slangasekdobey: that looks like it would DTRT00:21
nik90Is the right place to ask python related questions?00:38
nik90nvr mind I will come later :)00:40
smoserslangasek, the issue with your suggested 'install' is that modprobe of mlx4_en triggers recursion00:46
smoseras it depends on mlx4_core00:47
smoserok... so i tested, and your way does not seem to cause recursion . do you have a preference on which way that is done?00:49
slangaseksmoser: I don't have a preference, I just don't know anything about the 'softdep' so don't know how "standard" it is00:53
smoserslangasek, well, it documented in natty modprobe.conf00:55
slangasekthen I guess you're ok :)00:56
infinitysmoser: Oh, if you plan to upload module-init-tools/kmod for this, mind if you toss the kmod patch to me to upload?  I'm trying to keep TIL on it, so I can watch for merges. :P01:02
infinityAnd it's getting irritating to find a bug to fix to steal it back every time someone else uploads it...01:02
smoserinfinity, https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/raring/kmod/lp-111571001:05
smoseri think we're ready for "propose for merging" if you are ok to look01:05
infinitysmoser: Shiny.  I'd love it if someone could do a by-hand test of that on real hardware to see if it actually DTRT, mind you.01:32
smoserme too.01:33
smoseri'll see what i can do about hat.01:33
smoserEntropyWorks, lifeless ^01:33
infinitysmoser: Would be nice if they could test it with both module-init-tools in precise and kmod in raring.  I make no guarantees that kmod actually honors softdep correctly.01:34
infinity(Though it's meant to...)01:34
smosereither of you able to do that for me? basically we want to boot a system , disable whatever hacks you have inside it that are loading mlx4_en, and then add the /etc/modprobe.d/mlx4.conf file that you see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smoser/ubuntu/raring/kmod/lp-1115710/revision/11 and reboot.01:34
smoserinfinity, i can verify that it honors it.01:35
smoseri've tested 'modprobe mlx4_core' with those in place01:35
smoserand seen the _en and _ib get loaded.01:35
smoseron raring.01:35
smoserbut i cannot attest that they actually load and function if the hardware is present01:36
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lifelesssmoser: EntropyWorks: - will see what we can do02:24
smoserlifeless, thanks. update/comment at https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/111571002:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 1115710 in MAAS "Mellanox mlx4_en network driver is not automatically loaded" [Critical,Triaged]02:27
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Niraj_ Hi can anybody tell me, as a beginner to ubuntu dev, where can I find issues to fix?04:30
scienteshow can i debug plymouth without changing my kernel cmdline?04:31
scientesi'd really like to be connected to it in gdb during bootup04:31
scientesoh looks like xorg problem nvm04:33
scientesbut probably stilla bug i n plymouth04:33
RamsramboI am running Quantal 12.10 I need libcstdc++ lib for installing lotus Symphony where do I get this from?04:43
scientesRamsrambo, probably libstdc++-dev04:45
scientes* libstdc++6-dev04:45
scientesbut you may need another version04:45
Ramsrambobut the IBM installation manual says libcstdc++04:45
scienteswait libstdc++6-4.7-dev04:46
scientesthats the same thing04:46
scientesbasically you just need to install build-essential04:46
scientesapt-get install build-essential04:46
RamsramboI hope so let me install that lib thru synaptic and see if I can install this lotus04:47
Ramsrambojust hang on I will give the feed back04:47
Ramsramboessential not able to locate ?04:48
Ramsrambothat was installed already04:50
scientesmay need old libstdc++5 then04:50
Ramsramboso go to synaptic and install this ?04:50
scientesyou need the -dev version04:51
scientesbut yeah install that04:51
RamsramboI hv synaptic installed already04:51
scientesapt-get install libstdc++504:51
RamsramboI installled the old libstdc++04:54
Ramsrambowhen I click on the .deb file it goes to software centre04:55
scientesRamsrambo, this doesn't belong in #ubuntu-devel04:55
Ramsramboand gives a error that dependency is not satisfiable libnotify04:55
scientesyeah its using the old libnotify104:55
scientes(like firefox did a few months ago)04:55
Ramsrambothat is right libnotify104:56
scientes* packages.ubuntu.com/libnotify104:57
Ramsramboso I cannot install then04:58
scientesyou can04:58
scientesyou just have to pull from old version of ubuntu04:58
Ramsrambomaybe on the old lib will do ??04:59
RamsramboHow do I do that ?05:01
scientesi just told you packages.ubuntu.com/libnotify05:01
scientesi just told you packages.ubuntu.com/libnotify105:01
Ramsramboyeah! after installing libnotify1 it started installing05:05
RamsramboI cannot see any progress at all in software centre ! not sure what is going on05:11
keeshallyn: so... CAP_TO_MASK only seems valid for __u32 caps...05:15
keeshallyn: and is 7b9a7ec565505699f503b4fcf61500dceb36e744 valid then?05:17
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cyphermox@pilot out06:25
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didrocks@pilot in06:27
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keeshallyn: unping; I see now how CAP_TO_INDEX works with CAP_TO_MASK :)06:37
