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smartboyhwgiuseppe__, ?12:59
giuseppe__ciao  a tutti13:00
zequencesmartboyhw: tutti in Italian means all13:06
smartboyhwzequence, sorry for my inadequate knowledge in foreign languages...13:06
zequencesmartboyhw: I only know some words because I've studied music13:08
zequencetutti is one of those words you see a lot13:08
smartboyhwzeqtest, oh13:08
zequencealso, my sister lives in Italy, so I catch some when I visit her13:08
smartboyhwzequence, why is there a zeqtest? Is it yours?:P13:08
zequenceYeah, I was testing another solution for keeping irc logged on 24/713:09
smartboyhwzequence, gee13:11
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BTDheroLump|AFK: Hi again13:54
Lump|AFKsory was down in the shop14:45
BTDheroaaaaand I'm back again15:32
BTDheroI got a first answer from the local music equipment shops15:59
Lump|AFKand it was?16:00
Lump|AFKalso be patient with me today16:00
Lump|AFKi will be back and forth alot16:00
Lump|AFKbut i will leave this window open and read up each time i return16:00
BTDheroThey don't have H2 ... but they will have soon a H1 and a H4n.  As fas as I was told, they could get me a H2n if I ask for one, at a price of 200€.16:01
Lump|AFKthe h4n will work16:03
Lump|AFKi have never used the h1, but it might be enough16:03
Lump|AFKbut if they are getting a h4n anyhow and you can just rent it16:03
Lump|AFKthat would be the easiest ticket16:03
Lump|AFKyou could use the internal mics and two external ones and end up with 4 isolated tracks16:04
Lump|AFKor you could just use the built in and do right to stereo16:04
BTDheroThe h4n would be almost 200€, I guess, so I hope I can rent it. I'll be back in a few hours16:12
Lump|AFKyeah if you are only looking to do an occasional recording that is the way to go16:20
Lump|AFKbut you need not stick with zoom brand16:20
Lump|AFKjust something like that16:20
efoxanyone have experience getting video off a canon T2i? I'm new to studio and not sure where I need to start.16:27
xrsbasicly you need GIMP and UFRaw16:39
efoxxrs: I guess i should be more specific. I'm talking about video editing... the t2i saves in .mov variable bitrate MPEG-4 AVC / H.26416:50
holsteinefox: we have the same codec support that ubuntu has16:52
holsteinefox: nothing about ubuntu/linux keeps those codecs from being used/edited16:52
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:52
holsteinsometimes, you can get the devices to make more "friendly" codecs.. sometimes, you can add support for the codecs.. sometimes you can convert.. sometimes you are not given the opportunity to use the devices you purchase with the operating system you are using16:53
holsteinin the last case, this can be *any* device on *any* operating system...16:54
efoxholstein: ok. just trying to figure it out. http://pastebin.com/qGtc2wb917:01
holsteinefox: if you have no h264 support, you wont be able to use h264... thats true of any operating system17:03
holsteinwhat would i do? try and make a friendlier format file on the camera and test17:03
holsteintry and use a known good h264 file that did *not* come from the camera17:04
holsteintry and reduce the variables and troubleshoot17:04
holsteinright now, you have a camera you dont know how well works with ubuntu, opening files you may not have ever opened on any device other than the camera that created them, in a formant that you are not sure works with ubuntu17:05
holsteini would try and whittle those variables down and try and see what is breaking down17:05
holsteinMOV: missing header (moov/cmov) chunk! Maybe broken file...17:06
holstein^ maybe its a bad file created be the camera... thats why i would try a known good file that the camera didnt create17:06
efoxholstein: i can edit perfectly fine in windows with sony vegas I just wanted to test studio out with what I had. Unfortunately, it looks like I'lll have to convert formats to make it work17:07
holsteini would try playing these files in VLC17:07
holsteinefox: or add codec support for ubuntu17:07
holsteinefox: you *cant* compare the experience in windows17:07
holsteinefox: the camera is made to work with windows and comes with support for windows17:07
efoxholstein: im installing vlc right now17:08
holsteinefox: again, nothing in ubuntu/linux is preventing sony, or anyone else from providing you a supported end-user experience in ubuntu17:08
efoxholstein: and mac17:08
holsteinefox: sure17:08
holsteinefox: *none* of that matters17:08
holsteinefox: you cannot compare a device being used on a supported platform to how it works on an unsupported one17:09
efoxholstein: i'm not trying to get into a debate about it i'm just trying to figure it out. that's all.17:09
holsteinefox: that being said, you *can* add h264 support AFAIK17:09
holsteinefox: nor am i.. i am just stating facts17:09
holsteinefox: i am not debating anythig.. the fact is, that camera doesnt provide you with ubuntu support17:10
holsteinubuntu is not allowed ot17:10
holsteinso, you are kind of on your own17:10
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats17:10
holstein^^ should tell you how to add codec support for h26417:10
holsteinthen, you should be able to pull the files off the cam, and read/edit or whatever you lke17:10
holsteinbut, the experience will not be like it was on either of the supported platforms17:11
holsteini usually just install the "ubuntu-restricte-extras" metapackage17:11
holsteinefox: we are not allowed to provide "out of the box" support for h26417:12
efoxholstein: I install the restricted-extras package first thing.17:12
holsteinefox: does it provide h264 support?17:13
efoxholstein: I'm still checking17:13
holsteinefox: i would open vlc, and open a known good h264 file17:13
holsteinsudo apt-get install x26417:14
