KingletBad owner or permissions on /home/kinglet/.ssh/config21:54
nwpis anyone here successfully running ubuntu 12.10 on a 2012 model (6,1 or 6,2) mac mini? wifi I have no problem with, network will be a pain but possible, the thing that looks like being the killer is video problem.21:55
kunjiKinglet: From the man page:      ~/.ssh/config21:55
kunji             This is the per-user configuration file.  The format of this file is described above.  This file is used by the SSH client.  Because of the potential for abuse, this file must have strict permissions:21:55
kunji             read/write for the user, and not accessible by others.  It may be group-writable provided that the group in question contains only the user.21:55
Kingletkunji, jrib i created the config file in ~/.ssh and put these in it Host *21:55
KingletCheckHostIP no21:55
KingletCompression yes21:55
KingletProtocol 221:55
KingletProxyCommand connect -4 -S localhost:9050 $(tor-resolve %h localhost:9050) %p21:55
FloodBot1Kinglet: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:56
kunjiKinglet: Read man ssh_config21:56
nwpand if not a mac mini, anyone else with 3rd gen intel hd 4000 graphics got it working right?21:57
jribKinglet: ls -ld ~/.ssh{,/config}21:57
Kingletkunji, yes! i changed the perms to 644, i think it's ok now21:57
=== Brewster[afk] is now known as Brewster
Kingletkunji, thanx man, it's ok! i'm connecting to ssh via tor now. the problem was for permissions :)21:59
Kingletkunji, jrib solved. thanx guys :)22:00
kunjiKinglet: glad it worked out ^_^22:00
Slynuxhi, i need delete a mysql server22:00
monst__jrib: will do22:00
Slynuxcould yo please help me?22:01
zappiehi :)22:02
kunjiSlynux: Are you sure?  You might want to consider the words delete and server in your question.  Maybe you mean to uninstall mysql, or do delete one database from mysql?22:03
Slynuxi delete the folders by error and now i can't uninstall the mysql server22:04
zappiekunji: is there a channel on this massive server where i can talk to london ppl? :)22:04
flintserzappie: try #london22:05
Slynuxi need purge mysql in my server22:05
kunjiSlynux: try installing again, then uninstalling22:05
zappiethx flintser :)22:05
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi`
kunji!cookie | flintser22:05
ubottuflintser: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:05
Slynuxi try that but show me a dependences conflict22:05
flintserzappie: it seems that it is invite only though :D22:06
zappiethere are invites only to #london22:06
zappiey  :P22:06
kunjiSlynux: Hmm, pastebin the error, I don't know what I'm doing with dependencies but it will help for some else that does to help you.22:07
zappieflintser: and you can help me with that? ;)22:07
Slynuxerrors to process mysql-server and mysql-server5.522:07
flintserzappie: ircnet has 33 users at #london, try there ^^22:07
ubottuJoin us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk22:07
setientanyone here ever use ubuntu powerpc?22:08
setienti am going to be trying it22:08
kunjiT.T they get the good English there!?!?!  You guys might not see me again :P22:08
kunjisetient: Yes, good luck brace yourself.  You will likely encounter obscure problems and they won't be the ones I encountered, T.T22:09
setientkunji: i am used to linux/unix on non x86.22:09
setientit is an ibook clamshell g322:09
setient466 mhz of awesome22:09
zappieflintser: ok... you have a name?... from one operator on #london? i may need one..... to connect ;)22:10
petersaintsI'm getting this error "libv4l2: error turning on stream: Protocol error" with my webcam22:10
kunjiSetient: Oh, maybe they will be the same then, let me know how it goes, if all went smoothly I may dig mine out again.22:10
petersaintsany idea how to fix it?22:10
setientkunji: i am going to use this as my only laptop methinks22:10
flintserwhy'd you want ubuntu on mac22:11
setientwhy not?22:11
setienti mean i could put netbsd/freebsd/openbsd on it22:11
setientor gentoo or debian22:11
kunjiflintser: I've got Arch on mine at the moment22:12
setienthttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Official_Install_Guide_on_a_PowerPC OH22:12
setienti could do that22:12
flintserdunno, i just like the OSX. i'd install it to my pc if i could22:12
flintserzappie: if you use irssi try /connect irc.cc.tut.fi and after that /j #london22:13
flintseri dont know other ircnet servers22:13
kunjiflintser: I rather dislike OSX... and pretty much everything Apple this laptop being pretty much my only exception.22:13
