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keithzgHmm, I'm trying to mount an iscsi volume via UUID, but neither blkid nor listing /dev/disk/by-uuid seem to list it.01:00
Seven_Six_TwoI've got a server, and I've connected via xdmcp. both are on my lan. I've plugged a usb hd in to the server, an icon appears on my xfce desktop. When I click it, it says failed to mount, not authorized. I've installed gvfs, autofs, all ntfs packages. I've added my username to plugdev, disk, gvfs. I've rebooted.01:18
Seven_Six_TwoI'm using xfce401:19
zuladam_g: ill take a look tomorrow01:22
Seven_Six_TwoI also have almost all privs under user privileges01:25
Seven_Six_Twostill can't mount!!\01:25
Seven_Six_Twooption to automount is set in dconf-editor01:26
decciHi Guys01:51
decciI have Ubuntu 12.04.1 to be installed on directly on Compellent SAN. While installing it is not able to see SAN. While CentOS is able to see that01:53
blkperldecci: you probably need some driver or package01:57
decciblkperl: What I did is trying installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 first on local disk and then trying installing open-iscsi and see if it detects the SAN01:57
decciblkperl: Let me send paste the output01:58
decciblkperl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1614757/01:59
decciblkperl: Can you look into this? I am unable to see SAN under /proc/partitions02:00
patdk-lapyou have a local disk installed?02:01
blkperldecci: is it not sda?02:01
deccipatdk-lap: sda is my local disk02:02
decciblkperl: sda is my local disk02:02
blkperldecci: anything in the logs?02:02
blkperlmy iscsi knowledge is weak02:03
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patdk-lapwhat about: iscsiadm -m session -P 302:04
sarnolddo I recall that the last time someone had problem with a compellent SAN that they might not have authorized the new machine on the SAN controller or something similar?02:04
patdk-lapsarnold, well, he has two issues kindof02:05
patdk-lapfirst, his i350 is setup for hardware iscsi, and centos sees it as hardware hba02:05
patdk-lapbut ubuntu doesn't seem to see it02:05
patdk-lapsecond, is him playing with soft-iscsi02:05
deccipatdk-lap: correct02:06
deccipatdk-lap: sudo iscsiadm -m session -o show output is there02:06
patdk-lapthat is not what I asked for though02:06
deccipatdk-lap: let me try this command02:07
decciblkperl: My VPN is creating issue. I will come back after 4-5 hours02:23
decciblkperl: Will you be here to see those output and logs02:23
* patdk-lap will be long asleep02:26
deccipatdk-lap: I am back02:33
deccipatdk-lap: here is your output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1614802/02:34
deccipatdk-lap: Here is the complete http://paste.ubuntu.com/1614805/02:36
deccipatdk-lap: Are you there?02:40
decciblkperl: u there02:40
escottdecci, people go in and out of the channel at times02:41
decciI think if I insert driver for openm-iscsi  into Ubuntu 12.04.1 image it should work02:41
decciescott: ok02:41
escottdecci, if you want to give a quick recap others can take a look02:41
decciI have Ubuntu 12.04.1 to be installed on directly on Compellent SAN. While installing it is not able to see SAN. While CentOS is able to see that02:41
sarnolddecci: patdk-lap said one of your problems might have been trying to use the software iscsi support when you've got a hardware card that should do it for you ... assuming you could get drivers for it loaded?02:41
deccisarnold: I did tried that right...installing Ubuntu locally and then attaching it to SAN rather than directly installing onto the SAN02:42
deccisarnold: All I am facing issue is with /proc/partitions while it is detecting the compellent SAN02:43
deccisarnold: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1614805/02:44
decciescott: Any views?02:44
escottdecci, i dont know anything about iscsi02:44
decciescott: oh02:45
decciescott: Can you help me how to insert driver into ubuntu image?02:45
escottdecci, if you just need a module in the initramfs you put it in in /etc/modules.d and then update-initramfs02:46
genii-aroundI think it's more like /etc/initramfs-tools/modules02:49
escottgenii-around, cool thanks. i never knew about that file02:50
decciescott: Can you forward me what steps I wouldneed02:57
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jimmyznewbie here - sorry... how do i figure out the ip address at which to access teh webhost running on a vm?04:57
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xnoxjaimef: it would be nice to see all mounts between running the command. Also one should be calling $ udevadm settle , between lvm commands in such a script due to racing with udev.09:34
ruben231hi guys... any help09:36
