thirdi tried #ubuntu but no one would help. hello anyone else have any ideas on no audio with ubuntu 12.04.1 on a gateway 3522gz00:07
solarcloudOne of those; Can't sleep. Won't sleep: thingy-ma-bobs.03:27
solarcloudFunny thing just happened, my desktop just froze up after hibernating and wouldn't restart. Ahhh Ubuntu you're a fiesty minx tonite.03:49
solarcloudJust bought probably the cheapest 17 inch laptop I'll ever get these days .. Anyone see any problems with it ??04:04
tixlawl hi england06:08
tixi heard you guys don't like guns06:08
AlanBellmorning all08:44
brobostigongood morning eveeyone.08:45
dwatkinshiya folks08:46
BigRedSGood morning!08:56
czajkowskigood day to you too mr popey09:09
popeystupid tweetdeck no longer works in chromium09:13
popeyonly supports chrome09:14
mungbeanoh :-|09:20
mungbeanwonder why that is09:20
czajkowskipopey: oh am running it today09:21
czajkowskiwhat version09:21
czajkowskiso I don't upgrade09:21
czajkowskiVersion 24.0.1312.56 Ubuntu 12.10 (24.0.1312.56-0ubuntu0.12.10.3)09:21
popeythats what I'm running09:23
czajkowskihmm odd09:23
czajkowskihave tweetdeck open and running and it's updating with tweets09:23
Laneydear pandaboard. you suck: http://home.orangesquash.org.uk/~laney/09:37
czajkowskiDear laney, leave sad pandaboard alove ,no love panda09:37
DJonesMorning all09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all! :-D09:40
popeyLaney: what's up with that?09:44
popeyoh, big gap09:44
Laneyit just crashes09:44
Laneyanyone got nagios that they want to set up to text me when that url stops working? :D09:45
popeyyou could repurpose the script I used for seeing if nexus 4 was in stock ☺09:45
popey(which worked perfectly)09:46
BigRedScommon way to get free SMSs with *some* lag is to use the google calendar API09:50
Laneyyour appointment to power cycle your pandaboard is now09:51
BigRedShaha, yeah09:56
BigRedSCan I get ~250GB of SSD for ~£100?10:17
BigRedSif so, anyone got any suggests of where I can get one?10:18
popeyis 240GB okay?10:18
popeythats the round number they do10:18
popeyand no, about 125 is going rate for low end 240GB SSD10:18
popeystill better than spinning rust10:19
BigRedSyeah, that'll do. I've got used to all this space on my laptopm but I'm also really bored of dropping it and killing disks10:19
popeywhat laptop out of interest?10:19
BigRedSmy Thinkpad X20110:19
popeyi have two SSDs in my x22010:19
popeyyou may be able to fit one in yours10:20
BigRedSOooh, where's the second one?10:20
popeyin the slot where the 3g modem goes10:20
popeydunno if thats an option on the 20110:20
BigRedShmm, I've got to take it apart to reglue the case together, so I'll see if there's a suitable-looking space :)10:20
BigRedSwhat have you plugged it into?10:21
popeyits one of them10:21
popeysmaller capacities at lower prices are available10:21
BigRedSapparently x220 was the first to get msata :(10:23
popeybummer ☹10:24
BigRedSyeah. 240GB's okay though, just need to explain to work why buying one SSD now makes more sense than repeatedly RMAing my disks...10:24
AlanBellbuying an SSD always makes sense10:25
* popey touches copious amounts of wood before saying...10:25
popey"I've never had an SSD fail yet"10:25
dwatkinsI wonder what the sweet spot is at the moment for price vs capacity with SSDs versus spinning rust10:26
BigRedSyeah, but we've huge stoock of spinning rust disks so they like using those10:26
popeyand I have 6 of them10:26
dwatkinsI know someone who says he's never had a disk fail, he's been lucky, and migrates to a new disk within a couple years for all his data.10:26
BigRedSAh, I tend to do it the other way around. I finally get round to upgrading to a bigger disk when the current one fails10:28
dwatkinsI'm just about to buy a NAS, probably a DS-413j10:29
dwatkinsI'll populate it with two mirrored 3 TB disks at first, then buy another couple later on to make a 16 TB filesystem.10:29
dwatkinscorrection, 9 TB (RAID 5)10:29
dwatkins16 TB is the absolute (unprotected) maximum capacity of the device with incredibly expensive 4 TB disks.10:30
davmor2Morning all11:03
davmor2bigcalm: can you join #wolveslug for a bit save repeating everything11:04
bigcalmdavmor2: done, bit quiet though11:07
davmor2always is11:07
bigcalmdavmor2: was there a reason you wanted me to join?11:07
davmor2now you know sorry wifey got back from the docs and was just filling me in :)11:12
davmor2bigcalm: popey: so Virginmedia has been bought for 23.3 billion by us based liberty global11:31
