hpuser4466No sound in Lubuntu 12.04.   Audio chips:  ALI M5451.  Alsamixer volume is up/unmuted.  How to fix?00:15
hpuser4466Laptop: IBM Thinkpad R40e00:15
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:16
holsteinhpuser4466: might want to try pulseaudio00:16
holsteinhpuser4466: i might load up an ubuntu or xubuntu live CD and test with pulse00:17
holsteinhpuser4466: did sound ever work?00:17
hpuser4466I don't know if sound works. I just bought this used laptop and testing the sound.00:18
hpuser4466ok..will try a different distro.00:18
holsteinhpuser4466: so, not only have you never had sound working in this install, you are not sure if the hardware is functional00:18
holsteinhpuser4466: im not suggesting you try a different distro00:19
holsteinhpuser4466: im suggesting you try pulse.. and you can do that with a live CD from a distro that is using pulse, if you dont want to install pulse00:19
hpuser4466Also, what USB sound cards work with lubuntu 12.04?  I'm looking at cheap ones on ebay.00:20
holsteinhpuser4466: anything alsa supports00:20
hpuser4466i see no-name brand cards for $3.88 but i'm unsure.00:20
holsteinhpuser4466: i dont think your internal card is not supported though00:20
holsteinhpuser4466: open a terminal and type00:21
holsteinaplay -l00:21
holsteinif you see output, your card *should* work00:21
holsteinhpuser4466: do you see output?00:22
hpuser4466i see card 0:  A5451 [ALI 5451]00:22
holsteinhpuser4466: ok.. so, its likely you just are not used to the settings in lubuntu00:22
hpuser4466i'm familiar with alsamixer and selected the card with f6.  but no sound.00:23
holsteinhpuser4466: i would suggest reading the rest of that link above ^^ and consider trying live CD's til you get something that just works, so you know the hardware works00:23
hpuser4466ok. I'll also check bios to make sure nothing is disabled.  Thanks.00:23
holsteinif it were disabled in the bios, it shouldnt show in lspci or aplay -l00:24
holsteincheck there though.. also, try keyboard shortcuts.. check the gui mixer00:24
holsteinhpuser4466: toggle mute and unmute00:24
holsteinhpuser4466: try with headphones00:24
hpuser4466yes, i pressed the hardware volume buttons, unmute and tested headphones. Nothing works.00:25
holsteinhpuser4466: trust no labels in alsa mixer00:25
holsteinhpuser4466: nothing has worked *yet*00:26
hpuser4466off to check bios and pulse...00:26
holsteingood luck00:26
hpuser4466OK I tested audio in the bios and sound works, so it's not a hardware fault.00:35
hpuser4466Testing fedora 15 with pulse shortly.00:36
hpuser4466From past experience F15 worked well with old audio chipsets.00:36
holsteinhpuser4466: the linux kernel is the linux kernel.. but ubuntu supports what it can out of the box00:37
holsteini dont think its a hardware support issue...00:38
hpuser4466i noticed that sudo alsa reload mentioned faulty modules00:38
holsteinhpuser4466: you shouldnt have to do any of that00:38
hpuser4466tried to reload the alsa daemon.00:39
holsteinright,, but you shouldnt have to, is what im saying.. i dont..00:39
holsteinthough, had a via chip that was challenging00:40
hpuser4466can i install a different audio subsystem ?00:40
holsteinhpuser4466: sure.. i would try pulse on top of alsa.. since its the big one that you have probably used before, and you can use pavucontrol00:40
holsteinhpuser4466: whats going to make all the difference support-wise is the kernel version and the alsa version... doesnt really matter the distro00:42
holsteinthose are generally common to all the distros00:42
hpuser4466are pulse and alsa the only audio systems available for linux?01:04
holsteinhpuser4466: no01:04
holsteinhpuser4466: but, i dont think that is the issue01:05
holsteinhpuser4466: do you have *any* live CD laying around?01:05
holsteini would just start throwing them in.. i would get knoppix... knoppix is a nice diagnostic disc01:05
hpuser4466i think the problem is the snd modules in lubuntu01:06
hpuser4466because alsa told me they were faulty01:06
hpuser4466OK distro hopping time.01:07
holsteinhpuser4466: i dont think so01:07
holsteinhpuser4466: you were given some output in a terminal.. that doesnt mean there is an error01:07
holsteinhpuser4466: you can find debug verbage.. doenst mean there is any problems01:07
hpuser4466unless there's a driver conflict i need to blacklist something.01:07
holsteinhpuser4466: more likely, the driver has been pulled.. or support dropped from alsa01:08