pittiGood morning06:39
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
didrockspitti: do you mind marking as merged the 3 following branches:07:26
pittididrocks: done07:27
didrockspitti: thanks :)07:28
dholbachgood morning07:53
didrockshey dholbach07:56
dholbachhey didrocks07:57
Whoopiecyphermox: Hi, just saw the network-manager upload and the enabling of connectivity check. You need libsoup build dependency so that it's correctly enabled.07:59
Whoopiecyphermox: oh sorry, it's already there.08:00
dholbach@pilot in08:04
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didrocks@pilot out08:23
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* dholbach hugs didrocks08:25
* didrocks hugs dholbach back08:25
vibhavHey, is somebody aquinted with autopkgtests?08:26
didrocksdholbach: short day (2h30 of sponsoring), but look at the ML, tomorrow is Qt5 sponsoring for me08:26
vibhavI wanted to know whether one must test all packages for a test case08:26
vibhavI was creating test cases for libestr08:27
dholbachvibhav, you might want to ask in #ubuntu-quality - but if the test case works for you as described in the packaging guide, things should be all right08:28
vibhavdholbach: Actually, I dont have time to test all functions. Would it be fine to test some functions only? (Of course they can be extended later)08:28
dholbachsome tests are better than no tests08:29
vibhavAnyways, Ill try to do my best08:30
dholbachpitti, jibel: ^ :)08:30
pittivibhav: indeed, and the first test usually covers a lot more implicit stuff (loading library, etc.) than it might seem08:33
vibhavpitti: thanks08:35
jibelvibhav, it's perfectly fine to start with a small set of tests and increase the coverage afterwards when you have time08:40
caribouQ: what is required to get a newly available Debian/Sid package synchronized in the Raring archive ?08:51
vibhavjibel: So basically, I only have to check if function work correctly (return 1 or 0, etc), right?08:52
pitticaribou: which package?08:52
cariboupitti: makedumpfile & kdump-tools08:52
cariboupitti: they're not available yet, they were just uploaded last night08:52
cariboupitti: but since the freeze is getting near, I'm inquiring ahead just to know08:53
pitticaribou: they are both unmodified, so we can just sync them08:53
tjaaltondoko_: ping re: llvm-snapshot08:54
pitticaribou: once you see the new version on https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/makedumpfile/+changelog , feel free to prod me08:54
cariboupitti: true, matter of fact, the Debian modification that I made is specific to a requirement I have for an Ubuntu blueprint08:54
cariboupitti: ok, will do. This is regarding the email I sent to ev (you were CC) yesterday08:55
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jibelvibhav, very basically yes :) actually your test script will verify that the systems functions as expected, as for example checking the returncode of a function for different set of conditions09:06
dholbachblueyed, Happy Birthday! :)09:22
cariboupitti: a while back I asked about getting a package in main when its source is already in main09:23
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cariboupitti: you guys told me that it was only a matter of having a dependancy on this package from another package in Main09:23
cariboupitti: does it applies to meta-packages as well ?09:23
pitticaribou: in general as well, yes09:25
cariboupitti: ok. kdump-tools will have a dependency from the linux-crashdump tool meta-package soon. we'll see09:25
cariboupitti: thanks09:26
smbpitti, Would it be enough to have only the source in main but not the binary (to be ok depending on the binary from meta)?09:31
cjwatsoncaribou: makedumpfile and kdump-tools will be auto-synced without any human intervention09:32
cariboucjwatson: thanks, good to know09:32
pitticjwatson: oh, we are still before DIF?09:32
cariboucjwatson: just wanted to be sure as the freeze date is approaching09:32
cjwatsonthe freeze is still eight days away09:33
pittismb: MIRs are source based, so promoting a binary is not a big process indeed09:33
cjwatsonand the auto-sync runs four times a day09:33
cariboucjwatson: ok, I'll keep an eye on it09:34
dholbach@pilot out09:49
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dholbachdown to 29! (once http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/ updates)09:53
seb128dholbach, \o/09:55
iondown to 8841761993739701954543616000000 :-)09:55
dholbachion, what are you counting? :)09:55
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* pitti hugs dholbach09:59
* dholbach hugs pitti back :)09:59
dholbachion, ok, I'm still a bit slow it seems ;-)09:59
iondholbach: That was just a stupid joke, ! is the factorial operator.10:00
dholbachyeah, it took me 4 minutes to figure it out :)10:00
* dholbach hugs ion10:00
* ion hugs dholbach10:00
evcjwatson: thanks for recommending sbuild. I'm finding it a lot better than pbuilder.10:41
cjwatsonev: Great, glad you got over the initial hump10:49
vibhavjibel: ping10:52
caribouxnox: just saw your upload; I'll test it after lunch10:53
xnoxcaribou: lvm2? it's not published yet.10:54
cjwatsonAnd won't be until after 12.04.2, unless there's a pressing urgency.10:54
