QIII1Can someone help me with an Ubuntu member cloak?03:03
PiciQIII1: For yourself?03:04
PiciQIII1: Can you share your launchpad ID please?03:05
PiciQIII1: mind identifying to your IRC account? ;)03:07
PiciYes, but can you log in please?03:09
Unit193/msg nickserv identify password03:12
Unit193[22:12:45] NickServ(NickServ@services.): QIII1 is not registered.03:12
PiciQIII is though03:13
QIII1That's the letter Q followed by three capital "I" s.03:13
PiciQIII1: I need you to login to that account before I can process the cloak.03:14
Pici/msg nickserv identify QIII yourpassword03:14
QIII1Thought I was.  Wait one.03:15
QIII1Getting an invalid command.  Let me get out and back in altogether.03:18
PiciQIII1: you're logged in now..03:19
Picioh well03:19
QIIIQIII is back...  Sorry.03:21
Picigood good, one moment03:21
Picigry: everything okay?03:28
gryPici: I'm not sure. QIII looks confused. :-)03:29
gryQIII: Would you like the ubuntu/member/qiii cloak?03:29
QIIIConfused, perhaps...  Didn't know pici was sending for the cavalry.  Yes.  I want the ubuntu/member/QIII cloak.  Thanks!03:30
gryPici: do those go uppercase or lowercase, what's his/her website username(s)?03:30
Picigry: our standard is lowercase.03:31
gryQIII: There you go.03:31
PiciQIII: grats :)03:31
JoseeAntonioRQIII: congratulations on membership! :)03:32
QIIIThanks.  Been a member for a while.  Someone made a huge mistake and made me a moderator on the Ubuntu Forums and I figured I should get this all tidied up.03:32
Piciheh ;)03:33
QIIIThanks gry.03:33

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