bigcalmdavmor2: is this a good or bad thing?11:31
davmor2seems like mr Branson is selling lots at the minute,  49% of virgin atlantic, virgin media, I think it is all to fund virgin galatic11:32
davmor2bigcalm: pass by it'll be worth keeping an eye on once it goes through11:34
dwatkinsinteresting stuff, davmor2 - http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/feb/06/virgin-media-takeover-john-malone-liberty-global11:34
mungbeanbranson didn't own virgin media did he? i thought it was a branding exercise by ntl/telewest11:38
davmor2mungbean: no ntl and telewest started to merge then got bought by the virgin group once it had merged11:40
mungbeanthey bought the whole thing?11:40
mungbeanthey are in my top 3 companies not to deal with11:41
davmor2mungbean: Yeap, that's why all the telewest owned channels had to be renamed11:41
mungbean(terrible customer service, stealing money from me and threatening bailiffs etc, poor service that they never fixed, refusal to support linux, refusal to allow me to record calls)11:41
davmor2as their licence to broadcast moved over to virgin11:41
daubersmungbean: I had that same experience with VM11:43
daubersGot the ever immmortal line of, after asking for them to return a couple of hundred quid they took from my account they weren't due, thatthey couldn't refund it "because we're not a bank"11:44
davmor2mungbean: you must of been really unlucky, I've had great service once I figured out how to bypass the indian call center11:44
mungbeani had an old cable london connection and the engineer said i could never have digital on it since the qualty was so poor, and my broadband only worked during school hours, dropped 30% ping in weekend and evenings11:45
mungbeanthey refused to do anything about it11:46
dwatkinsdavmor2: how did you bypass them?11:46
mungbeanso i had to cancel the service11:46
mungbeanthen i sold the house to my sister and she had VM due to existing contract and soon got rid of it11:46
LunixHi all :) I have a little problem with a software that doesn't work anymore since 12.10, anyone to help ? :$11:46
dwatkinsmungbean: I live in a 120 year old building and use my telephone line for 12 MBit internets, I'd be switching providers if anyone told me that11:46
mungbeanthey kept saying the box outside was overloaded and they would switch me to a less loaded box, but in reality they oversold the service11:47
mungbeanand was popular in my area which was densely populated11:48
davmor2dwatkins: ring the disconnect line and say are you the english call center.  Oh great I've been messed around by the indian call center too many times to deal with them now, then tell them your issue11:48
mungbeanso nobody got a decent service11:48
dwatkinsdavmor2: cunning, personally I think that having call centres in other countries is a false economy11:48
dwatkinsyou end up with annoyed customers which costs more in terms of reputation etc.11:48
davmor2dwatkins: I agree, plus they get proper training in the uk and just follow the script in india11:50
mungbeani have a recorded phone call with them when they told me to disable antivirus, i said, "no i've enabled ping on my router, there is no machine attached and i still get 30% packet loss =56k modem speed". they said, "sir please disable your AV.". i got annoyed and said this is nothing to do with antivirus, i don't even run windows anyway, i run linux. then they said , sir we cannot support that, goodbye11:50
LunixAm I the only one for who Logkeys doesn't log anymore since Ubuntu 12.10 ?11:51
dwatkinsdavmor2: yeah, I suspect some of the issues are cultural, both in terms of the differences between language use and the different ways people approach a problem, having someone in the same country or one close by makes it more likely you will be understood in many ways.11:51
dwatkinsmungbean: yeah, I've heard worse - PC World refusing to replace a laptop with a broken hinge because Linux was installed11:52
davmor2dwatkins: it also helps if you point out that you are a hardware technician and well as a QA software engineer so you know it is an issue there end as your home network is working fine :)11:53
dwatkinsdavmor2: yeah, although they sometimes carry on with their script because the assumption is that anyone could say they know what they are doing and may or may not be right, sadly.11:54
shaunofar too often, it's an accurate assumption11:54
directhexcoo, steam's now showing 50 of my games as linux games11:55
