AlexZionhi everyone, I need some info about where to find few config file of KDE environment , usually starting from ~/.kde folder I guess ....00:16
AlexZionlike for example , config about plasma and plasmoids .....00:18
apacheloggerAlexZion: hey, #kde might be able to help you there00:21
AlexZionok apachelogger I will ask there, but you may can halp me with another info...., to get a 13.04 distro daily full upgraded , should I add some extra repo once installed a 13.04  available here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ ? 00:30
AlexZionthanks apachelogger, I'll try to play around "default settings" to propose a different one for the new release .... :)00:34
AlexZionyeah apachelogger, I think it should be much more "New User" oriented ...., but maybe you already read some my idea on the mailing list ....  00:45
AlexZionapachelogger:  what about QML , do you think could be even possible build an applications to manage config file !?!00:51
AlexZionbecause I could even try myself with it ... :)00:51
apacheloggerAlexZion: an application to manage config files?00:52
AlexZionsomething like !! , just for me and to learn  both .... for now .....00:53
AlexZionI guess QML is very nice even to prototype an apps .... 00:54
AlexZionsayng maneging config file , I mean few key settings , and even manage it with some preset ....  00:55
AlexZionwouldn't be nice !?!00:55
apacheloggerwe have that, it's called systemsettings :P00:57
AlexZionreally !?! :D 00:58
AlexZionlet's say...., taking few settings , something about 20/30 settings, and manage it with a some preset , could be very usefull in my opinion...00:59
AlexZionfor example I'm pretty sure would be a problem to manage the size icon of any application , just because there isn't a centralized config for that , at least until  12.1001:01
AlexZionwell , so it's perfect ....01:05
AlexZionapachelogger: do you think would be difficult to implement a "presets system" on systemsettings ? 01:09
AlexZionof course not the entire systemsettings ....01:10
apacheloggerwell, we kind of have that already01:10
apacheloggeri.e. kubuntu-settings-low-fat, kubuntu-settings-desktop etc.01:10
apacheloggerthey are essentially presets 01:11
apacheloggerso, no, it would generally not be hard, but it really depends on how you would want to do that01:11
AlexZionwell, but they are more about tecnical settings ...., what about aspect or functionality , effects and so on ...01:11
apacheloggerI am afraid I do not know what you mean by 'functionality' and 'effects'01:12
AlexZionand in any case , would be amazing having it with a simple switch button ....01:12
AlexZionok , I mean windows behavior, plasma behavior, applications aspect, desktop effects, workspace aspect 01:14
apacheloggerthat is exactly what those packages are about01:15
AlexZionI know , but what about a centralized preset system for that !?! , I mean a custom mode , and as presets as we need .....01:16
AlexZionwhy not?, I mean , it should be all about config management .....01:17
AlexZionof course working on great and solid base already there ....01:18
sakangwow 4.10 stable is out!01:21
sakanglooks like they are 5 days old by looking at the timestamp.01:22
apacheloggerwho's old?01:24
sakang4.10 sources01:25
apacheloggerwhy yes, tagging was 5 days ago ;)01:25
sakangmeaning there wasn't any bug(s) since then?01:26
apacheloggermeaning there weren't any release blocking bug reports since then01:27
AlexZionanyway system settings is the same for 32, 64 and mac version right ?01:27
AlexZionyeaah , so I think it can be something relatively simple to do , and it would give a good benefit, even thinking about activities could use it ..... 01:29
apacheloggeractivities have a preset system01:31
AlexZioneven for those settings !?!01:31
AlexZionbecause if so , is already there what we are talking about ....01:33
apacheloggerI do not know.01:34
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Mamarokclaydoh: giovanni_re is back, should we set him to moderation before he does all that crossposting stuff again?04:09
Mamarokhis mail looks more like an add for Mac screens than a real question04:09
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shadeslayerapachelogger: did you release package tomahawk yet?09:25
shadeslayerand no one has uploaded KDE 4.10 yet .. hmm09:26
shadeslayerI'll wait for Riddell to upload those09:30
apacheloggershadeslayer: no09:42
shadeslayerapachelogger: mind uploading 4.10?09:42
apacheloggeraccordign to the notes it has not been tested09:42
shadeslayerRaring 4.10 hasn't been tested?09:42
shadeslayerI don't think that's true09:43
shadeslayerbut I'll test it09:43
shadeslayerit'll take some time though09:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: as for Quantal and Precise I know they've been tested09:48
shadeslayerbut the etherpad is out of sync09:48
* apachelogger has quite the neck pain09:48
shadeslayerwith reality :P09:48
shadeslayerapachelogger: should I copy quantal/precise to backports?09:48
shadeslayeror beta backports? or both09:48
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah I was wondering, cause I wanted to publish last night as I couldnt sleep anyway09:48
apacheloggershadeslayer: you do the testing :P09:49
shadeslayerI'm testing for raring09:49
shadeslayerno precise/quantal machines09:49
shadeslayerand even raring will take some time09:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: I can't upload today anyway09:49
apacheloggerearliest tonight09:50
Peace-:) hi 09:50
apacheloggerhi Peace-09:50
shadeslayerget an EC2 instance?09:50
Peace-i was able to compile plasmate finally 09:50
shadeslayerthe micro ones are free for a year :P09:50
apacheloggerdunno nothing about that :P09:50
apacheloggerin a running session that seems a bit weird Oo09:51
apacheloggerUsage: kopypackages [-h|-n|-q|-c <credfile>] (-a |-p <package> |-b <batchfile>) ppa:fromPPA (from_release|all) ppa:toPPA (to_release|all)09:57
apacheloggerthat's very readable09:57
apacheloggershadeslayer: do we have kscreen in raring yet?10:01
apacheloggerI wonder if we should backport it10:02
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone10:12
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'll update tomahawk10:12
