zoomok, 32 bit behaves exactly the same. so it must be something version unrelated with this laptop00:01
zoomthanks for trying anyway00:01
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PetrosHi ther. Couple hours ago I had problems with uncontrolled session shut down (after a power cut). As I cleared my .Config it is ok now (thank you guys). It appears, the crashed app is skype. I removed .skype dir and reinstalled skype using software centre - no success. Skype support forum yields no answer. Please advise.02:20
Unit193Petros: Try fully purging the application >  sudo apt-get purge skype skype-bin   then reinstall  with  sudo apt-get install skype-bin02:26
PetrosUnit193: executing...02:33
Fudgeanyone happen to have a script to get all depends to prepare for installing xfce from git02:34
PetrosUnit193: same effect - just relogged after a crash02:36
disco-eelI had a ? about kernel mods but its too chattery in Ubuntu, anyone awake05:20
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Noskcaj10congrats on being the best DE for gaming. http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1304_desktop1&num=106:16
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ochosiNoskcaj10: well, there doesn't seem to be a really conclusive result in that article07:09
Noskcaj10xubuntu generally got the best fps, just saying.07:10
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estoniahaving problems with waking computer from suspend on my nokia 3g booklet running xubuntu 12.1009:39
estoniaafter wake the screen is stripy and i only can access tty console09:40
estoniarunning command sudo service lightdm restart brings me back to log in screen and everything is as normal09:41
estoniaany suggestions?09:41
xubuntu894hllow xubuntu users09:45
estoniahaving problems with waking computer from suspend on my nokia 3g booklet running xubuntu 12.1009:47
xubuntu894Do somebody know advice me with me ace aspire one d270, i instaled xubuntu but i have problem with startx, there is problem to sreen found09:48
xubuntu894how or where i can find some info about gma365009:49
estoniahaving problems with waking computer from suspend on my nokia 3g booklet running xubuntu 12.1010:03
knome!patience | estonia10:05
ubottuestonia: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:05
qwertz_any estimates on which xfce will make it into 13.04?11:02
qwertz_oh actually i see 4.12 pre1 has been released!11:03
qwertz_damnit, that was 4.10 pre1 :(11:04
koegsqwertz_: 4.10 is final11:05
koegsand 4.10 is in 12.1011:05
qwertz_okay, so the devs have explicitly decided against 4.12 in 13.04?11:06
Unit193qwertz_: It won't be released in time.11:08
qwertz_Unit193, that's a pity...11:09
qwertz_i thought this time they targeted a xubuntu-friendly release-schedule...11:09
knomethat's not their main goal11:10
dydzEz2_i got a new ultrabook, is xubuntu a really easy install, basically i just shrink my current w8 OS (I use for games and office and some other software) and use that new space for xubuntu in the gui installation?11:25
dydzEz2_i have questions about updates, using grub. When a new version comes out, like 13.xx -- how do you upgrade from 12 to 1311:25
dydzEz2_will you be able to do it within the OS11:25
knomedydzEz2_, the installation should go that smoothly11:26
knomedydzEz2_, upgrades from releases to others are easy, and yes, you'll definitely be able to do it within the OS11:27
dydzEz2_ok thanks11:27
dydzEz2_i guess ill just secure my wireless driver for linux11:27
knomemaking backups of what you have before installing is never a bad idea11:28
dydzEz2_knome do you recommened unetbootin?11:29
dydzEz2_yeah of course11:29
knomei haven't used it myself11:29
knomeif you download the ISO, you can use the live CD to see if your hardware works out of the box11:29
knome(there are also ways to make a bootable usb stick out of the ISO, if you don't have an optical drive)11:30
dydzEz2_i have to use a usb stick11:31
dydzEz2_i got a x1 carbon ultrabook from lenovo11:31
koegsgot the same :)11:32
dydzEz2_i know theres like 2-3 good usb installers like unetbootin and universal usb installer or something11:32
dydzEz2_oh yeah?11:32
koegsworks like a breeze11:32
knome!usb | dydzEz2_11:32
ubottudydzEz2_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:32
dydzEz2_isnt it such a nice feeel11:32
dydzEz2_did everything work out of the box?11:32
koegsdydzEz2_: yes11:33
koegsi use 12.10, but i think 12.04 LTS should work also11:33
dydzEz2_thats great11:33
dydzEz2_imma do updates then make a w8 backup then do this11:33
dydzEz2_i guess ill use lenovos backup tool11:33
dydzEz2_thanks for the advice11:34
knomedydzEz2_, good luck and have fun :)11:34
dydzEz2_knome, one more thing, do you think I should go 64 bit11:59
dydzEz2_since we have the same laptop, i know you'd be very helpful in this answer12:00
knomedydzEz2_, it was koegs who had the same laptop :)12:01
dydzEz2_oh lol12:01
dydzEz2_64 bit or 32 bit12:02
koegsi use 64bit on every OS as long as the CPU supports it12:02
