rick_h_greg-g: http://www.renaissancewoodworker.com/jeffs-dining-table-part-1/01:00
shakes808Hello all02:39
shakes808Can someone help me with some GIT? Testing things out to merge files and resolve conflicts02:39
shakes808I can't find anything that is really useful02:40
shakes808GitHub won't merge the files because of conflicts02:40
shakes808I can do a git diff on the files02:40
shakes808how do I merge lines over?02:40
rick_h_you edit the files02:41
rick_h_and then resolve them with git add XX02:41
shakes808So I can't do a diff and merge only parts of files over via the command line?02:41
shakes808So, what? Go into my file and add in those lines?02:42
rick_h_well I guess how did you get to where you are now?02:42
shakes808My buddy and I are making changes via Notepad++ and then in command line we are adding and then committing. He went into GitHub and sent me a Pull Request. Then I went into GitHub and looked at it there but couldn't do a merge on it. It gave me instructions to merge but it won't because of conflicts. I want to go through the conflicts to merge the documents02:44
rick_h_jcastro: ping02:46
rick_h_http://paste.mitechie.com/show/880/ mean anything to you?02:46
rick_h_searching if my ec2 isn't setup right or not02:46
jcastrolooks like you need to send the charm some config options02:47
rick_h_ok, don't see it in the charm but wondered if it was charm or env for bringing something up02:47
jcastroI think that's a charm thing02:47
jcastropretty sure02:47
rick_h_jcastro: cool thanks02:47
jcastrooh nice work ubuntu, blank readmes02:47
rick_h_yea :(02:48
jcastrosee if negronjl is on #juju02:48
rick_h_trying to charm something of my own02:48
jcastrohe's west coast and usually around02:48
jcastrowhatcha charmin?02:48
rick_h_but going to try to set it up on ec202:48
rick_h_http://r.bmark.us/ first02:48
rick_h_and if it goes well I'll try to do bookie02:48
jcastroI would try02:49
jcastrowhy would you have userpass auth02:49
jcastrosanitize and show me your environments.yaml pls02:49
rick_h_yea, and redis-master has no config file02:50
jcastrodid you try on a non-t1 micro?02:50
rick_h_jcastro: https://pastebin.canonical.com/83953/02:50
rick_h_jcastro: no, didn't yet.02:50
rick_h_same error if I leave off the constraint02:51
jcastrodefault: canonistack is your problem02:51
jcastroyou need to -eec2 to your original command02:51
jcastroto use your ec2 env02:51
rick_h_ah bah, remembered the -e on bootstrap but not on the deploy02:51
jcastroinstead of your canonistack02:51
jcastroone trick juan does is implement a bash alias to set the JUJU_ENVIRONMENT variable02:51
jcastroso he can skip the -e thing and just switch between environments as a whole02:52
rick_h_makes sense02:52
rick_h_shakes808: ok, so the idea here is that he's got a branch up you want to merge02:52
rick_h_but it's got conflicts02:53
rick_h_so what you want to do is create a local branch02:53
rick_h_git checkout -b pull_friends_stuff02:53
rick_h_and then you want to merge his branch into yours and get all the conflicts02:53
rick_h_git merge git://path..to..hhis..branch branchname02:53
rick_h_and then resolve the conflicts, change over to master, merge your pull_friends_stuff and then push master back up02:54
rick_h_don't try to keep with the github gui. It's nice and all but as you're finding it doesn't help02:54
rick_h_bah, sniped on ebay again02:55
rick_h_ok well...must walk away02:55
shakes808rick_h: Trying to go through some scenarios and trying to figure this stuff out03:02
rick_h_bring it to CHC?03:02
shakes808I was trying to do testing with myself and merging stuff but never really go conflicts03:02
shakes808I might be able to show up.03:02
shakes808for a little bit03:02
rick_h_up to you, might be easier to figure out03:03
shakes808I will hop on IRC during the day and let you know. It will be much easier.03:04
shakes808You have a good night and I will most likely be there tomorrow03:20
greg-grick_h_: cool intro video. Thanks05:31
rick_h_greg-g: yea thuoght maybe this 'get into woodworking week' stuff might be of interest11:24
rick_h_nothing about spoons :/ lol11:24
snap-lGood morning13:23
snap-lI can't imagine spoons are that easy to make13:24
snap-lSeems like a lot of sanding13:24
rick_h_lots of carving13:24
rick_h_who needs sanding13:24
brouschI don't want splinters from my spoon13:25
rick_h_wimp :P13:30
shakes808Good morning all13:33
brouschGood morning one13:34
rick_h_used Blazeix's fancy link now in the CHC announcements. Thanks Blazeix! :)14:12
rick_h_greg-g: lol the world is crazy https://twitter.com/simonw/status/29916551403341824115:19
brouschYou could 3D print spoons15:20
rick_h_except for the 'wood' part15:20
* brousch looks into wood-grain 3d printing15:21
rick_h_hah, crazy thing of the day http://docs.topazruby.com/en/latest/blog/announcing-topaz/16:19
jrwrenno, but you could certainly use a different CAM for wood spons16:21
brouschrick_h_: That hurts my mind16:30
greg-grick_h_: awesome!17:56
rick_h_snap-l: lol17:58
rick_h_*sigh* .... I'm going to have a field day with my wife now. This is why we don't give out emails.17:58
rick_h_just got a giant CC email from my son's day care with everyone in the CC17:58
greg-gat first I thought you meant my current employer :)18:02
rick_h_so now my reply 'confirmation' has to be a lesson no BCC vs CC and wtf it means to want to keep my information private.18:02
rick_h_*double sigh*18:02
brouschrick_h_: Give up18:03
jhansonxirick_h_: I once worked for Eaton back in the days of the "ISO 9000" craze.  About once a week, some salesperson in some distant division would email "everyone" that one of their favorite vendors received ISO 9000 certification.  A few dozen recipients would reply "WTF do I care?" via "reply all".  Mail servers would collapse for a few hours.18:35
snap-lI'm not sure I agree this is a bad habit20:48
snap-lbut then again, I have many finely grained bad habits20:48
rick_h_I did that to get me onto hjkl21:59
rick_h_I nop'd the arrows21:59

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