dwatkinsI tend to complain to companies via twitter, e.g. @BTCare - they tend to get someone in the callcentre in Ireland to call me back11:55
dwatkinsdirecthex: yeah, I've noticed a huge improvement in the last couple days in that :D11:55
* dwatkins was very happy to play half-life on Linux recently11:55
davmor2dwatkins: see that's another one, I go into pc world and tell them straight what I want an what I am going to do with it, they say you know you can't return it if there is a problem, to which I say yes I can but to be honest the 1 year warranty is with the manufacturer and not you any how so I don't really care11:55
AzelphurI've been playing uplink for the first time recently11:56
directhexdwatkins, Counter-Strike: Source was uploaded last night11:56
directhexalso Psychonauts and Closure11:56
dwatkinsdavmor2: your mistake there was going in to PC World ;)11:56
dwatkinsdirecthex: ooh, the source one too, excellent11:56
davmor2dwatkins: sometimes in the sale it is the best place to go, everyone was selling my new work laptop at £900-1000 pc world sale £85011:57
dwatkinsyeah, I sometimes go to PC World for things which are cheap enough that I can take the hit if it breaks and they refuse to replace it.11:58
dwatkinsI tend to buy certain things form John Lewis as they're much better at warranties.11:58
shaunoI noticed a side effect of getting old and boring, is that I'd rather pay 900 instead of 850 if I trust the vendor isn't going to treat me like a leper11:58
mungbeancan't remember my steam login :(11:59
mungbeandwatkins: still waiting for my price match reply ...11:59
daubersoooooh psychonauts12:00
ali1234directhex: did that bug in psychonauts ever get fixed? i've been holding off playing it cos of that12:00
dauberswonder if my new pc can run that12:00
directhexali1234, haven't checked12:01
ali1234looks like no12:05
mungbeananyone tried amazon glacier storage?12:11
mungbeanfor backups12:11
mungbeanwhat does steam client install do? it's taken over 10 mins so far12:15
mungbean"applying changes"12:15
marsilainenhi all, I've just upgraded a 10.04 server to 12.04 and I'm having a few issues with postfix - I'm getting mail delivered coming from local services, but mail coming in from remote servers are getting 'deferred'12:26
marsilainenin the mail.log I get messages like this when an incoming mail arrives: status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[]:11124: Connection refused)12:28
marsilainenI think this might be related to an 'lmtp' line in my postfix master.cf - if I disable that line then I get a different message but I'm not sure12:29
zleapnormally when you upgrade stuff it asks if you want to keep previous configurtion12:29
marsilainenany ideas how to debug this?12:29
zleapmaybe just try it,k and see what happens12:30
zleapyou then rule things out one by one12:30
marsilainenzleap: yes, I got a bunch of those during the install - generally I kept the old configuration, but I can't remember specifically for this12:30
marsilainentry what?12:30
zleapoj you tried disablling a line in the master.cf sorry12:30
directhexsounds like a master.cf issue to me12:31
marsilainenif I disable lmtp in master.cf then the message changes to: status=deferred (mail transport unavailable)12:32
marsilainennot sure where to go from here really12:32
marsilainenagree it sounds like a master.cf issue of some sort, I'm just not too familiar with postfix config to know what to try next...12:32
marsilainenhere is my master.cf: http://pastebin.com/0fCL0GR212:33
TheOpenSourcererHmm, I fancy something different for lunch today. Any good suggestions?12:34
directhexTheOpenSourcerer, lebanese!12:34
TheOpenSourcererNice idea, but I don't think there is one in Farnham.12:35
TheOpenSourcererAnd Beirut (albeit a totally awesome place) is rather far to nip out for a snack.12:35
directhexFISH AND CHIPS THEN >8\/12:36
TheOpenSourcereryawn. having that for dinner :-(12:36
marsilainenok, I've fixed it12:38
marsilainenI'm not sure exactly what I did yet12:38
marsilainenbut it's receiving mail again now12:38
marsilainenwill have to try re-enabling things12:38
ali1234hahaha i know what i'm getting my brother next christmas12:53
bigcalmAny recommendations for an opensource alternative to DropBox that will: 1. hosted by our company, 2. have Windows and Linux clients, 3. integrate with the client OS12:57
czajkowskiubuntuone :)12:58
directhexubuntuone is hosted by canonical12:58
BigRedSbigcalm: sparkleshare12:58
directhexso fails 112:58
bigcalmczajkowski: and that's using our own storage?12:58
