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bazhang<escott> direct machine-brain interface. thats always the answer to "best"02:42
bazhangthat is such a great answer02:42
elkyi don't get it02:59
bazhanghe was asking "best" irc client03:00
FlannelI'd have way too low of a signal-noise ratio if I had a machine-brain interface.03:36
Flannel /mode +m #ub.. oh look, cookies.03:37
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Ben64hey DJones hope you're still around, more trolling going on in #ubuntu12:16
DJonesYeah, I'#m watching12:16
Ben64ok, don't know the purpose of it all, unless they just want a response12:16
Ben64sini and brotherbox are definitely the same person, but i'm guessing boakamxe, ry|an, david_bt5 are as well13:24
Ben64really don't know why he's spending so much time tonight messing with #ubuntu13:25
IdleOnehello Iota-14:07
IdleOneHow can I help you?14:07
IdleOneIota-: Please do not idle in this channel.14:09
MyrttiIota-: hi?14:11
Tm_Tikonia: hm?15:48
Tm_The's missing his mark16:17
bazhang<JeyKeu> I think ubuntu community should take the responsibility17:09
genii-aroundbazhang: I feel there is some validity to this actually.17:10
bazhanggenii-around, I missed the what for part. is it the samsung Kernel issue?17:11
genii-aroundbazhang: I also missed the exact issue. But the idea of !downgrade when an upgrade totally miserably fails is not something i personally agree with.17:12
bazhangso he  used unetbootin and it did not warn him before erasing all partitions17:12
bazhangwarn against user carelessness?17:13
bazhangstill not seeing how ubuntu is to blame here17:14
genii-aroundIn this case if it's unetbootin then it should be on the unetbootin guys to give proper warnings, etc17:16
k1lseems like the "ubuntu is to blame" day :/17:18
bazhangit's a basic tenet that formatting a drive will *erase* things.17:18
* genii-around blames ubuntu for his cold coffee and sore feet17:18
MyrttiI blame ubuntu for unemployment17:25
Myrttiworks every time.17:25
AlanBellunetbootin isn't what we use though, it is usb-creator-gtk in Ubuntu now17:25
AlanBellI guess you can still use it, but we don't install it17:26
* genii-around slides bazhang a coffee17:41
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (jey appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)18:52
genii-aroundThey are a potty-mouth19:01

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