jcastromarcoceppi: http://www.discourse.org/00:09
jcastromarcoceppi: jeff atwood is going to fix forums.00:09
JoseeAntonioRjono_: locking your QA for tomorrow, as usual03:28
jono_JoseeAntonioR, perfect, thanks!03:30
dholbachgood morning07:53
czajkowskiballoons: I saw yur PSA post and all I thought of was the PSA level in men  for prostate cancer, does it mean something different in QA land?09:20
* popey has never heard of "PSA level in men"09:24
czajkowskipopey: maybe not old enough09:24
czajkowskiI worked for a urologist and it's  a test many men have to test their psa level09:25
czajkowskidad and grandfather now have it yearly also now09:25
popeyso very specific to that line of work ☺09:25
czajkowskimaybe I guess09:26
czajkowskialways heard uncles mention it growing up09:26
czajkowskiguess cancer is in my family09:26
czajkowskiGoogling PSA brings it up straight away09:26
popeyPublic Service Announcement is what he's using it for.09:28
popeyI assume.09:28
czajkowskiah never would have gotten that09:28
czajkowskilearnt somethign new this morning :)09:29
popeyme too ☺09:29
czajkowskipopey: get your psa level checked :)09:29
* AlanBell also knew nothing about psa levels09:59
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dholbachJoseeAntonioR, who normally does the WP updates on ubuntuonair - does IS have to do them?12:50
JoseeAntonioRdholbach: yep, it's IS13:23
JoseeAntonioRnow that it's hosted with canonical, they said they were working on a ticket to get all instances updated13:23
jonodpm, all set?15:30
dpmjono, yes15:30
jonodpm, invite sent15:31
balloonsczajkowski, popey LOL.. PSA  = public service annoucement..15:41
balloonsI don't ever really use the acronym.. I guess others don't either :-)15:41
jcastrodo we have a hangout now?16:03
jcastrooh dude16:03
jcastroit's in the invite16:03
jonoballoons, you coming?16:08
jcastroballoons: come on man!16:12
dholbachall right - I call it a day - see you all tomorrow! :)16:59
SergioMenesesdholbach, bye17:03
dholbachbye :)17:07
balloonsanyone know how to reply to tweets in gwibber?18:22
jcastrojono: late lunch, but I'm also going to the UPS store to ship out some Juju shirts so I'll be a bit longer than the normal hour18:47
jcastroI'll have my phone if you need anything18:48
JoseeAntonioRjono: ready for the Q&A in 11?18:48
jonoJoseeAntonioR, yep18:49
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, what are you covering this sunday with launchpad?18:56
balloonsAre you going to cover committing and branching, etc?18:56
JoseeAntonioRballoons: I think that's cprofitt18:56
balloonsohh :-).. well cprofitt then.. ^^18:57
JoseeAntonioRoh, no, that's benonsoftware18:57
JoseeAntonioRsorry cprofitt18:57
balloonsJoseeAntonioR, we'll just ping the whole channel in here18:57
JoseeAntonioRok, then18:58
czajkowskithere is a session on launchpad ?19:02
balloonsUUD this weekend19:03
czajkowskiis this a launchpad person giving the talk if so  it should be added to our resource pages19:03
balloonsI'm trying to find out more about it19:03
balloonsI see something for sunday midday on it19:03
pleia2JoseeAntonioR: I think cprofitt's just touches upon launchpad answers while talking about support, benny's is the one that's about launchpad19:07
pleia2oh I see, you corrected :)19:07
JoseeAntonioRczajkowski: nope, it's just a community member19:08
JoseeAntonioRon sunday at 00:0019:08
czajkowskifair enough19:08
czajkowskipleia2: you are my rock!21:23
czajkowskiand my sanity checker :)21:23
jcastrodid someone say rock?21:25
czajkowskiI did21:26
czajkowskisee it means something as I use it so little :)21:26
czajkowskipleia2: keeps me sane21:26
popeyczajkowski: coming to the lug meet on saturday? ☺21:28
czajkowskipopey: depends I've physio at 11, and himself as the chimny guy in at 10:30 so depends21:29
jcastroman dude, I just found the awesomest picture of mhall119 and cjohnston ever21:29
czajkowskihttps://twitter.com/czajkowski/status/299237202888626176  is getting feedback via the loco contacts list21:30
pleia2jcastro: hahaha21:30
pleia2poor cjohnston :)21:30
popeyczajkowski: I probably wont get there till the afternoon21:30