caribouxnox: true; I'll wait 'til the "please test" msg comes in10:55
xnoxcaribou: ;-)))))10:55
vibhavpitti: what does `pkg-config --cflags --libs glib-2.0` in the gcc flags mean? Is it important for me to include those flags? (Of course, I will need to replace glib-2.0 with something else)10:56
vibhavpitti: wrt http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/auto-pkg-test.html10:57
cjwatsonIt's important to include those flags if you're building something that uses glib headers10:57
vibhavcjwatson: I am writing autopkgtest cases for libestr. Do I need to replace glib-2.0 with libestr?"11:00
cjwatsonYou probably need some kind of build flags for libestr.  I have no idea whether they'll involve pkg-config11:01
cjwatsonCheck the library's documentation11:01
vibhavah, so it varies with libraries. Thanks cjwatson11:02
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_aw
jibelvibhav, libestr supports pkg-config, you can replace glib-2.0 by libestr on the line above11:15
jibelvibhav, pkg-config --list-all will tell you which modules are found in the path11:16
vibhavjibel: Hmm, will -lestr too work?11:19
vibhavjibel: I already uploaded a debdiff at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libestr/+bug/111722211:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 1117222 in libestr (Ubuntu) "autopkgtest test cases for libestr" [Undecided,New]11:20
cjwatsonvibhav: with programs that ship pkg-config configuration, you always *can* compile/link without it but it's more correct to use pkg-config11:27
cjwatsonvibhav: it insulates you against changes11:27
vibhavcjwatson: changes as in?11:28
cjwatsonto the way the library requires you to compile or link11:28
cjwatsonfor example 'pkg-config --cflags gtk+-3.0' has a bunch of useful -I options that you really wouldn't want to write out by hand11:29
vibhavah, so it makes work easier11:31
vibhavI will upload the correct debdiff then11:31
vibhavthanks cjwatson11:32
=== _salem is now known as salem_
jibelvibhav, the test exit 1 but there is no output at all and don't know which function call failed.11:38
jibelvibhav, you'd rather use one method/function per test, read http://xunitpatterns.com/Obscure%20Test.html#Eager%20Test for example11:39
tjaaltonare the builders having some issues, or why do they reject uploads with timestamps "too far in the future"?11:40
vibhavjibel: So, shall I print "Failed"?11:41
cjwatsontjaalton: Are the timestamps in the future?11:43
tjaaltoncjwatson: yes, some files of the packages, like lintian overrides and copyright11:44
cjwatsonYou'll probably find dpkg-source -x does that by default.11:45
cjwatsonI mean, errors.11:45
tjaaltonI'm building off a git branch, and for some reason some files under debian/ were touched11:46
cjwatsonSince you have to pass a special option to get tar not to issue a warning.11:47
vibhavjibel: Also, would should I print in case of an error?11:47
cjwatsontjaalton: I would suggest just fixing the timestamps :)11:48
tjaaltoncjwatson: well they are ok here, on my timezone11:48
cjwatsonYou could ask #webops (internal) to check that the builder's time is OK, I suppose11:51
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QuintasanLaney: \o/ thanks for uploading maliit to Debian.11:58
jibelvibhav, in case of error, you could print which function you're testing, the expected result and the actual result12:25
jibelvibhav, keep in mind that human are reading log files, so the message in case of failure must be as clear as possible12:28
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jibelvibhav, I added a comment to the report13:08
ogra_ogra@anubis:~$ pkexec gedit /etc/fstab13:17
ogra_** (gedit:8717): WARNING **: Befehlszeile »dbus-launch --autolaunch=806ff5b359b95482f2158d5e000009df --binary-syntax --close-stderr« brach mit von Null verschiedenem Beenden-Status 1 ab: Autolaunch error: X11 initialization failed.\n13:17
ogra_Anzeige kann nicht geöffnet werden:13:17
ogra_pitti, any idea why that happens ? ^^^^13:18
ogra_pitti, i',m executing it from a gnome-terminal, i would assume i have access to the display (adding DISPLAY=:0 doesnt change a thing btw)13:18
pittiogra_: yes, pkexec doesn't pass through $DISPLAY by default13:18
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
ogra_pitti, hmm, so how would i use it as gksu replacement as an enduser ?13:19
pittiogra_: you'd need to define a policy for gedit with the allow-gui attribute, like in /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/com.ubuntu.apport.policy13:19
ogra_pitti, eeek, so that means we cant drop gksu ?13:20
pittiogra_: pkexec is not meant to be a general gksu replacement13:20
pittiogra_: but on the command line you can use sudo?13:20
ogra_but thats npot what users do or what our docs recommend ...13:20
ogra_i would like to remove gksu from the images in raring13:21
pittiI discussed that with David a while ago, and he wasn't fond of making pkexec a general user tool13:21
pittiwe could write some wrapper, of course, which passes through $DISPLAY13:21
ogra_bah, but that forces us to ship two tools for similar purpose13:21
nik90anybody here familiar with GTK  Treeview? I am trying to get the row index to the currently selected row (all in python)13:22
ogra_a wrapper thats called gksu ;)13:22
