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cortexA9the daily of today have kde 4.10 ?04:32
cortexA9hello, the daily of today have kde 4.10 ?04:33
cortexA9hello all04:33
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noaXesshey.. anybody also have strange System Tray Problems? i get plasma crashes and then in the System Tray some entries will be duplicated or added, look at this http://i.imgur.com/1Cbskja.png06:47
noaXessneeded to remove system tray, cause the whole panel get suck06:47
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shadeslayernoaXess: looks like a bug in KSNI07:39
shadeslayeror some other app07:39
backjlackWhat's wrong with Kubuntu? I've tried everything I possibly could find on the web to try to make Krunner actually start on every boot.07:46
backjlackAlso, the log out / sleep / shutdown / restart options don't do anything at all every second boot.07:47
shadeslayerkrunner does start on every boot 0.o07:53
shadeslayerwhat happens if you press alt+F207:53
backjlack  shadeslayer: It doesn't show up...07:55
backjlackI have to start krunner manually.07:55
backjlackIf I want to use krunner to launch apps, I have to start it manually.07:56
shadeslayeroh ...07:56
shadeslayermaybe #kde can help07:56
shadeslayerthough I don't know why that would happen, and don't know what starts krunner in the first place07:56
shadeslayerbackjlack: make sure you have kubuntu-desktop installed?07:57
backjlackYes, I'm 100% sure.07:57
backjlackThis install was done by using the 12.04 install kit.07:57
backjlackIt's fully updated and I've been having this problem for some time.07:57
backjlackI've even reinstalled the kubuntu-desktop package to be 100% sure it's installed with all its deps.07:58
shadeslayerhmm, then I have no idea07:59
backjlackThis is what I get in kdm.log.07:59
shadeslayerthat's not good08:00
shadeslayerand I was about to say it could be a dbus issue08:00
backjlackYes, I have to get this dbus issue fixed.08:00
shadeslayerbackjlack: check if dbus-x11 and dbus are installed?08:00
backjlackI've reinstalled them by hand, they were already at the latest versions.08:01
shadeslayerbackjlack: can you check what happens if you launch kdeinit4 by hand ( in a terminal )08:02
shadeslayeronce you've logged in08:02
backjlackI get the same error.08:02
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shadeslayerbackjlack: eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax`08:03
shadeslayerthat will print out some vars08:03
shadeslayerplease export them in bash, and then try launching kdeinit408:03
backjlackshadeslayer: That worked, however, it couldn't start because it can't connect to the screen.08:05
shadeslayerexport DISPLAY=:008:05
shadeslayerthen kdeinit408:05
backjlackIt threw an error saying it can't communicate with kded.08:06
shadeslayerbackjlack: run kded408:07
shadeslayeryour install seems a bit screwed up08:07
backjlackshadeslayer: Thank you. I'll try to reinstall all the packages for kde.08:08
shadeslayerwell ... did you edit startkde or any system files?08:08
shadeslayerand did running kded4 work?08:09
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duderinobooting SLES with init=/bin/bash, but no usb-keyboard available - any ideas?09:36
backjlackduderino: How09:38
markitkubuntu 13.04 live cd, I set "kubuntu" user a password, add it to a group, logout,  but at login I'm asked for the password and does not work (can't login again). Any clue?09:38
backjlackHow's that related to kubuntu, duderino?09:38
duderinooh sorry backjlack - wrong forum ;) - but same problem surely for kubuntu, because kernel related?09:41
mokushwhen are the kubuntu packages for 4.10 showing up?09:41
shadeslayeralmost there09:47
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone10:17
Peace-hi phoenix_firebrd10:22
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osinclairseems packaging 4.10 is underway?10:23
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: hi10:23
phoenix_firebrdosinclair: ya10:23
osinclairgoodie, I had a look on kubuntu_devel but the activities going are way above my levle10:24
FtMan__hi,guys,while i'm using vim the state said: = s:siso_save,what does that meaning?10:25
kbroulikis anybody else experiencing frequent hickups on Kubuntu Raring? when I change to another directory in dolphin I often get the entire system freezing for a second or two, when interacting with plasmoids (ie. click the battery monitor or NM applet)10:26
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Peace-kbroulik: mmm i have seen dolphin freeze on 4.9.9810:41
kbroulikPeace-: but it is not limited to dolphin, it's the entire system. sometimes when I close a tab in Chrome it freezes for a couple of seconds, sometimes when I start an application …10:42
markitanyone using apt-cacher-ng? I've a lot of troubles with "not found" or "Data integrity error when decompressing"10:42