ruben231 i have a mysql datasbed server which on critical Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/mapper/opendatabase   128G  112G  9.6G  93% / <------------------------storage is almost full 93 pecent , any suggestion how do  i resolve this issue, im afradi i might break anything with existing databased, dont know what todo09:37
ztanedamnit nodejs, always too old for anything09:48
ztanegoin for chris-lea ppa09:51
ztaneruben231: is it on lvm?09:52
ztanecan you give it more space or need to compress?09:52
loolhey, not sure this is the best place to discuss cloud images, but wanted to mention that http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/release is gone or 403s since a couple of days, and I wondered whether this was accidental or intended09:54
ruben231ztane: yes lvm10:03
smblool, I would suspect accidental, but I am not in the position to do anything.10:08
loolOk; I'll file a bug against ubuntu-on-ec2, hopefully that's the right place10:12
Davieyutlemming: ^10:13
smblool, I wrote an email to Ben/Scott which I think may be in the position to change stings10:13
smbDaviey, Since both of them are not really in this tz, I suspected email works better. :)10:15
Davieysmb: You underestimate the power of scrollback highlights :)10:16
DavieyBut sure, thanks for sending it10:16
smbDaviey, You underestimate the power of "meh, this is long ago" :-P10:16
smbMaybe not so bad for them, but I usually only find someone having Samba issues...10:17
loolsmb: ah thanks; I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-on-ec2/+bug/111718110:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1117181 in ubuntu-on-ec2 "http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/release gone since a couple of days" [Undecided,New]10:17
* smb subscribed Ben10:19
loolthe sad part is that I notice some changes that might be bugs because it breaks for the lucid files I was mirroring, but the changes appear to date back to 10.10 timeframe because I hadn't updated my mirror, oh well10:20
ztaneruben231: if you have space and the filesystem is resizeable, you can use lvextend -L +10G /dev/mapper/opendatabase10:23
ztaneruben231: then if it is ext4 say, resize2fs /dev/mapper/opendatabase10:24
ruben231 ztane: so i just add HDD..? coz during install i just used the default setting --> entire disk with LVM10:29
ruben231would this do..?10:29
Yizineed a expert advice on web server (ubuntu) should i host the virtual hosts in /var/www or home/username ?11:03
Ben64/home/username is pretty much how everyone does it11:04
ztaneruben231: the question is whether you used all the space already11:04
Yiziok another issue i have with that is when i assign a user to home directory e.g. /home/ben the user can access oher home directories11:05
YiziI just did it and ssh into the system11:05
Ben64define "access"11:05
ztaneYizi: there are patches to kernels where the users cannot read others files even though they would have "permissions"11:05
Yizibeing able to read/write files11:05
Ben64shouldn't be able to write files for sure11:06
Yiziright my first job is to move the site from /var/www to /home/11:06
Ben64you could look into ACLs11:06
Yizii need to host 3 sites on one server11:06
Yizisetup ubuntu and did the apache virtual host11:07
Yiziinstalled phpmyadmin with php all worked great, can see the site too but the only issue i have no is giving access directory access to the web design company11:07
Yizii followed this guide for setting up the virtual hosts https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-set-up-apache-virtual-hosts-on-ubuntu-12-04-lts11:09
ztaneYizi: you also need php in safe mode / cgi if you really do not want the users to read the other users homedirs using the www-data account11:11
Ben64a really good idea is don't host people you cannot trust11:11
Yiziok i will put the php in safemode now11:11
ztanewhich will then mean that nothing really works :D11:12
Ben64almost everything good requires safe mode to be off11:12
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ztanewhich means if the sites need to run anything substantial, you cannot use safemode11:13
Yiziim pretty confused with this, i think i'll just give up on ubuntu really did try11:13
ztaneand instead need to configure php in some cgi mode or fastcgi or I do not actually know... so that the php actually runs with the user's account11:13
Ben64if you're going to be doing shared hosting, you should trust all the people on it11:13
Ben64otherwise, use vms11:14
ztaneBen64: not necessary11:14
Ben64its impossible to be 100% secure11:14
ztanebut 98 % secure11:14
ztanemeaning: if the users are not really malevolent...11:14
Ben64so if they roll 20, critical hit and your server dies11:14
ztanebut really you wouldnt want11:14
ztanedo things like have 1 bug on 1 site mean that everyone can without any problems breach to all the other sites too11:15