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: good evening. Yesterday i had power failure in my home, the main meter got burned, thats why i got disconnected suddenly . sorry10:13
shadeslayernp :)10:13
apacheloggerwhich reminds me that I need to SRU pgst10:13
shadeslayermm yes10:14
apacheloggerwhich reminds me that pvlc is completely and entirely out of date10:14
apachelogger0.6.0 is in the archive10:14
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: i am working on the tomahawk debian/copyright10:14
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: its the one in the blue-shell branch right?10:14
apacheloggerI'd redo it from scratch though10:15
apacheloggeri.e. I did not actually verify the copyright file myself10:15
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: is there a deadline for it?10:15
apacheloggerfeature freeze ^^10:15
phoenix_firebrdapachelogger: ok. I am doing it from the scratch 10:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: copy initated for p and q10:17
apacheloggermeanwhile I got in a hackish mood :D10:18
shadeslayerdafuq, dpkg-source: error: add src/libtomahawk/playlist/._XspfUpdater.h in debian/source/include-binaries if you want to store the modified binary in the debian tarball10:18
shadeslayerdpkg-source: error: unrepresentable changes to source10:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: oh?10:20
shadeslayerwhat did you do10:20
apacheloggerbreak phonon mostly10:20
apacheloggeralso that error looks like you did an in-source build?10:20
apacheloggeror tomahawk's cmake is broken and it does soemthing in-source in an out-of-source build10:20
shadeslayerall I did was grab your beta package10:21
shadeslayerdownload the tar10:21
shadeslayerfrom here : http://download.tomahawk-player.org/tomahawk-0.6.0.tar.bz210:21
shadeslayercopy packaging bits10:21
apachelogger>>> git diff master phonon5 | diffstat -s10:21
apachelogger 186 files changed, 345 insertions(+), 11987 deletions(-)10:21
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: "copy packaging bits" means?10:22
shadeslayer cp -aR tomahawk-0.6.0~beta1/debian tomahawk-0.6.0/10:22
shadeslayerthis src is fscked10:26
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Riddellooh upstream release day10:29
shadeslayerRiddell: did you QA raring packages?10:34
Riddellyep, all good for me10:35
Riddellshall I upload?10:35
shadeslayerah, yes :)10:36
shadeslayerno one updated etherpad10:36
shadeslayerwhich is why apachelogger didn't upload10:36
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shadeslayerRiddell: btw, just a question, can I upload those new tars?10:42
shadeslayerthe split kdegames and everything10:43
shadeslayerare those in the Kubuntu Dev packageset?10:43
shadeslayerbecause I wasn't sure if they were, which is why I didn't upload them10:43
Riddellshadeslayer: I'm afraid I don't know10:44
Riddellthere's a way to find out, but I forget that too10:44
Riddellme fail10:44
RiddellI'll ask cjwatson10:44
RiddellI'm running kubuntu-archive-upload now10:44
Riddellhi Mirv 10:53
Mirvhi Riddell 10:54
jussiooh, its a Mirv! Hello Mirv!10:59
Riddelljussi: care to introduce us?11:01
jussiRiddell: you don't know Mirv? 11:01
RiddellI don't know, introduce us and maybe I will11:03
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jussiRiddell: Mirv is a canonical employee that used to work where I currently work. Not sure of his area of interest at canonical just now, but Im sure he will tell you that.11:08
jussiMirv: is otherwise known as Timo Jyrinki11:08
shadeslayerapachelogger: uploaded to staging11:14
shadeslayeralso copying build deps11:15
yofelshadeslayer, Riddell: that's our current packagset: http://paste.kde.org/665912, if that has everything we should be fine (I don't think that's the case)11:21
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | Raring Alpha 1 Released | Packaging TODO: http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas
Riddellyofel: how did you get that?11:28
yofelbzr co lp:ubuntu-archive-tools11:29
yofelthere run ./edit-acl -P kubuntu -S raring query11:29
Riddellthat's the one11:30
vassiemorning all11:30
Riddellhi vassie, not on holiday?11:30
phoenix_firebrdvassie: morning11:30
vassienot yet, fly out tomorrow night11:31
vassiecan't wait11:31
vassieloving 4.10 btw11:31
Riddella colourful wallpaper makes all the difference11:31
vassieit really does :)11:32
yofelnow get some beatiful color icons and it'll be great11:32
yofelnot sure what everyone likes about these monochrome ones11:32
phoenix_firebrdi the monochromes11:32
Riddellwhich monochrome ones?11:32
phoenix_firebrdi like the monochromes11:32
yofelRiddell: the tray icons11:33
yofelok, they're not too bad11:33
phoenix_firebrdits consistent with all the themes 11:33
yofelbut I'm a pretty color focused person, so keeping those monochrome icons apart always takes a split second longer11:33
Riddellyes, it does make telepathy very easy to find but klipper takes longer11:34
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: +11:34
phoenix_firebrdthere should be an option to highlight icons11:35
Riddellactually the main problem I have with the systray is that notification popups have no visual connection to a systray icon11:36
Riddellso you put in a usb drive and it pops up but you want it to go away, the user has no idea to click on the solid icon to make it go away11:37
Riddellagateau: that's my nomination for last mile ^^11:37
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: does kde has a user test program , something like the ubuntu's program?11:38
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: the usablity test11:38
agateauRiddell: good point11:39
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: usability not so much since celeste got busy elsewhere11:39
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: recently i read about a survey done by someone about  icon usage11:40
Mirvjussi: hi jussi :)11:42
jussiMirv: Heya Timo, been a while :)11:43
MirvI've been working with Debian recently on Qt5, and Qt5 is what brings also a migration of Qt4 to the new upstream tool qtchooser. so raising the topic a bit in case someone hasn't yet noticed it.11:43
Riddellhum, suddently I've a nasty feeling I said I'd look over something for fabo and didn't11:44
