jrgiffordUnit193: that's a different bug for me.02:19
jrgiffordi get snow.02:19
Unit193jrgifford: Ah, so still issues.02:20
jrgiffordUnit193: http://i.imgur.com/hWxBJ74.png02:21
jrgifforddoesn't matter if i'm doing html5 or flash.02:21
jrgiffordand it's not just youtube.02:21
Unit193Doesn't matter if html5 or flash?  Alright....02:22
jrgiffordwell, hulu seems to be ok.02:23
jrgiffordbut everything else i've tried does the snow thing.02:23
jrgiffordoh man, DS9 season 1 is on Hulu. AWESOME.02:24
jrgiffordas is TNG season 1.02:25
jrgiffordyay, i don't have to deal with scratched DVDs from the library anymore!02:25
* jrgifford loves the 21st century so far.02:25
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dzhothafreak: I looked at lowendbox at one point, I think.  Thanks for reminding me they exist.14:45
dzhoseems like the sort of thing that would be dominated by the churn of amateurs and oversellers entering the market and then failing horribly14:46
* dzho has been amused by the circling of the wagons in the discussion of digitalocean on linode's forums14:46
dzhoone attitude was "who cares if they eventually oversell?  I'll have gotten a good N months out of them in the meantime, and then I'll move on"14:47
dzhothat's pretty much exactly the opposite of the way I want to treat my hosting.14:47
thafreakdzho: yes, there are amateurs and over sellers on there for sure15:08
thafreakbut then there are legit companies who've been around for a while too15:08
thafreakI tend to wait for those kinds of  groups to offer deals before I jump15:09
thafreakAnd some of these, I only intend to be temporary too...until I can get my hosting server rebuilt15:09

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