Peace-kbroulik: on raring chrome gives me problem of cpu usage10:43
Peace-kbroulik: switched back to firefox10:43
kbroulikyeah since version 18 chromium's quality goes down with every release :(10:43
Peace-kbroulik: i use konqueror with webkit for fast and light browsing10:44
Peace-and firefox when it doesn't work good10:44
kbroulikI tried rekonq (which is basically the same rendering engine) but it doesn't fit my need10:44
Peace-kbroulik: try konqueror with webkit10:47
kbroulikhas the same weird tab bar, so, no :)10:48
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mr0wlSo, we're getting the KDE 4.10 updating via Backports, am I right?11:42
osinclairmr0wl: I just did apt-get update and got 300+ packages to update and yes backport11:43
osinclairhm, that is an assumption actually... on 12.10 could be updates, not backports?11:44
osinclairmr0wl: should be kubuntu-updates for 12.10 and backports for 12.0411:48
osinclairif released for Precise, I don't kow11:48
mr0wlosinclair: okay, thank you11:49
mr0wldo you also know if 4.10 will include the appmenu feature?11:49
mr0wlto hide the menu bar?11:49
osinclairmr0wl: am wrong, checked on 12.10 and it is backports here11:49
osinclairmr0wl: as it is part of 4.10 I assume11:49
mr0wlosinclair: oh okay11:52
mr0wlyeah,  i was looking at PPA it was all 4.1011:52
mr0wlpretty cool to get an update right after KDE.org anounces it11:52
osinclairmr0wl: will wait until announcement is made myself, have happened some packages come late11:53
osinclairand then you can get problems, take my word for it11:54
mr0wlosinclair: hah that's true11:55
mr0wlbut it just finished updating11:55
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mr0wlgoing brb and see what i've got11:55
mr0wlosinclair: works pretty well so far12:09
osinclairmr0wl: also taking the jump here :-)12:09
mr0wlosinclair: nice!12:17
backjlackshadeslayer: kded was already running.12:34
backjlackshadeslayer: I didn't edit any system files.12:34
backjlackThis problem was temporarily fixed once or twice by completely erasing my .kde folder.12:35
backjlackHowever, I'm still unable to log out, sleep, restart or shutdown the system. It looks like it's broken all the time now.12:35
backjlackI can only reboot and shutdown via the console.12:35
ovidiu-florinhello world, I'm trying to copy an event in kontact calendar. How do I do that?12:42
osinclair_mr0wl: how u get that appmenu setting?12:45
mokieWill be available kde 4.10 for kubuntu 12.10?12:58
mokieI have enabled kubuntu ppa12:58
EversmannHey. Right now i have kde 4.10 rc3 from the kubuntu-ppa beta and the kubuntu-ppa, no packages yet12:59
Eversmanni guess those will be avaiable during the day12:59
mokiei have this repository12:59
EversmannArch and suse have it already12:59
Eversmannyeah, that's it. The update should be there any moment13:01
mokieok, thanks13:01
EversmannI'm searching around the forums to see if there are any news about it13:01
mokiei've been receiving all the 4.9.x updates but i didnt know about that13:01
ovidiu-florinI just got KDE 4.10 on kubuntu 14.04 with backports :D13:03
ovidiu-florinrebooting to see the changes13:03
mokie12.04 i guess13:03
Eversmannhehe, yeah13:04
Eversmannhey Mokie. Like ovidiu-florin said, i see the 4.10 packages are in the backports ppa13:08
Eversmannnothing in kubuntu updates ppa13:09
mokieyeah, i know that there are on the backports13:09
mokiei hope it will be on the kubuntu updates13:09
backjlackIt won't be in updates.13:10
backjlackIt will only be in backports.13:10
Eversmann"Backports of new versions of KDE and major KDE apps for Kubuntu which are either too large a change or not yet tested enough to go to Ubuntu Backports."13:11
Eversmanni guess so ;-)13:11
backjlack12.04 didn't receive 4.9.x outside of the ppa.13:11
mokieso the only way to get kde 4.10 on kubuntu 12.10 will be the backports repository?13:13
Tm_Tyes because it is a backport13:13
Eversmanndon't know in the future, right now the packages are there (compiled 3 hours ago)13:14
Eversmannyeah, like Tm_T said13:14
Tm_TEversmann: they're not really ready for consumption necessarily until it's announced I'd say13:14
Eversmanni hope they fix the blur delay in final13:14
EversmannOk ;-) in any case, i'm keeping both repositories13:15
mokieok, it seems that we have to wait and see13:15
clodbluehi everybody13:16
backjlackTime to reboot to find out if the issue with the missing krunner and log off / sleep / shutdown / reboot is fixed with 4.10.13:16
clodblueThe splitted zip archive which is made with zip command can not be extracted with ark and can not be opened with 7zip on windows.13:16
clodbluecould anyone help13:17
clodbluewith normal whole zip archive there is no problem13:18
Eversmanndid you try running unzip in command line using the first zip file of the collection?13:19