MirvI e-mailed/pinged Riddell and Tim Gartner (latest uploaders), but for example ScottK may not have heard about it11:44
Mirvthe Qt4 part of qtchooser migration is on offer at https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/kubuntu-packaging/qt4-qtchooser-migration-raring/+merge/146090 - approved by fabo so far11:44
Mirvand it's identical in changes to what I've done together with pkg-kde at http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-kde/qt/qt4-x11.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/experimental11:45
Riddellmm that was probably it :)11:45
Mirvsome ideas like the default package thing adapted from Sune Vuorela even though he's not in the changelog11:45
MirvRiddell: :)11:45
Mirvjussi: my area of interest right at the moment has been this, Qt 5 :)11:48
RiddellMirv: where does the qtchooser package come from?11:48
Riddellis it a separate package to be packaged up?11:48
MirvRiddell: the Thiago's release directory is linked in the merge request, but more precisely https://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtchooser - yes, a separate package that has been packaged11:49
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jussiheya Quintasan11:55
RiddellMirv: looks good browsing over it, what's the next steps?11:55
Quintasanmikhas: ping11:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: you dont need to copy build deps11:58
MirvRiddell: the next step would be to get qtchooser and qt4-x11 into raring, after which we could start with qtbase and continue from there regarding Qt5. didrocks will be helping with Qt5 uploads and we'll go over those packages once more. I'm just updating to
apacheloggershadeslayer: I made staging dep on regular thingy11:58
MirvRiddell: the order of components is roughly http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1616169/ ...11:58
shadeslayerapachelogger: nope11:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://i.imgur.com/LmsVehs.png11:59
* apachelogger blinks11:59
apacheloggerI am 100% sure I added it12:00
RiddellMirv: I think I'd rather not upload qt4-x11 for some hours, we have a KDE 4.10.0 release today and I'd like that to be up first12:00
apacheloggershadeslayer: I definitely did not copy crap12:00
apacheloggerlunchpad :@12:00
shadeslayerI've copied it now12:01
mikhasQuintasan, pong12:01
RiddellMirv: but qtchooser can go straight up, where's the packaging?12:02
RiddellMirv: just the one here? https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta-proper/+packages12:02
Quintasanmikhas: so, with Iain's help I've got maliit into Debian and Ubuntu, this went better than expected12:03
Quintasanmikhas: I will just maintain maliit in Debian and we kill two birds with one stone12:03
MirvRiddell: right, just thought about it and pushed https://code.launchpad.net/~timo-jyrinki/+junk/qtchooser12:04
mikhasI am about killing birds as efficiently as possible.12:04
mikhas*I am all about12:04
Mirvthe only changes to Debian are version number, the Conflicts line and maintainer12:04
Quintasanmikhas: Will there ever come the day when I can use maliit on Android?12:04
RiddellMirv: oh so just a sync?12:04
Mirvindeed what https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-proper is12:04
mikhasQuintasan, depends on where Wayland is heading, right now.12:04
RiddellMirv: no can sync, it's not in debian12:05
mikhasPersonally, I am not interested in Android.12:05
MirvRiddell: it's not uploaded into Debian yet. with all the release process going on, there wouldn't be much happening with NEW queue anyway. but I've worked all of my "Ubuntu packagin" so far that it's all identical to Debian git aside from the version number and maintainer fields12:05
mikhasQuintasan, is there a e-mail message or such that confirms it has been accepted?12:05
RiddellMirv: that's the way to do it :)12:05
Mirvbut we need to have "-0ubuntu1" version numbers since they haven't been uploaded to Debian yet12:06
MirvRiddell: yes it is.. we've tried to do this as directly in Debian as possible, especially since I've my Debian hat12:06
Quintasanmikhas: AFAIR it's in Debian NEW and in Ubuntu -> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maliit-framework12:06
Mirvso I joined pkg-kde earlier12:06
Quintasanmikhas: http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/maliit-framework_0.94.1-1.html12:07
Mirvwith Qt5, we have 3-4 patches lying around that should be upstreamed and that I've so far considered Ubuntu specific and not pushed into Debian git12:08
mikhasQuintasan, want to announce this on Maliit ML?12:14
RiddellMirv: sounds like you're doing all good stuff, there's a question of where to keep the qt packaging in ubuntu in version control, we use ~kubuntu-packagers for qt4 which you'd be welcome to join or we could start a new team or try and not have anything ubuntu specific (but that never works alas)12:15
Quintasanmikhas: I think I can but I'm not really good at being all official and whatnot :D12:15
RiddellQuintasan: now's a good chance to learn :)12:16
MirvRiddell: certainly I could join kubuntu-packagers, there are enouh teams already12:16
mikhasQuintasan, I just did a quick post: https://plus.google.com/111638192127727919330/posts/8x22gbAmtDZ12:17
QuintasanScottK: Any idea how can I get coresspodning dsc file from http://ftp-master.debian.org/new/maliit-framework_0.94.1-1.html ?12:18
Mirvwhen KDE starts to use Qt5, there will be probably some changes again compared to Debian at some point in time12:19
ricktimmisRiddell: Do you have a minute, I wanted to run a query by you in regard to the Uscan script ?12:19
Mirvand also if we need some Ubuntu specific patches that are not upstreamable (hopefully not)12:19
Riddellricktimmis: sure12:20
Mirvbut for historical reasons I think Kubuntu is a good home for Qt packaging ;)12:20
Mirveven though Qt is now used a bit here and there12:21
ricktimmisRiddell: thanks, So I have a script that downloads Sources, but many of them are not returned by apt-get sources instead it references Git, Bzr, Svn repos for the latest source archives. Does the script need to then download them from those archive, because if it does that's strike me as being a very difficult programming problem ?12:22
