micahgkirkland: Laney: that's bug 59491600:01
ubottubug 594916 in launchpad-buildd "buildd does not install alternate dependency for versioned ORed build-dependencies" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59491600:01
kirklandmicahg: k, thanks00:02
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Niraj_Hi can anybody tell me, as a beginner to ubuntu dev, where can I find issues to fix?04:30
astraljavaNiraj_: Good starting points: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment and http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/, the former about development of Ubuntu, the latter development on Ubuntu. :)04:35
Niraj_Thanks astraljava04:39
astraljavaNiraj_: Also, lots of good questions being answered on Launchpad's answers section.04:40
Niraj_I was hoping to start by actually dirtying my hands in some bug. So, if there is any list of 'paper-cut' bugs, I can get started immediately.04:44
TheLordOfTimethe advice we tend to give new bug people is to pick a package you're passionate about and look there04:47
TheLordOfTimesince there's literally hundreds of packages in the repositories (?)04:47
TheLordOfTimeand by 'we' i mean the bugsquad04:47
TheLordOfTimes/look there/start there/04:48
Niraj_Only problem I find is that most of the packages are so matured that bugs are quite involving.04:51
Niraj_which may be a bit difficult in begining04:51
TheLordOfTimeand now you know why i don't like teaching new bug people about bugs :P04:52
TheLordOfTimeexcept in passing :p04:52
TheLordOfTimemost of the bugs I see're segfault bugs04:52
TheLordOfTimewhich are intense ones04:52
TheLordOfTime'course, being on bug control, i see the private bugs too, so... :P04:52
Niraj_hmm. how about packaging problems? or packaging new tools which not yet in ubuntu?04:53
TheLordOfTimei wonder if we still have the 'bitesize' bug things...04:54
Niraj_I searched in launchpad, didn't find any04:56
ESphynxif all else fails, I have some bugs to fix in my project :P04:57
Niraj_tell me04:58
Niraj_I'll give it a shot04:58
ESphynxNiraj_: http://ecere.com/mantis/ --> that's our tracker :P04:58
TheLordOfTimeNiraj_:  yeah, i think we got rid of 'bitesize', but idk05:04
TheLordOfTimeNiraj_:  for the record, my specialty is with certain packages, i work with a couple of the server packages, and a bit of universe...05:04
TheLordOfTimeand i dabble when its necessary in other bugs :P05:05
TheLordOfTime(just saying)05:05
Niraj_TheLordOfTime: which packages you are working right now?05:07
TheLordOfTimenone, at the moment, i'm rebuilding my ubuntu system :p05:07
* TheLordOfTime had critical HDD failure :P05:07
ESphynx=( HD failures suck05:07
TheLordOfTimeof course, i do my packaging/bug-debdiffing in the cloud, so...05:08
Niraj_thanks guys. I can start in ecere for now05:11
TheLordOfTimeNiraj_:  the packages i keep my eye on are: nginx (universe), znc (universe), php5 (main), and a few others, but my primary focus is bugs triage, not "fixing" the bugs all the time :p05:12
TheLordOfTimei.e.  getting bugs from new/confirmed -> where it needs to be to be fixed.05:15
TheLordOfTimeso i'm less of a dev, more of just a bugs triager :)05:15
TheLordOfTime... speaking of which i need to check one of the nginx bugs i am on...05:15
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dholbachgood morning07:53
ESphynxgood morning dholbach :)07:59
ESphynxMy acupuncturist gave me what I think of a good advice today...07:59
ESphynxI was complaining how 24 hours in a day wasn't enough for me, she said to think of it as 48 half-hours :P08:00
dholbachhi ESphynx08:00
ESphynxso from now on I live on a different planet with 48 shorter hours.08:00
ESphynxdholbach what are you up to?08:01
ESphynxare you hired by Canonical?08:01
dholbachyes, I work for Canonical08:01
ESphynxin a local office or at home?08:01
dholbachat home08:02
ESphynxI should get a watch that beeps every 30 minutes08:04
ESphynxor at least set up a sound on my computer08:04
geserESphynx: do you know work twice as fast or does a task which took 1 hour earlier now take 2 half-hours? :)08:33
ESphynxgeser: I'm hoping thinking of it that way will get me working twice as fast :)08:35
ESphynxmy theory is the following...08:36
ESphynxSay a task takes me about 10 minutes of intense neural activity to do... and then the next 50 minutes I waste slacking away seeing the hour pass... Now I'm going to be doing these 10 neuron rushes every 30 minutes instead of every hour :P08:37