efoxholstein: I will, i'm in the process of double checking everything right now. and I'll see what I find.17:15
efoxholstein: thanks for your help17:15
holstein!info x26417:15
ubottux264 (source: x264): video encoder for the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.123.2189+git35cf912-1 (quantal), package size 324 kB, installed size 767 kB17:15
efoxholstein: I just install x264 and no bueno... it may be a bad file. i'll record a new one and see17:18
holsteinsure, or in an effort for remove that camera from the equation, get a known good file from another source17:20
efoxholstein: bingo! bad file. Copied a new one over and it played perfectly. Now maybe I can edit it. Thank you so much!17:25
holsteinefox: cheers17:26
xrsmy sound has suddenly stopped working. i remember there being an update for alsa and some other sound related stuff since the last time i used sound on this machine.17:28
holsteinxrs: i would look into if it is JACK related, or pulse. i would just restart, and troubleshoot from there17:31
xrshaving an odd issue: when downloading files specified to save to my external hard drive, the files appear to go to the drive; they are there if i view it in thunar, but if i unplug the drive, the files are not on it, the file are instead located in /media/$user/$drive (where they would have been if the drive was connected)21:31
holsteinim not following21:31
xrs"/" is only 16 GB so the download usually errors out reporting there is no space left on the drive ("/" is full, the 60GB external has tons of space)21:32
holsteintake "downloading files" out of the equation21:32
holsteintake a file, and put it on the drive, and talk me through from there21:32
xrswell right now / has 0 bytes free cuz i started downloading an ISO (specified it to download to the 60GB external) and left to take care of some stuff. now im getting a boat load of error messages because there is no free space on /. i want to move the file to the external but accounding to the file system, its already there. if i unplug the drive, all the files disappear from the dir where the 60gb is mounted except the file i was do21:36
xrswnloading. cant move it to the 60GB cuz its "already there"21:36
xrsusing thunar i just moved a picture from /home/$user/Pictures to the 60GB and i heard it write something to the disk, the activity LED came on so i assume its really there21:39
Lump|AFKholstein: not trying to patronize you, but you seem to really get it... darn glad i met you21:40
xrsholstein,  knows his stuff21:40
Lump|AFKno doubt21:41
holsteini do what i can :) ...i wish i knew more, but im pretty good at troubleshooting, usually21:41
holsteinxrs: sometimes, i have seen "odd" things happen with the trash... not that that is happening there for you21:42
Lump|AFKi do what i can but i am more old skewl like my equipment21:42
holsteinLump|AFK: hehe.. old skewl is the best skewl21:43
len-1304xrs you may need to remove /media/user/drive as a directory so that the mounting software can mount it properly21:43
xrsi moved the external to this computer because it was doing the same thing on the computer i normally have it attatched to so its either a software issue, or theres something going on with this USB hard drive21:43
Lump|AFKlen-1304, for the record, rawks as well21:44
efoxold age and treachery my friends...21:44
holsteinyeah, im with len-1304 on that xrs21:45
len-1304strange things happen when mounting on a directory that is already populated.21:46
xrsin your opinion what would be the most likely cause?   this is the first time its been plugged into this computer, i gave it ample time for the two to talk to each other and the same problem on both systems21:46
len-1304I haven't had that problem here. I often use a USB / drive and have been able to plug in a second USB drive and write to it.21:48
xrsookay i just unmounted the drive and got a pop up notification "there is still data waiting to be written to the drive. do not unplug the device21:48
len-1304That is normal.21:49
xrsno activity from the drive21:49
len-1304That is not. Any message with dmesg or less /var/log/syslog?21:50
xrsiotop reports no throughput at all21:50
xrsojh yeah. lots of error messages21:51
xrsi suspect the drive is faulty21:51
len-1304Check all the plugs inside the case. unplug replug the drive itself inside.21:52
xrstheres the problem. broken pin on the USB to IDE adapter21:54
len-1304That would do it.21:55
Lump|AFKon another topic22:03
Lump|AFKjust noticed something about synergy22:03
holsteini want to like/use synergy, but i end up disabling networking on my audio machines anyways22:04
Lump|AFKif that gui front end starts eating all your resources on the server machine22:04
holsteinit was buggy there for a minute22:04
Lump|AFKkill it and you can still connect to clients22:04
holsteinLump|AFK: quicksynergy?22:04
Lump|AFKno don't run that per say22:04
Lump|AFKlook in sytem monitor22:05
Lump|AFKthere are two22:05
Lump|AFKmaybe it is the same as quick but i don't have that installed22:05
Lump|AFKi am running that beta deb install one22:05
Lump|AFKi am not too good with all those terms22:05
Lump|AFKbut i think quick was something different, maybe not, maybe incorporated in the latest beta22:06
holsteinand i havent checked in on synergy in a while22:06
Lump|AFKwell syunergys is still running22:06
Lump|AFKand, as you can tell, i am able to type22:07
Lump|AFKi killed the "synergy" in system monitor to do so22:07
Lump|AFKnot the first time i have dealt with it that way either22:08
Lump|AFKntl, i have to scoot atm22:09
xrsthanx 4 the help22:22
holsteinxrs: broken pin!.. sorry about that...22:22
holsteinxrs: glad you got it sorted out though... and you know whats going on22:22
xrswell at least its cheap to replace a drive enclosure. that one was older than time any way22:23

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