Yiziyou are right the user is not a sudoer so it cant create anything or modify in other home direcories11:17
Yiziit would just make it a lot easier if i could allow a user to access /var/www/domain.com so when they ssh they only have access to the folder11:19
Ben64uh...i don't think its what you want.... http://www.binarytides.com/setup-a-jail-shell-with-jailkit-on-ubuntu/11:20
Yizihow about setting up a FTP and assigning a user to access /var/www11:22
Ben64whats your obsession with /var/www11:23
Yizibecause i spend 2 days setting up the site in /var/www11:23
Ben64theres nothing you can do there you can't do in /home11:23
Yiziok guys does this sounds better now11:31
Yizicreated a home user11:32
Yizimoved the whole site to their11:32
Yizirenamed the virtual to point to the new location11:32
Yiziso the site is now under /home/ben/domain.com11:32
Yizianother home user can see the files on another home users directory e.g. cat index.php but isn't able to edit it, how can i stop them view the files11:48
Yiziis there a simple permission file?11:48
yolandaDaviey, jamespage, hi, what's best way to debug a hook? i tried with debug-hooks and running the hook there as it's shown in the manual, but i receive that error: subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['unit-get', 'private-address']' returned non-zero exit status 211:55
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RoyKhrmf. seems if I want to snapshot a vm, it's suspended for the time the snapshot takes, which is several minutes12:34
smoserjamespage, in virtualmaas http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~virtual-maasers/charms/precise/virtual-maas/trunk/view/head:/scripts/setup-maas how did you make the nodes search .virtualmaaas.com13:47
smoserie, when they boot i dont see how they'd have that in their search... or, maybe they dont, but they only end up with fqdn i guess.13:48
yolandazul, Daviey. Found a new problem with ceilometer. It has a requires for requests<1.0, but our version is 1.1.0-1, what should we do? do we pin that to the old version?13:54
zulyolanda:  nope submit a patch upstream requrests<=1.113:55
jamespagesmoser: not quite sure I understand the question?13:55
jamespagedo you mean the physical server or the kvm instances?13:55
Davieyzul: this caused some issues, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/21221/13:56
smoserjamespage, i'm sorted, i think.13:56
smosermaas dhcp doesn't send 'search' or 'domain-name' entries in ists responses.13:56
smoserso the nodes can only resolve by fqdn.13:56
Davieyzul: it's fixed with, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/21258/13:57
smoserbut thats ok, because theey only get fqdn (ie, when juju connects them to another node, they get the fqdn of the other node)13:57
Davieyzul / yolanda: Therefore.... we are potentially screwed.13:58
zulDaviey: gimme a sec13:58
yolandaoh, so we should stay under 1.0?14:01
zulyolanda: thinking14:03
sarthorHELP, Trying to ssh to one of my ubuntu-server installed machine 1 from ubuntu installed machine 2, I am not able to ssh , the message says, "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host". while I can ssh from other computers.14:14
zulDaviey/yolanda: we can do something like this for python-keystoneclient14:18
SpamapSzul: crazy idea.. patch ceilometer to work with 1.1 ?14:24
zulSpamapS: its is a crazy idea14:25
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zulDaviey/yolanda: there is a mini transition going on  there is a transition going on i think, novaclient (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/20119/) and python-cinderclient (https://review.openstack.org/#/c/21222/ although the fix is not correct), and python-keystoneclient got reverted but im working on a proper fix.14:36
RoyKsarthor: running denyhosts or something?14:36
yolandamaybe we can put that on hold then?14:36
sarthorRoyK: no14:36
zulyolanda: it will make openstack uninstallable on ubuntu imho14:37
RoyKsarthor: I've seen that if the host is in /etc/hosts.deny - otherwise, check the ssh logs14:37
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yolandayes, problem is on ceilometer but also on the other packages i see...14:38
yolandafrom my side i can test ceilometer with newest requests version,14:39
zulyolanda:  yeah im going through the other packages, novaclient was fixed yesterday in the upload i did to our openstack-ci14:41
zulkeystoneclient will be fixed soon, and keystone will be fixed soon as well14:41
sarthorRoyK: I checked /etc/hosts.deny, there is entry of two IPs, sshd and sshd, that is the computer, from which i am tryin to access. I removed that two lines. but after a minute the lines again there. Why? and how to solve.14:42