ricktimmisRiddell: What happens also, is that it seems plenty of source don't appear to have Watch files, so uscan returns nothing, does that matter ?12:23
Riddellricktimmis: many packages will have lines saying where the packaging is held in vcs, that's only interesting if you're working on the packaging, for this script it needs to care about what's in the archive because that's what will be out of date12:24
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: I am working on the copyright file for tomahawk and i have come across a class file. this is the header of the class file http://paste.kde.org/665948/ should this file be ignored or else what should i take for copyright info12:25
Riddellricktimmis: apt-get source will still do this even if it also says "please use bzr://foo"12:25
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: you can ignore that12:26
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok12:26
Riddellricktimmis: if they don't have a watch file then it should probably be added so your script should just say "missing watch file"12:26
shadeslayerit's an autogenerated file12:26
claydohMamarok: I think we should, numerous past incidents warrant it, methinks. Plus, he may get a better answer on hardware in one of his other crossposted lists. 12:26
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ya12:26
Mamarokclaydoh: OK12:26
claydohMamarok: sorry  for being slow, worked another overnight. Sunrise feels like sunset right now lol12:27
Mamarokno problem, I will moderate him12:27
ricktimmisRiddell: Right, OK this has been very useful, thanks I shall carry on. I'm still a little confused by the output from apt-get sources, but the man pages will fix that, so leave it with me. Thanks again12:29
Riddellricktimmis: when updating the package there's no reliable way to know if you should get the packaging from the archive or whatever version control someone keeps it in, but the point of this script is to keep the archive up to date so that's what it should do12:30
Quintasanmikhas: should I post to maliit-announce@lists.maliit.org ?12:31
mikhasjust maliit-discuss@12:32
mikhasmaliit-announce is under moderation ;-)12:32
mikhaswell, send it to both12:35
mikhasI'll probably allow your e-mail ;-)12:36
ricktimmisRiddell: Ah right a little confusion again. Sudden thought, is the script comparing a local sources.list of packages against a local sources.list of source code. What I mean it should the script be doing apt-get update, apt-get upgrade, apt-cache redepends, apt-get source, test watch files, run uscan, output. Is my thinking of the overall program flow correct please ? 12:37
Riddellricktimmis: yes I think that's correct12:38
Riddellit means it needs to be run on an up to date machine or chroot but that's ok12:38
Riddell4.10.0 going up12:38
ricktimmisRiddell: Ah ha, OK that's reassured me that I'm approaching it in the correct way, thanks.12:39
Riddellricktimmis: it's comparing what's in the archive against what uscan and watch files considers the newest upstream version12:39
Quintasanmikhas: sent :D12:46
* Quintasan tried to be official and whatnot12:46
mikhasQuintasan, you might get a lot of bug reports early on.12:46
mikhasPerhaps I should have told you before =p12:46
Quintasanmikhas: Like I did get in this whole stuff without expecting this much :D12:47
mikhasWhere will bugs be reported?12:47
mikhasI doubt all bugs would go to bugs.maliit.org, that wouldnt make much sense if it was distro-specific12:47
Quintasanmikhas: Hmm, I forgot to mention that, well, you can either email me or Iain if it's a problem with packaging12:48
Quintasanmikhas: if the code does not work good then it's not really my fault ;)12:48
mikhasI can live with that.12:48
QuintasanAt this stage we don't really do anything about your code, ie. no patching12:48
QuintasanThe general policy is trying to keep the code upstream as much as possible12:49
apacheloggerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/maliit-framework is where bugs go :P12:49
Quintasanapachelogger: implying we have enough people to sort this...oh wait I'm the maintainer12:50
* Quintasan hides12:50
mikhasQuintasan, thanks a lot for your effort.12:50
mikhasapachelogger, ok12:50
* apachelogger wonders why phonon's player class includes qdatetime :O12:50
Quintasanmikhas: You have to thank Laney for uploading it to Debian though, he did some work on his own and the end result is a merge of our work.12:51
QuintasanI was about to push it into Ubuntu only but then Laney told me that he would be happy to work with me on this12:51
RiddellQuintasan: you know he took all the credit for it in the work items :)12:52
mikhassuch is life12:52
mikhasQuintasan, I know the real story though ;-)12:52
QuintasanRiddell: Really? Well, whatever, not that I really mind it though.12:53
QuintasanWell, I don't mind it enough to get angry over that12:53
QuintasanRiddell: oh, there are two blueprints containing maliit, I guess that rewards both of us :P12:55
Riddelleveryone's a winner12:56
apacheloggeryou'll both get promoted to senior blueprint implementer; more work and same pay.12:56
mikhasI would suggest less pay12:57
phoenix_firebrdgoing out, bbl12:57
Quintasanmikhas: I already get nothing :D12:57
apacheloggeryou'll have to pay us to work on kubuntu12:57
* Quintasan shakes fist at apachelogger12:57
apacheloggereveryone's happy12:57
QuintasanI'm going to take half of your earnings12:58
apacheloggerRiddell gets some more tablets and you get work on more blueprints :P12:58
Riddellhey there's a blueprint for tablet things!12:58
apacheloggerdo we have a blueprint for multimedia?12:59
QuintasanRiddell: about PMC, it works but I'm not sure we want it into archive12:59
QuintasanI tested it quite a while ago but I don't think much changed12:59
RiddellQuintasan: mm it's still full of problems last I tried13:00
apacheloggerput the qt media center thing in, it's very neat13:00
Quintasanapachelogger: only if you package it :P13:00
Riddellyeah that should be packaged too13:00
QuintasanRiddell: so, we want a package for PMC?13:00
apacheloggerQuintasan: no, I am fixing phonon by breaking phonon13:00
RiddellQuintasan: well only in a PPA probably13:00
jussiQuintasan: half of Riddell's earnings is like 10x what you should get anyway :P13:00
Quintasanjussi: gibe moneyz pls13:01
Riddellgosh, harsh13:01
