Kilosmorning superfly and others05:17
barrydkGood morning everyone05:32
Kiloshi barrydk 05:32
barrydkHoe gaan dit vanmore05:34
Kilosgoed dankie en self05:37
Kiloswaar kruip mazal weg barrydk ?05:37
nuvolario/ more more 05:50
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 05:50
Kiloslo nuvolari 05:50
Kiloshi jrgns 05:50
nuvolarimornings barrydk, Tonberry, jrgns 05:50
jrgnsmorning Kilos, nuvolari, all06:07
inetprogoeie more Kilos07:05
inetproand good morning everyone else07:05
Kilosmore inetpro 9mm07:05
inetprohmm... ek het vergeet om te kyk07:06
Kilosbaie donner bliksem07:06
inetpromaar daar was nie baie nie07:06
Kilosnee baie is 50mm of meer07:07
Kilosin my drome07:07
barrydkHi kilos nee jong dit gaan bietjie rof hier met ons kry nie kans om bietjie rustig te raak en bietjie te gesels nie. 08:29
barrydkMorning nuvolari 08:30
KilosMaaz, lunch today10:02
MaazSpinach, tomato and onion on toast10:02
KilosMaaz, toast10:02
MaazOh well, there will be the same on bread for you toothless wonders10:02
KilosMaaz, coffee on10:02
* Maaz flips the salt-timer10:02
Kilosinetpro, coffeeeeeee10:03
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!10:06
KilosMaaz, ty10:06
MaazYou are welcome Kilos10:06
Kilostoo late10:08
inetproKilos: did you make lunch for us?10:08
Kiloswat is die engelse woord vir bredie soos in boontjie bredie10:22
Kilosi member something like breedy/bredie/bready but cant find a spelling for it10:34
barrydkIsnt it a stew??10:35
Kilosnot really its a mix of beens and potatoes or tomato and potatos etc11:01
Kilosill go nind an english/van der merwe word book11:01
Kiloshmm says ragoutout stew11:03
Symmetriaheh, anyone been watching the ITU mess?11:07
Symmetriaand their attempts to destroy the freedom of the Internet?11:07
inetproSymmetria: no, what can you tell?11:45
inetproKilos: bredie = stew11:58
inetproKilos: did you enjoy your stew?11:58
Kilosmethunk stew gotta have meat in12:03
inetproKilos: not necessarily 12:05
Kilosyeah man. stew without meat is weird12:05
Kilosvegetable stew12:06
Kilosi spose you  can use some oxo oxtail cubes for some meaty flavour12:06
inetproin german it's calle a "Eintopf" = one-pot-dish12:08
inetprostrange how something get's a different connotation in another language12:09
inetproMaaz: define stew12:13
Maazinetpro: Stew \Stew\, v. i. To be seethed or cooked in a slow, gentle manner, or in heat and moisture. [1913 Webster], Stew \Stew\, n. [OE. stue, stuwe, OF. estuve. See {Stew}, v. t.] 1. A place of stewing or seething; a place where hot bathes are furnished; a hothouse. [Obs.] [1913 Webster]  As burning Aetna from his boiling stew Doth belch out flames.12:13
Maaz--Spenser. [1913 Webster]  The Lydians were inhibited by Cyrus to use any armor, and …12:13
tonberryE352eintopf looks like a c error code12:14
jrgnstonberry: lol12:17
jrgnscheers all13:57
nlsthznheads up, I got my head out of my *** and did some updates on the report... So far I have IRC meetings for December and January... if there is anything else please update or let me know :p https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/14:16
inetpronlsthzn: well done!14:17
inetpronlsthzn: oh and thanks14:18
* nlsthzn finds it difficult to get motivated to do linuxy stuff when I am on Windows mostly...14:18
nlsthzninetpro, I do so little and even that I don't do on time :/14:18
nlsthznbut thanks for the thanks :)14:18
nlsthznthat seems to be the new catch phrase on this channel14:19
Kilosty nlsthzn you a good boy at times14:25
Kiloshuis toe inetpro 14:26
inetproKilos: hoekom? Is daar nog reen?14:26
Kiloslol @ ai!14:26
Kilosnog nie maar jy is moeg gewerk nou 14:26
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos ... great to be admirable some of the time :p14:26
inetproKilos: hoe't jy geweet?14:26
Kiloseks n spy onthou14:27
Kilosnet nou val jy van die baiesukkel af14:27
Kilossoos nuvolari daai tyd14:27
Kiloslicensed to kill and tease14:30
SquirmCore i5 with a 24Gb SSD + 500Gb hdd. or Core i7 Sandy Bridge with no SSD and R500 more.14:43
SquirmtonberryE352: yep14:44
superflyKilos: are you alive?14:50
superflyit seems not...14:51
inetprosuperfly: I am14:59
inetproI think14:59
Squirmdamn, who has a gun?15:00
Kiloshaha yes superfly 15:00
Kiloswas fetching sheep and cooking15:01
Kilosand trying to get my new maverick to use this 3g to update15:03
Kilossomewhere i forgot something. can ping but not www.google.com 15:04
Kilosthis one has as server15:04
Kiloswhats that15:06
* Kilos scratches head15:06
Kilosthis pc is all setup. server works kiff through here15:07
Kilosoh that ones dns server must be this ones ip right?15:08