ogra_nik90, did you read the topic ... i guess a gtk channel would be better13:22
pittiogra_: ^ that works, for example; but ugh :)13:22
nik90oh thnx13:23
pittiogra_: well, it's still not "su"; users shold just call sudo from the CLI reall13:23
pittiogra_: and from .desktop files we could use such a pkexecx wrapper?13:23
ogra_pitti, generally thats not what supporters seem to recommend (or wikis and other docs)13:23
pittiogra_: well *shrug*, those need to be changed anyway, no?13:24
pittifrom gksu to pkexec or pkexecx or sudo13:24
ogra_hmm, probably13:24
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smartboyhwdholbach, ping14:10
=== davidcalle_ is now known as davidcalle
mptev, http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey14:17
mptExpand the "OS version" row under "Windows and Mac"14:17
evexcellent, thanks!14:19
ogra_pfft, that wants to install flash on my nexus714:19
ogra_(if it only would !)14:20
evslangasek: a while back you had a better idea for measuring the health of the retracers than the current graphs of the average processing time and the success/failure rate14:21
evI don't suppose you remember what it was? :)14:21
evI can dig through all my notes if you can't14:21
smartboyhwdholbach, help me to test https://code.launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/ubuntu/raring/calligra/2.6.0-0ubuntu1/+merge/146644 again, new things uploaded14:21
evmpt, bdmurray, pitti, slangasek: https://bugs.launchpad.net/errors/+bug/111737214:22
ubottuError: ubuntu bug 1117372 not found14:22
evjust in case you have interesting ideas14:22
hallynkees: ok, so to be sure, all is good? :)14:22
ion(Re: the Steam stats) Over 1 percent total? That’s actually more than i expected. That’s, like, half a million users.14:25
ionI wonder if it counts those who run it under Wine?14:25
smartboyhwdholbach, DON'T. I've got a patch error now14:26
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dholbachsmartboyhw, maybe you best point out in the merge proposal when it builds for you, etc14:35
dholbachsmartboyhw, then others can jump in any help too14:35
=== slank_away is now known as slank
smartboyhwdholbach, ok14:36
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mlankhorstfor MRE sru's, do I still need a bug?14:36
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=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
mlankhorstah thought so, I originally cherry picked some fixes so my game would be stable in nouveau, now I can't get it to crash >:(14:43
LaneyMREs are only valid for changes in the new upstream release btw14:45
Laneyso your cherry-pick would be a normal SRU14:45
=== Tonio__ is now known as Tonio_aw
vibhavjibel: Ive correct the debdiff14:49
mlankhorstLaney: well in this case I was part of upstream :-)14:52
jibelvibhav, thanks, I'll review it in a bit.14:55
* vibhav hugs jibel 14:56
mlankhorstLaney: hm what about things that have been sru'd already? like the patches to reduce size in mesa's renamed lts-quantal package15:00
evmpt: Whenever you have a free moment, do you think formatting the function column this way makes it easier to read: http://poppy-dev.local/ ? See http://errors.ubuntu.com for comparison.15:00
evI'm tempted to implement a custom ellipsize15:00
Laneymlankhorst: what about them? I assume they went through SRU verification ~normally15:00
evthat tries to take from the center of the call stack, rather than the right hand side15:00
Laneymlankhorst: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions15:00
=== Tonio_aw is now known as Tonio__
mlankhorstyeah, I'll try piglit on it, but mesa is a pain point so the update wouldn't be falling under MRE I suppose :/15:02
tjaaltonmesa has a provisional mre15:03
LaneyMRE is for micro releases15:03
Laneyit's still valid to follow the normal SRU process for non-micro-release changes15:03
tjaaltonwell mlankhorst is testing 9.0.2 for quantal15:03
mlankhorstIt'll have to be a hybrid then. MRE for the version bump, normal SRU for the patches cherry picked from mesa-lts-quantal in precise.15:04
Laneysounds right15:04
Laneyyou'll assume that upstream's fixes in the micro release are good and verify your cherry picks normally15:04
vibhavHmm, are libraries like libxdo (Which simulate X11 keyboard/mouse input) work with autopkgtest?15:05
vibhavAFAIK, these tests will run on Launchpad Servers, which probably dont have GUIs15:06
mlankhorstI don't want to assume, but looking  seems there have been no big regressions in mesa for raring, which is mostly identical to the version I want to upload. Only difference is a revert to wayland 0.95.15:08
Laneyassume means not having to manually verify each one - broad testing and running piglit is required as said on the page I linked you to15:09
mlankhorstbut it's on top of that :-)15:09
Laneyand then explicitly verifying anyting extra, yeah15:09
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hrwcan someone help me with debconfing package? http://tygrysek.juszkiewicz.com.pl/~hrw/tmp/chromium-mali-opengles_0.45-0ubuntu1.dsc - builds fine but does not display license ;(15:22
geserhrw: did you forget to update the preinst or is the checking the msttcorefonts license intended?15:30
geseryou've updated the license variable but not the configuration space15:33
hrwyay! works now15:34