Quintasanapachelogger: >apachelogger13:01
Quintasanpick one13:01
Riddelljussi: the helsinki city atmosphere is not improving your manners!13:02
Quintasanas expected13:02
jussiRiddell: haha, I like teasing Quintasan :P :P 13:02
* jussi hugs Quintasan13:02
* Quintasan pats jussi13:02
apacheloggeryofel: u saw my msg on broken newpackage?13:02
QuintasanIt seems like you have too much free time jussi, you could go back to working :P13:03
* apachelogger tells jussi and Quintasan to stop flooding13:03
jussiapachelogger: w13:03
yofelI did, just no time to figure out a proper solution. (Other than making strings out of both values)13:03
jussiapachelogger: h13:03
jussiapachelogger: a13:03
jussiapachelogger: t13:03
jussiapachelogger: ?13:03
apacheloggerthat does it13:03
* Quintasan tells apachelogger to either break or fix Phonon, not both at once13:03
jussisorry, Ill be good :)13:03
apacheloggerread that13:03
apacheloggerthen tell me what it says13:03
apacheloggerQuintasan: to unbreak what is broken one needs to break it first, then throw it away and start from scratch13:04
Quintasandoesn't that look for all stuff mentioned here?13:04
apacheloggerit's the circle of life^Wsoftware13:04
Quintasanand if one of those is not found then it will fail13:04
Quintasanwhat's wrong with that?13:04
apacheloggerQuintasan: say I add two dependencies, what will happen?13:07
Quintasanapachelogger: you will have to add them there?13:07
Quintasanto the if I mean13:07
apacheloggersay I then add an alternate dependency, e.g. instead of libxml2 you can also build with libxml3, what will happen?13:08
shadeslayerassuming CMake can handle the braces and what not13:09
apacheloggeryour or caused breakage, we are getting there :P13:09
apacheloggerQuintasan: now say one variable changes name and we add another dependency, what happens? :P13:10
Quintasanmore changes to the if13:10
apacheloggerhow long is the if now? :P13:10
Quintasanlong long13:10
apacheloggermore like unsigned long long actually :P13:10
apacheloggeris that good13:10
Quintasanunsigned long long long even13:10
Quintasandunno, if that's what you need to get it working13:10
apacheloggeris it?13:11
Quintasanis there a way around it?13:11
apacheloggersure there is13:11
apacheloggeryou could store all the vars in a list and loop evaluate that13:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: is it just me or is seeking in tomahawk not working wiht pgst 463?13:13
jussiagateau: ping when youve a minute please PM me.13:13
apacheloggershadeslayer: local files13:13
QuintasanRiddell: I'll do a quick pacakge of PMC and upload to Experimental okay?13:22
ScottKQuintasan: You can't.13:22
QuintasanScottK: Oh, I see. Well, I just wait for it to get accepted13:23
ScottKIs it important to get it quickly?13:23
QuintasanScottK: Not really, I just wanted to have a local copy of what's in Debian13:23
ScottKI'd just ask whoever uploaded it to publish it elsewhere for you to grab.13:24
BluesKajHey all13:31
RiddellQuintasan: isn't there one already somewhere?13:32
QuintasanRiddell: Is there? I don't remember doing anything13:34
=== jackyalcine is now known as zz_jackyalcine
RiddellQuintasan: dunno just search on launchpad, maybe not13:34
QuintasanRiddell: I think I'm done13:42
RiddellQuintasan: that didn't take long :)13:43
QuintasanIt's a simple package I think13:43
Mirvpushed qtchooser and Qt5's qtbase to under kubuntu-packaging as first steps13:44
snelekde 4.10 works great in precise. thank you guys for backporting it13:50
Riddellsnele: tested from ninjas?13:50
RiddellMirv: awooga13:50
sneleRiddell: I beleive i got it from beta ppa13:51
snelewhere rc3 was13:51
Riddellsnele: ah that's just rc313:52
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'll have a looky loo13:52
Riddellsnele: fancy being a tester for 4.10.0?13:52
Riddelloh looks like it's in backports already13:53
sneleRiddell: It is 4.10.013:53
Riddellsnele: great thanks for testing13:54
Riddellsnele: could you mark it on http://notes.kde.org/kubuntu-ninjas ?13:54
QuintasanRiddell: pmc packaged and uploaded to experimental, should be done shortly13:56
sneleRiddell: how to mark it? :) 13:57
BluesKajok good I'll have to switch to my 12.10 install and check it out 13:58
Riddellsnele: under Precise remoave "needs-packaging" and add "tested from backports snele"13:58
Riddellhi smartboyhw, where had you got to with calligra?13:59
QuintasanRiddell: It's a snapshot from git so I can update it every now and then13:59
shadeslayerapachelogger: wfm13:59
smartboyhwdamn that is a whole lot .install files to fix...13:59
smartboyhwRiddell, trying to complete it.13:59
smartboyhwRiddell, do you have a fast machine and run debuild off https://code.launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/ubuntu/raring/calligra/2.6.0-0ubuntu1 ?14:00
sneleRiddell: done14:01
Riddellsmartboyhw: want an ec2?14:02
Riddellsnele: thanks14:02
smartboyhwRiddell, need to:)14:02
smartboyhwThe build will fail but that's exactly what I need14:02
smartboyhwRiddell, can I access the files of ec2 after build?14:02
sneleRiddell: do you plan to backport kscreen to precise? 14:03
Riddellsmartboyhw: you can do whatever you like, it's just a server14:04
smartboyhwRiddell, good then I want one:)14:04
Riddellsnele: I've no plans for that no, volunteers welcome as ever14:04
Riddellsmartboyhw: ubuntu@ec2-23-22-18-255.compute-1.amazonaws.com14:06
smartboyhwRiddell, how to connect? You know that I knew nothing about ec2s:P14:06
Riddellsmartboyhw: that's one of the expensive ones so make sure to tell me when you're done14:06
Riddellsmartboyhw: ssh14:06
smartboyhwRiddell, how do I use it?14:08
Riddellsmartboyhw: like any other computer14:08
Riddellsmartboyhw: you know how to use a command line?14:09
smartboyhwI know14:09
Riddelle.g. you can use the command wall to send a message14:09
smartboyhwDamn I can't bzr branch that calligra one14:10
Riddellsmartboyhw: what are you trying?14:10
smartboyhwRiddell, getting the calligra thing built14:10
Riddellsmartboyhw: yes but specifically what command14:10
* smartboyhw is a idiot on servers14:10
smartboyhwRiddell, bzr branch that specific branch14:11
Riddellsmartboyhw: so you're running  bzr branch lp:~smartboyhw/ubuntu/raring/calligra/2.6.0-0ubuntu1 ?14:12
smartboyhwRiddell, yep14:12
