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ebelgreetings all20:27
andru183_hello all :)20:28
Victor9098Ubuntu-ie and the search for the holy reboot... we're not dead yet ;-)20:30
andru183_go go gadget reboot!20:31
ryanoEvening all20:32
andru183_we have a few here do we??20:32
czajkowskiwe do so it seems20:32
czajkowskiebel: you chairing :)20:33
Victor9098looks like a decent turn out20:33
ebeleh? sure20:33
ebelright-io, I'll chair and start20:34
czajkowskiam inhaling dinner as we speak20:34
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ebelSince it's 8:3020:34
ebelright please say PRESENT if you're here20:35
ebeltechnically the web page for this meeting is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-ie/532/detail/20:36
ebelright, but in more general, this meeting was called to talk about rebooting the ubuntu ie loco.20:37
czajkowskicheers to everyone for coming along20:37
ebelso, any ideas? thoughts?20:37
czajkowskiwell I think it's great to see people for starts20:38
andru183_I'd be glad to see a reboot bring life back20:38
andru183_and intrest gathered20:38
ebelI presume we should have a little bit of a brain storm, so talk away....20:38
czajkowskisp clealry there is an interst in the loco20:38
czajkowskiI think what we should decide is what we want from the loco20:38
czajkowskido we just want it to chat and bounce ubuntu ideas off one another20:38
czajkowskia social side of things20:38
czajkowskior what20:38
andru183_compsoc are psuhing to get more involved with the loco and jams and releases so it would be nice to have a body here20:38
czajkowskiandru183_: and that is great to hear20:38
czajkowskiryano: barry_ Victor9098 when you hear the word loco and ireland what do you think ?20:39
andru183_indeed, been pushing linux inside for a while now and people are really taking to it20:39
czajkowskijust trying to understand what folks are looking for20:39
Victor9098crazy paddies20:39
andru183_for me it would be the online presence and face to face events in a few places. I'd like to see that kept up20:40
czajkowskiok hats good to hear20:40
barry_well , i say about just generalalised ubuntu news for ireland. ie, notifations of linux / ubuntu talks ,  as well as a way to spread linux /ubuntu / open source in ireland20:40
czajkowskias I think it helps spread news20:41
czajkowskiand keep people up to date20:41
czajkowskiso like I've been forwarding on some stuff as on silly amount of lists to the .ie list20:41
czajkowskibut not sure if thats good or bad20:41
czajkowskimaybe people use U1 and the notice was useful20:41
czajkowskithat kinda thing barry20:41
andru183_I like the stuff sent on20:41
czajkowskior ona larger scale20:41
andru183_any bit of notice really20:42
Victor9098Yes, I think 'quiet' between meetings has let things drift20:42
barry_yea, things like that , however i dont use the notes , was a good post.20:42
czajkowskibarry_: nods20:42
andru183_maybe we could all pass things Ubuntu/Linux related to the mailing lists20:42
czajkowskiso maybe as a start20:42
czajkowskiI could post stuff that is happening in Ubuntu land20:43
andru183_never know what people are intrested in20:43
czajkowskithat maybe folks in .ie havent heard about20:43
andru183_that's a place???20:43
czajkowskilike say Ubutnu users days this weekend ?20:43
czajkowskiso people can either watch live20:43
czajkowskior read the logs afterwards?20:43
czajkowskiwhich maybe helps to start up a conversation20:43
czajkowskibut not helping the face to face bits20:43
andru183_events will come, like the release parties and jams20:44
barry_the only thing i would say about the mailing list is that some people might be 'reserved about giving out there email - i would say a more facebook/ twitter post would be a good  idea about vaious pieces20:44
andru183_UH's down here died20:44
czajkowskiI dont want to interfer too much given I dont live in .ie anymore either20:44
czajkowskibarry_: good call ok we shall update those places also20:44
ryanoBeing Ireland I think any membership is going to be pretty spread out across and I personally find it impossible to attend any events, on the other hand I've been stalking irc and the mailing for a long time and havnt found a way that I can contribute myself yet20:44
czajkowskiryano: ok so let me ask you this20:44
czajkowskiwhat way would you like to contribute ?20:45
czajkowskitdr112: ebel zmoylan thoughts ?20:45
ebelsounds good.20:46
ryanoI would help out any way in which I could but my linux skills arnt that advance really20:46
ebelI mean there is no rules and I hope no-one feels and barriers.20:46
tdr112its all well and good talking about these things but you need people to do them20:46