jcastropleia2: he looks like eeyore21:31
czajkowskipopey: ah I've a box of french toys for you also21:31
jcastro"whoa is me"21:31
jcastrowoe even.21:31
czajkowskihttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/2618914/in/album/426006  one bit closer to strangling him21:31
* AlanBell idly wonders what french toys popey has asked for21:32
popeyhttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/2618907/in/album/426006 happy days21:33
czajkowskiI got an amazon shipping of games at xmas from amazon.fr sent to me by accident21:33
czajkowskiamazon said keep them21:33
czajkowskiso am giving them to popey to give to his better half for school :)21:33
czajkowskipopey: that was pre pringles you fecker!21:33
czajkowskihttp://pix.ie/czajkowski/2618873/in/album/426006  in and around pringle duck face time21:34
popeylove chuck21:35
czajkowskinice we just had a decent -ie loco meeting, one of the new guys has writen a blog post http://skynet.ie/~andru183/how-ive-found-being-a-member-of-ubuntu-ireland/  nice to read about new folks21:41
SergioMenesesczajkowski, hotdog http://pix.ie/czajkowski/2618876/in/album/42600621:57
AlanBellhttp://linux.slashdot.org/story/13/02/06/217237/ubuntu-smartphone-shipping-in-october interesting stuff22:18
jonomhall119, http://www.bbqpad.com22:26
jonothat is the site I was working on22:26
jcastrojono: wow, that's looking _slick_22:27
jonojcastro, :-)22:27
jonosample cook: http://www.bbqpad.com/4/22:27
jcastronice work with the reddit integration22:28
mhall119jono: I'm really liking the bootstrap look22:28
jonomhall119, would love you to use it for your next cook22:29
jonosee how you find it22:29
jcastroYEAH! BOOTSTRAP!22:29
dakermhall119: there is a diffrence between using bootstrap and looking like bootstrap22:29
mhall119jono: I'm already signed up22:30
jonomhall119, nice!22:31
mhall119now I just need to get some more wood, my pile is empty22:31
jcastroThere is snow outside here, there will be no outdoor cooking22:33
jonojcastro, people often cook in the snow :-)22:35
jcastronot this guy22:35
jcastroI made my adobo though and it's great on pork22:36
jonomhall119, you are our first sign up :-)22:36
jcastroI should have plenty of bottles to give people @ UDS22:36
jonohttp://www.bbqpad.com/users/mhall119 :-)22:36
mhall119user_id 2? \o/22:37
mhall119jono: where do I add info about my smoker22:39
jonomhall119, when you create a cook you add it22:40
mhall119also, I'm disappointed that #bbqpad isn't a channel already22:40
jonomhall119, lol22:40
mhall119ah, so I have to wait until I'm cooking something to show off?22:40
jonomhall119, yeah, but create a cook to play if you like22:40
jonowill be good to know it works22:40
jonomhall119, can you do me a favor and leave a comment on the disqus box at http://www.bbqpad.com/4/ maybe asking a question22:44
jonoI want to fill it with a few comments22:44
mhall119what disqus box?22:46
jonomhall119, at the bottom of that page22:48
jonojust ask a question about the cook or something22:48
mhall119oh, on a specific cook, ok22:49
cjohnstonjcastro:  :-/22:51
jonothanks mhall11922:52
mhall119jono: I like that you're advertising high-fiber breakfast cereal, smart :)22:53
jonomhall119, so the reddit for the site is http://www.reddit.com/r/bbqpad/22:54
jonoI am hoping to use that as a place for people to post suggestions and improvements22:54
* mhall119 goes to complain about Unity on /r/bbqpad/22:56
jcastrolooks legit22:56
jonomhall119, lol22:56
jcastrosite needs a hidden Deal with It dog22:57
jonojcastro, this will happen22:57
jonopossibly tonight22:57
jonoupvotes on http://www.reddit.com/r/BBQ/comments/180y7v/bbqpadcom_new_website_for_tracking_your_cooks/ would help too :-)22:57
IdleOneneeds a lens22:58
IdleOnesite looks good jono interesting side project :)22:58
mhall119IdleOne: +122:58
jonothanks IdleOne :-)22:58
jonolens would be *sweet*22:58
jcastrojono: you remember SpecialK right? the person?22:58
IdleOneget to work!22:58
jonoalthough we have no API right now22:58
jonojcastro, yeah22:58
jonojcastro, LOL22:59

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