BigRedSIt's git based12:58
czajkowskicould buy storage12:58
BigRedSwhich I still think is an odd choice but I can't argue with the fact that it works12:59
directhexsparkleshare is okay, although not great for binary files, due to git bloating on binary files12:59
BigRedSyeah, I was just typing a long caveat to that effect :)12:59
BigRedSI'm using it with a bunch of images (photos, not filesystems) and general documents and it seems fine, though13:00
BigRedSAlso it's less good with huge numbers of files and lots of changes. But the person who told me that hasn't found anything else that he reckons is good, too13:00
bigcalmBigRedS: how about xls, doc, sqlite3 dbs?13:00
directhexit's actually much better with that scenario than others13:00
directhexe.g. owncloud doesn't scale at all with files, whereas sparkleshare does if you run an announce server13:01
bigcalmPDFs as well13:01
directhexthere are essentially two problems with the whole idea13:01
directhex1) detecting changed files locally, quickly13:02
BigRedSbigcalm: my ~/Documents is sparkleshared and I've not noticed any problems. Bunch of PDFs, od* etc. but only a few tens13:02
directhex2) detecting changed files remotely, quickly13:02
directhexowncloud fails miserably at both13:02
directhexsparkleshare does well at both13:03
bigcalmdirecthex: looks like I'll be recommending sparkleshare as a possibility then13:03
directhexbigcalm, other than the previously mentioned git-related caveats13:04
directhexsparkleshare does *not* do any kind of fine-grained access control, as it's just git. and standard git bloats up with binary formats, as it stores a copy of every version of a file ever locally, for binaries, not just changes13:04
directhexsparkleshare has no solution to the latter (yet). the former, you might get away with if you manage your git server with gitano13:05
BigRedSyeah, I keep meaning to cron a job to clean out the history from my Documents repo13:05
bigcalmI knew that would be a problem generally with bins. Showing my ignorance, are pdf xls doc etc treated as binary?13:06
bigcalmWell, locally hosted on a RAID1 of a couple of 1 TB drives might be able to cope with that13:07
directhexxlsx, docx, odt, etc, are zip13:07
* awilkins thinks diabolical thoughts about bypassing the email attachment stripping system which doesn't like ZIP much13:08
* awilkins notes that it passes MS Office documents JUST FINE13:08
bigcalmawilkins: rename .zip files to .docx?13:09
awilkinsYeah, that would probably work13:10
awilkinsIt looks through the innards for executable files on ZIP13:10
bigcalmI assume that that it does more than just look at the extension. Reading the head of the file usually is more relyable13:10
awilkinsAnd refuses to pass encrypted ones because of that thing the trojan writers did for a while13:10
awilkinsbigcalm, Assuming that a corporate email system and the decisions of those running it makes any sense is interesting13:11
awilkinsbigcalm, For a long while you could get past the filter on .exe by renaming it .sexy13:11
awilkinsNot sure if that still works13:11
awilkinsOur instant messaging client blocks file sends13:12
awilkinsAnd by the client, I mean the client.13:12
awilkinsYou connect a Linux client to the server and either end can send files with no trouble at all13:12
dwatkinswe have a mail filter that holds messages with certain attachments in a separate mailbox13:13
awilkinsAnd all linked to the bone-headed design of Windows to base file executable flag on filename13:13
dwatkinsyou get a mail telling you to log in and decide if you want a particular mail delivered, whitelist users etc.13:13
dwatkinsI think it's provided by Postini.13:13
awilkinsdwatkins, I wish ours was that sensible, it just removes the attachment and says NOOOOOO13:13
dwatkinsawilkins: yeah, sounds troublesome if no-one's notified at either end13:14
dwatkinsjust use DCC ;)13:14
awilkinsHah, they have a real problem with "non-auditable communication"13:14
dwatkinsin my last job we used IRC internally within support and engineering to great effect13:14
dwatkinsIRC can be logged on the server, can't it?13:14
awilkinsTo which I say " am I now banned from making phone calls and having conversations at desks"13:14
dwatkinsphone calls can be recorded13:15
awilkinsNot my private phone13:15
dwatkinsmany years ago the CEO of an online commerce company which I worked for made the IT manager have every incoming e-mail copied to one gigantic inbox.13:15
