bizhanMonaSpamaps: Thanks for replay, where can I get more info for what upstart uses dbus? Thx 12:27
xnoxbizhanMona: the source code? =)13:28
xnoxbizhanMona: initctl uses dbus to talk to upstart. and there is also dbus interface to query status & launch stuff. in trunk there is support for jobs to start/stop on dbus events.13:29
xnoxthere is some dated information here http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/DBusInterface13:30
xnoxi'm not sure we auto-generate dbus docs or not.13:30
jodhbizhanMona: also some example here - http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#controlling-upstart-using-d-bus13:36
ah-hi, i have an embedded arm board that usually boots with sysv scripts, and instead of/after booting that I want it to chroot to a loopback image of a different distribution that's based on upstart and continue booting that16:51
ah-my problem is that I can't just chroot and start upstart afterwards, since that would mean that upstart isn't pid 116:52
xnoxuse lxc, then upstart can become pid116:53
xnoxlxc is chroot + a couple fancy tricks on top. it's the way to do stuff like that.16:53
ah-thanks, i'll look into that, seems like a good fit16:54
ah-does it require kernel support?16:54
xnoxah-: also your case sounds a lot like initramfs -> root hand over, which does also give up pid1 and let the other instance take over.16:55
ah-my real problem is that i can't/don't want to flash a new kernel/uboot config since that's a bit risky16:55
xnoxah-: lxc? yeah but pretty much any recentish kernels support that. even like android kernels and what not.16:55
xnoxcheck, you might have lxc enabled.16:55
ah-xnox: unfortunately a lot is missing: http://nopaste.me/paste/629141865510aa60037d4517:13
xnoxah-: then look how initramfs does handover.17:13
ah-i'm on it, thanks for the hint17:15
ah-xnox: great, that looks pretty much like the thing i've been searching for. i'll just omit the rm -rf / part of it and then it should be fine17:26
xnoxnp, your welcome =)17:26
bizhanMonaxnox: Thanks for your info, I am trying to catch up fast on this. One question when you say "in trunk ..."  do you mean is not part of the main release? thx17:34
bizhanMonajodh: thanks for pointer17:34
xnoxbizhanMona: yeah, that event bridge got merged into lp:upstart. We will soon have an upstart release with that feature in.17:35
xnoxbizhanMona: even sooner we might get a usable rc / testing ppa.17:35
bizhanMonaxnox: this great thanks so much. Is there a mailing list that I can subscribe to get the future development releases? thx17:36
xnoxbizhanMona: there is upstart-devel mailing list, but it has also code-review and patches going to it. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/upstart-devel17:38
xnoxbizhanMona: just announcements of new releases are via RSS https://launchpad.net/upstart/+announcements17:38
bizhanMonaxnox: thanks so much for all the info.17:40
xnoxbizhanMona: =) no problem. We are a friendly bunch here, when online ;-)17:41
ndimatteohey all, I was hoping I could get some help with an upstart job for running forever.js19:45

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