Kilosnot the trip15:09
* inetpro just realised > Next upgrade date: 07 February 201315:15
inetproshould start looking for a new phone15:15
SquirmKilos: umm15:16
Squirmnot always15:16
Kiloswhat then Squirm 15:16
SquirmKilos: make "that ones" dns server
Kilosi have never got maverick to share the 3g. only the server and tinycore15:17
Kilosoh the one that wants to share15:17
Squirmbecause if you can ping, it means you have internet access. but because you can't ping www.google.co.za means you need to point to a dns server. is googles public dns server15:18
Squirmdoes that make sense?15:18
Kilosyes but it still says unknown host15:20
Kilosi member this one had that conf prob but nothings been changed since we sorted it15:20
nuvolari\o/ home time ^_^15:23
SquirmKilos: and you restarted networking?15:23
Kilosremember the sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf15:23
Kilosmooi loop nuvolari 15:23
Kilosoh no15:23
Kilosi pulled cable15:23
nuvolarioh oom Kilos, ek sien oom beskinner my :P15:23
Kilosisnt that same15:23
nuvolariwat was dit gewees?15:23
SquirmKilos: not sure15:23
Kiloslaat my hhor nuvolari 15:23
nuvolariKilos | net nou val jy van die baiesukkel af 15:24
nuvolariKilos | soos nuvolari daai tyd               15:24
nuvolarisien nou nou15:24
nuvolariek is uit15:24
Kilosifdown eth1 dont work there15:26
Kilosand this one says ifdown: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces"15:30
Kilosthat was with sudo15:30
Squirmifdown eth0 ?15:31
Kilosya i did eth0 here15:31
Kilosthat one shows as eth115:31
Kilosin nm15:31
Kilosim sure we had to tell that one to use this one as the dns server15:35
Kilosi gonna reboot it15:35
SquirmKilos: that may work15:36
Squirmhave you tried it?15:36
Kilosits rebooting now Squirm 15:36
Squirmif you're using NetworkManager. right click on the icon, click to Disable Networking15:37
Squirmthen enable it again15:37
Kilosi tried this ones ip as the dns server yeah but didnt restart the thing15:37
Kilosi forgot about that15:37
Kilosty ty15:39
Kilosok it works with as dns15:39
Squirmbbl, food15:41
Kiloshey drussell ludo Mezenir 16:07
Mezenirhey kilos16:08
Kilosyou home superfly ?16:41
Kiloshows the family?16:41
superflyya, got home about an hour ago16:41
superflythey're doing fine16:42
Kilosgood send regards for me16:42
superflywill do16:42
* drussell waves to Kilos 16:44
maverickhehe 2 pcs here through same 3g16:45
=== maverick is now known as Guest4336
not_foundnight all... sleepy time16:52
Kilossleep tight nl16:52
Kiloshmm... xrandr can only go down not up16:53
Kilosabove what it sees as max screen resolution that is16:54
Kiloshi theblazehen you well16:59
Kilosbeen missing hey16:59
Kilosi go eat16:59
theblazehenhi kilos yes and you16:59
Kilosgood ty17:12
Kilosdont miss meeting night on the 18th hey17:12
theblazehenok sure17:21
smilehi :)17:33
Kiloshi smile 17:33
smileKilos: do you know how many wikipedia mails I've received today? :p17:33
Kiloswell duh! how should i know that?17:34
Kilosi cant smell so far17:34
smileKilos: no? well, that sucks :P17:34
smileI have received over 100 mails :o17:34
Kilosin one day?17:34
smileyesterday 60+17:34
smileI have many articles that I follow17:35
smileand for every edit I receive an email17:35
smileA bot checked for dead links today & yesterday17:35
smilein many articles which are on my follow list17:35
Kilosthats a clever bot17:36
smileyeah :) it checks for 404 errors17:36
smileor time out errors17:36
smileI thought that the articles were in a good shape17:37
smilebut there are many dead links17:37
smilesome date from 2005 while others are just recently "dead"17:37
Kiloscant you delete them or something17:37
smileyeah, we can fix them :)17:39
smilefirst we search the website17:39
smileif the link has changed17:39
smileotherwise, we check the internet archive at www.archive.org17:39
smileif that fails, we try to find another source on another website17:40
Kilosare these links in wikipedia17:40
smileif that fails too, we delete the link / put it in comments for later17:40
smilewell, they are external links17:40
smileso not to another wiki page17:40
Kilospointing to other sires for info kinda thing?17:41
smilebut to other, external sources (other than wikipedia websites)17:41
smileyes :)17:41
smilefor example, the official site can change.. the address17:41
Kilosah fix them so i dont waste data17:41
smileor they can delete an article17:41
smilehehe, Kilos :)17:41
Kiloshey smile you happy on ubuntu?17:44
smileyeah very17:44
Kilosbetter than that funny thing you used hey17:44
Kilostold you so17:45
