infinityhrw: I can haz a linux-meta-chromebook to go with this kernel?00:40
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hrwinfinity: will make such05:44
dholbachgood morning07:52
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hrwinfinity: linux-meta-chromebook uploaded11:35
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dholbachcan somebody please reply to the comment on  https://plus.google.com/u/0/109795858099658821877/posts/JKQWnaRVqC1?cfem=1 ?14:39
ogra_will do if i'm on a sane machine14:40
ogra_(nexus7 isnt so great for typing ;) )14:41
fly-awayany tablet isnt so great for typing afaik14:55
fly-awayeven ipad14:55
ogra_its fine, i use it for hours every evening (i banned all other machinery from my living room)15:01
ogra_but not for answering posts with long texts :)15:01
VarmVaffelI'm trying to use a regular C write() operation on a i2c bus, but it keeps timing out15:04
VarmVaffelcould this be because the bus is always too busy, or would I get other error messages then?15:04
VarmVaffelIm' using the /dev/i2c interface15:06
dholbachthanks ogra_15:28
ogra_might be that he uses an old version of the dual boot image15:29
ogra_that had issues with kernel updates15:29
dholbachah yes15:30
ogra_(fixed in newer versions of that image, Tassadar is very responsive to fixes :) )15:31
Tassadarwell, at least that I can do)15:34
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sveinseWhy wouldn't the kernel allow me to umount something I've just mounted in initramfs (local-premount)? I'm getting Device or resource busy15:50
ogra_sveinse, lsof ?16:01
ogra_or fuser16:01
sveinsewell neither is included in initramfs afaiks16:02
sveinsehmmm. "error: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (240)" <-- that is probably why I can't umount it afterwards. Perhaps mount needs to be told explicitly that this is ext4 not ext216:05
ogra_if you dont specify a fs the kernel just loops over all the ext* ones16:07
ogra_these messages are from probing, not from the actual mount16:07
sveinseNo, they come when I call mount16:07
sveinseAh. I see. Scratch that. EXT3-fs fails, EXT2-fs fails EXT4-fs mounts16:08
sveinsesooo. how come I cant umount afterwards...16:09
ogra_something has a file open in your mountpoint16:13
sveinseI need a fresh set of eyes on this:16:22
sveinse mount -t vfat /tmp/sr/root/data.img /tmp/sr/data.img -o loop16:23
sveinse umount -f /tmp/sr/root/data.img16:23
sveinseumount: can't forcibly umount /tmp/sr/root/data.img: Invalid argument16:23
sveinseDoes it require the mount device to be specified, not the mount point?16:24
Tassadarumount requires the folder to which it was mounted to I think16:24
ogra_either should work, though -f might not work on loop mounts, not sure16:25
wookeyinfinity: Can you peruse https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eglibc/+bug/1117602 and tell me if you understand what's going on?18:53
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1117602 in eglibc (Ubuntu) "eglibc does not crossbuild for arm64" [Undecided,New]18:53
infinitywookey: multiarch doesn't mean what you think it means.18:56
wookeyright. That's what I was thinking18:57
wookeybut it's turned on for all arches, I'm just trying what happens if I turn it off for arm6418:57
wookeyWhat will that break?18:57
infinitywookey: Anyhow, I was going to rev cross-base stuff today.  Let me play with this.18:57
wookeyOK, there are a couple of patches in there that need merging I think.18:58
wookeySo that cross-building from the normal source works18:58
infinityI'm on top of it.  Don't worry.18:59
wookeyI guess we should either fix whatever is wrong with dh_shlibdeps or put 'if cross-building don;t do this' round it properly19:00
wookeythe disable selinux patch is wrong (should be controlled by DEB_STAGE, not just nobbled)19:00
wookeyarm64 no profile is good19:01
infinityThe DEB_STAGE stuff all needs fiddling.19:01
infinityAnd the no profile patch is obsolete.19:01
infinityThe dh_shlibdeps thing may or may not still be necessary, I fixed a bunch of things relating to that sort of thing in 2.17, but I'm not sure what the point of the patch was.19:02
wookeyI'm not sure about the others.19:02
infinityLike I said, I'm fiddling with this today.19:02
wookeyOK. I'll let you poke and go back to perl :-)19:02
infinityI'm not entirely sure what the point of the locales patch is either, except to very marginally speed up the build, perhaps.19:02
wookeyKeen to test though cos I can;t build anything automatically without a buildable libc. SO when yuo think it might go...19:02
wookeyyes. I'd ignore that19:03
wookeyOr at least it can stay in cross-base19:03
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infinitywookey: Wait, is this a cross-only issue, or is arm64 really the only arch that doesn't support IFUNC?19:11
plarsdo we not continue to produce preinstalled images for omap4 on precise?19:12
infinityplars: Nope.19:14
infinitywookey: Anyhow, it's entirely possible we don't need enable-multiarch for arm64 at all right now, given that aarch64 only has one subarch.19:21
infinitywookey: So, yeah, I'll disable multiarch on aarch64 for now.  That seems the sane and reasonable thing.  As Roland points out, any case of this "working" before when it shouldn't have was broken, so this isn't a regression, but a fix. :P19:36
infinitywookey: I suspect ARM will probably want ifun/multi-arch madness when armv8 starts to rev with new features, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.19:37
infinitywookey: (Basically, this isn't what you think multi-arch is, in the Debian sense, this is being able to build DSOs that contain multiple versions of symbols for different subarches)19:38
infinitywookey: So, it was always a mistake that it was in the arm64.mk config in Debian/Ubuntu, it was just luck that it "worked" cause the test was broken.19:38
infinitywookey: I'll push fixes for this to experimental/raring today.19:39
infinitywookey: I had to do an experimental build to fix mips/mipsel anyway, so this makes me feel less bad about it if I have something else to upload for. :P19:46
wookeyinfinity: right, yes as you say, confusion over what 'multi-arch' meant and luck that it built/worked on 2.1622:13
wookeyyes aarch64 probably is the only one without ifunc support22:13
wookeyifunc is coming, I'm told, jus tnot done yet22:14
infinitywookey: All fixed in Debian SVN, at any rate, and tested locally.  Just fixing one more thing before I upload.22:14

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