clodblueanyone wondering that sutiaton. Could try on their system13:19
backjlackKDE 4.10 is nice. It also fixed my problems.13:19
Eversmanncool backjlack13:20
backjlackJust so everyone knows and sees this: if anyone encounters problems with krunner not running or they're unable to log off / sleep / restart / shutdown, please tell them to install KDE 4.10 from the ppa. It fixes the problems.13:21
backjlackIt's time for me to join KDE now: http://jointhegame.kde.org/13:22
Eversmannok, i'm installing the update right now, let's see if they fix the blur delays13:22
backjlackEversmann: If that was being caused by bad performance, it might be fixed.13:26
clodblue<Eversmann>: now i realise the unzip commnad not working also13:27
JuJuBeeI have a couple of users who cannot logout.  When they click logout, nothing seems to happen.  Suggestions?  I know we can mv .kde .kde.old and this seems to correct the problem but then they need to reconfigure kde to their liking.13:27
Eversmannok. I'll rebooting, i'll tell in a minute. With 4.9 i didn't have the problem, let's see.....13:27
clodblue<Eversmann>: i have this files books.z01  books.z02  books.zip13:28
clodblue<Eversmann>: unzip books.zip13:28
clodblueArchive:  books.zip13:28
clodbluewarning [books.zip]:  zipfile claims to be last disk of a multi-part archive;13:28
clodblue  attempting to process anyway, assuming all parts have been concatenated13:28
clodblue  together in order.  Expect "errors" and warnings...true multi-part support13:28
clodblue  doesn't exist yet (coming soon).13:28
clodbluefile #1:  bad zipfile offset (local header sig):  413:29
FloodBotK1clodblue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:29
BluesKajHey all13:31
clodbluewhat is my problem anyone could help13:31
tsimpsonclodblue: you need to concatenate the parts into one zip file13:33
tsimpson"Multi-part  archives  are  not yet supported, except in conjunction with zip.  (All parts must be concatenated together in order, and then ``zip -F'' (for zip 2.x) or ``zip -FF'' (for zip 3.x) must be performed on the concatenated archive in order to ``fix'' it." -- from the man page for unzip13:33
mr0wlhi BluesKaj13:34
BluesKajhi mr0wl13:34
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clodbluetsimpson: thanks i will try13:35
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clodbluetsimpson: Thank you very much it works13:38
tsimpsonyou're welcome13:39
c2tarunanyone here able to make KDE look like Mac?13:41
lordievaderc2tarun: There is probably something on the following link that can do so: http://kde-look.org/13:43
FlameReaperWell, some Kwin / deKorator themes13:43
c2tarunlordievader: there is many in gnome-look but only one in kde-look, and that also not close to mac :(13:43
c2tarunFlameReaper: what is dekorator themes?13:44
FlameReapermixed with some QtCurve customization13:44
FlameReaperc2tarun: honestly I have less idea about that myself :(13:44
FlameReaperI also can't remember how I installed it XD13:44
c2tarunFlameReaper: well QTCurve seems worth looking into :) thanks13:44
BluesKajc2tarun, why not a 'windows" look :) , but what's wrong with kde ?13:45
FlameReaperthat and look into the KFaenza icon themes too13:45
FlameReaperall installable from "get new themes" in settings :)13:45
c2tarunBluesKaj: well configuring it to look like others is a power in KDE not a weakness or wrong or like that.13:45
FlameReaperI usually go for a hybrid look with a custom touch13:45
c2tarunBluesKaj: also I am little bored with default look ;) so trying some tweaks13:46
FlameReaperand on multimonitor setups, I like the fact that I can have custom widgets/panel layouts13:46
BluesKajthere are other themes then default one can explore13:47
FlameReaperI personally take inspiration from OS X and Windows while configuring mine13:48
c2tarunyeah, I'll look into them as well, its just Mac really really looks good ;) , I still feel its not worth the money they charge13:48
FlameReaperOS X for global menus as example13:48
c2tarunand what is point of having KDE and not able to experiment with its configuration13:48
BluesKajc2tarun, none , but to make it look like a different OS is not the same thing13:50
BluesKajto me that's disloyal :)13:51
FlameReaperI think maybe he means just the looks13:51
c2tarunBluesKaj: hmm.... its just looks. Its like Tom Cruise, who looks good but can't act. So if somebody wan't to look like Tom Cruise can't be disloyal :)13:51
BluesKajdo what you want , it just rubs me the wrong way13:51
JuJuBeeThe only think windows inspires me to do is vomit !13:52
c2tarunJuJuBee: don't blame them, they are trying. (They copied start screen from GNOME3) :P which acts funny.13:53
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ovidiu-florinI got my KDE 4.10 yeeeeee https://plus.google.com/107178397249608926118/posts/jDzhxACKfGF14:38
