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bobsapphi guys is there a way to embed the revision number inside source code files?10:09
bobsappcool thanks xnox10:11
fullermd'keywords' is the search phrase you want to use (at least, when I started typing that, before xnox chimed in), but the answer in practice is 'not really that'.10:11
fullermdThe usual solution is something in a build process using 'version-info' or the like.10:11
xnoxccxCZ: there was also a script in one of the "hosting" bzr docs to do gito-lite type authentication, where only a single user "bzr" exists with shell set to that script.10:12
bobsappI was thinking if that was the right thing to do.  esentially im trying to set the version number of my app in a javascript file.10:12
xnoxand then one could limit bzr to one dir and/or specific keys to limit to that repo.10:12
ccxCZxnox: thanks, I'm writing my own wrapper script since I'll be runing more than bzr. the regexp in the bzr_access seems reasonable, so I guess I'll replicate that in shell10:56
ccxCZI don't need accounts, I'm just making sure the dir is within the allowed sandbox10:57
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warrenI haven't used bzr in nearly 2 years.  Now wondering what happened to bzr-gtk.11:25
warrenIs it replaced by another tool, or merged into?11:25
gmarkallwarren: run 'bzr visualise' i think11:31
jelmergmarkall: 'bzr visualize' is a part of bzr-gtk11:36
jelmerwarren: bzr-gtk is still bzr-gtk, not replaced by anything or merged11:36
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ScottKIs there a document that explains how to set up a bzr repo remotely accessible via bzr+ssh where not all users have shell accounts on the host?19:41
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xnoxScottK: yes. there is a script in the admin book about setting that up.20:03
ScottKWhere do I find the admin book?20:04
xnoxScottK: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/bzr.2.5/en/admin-guide/security.html#using-ssh20:05
xnoxScottK: not sure if it's the right page.20:05
xnoxbut somewhere there was a: gitolite equivalent for bzr20:06
ScottKIt's definitely part of the answer.20:06
xnoxAlso "gitolite bzr" is good keyword to find it.20:06
warrenerror: can't copy 'credits.pickle': doesn't exist or not a regular file20:26
warrenfailure during setup.py install of bzr-gtk-0.104.020:27
ubot5Launchpad bug 397526 in Bazaar GTK+ Frontends "0.96.0, 0.99.0 tarball does not contain credits.pickle" [Critical,Fix released]20:29
warrenforget it..20:39
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