darkxstjbicha, since you have asked a few times, I have gnome git access now04:09
jbichadarkxst: good!04:10
darkxstit was a pain to get though (Mango was very broken)04:11
jbicha:( it wasn't too bad when I applied04:11
darkxstI applied 3 times, and it never worked04:12
darkxstfinally they manually created an account for me04:12
jbichaand the GNOME Classic mode for 3.7.5 is surprisingly good04:16
darkxstyeh looks great04:17
darkxsttoo bad gnome-shell is completely stuffed for me today04:17
jbichathey just landed a window-list extension on the bottom bar04:17
jbichadarkxst: I just pushed gnome-shell 3.7.5 to the staging PPA04:18
darkxstI will see if that helps, but on jhbuild been getting lots of stuck grabs etc04:19
darkxstjbicha, I can't use that one04:24
darkxstsince I am running js188 stack04:24
darkxstjbicha, "gnome-shell : Depends: libgjs0-libmozjs185-1.0"?04:33
jbichadarkxst: I believe that's automatic from the libgjs-dev build-depends04:39
darkxstjbicha, anyway I will help out with packaging 3.7.504:43
jbichaok, just send me or ricotz your debdiff's04:47
jbichathe time zone difference will probably be a bit annoying as it's about bed time here04:47
darkxsttimezone always is a bit annoying!04:48
darkxstjbicha, I assume your using git snapshots, since that tarballs aren't out yet are they?04:53
jbichayes they didn't release gnome-shell-extensions 3.7.5 yet04:58
darkxstricotz, whats the best way to get updates for gnome3-staging through to you?07:47
ricotzdarkxst, how do you mean?07:48
darkxstricotz, I am going to help out with updating some packages to 3.7.507:52
ricotzdarkxst, nice :)08:03
ricotzi think a " debdiff *.dsc *.dsc | filterdiff -i "*/debian*/" " is fine08:05
ricotzi will try to look into some updates later too08:05
darkxstand email?08:08
ricotzor some pastebin08:09
darkxstwhat is the filterdiff meant to do?08:15
ricotzto get rid of the upstream changes08:16
darkxstyeh thats what I figured, but its not working properly like that08:18
ricotzdebdiff *.dsc *.dsc | filterdiff -i "*/debian/*"08:19
darkxstoh, dont worry, just diff of diff confusion08:22
darkxsthere is empathy http://pastebin.com/Q7f7urdr08:22
darkxstneed telepathy-logger update, but thats just a straight rebuild no patches etc08:22
ricotzsorry, please paste me the link later again, g2g08:23
ricotzbtw empathy might not be the best to start, since we probably need to disbale some other patches to make it work without the g-c-c support08:24
darkxstricotz, jbicha http://pastebin.com/ig8g5feJ20:36
jbichadarkxst: why the debian/rules change?21:07
darkxstgdm-binary seems to already be gdm now21:07
darkxsti.e. renamed upstred21:08
darkxstgnome-session: http://pastebin.com/3Xgx4uAm21:13
jbichadarkxst: where should we ship the .session's for GNOME Fallback then?21:18
darkxstjbicha, its in gnome-shell-extensions21:18
jbichathat's different, the gnome-panel session still pretty much works on Ubuntu21:18
darkxstoh we are keeping that as well, even on 3.8?21:19
jbichasure, why not?21:19
jbichamaybe they just need to be added to gnome-panel itself upstream http://jonathancarter.org/2013/02/05/gnome-panel-is-alive/21:20
darkxstjbicha, ok, I will leave it in for now21:25
darkxstjbicha, http://pastebin.com/BHnHH23N23:51

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