ESphynxbut generally the problem is that I have a bulldozer approach to coding... I just sit and code till I drop or the problem is solved... and if I drop I'm back at it as soon as I'm functional again08:38
ESphynxnow this has a tenedncy to throw my sleep and other life patterns completely out of wack, and it's having a serious toll on my body... also doesn't leave time for me to exercise as I should :(08:38
ESphynxand maybe I can allocate time more efficiently and make everything fit in 48 half-hours easier than in 24 hours =)08:39
dholbachsometimes it's hard to see the value and positive effect of breaks08:59
ESphynxis there a 'but' coming? lol09:00
dholbachbut once you do do them, you're harming your body less09:00
ESphynxah :)09:00
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rikketik\join ubuntu-dev16:06
rikketik\join #ubuntu-dev16:07
Niraj_hi, can somebody tell me how can I make 32bit and 64bit packages coexist in my system?16:16
sladenNiraj_: in theory, just apt-get install anything you want16:25
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sladenNiraj_: however, are you saying this is /not/ the case, or that you have a bug?16:25
sladenNiraj_: what is it that you've tried... or which is not working;  can you describe it16:26
Niraj_synaptic removes original package when trying to install i386 version. I guess two conflict with each other16:26
sladenNiraj_: which package are you trying to install?16:27
Niraj_zlib perticularly16:27
Niraj_but i guess many other conflict16:27
sladenon my install I have   zlib1g  and  zlib1g:i386  installed16:28
sladenwhat command(s) are you typing exactly?16:28
Niraj_I am using synaptic16:28
sladenin Synaptic what /exactly/ are you clicking/selecting (and what are you doing to choose/request the :i386 version?16:29
Niraj_just  a correction, it is zlib-i386-dev16:29
Niraj_which probably conflicts with zlib-dev16:29
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Niraj_and zlib-386-dev does say that it conflicts with 64 counterpart16:31
Niraj_so rephrasing original question, is it possible for dev pkgs to coexist?16:31
sladenthat makes sense, as they'd both want to install  /usr/include/zlib.h16:31
Niraj_do these headers differ?16:32
Niraj_so installing 386-dev shouldnt be a prob overall, even if it removes few 64bit pkgs16:33
Niraj_is it correct?16:33
ESphynxNiraj_: should not be :)16:34
Niraj_ESphynx: glad you are still here16:34
Niraj_setting ecere dev env is tricky16:34
ESphynxstill here :P16:34
ESphynxoh don't hesitate to ping me Niraj_ :)16:35
sladenNiraj_: if I understand correctly, you're wanting to crossbuild i386 packages on an amd64 install?16:35
Niraj_thanks. and thanks sladen16:35
Niraj_kind of. ecere only supports i386 as of now16:36
sladenNiraj_: I can't find reference to "zlib-i386-dev".  what happens if you simply do   sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev:i386  ?16:39
Niraj_it uninstalls lot of libraries including zlib-dev16:39
ESphynxThere's lib32z1-dev too :P16:39
ESphynxseriously. what a mess the multilib :P16:39
sladenAFAICT lib32z1-dev is legacy mess from before multiarch fixed it all16:40
sladenNiraj_: could you stick the result of   sudo apt-get install sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev:i386   into a pastebin16:41
ESphynxright. but somehow either it's required or I carried it on from that mess :P16:41
sladenESphynx: I think it's a leftover.  However it would be good to check with Broonie16:42
ESphynxI'm working on native 64 bit support in Ecere now :P Should be there in time for the Raring feature freeze :P16:42
Niraj_I've already installed zlib-386-dev16:43
Niraj_will see if can get anything which removes large no of other pkgs16:43
Niraj_I had one which even removed gcc16:43
sladenNiraj_: so, did we get anywhere with a pastebin?16:44
Niraj_its actually installed and done the damage16:45
Niraj_is it possible to revert the actions?16:45
ESphynxNiraj_: I think it's fine... when you install the 64bit version of zlib, it's going to fix everything16:46
ESphynxit's just you can only have either the 32 or 64 bit version of some libraries symlinks at one time16:46
ESphynxbut that's only for dev purposes... the real runtime library is still there16:46
ESphynx(again I don't understand the logic behind this... I thoguht you could have /usr/lib/i386-gnu-linux/libz.so and /usr/lib/x86_64-gnu-linux/libz.so JUST FINE16:47
sladenyes, and then a crossplatform header16:48
sladenand documentation16:48
