frankbanhi benji: could you please review https://codereview.appspot.com/7299057 ? quick one13:01
benjifrankban: sure13:01
frankbanbenji: thanks13:01
* frankban lunches13:01
benjifrankban: looks good13:04
gary_posterbenji, once you get 1110823 landed please get me the jenkins username I emailed everyone about yesterday13:10
gary_posterbcsaller same for you13:11
gary_posterand hi btw :-D13:11
benjigary_poster: sure13:11
benjiyow, I decrypeded the GPG message and I got a MIME document with a base64 encoded tgz; this is like some sort of geek obsticle course :)13:17
gary_posterthunderbird handled that part transparently fwiw13:17
gary_posterthunderbird + enigmail that is13:18
benji"VERIFY ERROR: depth=1, error=self signed certificate in certificate chain"13:23
bacfunny mine wasn't double tarred like gary's13:27
gary_posterSo far I've waited 15 minutes for juju status to return after a canonistack bootstrap :-/13:30
benjigary_poster: user name: "benji"13:34
gary_posterthank you benji13:35
benjiheh, I like the weather metaphore13:35
gary_posterhey hazmat, I'm trying to get canonistack working with juju, both for general good practice and to be able to dupe what the CI is going to do.  I followed the wiki instructions for juju+canonistack AFAIK, and I can bootstrap, but juju status still doesn't return , 25+ minutes ago.  output from juju --verbose status isas follows: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1616631/ .  Does that suggest any problem/remediation to you?13:41
gary_posterthat ssh to seems to not be working out so well...13:42
hazmatgary_poster, can you log into the machine with ssh13:42
hazmatgary_poster, which region and which provider?13:42
hazmatone of the regions requires 'openstack' and one 'openstack_s3' 13:42
hazmatgary_poster, i think 02 is swift, and 01 is s313:43
gary_posterhazmat, openstack provider, per https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/IS/CanonicalOpenstack/QuickStart .  Using default region, which I think is 0113:44
hazmathmmm.. maybe that's a red herring13:44
gary_posterssh timed out13:47
gary_posterah-ha, matsubara improved my .ssh/config.  looks like it might work now...13:48
gary_posteryes, all's good.  Will include follow-up in email13:50
hazmatgary_poster, cool13:59
hazmati just updated the quick start doc to remove some extraneous config bits13:59
gary_posterhazmat, should I add the snippet I gave in the email for step 4 to that quick start?  Maybe recent ssh instructions elsewhere include that, but iwbni the quick start were self-sufficient, I think14:07
gary_posterSpecifically, I also needed this:14:07
gary_posterHost 10.55.58.* 10.55.60.* 10.55.62.* 10.55.63.* *.canonistack *.canonistack214:07
gary_poster    ProxyCommand ssh chinstrap.canonical.com nc -q0 %h %p14:07
gary_posterI only had that for 10.55.60.* before14:08
hazmatgary_poster, sounds good to me14:09
gary_posterk will do hazmat14:09
=== bcsaller_ is now known as bcsaller
bcsallergary_poster: do you have some time for a call soon?14:47
gary_postersure bcsaller.  9:55 or 10:00 ok?14:47
bcsallergary_poster: yeah, ping me when ready14:47
gary_posterwill do14:47
gary_posterbcsaller, jujugui is open14:59
gary_posterbac benji frankban goodspud hazmat Makyo teknico call in 115:29
gary_posterhatch hi :-)\15:29
benjiguihelp: has anyone seen this error when running "make test-prod"? Error: extend failed, verify dependencies (http://localhost:8084/juju-ui/assets/all-yui.js:116:02
benjithe tests pass when run in the browser16:03
Makyoteknico, Anything I can do to help?16:10
teknicoMakyo, yes, thanks, call?16:11
Makyoteknico, Sure.  The old juju-ui hangout is free.16:12
benjidarn, my test failures are due to some change made during review; traking it down now16:47
dweaverQuestion: How do you use juju-gui with local charms repository.  I can see in assets/config.js: charm_store_url: 'https://jujucharms.com/', Can this be set to a local file location like the juju option --repository or is there another way to support local charm repos?18:32
dweaverAny help will be appreciated :)18:33
Makyoguihelp, ^^^18:38
Makyodweaver, I don't believe there's current support for a local repository, but I've not tried the method you've suggested.18:38
hazmatdweaver, at the moment its not supported18:38
hazmatdweaver, the gui will work with local charms once their deployed18:38
bcsaller(via the cli)18:38
hazmatbut we don't have a local program that you can run that will give the endpoint interface that the gui needs at the moment18:39
hazmatits an interesting discussion point.. at the moment if the gui is deployed over ssl most browsers will ignore sub resources..18:39
hazmatthat aren't ssl.. the exception seems to be websockets..18:39
hazmatbut its unclear if thats just a transient quirk.. if its not we can do local charms over websocket.. else.. i'm not sure what options there are18:40
hazmatsince/because the local program can't present a valid cert for itself running on localhost..18:41
dweaverOK, thanks, that answers my query, it is a query coming from HP, so it is likely to be a future requirement, so probably worth thinking about how we're going to achieve it.18:42
dweavereventually, anyway :)18:42
hazmatnp... so nutshell local charm search no.. manipulation/introspection of services deployed with local charms are fully supported18:43
gary_posterhazmat, for one story, charm might be hook point for something we could do.  You tell the charm about your local server, and it proxies it for you.  We could have it served from /local/* .  Similar proxying could be done in other stories.18:46
hazmatgary_poster, local host differs between the proxy and the client..18:46
hazmatand nat/firewall prevent remote_ip usage18:47
gary_posterhazmat, yes, for this to work, charm would have to be able reach your machine18:47