czajkowskitdr112: aye which is what it comes down to really20:46
tdr112I am not going to put in the time to pass on ubuntu news etc20:46
ebelPeople should feel free to do what they thinks needs doing.20:46
ebeland totally agree with tdr112. Talk is low value. Who's going to do something?20:47
tdr112i do like meeting up every month or two20:47
ryanothere definitely isnt a barrier as such, bar myself is what I mean20:47
czajkowskiryano: nods20:47
czajkowskiyeah having people on the ground for face to face events is where it is hard as it's not fair on the same people doing it as it leads to burn out imo20:48
andru183_I'd be happy to kick start them again but I'm the Limerick side of things20:48
andru183_I used to love the UH's20:48
andru183_need people to go tho20:48
czajkowskiandru183_: so maybe change it from the absolute to somwhere different20:49
ebelOK, if you'd like a UH, call one, and go. then the next month or whatever, call one and go.20:49
andru183_I've no prob where it goes on TBH, and can look into a netural place like where we had the dinner for skycon20:49
andru183_ebel: I'll give it another shot sure20:50
czajkowskiso why don't we perhaps start there20:51
czajkowskiandru183_: start off with UH in limerick20:51
czajkowskimaybe post a short summary after it20:51
czajkowskiand say how you did it20:51
czajkowskiso others can do it if there is interest20:51
andru183_will do20:51
tdr112how much notice do you think we should be giving20:51
andru183_stick to the old last thursday of the month or ask the list for input?20:52
ebelandru183_: don't ask the list. Just do it.20:52
ebelJust do it.20:52
andru183_ebel cool20:52
ebelBe bold. :)20:52
andru183_ha ha20:52
andru183_ok you have me now :D20:52
Victor9098Depends on the target audience, if you have a specific group of people you are thinking about just go for it. Routine can come later20:53
ebelOne could advertise a week or two before then a reminder email the day before20:53
czajkowskiyeha too much notice and people forget20:53
ebelyes, "lots of people want to go, but at different times" is *not* a problem at the moment.,20:53
andru183_anywhere else?20:54
czajkowskiandru183_: start in limerick20:55
czajkowskiand lets go from there :)20:55
czajkowskiat least for now20:55
barry_do you's mean an UH or dinner type thing - The UH were ussualy on irc as well , no?20:55
andru183_ubuntu hours20:55
andru183_where we meet face to face and talk about ubuntu/geek stuff20:56
Victor9098UH usually just a casual face to face20:56
czajkowskicall it what ever, just a monthly or what ever frequence of face to face chat20:56
czajkowskican be over a pint20:56
czajkowskicuppa tea20:56
Victor9098But nothing stopping you from broadcasting it at the same time over the web :D20:57
czajkowskiit's just face to face tme to talk about Ubuntu open source, or what ever20:57
andru183_great craic!20:57
barry_just talking over a place with your laptop from what ive heard from jono bacon blogs ect20:58
ebelit's the offline equivalent of chatting on IRC20:58
czajkowskibarry_: yup20:58
czajkowskipretty much20:58
ryanosomething I was wondering was is there a replacement link for Planet Ubuntu-ie?21:00
ryanohttp://ubuntu-ie.org/aggregator no longer works for me21:00
czajkowskinot many people were blogging as far as I could tell21:01
ryanoah ok :)21:01
andru183_ryano would you like to add to it?21:01
andru183_I know I would21:02
czajkowskiwe can add more blogs to the loco team portsal though21:02
czajkowskithats not an issue21:02
czajkowskiadd blog feed there21:02
czajkowskiand I can review it21:02
czajkowskiwell me or the other council folks21:02
ryanothank you czajkowski21:03
ryanoI may consider starting an ubuntu blog in the near future21:04
ebelif you start blogging don't forget to promote it. :)21:05
ebelanyone going to do anything else?21:05
ryanoWill do21:05
czajkowskimaybe we can just talk more on the mailing list21:08
czajkowskiand encourag eothers to talk21:08
czajkowskithere are a lot on there you know21:08
JamesSweeneyHi all, I was wondering if anyone here uses Ubuntu desktop and/or Ubuntu server in their work?21:08
barry_what about some type of open blog type thing like a thread on http://www.boards.ie/ and others - just post various intresting things - anyway ubuntu related , linux/ and news pieces. - Can be used to promote UH as well- thoughts ?21:08
czajkowskiJamesSweeney: I do, but not sure I count - I work for canonical :p21:08
czajkowskibarry_: good idea21:08
JamesSweeneysure :)21:08
czajkowskibarry_: so why not post them there if andru183_ creates the limerick one21:09
czajkowskiso just help out and help one antoher rather than it fall to tohers21:09