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Niraj_still it leaves a doubt why gcc was removed16:49
* sladen too16:49
sladenso, what's a pastebin of  sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev:am64 ?16:49
Niraj_and gcc symlink also did not exist16:49
ESphynxNiraj_: I don't think gcc was removed?16:49
ESphynxgcc --version ?16:50
Niraj_it was16:50
ESphynxno longer there?16:50
Niraj_pretty sure16:50
Niraj_didn't give any conflict though16:50
sladenso likely something else16:50
sladenESphynx: anyway, so out of interest, why is it currently 32-bit?16:51
sladenESphynx: is it a check that is being made16:51
sladenESphynx: or is there some reason it won't compile on amd64?16:51
ESphynxsladen: because I'm not finished with my work on 64 bit support16:51
ESphynxit's mainly about the compiler support for 64 bit16:52
sladenah, so ecere contains a compliler, and it is that compiler that was the lacking support16:56
Niraj_sladen: this is a bit interesting16:56
Niraj_installing libpng-386-dev16:56
Niraj_removes libfontconfig-dev16:56
Niraj_and libpng-dev16:57
ESphynxsladen yes, well the compiler and the runtime library as well... but since it's written in eC, I have to fix the eC compiler first :P16:57
ESphynxmaking good progress btw, I got Hello world running :P16:57
sladenlibpng-dev:i386 ?  or libpng-386-dev (I can't find any references to the latter)16:57
Niraj_sry for wrong names16:58
sladenokay, so installing libpng-dev of one arch is causing something much lower of the other arch to be uninstalled17:00
ESphynxyes it does. it's quite annoying.17:01
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Niraj_sometimes upto gcc17:02
Niraj_I guess it was libjpeg for 38617:02
* sladen tries sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends libjpeg-dev:i386 but doesn't see any removals offered17:04
Niraj_maybe a stupid question, but does it somehow differ distrowise? I am on oneiric17:06
* sladen on 12.04.1 LTS (precise)17:07
ESphynxNiraj_ it surely does17:08
sladenIIRC, 12.04 is when the Multiarch stuff got to the point of working17:08
sladenso multiarch/crossbuilding before then is likely to be painful17:08
ESphynxsladen: I actually found it more painful after it was 'fixed' :P17:09
sladenESphynx: I think this applies to alot of stuff;  ACPI, UEFI, ... but there are two choices, make it work, or ignore it.  After a while it becomes hard to eg. boot a new machine without ACPI;  or soon-to-be, UEFI17:11
ESphynxhehe yes :P17:12
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Niraj_one unrelated question, but has anyone filed a bug relating to playing song on movie player leads to improper shutdown?17:13
Niraj_thanks sladen and ESphynx, all 386 working fine now17:25
Niraj_ecere building for me17:26
kyleNHi folks. I just noticed that the fossology package stopped being available in universe as of quantal.18:22
kyleNI use the fossology package so this is a loss. is there a way to get this picked up again?18:23
micahgDeleted in quantal-release (Reason: (From Debian) RoQA; unmaintained, RC buggy; Debian bug #6...)18:25
ubottuError: Debian bug 6 could not be found18:25
micahgkyleN: You can certainly pick it up, I see there's a new upstream release, it needs someone to maintain it though18:27
micahgkyleN: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMentorsFaq#Packaging18:27
kyleNmicahg, short of my becoming a motu and etc, is there a more standard/quicker way? this package was always present in the past and now is not.18:32
micahgkyleN: no need to become a MOTU, there's Debian mentors to sponsor stuff for people who can't upload, but there needs to be someone who's interested in maintaining the package going forward, ideally through Debian18:33
kyleNmicahg, so asking innocently, who used to handle this pkg and what happened to that person? :)18:34
micahgkyleN: they became inactive in Debian, and the package was subsequently orphaned and removed since no one cared to maintain it18:35
kyleNah :)18:35
micahgit looks interesting18:36
* micahg wonders why we don't use it for something like lintian checks18:36
kyleNi use it to scan debian/copyright files to find asserted licenses, and fall back to a dep5 parser for dep5 formatted copyright files18:37
kyleNmy getlicenses package is a front end for all that: https://launchpad.net/~getlicenses-team/+archive/ppa18:38
kyleNmicahg, thx for the info. I'll consider next steps.18:39
micahgkyleN: we're happy to help with questions here as well18:41
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