snailguess who's having their workplace rebuilt by mainzeal right now?19:31
ajmitchso construction will be on hold for a bit?19:32
snailfortunately the new building is apparently watertight19:32
snailnot 100% sure19:32
snailI can hear power tools from where i sit19:33
snailbut there are also knots of idle workmen lurking19:33
ajmitchI think in receivership they can try & still work their way to solvency19:33
ibeardsleewith all the working needing to be done in chch how can someone like mainzeal go boom?19:33
ibeardsleetoo much $$ been spent on pies for Gerry?19:34
ajmitchpoor management?19:34
ajmitchit's probably quite easy to go boom if you spread yourself thin & have to wait for insurance companies to pay you19:35
ibeardsleetrue, but that is something the govt needs to crack the whip over19:36
ibeardsleespeaking of insurance .. mutter mutter burst pipe in ceiling mutter mutter water in bottom of oven mutter19:38
snailmy understanding is that foreign owner promised money, business planned for it, money didn't arrive, business folded19:41
snailbut i could be wrong19:41
chiltsyeah, whatever happened, sounds like something hit the fan since the quotes in yesterday's news were a bit vague20:18
chilts"series of events that had adversely affected the company's financial position"20:18
chiltssounds like mis-management20:18
snailpersonally I'm disappointed that we've not seen more links to http://www.business.govt.nz/companies/ doucments in the press reporting20:30
snailit's not like any of it is secret or anything20:30
thumperhi fmarier23:31

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