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gammakrikithi everybody :)09:04
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r4yOK, I am having a problem with Ubuntu 10.04 where after I install and update I evenually can't login. When I try to login the desktop pops up but then quickly sends me back to the login screen. I've installed 4 times, and now I am afraid to reboot11:05
r4yI've done a few things different then last time though11:06
r4yI installed and used smartmontools, did sudo apt-get clean, did sudo dpkg --configure -a, and did sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop. smart passed11:08
r4yIs there anything else I should do?, Also I noticed that at the login screen that power management said it wasn't finished, and I remember reading to try reinstalling power management11:09
evilduanedesignhmm, that is strange11:10
evilduanedesignone thing you might consider is upgrading to a newer release. Ubuntu 10.04 reaches its 'End of Life' in April11:12
evilduanedesignif you open the update manager you should have an option at the top to upgrade to the newer release11:13
evilduanedesignI have never heard of being able to log in and then ou geet loged out11:14
r4yI know, I guess I should be trying other Ubuntu versions, I tried Ubuntu 12.04 and didn't like it. I just wanted to be able to setup and backup info. The problem I am having is one of my other hard drives has init but grub doesn't work and I tried using boot-repair but it only fixed init when I coulodn't even mount that hard drive11:15
r4yI guess I should use a live cd though11:15
r4yAnd use this drive live a flash drive which I have never done11:16
evilduanedesignr4y: only thing i vcan think of is maybe their is not enough disk space for temporary files?11:17
evilduanedesignnot sure how much free space you have on your HD11:17
r4yA lot11:17
r4y266 GBs11:17
evilduanedesignthats not it then :)11:18
r4yHmm, is there a text file I should print up related to logging I should paste into pastebin?11:19
r4yI meant paste not print11:19
r4yOr grub?11:20
evilduanedesignyou might look at /var/log/syslog11:20
evilduanedesignfor any clues as o why this is hapenning11:20
evilduanedesigntheir is a log viewer app or you can use the terminal command: sudo cat /var/log/syslog | less11:21
evilduanedesignr4y: I did find this thread on the forums...sems you were/are not the only one with the issue http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=157647211:23
r4yIt seems that that thread is of a different problem I think because I login and it logs me out. I mean it's not logging me out right now for no reason, and the only way to login when I can't seem to login is by using the failsafe graphics mode. No 3d graphics installed by the way, there was no extra driver I could install on this system. In fact this motherboard has a built in card and is an...11:28
r4y...Emachines computer11:28
r4yObviously though I don't know what the problem is11:29
r4yPerhaps it has something to with my power supply and or I need to reinstall power management11:30
r4yI don't remember what the package was suggested somewhere to reinstall, but I just Googled and I see a package with gnome in the name11:31
r4yOK, well, I might as well see if one of the things I did make this work and if it passes my small test then I will come back and say it passed. If it doesn't pass then I will be trying out other versions of Ubuntu, like the ones Unit193 suggested to try like L, K and X versions11:36
evilduanedesigni dont see anything in the log11:36
r4yTY for trying to help me.11:36
evilduanedesignr4y: the bug might be fixed in a newer ubuntu version11:36
evilduanedesignyou can upgrade to 10.10, and then 12.04 which is the new LTS11:37
r4yPerhaps I should try Ubuntu 10.10 then. OK, TY for the suggestion11:37
r4yYou beat me to hitting typing and hitting enter11:37
evilduanedesignYou should be able to upgrade through the update manaer so you do not have to do a reinstall11:38
r4yI prefer doing clean installs11:38
r4yIt's great that Ubuntu can be installed from USB11:38
r4yIn fact I think it installs faster with USB then CD for me11:39
evilduanedesignkeep in ming the newer versions of ubuntu do not fit on a cd so you will need  a dvd or usb flash drive11:39
evilduanedesignok you have done a usb install, good.11:39
r4yOK, I might have a DVD disc lying around, and my writer is a dvd writer11:39
evilduanedesignI did my first one the other day. Because I had been doing upgrades for years and wanted a clean install11:40
r4yI was trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 from CD the first couple of times11:40
evilduanedesigna seperate /home partition is udeful11:40
evilduanedesignso when you do have to do a new install your personal files are saved11:41
r4yWell, I should try this.I also reinstalled gnome-power-manager11:41
r4yCouldn't I use this hard drive like a flash drive?11:41
r4yI mean empty otherwise11:42
r4yNo OS11:42