yolandai must double check ceilometer deps again, this wasn't added and i found the problem when ceilometer wasn't starting14:42
RoyKsarthor: check if denyhosts is running14:43
RoyKsarthor: dpkg -l | egrep 'denyhosts|fail2ban'14:44
sarthorRoyK: denyhosts    2.6-10   Utility to help sys admins thwart ssh crackers14:45
RoyKcd /var/lib/denyhosts14:46
RoyKgrep for your ip there14:46
RoyKthat is14:46
RoyKstop denyhosts first14:46
RoyKthen remove your ip from the files there14:46
RoyKadd it to allowed-hosts14:46
RoyKremove it from /etc/hosts.deny14:46
RoyKstart denyhosts again14:46
sarthorin which file I have to check my IP.14:48
RoyKall of them14:48
RoyKsarthor: adding your ip to allowed-hosts will whitelist it permanently14:54
sarthorRoyK: there is hosts-valid file, no allowed hosts.14:55
RoyKmake it14:55
sarthorand I deleted from all the files there. and then added to hosts-valid file , restarted denyhosts again.. this time I connected but the password did not work. and now added again to that /etc/hosts.deny14:56
RoyKI said allowed-hosts14:56
RoyKalso, stop denyhosts, then clean up the files, then add to allowed-hosts, then start denyhosts14:57
sarthorRoyK: there is no file name allowed-hosts in that directory14:57
RoyK15:55 < RoyK> make it14:58
sarthorRoyK: Worked great. Thanks friend.15:02
sarthorThanks to All of you.15:02
ogra_Daviey, poke15:13
Davieyogra_: poke yourself :)15:13
DavieyI need to dash for 10.15:14
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yolandahi, what's syntax in debian/control to specify a min and max version for a package?15:53
zulyolanda: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/python-keystoneclient/fix-requests-2/+merge/14688716:04
yolandamagical patch16:06
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zuljamespage: ping keystone testsuite runs fine now (needed to fix the python-requests building of python-keystoneclient)16:21
jamespagezul: great!16:26
sarthorHI, please help me. .pl URLs are downloading instead of displaying16:28
genii-aroundsarthor: Do you have libapache2-mod-perl2 installed and enabled?16:34
xiaoyWhen i use ssh with my DNS Tunnel (dns2tcp) i always get "Connection to localhost closed by remote host." by the ssh server on the DNS server host...16:37
genii-aroundsarthor: eg: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2   ... then make sure that the file perl.load is in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled   and do sudo service apache2 restart16:39
yolandazul https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/ceilometer/grizzly/+merge/14689916:44
zulyolanda: have you tested this?16:50
yolandazul, i've done a build16:50
zuland it isntalls?16:51
yolandayou have to manually install pecan, wsme...16:53
yolandabut after all is fixed, it installs16:53
zulyolanda:  i think the tools/test-requires for ceileometer is not complete because you need pep8 for the tools/hacking.py16:55
yolandalet me check16:55
yolandait's not listed in tests requires?16:56
yolandaand not on pip requires even16:56
yolandashould i submit a patch?16:57
zulyolanda: please17:00
NoteHi guys, does anyone know whether a 512MB Ubuntu server is big enough memory to run a very small web server and a znc?17:09
NoteAs well as a few other things I might want to add in the future17:09
rbasakNote: that meets the minimum requirements: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.10/serverguide/preparing-to-install.html#system-requirements17:10
rbasakNote: I don't see why you'd have a problem for a minor web server17:11
NoteOk, thanks :)17:11
adam_gzul: http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/folsom/keystone-2012.2.1-0ubuntu1.1~cloud0/17:20
adam_gjamespage: ^17:20
zuladam_g: +117:20
zuladam_g: i swear i was going to get to that today ;)17:20
sweetteawhere is the proper way to edit iptables rules on ubuntu-server ?17:21
patdk-wksweettea, not to17:27
patdk-wkuse like ufw or something17:27
sweetteaI dont want to install ufw17:29
sweetteaI was just reading about it17:30
sweetteaif I make iptables edits, is there a iptables save function17:30
sweetteathat will reload on boot, etc?17:30
yolandazul https://review.openstack.org/2133817:33
hallynahs3: woohoo, thanks17:37
yolandazul, saw the comments for dhellmann? is that right if that is added in tox.ini? should we also consider that file?17:38
zulyolanda: yeah it needs to be test-requires as pep8==1.3.317:38
yolandaalthough it's already listed in other files as dhellmann says?17:39
ahs3hallyn: np17:40
zulyolanda: yes17:41
yolandai'll modify the proposal and answer17:41
yolandawhy is that pinned to that version?17:42
zulyolanda: its standard across openstack projects17:45
yolandazul, can you check the openstack-metering channel? i don't have arguments to explain that17:46