flintseri have a place in my heart for apple :) i really don't know why. they are so expensive and can't do much. still i like the feel of them. and osx.22:16
flintseri just want the osx basically...22:17
setienti can't even get it to boot.22:17
setientosx is so bad.22:17
setienti hate it22:17
kunjiflintser: You're over 30 aren't you?  They used be quite a different company.22:17
setienti also miss non x86 laptops22:17
setientor desktops22:17
flintsernope. im 18.22:19
nwpflintser: if you must know, it's because the ubuntu bit is non-negotiable and I value small, quiet, reasonably priced, solid hardware. Seems they've messed up with the "reliable" on this model, but...22:20
kunjiflintser: Hmm, then I guess I don't understand your stance on Apple at all then, oh well. :P22:20
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
nwpand I can't get an intense pc here at the moment, although it may be an option soon22:21
nwpstill intel hd graphics 4000 though, hence the second question22:21
setientkunji: i have some sparc laptops too.22:21
setienti am awesome.22:21
flintsernwp: actually i'd really like a raspberry pi for that use... small, quiet, reasonably priced, dunno about reliability though.22:23
nwpflintser: although if you have any other suggestions for something that meets that description that doesn't involve Apple, I'm all ears. I have yet to see it though. Pi not fast enough.22:23
nwpIt's for a desktop, and I need to be able to run VMs on it.22:23
flintserlenovo t42022:24
nwpWhich is one reason my old 24" iMac is going out the door (4G RAM max). Also the HDD is failing.22:24
flintseri can recommend that one for sure22:24
DrGrovGood evening everyone. I am having some weird issues on 12.04. I am running Google Chrome and watched some web content via Flash and I get thrown out to the login screen once in a while. Has happened now for 1 time / day for the past few days. Any ideas what might be causing it?22:24
nwpflintser: don't want a laptop22:24
trembyhi. i've got my friend to try out Ubuntu. he has a PDF which needs javascript and Evince can't do that. i tried on acroread on my own machine and it works, so i'm trying to take him through installing it with software center. it won't show up in searches, so i've made sure he has switched on "Canonical Partners". on mine it appears, on his it still does not. i can't find how to force an apt-get update through software centre. any idea?22:24
DrGrovCould it be connected with my xorg.conf configuration and nVidia GPU? I forced 1920x1080 resolution as a modeline in xorg.conf and have not had any issues until now this past week.22:25
jribtremby: do you know the package name?22:25
trembyjrib: yes, it's acroread22:25
jribtremby: what's the output of « apt-cache policy acroread » on your machine?22:26
trembymine or his22:26
jribtremby: yours :)22:26
jribtremby: « sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy acroread »   on your friend's machine22:27
flintsernwp: http://www.tinygreenpc.com/fit-pc/intense-pc.aspx i have no experience nor can i say anything about it, but maybe that meets yout needs :)22:27
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trembyjrib: ah but on my other machine i get http://sprunge.us/aCaL22:28
trembyjrib: no, the whole point is that i don't want him to see the command line. i want to do this with software center22:28
trembyotherwise i'd just install it with apt-get for him22:28
jribtremby: just to debug the issue22:28
WBFHello everyone! I have a problem with network manager. I tried to install a network driver but it isn't working and when I say modprobe -l it doesn't list the module I Installed.22:29
jribtremby: instead of apt-get update, you can use refresh or whatever it is in software center22:29
nwpflintser: as I said, can't get it yet but may be an option soon. still hd4000 graphics though, so want to know whether people are having good results with them at all, not just on mini 6,1/6,222:29
chaos_plaguehi first time using irssi how do i turn off user join/leave channel22:29
jrib!quietirssi | chaos_plague22:29
ubottuchaos_plague: To ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS22:29
chaos_plaguethank you22:29
nwpflintser: btw see compulab.co.il for more on intense pc etc.22:30
jribtremby: because it's not clear whether the package is just not available to your friend or it is but software center is choosing not to show it22:30