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skritehey all14:51
MichaelPWhen will kubuntu get final release of kde 4.10 ?14:53
backjlackMichaelP: I'm running it already.14:54
backjlackMichaelP: You need the PPA.14:54
backjlackovidiu-florin: Cool, it's also faster.14:55
BluesKaj12.10 should have it in the backports14:55
MichaelPbackjlack: ok... im on rc3 right now...14:56
backjlackI've got 4.10.00 here.14:56
MichaelPBluesKaj: i don't see where to enable back ports14:57
ovidiu-florinMichaelP: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports14:59
MichaelPjust got that off google14:59
ovidiu-florinthen sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade15:00
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MichaelPwhats the difference in apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade ?15:03
lordievaderMichaelP: Dist-upgrade is more agressive, it will install kernel-updates, for example, apt-get upgrade will not.15:04
OerHeksI thought the 'dist' part means distribution upgrade, from 12.10 to 13.04 for example15:06
ovidiu-florinme aswell15:06
lordievaderOerHeks: Nope, apt-get will not do so. It is easy to understand the confusement though.15:07
ovidiu-florinI usually use aptitude15:07
backjlackI really hate the slow window resizing animation.15:09
BluesKajOerHeks, not any more, the command to upgrade a release is : sudo do-release-upgrade15:10
MichaelPlordievader: is there away to block stuff from being upgraded.. yesterday i used the sourse.list generator.. and X Updates Xorg Edgers and got the ati fglrx beta of catalyst  and want to block that15:10
BluesKajOerHeks, to upgrade to a new release , rather15:11
lordievaderMichaelP: You can pin package versions, however I do not know how to do so with apt-get.15:12
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MichaelPis there a gui to disable processes kstsgaurd shows a 155 running15:16
raymearsquick question: how long till 4.10 is available in backports?15:30
BluesKajraymears, it should be there now15:33
BluesKajfor 12.1015:33
raymearsthere is no mesage regarding this on kubuntu.org...15:33
BluesKaj https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports15:34
raymearsok. let's just hope it won't break my system :)15:35
markitBluesKaj: I've 4.10 in 12.04, don't remember what repo I activated though (kdebackport something)15:38
BluesKajmarkit, the url above gives options for 12.04 to add to your sources.list15:40
markitok, that's what I have then15:41
sneleanyone on kde 4.10?15:41
markitbtw, transparencies are really a bad thing for readability15:41
snelecan anyone confirm this bug https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31452015:42
markitwe will end with a good looking DE that is almost unusable, lol15:42
ubottuKDE bug 314520 in notifications "Regression: Spacing in notification pop-up is wrong/bad" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:42
sneleit was ok in rc315:42
BluesKajor you do this to add the backports , it's somewhat easier , sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports15:44
OerHekssnele you can confirm this bug yourself, dont you ?15:45
sneleOerHeks: It is my bugreport :)15:45
sneleeverything was fine in rc315:45
BluesKajsnele, yes , some are on 4.10 already ...13.04 here and it seems ok so far15:45
OerHeksah,, then you cannot :-D15:45
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nikanthey I want to devlop for KDE how do i start?15:46
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu to: Official Kubuntu support | FAQ: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/FAQ | Pastes: http://paste.kde.org | Chat in #kubuntu-offtopic | Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | http://www.kubuntu.org/ Kubuntu 12.10 out | KDE SC 4.10 updates http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.10
Riddell4.10 is out! http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.1015:46
sneleBluesKaj: Can you confirm this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=31452015:46
ubottuKDE bug 314520 in notifications "Regression: Spacing in notification pop-up is wrong/bad" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:46
wolftunehey so how do I actually use the menu options (like hsowing at top or in title bar) in 4.10??15:46
snelewolftune: system settings>application appereance>fine tuning tab15:47
wolftunesnele: I don't see it15:48
BluesKajsnele, no i can not confirm that bug ...haven't seen it here15:48
snelewolftune: menubar style15:49
wolftunesnele: not there15:49
snelein fine tuning tab15:49
wolftunesnele: Iyeah15:49
wolftunesnele: not there. I'm in 4.10, I just updated, I see the maximize window animation…15:49
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scherenhaendenhi ppl... i got some gtk apps that dont show me thier menubars.... ive reinstalled my pc... n now i got this problem15:57