hrwprevious version was based on nexus7 firmware and I had other bugs15:34
bdmurraymterry: might you have a look at bug 1110585?15:37
hrwso my first multiverse package works. but I wonder about pushing it into archive15:37
ubottubug 1110585 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager in raring opens debconf prompts in embedded terminal instead of using gnome frontend like it should" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/111058515:37
sveinseI've written a local-premount script for an embedded device running precise. In this script I mount some filesystems, do something and umount them afterwards. However the script is failing because umount reports Device or resource busy on the device I just mounted. Why could that be?15:39
hallynI'm confused.  3.8.0-4.9~userns1 <= 3.8.0-0.4-userns1  ?15:41
mterrybdmurray, huh15:42
sveinsehallyn: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/first.en.html#namever15:43
tjaaltoncjwatson: so, didn't think to check that my machine had jumped forward a month after a hibernate cycle.. it caused the archive upload fail15:44
sveinsehallyn: Your version statement is true. (Notice the tilde vs the dash)15:45
zaytsevhi folks. i noticed base-files bump to 12.04.2, but can't find images on cdimage. the latest is still 12.04.1. any etas?15:45
infinityhallyn: Having two dashes in the second version is reolcating what you believe is the "debian" and "upstream" versions.15:46
infinityhallyn: And 3.8.0 is definitely << 3.8.0-0.415:47
infinityzaytsev: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2013-January/001009.html15:48
hrwhallyn: two dashes are killer with debian versioning ;(15:48
hallynsveinse: i notice the tilde, but i would expect in 'dpkg --compare-version X~Y lt Y~Y' for the ~Y to be ignored15:48
dobeyis it just me, or did the libc 2.17 update break squid3? (i can't think of anything else it might be)15:48
infinitydobey: I might need more to go on than that.15:49
hallyninfinity: i guess15:49
hallynall right, thanks all :)15:49
infinityhallyn: The last dash is the one used for the Debian revision.15:49
dobeyinfinity: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squid3/+bug/111188015:49
ubottuError: ubuntu bug 1111880 not found15:49
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hallyni see, so it was my fault at the *last* submission.  drat.15:50
zaytsevinfinity: thank you very much, this is what i was looking for, but failed to fine.15:50
dobeyinfinity: also, there seems to be a squid3 in quantal-security/updates that is newer than what's in raring. not sure why there isn't a -1ubuntu2 in raring with the fix in that -1ubuntu1.1 security update15:50
hallyninfinity: good news, the cleanup patches for spice are on their way into debian archive.  should be able to sync soon15:51
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dobeyinfinity: but anyway, since the libc update, i've been seeing squid3 crashing while running tests in ubuntu-sso-client and ubuntuone-client (but we don't run those tests in the ubuntu builds, because they depend on the poorly maintained qt4reactor package which isn't in main)15:53
jdstranddobey: I'll update squid315:56
infinitydobey: Hey, I'm all for blaming glibc but, on the other hand, when only one package is exploding, I tend to blame that package. ;)15:56
dobeyjdstrand: thanks15:56
dobeyinfinity: i'm not blaming glibc. but maybe it exposed a bug, which was working fine before the update15:58
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dobeyinfinity: but the stack trace is a bit suspiscious, too, given how short it is :)15:58
caribouslangasek: ping15:58
infinitydobey: Really short stack traces when you manage to segv libc aren't uncommon. :)15:59
infinitydobey: (Usually due to doing something undefined, out of bounds, or just plain silly)15:59
dobeyinfinity: well, usually, crashes in strcmp are because someone passed in a NULL and the trace is several function calls deep. but maybe ncsa_auth is just a really small file too16:00
dobeybut i would also expect passing NULL to strcmp to crash in the older glibc, as it's done many times before :)16:00
infinityYou'd generally expect, yes.16:01
infinityAnyhow, if Jamie updates and it and it still explodes, I'll pass the buck to him.16:01
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slangasekcaribou: in a meeting, but pong16:12
caribouslangasek: no rush, just disregard my last comment about install with secureboot/UEFI16:12
caribouslangasek: in the LP bug#110024716:13
caribouslangasek: tl;dr : I used the +mac Quantal iso to install which doesn't have the ./efi bits16:14
slangasekcaribou: hah, indeed it doesn't16:14
caribouslangasek: I'll update the bug & mark it invalid once I've completed the install16:14
slangasekcaribou: oh, you mean /all/ this testing was with the mac image?16:15
slangasekor the original problem is just no longer reproducible?16:15
caribouslangasek: yep16:15
slangasekI need to be more careful about asking people for image URLs :)16:15
caribouslangasek: all the testing with the mac, which is why it didn't see it on startup16:15
slangasekthanks for following up16:16
slangasekalso, I need to kill the mac image with fire, but ENOTIME :/16:16
caribouslangasek: I _really_ wanted to nail this one down16:16