czajkowskiif you see it's not too much work21:09
czajkowskiothers may get interested21:09
ebelJamesSweeney: yes to both. I've used ubuntu in work for years,.21:10
ebelbarry_: sure, go for it21:10
JamesSweeneyapologies if i am hijacking the thread but adopting Ubuntu/linux/open source at work is a great way to promote it21:11
czajkowskiJamesSweeney: no worries21:12
czajkowskiI just found thishttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/SysAdminSupport21:12
JamesSweeneyebel cool. it would be great to chat and compare experiences21:12
czajkowskiforgot I started that a while back21:12
barry_yea , i have no problem with it, anybopdy with a standard account can post as well to make it easy - so for example there was something about richard from GNU coming to do some talk in dublin , things like that somebody can pop in and post as well as people who already are on boards.ie. One thing i saw was Mark Shuttleworth visted trinity and done some speach , However i only saw this after the event. Ill start a post and ask one of21:13
barry_the top in the unix section21:13
ebelright, so andru183_'s gonna try to do more UH in limerick, right?21:14
ebelanything else?21:14
czajkowskiI'l post more stuff to the -ie list about global ubuntu stuff happening21:14
andru183_ebel: yep21:14
czajkowskiJamesSweeney: care to take your topic to the list and see if we can get more people talking on there?21:14
czajkowskiJamesSweeney: the idea being we might get more people who lurk on the list to talk21:14
czajkowskiand maybe want to talk face to face after a few emails21:14
ebelJamesSweeney: sure, poke me sometime21:15
JamesSweeneywill do. cheers.21:16
ebelRight, any other actions or shall we move on to the other topic on the agenda?21:16
ebelor and maybe barry_ will post on boards.ie (did I read you right?)21:16
czajkowskiI'm all good21:16
barry_yea, ill do it later on21:17
ebelso that's it for reboot actions?21:17
andru183_seems so21:17
czajkowskithe naming bit21:18
czajkowskibarry_: was that your idea?21:18
andru183_oh ya.........21:18
ebelczajkowski: yeah that's the second topic I was gonna move on to now21:18
czajkowskithe S series?21:18
czajkowskiah sory21:18
czajkowskidont mind me21:18
ebelok, we'll move onto that now. Name! Go!21:18
andru183_do we want it Irish tied??21:19
czajkowskibarry_: firstly well done great idea!21:19
barry_yea,  the letter is s - last year it was named on the 23rd of april , so arounnd if we want to put in something , we got to decide really21:19
czajkowskisecondly mind if I nick your original email and add it to my blog - crediting you of course21:19
czajkowskiand see if we can get some more suggestsions?21:19
barry_yea, no problem at all ,21:20
Victor9098I was expecting a break in tradition... maybe a 'Super Shuttleworth' ;)21:21
barry_there is 3 proposed suggestions -  Tommy said  -Supreme Sionnach (shun-ach.) and sublime sionnach. Sionnach being Irish for fox, and sublime:" Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe."21:22
barry_mark suggested sublime songbird.21:22
Victor9098The Irish themed S is a superb idea, he likes to bring attention to endangered species at the same time. So if we do make a case for Sionnach we could link it to charities etc21:23
czajkowskiVictor9098: oh nice idea21:23
barry_i'm no expert on irish wild life so , any thing else. The old irish lengeds idea by tommy seem a good idea -imo21:24
Victor9098Though we run the risk of casual observers making it seem like a overt nod to Mozilla, but I think the Sionnach / Irish connection should overcome that21:25
czajkowskibarry_: see pm21:25
Victor9098Before we decide on the descriptor we should see what Mark/dev have been hinting for 13.10 too, that way we could be try to get a good fit for what they want to achieve21:26
Victor9098If we ONLY had somebody on the inside of Canonical...21:27
andru183_darn the luck!21:27
czajkowskinout to do with us21:27
barry_well , its the last trail run before the big , really big 14.04 lts21:27
Victor9098sinuous sionnach21:29
barry_marks wants to change the whole idea of a hoobyist or server linux idea - he wants to bring it to the masses 14.04 will be his prize to show why. 13.10 he will want stability so he can run into 14.04 stable21:30
ebelso we have >1 suggestion, right? So does only one have to be suggested? Or more than one? If >1 can be suggested, why not suggest them all>21:31
czajkowskiwe can have as many as we like tbh21:31
Victor9098He likes to surprise people with the name in his blog... us talking about it publicly might automatically rule our ideas out?21:32
czajkowskiwe probably wont get picked21:32