hpuser4466What other audio systems are there?01:08
hpuser4466oss still work?01:09
holsteinhpuser4466: none as popular, or well supported as alsa/pulse01:09
hpuser4466what about a soundblaster usb card?01:09
holsteinhpuser4466: i would literally open up whatever live CD you have. if you have an old ubuntu 8.0401:09
holsteinhpuser4466: when you say "i choose the device in f6" i wouldnt trust those labels01:10
hpuser4466How long is 10.04 supported?01:11
wxlhpuser4466: which driver you using?01:11
hpuser4466hang on, i'll reboot lubuntu.01:11
holsteinhpuser4466: im not talking about using it... im just talking about hearing sound from your device01:11
wxlhpuser4466: furthermore what specific output do you get from lspci re: audio chip?01:11
holsteinhpuser4466: i dont think you should use 10.0401:12
holsteinif you follow that link i gave, you can see what chip you have, and let wxl know01:12
holsteinhttp://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Main is a nice list of what is available with alsa01:12
holsteinwxl: aplay -l card 0:  A5451 [ALI 5451]01:13
wxlwell here's info about the supposed chip on that machine: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/AD1981B which may have relevance if and only if it is indeed the right chip. thinkwiki's been a good source for thinkpad info in my experience (i have one)01:13
holstein^^ "well i dont really know what i did, but it works now"01:14
wxlsnd-atiixp is supposedly the right chip01:14
holsteinthats what i think..i think its a UI issue.. i think the sound is fine, its just a matter of finding the right button. i would load up whatever live CD you are used to using and get audio just working..01:14
wxland note the buttons are independent of alsamixer01:14
hpuser4466can't see ali 5451 on the alsa Matrix website01:15
wxluse lspci01:15
holsteinhpuser4466: doesnt mean its "not" supported... aplay is more what alsa is using01:15
holsteinhpuser4466: if you get output from aplay, then alsa is "seeing" the device01:15
wxllspci -v will also tell you what kernel driver is being used01:16
hpuser4466it says i'm using kernel modules:  snd-ali545101:19
hpuser4466aplay gave a segmentation fault01:19
hpuser4466alsa corrupted?01:20
holsteinhpuser4466: maybe... reinstall it if you want01:20
holsteinhpuser4466: dont run aplay though...01:21
holsteinhpuser4466: aplay -l is the command i asked you to run01:21
holsteinthat lists what alsa *is* seeing01:21
holsteinso, you should have sound01:21
holsteinhpuser4466: lspci can list audio hardare that alsa is not using01:21
holsteinhpuser4466: the way your system is reporting... the audio harware is present, the driver is loaded, and alsa is using it01:22
wxlwhat is the info on the chip in lspci? besides the driver..01:22
hpuser4466sorry i'm chatting in wiindows 7..I'll have to login with ubuntu to paste results.01:22
holsteinhpuser4466: when you are ready to solve the issue, let one of the volunteers know.. cheers!01:23
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hpuser-IIResult of lspci -v01:24
hpuser-II Multimedia audio controller: ALi Corporation M5451 PCI AC-Link Controller Audio Device (rev 02)01:24
hpuser-IISubsystem: IBM ThinkPad R40e01:24
hpuser-IIFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 64, IRQ 1101:24
hpuser-III/O ports at 8800 [size=256]01:24
hpuser-IIMemory at e8012000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K]01:24
hpuser-IICapabilities: <access denied>01:24
hpuser-IIKernel driver in use: snd_ali545101:24
hpuser-IIKernel modules: snd-ali545101:24
hpuser4466PS:  I'm using the Lubuntu 12.04 live CD installer. I also installed all updates.01:25
hpuser4466Never had this problem with ubuntu-mini.iso + ubuntu-lxde-desktop.01:26
holsteinhpuser4466: then use that01:27
holsteinhpuser4466: lubntu *is* ubuntu.. but if you are getting LXDE and ubuntu some other way that is working, use it01:27
holsteinhpuser4466: i thought this was a new machine? one that you hadnt used before?01:28
hpuser4466Lubuntu and Ubuntu+ubuntu-lxde-desktop are not the same.01:28
holsteinhpuser4466: i didnt say they were01:28
holsteinhpuser4466: i said lubuntu *is* ubuntu01:28
holsteinand if you are having better luck using LXDE with ubuntu another way, go for it01:29
hpuser4466first, what packages to i remove and re-install alsa?01:29
holsteinhpuser4466: i would open the package manager of your choice and search "alsa".. for me, i usually use synaptic for that01:30
