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icerootcould someone please mark this bug as "whishlist"? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/111699806:18
ubot2Ubuntu bug 1116998 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "ubuntu-one is placing purchased music not in ~/Music but in ~/.ubuntuone" [Undecided,New]06:18
icerootcould someone tell me what is the name of the "display setting application" where i can set dual-screen, mirroed screen and so on when using a second monitor. i want to create a bug against that tool but cant find the related package (or even the name of the application)06:22
icerootimo there was a program i can start and click on a window and it will tell me the related package to open a bug against06:23
TheLordOfTimeiceroot:  i assume upstream's already been notified of this request for a feature change?07:43
icerootTheLordOfTime: i though that "we" are the upstream project so i didnt create a bug somehwere else as upstream08:16
icerootTheLordOfTime: or did i get you wrong?08:19
robruiceroot, gnome-control-center is the program that lets you configure your displays08:21
icerootrobru: thank you08:22
robruyou're welcome ;-)08:22
berdarioHi, does someone know who handles lightdm-session's output?11:12
berdarioI tried to look into /var/log/lightdm11:12
berdariobut no files there contain the expected output11:12
ogra_berdario, what kind of "session output" do you mean ?11:30
berdarioogra_: I didn't say "session output"11:31
berdarioI said11:31
berdariolightdm-session's output11:31
ogra_yes, i dont get what you mean with that ?11:31
berdariolightdm-session is a shell script that handles lightdm11:31
ogra_the output for the desktop session startup ?11:31
berdarioogra_: you can find it at /usr/sbin/lightdm-session11:32
berdarioexactly, there's a bug that affects it11:32
berdariobut to be able to understand what is going wrong, I'd like to look at the output11:32
ogra_thats Xsession stuff, you *might* find something inside ~/.xsession-errors11:33
berdarioogra_: I don't think that's relevant11:33
berdariomaybe I'm wrong11:33
ogra_no, i am, /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log has it starting, i dont think it prints out further stuff ... but ...11:35
berdariouhm, lightdm is run by root, but lightdm-session is run with the user privileges, so indeed the logs might be inside my $HOME, but I can't find anything11:35
ogra_its a shell script so you can add "set -x" at the top, that should give you a lot of debuggin output11:35
ogra_(not sure wheer that would go though, but i would expect lightdm.log)11:36
berdarioogra_: I'll try to close my session, log into a tty and run it manually from there11:36
ogra_that wont give you the same environment11:36
berdarioogra_: the problem is that lightdm.log doesn't contain anything from lightdm-session, as I wrote at the beginning: I already looked there11:37
ogra_well, if you add set -x it will print out every line it executes (and the results)11:37
berdarioyes, but I need to get its stdout11:38
berdarioand I don't know of a way to get it, beside running it manually11:38
ogra_well, probably #ubuntu-desktop can help :)11:40
berdarioogra_: I think the issue isn't there after all12:04
berdarioI mean: the issue is in the session management, but not in lightdm-session12:05
berdariospecifically, I was looking into the Xmodmap handling12:05
berdariobut now I read this thing by sebastien bacher that says:12:06
berdario"xmodmap support has been dropped in GNOME3 which deprecate that bug report, closing it"12:06
berdariodo you know anything about it?12:07
ogra_berdario, well, at least in 12.04 its still there (i re-map some mouse buttons with it over here)13:06
berdarioogra_: yes, I know... but it seems that's "unsupported"13:10
berdariothat is, lightdm knows about it, but gnome doesn't13:11
berdarioand so, if gnome does something that causes a problem for it... though luck :/13:11
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crasswhere do I report a bug in the initramfs initrd scripts on the install cd?19:32
bdmurraycrass: probably casper19:52
crassthanks bdmurray20:01
fully_humanIf I want to download development versions of Ubuntu, to what page do I navigate?20:56
hggdhfully_human: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/21:21
hggdhfully_human: if you want desktop, it is at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/21:21
fully_humanAnd if I want to do daily testing, I just download that iso, install ubuntu, and then I just have to do an apt-get update each day?21:27
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hggdhfully_human: indeed22:47
hggdhfully_human: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade22:48

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