scherenhaendeni dont know how to show the menubars15:57
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snelewolftune: dont you look for this option: http://www.dodaj.rs/f/33/MW/214LISUL/snapshot3.png15:58
wolftunesnele: that section is simply not there15:59
snelewolftune: try with new user. I created new user when I upgraded to kde 4.10 rc3. It is better to have new clean config files when you upgrade to newer kde :)16:00
wolftunesnele: arg, I'm not going to lose all my config stuff, I have a lot of settings for different things. Any guess which config files I could try deleting?16:01
snelewolftune: i think it is part of kwin. so i gues ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc or systemsettingsrc :)16:02
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wolftunethanks, will try16:02
snelewolftune: logout or reboot after deleting these config files :)16:03
snelefor kwinrc you can do alt+f2 and kwin --replace16:03
wolftuneoh ok16:04
sneleI mean after deleting kwinrc restart kwin with kwin --replace :)16:04
wolftuneyou mean instead of logging out?16:04
n8wall my desktop icons,widgets etc have dissapered after i added an activity(by mistake)...how do i switch bak to my original dekstop?16:07
n8wit has never happened to me before...thx for any help16:07
Peace-n8w: http://wstaw.org/m/2013/02/06/plasma-desktopEg2156.png16:10
Peace-n8w: then select the old activity16:11
Peace-n8w: right click on the desktop > activities > http://wstaw.org/m/2013/02/06/plasma-desktopiO2156.png16:11
n8wPeace-: well there is nothin in the activity bar16:11
Peace-n8w: ok you need to restart plasma maybe16:12
Peace-n8w: ALT F216:12
Peace-n8w: pkill plasma-desktop ; plasma-destop16:12
Peace-n8w: sorry16:12
Peace-n8w: pkill plasma-desktop ; plasma-desktop16:12
genii-aroundIn an extreme case, logout, ctrl-alt-f1 , login by console, mkdir oldkde && mv .kde oldkde      then logout, alt-f7, login to desktop16:12
n8wPeace-: didnt help:/...all my settings r gone16:13
n8wgenii-around: ye that the extreme case...16:14
Peace-n8w: can you give me a screnshot of activities list ?16:14
scherenhaendensnele: im gonna look for this16:16
Ronalds_MI need kde 4.1016:16
Ronalds_Mthis is ontopic btw16:16
snelescherenhaenden: for what? :)16:16
n8wPeace-: i just renewed the settings by mv .kde16:17
scherenhaendensnele: it look like i do not have this option16:17
Peace-n8w: ok16:17
sneleRonalds_M: what version of kubuntu do you use?16:17
Ronalds_Munity lol16:17
Ronalds_Mthey sended me here16:17
scherenhaendensnele: menu bar option... im on that... but it does not appears this option to me16:17
n8wPeace-: thx for help anywai16:17
Ronalds_Mprecise btw16:17
Ronalds_Mor 4.10 is not even stable16:18
snelescherenhaenden: just create new user and see if you have that option with new user16:18
scherenhaendenim installing that option...  or i think... im gonna prove in 5 mins16:18
Peace-Ronalds_M: 4.10 has been released today .. do you think that packaging is an easy task ?16:19
Ronalds_Mkde seemed fine on my ubuntu, but interesting thing was the firefox and other gtk themes16:19
Ronalds_Msomethings wrong with them16:19
Ronalds_Mso I decided to get newest copy16:19
Peace-Ronalds_M: for now there is 4.10 rc 316:19
Ronalds_Mthat's because I sawed it on slashdot16:19
sneleRonalds_M: it is stable :) i am using it on precise. 4.10 final16:20
Ronalds_Mgreat snele16:20
sneleRonalds_M: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.1016:20
Peace-oh they released it ?16:21
Peace-i am on raring so ..16:21
Ronalds_Mppa is something I have been not caring about16:21
Ronalds_Mlong time16:21
Ronalds_Mbut it's there16:21
tobias__hi does anyone of you know where i could find an web server like apache?? or how it is called under kubuntu??16:22
* BluesKaj posts the url one more time , https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports16:22
Ronalds_Mapache you can find on apache webpage16:22
BluesKajtobias__, it's called apache , or apache216:22
Ronalds_Misn't there any market on kubuntu, should be also there16:22
Peace-tobias__: apache16:23
tobias__BluesKaj could it be that it is preinstalled??16:24
lordievadertobias__: Still called Apache, to install it run: sudo apt-get install apache16:24
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Ronalds_MI should just install any showen version of kde16:25
Ronalds_Mor which particial packaged?16:25
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genii-aroundRonalds_M: kubuntu-desktop, and then also lightdm-kde-greeter16:26
ovidiu-florinhy guys, I'm trying to learn about deb packages so I'm building a simple deb package. I have one Binary file that just prints a message. I've tried something, but apparently it didn't work. Could someone please guide me through this?16:26