awilkinsBut the Cisco IP phones we use, very definitely13:15
awilkinsWould love to use IRC13:15
dwatkinsthey couldn't do this for outgoing mail, but it's easily set for incoming mail on MS Exchange13:16
* dwatkins puts the space in carefully13:16
awilkinsThe IM server drops connection every so often13:16
awilkinsAnd unsent messages are not queued awaiting ACKs13:16
awilkinsThe client just goes "DERP didn't send message because (obscure error code)"13:16
dwatkinscan you just start using IRC until it becomes the defacto standard? ;)13:16
awilkinsAlas, no13:16
awilkinsMicrosoft Office Communication Server (renamed to something cooler now I think)13:17
dwatkinsshame; I had much success with it in my previous existence13:17
dwatkinsoh that, yeah13:17
dwatkinswe use Jabber internally here13:17
awilkinsNot enough techies in this enterprise13:17
awilkinsYeah, I set up a Jabber server once13:17
awilkinsI think it took me 20 mins and most of that was reading man pages13:17
jussijeah, jabber here also13:18
dwatkinsiirc Jabber is the same protocol which gtalk uses13:18
BigRedSjabber here13:18
BigRedSI've realised in the past few weeks that all my IM is Jabber13:18
BigRedSFacebook chat is Jabber, too13:18
awilkinsStill have an MSN account but rarely chat across it13:18
awilkinsOr read the email box13:18
dwatkinsI set bitlbee up to connect to facebook, gtalk and MSN, then realised I only use IRC ;)13:18
BigRedSyeah, I've still got it, and I've found that I don't care enough to stop using Gajim so I can use MSN again13:19
awilkinsI use XChat because Empathy doesn't do IRC well13:19
BigRedSdwatkins: I keep meaning to use bitlbee, but it's harder to get notifications when the chats are turning up in irssi on a remote ssh host :)13:20
dwatkinsBigRedS: if you have a linux box you can probably setup fnotify for that13:21
dwatkins...or growl13:22
BigRedSyeah, it's all linux13:23
BigRedSI looked into it briefly, but notifications are iffy enough with desktop apps that I'm not sure I'd trust something of my own concoction13:24
dwatkinsI used fnotify, this page describes the kind of thing you can do, but I agree it's fraught with dangers: http://wiki.shellium.org/w/Irssi_gui_notify13:25
dwatkinssorry, wrong link, this was what I setup, BigRedS - http://thorstenl.blogspot.ie/2007/01/thls-irssi-notification-script.html13:26
BigRedSoooh, ta13:26
BigRedSmight revisit that :)13:26
dwatkinsif you have ssh access to the machine running irssi (which I guess you will if you're connecting to a screen session) it should work reasonably well, assuming you don't need to watch the bandwidth.13:26
BigRedSnah, I work in the same DC as the server's in13:27
BigRedSbandwidth is pretty good :)13:27
dwatkinsjust be aware any hilighted text setup in /hilight will create a pop-up13:27
Davieydwatkins: that was good in 2007... but 2013?  tailing a log file over ssh?13:28
* BigRedS wonders what has changed in the meantime to stop that working13:28
dwatkinsDaviey: I think I'm still using the same linux version as I was in 2007 ;)13:28
DavieyBigRedS: Nothing. carry on.13:29
DavieyJust that you should be able to do this stuff with more grace now.13:29
dwatkinsit should only send a single line of text via ssh if there's a hilight, I get far more activity on many IRC channels13:29
BigRedSDaviey: that's a nice thought, but rarely true :)13:30
dwatkinsyou could probably code some kind of socket-based application to do this, but the functionality is all there in the shell with ssh13:30
DavieyI experimented with using XMPP13:32
* xnox no longer can use the excuse "i run linux" to escape the gamers *sigh*13:36
awilkinsThe downside to Steam on Linux is not I don't have to reboot to Windows to play a game. Another threat to productivity *sigh*13:37
DavieyYeah, linux is far too mainstream now.  I'm switching to the Hurd.13:37
awilkinsI think the only thing that runs on Hurd is CoreWar13:37
xnoxWell, kfreebsd is sort of non-mainstream13:44
BigRedSyeah, but surely that wrecks productivity by requiring fixing?13:48
brobostigonsuggestion, eeepc 900 plugged in, has power, press power button nothing, no power lights, shutdown fine a few hours ago.13:48
kvarleybrobostigon: Can you hard reset it?13:54
brobostigonkvarley: how?13:54
kvarleybrobostigon: Some laptops have a mode that resets the bios and other stuff on boot. I think some of them just make you hold the power button down for ages, others use key combos13:54
brobostigonkvarley: i see.13:55