dydzEz2_alright 64 bit xubuntu it is12:02
dydzEz2_is there really any reason not to get 12.10?12:13
CHIexHello, I am new to Linux, looking for distribution. Could you give some tips which would be good for a new user?12:14
knomedydzEz2_, if you want longer support12:14
CHIexwhat is the difference between XUBUNTU and UBUNTU?12:14
knomeCHIex, xubuntu would suit you well, for example12:14
CHIexknome: WHY?12:14
dydzEz2_knome: wont i eventually just able to do just upgrade to the newer version anyway12:14
knomedydzEz2_, yes, but if you go with 12.10, you'll have to upgrade all the releases between12:15
knomedydzEz2_, from 12.04 you can jump straight to 14.0412:15
dydzEz2_so going with 12.10 just takes more downloading time12:15
knomeCHIex, the main difference is that xubuntu uses xfce as the desktop environment, ubuntu uses unity12:15
knomedydzEz2_, well, not *right now* :)12:16
knomedydzEz2_, 14.04 is released in april 2014...12:16
dydzEz2_im fine with just getting  12.10 if it lets me have the drivers12:17
dydzEz2_ill do live cd tests12:17
CHIexso if something goes wrong or I dont know, I could ask in UBUNTU forums? They seem to have larger support so that might be useful sometime12:17
knomeCHIex, some of the questions are xubuntu-specific, but many are not12:17
dydzEz2_btw when i can dl 12.04, theres an "alternate" link -- whats that for12:17
knomeCHIex, so yes, in many cases, you can12:17
knomedydzEz2_, that's the non-graphical installation with a few extra installation options12:18
knomedydzEz2_, you'll need desktop if you want to do live cd tests12:18
CHIexso what are CONS and PROS of Xubuntu?12:18
knomeCHIex, compared to what?12:19
CHIexto UBUNTU, SUSE and MINT12:22
dydzEz2_oh knome, so these links at getxubuntu are just pure installation12:23
knomeCHIex, can you please not shout (eg. not write in CAPS)?12:23
knomeCHIex, xubuntu is lighter than ubuntu.12:23
knomeCHIex, the difference between xubuntu and suse/mint are more notable, what's the best depends on your needs12:24
CHIexpardon about that12:24
knomedydzEz2_, hmm, which ones?12:24
knomedydzEz2_, both desktop and alternate will install the same system (unless you use one of the extra options with alternate)12:25
CHIexwell I want stuff to be easy, installing without problem, good support, for older computer, for watching videos, support for software and drivers12:25
knomedydzEz2_, for 12.10, there's only desktop ISO's12:25
dydzEz2_yeah i downloaded destkop12:25
dydzEz2_ok so im good12:25
dydzEz2_ill be able to test the live CD12:25
dydzEz2_ill just use unetbootin or whatever from12:26
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:26
knomeCHIex, define "older computer"? how much ram do you have?12:26
knomedydzEz2_, yup, good luck :)12:26
CHIexI dont know, I havent bought it yet12:26
CHIexI would also use it for downloading podcasts, sometimes for more days in a row12:26
knomeCHIex, if you have 512MB or less, you might want to look at other alternatives such as lubuntu or even more lightweight ones12:26
CHIexno, I will have much more RAM12:27
knomeCHIex, in that case, xubuntu should work well for you12:27
CHIexthe same software and drivers that work on UBUNTU work on XUBUNTU too?12:28
knomeCHIex, yes, since they share the same core12:28
knomeCHIex, you can see if everything works before installing with a live cd12:29
CHIexwhat about installing? would it be difficult or would I need to do command line stuff sometimes?12:29
CHIexwhat is the same as in Ubuntu and what is not? What is the difference?12:29
knomeCHIex, command line is optional for the vast majority of basic tasks12:29
knomeCHIex, as i said, xubuntu uses xfce while ubuntu uses unity (they look and feel different)12:30
knomeCHIex, xubuntu also has a different set of default applications, though everything that is available in ubuntu is also available in xubuntu (and the other way around, naturally)12:30
dydzEz2_perfect, checksums are valid12:31
dydzEz2_im good to go after i backup and update windows12:31
knomeok, i need to get some fresh air (and take out the garbage)12:46
knomewill be back later12:46
MoL0ToVhi to all! i attached 2 monitor on my graphics board. now i see same thing on both display. howto set the extend, not cloned mode?13:56
koegsMoL0ToV: which gpu/graphics card?13:59
MoL0ToVan ati14:00
MoL0ToVATI RV515 [Radeon X1300]14:00
ochosiMoL0ToV: you can either use xrandr (commandline), install arandr (GUI) or add a PPA to get the new xfce-display dialog that'll enable you to use the socalled "extended desktop mode"14:01
ochosior if you use proprietary ATI drivers you'll get the ATI display-dialog, with which you can do that as well14:02
MoL0ToVno free14:02
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent14:03
MoL0ToVErrore di XRandR:14:03
MoL0ToVXRandR returned error code 1: xrandr: cannot find crtc for output VGA-014:03
freedomrunok I think the time came to admit and say that14:09
freedomrunhelp! help!14:09
freedomrunxfce session random restarting problem ..14:13
