dholbachgood morning07:53
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rafaelementwill there be a Q&A Session today?18:35
JoseeAntonioRrafaelement: yes18:45
bjaanesWuhu! Finally made it to the live session xD19:00
benkaiserQUESTION: Do you have an Ubuntu Phone on you at the moment?19:01
sunny__What about own ubuntu graphical server ?19:01
hallino1When Ubuntu OS will be released for Galaxy Nexus?19:02
GuidoPallemansbut this is irc...19:02
BBoyQUESTION :Is this true that Ubuntu for mobile will support the full OpenGL ? I thought these kind of devices (phones/tablets) only supported OpenGL ES ? Thanks.19:02
bjaanesQUESTION: Will we get any news about some tablet-specific UI for Ubuntu any time soon?19:03
sunny__What do you think about sailfish ?19:03
Guest42QUESTION: What's the point of making the new smart scope server proprietary? Should we worry that canonical doesn't take open source seriously anymore?19:03
none_of_themQUESTION: Hello Jono! Is it true that higher end Ubuntu phones will be dockable to tablets similar to what ASUS is doing with the PadFone?19:04
hallino1QUESTION: It's possible to use python on Ubuntu Phone?19:05
Gordon_QUESTION:  Maybe I missed it, but is there a timeframe consumers (me) can expect to see a Ubuntu phone on the market?19:06
benkaiserbjaanes: watch this, Mark Shuttleworth talks about the tablet UI here http://www.viddler.com/v/d69cfc44?secret=7001371619:06
none_of_themThanks, benkaiser19:07
toshojono:  how do you see Ubuntu (desktop and mobile) in the next 5 to 10 years19:08
BBoyQUESTION : Hi, Is this true that Ubuntu for mobile will support the full OpenGL ? I thought these kind of devices only supported OpenGL ES ? Thanks. Will there be a windows system, or a split-screen system (like on Windows 8 tablets) on Ubuntu for Mobile/Tablet to display two apps at the same time ? Thanks.19:09
rafaelementQuestion: Jono, what do you think of the idea of having a tag-based filesystem on Ubuntu? It would fit well with the phone too.19:09
sunny__What do you think about dnf - fork yum in fedora18? Does canonical think about replacing apt-get on something else?19:10
BBoyOups sorry about double question about OpenGL :S19:10
JoseeAntonioRjono: keep reading the question, there's more of it19:11
GuidoPallemansQUESTION: will it be possible to sync your Ubuntu phone to your desktop, which is on another computer? I'm thinking about the scopes you install, or contacts, or messaging, or maybe also the apps you have installed?19:11
Guest42QUESTION: Do you have any statistics about community involvement over the last years?19:13
JoseeAntonioRQUESTION: Will there be a way to block in/outcoming mobile traffic and do all the syncs via WiFi?19:13
benkaiserQUESTION: will there be wifi hotspot (internet sharing) functionality in the ubuntu phone?19:14
hallino1QUESTION: [Joking mode on] Why don't you use Ubuntu cup? :D19:14
rafaelementQuestion: the default icon representing the desktop in the dash has a white horizontal bar across it. do you know what it is for, and is it going to be replaced?it looks funny and is easily changeable...19:15
loro1hey! Have any nuber how many users have Ubuntu?19:15
sunny__QUESTION: What about usr move in ubuntu(moving /lib, /bin in /usr/lib, /usr/bin)?19:16
pemiboQUESTION: Will there be a way to import an existing address book on a Ubuntu phone?19:16
bjaanesQUESTION: While this has gotten better over time; plug & play and general compatability with hardware and devices is still a major issue for many users. Do you think this will get a lot better real soon?19:16
hallino1QUESTION: What about battery optimization?19:17
hallino1For Ubuntu Phone19:17
Gordon_QUESTION:  Mobile phones are all about APPS.  How does Ubuntu plan to compete against Google Play and Iphone apps?19:18
xediQUESTION: What do you think about the predominant way of helping people by giving terminal commands. On the one hand it is very efficient, on the other it creates the impression that you need to use the terminal to use Ubuntu. What do you prefer when helping people?19:19
Tuxkalle_QUESTION:Are you able to get me the autograph of leann ogasawara jono? :-)Shipped to Norway:-)19:19
The_MatrixQUESTION: In addition to smartphones and tablets, will Ubuntu OS support MP3 players like the Samsung Galaxy Player?19:19
jfj33QUESTION: Hi Jono, does Ubuntu & Canonical recognise that it has an unprecedented opportunity in the desktop arena right now, with so much user dissatisfaction over Win8, and Apple gearing everything towards mobile? It sort of feels like focus is elsewhere, but I'd love to see Ubuntu take advantage of this opportunity. I know the desktop isn't sexy, but it's not quite dead just yet, is it?19:20