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nwpthey do seem to be the only people doing what everyone and their dog *ought* to be doing.22:30
flintsertremby: is foxit reader in ubuntu repos?22:30
WBFHow do I make freenode webchat avoid join/part/quit channel in this #ubuntu channel?22:30
trembyjrib: let's debug on my other machine, where i believe i'm seeing the same thing as him22:30
trembyso my second sprunge above22:30
jribtremby: so you don't see acroread in software center?22:31
jribtremby: how about in synaptic?22:31
jbwivwindows 8 has a nice view in Task Manager where you can see a process's resource usage over time. Makes it easy to see what is abusing resources at certain points...not necessarily just at the moment (like top or the regular Task Manager does). Are there any utilities like this for linux? one that I can run and check back on in an hour and see what processes were most impactful over that time? tia22:31
trembyflintser: doesn't look like it22:31
jribtremby: I think software-center doesn't show certain packages for whatever reason22:31
trembyjrib: thing is, on my laptop i do see it22:31
jribtremby: could be because it is already installed22:32
trembyand see in the output of the command you gave me the 500 messages22:32
tremby500 is a server error22:32
jribtremby: you mean in your paste?22:32
trembyi've uninstalled it on my laptop and it does still appear in software centre22:32
trembyyes i mean in the paste22:32
jribtremby: that's normal, that's the priority22:32
DrGrovIs there any troubleshooting I can do for this Google Chrome issue?22:32
trembyoh, i thought it was an error code22:32
trembyi've 99% sure it's just because apt-get update hasn't run22:33
trembyhow do i tell software center to do that?22:33
trembyor does that apt-cache policy line tell you that's not the issue22:33
flintsernwp: now that i look at it i might buy intense-pc for home media center + running irssi and ftp servers22:34
PingITHi just got a fast question here, i can se my wtmp gets a little big, wood it be safe to ln -s /dev/null /var/log/wtmp the file?22:34
flintsernever knew those existed before22:34
thinklinuxanyone ever experienced this, was surfing the web and suddenly shows a black screen (in fullscreen) with a bunch of text scrolling down really fast...had to end up a doing a hard reboot..(ubuntu 12.10)22:34
jribtremby: correct, but if you want to you can go to software-sources in the edit menu and probably just toggle something22:35
chaos_plaguemy terminal window only shows messages in the currect screen it clears any messages that i must scroll up to see is there a way to change that?22:35
JosthynPoweralguien habla español22:35
trembyjrib: i've tried that, toggled various sources off and on and i never get an offer to update and it still isn't showing in searches22:35
jribtremby: does it show up in synaptic ok?22:35
trembybut i do aptitude search acroread and there it is22:35
trembyi didn't install synaptic yet, i'll do that now22:36
thoonaikunji: yuo are great.22:36
WBFthinklinux: was there 2 penguins? an ubuntu symbol? what was there on the top of the screen? the only time I experince that is when I boot my custom linux pc.22:36
jribtremby: not every package is displayed in software-center I think (like dev libraries).  I don't know too much about that22:36
thoonaikunji: thx. I somehow overread the --format tiif flag22:36
flintsertremby why dont you want to use terminal22:37
WBFI'm having an issue too: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1594755/22:37
trembyjrib: like i said, it is now displayed even though it is not installed on my laptop22:37
jribtremby: but it was once installed22:37
flintseri can see acroread too22:37
flintsernever used22:37
WBFand at the end it says invalid module format.22:37
trembyflintser: because i want my friend who is trying out ubuntu for the first time to never see the command line if at all possible, which it ought to be22:37
flintserhe's going to see it eventually :)22:38
trembyjrib: ok, in synaptic it appears22:39
trembythen i closed software centre and opened it again and now it appears in software centre22:39
trembymaybe synaptic forced an update22:39
trembyapt-cache policy line is identical22:39
jribtremby: weird22:40
flintserbut you can install acroreader now?22:40
trembyit appears in the software center so i assume so. it's totally retarded that it wasn't showing up before. i think it must be a bug, it's not updating after sources are changed22:41