yolandawhy is that needed also in test-requires, and not only in tox17:47
NoteHello guys, I have a ZNC running for IRC, but when I connect it sets my hostname to HEX.me (.me is the my domains tld), but on the network i'm connecting my VNC to, I have a vhost, my znc idents me but if I ident myself then my vhost activates, but if i just let my ZNC ident me it doesn't activate, why is this?17:52
yolandazul, so the MP should be ok then?17:59
zulyeah go ahead18:00
AkendoHello guys, some got an idea about this: In our OpenStack installation, booting a Ubuntu Cloud Image fails at creating ssh keys. So we're unable to connect to the VM.18:01
AkendoWe check the logs of the VM and saw that the sshd is not able to use any key exchange18:02
sarthor_Hi, .pl is downloading not opening apache. HELP me please18:06
sarthor_ubuntu server using18:06
Picisarthor_: is mod_perl enabled?>18:09
sarnoldsarthor_: you probably want to search for mod_perl18:09
patdk-wkseriously doubt it is going be mod_perl compatable18:10
patdk-wkprobably just want normal cgi support18:10
* Pici shrugs18:10
sarthor_Pici: how to enable that  ? I am not an expert18:10
Picipatdk-wk: mod_cgi then?18:10
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patdk-wkprobably just missing the mapping that .pl should use cgi18:11
genii-aroundsarthor: I explained this to you earlier18:11
sarthor_genii-around: I asked that time i was somwhere else. I left from that place. the machine is still on there. but know I am miles away from that place. So I was unable to see your answer genii-around18:13
sarthor_but now*18:13
genii-aroundsarthor: eg: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2 ... then make sure that the file perl.load is in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled and do sudo service apache2 restart18:14
patdk-wkI would be very careful about mod_perl, as it's doesn't run perl scripts the same way you do at the command line18:14
zuladam_g: looks like nova-manage config convert went away so should we just remove it?18:15
genii-aroundpatdk-wk: Aah. I don't use perl on apache so wasn't aware of that. cgi runs them the way they were intended however?18:15
patdk-wkmod_perl runs it fine, but it doesn't *clean state* between runs, the program is always active, so you can easily have state pre-existing, or leak memory easily when using it18:16
sarnoldalso, perl running in the apache process address space. a bit gross. :)18:17
patdk-wkya, everything should be fastcgi :)18:17
sarthor_genii-around: I did as your said. perl.load file is also there. i did restart apache2. checked again .still dowlnoading18:18
xiaoyI'm using DNS Tunnel (dns2tcp + ssh dynamic port forwarding) but my ssh tunnel just crashes after a few seconds (Connection to localhost closed by remote host.)18:19
xiaoyI just don't understand what is wrong? It works only for few seconds, than the server just shuts down the connection... :(18:20
xiaoyi tried also different dns-tunnel server clients, but the result is the same, it's just something with the ssh server...18:20
xiaoyThis is my sshd_config file on the "fake" DNS server http://pastebin.com/XQvTwqH618:20
xiaoydunno, maybe some of you guys have some experience with this18:20
patdk-wkya, there is a lot of other setup you need to do to activate mod_perl18:21
patdk-wkand it needs to be done, per perl script18:21
sarthor_patdk-wk: will that be too tough to do? In case i am not expert. I just used to read instructions and do as instructed. every I do not understand them.18:23
patdk-wknot a good idea18:23
sarthor_yea... but I am a learner18:23
patdk-wkthen learn from the link I supplied18:24
yolandazul: https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/ceilometer/grizzly/+merge/14689918:24
yolandacan you approve it?18:24
patdk-wkunless the script you are using says it was MADE for mod_perl, and gives you instructions for it, I wouldn't even attempt it18:24
genii-aroundI think now I remember why I don't like perl under apache18:24
sarthor_but I think in that start I am doing this stuff which is tough for me. may be it will make me run from learning.. :)18:25
sarthor_also too much green chilli and lemon on beans.. Muuuh....Several battles to win18:26
stgraberhallyn: do we actually have anything to do for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/lxc/+bug/1060404 in precise?18:31
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1060404 in lxc "update-grub runs and fails in containers" [High,Fix released]18:31
hallynstgraber: i don't think so.  bug is in grub18:32
stgraberhallyn: right, let me get rid of the lxc task then18:32