toshojono: How Canonical will fight/compete with Ubuntu's based distros (desktop and mobile)?19:21
loro1do you know how many users have Ubuntu right now?19:22
frederickLinuxubuntu in this moment is a good system congratulations, but need more stability19:22
Tuxkalle_QUESTION: What os with out ubuntu have you used jono?19:22
bjaanesQUESTION: Honstly, do you think Ubuntu ever will get a real hold over M$ Windows and such?19:23
bjaanesFYI, i certanly hope so19:23
BBoyQUESTION : Will it be easy to port already existing desktop apps to mobile/tablet. Is it only a question of writing again the interface or does it involves heavy core changes ?19:25
sunny__QUESTION: Maybe somebody in canonical think about changing apt-get for something else?19:25
hallino1QUESTION: Will Ubuntu Phone use (maybe Ubuntu One) for store online contact book, photos, and so other like google service?19:25
jfj33Thanks Jono!19:26
hallino1QUESTION: Is there a chance to get the Ubuntu Phone (Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 here) for testing and app development?19:27
hallino1QUESTION: It's possible to get a contact to Panasonic for important (life) things :(19:28
FlagHunterQUESTION: Are Desktop-Widgets still on the release plan for 13.04?19:28
Tuxkalle_QUESTION: jose can you post the email adress that jono sayed i do not got it :-)19:29
KosticQUESTION: Is Canonical planning to redesign Launchpad to look something like Transifex? Also, why does Launchpad give higher priority over translations made by etc. Gnome team rather than the Launchpad contributed translations?19:30
rafaelementQuestion: you said in a previous Q&A that Ubuntu phone probably wont run android apps even if it would technically be possible. However, wouldnt that be quite a killer feature!!! (?)19:32
rafaelement(I understand that it wouldnt look integrated...)19:33
JoseeAntonioRTuxkalle_: jono@ubuntu.com19:33
ElkenQUESTION: In your opinion, what should be the defacto package technology? ie, deb, rpm, etc.19:34
Tuxkalle_QUESTION: have you heard about adainitiative?19:34
loro1HOW MANY USERS HAVE UBUNTU,do you know?19:34
hallino1QUESTION: (Sorry for bad question) Do you have contact of Panasonic (or maybe Panasonic Italy)? I'm searching about it because I have to say with them about a really important life thing.. Thanks Jono! You're  the best! :)19:35
KosticJono, Kostic is pronounced as Kostitj... Nevermind. :)19:35
hallino1Edit: (You or someone that can help me)19:37
Gordon_Good point Jono19:37
jfj33Here here!19:37
BBoyQUESTION : As a musician, don't you think professional music softwares and plugins are lacking on Linux ? No VST's, no comercial software (such as Reason,Ableton,Cubase,..),.. We're seeing an evolution in video games with Valves' Steam coming to Ubuntu, do you think we could see a similar evolution for music composition on Ubuntu?19:37
jfj33QUESTION: How far are off do you think we are from being able to make music in Ubuntu as easily as it currently is in Windows? I have Ubuntu Studio installed, and while I love it and support it, in all honesty it's just not quite 'there' yet (imho). Any fledgling/new open source DAW projects on the boil that you know of? Which of the current DAWs stand out?19:38
jfj33haha! BBoy - like one mind!19:38
ElkenBBoy Mixx is pretty decent19:39
FlagHunterQUESTION: Have you already heard the rumor that Microsoft considers bringing Office to Linux? If yes, what do you think of it?19:39
none_of_themREGARDING MUSIC SOFTWARE: Renoise is pretty awesome and cross plattform. Just FYI.19:39
jfj33I'd love to see something like Ableton that I can just plug a MIDI keyboard in and have it work out of box...19:40
JoseeAntonioR(That's Ardour for those of you who didn't get it)19:40
benkaiserQUESTION: what other window managers / desktop environments have you tried? have you ever tried a tiling window manager such as xmonad, aweomewm or wmii? if so what are your thoughts on them?19:41
jfj33+1 for Renoise! Reaper also has a linux dev version19:41
BBoyMixx is just for DJ, I'm talking about composition ;)19:42
ElkenBBoy, Ah, my apologies :)19:43
Gordon_QUESTION:  I want to build a 64gb ram Ubuntu monster for my main computer.  Is there a place where I can piece this together to ensure all the parts work?19:43
benkaiserthanks jono :)19:43
JoseeAntonioRAny more questions, guys?19:43