caribouslangasek: I don't even know why this image made it to my HDD to start with16:16
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hrwhow does repo for package is selected? I mean universe/multiverse - it is on server only or in package somehow?16:38
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xnoxhrw: as in, what adds univer/multiverse to apt config - or how does apt chooses which package version out of multiple available to install?16:55
xnox(your question is a bit ambigious to me)16:55
hrwxnox: no. I have package which is multiverse material - should I mark it somehow in debian/* or is it repo admin job?16:55
ogra_hrw, by the archive admins iirc ...16:55
xnoxhrw: you will upload it into ubuntu and it will end up in the New queue. Archive Admins will accept and assign it to multiverse. Make sure your debian/copyright is correct.16:57
hrwxnox: thanks16:57
hrwogra_: thx as well ;)16:58
infinityhrw: You can totally mark it multiverse in the source package.16:58
ogra_but that wont auto-move it there, will it ?16:59
infinityhrw: "Section: multiverse/whatever" instead of "Section: whatever"16:59
infinityogra_: No, but it'll land in the right place in the queue, so I don't have to override it.16:59
xnoxinfinity: ha =)))) *cheat*16:59
ogra_good to know17:00
infinityogra_: Overrides and packages should match, they just often don't because we're importing from Debian and have different overrides.17:00
infinityogra_: But in Debian, dinstall actually yells at you every time you upload something where debian/control doesn't match the overrides.17:00
infinity(The reason you tend to want them to match is so people making custom archives without overrides get the same Sources.gz/Packages.gz as the primary archive)17:01
ogra_i'll try to develop a habit for that in plain ubuntu packages then17:01
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infinityhrw: If it's something you'd be eventually targetting for Debian, then "Section: non-free/whatever" also works fine, and our queues will s/non-free/multiverse/17:02
hrwinfinity: due to non-mainline kernel it will probably not land in Debian but adapted17:03
hrwok, so whole NEW queue is mine :D17:05
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vibhavDoes Launchpad allow root privilages on its build servers?17:40
vibhavOops, wrong channel17:40
sladenvibhav: errm, for the sys-ops that run the buildds.  What are you trying to do?17:44
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margaslangasek, you around?17:44
margaslangasek, I just sent an update to the dropbear bug.  Please let me know if you have any comments.17:45
vibhavsladen: autopkgtest case which uses Xvfb, which requires root17:45
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vibhavsladen: Or, is there any way to run Xvfb without root?17:47
slangasekmarga: around-ish, fighting kernel bugs; I'll have a look at the bug report in a bit, thanks17:48
slangasekvibhav: why would you think Xvfb requires root?17:48
vibhavslangasek: It does not seem to work with xdotool then17:50
margaslangasek, no rush, don't worry.  Turns out it was a cosmetic issue not a real one.17:51
vibhavslangasek: I am writing a autopkgtest for libxdo. Since launchpad build servers dont have X11, I need Xvfb. According to http://mojo.codehaus.org/selenium-maven-plugin/examples/headless-with-xvfb.html , Xvfb cannot functino correctly without root17:52
slangasekvibhav: yeah, that page is nonsense.  Have a look at any of the packages that build-depend on xvfb for example usage17:53
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vibhavWait, it works without root17:54
vibhavslangasek: Yes, that page is nonsense. Thanks!17:54
* vibhav slaps forhead17:54
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sladenvibhav: /usr/bin/Xvfb :42  works for me  ... but it seems you just discovered that17:55
vibhavsladen: Yes, I am a fool17:55
xnoxvibhav: you are not a fool. you simply learned something new today ;-) which is good. all of us should be learning something new every day.17:58
vibhavxnox: :)17:58
vibhavxnox: Not only something new, something very important too :)17:58
slangasekmarga: hey, followed up to the report; there is still a bug here18:09
slangasekmarga: it's fine if you don't consider it high enough priority for an SRU, but plymouth is not always used in the initramfs so dropbear should not be relying on plymouth doing the file copy18:10
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dokoinfinity, will you update the cross-toolchain-base packages?18:11
infinitydoko: Yeap.  Was looking at that during the meeting.18:11
vibhavI cant find anything in the archives, does the repositories still have xlib?18:11
infinityvibhav: libx11, you mean?18:12
vibhavinfinity: ah, found it18:12
vibhavI was searching for xlib and got libxcb18:12
infinityvibhav: Unlike many RPM distros, where library packages have bizarre names based on upstream project names, ours are always (except when someone messes up, *cough*) named after the SONAME, which should make them rather obvious to find.18:13
infinityI kinda wish I could convince Fedora to do the same.  Having to remember that your headers for libx11.so.6 are in xlib-dev is pretty unintuitive, IMO.18:14
vibhavIndeed. It is rather confusing18:14
