mhall119the news is apps00:59
sirajpersonHowdy, is anyone here?03:48
DaemonicApathyNot really.03:52
sirajpersonHas anybody here heard when it is being released?03:55
sirajpersonOr better yet, does anyone have an image they would like to share?03:55
DaemonicApathysirajperson: April.04:01
sirajpersonso, any news on where to get a beta image? Torrent? Anything? シ04:06
DaemonicApathyNo idea.04:07
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AlanBelldo we think October is accurate/realistic? http://linux.slashdot.org/story/13/02/06/217237/ubuntu-smartphone-shipping-in-october22:18
ajalkaneAlanBell: I'd wager only canonical knows how far their system is... I don't think it's impossible.22:21
AlanBellajalkane: well of course, but the october date is apparently a quote from an interview with sabdfl22:21
ajalkaneThe link you gave claims it's from mister Shuttleworth22:22
ubot5Mark "sabdfl" Shuttleworth is our favourite cosmonaut, the founder of Canonical and the primary driver behind Ubuntu. You can find pieces of his thinking at http://www.markshuttleworth.com22:22
ajalkaneah I see... he should know shouldn't he :P22:22
AlanBellyou would think, but he isn't infalable :)22:23
ajalkaneJudging by that comment he's confident the core of Ubuntu will be ready by that time, with the resources of Canonical22:23
ajalkaneAs we know, many of the "core" apps are done community. This implies that whatever is ready by the community by that time gets included, and rest will become available later as updates.22:24
ajalkane* don by22:25
ajalkane* done by22:25
AlanBellyeah, 13.10 seems optimistic for that22:25
ajalkaneWell it all depends how rapidly the community gets stuff done.22:25
ajalkaneIn mobile space things move rapidly so I hope there is some urgency in getting things into usable shape, and refinements are done later. Basic prioritizing.22:27
AlanBellI hope things are done properly instead22:27
ajalkaneThese are two separate issues. You can do things properly but without everything including kitchen sink. And you can try to do everything including kitchen sink improperly.22:28
AlanBellwonder if it is two english speaking markets23:04
AlanBellor if the translations story is fully baked, I guess QML has translations built in at some level23:05
ajalkaneQt has it's own localization system23:09
ajalkaneBut Ubuntu uses the GNU gettext23:09

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