Riddellsmartboyhw: you'll need your .ssh key and .bazaar settings to make it work14:13
Riddellsmartboyhw: you can just copy those to the server but you must never let me have access to your secret .ssh key so you need to kick me off first14:13
Riddellwhich you can do by killing my ssh connection or bash instance14:14
smartboyhwRiddell, I give up then..... it's really difficult to do so14:14
Riddellsmartboyhw: no it's not, it's just a few new things to learn!14:14
Riddelldon't give up!14:14
smartboyhwRiddell, I exited already14:14
smartboyhwI might try to put the source up into PPA though afterwards:)14:14
Riddelltsk, you'll never become an elite hacker if you give up that easy14:15
Quintasan1337 m4d hax00r skills are acquired through constant effort!14:16
smartboyhwRiddell,  don't try will try in another day14:17
smartboyhwNow I wanted calligra out a.s.a.p. especially since the translations are out I think14:17
apacheloggerQuintasan: is that so?14:19
apacheloggerQuintasan: http://paste.kde.org/666050/14:19
apacheloggerwhat's that if do? :P14:19
vassieRiddell: did my cantata package get fixed?14:20
vassieRiddell: if not i'll fix it when i'm back14:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: that is just screwed up code14:20
Riddellvassie: I don't think I saw phoenix doing that yet14:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: is that just sample code?14:20
apacheloggerthat is production code :P14:21
shadeslayeror is that actual code used in .. OH MY GOD14:21
vassieRiddell: np, i assume it's an easy fix14:21
Quintasanapachelogger: >!!b_old_video != !!b_video14:21
Quintasanwhat the14:21
Quintasanholy mother of god14:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: why?!?!14:21
Quintasanapachelogger: what the hell are you doing in the multimedia lands?14:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: cause it is cool :P14:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: no it's not :P14:22
snelepfff I already found regression in 4.10. Spacing in notification pop-up is wrong/bad  http://www.dodaj.rs/f/2P/9W/VBg08YJ/snapshot1.png14:22
Quintasancouldnt you make14:22
Quintasan!!b_old_video != !!b_video14:22
ubottuQuintasan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:22
Quintasanb_old_video != b_video?14:23
Quintasandouble negation ususally yields the same thing14:23
shadeslayerusually? :D14:23
Quintasanshadeslayer: I can imagine the double negation is used there for some reason14:24
Quintasanor they do it just to make their code horrible14:24
shadeslayerdidn't apachelogger just say that it's used to make them cool :P14:24
shadeslayerQuintasan: I think they get drunk at Randa and write all of their code14:24
QuintasanI can QUITE imagine that14:25
shadeslayerthen they release it in incremental bits so that no one suspects foul play14:25
Quintasanapachelogger: We've discovered your evil plot!14:25
apacheloggeryou are all crazy14:29
apacheloggermaking conspiracy theories like that14:29
shadeslayerthey're not crazy, they're true14:30
Riddellsmartboyhw: still there?14:30
smartboyhwRiddell, yep. Now I'm putting the fixed package onto a PPA to build14:30
Riddellsmartboyhw: ok, I have it on the ec2 server as well if you want to build it there14:31
apacheloggerQuintasan: what if it had been C? :P14:32
Quintasanapachelogger: how that would be different?14:32
smartboyhwRiddell, wait for a minute14:32
Riddellsmartboyhw: ssh ubuntu@ec2-23-22-18-255.compute-1.amazonaws.com14:33
Riddellsmartboyhw: then run   byobu14:33
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soeehi :) do we have already 4.10 packages for quantal ?14:34
=== jackyalcine is now known as Jacky_
apacheloggerQuintasan: asking you I am :P14:34
shadeslayerapachelogger copied them to kubuntu backports ppa14:34
soeenice, will upgrade tonight14:35
=== Jacky_ is now known as zz_jackyalcine
smartboyhwRiddell, update the branch in bzr please:)14:36
=== zz_jackyalcine is now known as jackyalcine
=== jackyalcine is now known as Jacky_
=== Jacky_ is now known as jackyalcine
smartboyhwI will then build it14:36
=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
Riddellsmartboyhw: voila14:39
smartboyhwRiddell, er!?14:40
smartboyhwI am playing with byobu now:P14:40
Riddellsmartboyhw: I can spy on you14:40
smartboyhwRiddell, thx for spying:P14:40
apacheloggerQuintasan: so? :P14:41
Riddellsmartboyhw: just use debuild to compile14:42
smartboyhwRiddell, LOL it is difficult I need to sudo apt-get build-dep that14:43
apacheloggershadeslayer: I think you broke Quintasan :P14:43
shadeslayerno you did14:43
Riddellsmartboyhw: go ahead thne14:43
apacheloggerdid not14:43
Riddellsmartboyhw: go ahead then14:43
shadeslayerby showing him weird code14:43
apacheloggerit's not weird at all14:43
apacheloggerin C it would be perfectly sane14:44
shadeslayereh ...14:44
smartboyhwI like ec2s!!!!14:44
apacheloggershadeslayer: (int != 0) = !!int14:45
shadeslayerwhy the double '!'14:45
Riddellsmartboyhw: they have a local mirror so are pretty fast to download packages14:46
shadeslayerapachelogger: does not compute14:46
shadeslayer(int != 0) = !!int vs (int != 0) = int14:46
smartboyhwRiddell, it's not fast, lt's light speed:P14:46
shadeslayerthe former is just screwed up14:46
apacheloggerint != 0 does not evaluate to int14:48
apacheloggerint != 0 evalutes to 0/114:48
apacheloggerit's a truth statement14:48
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shadeslayerhm, true, so what does !int evaluate to14:49
shadeslayeroh ... okay14:49
* shadeslayer facepalms14:49
apachelogger!int = (int == 0)14:49
ubottuapachelogger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: yeah, I finally understand14:50
apacheloggershadeslayer: in the code sample from ealier you could technically drop the second bool b_video and instead use i_vout (int) in the expression eliminating the second line completely14:52
Riddellsmartboyhw: see, now you're an elite hacker14:52
shadeslayerapachelogger: can't you compare booleans in an if?14:53
smartboyhwRiddell, LOL14:53
shadeslayerif ( true == true )14:53
apacheloggershadeslayer: BUT then you coerce the int i_vout into a bool which some compilers like to warn about,14:53
apachelogger!! causes evaluationg not coercion so no warning14:53