hpuser-IIDoes Lubuntu use the same repos as ubuntu?01:32
Unit193Yep, sure does.01:32
holsteinhpuser4466: there are no lubuntu repos.. only ubuntu ones that all the official distros use01:32
wxlinteresting https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsSoundCardsAli01:34
holsteinyeah, i usuallly just open alsamixer and tweak *everything*01:34
holsteinyou cant trust those labels either01:34
hpuser-IIwell aplay segfaults so i'm assuming alsa is corrupted. What's the alsa metapackage that removes everything alsa related?01:36
wxlthere's almost no info about these chips anywhere01:36
ontoHi! How would I start jackd on boot?01:36
holsteinhpuser-II: i would just search for alsa in a package manager and remove what you want, but that wont get you support01:39
hpuser-IIoh no, i removed alsa-base and it wants to remove lubuntu desktop.01:39
holsteinonto: i would check KXstudio.. its a distro with packages and ppa's that starts JACK on boot01:39
holsteinhpuser-II: thats fine, if you have LXDE installed, and dont want lubuntu anyway01:39
holsteinonto: i would just start it.. even with the pulse dbus situation we have now, i wouldnt bother01:40
ontoholstein: I don't think I want to install a full distro just to configure jack :\01:40
Unit193lubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, doesn't matter if you remove it or not.01:40
holsteinonto: jack doesnt need to run as root though01:40
hpuser-IIok, so lxde will still boot?01:40
holsteinonto: i didnt imply you should.. what im suggesting is you "check into it" since it *is* a distro that starts jack01:40
holsteinonto: you can emulate it01:41
holsteinonto: or, add the ppa's if you need01:41
ontoholstein: ah, I am sorry for the misunderstanding01:41
holsteinonto: no worries01:41
holsteinonto: try, #opensourcemusicians and keep in mind, JACK is not intended to run that way01:41
holsteinhpuser-II: i dont know what you have.. if you have lxde installed, you can still use it.. if it gets removed you can reinstall it.. removeing alsa is *not* going to help you01:42
ontoholstein: I have configured alsa to be routed through jack (with a loopback device) so I just need it as a convenience (so I don't have to remember to start it everytime)01:42
holsteinonto: we just implemented that with pulse as well01:42
ontoholstein: oh, I am not using pulse since it had caused me enough headaches some time back01:43
holsteinonto: still, JACK is not intentended to be the main audio server01:44
holsteinonto: sure.. i have headaches with computers and audio.. with pulse.. with alsa.. with whatever01:45
holsteinonto: im not trying to say what you should do... just offering resources and facts01:45
holsteini use jack ... i make money using JACK01:45
ontoholstein: of course :)01:45
holsteini dont use the pulse to jack bridge.. nor the alsa to jack bridge01:46
holsteinbut, kxstudio does... out of the box.. and folks in #opensourcemusicians do the alsa bridging01:46
holsteinJACK is not running as root, so when you get a nice JACK startup script, you can just autostart that.. in theory01:46
holsteinbut, again... its not intended for that01:47
holsteini also use different jack profiles depending on the latency i need01:47
ontoholstein: How have you set it up?01:49
holsteinonto: i just use it01:51
holsteini set it up low and high latency01:52
holsteindifferent presets01:52
holsteini dont need/want jack autostarting01:52
holsteini like to see it start and have my firewire device initialize01:52
ontoholstein: Thank you for the information. I think I'll take your advise. :)01:57
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prplhow do I determine the 6 digit color code of 'the' lubuntu desktop ?04:23
Sailanyone on?04:27
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faLUCEhi, how can I adjust the keyboard sensitivity ?20:50
phillwfaLUCE: Menu --> Preferences --> Keyboard and Mouse20:58
phillwSelect the Keyboard tab to alter the settings (it includes an area to 'try the settings out on').20:59
faLUCEphillw: in this way I can't set he sensistivity. I can only adjust the repetitions on the same key21:04
phillwI don't have a touch sensitive keyboard, mine is the old fashioned press a key version. Sorry.21:04
Noskcajphillw, before i have to go to school, please try and make the lubuntu twitter more active.21:14