tomdavidsonhi, can any one direct me to a QtWebKit-2.3 package or ppa?16:27
sneleRonalds_M: if you are using ubuntu you should install kubuntu-desktop and then in at login screen choose kde instad of unity16:27
scherenhaendensnele: im going out to prove the opther account16:27
n8wPeace-: ok i think what i did...i have switched to folder view16:27
lordievaderovidiu-florin: Perhpas this can assist you: http://www.nerdliness.com/article/2007/08/27/creating-simple-ubuntu-debian-packages16:28
sneleRonalds_M: if you are on precise you will have kde 4.8.5 installed. then you can upgrade to kde 4.10 :)16:28
Ronalds_MI added16:29
Ronalds_Mdoesn't it counts?16:29
Peace-n8w: hahahaha16:30
sneleRonalds_M: if you are on ubuntu you have to install kubuntu-desktop first16:30
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Ronalds_Mno upgrading to I know16:30
Ronalds_Mi'm installing it now16:30
Ronalds_Mbut I'm not upgrading to 12.1016:31
Ronalds_Mseems not stable yet16:31
ovidiu-florinthank you lordievader16:31
sneleRonalds_M: I am using kubuntu 12.04 with kde 4.10 and it rocks. no crashes yet :)16:31
n8wPeace-: heheh ye16:32
Ronalds_Mhave to wait 40 minutes now16:32
Ronalds_Mtook every package16:32
lordievaderovidiu-florin: No problem, hope it helps. I have made packages with that guide, but that was only for config file, not sure if it works the same with binaries.16:33
n8wPeace-: so i have moved back to my previous config, but my note widget is gone...16:33
scherenhaendenit does not work in the new account16:34
Peace-n8w: good :D16:34
snelescherenhaenden: well I am out of ideas :(16:34
scherenhaendenppl who knows this????  i dont have this option http://www.dodaj.rs/f/33/MW/214LISUL/snapshot3.png16:35
scherenhaendenn menubars from gtk are away on kde16:35
snelescherenhaenden: do sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade again. maybe you didn't upgrade all the packages16:35
scherenhaendensnele: ok.... i think u just dont know16:35
scherenhaendensnele: thanks for helping ;)16:36
snelescherenhaenden: glad to (try to) help :) do notifications look wierd in kde 4.10 for you? http://www.dodaj.rs/f/2P/9W/VBg08YJ/snapshot1.png16:38
scherenhaendensnele: not really :S16:39
Ronalds_Mdownload is so slow16:44
Ronalds_Mif it really is kde 4.10 maybe16:44
n8wguys do u know the location where the contect for desktop sticky notes is held?16:47
ovidiu-florinwhy is this not valid: echo "#!/bin/bash" > p*16:48
ovidiu-florinI'm trying to write that to all files starting with p'16:48
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genii-aroundovidiu-florin: Because it can only send the output to one place and then it disappears. So you get "ambiguous output" error because it wants to know WHICH of those files starting with "p" it should put it in.16:52
Peace-ovidiu-florin: you should ask on #bash16:52
Peace-ovidiu-florin: btw  you can do a loop16:52
ovidiu-florinthe probelm is with echo, not with p*16:52
ovidiu-florinit tries to execute the text not print it16:53
Peace-while read line ; do  echo "stuff " > line  ; done < <(ls somefolder | grep filter )16:53
Peace-ovidiu-florin: use another quote16:53
Peace-'   '16:53
HusarPeace-: my problem with error about numerate usb resolve new usb cable :)16:53
XiaYixuanhow do I install the CPU driver?16:54
Peace-Husar: ah wth16:54
Peace-Husar: it was strange ah16:54
Peace-XiaYixuan: cpu driver ?16:54
Peace-XiaYixuan: you don't need a cpu driver man16:54
ovidiu-florinPeace-: thank's16:54
Husaryea, but i tested 2 usb cables, so both suck... probably made in china16:55
lordievaderXiaYixuan: Do you mean the GPU driver?16:55
Peace-Husar: lol16:55
XiaYixuanbut it says it's over 70 ℃16:55
Peace-XiaYixuan: it seems your cpu is working too much16:55
Peace-XiaYixuan: just try to figure it out16:56
lordievaderXiaYixuan: Time to fix the cooling of your CPU, if it reaches that temp being idle.16:56
Peace-XiaYixuan: if your cpu is not working maybe your computer is dirty inside16:56
XiaYixuanI see. thanks16:56
Peace-or the fan is not working properly16:56
aspirantuxHi, do you know a good emulator of windows (i'd like to run cortal consor's .exe on my laptop running on Kubuntu 12.10)16:56
XiaYixuanthe fan is loud16:56
Peace-aspirantux: wine ?16:57
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:57
ovidiu-florindoes tee suport regex?16:57
lordievaderXiaYixuan: Perhaps the cooling paste between the cpu and the heatsink is worn out.16:57
james147^^ or your computer is full of dust :)16:58
james147ovidiu-florin: no, but bash does p* will be expanded by bash before being passed to tee16:59
ovidiu-florinjames147: I tried echo '#!/bin/bash' > tee p*16:59
ovidiu-florinand it did nothing16:59
aspirantuxwell i'll try again with wine but it didn't work the first time i tried17:00