infinity(Especially since there's no consistent naming scheme, and you get to hunt every time)18:14
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margaslangasek, yes, I understand there's a bug, but it's unlikely to get triggered, since you need to not use plymouth nor mountall...18:51
margaslangasek, about the nsswitch file, there is also a different file being generated by these same tools.18:53
margaMuch more complex than just the passwd line from dropbear18:53
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leighmanany one have any idea about https://launchpadlibrarian.net/130549294/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-amd64.evolution-data-server_3.6.2-0ubuntu0.2~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz - it is just the quantal-updates branch with a single patch applied19:15
dobeyinfinity, jdstrand: ah, looks like squid3 failed to build. i wonder if it's the same issue causing my crash :)19:20
geserleighman: try a give-back (as it built on i386); might be due your gnome-online-accounts was not build for amd64 at the time evolution-data-server was tried19:22
infinitydobey: It's just because it builds with -Werror19:22
leighmangeser: yeh, okay, cool19:23
dobeyinfinity: right. but -Werror wasn't added in that change. i guess a new gcc might have added a new warning though, or the change in libc caused the warning to happen, since it's an (apparently new) attribute on the setuid method19:28
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seb128ScottK, hey, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyside/1.1.2-1 is depwaiting for over 3 months, is that something on your todolist?19:50
ScottKseb128: No.  It's non-trivial to solve and nothing I care about really needs pyside.19:50
seb128ScottK, well, you are the one who synced it according the raring-changes... should we revert to the previous version then?19:51
xnoxseb128: we removed binaries from raring. maybe it will be fixed in debian at one point.19:51
ScottKseb128: No.  The version before was even more broken.19:51
xnoxseb128: there is nothing to revert to =)))))19:52
ScottKMake xnox fix it.  He loves that kind of pain.19:52
seb128ScottK, xnox: ok, thanks ... some of the #ps guys need it, I will point them to xnox19:54
ScottKseb128: If they think they want pyside, I think you should convince them they want python-qt4 instead.  AFAIK, pyside is no longer developed upstream (or not much).  Python-qt4 already supports Qt5.19:55
seb128ScottK, ok19:55
seb128ScottK, I don't think they "want" anything, they are trying to package something that uses pyside19:55
ScottKI see.19:56
jdstranddobey: I have the fix, I just got pulled into a meeting20:13
jdstrand(and infinity ^)20:13
jdstrand(I even filed 1117517 for myself)20:14
margaslangasek: sorry, had to reboot my vps.  If you said anything after I last spoke, I lost it :-/20:15
dobeyjdstrand: great. thanks again20:15
slangasekmarga: mountall doesn't put anything at all in the initramfs.  This is specific to whether plymouth is in the initramfs, which is *not* the default in Ubuntu20:16
slangasekmarga: plymouth is only in the initramfs if cryptsetup is installed20:16
margaslangasek: ah, right.  That was what I was testing, because otherwise is really hard to get the boot image to stop and wait for connections20:17
margaIn any case, you still want the patch for the correct copying?20:17
* xnox thought we always have plymouth in initramfs. I guess I simply always have cryptsetup.....20:18
hallynmjt: I'm not yet seeing new spice in debian experimental - is there some place we can watch it roll through the queue?20:18
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slangasekmarga: I'm indifferent, I'm just pointing out that it's still a real bug with real consequences - but if you know that *you* always have plymouth in the initramfs, thus making it a low priority for you, then I wouldn't bother20:24
margaslangasek: ok, I already closed the bug on our side.  But given that I spent easily 20 hours on this bug, I'm willing to send a new diff so that it doesn't all go to waste20:25
slangasekmarga: up to you :)20:26
slangasekmarga: if we do go ahead with it for precise, please also send the fix to the Debian maintainer20:26
bdmurraywhat are the status.ubuntu.com templates written in?20:27
bdmurrayor maybe for is the right question20:29
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mterryIf I'm trying to reliably reproduce a debconf question (any question, testing frontend support in update-manager), is there an easy way to force a package to ask?20:51
janimomterry, dpkg-reconfigure packagename or you mean something more specific?20:54
mterryjanimo, I want to put my system in a state so that when I run update-manager, I get asked a debconf question20:54
janimomterry, for ex lightdm20:54
mterryjanimo, lightdm asks a debconf question?  hmm, maybe if I install an old one.  The other one I knew about was libc6, but that was so intertwined with my system I had problems installing an old one20:55
janimomterry, I don't know then. I thought such questions are asked when a package is installed/upgraded or forcibly reconfigured not on any run of update-manager20:55
mterryah, lightdm doesn't20:56