czajkowskibut it at least shows we're active and discssing new things21:33
barry_he might mix the Sionnach idea with something others have suggested21:33
Victor9098Yes, agreed21:33
Victor9098Blog post promoting the name and a few good reasons pointing to causes will only bring the right attention to the Ubuntu-ie loco21:34
ebelwho wants to (a) make a suggestion and (b) promote the fact that people in ireland are making suggestions?21:34
czajkowskiwill add it to my blog21:35
czajkowskithen we can add it to the twitter ac21:35
ebelkewl. go go czajkowski!21:35
Victor9098Sounds good21:35
Victor9098Expect a retweet ;-)21:35
ebelso is there anything else to discuss at this meeting?21:37
barry_i would say he would appericate a community effort21:37
ebelor shall we wrap it up?21:37
czajkowskiwrap up I think21:37
czajkowskiand maybe aim to have another meeting in a month21:37
czajkowskievne if just to hang out21:37
czajkowskiwe could do a G+ hangout21:37
czajkowskiif there is only  >1021:37
Victor9098Hangouts are a laugh, I'll go for that21:38
Victor9098New meaning to UH (Ubuntu Hangout)21:39
barry_when they do ubuntu on air , do they use the irc or the youtube comments or what to get questions?21:39
czajkowskithanks ebel for chairing21:39
czajkowskibarry_: irc21:39
ebelsomeone promote it in a while21:39
andru183_if anyone knows people down the Limerick side of things they might pass this on to promote the UH if that's cool http://skynet.ie/~andru183/how-ive-found-being-a-member-of-ubuntu-ireland/21:39
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Feb  6 21:39:17 2013 UTC.21:39
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-02-06-20.34.moin.txt21:39
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-02-06-20.34.html21:39
Victor9098thanks ebel, great job21:39
czajkowskiandru183_: post that to the list :)21:40
andru183_mailing list??21:40
czajkowskiandru183_: the -ireland mailing list21:40
czajkowskiandru183_: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ie21:41
andru183_cool, will do21:41
barry_so will we agree on a name on the list in the next few days ?21:41
czajkowskibarry_: lets just add all the suggestions :)21:41
Victor9098Send out a response to the current thread mentioning what we covered... then see who responds21:41
barry_right so , ill add the few we got over the next day or 221:43
Victor9098Thanks barry_21:43
barry_cya's foalks21:43
andru183_take care guys21:44
czajkowskithanks to those who came21:44
ryanolater guys21:44
czajkowskiit's been nice to see the interest21:44
czajkowskiryano: drop me a mail21:44
andru183_indeed it has21:44
czajkowskiif you want to get involved and we can talk about where you might like to get involved21:44
czajkowskiryano: czajkowski@ubuntu.com21:44
ryanook, thanks21:44
outoppieSorry I am late - family matters21:52
czajkowskioutoppie: no worries21:53
czajkowskioutoppie: 21:39 < meetingology> Minutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-02-06-20.34.moin.txt21:53
czajkowski21:39 < meetingology> Minutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-ie/2013/ubuntu-ie.2013-02-06-20.34.html21:53
czajkowskichannel logging and meeting bot means you can read up21:53
outoppieThank you...21:53
outoppieThank you for that - It gave me an idea of what is happening.21:57
czajkowskioutoppie: where are you based?22:01
outoppieI am a pensioner in Enfield, Co Meath. My son Andrew is the big UBUNTU fan.22:02
outoppieHe is only 11 but install for people as asked..22:02
czajkowskioutoppie: thats amazing22:03
outoppieThe Meath Cronacle had a write up on him saving a local company 1000's with their computers22:04
andru183_outoppie that's unreal to hear!22:08
czajkowskioutoppie: oh got a link handy22:08
czajkowskiplease also post this to the irelandmailing list22:08
czajkowskithis is great to hear22:08
czajkowskioutoppie: ??22:26
outoppiesorry.. did not see ... yes it can be done..22:50
czajkowskioutoppie: do you have the link to the article?22:51
outoppieUnfortunately not... did not see it on the web. Was apparently only on paper version22:51
czajkowskioh shame :(22:52
czajkowskimight be able to get a copy and scan in22:53
czajkowskisounds great22:53
outoppieOk... will contact them for it..22:56
czajkowskigreat :D22:58
czajkowskioutoppie: how did he get involed23:08
czajkowskior hear about Ubuntu23:08
outoppieHe watched me playing a little around. He then installed it on his laptop ... then on his brothers computer ... dual boot ... then persuaded me to switch over completely..23:33
outoppieI forgot to say - also Mommy's laptop - dual boot23:47
outoppieI forgot to say - also Mommy's lap top - dual boot23:48

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