IDWMasterHi. I'd like to vote to have Unity not send search data to Amazon by default.03:31
IDWMasterA number of my friends have been complaining about that being the default setting and are concerned about Ubuntu's direction because of it.03:31
IDWMasterThe addition of:03:34
IDWMasterand Commercial apps in the Software Center03:34
IDWMasterhas caused concern amongst a lot of people regarding Ubuntu's direction03:34
TheLordOfTimeisn't that only for the shopping lens?04:30
TheLordOfTimeand I thought that was able to be disabled by hand?04:30
AlanBellgosh, voting has opened on that issue, I must have missed the memo12:38
IdleOneI vote we close the vote until am election has been announced.12:39
AlanBellPrincessLuna: hi12:50
IdleOnePrincessLuna: like you mentioned a banner on the home page would be IMHO a legal problem for Ubuntu/Canonical.12:50
ubot5Launchpad bug 1040557 in linux (Ubuntu) "UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop" [Critical,Fix committed]12:51
PrincessLunaIdleOne: Why?12:51
PrincessLunaAlanBell: I've seen that now12:51
IdleOneSamsung could turn around and say Ubuntu is damaging their reputation12:51
AlanBellI don't think it would be a legal problem really12:51
AlanBellnah, they did the damage themselves12:51
IdleOneright, but anyone looking to buy a Samsung laptop may google and land on the Ubuntu website and see "Samsung Sucks" paraphrasing of course12:52
PrincessLunaIdleOne: Not a banner saying "Samsung is bad, boycott Samsung" but rather a notice saying "do not install on Samsung XXX because of bug XXX that may brick the laptop"12:52
IdleOneThey added that info in the release notes which I think is sufficient if someone does a little research12:52
IdleOnePrincessLuna: unfortunately you got bit by the bug and found out to late :/12:53
PrincessLunaI'm pretty sure people will be bricking laptops for years to come because 12.04 is an LTS12:53
PrincessLunaIdleOne: I knew that Ubuntu worked on other ultrabooks with identical specs so I thought it would be safe12:54
IdleOneif they do it'll be because they didn't do a little research12:54
IdleOnedoesn't seem to be a hardware bug though12:54
IdleOneother machines with the exact same hardware may not have the same firmware12:54
AlanBellto be fair I would completely have fallen into that too and bricked my laptop12:54
IdleOneI never check the release notes either12:55
IdleOnegotta run out for milk :/12:56
PrincessLunaI checked the release notes, I think I read that issue but it didn't strike me that it affected that laptop as I was about to install. Wasn't even thinking about it.13:00
AlanBellI think if you send the laptop back they should replace it13:02
PrincessLunaThe problem is that he purchased this computer overseas. No warranty on it where I live.13:05
AlanBellblog it and tweet about it and make a fuss13:06
AlanBellsamsung should do a recall for this13:07
AlanBellnot particularly because it is brickable via installing ubuntu or fedora13:07
AlanBellbut this means that it is brickable by any software that wants to poke at that bit of memory13:08
ubuntubhoythey wont, same as with their phone bugs13:08
jussiPrincessLuna: seriously though, AlanBell is correct.13:08
jussi[15:06:47] <AlanBell> blog it and tweet about it and make a fuss13:08
PrincessLunajussi: Haha don't have time for that. I have two options 1) Refund him 2) Give him my thinkpad twist (which is still shipping) when it arrives and use my netbook a bit longer as main computer :(.13:13
AlanBellmaybe contact a local samsung dealer and ask them what to do13:19
AlanBellbut blogging it would really be a good idea13:19
PrincessLunaAnd how would blogging it help?13:21
IdleOneunhappy customers making a fuss == possible loss of profits. They would rather give you a free laptop and show the potential customers "what a nice" company they are13:22
PrincessLunaIdleOne: Only problem is that it isn't my laptop!13:23
IdleOneI guess you're out of options.13:23
IdleOne<AlanBell> maybe contact a local samsung dealer and ask them what to do13:23
AlanBellif it is written up somewhere we can direct a ton of attention on it, from canonical and more importantly samsung13:25
AlanBellthey really don't like negative publicity13:25
AlanBellPrincessLuna: doesn't matter that it isn't your laptop13:26
AlanBellin fact that makes it a more interesting story13:26
IdleOneyou're the voice of the "oppressed " Speak loud so you can be heard!13:26
IdleOneor be herded13:27
PrincessLunaOk got it booting Windows 7. Removed battery and Cmos battery then put them back and its working. That's a relief!13:27
AlanBellwasn't that problem at all then13:28
PrincessLunaNow I just have to give it back tomorrow.13:28
AlanBellwhen the samsungs are bricked they are dead13:28
PrincessLunaAlanBell: Really? I read this http://www.anandtech.com/show/6713/samsung-laptops-bricked-by-booting-linux-using-uefi and the last part encouraged me to try this13:29
AlanBellooh, interesting13:29
AlanBellthat would be a good thing to add to bug 1040557 then13:29
ubot5bug 1040557 in linux (Ubuntu) "UEFI boot live-usb bricks SAMSUNG 530U3C,np700z5c laptop" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104055713:29
PrincessLunaAnyway, problem solved. I'm not installing Ubuntu on this.13:31
AlanBellfedora too13:31
AlanBellor don't use uefi mode13:32
PrincessLunaLinux kernels with the samsung driver enabled in general. I'll tell him to use virtualbox if he wants13:32
PrincessLunaAlanBell: Not worth the risk, also if he rests bios/EFI settings to defaults it might re-brick13:33
PrincessLunaHopefully my ultrabook won't have these problems. But its a thinkpad so I think it should be safe.13:37

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