evilduanedesignto do an install/11:42
r4yNo, to use for backing up with no OS11:42
evilduanedesignsory dark here, I need a lighted keyboard :) lots of typos11:42
r4yI mess up when typing all the time11:43
evilduanedesignyeah, i think so. Just format it ext4 or...11:43
evilduanedesignoh my brain is failing me. Another format you can use for cross platform11:44
r4yI can format using disk utility but I remember getting confused about which format tab to click11:44
r4yFormat volume or format drive and yes do so unmounted from a live cd of coarse11:45
r4yI think it must be volume11:46
evilduanedesignyou could create one large EXT4 partition if you are only intending to use this with Linux. Remember, Windows will not recognise EXT* partitions. If you are intending to share between the two, use NTFS.11:46
evilduanedesignfrom forumm post11:46
evilduanedesignwhy it reads weird :)11:46
r4yRight, I think I will be just using Linux11:47
r4yO, so use the other option then?11:47
evilduanedesignI would use ext411:47
r4ydon't format volume, format the drive11:47
evilduanedesignif you are going to use the while HD do the drive11:48
evilduanedesignif you want to save some space for an os do a partition and format the volume11:49
evilduanedesignyou could put a smal linux distro on it like Damn small Linux11:49
evilduanedesignthose are fun to play with11:49
r4yLOL, great name11:49
evilduanedesignI have tiny core linux on my machine11:50
r4yWell, I am going to see what happens. I will come back on the usb if it doesn't pass to say if so11:51
evilduanedesignthey are neat. Amazing what they can do with such a small install11:51
r4yTY so much for teaching me, you are all great11:52
evilduanedesigntiny core even has a litttle launcher a tthe bottom http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com/images/news2/Tiny-Core-Linux-1-3-Has-Better-Support-for-Flash-Drives-2.jpg11:52
evilduanedesignsorry to get off topic :)11:52
r4yNo, that's neat11:52
evilduanedesignI think it is 12MB install11:53
r4yWow, crazy11:53
evilduanedesignit is. They are fun11:53
r4yMy install is 2.6 GBs11:53
r4yAnd that's without the packages I might want11:53
evilduanedesignyeah mine has reached 5 or 6 GB11:53
evilduanedesignbut I have a ton of apps I probably do not need. I have a disease called install anything that sounds remotely neat11:54
evilduanedesigni wish you the best of luck friend11:54
r4yI feel the same way, like for instance I like to use Banshee instead of Rhythmbox and I prefer Deluge over trasmission11:55
evilduanedesigni have MOC installed. It is a terminal based music player11:55
r4yHowever what I found great about rhythmbox was using it to see what the bitrate was for many many audio files at one time11:56
* evilduanedesign nods11:56
evilduanedesigni like amarok11:56
r4yI haven't tried it11:56
r4yI will be back11:57
evilduanedesigna lot of people used to stay away from it because it was a KDE (QT) app11:57
evilduanedesignbut ubuntu has al those QT apps installed now11:57
r4ykpackage manager11:58
r4yI remember using kpackage manager to fix ZSNES11:58
evilduanedesignis that of cool11:59
r4yYep sure is that cool11:59
evilduanedesigni should install that on my machine. i have an NES emulator on my phone11:59
r4yI did a lot of emulator testing for video games11:59
r4yI mean for11:59
r4yfinding the emulators I liked12:00
r4yI am not a dev of coarse12:00
evilduanedesigni had a blast playing the original  legend of zelda again12:00
r4yO, there is a hacked version that is insane12:00
evilduanedesignreally, sounds neat12:01
r4yLegend Of Zelda Parallel Worlds12:01
evilduanedesigni will look for it12:01
r4yYam wow was that crazy, it has a glitch related to falling into holes12:01
r4yI meant ya12:02
r4yAlright, TY I will be back12:02
evilduanedesignyou can always join #ubuntu-beginners-team. That is where the beginners team hangs out. It is an open team full of lots of cool people FYI12:02
evilduanedesignok, ill get back to my java homework :\12:03
r4yI am not sure that I am worthy12:03
r4yLife right now however is too much for me though as well12:04
evilduanedesignreal life first, ubuntu 2nd12:04
r4yMy lower back was giving me trouble but I think I found a way to fix it12:05
evilduanedesignugh back trouble is no fun12:05
r4yI also have gone to the chiropractor12:05
evilduanedesignhope it gets better for you12:05
r4yBut my dad had seen a chiropractor who suggested puting a nerf ball under the lower back12:06
evilduanedesigni have a co worker that has one of those super expensive ikea chairs12:07
r4yit helps, and heat is great, but healing is very important because of tense muscles. I think I am over it though12:07
r4ylumbar support12:07
r4yI think I can finally fight life again12:08
evilduanedesignsorry Aeron12:08
evilduanedesignAeron office chair12:08
evilduanedesignlike close to $100012:08
r4yNo, I actually wasn't sure of my spelling with lumbar12:09
evilduanedesignwhenever he takes days of I use it, it is really really nice12:09