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sarthorgenii-around: Hi again, as you told me I did like for the .pl files downloading issue. as you told me in the previous message. I did like that and restarted the apache2 but no change. Then I restarted the machine, and know there is not downloading issue. but the files are just opening as text files in the browser. Any solution please?19:02
digitalsanctumhi, would someone be able to help me with specifying a preseed file for automated install?19:02
RoyKsarthor: if you set the content-type to text/plain, it should work out nicely19:03
sarthorRoyK: I am using mozilla and chrome. on cromium is like txt file. but on mozilla firefox still that .pl download file.19:04
RoyKsarthor: try, from the commandline, HEAD http://url19:04
RoyKsee what content-type is set to19:04
sarthorRoyK: that says Content-Type: text/plain19:07
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RoyKsarthor: url?19:07
sarthor500 Can't connect to url:80 (Bad hostname)19:07
sarthorI am in that machine where sql-ledger is installed. and I put this command on that machine command prompt.   HEAD http://localhost19:09
stgraberhallyn: Does /etc/dnsmasq.d-available/ work for you or do you have a better name suggestion? (I don't particularly like the long name but that's the best I could come up with)19:09
sarthorContent-Type: text/html19:09
sarthorRoyK:  Content-Type: text/html19:09
hallynstgraber: yeah that's fine with me19:13
hallynobvious enough if you look at all19:13
hallynand reminiscent of /etc/apache2/sites-available19:13
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I took the name from what apache and freeradius do with their config19:14
stgraberhallyn: ok, I have a fix for lxc in raring. Will do some more testing, if it works as expected, I'll upload lxc in raring, quantal and precise with that fix and any other pending SRU.19:17
hallynstgraber: cool, i'll copy that into libvirt then, thanks :)19:21
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smoserhallyn, did we lose the man page to kvm in raring?19:30
smoseror is it just me19:30
* RoyK checks19:31
m_tadeuhi...I just installed gcc4.7 from a ppa, but now this is not the default gcc (which is 4.6)...how can I change that?19:34
stgrabersmoser: well, kvm is just a compatibility symlink at this point so you'd technically want to check the manpage of qemu-system-x86_64, but we can probably provide a symlink to make that easier19:34
RoyKsmoser: looks so19:35
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hallynsmoser: looks like it20:05
hallynstgraber: actually kvm will become a wrapper, not just a symlink20:06
hallynhave i not pushed that whole merge?  FEH20:06
stgraberroot@castiana:~/data/vm/lxc# ls -l /usr/bin/kvm20:06
stgraberlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 18 Jan 29 12:55 /usr/bin/kvm -> qemu-system-x86_6420:06
hallynyeah i never finished that merge20:06
stgraberI think I updated my laptop this morning20:06
hallynstgraber: yeah the merge isn't finished20:07
hallynit'll have to wait until monday at this point20:07
smoserhallyn, i opened a bug.20:08
smoserbug 111763620:09
uvirtbotsmoser: Error: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out20:09
hallynsmoser: thanks, fixed in my git tree (git://github.com/hallyn/qemu #de.jan28.ubuntu2)20:09
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hallynmeanwhile debian exp has moved to 1.4.0 upstream, but I'm not sure I want ot do that this late20:10
hallynso i may stick with 1.320:10
smoserkvm will be a wrapper ?20:11
smoserwhat will it do20:11
stgrabermy guess is, detect kvm support and call qemu with --enable-kvm when found20:12
hallynsmoser: it will do "qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm "$*"" :)20:12
hallynexec qemu-system-x86_64 -machine accel=kvm:tcg "$@"20:12
smoseralways qemu-system-x86_64 ?20:12
Davieyhallyn: hey.. Do you know where we seem to be seeing different cpu types in kvm instances?20:14
Davieyhallyn: http://pb.daviey.com/982y/ , http://pb.daviey.com/c9g4/ , http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/1617691/20:15
hallynDaviey: yeah the switch from qemu-kvm to qemu makes some changes, but they shouldn't be much20:15
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Davieyhallyn: the qemu64 standardisation was good for live migrations20:16
Davieyhallyn: the variance seems to be causing woe.20:16
Daviey(this is precise)20:16
hallynDaviey: wait what, you're seeing unexpected result in precise, or the qemu64 default in precise was good?20:17
hallynDaviey: you had a patch specifically to default to qemu64 right?  I'm sure we can write a new patch for qemu to do the same, if that would suffice.  (not sure if it would)20:17
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Davieyhallyn: no, this oddity is on precise20:19
Gateway69simple question, how can you boot a new ubuntu server image, and have it execute some scripts you want after boot up.. ? aka like a script outside of the image that it loads and runs, is this possible?20:19