ubottuapachelogger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:53
smartboyhwapachelogger, LOL14:54
Quintasanapachelogger: nothing I believe14:54
QuintasanI'm not sure but I think that's valid C14:54
apacheloggerI am reasonable certain msvc has that problem :)14:55
shadeslayerapachelogger: so my question is, why can't we just use if( b_old_video != b_video ) when both vars are boolean?14:55
Riddellsmartboyhw: now I'm not sure that built is using both CPUs14:55
smartboyhwRiddell, oh!?14:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: you can14:55
Riddellsmartboyhw: it might be faster to do  control-C then cd obj-*; make -j2 && cd .. && debuild -nc14:56
apacheloggerthe code was ported from C though and whoever ported it did not care about it not making any sense14:56
shadeslayer<apachelogger> shadeslayer: BUT then you coerce the int i_vout into a bool which some compilers like to warn about,14:56
apacheloggeras I said14:56
smartboyhwRiddell, got it14:56
apacheloggerif you were to get rid of line 2 you'd have to compare int with bool14:56
jackyalcinehey guys14:58
apacheloggershadeslayer: btw, I think there even is at least one semi-popular compiler that likes to think of if (0/1 != 5) as coercion for some reason ;)14:58
jackyalcine4.10 is in backports or updates? o_O?14:58
shadeslayerwhich one is that?14:58
shadeslayerjackyalcine: backports14:58
apacheloggercan't remember14:58
shadeslayerwell .. it should be14:58
shadeslayerwhy would it be in updates?14:59
shadeslayerjackyalcine: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports14:59
jackyalcineshadeslayer: figured since it was released, it'd be available :(14:59
apacheloggershadeslayer: oh, I think it was a solaris thing14:59
apacheloggerreally not sure though14:59
shadeslayerjackyalcine: it is available :)15:00
shadeslayerjust not publically announced15:00
Riddellbackports is full, no space for l10n15:00
shadeslayeroh ...15:00
apacheloggerRiddell: delete old l10n first?15:00
jackyalcinelol, that's possible?15:00
shadeslayerask for moar space?15:00
* jackyalcine TIL15:00
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shadeslayerjackyalcine: well .... usually the announcement on kubuntu.org and copying is simultaneous15:02
smartboyhwshadeslayer, what's the 4.10 non-private PPA for raring?15:02
shadeslayerbut we hadn't uploaded to raring yet, so no announcement yet15:02
shadeslayersmartboyhw: there is none?15:02
shadeslayerthe archive?15:02
smartboyhwshadeslayer, oh that's why.15:04
shadeslayerthat's why?15:05
RiddellMirv: looks like qtchooser will break things unless uploaded with the qt4-x11 changes so I'll wait for kde 4.10.0 to get in before doing that15:14
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ScottKRiddell: FYI, I passed http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.qt.devel/9759 on to the Ubuntu Security team.  I believe they are taking care of it.  As usual, I'm sure they'd love help.15:17
RiddellScottK: hmm I didn't notice that, thanks for the pointer15:18
smartboyhwRiddell, I might not be able to stay till the build of calligra finishes. Can you send me an email via Launchpad if it failed? If it doesn't, then please help me to merge it through https://code.launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/ubuntu/raring/calligra/2.6.0-0ubuntu1/+merge/14664415:35
Riddellsmartboyhw: yep15:36
Riddellit's out! http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.10/15:37
smartboyhwRiddell, thx15:38
shadeslayerIt was out this morning :P15:38
Riddellshall I put a story on kubuntu.org ?15:38
smartboyhwRiddell, yeah!!!!!15:38
smartboyhwRiddell, tell the people in #kubuntu too:)15:38
shadeslayerRiddell: yeah :)15:39
yofellet shadeslayer take care of google+. But then those folks are rather quick at noticing themselves15:39
shadeslayeronce you put the story on kubuntu.org I'll share it on G+15:40
Riddellhow's this? kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.1015:42
smartboyhwRiddell, nice:)15:46
Riddellsmartboyhw: no it's not, there's an error!15:47
smartboyhwRiddell, !?15:47
Riddellthere was still a referece to beta15:48
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sneleguys anybody on kde 4.10 can confirm this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=314520 15:50
ubottuKDE bug 314520 in notifications "Regression: Spacing in notification pop-up is wrong/bad" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:50
sneleit seems that only I see it and pisses me off :(15:51
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Riddellsnele: my notifications appear in the middle of my screen :(15:52
sneleRiddell: ahhh I thought that kde 4.10.0 will be perfect kde release. but no, rc3 was!!! already found 2 visual glitches that wasn't there in rc3 :(15:55
smartboyhwOh no15:55
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Riddellhi phoenix_firebrd, how did you get on with ktp and/or cantanta?16:24
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phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ktp is no hold, i understood the concept thanks for our team's patience. I am working on the tomahawk and after finishing that i will do the cantanta, when i did dget i got some key error, i will consult with you when i am on it16:26
vassiephoenix_firebrd: hello, thank you :)16:27
phoenix_firebrdvassie: you are not on holidays?16:27
phoenix_firebrdvassie: yw16:27
vassiephoenix_firebrd: flying out tomorrow night16:27
vassiephoenix_firebrd: can't wait16:28
phoenix_firebrdvassie: enjoy :)16:28
vassiephoenix_firebrd: thanks16:28
phoenix_firebrdvassie: there is one thing you need to help me16:28
vassiephoenix_firebrd: sure16:28
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phoenix_firebrdvassie: the packages are not signed?16:31
phoenix_firebrdvassie: here is the log http://paste.kde.org/666170/16:32
vassiephoenix_firebrd: what do i need to do?16:33
Tm_Tso, is KDE sc 4.10 packages out for Quantal and Precise or not?16:33
Tm_Tooh they are, thanks16:33
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/666170/  ?16:33
phoenix_firebrdvassie: did you sign the package?16:34
vassiephoenix_firebird: pretty sure i did, the ones in my ppa are signed, i'm 99% sure https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa16:35
popeygreetings! 16:35
