grammoboycan't I just link directly to a mp3 file? http://blabla/bla.mp309:48
grammoboyso people can 'save as'09:48
grammoboyUbuntuone is slowww09:55
JamesTaitMorning all! :-)09:56
jgdxgrammoboy: from ubuntuone? In the "Files" view, click "More" on the file you want to share and then "Publish file"09:56
grammoboyjgdx, but then the mp3 plays in the browser09:57
grammoboyor is that a browser setting09:57
grammoboyno it isn't09:58
jgdxgrammoboy: you can still "save as"09:59
grammoboyjgdx, how10:00
grammoboyjgdx, when you only have the link of the file10:01
grammoboyjgdx, I know that I as owner can save as, but that's not the queston10:01
jgdxgrammoboy: depends on the browser, but when the file is playing in the browser: "File" -> "Save page as" or Ctrl/cmd + s10:01
grammoboyjgdx, ah I see, thx10:01
jgdxgrammoboy: you're welcome!10:03
gatoxgood morning!11:31
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