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graydonhey so im sure you guys have heard this question before because i thnk its a known bug, but i cant get empathy to work in LXDE. it tells me i need to add an account but in order to do it i have to manually enter gnome-control-center credentials21:57
graydoneven when i do that it just tells me network error21:57
graydonso how do i fix it21:58
phillwgraydon: the only details with any sort of proposed resolution are at http://askubuntu.com/questions/202514/how-can-i-manage-empathy-online-accounts-in-lubuntu-12-10 (The last comment details a need to edit the *desktop file to have it show in lxde / lubuntu).22:28
graydonhave you gotten this to work? because even when i go to the proper gnome account control and add the accounts it still wont give me a connection22:30
graydonill try it anyways22:30
graydonit would be even better if there was another messenger for linux that had windows live messenger and facebook chat22:31
graydonbut i dont think there is22:31
graydononly windows has one22:31
wxlbitlbee works good :)22:32
wxlbut frankly pidgin can do anything you want22:32
Unit193Pidgin and finch support quite a bit, there's also that other one that used libpurple backend, mozilla based I think?22:33
wxlfacebook is jabber as far as what i remember (xmpp)22:33
wxlbut here: https://code.google.com/p/pidgin-facebookchat/22:34
graydonok ill go check the ubuntu software center22:34
graydonoh sweet22:34
wxlpidgin is part of lubuntu, btw.22:34
graydonso pidgin has facebook and msn messenger22:34
graydonactually im not really using lubuntu22:35
wxlnatively uses msn22:35
wxlbut there are alternatives, too22:35
graydoni installed ubuntu onto a netbook and then installed LXDE because the lag was so bad22:35
wxlyou should look here https://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/ThirdPartyPlugins#AdditionalProtocols22:35
wxlthen you should just do lubuntu or at least clear off the unnecessary ubuntu cruft22:36
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »22:36
Unit193!info pidgin-facebookchat22:36
ubottupidgin-facebookchat (source: pidgin-facebookchat): Facebook Chat plugin for Pidgin. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.69-2.1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 39 kB, installed size 119 kB22:36
wxloh ho22:36
wxlwell played22:36
Unit193Many plugins are in the repo, actually.22:36
phillwI use the inbuilt msn one okay, just not for video chat.22:37
graydonthe only thing i dont like about lubuntu or lxde is that i cant search for apps like i can through the unity dash22:37
graydonthat was a pretty convenient feature22:37
wxlgraydon: there's a performance price you pay for that to a degree22:37
wxli just alt-f2 and start typing the first few letters of whatever command i need22:38
graydondoes that search app names as well22:38
graydonnothing happened22:38
Unit193graydon: You may be able to use xfce4-appfinder ?22:38
graydonsounds good ill check that out as well22:39
graydonthanks guys22:39
Unit193As far as I know it isn't like dash, but I've never used dash.22:40
graydonuh sorry guys im kind of new to linux, but how can i iadd the resources and install these plugins from terminal22:44
graydoni dont see any code in the plugin info pages there for installation22:44
wxlgraydon: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install pidgin-facebookchat22:45
flyback-I guess the issue I am having is lubuntu is starting up the splash screen in a mod the lcd doesn't care for22:54
flyback-the desktop works ok but since I had a bad crash and it won't boot now I can't see why22:54
flyback-any way to change that22:54
flyback-i'm just going to reload it to fix but I want to be able to see bootup messages22:56
graydonthis facebook chat plugin for pidgin doesnt seem to work, just tells me incorrect password. but its not. looks ilke theres another facebook "xmpp" plugin so ill try that23:07
wxldid you use your full email for the username?23:07
wxlhowever facebook is constantly changing things so i'm somewhat not totally surprised23:08
graydoni was expecting a popup for me to give the app permision to my account but never saw one23:09
phillwflyback-: if you know the screen resolution of your machine, you can tell grub to use it. There is some background on the subject at http://askubuntu.com/questions/54067/how-do-i-safely-change-grub2-screen-resolution23:32

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