duanedesigndoes anyone know if their is an irc channel for c development?02:43
duanedesignOr if anyone in here can answer a rather simple question about a C program that is not compiling for me?02:44
jvrbanacduanedesign, I haven't done pure C in quite a while, but I might be able to help. What is the issue?02:46
duanedesignthank you let mem paste bin it i real quick02:46
duanedesignI think the issue is i does not like my logical operatores || and &&02:49
duanedesignit errors on all the lines like  else if (angle  >= 0 && <= 90)02:51
jvrbanacAhh I see the problem02:52
jvrbanacok, so the issue is that you missing something the evaluate on the third condition of that if02:53
jvrbanacso in the case of the example you gave, it would need to be : else if (angle >= 0 && angle <= 90)02:54
jvrbanaci.e you're missing "angle" after the &&02:54
duanedesignit worked02:55
duanedesignthanks a ton02:56
jvrbanacnp! Glad I could help02:56
duanedesigni wrestled with it for longer then I care to admit :D02:56
duanedesignyou earned some good karma points my friend. Thanks again02:57
jvrbanac:D np. We've all been there. Sometimes you just need another set of eyes.02:57
duanedesignagreeed. Someone picked up my  K&R the C Programming Language at school. Was bummed about that was a good book03:03
duanedesignbut cheap to replace. Used copies everywhere03:03
duanedesignwell i wont linger. Not to be over repetetive, but thanks again, :)03:04
IDWMasterRegarding the question on CrossLibs I'd like to point out that the memory management system it uses is different than a regular C++ program. Instead of using the default "new" it uses operator new, and the memory is later freed with a call to FreeManagedObject04:32
IDWMasterI don't see any memory leaks myself in the library, but if somebody sees any they should be more specific about the problem04:33
IDWMasterMemory leaks in such a library can be a serious issue, but I can't fix them unless I know where they are.04:36
sn0w75Hi all, I have a program that I'm interested in open-sourcing. However, I'm rather new to the process of package creation and the formatting of source code in order to easily create packages out of them.08:30
sn0w75I already have a launchpad account and whatnot set up, I just can't figure out how to format my source code properly so that mh_make detects my Makefile08:32
sn0w75I was following the tutorial here, had no issue going thru it with the GNU hello-world program, but in that case the source code is already in the proper format; what I don't understand is how one goes about formatting their source code properly08:33
sn0w75In addition, if anyone has some other general tips on Ubuntu app development I'd love to hear it, as I'm fairly interested in learning the ropes (although I really don't have issues in compiling binaries for linux in general)08:36
nik90anybody here familiar with GTK  Treeview? I am trying to get the row index to the currently selected row (all in python)13:24
nik90I did selection = mytree.get_selection()13:38
nik90model, iter = selection.get_selected()13:38
nik90however it return iter to the currently pointed row..but I need the row index (integer)13:38
nik90hoping someone know how to do this13:38
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