mterryjanimo, if update-manager upgrades a package it may have to ask20:56
janimomterry, ok it did for me as I have gdm installed, so a question pops up about picking the default login manager20:56
mterryjanimo, ah... interesting20:56
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dobeyanyone have any idea why "python-all (>= 2.6.6-3) |21:32
dobeyanyone have any idea why "python-all (>= 2.6.6-3) | python-support" as a Build-Depends for a package building on Lucid, would fail in a PPA? it builds fine locally, and have built other packages with the same dependency before :-/21:33
dobeyproblem is: python-all(inst 2.6.5-0ubuntu1 ! >= wanted 2.6.6-3)|python-support(missing)21:33
Elbrusdobey: I don't think | is allowed or at least working in a buildd21:49
Elbrusbut maybe I am wrong21:50
* Elbrus means as a build-depends obviously, not as a depends21:50
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Laneykirkland asked that exact question in #-motu yesterday - it's https://launchpad.net/bugs/59491621:51
ubottuUbuntu bug 594916 in launchpad-buildd "buildd does not install alternate dependency for versioned ORed build-dependencies" [Low,Triaged]21:51
Laneysummary: alternate build-depends don't really work21:51
Laneydobey: ^21:51
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kirklandLaney: yeah, I still think that's strange :-)21:53
Laneybug's a bug21:55
dobeykirkland: indeed. what's even more strange, is that i've used it quite often, and am only hitting an issue now :(21:58
Laneyperhaps you had python-support installed before21:59
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infinitydobey: It's never worked on the buildds (or, rather, that bug has always existed).22:04
adam_gis my assumption correct that a test suite's attempt to use udev_monitor_new_from_netlink() via pyudev or similar will fail on a buildd and FTBFS?22:04
dobeyinfinity: i'm pretty sure i would have noticed before now if it's never worked at all22:04
infinitydobey: I'm pretty sure, as the person who wrote the bug, that it's never worked. Just sayin'.22:05
dobeyinfinity: considering i have had lots of packages building in multiple PPAs that depend on that exact thing :)22:05
infinitydobey: Alternate deps work, but not in that one corner case.22:05
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kirklandLaney: dobey: infinity: now, if I were to put "python-support | python-all (>= 2.6.6-3)" as a build-depends, would that cause a package currently in main to trigger a mismatch (since python-support is in universe)?22:33
kirklandeven though python-all is in main and satisfies the build dep?22:33
dobeykirkland: it doesn't matter if it's in main or not. first satisfied would be used; at least in a PPA, maybe not for actual archive buidls22:34
infinitykirkland: If your package is in main, that'll work splendidly.  If your package is in universe, that'll probably pull in python-support, even though you didn't need it.22:34
infinitydobey: PPA and archive resolution is exactly the same.22:35
infinity(Well, except that PPAs have all components enabled and such)22:35
kirklandinfinity: interesting, let me give that a go...22:35
infinitykirkland: The whole reason we support alternate deps at all is because of the main/universe split.22:36
infinitykirkland / dobey: Worth noting that Debian doesn't support alternate build-deps, period, so it's generally best practice to not bother.22:36
infinity(You can have them in your Build-dep line for ease of backporters, but the Debian archive buildds will only ever take the first option, by design)22:37
kirklandinfinity: ack,thanks22:37
infinityBecause non-deterministic build-deps were considered a bad idea.22:37
kirkland^ boring22:38
dobeywell, if there was some way to do if $DISTRO_VERSION; elsif... in build-deps, that would be nice too. but having to do a control.in and write a bunch of sed commands into a makefile to do it, sucks22:39
infinitydobey: Or, you could not expect the same source package to build on 5 releases.22:39
infinityI do believe that's the root of most people's concern here. :P22:40
dobeywhen i don't have to support 5 different versions of ubuntu, then we can discuss that :)22:40
LaneyVCS are quite good at this kind of thing22:40
infinitydobey: What package do you have that has to support multiple versions from the same source package?22:41
infinitydobey: Note I said "has to" not, "you want to".22:41
dobeyinfinity: all of ubuntu one22:42
infinity(But yes, VCSes are really good at this whole "having a delta and merging branches" thing, as Laney points out)22:42
dobeyVCSes don't know anything about dependencies or ubuntu releases.22:43
infinityYou have a branch per ubuntu release.  They have subtly different debian/control.  You merge your upstream into each branch.  Done.22:43
infinityPretty sure your VCS doesn't need to know what a raring ringtail is to get that job done.22:43
dobeyyeah, i don't want to have to manage N copies of the same code just to build it on N versions of ubuntu22:44
dobeyand i'm no going to22:44
dobeyhaving to maintain N debian/ directories is pain22:45
infinityYou could be wrong with the "and I'm not going to" assertion.22:46
infinityI'm down with your "I don't want to", but such is life.22:46

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