genii-arounddforthman: Did you install using the method described at http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Quantal_Installation_Guide ?00:00
syntroPiDaemonicApathy, but that doesnt seem to work... weird stuff00:00
syntroPiDaemonicApathy, maybe something here too http://screenshots.portforward.com/routers/Netgear/WNDR3700/WAN_Setup.htm00:01
dforthmangenii-around, no. i just ran the .run file. I'll give that a shot.00:01
rykuuI will be right back... gotta get dinner started... keep brainstorming and I will be back momentarily00:01
thirdhello anyone have any ideas on no audio with ubuntu 12.04.1 on a gateway 3522gz00:02
R00tk3yOkay I installed vmware00:02
DaemonicApathyI'm assuming it's a Minecraft server, from the port. Forwarding for that should be as simple as adding a custom service, selecting the port to forward (25565 for both Start and End), and selecting the device that this applies to.00:03
ikoniasyntroPi: haven't you asked about this before00:03
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ikoniasyntroPi: as you didn't want to give people your real servers address ?00:04
rykuuok, back00:04
thirdhello anyone have any ideas on no audio with ubuntu 12.04.1 on a gateway 3522gz00:04
rykuuand I did all that Daemonic, but there is still no sign of it working00:04
DaemonicApathyrykuu: Have you considered that something other than the router may be misconfigured?00:05
syntroPirykuu, DaemonicApathy im quite out of ideas, "sudo netstat -tulpen | grep 25565" on server shows its tcp6 open "nmap -p 25565" on other lan pc shows its open, you did forward port 25565 to on your WNDR3700v4 and canyouseeme.org to your external ip shows that port tcp 25565 is closed00:05
ikoniasyntroPi: haven't you asked about this before00:05
ikoniasyntroPi: as you didn't want to give people your real servers address ?00:05
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DaemonicApathyIs this router piggybacked or anything?00:06
syntroPiikonia, not me rykuu is trying to set it up, i havent asked before, here port forwarding works flawlessly00:06
ikoniasyntroPi: sorry, someone else asked about this to connect to his local machine and then forward to a remote machine so no-one knew his remote machine address00:07
ikoniasyntroPi: we had a hard time explaining why this was a terrible idea, I wasn' sure if you where the same guy00:07
datsmoidaikonia - such as TOR00:08
datsmoidahow do i run multiple instances of a program that runs as a service (TOR)00:08
syntroPiikonia, sorry never had any routing problems ;-)00:08
DaemonicApathySounds to me like the Netgear is a secondary router, with the primary not set up to forward to it.00:08
syntroPithat could be it00:08
syntroPirykuu, how it your netgear connected to the internet?00:09
rykuunetgear is hooked up to my modem a Windstream modem00:10
DaemonicApathyrykuu: Which model?00:11
syntroPiDaemonicApathy, rykuu well a modem should work on lower protocol level so the netgear does the nat routing here i guess??? isp blocking that ports? possibly? hmmm00:11
rykuuone sec00:11
rykuuspeedstream 430000:12
DaemonicApathysyntroPi, some of the Windstreams support forwarding.00:12
DaemonicApathyrykuu: Assuming a standard setup, go to and forward port 25565 to your Netgear.00:13
C_Clearupgrad ?00:13
syntroPiDaemonicApathy, this is a double NAT then?00:14
C_Clearwas wondering if I could ask a question pretaining to a 12.04 upgrade?00:14
rykuuit says webpage it not avaliable00:14
aeon-ltdC_Clear: ask, don't ask to ask00:14
syntroPirykuu, can you see in your netgear which ip that modem uses?00:15
syntroPiinternal ip00:15
syntroPioh my00:15
DaemonicApathysyntroPi: To answer your question, it does seem to be. That's what it sounded like from the start.00:16
C_ClearNo Prob Aeon-ltd just trying to be Polite. Well long story short after upgrading to 12.04 my video driver plays then goes blank after a while. wanted to see if I could reload the video drivers as a solution but kind of a noob and not sure what the proper  "dpkg" command is to do it00:16
rykuulemme check, gimme a sec00:16
rykuuwhere would I see that?00:16
syntroPiDaemonicApathy, well port was not open in lan before00:17
syntroPinot it seems to be00:17
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puffI'm running 12.4 and I am trying to get a new HP 6520 printer/scanner working.00:20
IdleOnepuff HP is well supported on linux, you should be able to just plug it in and have it work.00:20
rykuuok, im in the modem00:21
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syntroPirykuu try here maybe http://screenshots.portforward.com/Siemens/SpeedStream_4300/Port_Forwarding_Configuration.htm00:22
rykuuok, I am in the modem port forwarding, I assume I need to forward 25565, but to where00:23
syntroPithere you should enter ip of your netgear00:23
chaospsychexis there a 'repair permissions utility' available ? I have done something terrible and I am scared to re-boot00:23