hallynDaviey: then no, i have no idea.20:19
DavieyAnd i don't think my patch forced it to qemu64.. simply exposed vmx in the already default qemu6420:19
Gateway69somethign like , lets say i have a script that says build me a haproxy server, then another script that says build me db server, so we can automate our stack to launch, a new image, update all software on the server, install what we need and configure files20:19
hallynDaviey: but you did just remind me that your patch to expose nested vmx to qemu64 instances was never upstreamed20:20
hallynDaviey: and we don't (yet) have that patch in raring's qemu.20:20
Davieyhallyn: looking at, https://github.com/aliguori/qemu/blob/master/target-i386/cpuid.c .. it seems it's not using the default qemu64 for some reason20:20
DavieyI wonder if this is something in openstack doing it..20:21
hallynDaviey: precise is on qemu-kvm, not qemu,20:21
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Davieyhallyn: a similar patch was proposed upstream and lazily NAK'd20:21
hallynDaviey: yeah...20:22
hallynDaviey: i'm just commenting that i need to remember to re-add that to raring20:22
hallynDaviey: but so you're saying that in lucid through oneiric, it woudl default to qemu64, and in precise and later it does not?20:22
Davieysuper :)20:22
Davieyhallyn: No.. I'm saying that using an openstack deployment, spanning multiple nodes.. and seeing different cpu types. :/20:23
DavieyMy hunch is openstack is overriding the cpu type now.20:23
Davieywhich raises a big *sigh* if it is indeed the case20:23
hallynDaviey: ok, so nothing for me to do in precise's kvm then - just wanted to make sure20:24
hallynit would seem (to a naive goon like me) like exposing the unerlying cpu type by default would make sense :)20:25
m_tadeuhow can I change the default gcc version?20:25
hallyni realize that doesn't make sense wrt migration,20:25
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Davieyhallyn: *sigh* - https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/100337320:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1003373 in nova "support to Nova to allow exposing specific CPU models to the guest, including the host CPU native model." [Wishlist,Fix released]20:26
hallynDaviey: ok but support for that != making it the default20:28
Gateway69anyone have any ideas?20:28
rbasakGateway69: look at cloud-init userdata. But juju will set up a stack to your liking automatically for you, to save yourself a lot of trouble.20:30
rbasakOr you can reinvent it yourself if you wish :)20:30
Gateway69haha, juju, yea.. i started looking into that.. ideally internally be able to launch our stack and test it locally, then push any code changes to the cloud.. does juju work with VM? ..20:31
Davieyhallyn: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/8527/6/nova/virt/libvirt/driver.py does suggest it's disabled by default..20:32
Davieymy head hurts20:32
Shogoothello loverly people :) im stuck trying to set up my firs fileserver at home.... (yes newbie incomming). the question. i got access to my server via ssh, i m remotely on it. but i cannot access internet from the server. as i get no response when i do ping. i got a hiint that it might be /etc/network/intercades but i got my gateway correctly set. so it might be resolv.conf. but on that i get this warning ive never seen before.20:32
ShogootDynamic resolv.conf(5) file for glibc resolver(3) generated by resolvconf(8)20:33
sarnoldShogoot: see /etc/resolvconf/* files for explanations there :)20:33
sarnoldShogoot: when testing network connectivity, check both ips and hostnames; and both respond to pings, so try those..20:34
Shogootdang... works20:34
Shogootbut i cannot do apt-get update... why is that?20:35
sarnoldShogoot: try ping
sarnold(that's an IP for us.archive.ubuntu.com)20:36
Shogoothmm.. so it is the dns list... but how o i edit the dns list without the resolv.conf?20:36
sarnoldgood :) then you've got busted dns and get to figure out why :)20:36
sarnoldShogoot: either your dhcp server isn't handing out a dns server to query, or that dns server isn't working, or .. meh, variety of reasons. but you can hard-code new resolvers in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/* files20:37
Shogooti have a static ip...20:38
sarnoldah then you can probably apt-get purge resolvconf and be done with it :)20:38
Shogooti dont get it. resolv.conf/* has two files head wich has taht warning that the wolrd will explode if i edit it and base that is empty.....20:41
sarnoldShogoot: those are there for you to edit. well, maybe one or another is more appropriate, but the entire resolv.conf is built out of those.20:44
Shogootfriking linux people20:45
