george_eI've uploaded a build of GCC 4.7 for Precise to a PPA but when other packages in the PPA build, they are still using GCC 4.6.01:23
george_eHere is a link to the PPA: https://code.launchpad.net/~george-edison55/+archive/nitroshare-dev01:23
george_e...and here is a build that failed because GCC 4.6 is still being pulled in: https://code.launchpad.net/~george-edison55/+archive/nitroshare-dev/+build/4274624/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.nitroshare_0.3-0%7E201302050803%7Eprecise1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:24
StevenKYou probably need gcc-defaults to make sure it pulls in 4.701:24
wgrantgeorge_e: Have you also uploaded gcc-defaults ?01:24
wgrantWhat StevenK said01:24
george_eI will backport that and see if it helps.01:25
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dbmHello guys, how can i get ssh key for lunchpad on osx ? 10.8?08:39
Mkaysidbm: ssh-keygen should work with it too.10:42
dbmMkaysi: solved it10:49
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vibhavIs anybody here knowing whether test cases using X11 will work with launchpad?15:08
geservibhav: you might need probably "xvfb" for that15:12
vibhavgeser: What is that?15:14
geserDescription-en: Virtual Framebuffer 'fake' X server15:14
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vibhavgeser: thanks15:32
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vibhavDoes Launchpad allow root privilages on its build servers?17:40
tsimpsonfakeroot, not real root17:41
vibhavtsimpson: A test case here needs Xvfb which needs root to run17:41
vibhavtsimpson: And for Xvfb to function without root, one needs to chmod u+s the Xvfb binary, which requires root too :(17:43
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tsimpsonmaybe you can disable the test cases on the build17:44
tsimpsonnot exactly a solution, but...17:45
vibhavtsimpson: I am writing the autopkgtest cases17:46
tsimpsonhmm, then I'd suggest filing a question and seeing what the LP admins suggest17:47
vibhavsure, thanks17:47
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geservibhav: there are several packages that build-depend on xvfb. If I not mistaken they use it for some build tests. Perhaps you could check how they manage to use xvfb on the buildds.18:58
geserpackages like apport, bamf, indicator-appmenu, libgtk2-perl and others19:00
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dobeyeh? xvfb doesn't need root to run19:10
dobey"xvfb-run -a yourscript"19:10
geserdobey: vibhav got this already resolved in #ubuntu-devel (it was a internet page with wrong information)19:12
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thomiHi - I'm using a recipe to build some debian packages, and it looks to me like the builder is building into the wrong PPA. Is it possible to cancel the builds & delete the packages that have been published from the PPA?23:30
wgrantthomi: Which build?23:31
thomiwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomir/+recipe/cegui-daily23:31
thomiwgrant: I just found the "delete packages" link in the PPA23:31
thomiI have no idea how it selected that PPA - other than it's at the top of the list of PPAs I have access to23:31
wgrantthomi: You must have left the default selected when you requested the builds23:32
wgrantIt is a rather unfortunate default, but that's the only real possibility for what happened23:32
TheLordOfTimewhat's the upper bound on resources a  PPA builder can have for any given build?23:32
thomiwgrant: when I request the build it defails to what I've configured in the recipe though23:32
thomiwgrant: is there a way to cancel the incorrect builds? or should I just wait it out...23:33
wgrantTheLordOfTime: What's interesting about the *upper* bound of available resources?23:33
wgrantThe lower bound is surely all that is relevant23:33
TheLordOfTimewgrant:  wondering whether libreoffice'll build.23:33
wgrantthomi: Normally, yes, but that's a non-virt PPA so the builds can't be cancelled.23:33
TheLordOfTimewgrant:  need to build-test to see if a newer dep will break it, and i don't have pbuilder around to do it.23:34
TheLordOfTime(not enough resources!)23:34
thomiwgrant: :( okay, thanks for your help23:34
wgrantTheLordOfTime: The main constraint with some libreoffice builds is that they use >30GB of disk space, which some of our builders cannot support23:34
TheLordOfTime... lolwut?23:35
TheLordOfTimeit uses 30GB of disk space to build?23:35
wgrantIt's a pretty horrible package23:35
wgrantI think it may be better now23:35
wgrantBut a few months ago it was a serious issue23:35
TheLordOfTimeof that you and I are agreed, but as a sync-request is dependent on testing the build, well...23:35
TheLordOfTimebecause the sync is for a dep of the raring libreoffice, and it needs to work with the newer dep.23:36
TheLordOfTimeif it doesn't, it will cancel two other sync-requests23:36
TheLordOfTimewhich is fine, but...23:36
* TheLordOfTime yawns23:36
TheLordOfTimeyou know what, i shouldn't be build-testing when i'm tired anyways23:36
TheLordOfTimei'm likely to break the debian/control file :P23:36

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