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xnoxthe toggle switch ON/OFF in the bluetooth and sync menus look very huge15:29
snwhxnox, agreed15:40
xnoxmpt: have you seen the size of the on/off switch in the indicators?15:41
mptxnox, yeah, it's a bit large, eh16:38
xnoxit really should look up to radio button sizes ;-)16:39
mptAbout that, yes16:39
mpt(though there aren't radio buttons in menus)16:39
xnoxmpt: draw a sketch, post-date it, use it as precedent to encourage switch to become smaller =)16:40
mptIt's February 2013 and I'm still writing 2012 on all my cheques^Wwireframes16:41
mpt(not really)16:41
Cimimpt, so?17:04
mptHey Cimi, xnox and I were discussing how switches inside menus look too large17:04
mpte.g. the Bluetooth menu in Ringtail, and the networking menu in U4A17:05
mptCimi, so what do you think about having smaller switches only when they're inside menus?17:06
mpt*Roughly* analogous to how radio marks and checkmarks in menus are much lighter than radio buttons and checkboxes.17:07
Cimimpt, I think you should ask matthieu who will tell you he is busy :)17:07
CimiI am busy too17:07
Cimibut I agree17:07

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