james147ovidiu-florin: | not >, > is for files | is for commands and tee is a command17:00
ovidiu-florinoh.. now I realize..17:00
james147ovidiu-florin: also #!/bin/bash needs to be at the start of the file, not the end.17:01
ovidiu-florinjames147: the files are empty17:01
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cornfeedhobookay, who knows when this is going to be available? http://kde.org/announcements/4.10/plasma.php17:10
cornfeedhoboapt-get upgrade no show kde/plasma anything17:11
bazhangcornfeedhobo, see the /topic ?17:11
john___has anyone upgraded to kde 4.10 yet?17:12
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cornfeedhoboooo, but then i have to trust backports17:14
john___i'll just ask: whenever i try to upgrade kde to 4.10 (at 4.9.4 right now) I get a message tellin me "The following packages have unmet dependencies:17:15
john___ kdepasswd : Depends: kde-baseapps-data (= 4:4.10.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu12.10~ppa1) but 4:4.9.4-0ubuntu0.1 is to be installed" is this cuz I have conflicting repositories? I was hoping to just add the backports and not have to comment out any repositories in the process17:15
BluesKajjohn___, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/backports17:16
john___can't I just sudo add-apt-repository pa:kubuntu-ppa/backports ?17:18
DarthFrogjohn___:  Then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade".17:18
BluesKajjohn___, make sure all your repos are correct for your kubuntu version17:18
BluesKajjohn___, yes that command is fine17:19
john___thats where I'm at...upgrade sees a dependency conflict for some reason @_@ i broke something T_T17:19
BluesKajdo you have repos from from older kubuntu versions?17:19
DarthFrogjohn___:  Perhaps you should do a dist-upgrade before adding the backports PPA?17:20
john___ya--thats what I was thinking17:20
john___my prob is I don't know which repos to get rid of17:20
john___well not get rid of...just comment out for now17:20
BluesKajjohn___, repos that don't show the same name as your install version17:25
wolftuneso, in 4.10 I lost my folder view for my desktop, how do I get it back?17:25
john___thats it? thanks blues17:26
john___<wolfstune>other than the lost folder view, how you liking 4.10 so far? I'm in the process of upgrading XD17:28
wolftunejohn___: I'm pretty happy17:29
wolftunejohn___: but the developer of my KXStudio distro (not exactly Kubuntu, but Ubuntu + KDE, but for audio) says he is having crazy troubles17:30
scherenhaendendoes someone know how to show the menubar on some gtk applicactions running kde?17:30
john___wolftune: that can't be good, I'm sure he'll figure it out though17:30
wolftunejohn___: yeah, but he's not happy17:31
wolftunejohn___: apparently he has crazy dysfunction17:31
Ronalds_MzI'm back, how exactly happens upgrading kde when 4.8 version installed17:31
Ronalds_Mzlike an update by itself or synaptic?17:32
Ronalds_Mz I mean 4.10 update17:32
BluesKajscherenhaenden, which app ?17:32
scherenhaendenit used to work... but ive reinstall my system17:33
scherenhaendeni dont know what package do i gotta install to make it wokrs.....17:33
john___Ronalds, just add the backports, then sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; make sure to comment out any conflicting repos17:33
scherenhaendenBluesKaj: for anything... the option in system options appeareance... menubar in applicaation is gone17:33
wolftunescherenhaenden: I strongly prefer Darktable17:34
wolftunescherenhaenden: although I never really used Rawtherapee17:34
wolftunescherenhaenden: and note, Darktable is way out of date in Kubuntu and needs a PPA to be good17:34
scherenhaendenwolftune:  dude, dunno wot u meaning17:34
BluesKajscherenhaenden, there's no dropdown in fine tuning>menubar style?17:35
BluesKajwhat do have there17:36
wolftunescherenhaenden: you don't know about PPA's ?17:36
scherenhaendenwolftune: dunno why.... maybe i dont have a needed package17:36
scherenhaendenwolftune: personal package archive?17:36
scherenhaendenBluesKaj: i got the normal opntions over... but not this one17:37
wolftunescherenhaenden: right17:37
scherenhaendenBluesKaj:  i donot have this one...http://www.dodaj.rs/f/33/MW/214LISUL/snapshot3.png17:37
wolftunescherenhaenden: I was just saying I recommend Darktable (via PPA) instead of Rawtherapee17:37
scherenhaendenwolftune: so what do u speaking about? sorry i didnt get it17:37
BluesKajscherenhaenden, the url doesn't open here17:38
scherenhaendentry again17:38
scherenhaendentheres circled that one option i dont have17:39
BluesKajscherenhaenden, have you updated / upgraded lately or even dist-upgraded?17:40
scherenhaendeni got this since ive reinstalled the machine17:41
BluesKajeverytime ? ..hmm I don't depend on the notifier , I just do it everyday as a matter of course17:42
scherenhaendenwell im up to day17:44