trembyanother retarded thing is that if i search "adobe reader" it doesn't appear in the results, but i search "acroread" and it does, even though its title is "Adobe Reader"22:41
zathras_laptopapt-get is telling me The following packages have unmet dependencies.22:42
flintseryou could've just download foxit reader, it has .deb installers downloadable22:42
zathras_laptop libapache2-mod-wsgi : Depends: libpython2.7 (>= 2.7) but it is not going to be installed22:42
zathras_laptopE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.22:42
zathras_laptopany ideas how i can fix that? i sort of need mod-wsgi22:43
trembyflintser: that's also something i don't want to put him through. i want him to be able to install the stuff he needs from software centre. that's its purpose after all22:43
jribzathras_laptop: sudo apt-get update, then try again.  If it still fails, pastebin « apt-cache policy libapache2-mod-wsgi libpython2.7 »22:43
jribtremby: you should probably file a bug at least about the search (if software center isn't searching titles)22:44
flintsermine finds adobe reader if i try it22:45
zathras_laptopjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1594833/22:45
trembyflintser: yours is updated22:45
trembyso the issue, i think, is that after adding a new source it gave no option to update22:45
jribzathras_laptop: we may have to do a lot of pastebinning... output of: sudo apt-get install libpython2.722:46
cschneidDoes anybody have a good guide on locking down a web server? Jails & configs & similar22:46
flintserif i add a repo through software center it shows up22:47
zathras_laptopjrib, now pastebin won't let me paste....22:47
zathras_laptoplibpython2.7 : Depends: python2.7 (= 2.7.3-0ubuntu3.1) but 2.7.3-1+lucid1 is to be installed22:47
zathras_laptopE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.22:47
jribzathras_laptop: there are hundreds of pastebins22:47
flintserjust tried that with vsftpd with writable chroot -repo22:47
zathras_laptopjrib, think those are the lines that matter?22:47
jribzathras_laptop: yes, we are getting close.  What is the output of « apt-cache policy python2.7 »22:47
setientkunji: its booting22:48
setienti am going to install 12.10 i think22:48
setientits only got 320 megs of ram :(22:48
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zathras_laptopjrib, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1594878/22:51
jribzathras_laptop: the issue is you have this installed: 2.7.3-1+lucid122:52
jribzathras_laptop: it is not from the standard repositories it seems22:52
zathras_laptopjrib, hmm, ok, so can i remove it?22:52
jribzathras_laptop: removing python would probably break a lot of things.  You can try to downgrade but make sure you have backups just in case22:53
zathras_laptopjrib, that's what i feared22:53
zathras_laptophow do i downgrade?22:53
alcuadradoIf I create my own live-cd version of ubuntu, can I make it mount all partitions in the available disks automatically?22:56
icerootalcuadrado: that should be the default22:58
alcuadradogreat iceroot! thanks22:58
icerootalcuadrado: ubuntu is mounting all partitions by default here on my system22:58
kunjisetient: I was gone for dinner, SPARC, nice ^_^, and booting is good too.22:59
setientkunji: i am going to install it later.  i am at work23:00
kunjiiceroot: Mine does not mount all partitions by default.23:01
setienti thin i want to setup a netboot server and od it that way23:01
jribzathras_laptop: sudo apt-get install PACKAGE=VERSION23:01
kunjisetient: mmk, well, I leave this running a lot even when I'm not here so you'll probably be able to find me again.23:01
icerootkunji: from the same hdd?23:02
icerootkunji: even nautilus is showing all of my partitons (ext4, ntfs, fat)23:02
kunjiiceroot: nautilus shows all my partitions, but only / and /swap were mounted by default on my install, I added 3 others to fstab myself.23:03
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MacroMan_afnJust installed Ubuntu 12.04 and switched to gnome, but I don't have any VPN options in the network manager applet or network settings. How can I set open a VPN connection?23:04
MacroMan_afnI have options for wired and wireless settings like normal, but nothing about VPN. I've googled, but can't find anything relavent.23:05
Triupsubuntu 12.10: One of my nics has a 50% chance of coming up as p33p2.  the other 50% of the time it comes up as rename3.  How do I stabilize this?23:07