dydzEz2_a question about using lil usb creator, what does setting up a persistence mean14:14
dydzEz2_what benefits does it have14:14
dydzEz2_i set the whole drive to persistence14:14
dydzEz2_does this mean  i can use it as a live cd and also install it onto my internal hard drive14:15
dydzEz2_it just lets me make changes14:16
dydzEz2_but the install file should still be there14:16
finite9I installed xfce4 on my Ubuntu 12.10 server to get a basic desktop, but it seems to be a vanilla xfce.  What major components do I need to install to get it roughly similar to what Xubuntu is?14:30
freedomrunsudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop -y14:32
freedomrunfinite9, ↓14:34
dydzEz2_got 221GB on my main OS on my x1 carbon ultrabook, how much shoulld i put up for xubuntu14:41
dydzEz2_imma just have to two OS14:41
dydzEz2_i mainly need linux for GNU software for LaTeX14:41
recon_lapdydzEz2_: depends, But i'd suggest 40gb as a reasonable starter size.14:53
hostwiil xubuntu 12.04.02 get xfce 4.10?15:04
koegshost: nope15:04
koegsyou can get it via the ppa15:05
xubuntu865hi, how can i install both libxerces-c-dev and libxerces-c-dev:i386 on a 64-bit machine?18:51
xubuntu865does anyone know how can i install both libxerces-c-dev and libxerces-c-dev:i386 on a 64-bit machine?18:56
knome!patience | xubuntu86518:57
ubottuxubuntu865: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:57
holsteinxubuntu865: no need to repost18:57
holsteinxubuntu865: if one of the volunteers can help, they will.. let me link what i used to install 32bit lightscribe in 64bit ubuntu 12.0418:57
holsteinxubuntu865: it looked a lot like this http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-install-a-32bit-programme-in-64bit-ubuntu/ ,though i seem to remember it being more automated last time i set it up18:58
daswortmy xubuntu 12.10 doesnt show the printer applet. Is that related to the messaging-menu bug?20:24
holsteindaswort: what are you looking for?21:13
daswortholstein: `system-config-printer-applet`, i can start it without errors, but i cant see it anywhere21:16
holsteindaswort: whare are you trying to do?21:17
dasworti want the little tray icon, when i use the printer21:18
holsteindaswort: sure... for what?21:18
holsteindaswort: to see what printed or not?21:18
holsteindaswort: to cancel printing?21:18
holsteinwhats the goal? what is happening and what do you want to happen?21:18
holsteindaswort: have you tried as a differnt user?21:18
daswortto access system-config-printer-applet easily21:19
daswortholstein: no, but i will21:19
holsteindaswort: it doesnt start anything for me, but i dont know that i care, or need it21:20
freedomrunaaa help help21:21
freedomrunxfce session randomly restarts21:21
freedomruncan someone help me diagnose this maybe someone had similar situation?!?21:21
holsteinfreedomrun: i suggest trying a another user to remove your user config from the equation.. try and see what triggers it.. stop using any compositors you might have added and test... look for upgrades... purge ppa packages21:22
freedomrunholstein, thnx but I tried almost all .. could it be lightdm related?21:24
freedomrunalso ia32libs problem .. this is 64bit xubuntu21:25
holsteinfreedomrun: then, just finish trying, so that you can say i have tried "all"21:25
holsteinfreedomrun: if you have pacakge problems, that could be it.. i usually run "sudo apt-get update" and troubleshoot errors21:26
holsteinfreedomrun: running as another user can help determine this.. it can let you know if its a system-wide pacakge related issue, or your config21:26
freedomrunholstein, thnx I`ll try again as another user21:27
freedomrunholstein, ok it looks like user related isue I did a switch user and there nothing bad happens .. man can`t find this critical one21:35
holsteinfreedomrun: i usually just move everything out of /home and test again, and start putting things back i need, til i find the issue, or i find i dont need the things i moved21:41
freedomrunholstein, thnx man .. I guess I`ll have to move everything (this is work comp) on a backup and restore after clean install ... will spend cca 4-5h, need to be ready in the morning21:43
holsteinfreedomrun: i would just move it out, test as that user, and put things back21:43
freedomrun250 GB?21:44
freedomrunor just config files?21:44
holsteinfreedomrun: the issue is, if it *is* your config, and you move/backup your /home, it will still be an issue when you restore your /home after a fresh install21:44
holsteinfreedomrun: i would do just the .config files.. not the data..21:44
freedomrunholstein, ok21:44
freedomrunholstein, I ment to restore only data after fresh install no configs21:45
holsteinfreedomrun: cool.. i only wanted to clarify, so you didnt think you necessarily had to fresh install21:45
freedomrunI remember some thing pulled in half of stupid gnome3 stuff as a deps21:45
freedomrunI never wanted that in xfce21:46
freedomrunbut I made an error21:46
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