scherenhaendenit is something else17:44
BluesKajscherenhaenden, that has me stumped, never seen that before17:44
scherenhaendenwell i got to go today is my birthday n s party at homw17:45
scherenhaendenthanks fellas17:45
scherenhaendenwe see us17:45
FloodBotK1scherenhaenden: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:45
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wolftunefixed folder-view, just needed to install the widget again for some reason17:55
wolftuneI don't know if this is the right way to do it, but I got the new appmenu settings by just installing appmenu-qt17:57
wolftunethat's why it was missing, not because of any config17:57
wolftuneis there a keyboard command to engage the new appmenu feature?17:59
wolftuneI'm not going to use this if I have to do it with the cursor17:59
ovidiu-florinthe creash report wizzard got stuck on the last step. I filled all data, and it stuck at sending crash report... it stayed like that for the last 5 minutes. (Ark crash)18:01
BluesKajwolftune, fwiw , I have appmenu-qt installed by default , never needed to install it manually18:07
wolftuneBluesKaj: well, no big deal18:08
wolftuneBluesKaj: not sure why it wasn't installed18:08
LaykeI just did a upgrade of plasma desktop, now my system tray doesn't appear from a restart. Not sure how to repeair.18:08
wolftuneBluesKaj: so do you know, a keyboard shortcut for the appmenu?18:08
LaykeI also installed kde-full18:08
BluesKajstrange happenings with kde upgrades lately18:08
LaykeI'm not actually sure how to log out? But couldn't I log out, and make sure the correct user profile is set. Maybe something got a bit messed up?18:09
LaykeI'll even settle for using classical ubuntu for the time being.18:09
BluesKajno idea wolftune , I'm not even sure it can be done18:10
wolftuneBluesKaj: that's too bad, because the normal menu I just click alt and then whatever menu item letter. I thought that would still work, but nope18:10
BluesKajLayke, install kubuntu-deskop ?18:10
BluesKajerr desktop18:10
LaykeUm, yup. No use. I just logged out, then made sure my user session was using plasma desktop, but it doesn't load the system tray when I log in18:12
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LaykeI just upgraded to 4.10 and I can't get system tray to start. I think it's a plasma-desktop issue, but I have no idea. This is a dump of what I get if I run plasma-desktop from console.  http://pastie.org/private/7ntrslaazeimg4qyxu5ovq18:30
nick07i need to start and login kubuntu without monitor attached18:36
lordievadernick07: Setup an autologin, or if you don't need a DM use ssh.18:38
nick07DM shh? sorry i dont know what you mean18:38
nick07without monitor linux is hanging18:39
lordievadernick07: I'm sorry, DM means Display Manager, in 12.04 it was kdm, after 12.04 it became lightdm. This takes care of the login. Ssh stands for Secure Shell, this is a way you can remotely access the terminal as if you where physically infront of the tty.18:41
nick07so, let me understand.. If i start the OS now, it hangs because it had no monitor attached.. If i attach a monitor I see that it hangs.. If i reboot, with monitor the OS starts ok18:43
nick07I want to use the computer with remote desktop18:43
nick07but how can i make the os login without monitor18:43
lordievadernick07: Where does it hang? It shouldn't...18:44
nick07on the kubuntu letters18:44
nick07it commen problem.. i see alot of forums where they say that linux hangs because X wont start without monitor18:45
skriteLayke, did you restart your Xsession or reboot your computer after your upgrade, i had a number of problems when i did that also.18:48
james147nick07: if you want it to be headless, then you can not run a gui on it and then use vncserver to start xsessions when you connect to it.18:51
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shadeslayerPeace-: quoting from the backlogs : <Peace-> n8w: pkill plasma-desktop ; plasma-desktop19:36
shadeslayerPeace-: it's better to use kquitapp plasma-desktop :)19:37
shadeslayersame goes for any other KDE application19:37
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phoenix_firebrdgood night everyone20:25
munnyhi all21:01
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ilkmgfHi all. Does anyone know how I use 4.10's kio-mtp to access my nexus 4 through Dolphin?21:03
ilkmgfI've tried just typing mtp, mtp:, and mtp:// into the location bar, but I'm told it's an invalid protocol.21:04
munnyIn 12.04 with kde 4.10 does anyone knows about problems with nepomuk?21:05
jeroen-he I've updated to kdde 4.10 and now plasma is crashing while starting my user session. Help?!21:16
jeroen-no one? kde 4.10! plasma crash during startup?21:21
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.21:22
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