BluPhenix316i have a problem but i'm not sure which channel i should ask, I have ubuntu 12.10 64bit installed and currently updated, i did a sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop and it gets to update-initramfs and just hangs there23:09
BluPhenix316is this a #ubuntu problem or a #kubuntu problem?23:09
icerootTriups: hm, it should always have the same name  the name is defined in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules  and related to the mac address23:09
icerootBluPhenix316: ubuntu23:09
icerootBluPhenix316: but building a new initramfs takes some time23:09
backboxTrying out a new distro (Backbox) and I can't load jockey (either -gtk or -text). Getting this error: ImportError: No module named xml.parsers.expat23:10
kunjiMacroMan_afn: Umm, the ones for OpenVPN you mean right?  I don't use gnome, so I couldn't really say, maybe try their channel, or #openvpn Also I think there's a way to do it on the command line without bothering with plugins.23:10
backboxAlso, jockey is a terrible name for a program when it won't start. Makes searching through google full of horses :/23:10
flintsericeroot: mounting isnt the same as them showing up in nautilus23:10
flintserthey mount when you click them23:10
Doomhammerhi, i'm trying to connect to my network with the ubuntu livecd and it won't do it - ive tried the same cable & port with another machine, and i get a dhcp lease just fine, but not on this one - i have a realtek rtl8111/8168b23:10
flintsersorry :)23:10
Doomhammerflintser: ?23:10
WBFDoomhammer: I have the same issue as you on my ARM pc. I tried and tried to get the RTL8xxx driver to work but nothing.23:10
flintserDoomhammer: i used click copying accidentally23:10
Doomhammeroh heh23:10
agselhow to change keyboard shortcuts?23:10
Triupsiceroot, thats the weird thing...I reboot and you flip the coin.  When it loads up as rename3 it has to do the 60second timeout during booting23:10
WBFDoomhammer: mine is a 8192CU driver23:10
BluPhenix316iceroot: i understand that but 30 minutes to a hour is a long time, i am running a i7, quadcore with hyperthreading and 8gigs of ram, and its never taken longer than a minute23:11
BluPhenix316i tried update-initramfs -u -v and it gets to this line: Adding module /lib/modules/3.5.0-23-generic/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/drm_kms_helper.ko23:11
BluPhenix316 and just stalls there23:11
flintserDoomhammer: does it even recognize your card?23:11
Triupsiceroot, the p33p* and rename* do not show up there23:11
Triupsiceroot, Ill try manually entering them23:12
icerootTriups: there should be something like SUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="24:b6:fd:fc:97:5f", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="eth*", NAME="eth0"23:13
Triupsiceroot, there is a bunch of them to match the nics.  but the nics p33p1, p33p2 do not show up there23:13
icerootTriups: what should that be? vmware? xen?23:13
icerootTriups: are you using something like that?23:14
Doomhammerflintser: yeah, it shows up in ifconfig, and networkmanager tries to get a dhcp lease23:14
Triupsnope...I read thats how linux now names nics.  based on pci slot and port23:14
Doomhammerit "appears" to work, except i never get an ip address23:14
Triupsiceroot, supposedly p33p1 means pci 33 port 123:14
icerootTriups: ah ok23:15
flintserDoomhammer: can you use static ip?23:15
Doomhammerflintser: i tried that, still doesn't work23:15
Triupsiceroot, the problem comes that it doesn't always rename the nic properly to p33p223:16
Triupsiceroot, the file you mentioned does not mention anythign about these nics and sounds like it is auto-generated...has me a bit worried on how to rename the KERNEL parameter specifically23:16
flintserDoomhammer: so you can't get any connection? do you use a router or what?23:17
icerootTriups: i would just create a new line and replace the mac address and a name you want for it23:17
Doomhammerflintser: uh, i'm at an office, i really don't know what they have going on23:17
Doomhammerflintser: i verified that plugging a different pc in with the same port/cable gets a dhcp lease just fine, though23:18
Triupsiceroot, but the kernel parameter...what do I set that to?  the examples show "eth*" but I don't think this nic ever starts out as eth*23:18
flintserDoomhammer: problem might exist on the other end23:19
icerootTriups: you can even put "foobar" in it23:19
icerootTriups: its just a string23:19
icerootTriups: which is related to the mac address23:19