brobostigonkvarley: i am getting no results for a hard reset, all presume a running systems that gets to the bios.14:04
kvarleybrobostigon: hmhm sounds like hardware failure then14:04
kvarleybrobostigon: Can you take the battery out and boot it just from the charger?14:04
brobostigonkvarley: that was the next thing on my list.14:05
brobostigonkvarley: i just pulled the bettery and the charger, hit the bios reset, on the bottom, put the battery and charger back in, no mouse, and it booted. very weird.14:10
kvarleybrobostigon: at least it works :)14:11
* kvarley just bought CS:Source ... yey for steam releases :)14:11
brobostigonkvarley: yes, but why that helped, is strange.14:11
kvarleyJust realised something, if Valve's Steambox will be running Linux I wonder how much pressure Valve will put on publishers of big AAA titles to release Linux ports?14:23
AlanBellwonder what display server it will use14:25
AlanBellX or Weyland or something else14:25
kvarleyAlanBell: Hehe14:26
kvarleyAlanBell: Do you need X or Wayland to run opengl?14:26
AlanBelldunno really14:26
kvarleyWell, the answer may be neither then :P14:27
kvarleyCould just boot Steam fullscreen rendering via opengl14:27
amayer_kvarley: is CSS avaliable on linux?14:31
amayer_I already own it. i wonder if i can play on linux14:31
kvarleyamayer_: Yes & yes you can14:31
amayer_Thats awesome!14:32
SuperMatthuh, don't know why I didn't think of this before: ln -s ~/.config/google-chrome ~/.config/chromium14:34
awilkinsAFAIK a lot of the performance increase in the new nvidia drivers is getting Compiz out of the way of fullscreen OpenGL14:42
awilkinsWhatever display server gets used, I think fullscreen OpenGL will just be "special local magic"14:43
popeythats separate14:43
popeywe implemented unredirected windows for compiz a little while ago]14:43
awilkinsI liked the look of those little computers they had as Steamboxes14:44
awilkinsShame they're so expensive14:44
awilkinsBut I'm really keen to root a Steambox and make it into an HTPC now :-)14:44
awilkinsConsole subsidy 4tw14:44
mungbeansteam seems a bit buggy on my machine,. and thats just logging in16:07
brobostigonare there any purely terminal clients, to connect to a l2tp/ipsec server ?16:13
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
mungbeanfreeswan/openswan brobostigon16:15
brobostigonmungbean: ah, thank you, i have heard of openswan, freeswan is new to me,16:15
mungbeanone is a fork of the other16:17
mungbeannever remember which one16:17
mungbeanuse the correct one only :)16:17
mungbeani've redeemed my humble bundles on steam , but certain linux games don't appear (super meat boy etc) - anyone know why?16:18
BigRedSis there an amd64 deb for steam?16:29
BigRedSmungbean: I had that with TF2 for a while. One day it just appeared, so I can't really be that useful...16:29
popeyBigRedS: no16:30
popeyits 32-bit only16:30
mungbeani tried going to all games and choosing the game to install16:30
mungbeansays not available for your system16:31
popeymungbean: ask directhex he knows and has a post all about it16:31
mungbeanpopey: so only 17 of my 42 games work :S16:31
mungbeani have certianly run them on 64bit16:31
mungbeani will look for directhex16:31
directhex<mungbean> i've redeemed my humble bundles on steam , but certain linux games don't appear (super meat boy etc) - anyone know why? <-- because a build needs to be uploaded to steam by the developer. many haven't.16:32
BigRedSpopey: Oh. How very 1990s16:32
mungbeanthanks chaps16:33
mungbeandoesn't sound like it will happen?16:33
Azelphurpopey: do you know of any tool that allows me to live stream my desktop?16:57
mungbeanto many users ?16:58
Azelphuryea, via a service like ustream.tv, twitch.tv, whatever16:59
mungbeanvlc does it i think?16:59
Azelphur(inb4 jtvlc, it doesn't work and has been unmaintained since 2009)16:59
Azelphurvlc can do the capture, but i need to send it somewhere.16:59
Azelphurwhat was that tool you always rant about for screen recording? perhaps that does it17:00
popeyit doesnt17:01
popeyis this for many viewers or one?17:01
popeyor for recording17:01
Azelphurfor a few viewers17:01
popeygoogle hangout?17:01
AlanBellVLC could do it17:01
Azelphurcan google hangout grab screen:// ?17:01
AzelphurI'll try it17:02
popeywell, your desktop17:02
popeydunno about that specific name17:02
* AlanBell did not know hangouts did screensharing17:03
popeywe use them at work for demoing stuff17:04
popeyalso skype17:04
popeyand chrome17:04
AlanBellso it does17:04
popeythey can all do this17:04