benkaiserGordon_: system76?19:44
pemiboQUESTION: Have you heard about a new "Linux app format" mentioned on the Gnome Developer Experience Hackfest? The idea is that these apps should be single binaries that run on any distribution. What do you think about it?19:44
virusuyQUESTION: How do you manage your time between: work, music, and family ? Greetings from Uruguay19:44
FlagHunterQUESTION: Are Canonical employees forced to run Ubuntu and Unity on their personal machines or can they run whatever they want?19:44
BBoyYep renoise isn't bad that's right, but the old school interface is a bit hard for me (you have to write notes with letters :S)19:45
KosticQUESTION: (Kostitj ;)) Have you seen Go language and (if you have) would it be a good replacement in terms of code beauty and performance for core Ubuntu apps (USC I am looking at you :D) (on desktop/mobile)?19:45
Charles-W8KWAQUESTION: We gonna get some guitar playing today? (Request for 'Free the software')19:45
ElkenQUESTION: Have you heard of/read about John Carmack's opinion on Linux not being a worthwhile game development platform? If so, what's your take on it?19:46
Vince-0more metal!19:46
BBoy@Elken, but I agree that Mixx is really nice for DJing ;), I have some friends using it and they're very pleased with it !19:47
KosticQUESTION: Yes. :D19:47
SchmahxgnQuestion: Is there any chance of getting AdobeAir back on Ubuntu and its variants as well as Linux in General??19:48
KosticQUESTION: Kost-eeetj... Thanks. :)19:48
sunny__QUESTION: What display server use in UbuntuPhone?19:48
ElkenBBoy I'm not a DJ personally, but I looked into it briefly, oddly enough for a similar reason to you :p, and was happy with it.19:48
pemiboQUESTION: How can one imagine a usual day of your work? Are you working at home or is there any Ubuntu office near you, you are working in?19:48
benkaiserQUESTION: have you ever purchased any system76 computers?19:48
beardofomensQUESTION: often i read articles by someone criticising linux for being hard to develop for or unfinished or difficult to use. Many people agressively tell them they are wrong in comments and the tone is not like Ubuntus code of conduct. Do you think that "linux fans" or "free software fans" who are too agressive are hurting linux? can this be stopped and how?19:49
Vince-0Carmack reckons games on Wine are more to the point19:50
freedomQUESTION: Do you think dell becoming a private company with the help of microsoft will have an impact to their ubuntu offerings?19:50
ElkenQUESTION: Could you settle the age old debate of vim vs. emacs once and for all?19:51
FlagHunterQUESTION: I'm looking to buy a new TV later this year. Any plans when TVs with Ubuntu will be available?19:51
justin86QUESTION: What is your favorite Linux/Open Source news site?19:52
SchmahxgnMy username here is pronounced "Shma", the 'xgn' is silent, but I have one more Question: Will it be safe to assume that Ubuntu will be a large presence at this year's SouthEast LinuxFest (SELF) in Charlotte, North Carolina this June?19:53
BBoyQUESTION : Will apps on Ubuntu Mobile use a permission-system like on Android for security, or you have a different approach ?19:53
Gordon_Spot On19:54
Gordon_Realname sign ins help with the BS19:54
ElkenQUESTION: Can you shed any light on what plans Canonical have for the future, if applicable?19:56
bjaanesYeah, go for it!19:56
toshorock and roll19:56
Charles-W8KWAyes!!! Free the guitar!19:56
The_Flying_V+1 guITAR19:56
GuidoPallemans... well this is awkward19:56
bjaanesRock on!19:56
Vince-0metal licks!19:56
ElkenROCK && ROLL19:56
Tuxkalle_QUESTION: yes19:57
Gordon_Oh yes19:57
ElkenYes, not you19:57
virusuyQUESTION: Metallica or Megadeth ? :-P19:58
JoseeAntonioRjono: ping19:58
Gordon_LOL, his MIC is auto leveling19:58
The_Flying_Vhaha... the sound is fading out....19:58
Charles-W8KWASound is hardly there19:58
Gordon_Nice dude19:59
jfj33Cheers Jono19:59
Gordon_Good one, greetings from Seattle19:59
toshoUbuntu in space! When?19:59
ElkenQUESTION: Vim or emacs?19:59
FlagHunterQUESTION: Do you love bacon?19:59
SchmahxgnSouthEast LinuxFest plans?19:59
Tuxkalle_See you next time :-)19:59
Vince-0<virusuy> QUESTION: Metallica or Megadeth ? :-P19:59
ElkenCheers Jono20:00
Vince-0ty, gnight20:00
pemiboThanks Jono!20:00
toshoThank You20:00
benkaiserthanks Jono :)20:00
bashrcThanks Jono20:00
BBoyThank you20:00
Charles-W8KWARock on Jono20:01
brycrhey jose is it making a big progress23:29

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