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MarkDudebkerensa: pingy06:29
bkerensaMarkDude: mm?17:03
MarkDudeWhere would I start looking for more info on Mozilla stuff17:04
MarkDudeAnd do I have to use Remo- makes me think of that silly movie17:04
MarkDudeWhere they dress a white dude up as Asian17:04
MarkDudeNo matter tho17:04
bkerensaMarkDude: What info do you need on Mozilla?17:11
bkerensaWhat do you mean use ReMo?17:11
MarkDudeUse the term remo17:11
MarkDudeI never said Ubuntero17:11
MarkDudeNor ever use Fedorians17:12
bkerensaReMo is a internal word we use to refer to the program and those involved in it17:12
MarkDudeOh good17:12
bkerensaThe program is Mozilla Reps = ReMo17:12
MarkDudeFedora would print that on gear, and confuse folks17:12
bkerensaMoCo = Mozilla Company17:12
MarkDudetalking with Chris last night we were talking about how Mozilla has a high visilibiloity17:13
MarkDudestart there?17:15
MarkDudeBtw, Chris did some work before FF was 1.017:16
MarkDudeThat bastard has worked on all sorts of projects :)17:16
bkerensaMarkDude: yes17:57
bkerensabdmurray: see you at 1117:57
bkerensadustu: are they getting this going?19:24

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