icerootTriups: imo23:19
icerootTriups: so eth1 for example would be fine23:19
flintsercheck your gateway on the other computer and try ro ping that?23:20
flintseri mean check the gw and then plug ubuntu back in and try pinging23:20
Triupsiceroot, I was thinking that string meant what the kernel was calling it and name is what you set it to....Ill try it out23:22
Doomhammerflintser: check the gateway in what way? other machines have an internet connection so the gateway is working apparently23:22
BluPhenix316iceroot: i found out what is causing update-initramfs to hang, but not sure how to fix it23:22
icerootTriups: that string is telling the kernel how to name it23:23
BluPhenix316iceroot: update-initramfs hangs when doing modprobe --set-version=3.5.0-23-generic --ignore-install --quiet --show-depends i91523:23
icerootTriups: so the name "eth0" comes from that file and the kernel is using that name then23:23
icerootTriups: the kernel does not use eth0 before23:23
icerootTriups: the kernel is asking udev what name should be used, so udev is generating that wil23:23
icerootTriups: and you can call it "myfunnynic0" for example23:23
flintserDoomhammer: gateway ip address. if theyre windows 7 go to network and sharing center -> change adapter settings -> right click your connection -> status -> details23:24
flintseri mean the working computers23:24
Doomhammerflintser: my gateway is, and setting that statically doesn't seem to help anything23:24
iceroot!info linux-image-generic23:25
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB23:25
icerootBluPhenix316: there is no kernek 3.5.0-23 in the ubuntu repos23:25
lucishey all, simple question. does anybody has a good analyze script for the auth.log file? . i would like to draw every host connection (failed or not) with the ip, and then run a whois on it.23:25
Triupsiceroot, I think udev might be th eone responsible for calling my nic p33p2 and rename3.  so i wonder if setting eth* will work at all...but a reboot will tell me23:25
BluPhenix316iceroot: really? i just got it today23:25
flintserif you can ping on your ubuntu machine it means the problem is most likely at the other end23:25
BluPhenix316iceroot: i always do a sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and it was in the repos i have23:26
icerootBluPhenix316: what is the output of "apt-cache policy linux-image-generic"23:26
icerootBluPhenix316: upgrade is never installing a new kernel23:26
flintseryou can try dhcpd -k at ubuntu terminal and see what it says23:26
icerootBluPhenix316: just dist-upgrade is installing new kernels23:26
BluPhenix316  Installed:
BluPhenix316  Candidate:
BluPhenix316  Version table:23:26
BluPhenix316 *** 023:26
FloodBot1BluPhenix316: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:26
icerootBluPhenix316: the lines after are interesting, please use pastebin23:27
flintserDoomhammer: or just dhcpd23:28
Doomhammerflintser: i don't have dhcpd - you mean dhclient?23:28
IOmegaZwhen i try to to install ubuntu with ubuntu installer i get an error occurred list index out of range23:29
flintseroh sorry23:29
flintserDoomhammer: that23:29
joey___Does anybody know how to get GLSL 1.5 or higher working on Intel HD4000 on Ubuntu?23:30
flintseri must go now, bus comes and cant miss that :) sorry23:30
BluPhenix316do I have a bad kernel or something installed?23:31
BluPhenix316I was trying to keep up with all of this, but now this is going beyond my knowledge hehe23:31
icerootBluPhenix316: no, everything fine, ubottu is just showing a wrong text23:31
BluPhenix316well i still can't figure out my update-initramfs problem23:32
BluPhenix316maybe i should reboot and then try again?23:32
icerootBluPhenix316: dont reboot23:32
icerootBluPhenix316: the newest kernel will probably not boot23:32
BluPhenix316if i do a sudo apt-get remove kubuntu-desktop and then apt-get autoremove will it remove the newly installed packages and return to where i was before?23:33
icerootBluPhenix316: no23:33
icerootBluPhenix316: but the kubuntu-desktop package is not the reason for the kernel-update23:33
BluPhenix316yeah but i've rebooted since the kernel update23:33
icerootBluPhenix316: i would cancel the upgrade and run "sudo dpkg --configure -a" after that i would have a look if "dpkg -l | grep -v ^ii | grep -v ^rc" is holding any packagenames, if not i would reboot23:34
icerootBluPhenix316: and when the reboot fails select an older kernel from the grub-menu and not the 3.5.0-2323:34