sarnoldShogoot: but if your resolver should never change because the machine has a static address, you may as well remove the package and go back to just editing your /etc/resolv.conf by hand when you change the resolver manually :)20:45
Shogooti was used to the resolv conf back in the day20:45
sarnoldShogoot: yup.20:45
sarnoldShogoot: and until I found those files I hated the newfangled thing..20:45
hallynDaviey: i dunno, i dont' see where the new guest.cpu ends up being used (or whether having it to default to None does what thecomments say it will)20:51
Shogootsarnold, i did that purge thing.... just to see what it did....20:59
Shogootand ofc i now dont got resolvconf and i cant reinstall it because i dont got any dns...21:00
Shogootargh... help...21:00
stgraberhallyn: there you go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1617905/21:11
stgraberturned out to be far trickier to do that I first thought ;)21:11
stgraberI spent 30min trying to figure out why the postinst was broken to notice it was just some bad dh ordering...21:12
stgraberanyway. I think I'm happy with this one so I'll push to raring and then prepare the SRUs21:12
hallynstgraber: oh yeah, i've run into that before...21:13
hallynstgraber: so (just asking) no reason to remove /etc/dnsmasq.d-avilable/lxc on purge?21:14
stgraberhallyn: well, it's a conffile, so purge should do that anyway21:18
hallynoh.  right :)21:20
Shogootis there any way to do apt-get update but spesifying the ip to do it from? I have a DNS problem and i need to resintall my resolvconf files.... but as i got the dns problem apt-get update just gives me the unable to resolve host error21:27
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ivaliI am running ubuntu server (clean install). Flushed iptables cand disabled ufw.Can it be something else that is blocking me certain ports (135,139,445, 1433 etc.) or should i talk to my ISP?21:43
escottivali, it would be very strange for an isp to block a high port21:44
ivaliI've made some tests http://pastebin.com/JeEkhMJd21:49
ivaliCan I assume that my default gw ( is blocking that port (139) or can it be a problem with the server?21:50
stgraberhallyn: lxc precise SRU: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1618032/21:53
stgraberhallyn: note that I had to pretty much rewrite the cloud patch as smoser's branch was changing a quarter of the file to fix some identation. I "think" the code does the same thing though.21:54
stgraberI'll push to a PPA and very all the fixes here before pushing to -proposed (and I'll have to find some clever way of testing some of those, the lucid outdated cache thing will be hard to test)21:54
smoserstgraber, you *could* test it :)21:56
sarnoldShogoot: add whatever IP address your resolver is at to /etc/resolv.conf -- if you don't have one yet, then use (google runs a public DNS server just for this purpose :)21:58
sarnoldShogoot: you can either stick with google's DNS or you can install your own recursive resolver.21:58
stgrabersmoser: yeah, as I said, I'll test all that mess before uploading to precise-proposed. I just don't enjoy a 30s cherry-pick turning into a 15min diffing session ;)21:58
smoserfair. i'm not sure why i did that.22:00
smoserbut i will admit to not being able to stand mixing tabs and spaces22:00
hallynstgraber: so now if the user removes the dnsmasq.d/lxc symlink, removes and reinstalls, they'll get the file back.  Is that ok?22:04
hallyn(as opposed to if they make changes, the changes will persist over remove/reinstall)22:04
hallyni guess it's what the bug submitter wanted?  but it seems inconsistent22:06
stgraberhallyn: yes22:08
stgraberhallyn: if they want it gone, they need to wipe the conffile, not the symlink22:09
stgraberor empty it, or whatever22:09
hallynstgraber: I don't quite get that from the comment at top of the dnsmasq file22:16
hallynstgraber: but I'm nto sure how to concisely make it better22:17
hallynstgraber: nm, it's fine as is.22:21
hallynroaksoax: hey, bug 1109209 should be fix released for raring right?23:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1109209 in python-tx-tftp "[SRU] python-tx-tftp to Precise" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/110920923:29
roaksoaxhallyn: yes!23:45
roaksoaxhallyn: but raring has ubuntu7, quantal6.123:45
roaksoaxwhich is the same23:45
SpinningWheelsanyone have any idea why an mdadm array would randomly go from /dev/md0 to a read-only on /dev/127? i cant find any errors in any logs that i've found. any ideas?23:51
escottSpinningWheels, /dev/127? shouldn't there be something in front of that like sda127 or md127?23:53
SpinningWheelserm, yeah, md12723:57
escottSpinningWheels, what is the mdstat?23:58

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