Azelphuryep, this is cool17:04
ali1234meeanwhile in open source land we still can't get glitch free audio to work properly17:07
MartijnVdSali1234: Oh?17:07
solarclouddaftykins: I tried to buy a laptop last night, & I've just got back home, and they ell me they don't post to any dependencies because they have to pay customs money .. Does that sound ridiculous to you. ??17:08
solarcloud**they tell me ....17:08
popey"they" being?17:09
MartijnVdSthe people who own the black helicopters17:09
solarcloudhangon .. it's just an ebay dealer , but what would you know popey ?17:09
popeyok, forget it, I'll go talk to my children.17:10
ali1234popey: no need to have a huff, he just missed a word out17:11
* solarcloud gives popey the peace sign .. :)17:11
daubersAzelphur: Best to test if they support File:// from osx too.....17:12
* solarcloud thnks popey is really 'hobes' the tiger without his fur on :D17:15
solarcloudAlanBell: must therefore be Calvin ....17:19
solarcloudbut I'll stop being Silly now :)17:20
marsilainenanyone here good at apache rewrite rules?17:37
marsilainenstruggling to do this... should be simple enough... I want any request such as http://myserver/dev/foo/bar to be rewritten to http://myserver/app_dev.php/foo/bar17:38
Myrttioh man, your nickname throws me off guard :-D17:39
* Myrtti hides underneath a table17:39
awilkinsmarsilainen, Presume you are trying mod_rewrite17:49
marsilainenawilkins: yeah, been trying for the last half an hour :)17:51
marsilainenI always find this stuff frustrating for some reason17:51
marsilainenprobably because I don't have to touch it that often17:51
awilkinsRewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/dev17:55
awilkinsRewriteRule ^/dev/(.*) /app_dev.php/$117:56
* awilkins goes out to get some dinner for his long suffering wifelet17:57
marsilainenno, that doesn't work I'm afraid17:59
marsilainenthanks anyway17:59
solarcloudWhat channel do I ask about hooking up printer drivers ?18:17
Nick07I need to know howto make my ubuntu 10.10 start and login without monitor18:24
solarcloudCome on guys, there's at least two queries in the last hour !!19:06
popeysolarcloud: #ubuntu is the official support channel19:08
popeynick07 didn't stay longer than 90 seconds.19:09
Azelphurthe old ask n run19:09
MartijnVdSAzelphur: ha ha! Made you answer!19:09
solarcloudOK sorry peeps. solarcloud slaps his wrists  .. sorry Hobbes :)19:11
tixi heard you're afraid of gunz19:19
MartijnVdStix: I heard you're afraid of healthcare19:19
tixi have healthcare19:19
tixas do the vast majority of americans19:19
tixthe US has the best hospitals in the world, as well19:19
tixwe just don't give people healthcare for free19:19
tixhow am i a troll?19:20
MartijnVdSyou come into an Ubuntu-related channel shouting about "'MURRICA"19:20
ali1234how do i get git-svn installed?19:25
popeygit-svn - fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (svn interoperability)19:27
MartijnVdSali1234: other than the obvious apt-get install git-svn? :)19:27
ali1234everyone complaining that a portal movie is a stupid idea because portal has no story, when half-life has no story either20:40
ali1234"freeman, go shoot loads of aliens and then press a button"20:42
MartijnVdSali1234: other way around20:43
MartijnVdS"Freeman, go press a button and then accidentally unleash an alien/inter-dimensional invasion"20:43
* MartijnVdS just played that bit again :P20:45
AzelphurAre there any good USB fingerprint readers that work with Ubuntu?21:44
Azelphurfor those of us who are too lazy to type a password ;)21:44
popeyI've only ever used integrated ones21:45
popeycheck out the thinkfinger pages, they may say21:45
Azelphuryea most of the docs are about integrated ones, I'll check out thinkfinger21:45
MartijnVdSAzelphur: mine works with some binary magic21:47
MartijnVdSAzelphur: in my Vaio21:47
MartijnVdSit's a "proprietary" plugin to libfprint21:48
AzelphurI noticed that too, bunch of USB:IDs won't be too useful to me ;)21:48
MartijnVdSAzelphur: why? lsusb will tell you the id21:48
AzelphurBecause going out and buying a reader on the offchance that it's in that list seems like a bad idea? ;)21:49
MartijnVdSah, yes.. you don't have the reader yet21:49
Azelphurdon't think the thinkfinger site has a compatibility list21:51
MartijnVdSAzelphur: which one are you considering?21:51
AzelphurI'm not considering any specific reader21:51
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.amazon.co.uk/TrueMe-Secure-Fingerprint-Reader-Software/dp/B006YG9MU8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1360187516&sr=8-121:52