gary_posterso limited value, but perhaps some18:47
hazmattoo many cases where it won't work to be a solution.18:48
gary_posterfair enough18:48
hazmati think just pushing forward with the websocket gives us a possible universal answer.18:48
hazmatbut it would be good to verify/research why this browser behavior exists.18:48
hazmatie oversight or reasoned18:48
hazmatsounds like recent firefox may not allow it.. from some quick googling..18:51
hazmatgary_poster, alternatively we have the user separately accept the websocket cert from localhost18:51
hazmatin their browser as a crappy but nesc requirement18:51
hazmatand documented18:51
hazmatand then we can avoid the websocket and just make it  a  parallel impl 18:52
hazmatof the existing search rest backend18:52
gary_posterhazmat, ack, may be best we can do.  Although, for big companies as mentioned above, it may not even be a big deal to put it behind a real cert.18:53
gary_postersounds a bit like other plans too though18:54
hazmatbcsaller, would you be up for sanity checking a mind twisted txzk branch ?18:54
hazmatdweaver, gary_poster, for them (big) i have other plans.18:55
bcsallerhazmat: sure18:55
gary_posterhazmat, understood18:55
dweaverhazmat, sounds exciting!18:56
hazmathatch, welcome on board!19:02
hatchthanks :)19:02
hatchHi everyone19:02
hatchMy name is Jeff and I hate long walks on the beach19:03
gary_posterjujugui, ^^^ :-)19:14
Makyohatch, o/19:14
bachi hatch19:16
bcsallerhazmat: send me a link to what you want reviewed when you're ready19:20
benjihi hatch19:25
hatchHey, looking forward to getting started19:26
hazmatbcsaller, its got some debug junk in it.. which i'm cleaning up.. but ignoring those the rest is ready https://codereview.appspot.com/7307051/19:28
hazmathmm.. that diff is wierd..19:29
hazmatbcsaller, not sure why reitveld is getting the diff wrong19:38
bcsallerhazmat: too much?19:38
hazmatbcsaller, yeah.. way too much19:38
bcsallerhazmat: good, it was looking like quite the branch19:39
hazmatodd. even lp gets it wrong.. 19:40
hazmattrunk shows the managed.py but both are treating it as a new file19:40
hazmatin the diffs (reitveld and lp)19:40
bcsallerhazmat: if you don't get it working in the next few minutes I can try to generate it locally at the cost of some of the inline review comments19:42
hazmatbcsaller, i'm just going to go back and work on yanking the debug bits for now.. maybe just hold till tomorrow till i can get this clean19:43
bcsallerhazmat: thanks19:44
hazmati was hoping to get it in for some of the drill work that people are doing.. but they seem to have other concerns atm19:44
benjigary_poster: do we want to put some kind of user or branch details in the sauce labs jobs?  Like say user name and branch nick?19:58
gary_posterbenji sounds nice19:59
benjik, it'll be easy to do19:59
bacgary_poster: the approach i thought looked promising didn't actually work.  i'm talking with curtis now to see if he has any brilliant thoughts20:12
gary_postergood idea bac20:12
benjidarn, grabbing the branch nick doesn't make any sense because the tests don't know that they are actually running against that branch20:29
benjigary_poster (and all other reviewers): https://codereview.appspot.com/730005420:36
gary_posteron call20:37
gary_posterbenji land with changes20:58
benji"converting browser tests into runes" -- lol20:59
gary_posterbcsaller, am I right that there's no juju facility to somehow automatically associate elastic IPs, a la https://wiki.canonical.com/InformationInfrastructure/IS/CanonicalOpenstack#Obtaining_a_Public_IP_Address?  If not will simply suggest we script with the euca-* commands21:03
gary_poster(this is for automating CI using Juju, Jenkins, and Canonistack)21:03
hazmatgary_poster, can i grab you for some gui charm debugging?21:09
bcsallergary_poster: I don't think the providers do anything special for elastic IPs. You get the public one provided but things like Amazon's elastic ips are provider specific and I don't think we had a general facility for that. I think associating an elastic IP changes the public address though  21:16
gary_posterhazmat, sure.21:16
gary_posterbcsaller, cool, thank you21:16
hazmatgary_poster, for openstack there is a facility for using an elastic ip21:17
hazmatbut it enables it everywhere21:17
hazmatand there are not that many21:17
hazmaton an account21:17
gary_posterhazmat enabled even for the bootstrap?21:17
MakyoI remember running into this when I was setting up canonistack.  Was keeping the websocket address from being set properly, correct?21:18
hazmatgary_poster, yes21:18
gary_posterhazmat, ok thanks.  I'm in jujugui if you want to meet there, or can move to juju-ui21:19
hazmatgary_poster, i'm trying to setup something remote with the drill team.. i'll ping again when its happening21:19
gary_posterMakyo, ah, I bet you are right, but I was simply trying to make it so that sauce labs can even see the charm at all21:19
gary_posterin an automated way21:20
Makyogary_poster, ah, yeah, definitely.  I found that even with a public IP, though, the 'public  address' as reported to juju was still the canonistack address.21:20
gary_posterhazmat ok21:21
gary_posterMakyo, :-( .  Did you use use-floating-ips or the euca approach?21:21
Makyogary_poster, euca.21:21
Makyogary_poster, so maybe floating IPs might help there.21:21
gary_posterMaybe the other approach will work better.  Will try both.  Yeah, thanks for warning21:22
hazmatwe could slim down charm deb installs considerably21:25
hazmatby considering what the active config options are21:26
hazmatie. if stable don't most of the pkgs, if not staging don't need zk, etc21:26
hazmatwe should also move the download off launchpad and onto a cdn21:28
hazmatits quite slow to download from lp21:28

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