phoenix_firebrdvassie: its not a issue16:36
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: it's fine just carry on anyone16:36
Riddellgood afternoon popey 16:36
popeya user is asking me if we can get kdenlive 0.9.4 into raring. it's in debian experimental. what's the best course to get it in?16:36
vassiephoenix_firebird: ok, i am around tomorrow for a few hours if needed, then off to the airport16:37
popeypip pip Riddell 16:37
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ok16:37
Tm_Thi popey16:37
phoenix_firebrdvassie: ok, but i am sure thats all i need16:37
vassiephoenix_firebird: cool16:37
Riddellpopey: file a sync request bug and poke us here?16:37
vassiephoenix_firebird: thanks again16:38
phoenix_firebrdvassie: :)16:38
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: what's your timezone?16:39
popeyRiddell: super!16:39
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: bang on UTC16:39
freinhardhi! thx for backporting 4.10!16:48
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Riddellfreinhard: how's it working?16:51
freinhardRiddell: no drawbacks at first-sight with kmail, korganizer/kaddressbook (owncloud connection) and desktop this afternoon16:56
freinhardRiddell: noticed that my desktop gets locked after a while (which i didn't configure previously)16:57
freinhardRiddell: and the new background on the greeter is a relief.16:58
Riddellfreinhard: it has a new screen locker so you might have to reconfigure it16:58
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xnoxRiddell: shadeslayer: ScottK: i saw remember that somebody was working on adding camera step in the ubiquity-kde?!17:32
ScottKNot me.17:32
xnoxis that finished / done & targetted at 13.04?17:32
shadeslayeryes me17:32
shadeslayerI'm targetting it at 13.04, plan to finish it off at some point next week17:33
xnoxright, on gtk side I am planning to drop it from gtk side. I will keep the generic bits upstream but not in the ubiquity package.17:33
xnoxAnd when/if you are ready, I will add it back into -kde package.17:33
xnoxIf you still want to go with camera step.17:33
shadeslayerwait, so you're removing it because the KDE frontend doesn't have that step?17:34
xnoxwe did some usability testing, and it tested bad: people not looking pretty enough and feeling bad about themself.17:34
xnoxas they were not ready to be photographed.17:34
xnoxlittle added value and loads of confusion ("Will you sell my picture for advertisement?") came up.17:35
* xnox blames instagram fiasco17:35
shadeslayerwell .. I was just bringing the KDE frontend to be the same level of shinyness17:35
shadeslayerbut if that's what user feedback says, I'll drop it too17:35
xnoxI think it's a cool feature.17:35
shadeslayerme too17:35
xnoxBut we were not shoing it much in gtk/unity default desktop/login manager.17:36
shadeslayerbut I don't want to go against user feedback :P17:36
shadeslayerI might actually implement the face chooser though17:36
xnoxbut kde installer is significantly different and can be nicer.17:36
shadeslayerthe thing that sets ~/.face17:36
shadeslayerbecause that setting is fairly hidden IMHO17:37
xnoxright. Just heads up for you to ponder about ;-)17:38
shadeslayerthanks! :D17:38
ronnocAwesome job getting 4.10 out so fast! 18:17
alleeshadeslayer, xnox: camera setup would be cool.  There should only be the alternative to choose from an icon set.  (grr why not ~/.local/face ?)18:24
alleelooks like 'xdg'  .config .local is often ignored18:24
shadeslayeractually, the xdg spec was changed to ~/.face afaik18:26
alleeshadeslayer: plx finish it  B|18:26
shadeslayerI'll try18:26
shadeslayerallee: I actually have it working18:27
shadeslayerbut apachelogger is bitching about doing stuff in an event loop18:27
shadeslayerso I need to fix that ;)18:27
alleeshadeslayer: less blocking is welcome!  Take your time.  I'll test whenever ready.18:28
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freinhardare there calligra 2.6 packages already?19:27
shadeslayerI see 2.6 packages for raring19:29
shadeslayernothing for quantal/precise19:30
shadeslayerfreinhard: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calligra19:30
shadeslayeralright, I'm off to sleep, night everyone19:45
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: good night19:49
bolodid you guys package plasmate for the 4.10 backports ppa? i can't find it...20:02
shadeslayerbolo: no20:03
shadeslayerPlasmate has no stable release20:03
boloi am missing "plasmoidviewer"(was there in 4.9) was that moved into plasmate but not released ?20:04
shadeslayerbolo: yeah 20:07
shadeslayerit was moved from -workspace to plasmate, which does not have a proper release yet20:07
bologuess i have to learn how to package stuff now...  :)20:09
bolocouldn't find a ppa for it20:09
shadeslayerwell .. you could just compile it for now20:10
bolosure. do you know if there will be release soonish? or do i have to wait for 4.1120:12
phoenix_firebrdgood night everyone20:25
petersaints_will Calligra 2.6 also be backported to Quantal?20:27
ScottKProbably in the backports PPA.20:28
petersaints_yeah. That's what I meant :P20:28
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freinhardshadeslayer: k, so calligra needs someone to backport21:00
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afiestasshadeslayer: will you have time to package accounts-manager this weekend? it should be working by then22:45
apacheloggerafiestas: does it have a repo yet?22:48
afiestasapachelogger: scratch22:48
afiestaswant to package it asap to be sure it gets in22:48
afiestasit is quite simple, so it shouldn't have too many bugs, also I want string freeze this week22:48
afiestasso i18n can happen22:48
apacheloggerafiestas: user-manager?22:49
afiestasapachelogger: yes22:49
apacheloggermissing COPYING file as usual :P22:50
apacheloggerit appears kubuntu teams got slightly out of hand...23:03
Riddellapachelogger: just shows how popular we are23:09
apacheloggerI guess23:09
apacheloggerafiestas: ping23:09
apacheloggeroh well23:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: lp:~kubuntu-dev/user-manager/scratch-master23:12
apacheloggerfeel free to move stuff around as you see fit in case that goes to blue-shell23:12
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