BobJonkmangenii-around: Is the Free-Net still a healthy entity? All this surplus equipment doesn't mean Free-Net is being gutted, does it?01:23
genii-aroundBobJonkman: They were donations TO the Free-Net not FROM it LOL. The company it came from is called Linuxsuite.org01:24
BobJonkmanGood, I thought that's what you meant.01:24
BobJonkmanSo easy to type 'from' when you mean to type 'to'01:25
BobJonkmanOr vice-versa...01:25
genii-aroundHehe, yes.01:25
BobJonkmanWhere's the Free-Net located?  I thought it was housed at Linuxcaffe01:25
BobJonkman...and I think Linuxcaffe is closed up (haven't been there since May or so)01:26
genii-aroundBobJonkman: Nah, we're down here in a small office at 600 Bay. With some equipment in a rack at 151 Front01:26
genii-around( and some wires connecting the two places)01:27
BobJonkmanHmm... You should host an "Ubuntu Hour and Free-Net Tour" one of these days...01:27
BobJonkmanSpeaking of Ubuntu Hour, i wonder if Chaslinux has made reservations at Egg Roll King yet...01:28
genii-aroundBobJonkman: I've asked the boss before about holding an Ubuntu Hour at the office but I always get a "No"... he feels it interferes with trying to get the volunteers on a task when they are in the office, plus some of them may decide to go be Ubuntu evangelists and then we'd be shorthanded.01:31
BobJonkmangenii-around: Too bad.01:32
BobJonkmanWhat kind of volunteer work needs to be done?01:32
genii-aroundBobJonkman: Right now mostly going through old financial paperwork and getting all our old tax stuff sorted out back to 2006. But there are other things too, like tech support or answering phones, etc01:33
genii-aroundThere are no employees, everyone is a volunteer.01:34
BobJonkmangenii-around: Finance.  I don't even like to do my own finances.01:34
genii-aroundAnyhow, this is why we need to sell as much of this equipment as we can, the CRA is leaning on us for what they figure is all the back GST01:36
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* genii-around slides DarwinSurvivor a coffee22:42
DarwinSurvivorhey genii-around, been one of those tired days for sure!22:57
DarwinSurvivorI'm just working on finishing up a project due tomorrow22:57
DarwinSurvivorI'll have to get back to you about the hardware later today22:57
genii-aroundOr tomorrow, etc is fine... very busy for me too lately22:57
DarwinSurvivorif anyone makes an offer on anything, let them go for it22:59
genii-aroundOK. Probably we'll know more about who wants what stuff by middle of next week or so23:01

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