tyrogHello, does anybody use Ubuntu 13.04 with fglrx driver? thanks00:57
IdleOnemany do, what is your actual question?01:23
tyrogCan you get the driver to work? I get the message "Unsupported hardware" in the corner of the screen IdleOne01:24
IdleOneeverything seems to be working fine for me but I am using nvidia driver01:25
IdleOnetyrog: give some more details about your hardware and perhaps someone can assist you01:25
tyrogIs Ubuntu 13.04 FASTER comparatively to Ubuntu 12.10? Mainly regarding Unity performance02:20
tyrogIdleOne: can you tell me about that?02:31
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tyroganyone with Ubuntu 13.04 and 12.10 can tell me a performance comparison?02:46
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psusityrog: -ETOOVAGUE03:23
tyrogpsusi: what?03:23
bazhangtyrog, not clear enough03:24
tyrogpsusi bazhang Just want to know if Unity in 13.04 is faster than 12.10. Dash search, switching between windows03:24
bazhangtyrog, its still beta, if that even03:25
bazhangtyrog, its for bug fixing and testing now, not speed comparisons03:25
psusilittle girl is asleep for the night, daddy is drunk and hacking on dump/restore.. probably useless for such queieries03:26
tyrogbazhang: if you're here i assume you could at least answer the question :)03:36
bazhangtyrog, no, as there are no final speed "optimizations" possible. nor comparisons. are you filing bugs while testing?03:37
bazhangtyrog, are you *even* using 13.04?03:38
tyrogbazhang: what do you think? No, otherwise why would i be asking?03:39
tyrogI thought this was the support channel for everything related to 13.04, not just bugs.03:39
bazhangtyrog, no idea; it's a very unusual question to see for an unreleased, still in development OS03:40
tyrogbazhang: I don't know but your computer must be super fast right now, with unity. Don't tell me you have never felt slugishness with Unity. If you use another DE, then doesn't matter.03:41
tyrogbazhang: sorry but i think you are being nonsensical, just that. What's wrong with asking about 13.04? You know what benchmarks are? :)03:43
bazhangtyrog, it's way to early thats why. ask again two months after release, in June about spped benchmarks03:44
tyrogbazhang: Will 13.04 continue shipping nautilus?03:57
SonikkuAmericaIt looks like it does.04:09
SonikkuAmericaI use it, anyway.04:10
SonikkuAmerica(I have 13.04)04:10
SonikkuAmerica(Or had it before I got Ubuntu Studio)04:10
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cortexA9the daily of kubuntu have kde 4.10 today ?04:35
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BluesKajHey all13:31
philinuxhi BluesKaj13:37
BluesKajhi philinux13:39
philinuxBluesKaj: bit quiet in here mate13:39
philinuxall mia i guess13:39
BluesKajyeah, has been for a few days13:40
philinuxBluesKaj: not much going on with 13.04 either at this stage13:41
fully_human18 hour download! Oh my goodness! :021:31
IdleOnefully_human: http://qa.ubuntu.com/getting-involved/ That should help you get started21:41
IdleOnewith testing*21:42
IdleOnealso #ubuntu-quality should be able to answer any questions21:42
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TylopilusHey guys, can anyone tell me how to disable mouse-acceleration  ?22:21

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