evilduanedesignit does make a difference12:09
r4yIt was my own fault for hurting my back when trying to get into shape12:10
evilduanedesigni had a problem from slouching. My ribs were actually bruising my organs/insides12:11
r4yOo, ouch12:11
evilduanedesignI hurt my shoulder once working out12:12
r4yWhen I went to the chiropractor once he said that one of my ribs was barely hold on and that the muscle was holding it12:12
evilduanedesignironic when you hurt yourself trying to get in shape :)12:12
evilduanedesigni guess i shouldnt :) it is not funny12:13
evilduanedesignissues like your back can really affect your life12:13
r4yYA, I know what you mean. I was in a pool with kids playing nerf football. The kind of nerf ball that soaks up water and they were pulling on my left shoulder and I was pulling the ball upward. Never again, LOL12:14
evilduanedesignmy dad dislocated hii shoulder trying to do a 'canopener' off the diving board at 50 years old.12:15
r4yYoga can help but it doesn't fix it per say12:15
evilduanedesigni have never tried yoga but always wanted to12:15
r4yI learned a bunch of ground yoga, but only what felt great from a book12:16
evilduanedesignI looked at several books but could not decide on one12:16
r4yI wasn't using the internet then. I suggest tryin youtube12:16
evilduanedesignoh, god idea12:17
r4yThere is a difference between the upward dog and the cobra12:17
r4yI don't do the cobra12:17
r4ybut because I am not sure about it yet12:18
evilduanedesigni was about to say, did you find that out the hard way12:18
r4yI just didn't know12:18
r4yI always have just the upward dog and didn'12:18
r4yput it together until recently12:19
evilduanedesigni think the you tube suggestion is a good one. Where i live not many oga options. kinda of a conservative southern town12:19
r4yMake sure to check out different videos on the same poses first. Also I think it helps to make a folder and gather pictures to remember poses12:20
evilduanedesignplus you tube is cheaper then going to a yoga studio :)12:20
r4ylol, ya12:20
* evilduanedesign nods12:20
evilduanedesignthats a good idea12:20
r4yha ha it's 420 here12:21
r4yI don't smoke just saying12:21
evilduanedesignwhen i was in high school i had a bumper sticker on my locker that said 'its 4:19 you got a minute"12:21
evilduanedesignbut that was then12:22
r4yO, how the times change12:22
r4yWell, you know what I mean12:22
r4yI guess I should try this, I will be back12:23
r4ySorry, I got side tracked. It seems that one of the things I did must have worked, but I should try restarting a few more time to be on the safe side12:30
r4yThere were at least 5 things I did12:31
r4yMy test was to restart and login, then try shutting down and logging in, and both passed12:32
r4yI am going to make sure again12:32
r4yYes, it's still working12:36
r4yI tried restarting twice always logging of coarse, then shutting down twice always logging in12:37
r4yIt's works, now I can start backing up12:37
r4yI should make a text file of this12:38
r4yAlright, I am out, TY for the help12:47
r4yI guess I could try narrowing down which one really solves the problem12:49
r4yI want to put this text file on my flash drive and I tried to mark it so it is not an exuctable. It has Ubuntu 10.04 for installing on it. Should there be a problem?12:58
r4yIt keeps marking it as an executable file. Perhaps I should make a folder to make it not work?, or maybe there is no need to worry13:02
r4yI guess it isn't a problem.13:05
escottr4y. fat doesnt have permissions13:07
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coolbhavismartboyhw, hey14:35
smartboyhwHey coolbhavi14:35
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smartboyhwcoolbhavi, sure14:36
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Nick07hello, i need to start and login ubuntu without monitor18:31
iggy19_Hey all.  I really appreciate all the help I get in this chan.  Thanks so much!20:27
iggy19_I have a /home/user directory with 1.9G total, df shows all but 49M used, and I can't figure out what is taking up all the space.  Searching for files over 1024K shows nothing, and only nine files in the whole tree over 512K, and most directories with few files in them.  Any thoughts on what I am missing?20:29
Unit193You can use the 'du' command, or even easier, ncdu to find out what's taking up the space.  Hopefully correct permissions are set, thus not "hiding" something in a subdir.20:33
geirhadu -mx --maxdepth=1 /home/user | sort -n20:33
geirhamaybe with -a as well20:35
geirhaerr, and without the typo.  du -amx --max-depth=1 /home/user | sort -n20:35
iggy19_reading man for ncdu now.  looks great.  thanks20:38
iggy19_961MB in .thumbnails21:43
iggy19_seems that one can set a max size for .thumbnails in the configuration editor.  Yet, the setting was 512(MB?), so is clearly not working in my case.  Thoughts?22:27

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