BluPhenix316and everything was working fine, that kernel update was earlier today23:34
WBFcan someone help me? my 8192CU drivers aren't working.23:38
WBFcan someone help me? *raises red flag*23:38
BluPhenix316dpkg --configure -a just tries to run update-initramfs again, and the output of the other command is initramfs-tools23:39
BluPhenix316it keeps hanging on: 21159 pts/0    S+     0:00 modprobe --set-version=3.5.0-23-generic --ignore-install --quiet --show-depends i91523:39
BluPhenix316but i've put i915 in the modprobe.d/blacklist.conf23:39
BluPhenix316i don't have intel gfx card23:39
BluPhenix316i have a nvidia 660 GTX23:39
dorohorohi there23:39
WBFhello dorohoro23:39
stefancthi, anyone familiar with umountfs and fstab-decode around? i am hunting https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sysvinit/+bug/110341623:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 1103416 in sysvinit (Ubuntu) "12.04 isn't cleanly unmounted" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:40
IOmegaZwhen i try to to install ubuntu with ubuntu installer i get an error occurred list index out of range23:40
dorohorocan i make mu Music folder(from home folder) to be simblic link to some other folder?23:43
BluPhenix316iceroot: adding i915 to blacklist.conf fixed it, and update-initramfs completed in just seconds23:44
BluPhenix316i'm in kde now23:44
kunjiMacroMan_afn: This might be useful: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=119943923:44
BluPhenix316for some reason the i915 modules doesn't agree with my system23:44
kunjidorohoro: I don't see why not23:45
PingITis there some way to turn of b-w-utmp files in ubuntu?23:45
icerootBluPhenix316: hm strange i am using that module without problem here on 12.0423:45
dorohoroso how23:45
icerootBluPhenix316: but good to hear you could fix it23:45
dorohorowithout deleting23:45
BluPhenix316iceroot: i'm using 12.1023:45
icerootBluPhenix316: ah ok23:45
mojtabaHi, I have ubuntu 12.10 and would like to install Nadia Cinnamon on it. Does anybody know what should I do? Is it possible?23:45
k1l_!mint | mojtaba23:46
ubottumojtaba: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:46
k1l_mojtaba: that belongs to their support. so please ask the mint guys.23:47
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BluPhenix316iceroot: i'm debating on going back to 12.04 though23:50
BluPhenix316iceroot: only reason i went with 12.10 is because this is a uefi system, and 12.10's installer had fixed a lot of issues 12.04 had with uefi23:50
kunjidorohoro: what is existing that you don't want to delete?23:50
WBFcan someone help me? my 8192CU drivers aren't working. MORE DETAIL: It's a netgear that isn't working in ubuntu even with modprobe because modprobe comes up with an error on my custom linux box.23:50
kunjiWBF: Custom linux box?  This is the Ubuntu support channel.23:50
WBFkunji:  it is running ubuntu23:50
WBFkunji: it is called custom because it's running on ARMHF23:50
kunjiWBF: Ah, ok, sounded like you were doing linux from scratch or something23:50
dorohorooriginal folder Music from home folder23:51
dorohoroso icons stay same23:51
WBFmojtaba: say sudo apt-get install cinnamon or sudo apt-get install  lxde for a lightweight desktop like mint :D23:52
dorohorojust to make him poin on some other folder23:52
mojtabaWBF: Thanks23:52
kunjidorohoro: oh, hmm I think the only difference between Music and other folders is the icon, I'm not sure how that icon is assigned.23:53
dorohorocan i somehow mount folder on folder or something like that23:54
dorohoroi did this once in windows wista when i had it23:54
mojtabaWhy ubuntu is better than mint?23:55
WBFmojtaba: their kind of equal; as in they have most of the same packages. it's your choice but I am trying to guide you.23:57
kunjidorohoro: I think the icon might not be a property of the folder, that is, I think it is handled purely in the outside apps, like nautilus, so I think just deleting Music and creating a symlink should do what you want, but there is a small chance it won't.  Maybe just move Music, (mv Music MusicBackup) and then create the symlink, so you can delete the symlink and put back music if it doesn't work the way you hoped.23:57
dorohorook th23:58
dorohoroi will try something23:58
kunjidorohoro: Or actually I can try it out, I'm not picky about the icon so it's fine if it breaks it for me and I can let you know23:59

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