MartijnVdSUPEK = should be in that list21:52
MartijnVdS(the fingerprint-gui list)21:52
MartijnVdSbut that means it requires the blobby plugin21:53
MartijnVdSsome other readers don't21:53
Azelphurjust to be ridiculously picky, I want a black one P21:53
popey"Compatible with: Windows XP/Vista/7/CE, Linux, Mac OS, Snow, Lion21:53
MartijnVdSAzelphur: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/fprint/libfprint/Supported%20devices21:53
AzelphurMartijnVdS: aha, that will be useful21:54
* MartijnVdS Zzz21:55
daftykinssolarcloud: 'customs money' sounds like a bit of a joke yeah22:36
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
=== solarcloud is now known as redtaperenegade
=== redtaperenegade is now known as redtape-renegade
redtape-renegadedaftykins: I'm going through a bit of an identity change atmo. as I've changed fro,m solarcloud (which is abit presumptuous) to redtape-renegade as this basically tells people what as opposed to who I am .. hope you like it.23:19
daftykinsi see, i see23:19
redtape-renegadeI think I'll wordpress it too .. hangon ...23:20
redtape-renegadeyep it's available .. yippee !23:22
redtape-renegadedaftykins: Sorry about that .. had to change the damn batteries for my chillout channel ... How's life in the channel ?23:24
daftykinsi dunno i've been away for a day or two ^_^23:25
daftykinsbeen doing some things at my new place23:25
redtape-renegadeReally, sounds nice :)23:25
redtape-renegadeI've had a b4tch of a 48 hours as my main desktop went down .. left using the netbook on the spare 19" monitor ..  oh dear me :(23:28
daftykinswhat was up with it?23:28
redtape-renegadeStill I've had more insights into setting up a workstation for my python coding workspace ...23:28
redtape-renegadeOh the main one , dunno .. computer says No after BIOS ?/23:29
redtape-renegadein fact it doesn't get past the motherboard screen at start  .. Ahhhrgh23:30
redtape-renegadeOh well back to the 1990's way on computing :)23:30
daftykins'No' ? :)23:31
redtape-renegadeIt says nothing .. just freezes .. at BIOS screen.23:31
redtape-renegadeit is 4 years old though ..23:32
* redtape-renegade shamefully admits to it being 'another' ebay bargain .. :-[23:33
daftykinsa CMOS reset is always worth a go in those situations23:34
daftykinseither locate the motherboard jumper, or just remove the mains cable from the PSU and remove the little CR2032 battery from the motherboard overnight23:34
redtape-renegadeAnyway, I can't saved those that have been killed in action as they say .. so on with the somewhat minor GHz desktop to displayPort Dell monitor .. just need to find an 'adapter' of some sort .. [must resist ebaying this time :) ]23:35
redtape-renegadeoh ok .. will do that tomorrow .. thanx.23:35
redtape-renegadethe adapter will be from old type monitor dispay to display Port .. wait I'll google that one ... hangon ...23:36
daftykinsto go from netbook -> displayport?23:38
daftykinswhat does the netbook have, VGA out only?23:38
=== Hornet- is now known as Hornet
redtape-renegadeYeah meant VGA . sorry . So infrequent I use the term , I forgot, sorry .. Anyway .. it's from desktop...23:42
redtape-renegadeGood 'ol' PNY .. do they ever fail to produce the goods ?23:42
daftykinsthat's going the wrong way around23:43
redtape-renegadeoh yeah , your right .. what do i do now then ?23:43
daftykinswell converting VGA to DP is likely gonna be a no go, or expensive23:43
redtape-renegadedo it ?23:44
daftykinsagain, that's going the wrong way :)23:44
redtape-renegadeis it ?23:45
daftykinsyeah read the bulletpoints23:45
daftykinsi think you're out of luck on that one23:46
redtape-renegadeno I think I am ok .. it goes like this ..23:47
daftykinsyou're going from analog to digital so there'd be some active conversion in there to do it23:50
redtape-renegadefemale VGA to VGA Male to Male DisplayPort Cable in Black - 2m (last link ) .. > Male Display port Cable to 'Female to Female' Diplay port adapter (that I already have [ http://goo.gl/4gG4Z ]) ...> Female display port adapter to male displayPort cable that is 'fixed' into Dell monitor .. And that's part of a series of conundrums I've solved under the 'redtape-renegade the soon-to-be-blog'. So you are unfortunately wrong. But good try :)23:58
redtape-renegadebasically two lead and a Female to Female Coupler . but that's too easy to say it like that !!23:59

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