smilebut I deleted apport-gtk and apport Kilos ;)17:45
smilethey stalk me too much17:45
smilecompiz crashed, yea fun17:45
smilethe bug reporting tool is called apport17:45
smileI applied some Unity fixes though. For minimising windows i just click on the icon of the opened program17:46
smileomgubuntu.co.uk tip17:46
Kilosdid you look at the tweaks17:46
Kilosi dont like anything with omg in it17:47
smilewhat kind of tweaks, Kilos? :)17:47
smileomgubuntu is cool ;)17:47
Kilosthere is a unity tweaks or something17:48
Kilosyour friend17:48
smileThere is Ubuntu Tweak and Compiz config manager17:48
smileand MyUnity17:49
smilewill try, Kilos17:49
Kilosmy myunity dont work17:49
Kilossays im in 2d so dunno wassup this nvidia card17:49
smilemyunity does work here, but it has little options17:50
Kilosall i used it for was for making fonts bigger so i can see them17:53
smileunsettings works, Kilos :)17:53
smileoh I see.17:53
Kilosinetpro, ping18:29
superflytumbleweed: ping18:45
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:51
inetproMaaz: tell kilos pong18:59
Maazinetpro: Got it, I'll tell Kilos on freenode18:59
magespawngood evening all19:02
inetprohi magespawn19:03
magespawnhey i see Kilos is off to bed already19:04
inetpromagespawn: yep he's an earlybird19:05
inetprolikes to catch all the worms before us19:05
magespawnlately last week was up late19:06
inetproso what else is up in #ubuntu-za land?19:06
tumbleweedsuperfly: hi19:10
inetprohi tumbleweed19:11
* inetpro wondering whether it will be worth waiting for the GALAXY S IV19:12
superflytumbleweed: what is the current state of 13.04? Is it stable-ish?19:13
tumbleweedsuperfly: apprently it's been the most stable development release ever19:13
tumbleweedbut I don't run Ubuntu on my day-to-day machines any more, so that's not first-hand19:14
inetprosuperfly: I've also heard others raving about it... but not on the KDE side yet19:14
tumbleweedwe've solved archive installability by running a briteny (the program Debian uses to manage unstable -> testing)19:15
superflyinetpro: apparently KDE 4.10 is made of awesomesauce19:15
tumbleweed(but we don't do the 10 day aging thing, or block migration if there are RC bugs, like Debian)19:15
inetprosuperfly: what are you running now?19:16
* inetpro is still on KDE 4.8.519:16
superflyinetpro: 4.9.419:17
inetprowill be very interesting to see the significance of my next upgrade19:18
* inetpro planning to stick with the LTS19:18
superflytumbleweed: don't supposed there's an easy way to migrate Kubuntu -> Debian KDE (without reinstalling)?19:19
inetprosuperfly: you think there are many KDE developers back on Debian yet?19:22
Symmetriahahahahaha oh man, networking meetings ftw, apparently there there was a brawl at nanog19:24
Symmetriapeople now in jail and shit19:27
magespawntumbleweed: what are you using on your daily then?19:29
tumbleweedmagespawn: debian testing/unstable/experimental mix19:30
smilebye :)19:30
inetpronag smile19:31
smiledankie inetpro, jy ook19:31
Symmetriageek meetings are so much more fun when people start punching each other19:31
inetprosuperfly: seems to me debian is still on 4.8.4 even on unstable19:31
magespawntumbleweed: thought for a second you were going to say something like fedora or suse etc19:33
superflyinetpro: that's why you do what tumbleweed does :-)19:34
* inetpro can't afford to chase the bleeding edge19:35
inetproit's a never ending race19:35
magespawnbesides stability is a requirement to do other work19:36
inetprobut I should perhaps try Debian at some stage this year19:36
inetprobeen a very long time since I last tried it19:36
magespawnis there a big differance between that and ubuntu?19:40
magespawnsorry inetpro that was for you^19:58
inetpromagespawn: oh19:58
inetproinetpro: well I would not know19:58
inetprobeen a very long time since I last tried it19:58
magespawni see19:58
inetprothe difference should not be significant19:59
inetproubuntu is after all based on debian20:00
magespawnmight give it a go, time permitting20:00
inetproyeah, that's always the problem20:01
inetproif you are young and full of energy you should most certainly try multiple distros20:01
inetproit's a very good learning exercise20:01
Vince-0just watched Ubuntu Q&A with Jono Bacon and he likes Megadeth20:02
magespawnwhats young? but i still like to try many distros anyway20:02
inetprowhatever that may be20:02
inetpromagespawn: well you are still young anyway20:07
magespawncomparatively i suppose lol20:15
magespawngood night all20:47
* Squirm stretches20:52
Squirmlate at work tonight20:53

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