syntroPirykuu, but the ip the netgear uses for connecting to the modem00:24
rykuuwhats my netgear IP? would that be the external or the or what?00:25
_helios_rykuu: that would be the
syntroPi_helios_, thats the servers ip behind the netgear00:25
syntroPirykuu, i think its something different00:26
rykuuit said invalid IP00:26
syntroPirykuu, your netgear router has an ip on the lan port it connects to the modem. that should be the correct one i guess00:26
syntroPirykuu, whats the modem ip you are on right now?00:27
syntroPi192.168.1.254 maybe?00:28
rykuuone second00:28
rykuumodem IP is
syntroPihmm well then it _could_ be    maybe...00:29
_helios_rykuu: Are you running the server on Ubuntu?00:29
syntroPior 200:29
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syntroPijust a guess00:29
_helios_rykuu: Goto the server and open a terminal and type ifconfig00:29
puffIdleOne: Well, when I plugged in the USb cable, it said "Missing printer driver  No printer driver for HP Photosmart 6520 series"00:30
rykuuok, I typed that00:30
_helios_What IP does it give you?00:30
syntroPi_helios_, the server has behind the netgear nat and thats behind the modem nat00:30
rykuuwhich IP am I looking for?00:31
_helios_inet addr:00:31
syntroPithe netgear ip connected to your modem. that might be different from that you can reach it in lan00:31
rykuuin eth0 or lo00:31
_helios_rykuu: eth000:31
_helios_rykuu: ok So in your router you need to forward your port to that IP00:32
rykuuthat is done already00:32
syntroPi_helios_, in netgear router, but that behind the modems nat00:32
rykuuya, so what address do I use to forward the modem to the router?00:33
_helios_rykuu: that will most likely be a mac address or HWaddr00:33
rykuuso I need to type the mac address in the IP address?00:34
kfizzFor some reason, I can't get an external HD to mount at /Apollo/ and be owned by me -- only root. The directory is owned by me until I mount it, and then root owns it. I have a secondary internal HDD that gets mounted at /MyMedia/ and I am the owner. Fstab and ls -al / here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1614608/00:34
_helios_rykuu: no, are you in the modem config?00:34
syntroPinope thats one proto layer below00:34
rykuutheres another option I just noticed for the forwarding location, Redirect selected protocol/service to this router.......... ya I am in the modem config00:35
dr_williskfizz: what filesystem is on the disk00:35
kfizzdr_willis, ^00:36
_helios_rykuu: There should be somewhere where you can add the MAC address of the hardware connecting if it says IP it will be
dr_williskfizz: yu need to use tge rght options to get it owned by tge user.  uid=   most likely00:36
syntroPirykuu, i think "this router" would mean the modem itself00:36
brightknightwhats that decepticon language looking in my locales?00:37
syntroPirykuu, id try or and shoot that canyouseeme.org again00:37
rykuusorry, had to save my dinneer from burning00:37
brightknightwhhy did they give me nanobots and plug it into ubuntu.00:37
dr_williskfizz:  the ntfs-3g hmpage has examples00:37
kfizzdr_willis, thanks. I didn't even think about the filesystem being an issue. I'll check that out.00:38
syntroPirykuu, i just guess because your modem has and if its using netmask that would be first ip in that range00:39
syntroPibut maybe it starts at higher number .2 or even more00:39
rykuuI tried that, it seems to still not work00:40
_helios_rykuu: if that don't work try
rykuusays it is invalid00:41
brightknightwhats that decepticon language looking in my locales?00:42
rykuuwell I gotta get going... Thanks for the help, I will give Windstream a call later on and see if they can help00:43
syntroPirykuu, maybe you can read it from your netgear http://screenshots.portforward.com/routers/Netgear/WNDR3700/Basic_Settings.htm00:43
rykuuthanks again for your help00:44
rykuuwish me luck00:44
syntroPirykuu its [external ip] > [modem] > [netgear] > [server] and you have to forward it everythere00:44
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C_ClearSo any suggestions on how to get my media player from going blank ?00:45
dr_williswhat player and what do you mean by blank...00:47
C_Clearwell it happens in both VLC and Gnome Media Player. I will play a file in a playlist and initially the video works but on the next file i n the play list the video goes away and  the screen is just blank. (white screen for gnome black screen for VLC)00:49
dr_willisso the video continues to play? you  hear souund? but no  video output?00:50
C_Clearon restarting the computer the results repeat. plays fine for a few then goes blank00:51
jakey1does ls not work on the ubuntu server00:51
dr_willisa few? so it just randomly happens after a random # of videos?00:51
dr_willisjakey1:  ls works fine on the server00:51
dforthmanjakey1, ls should work00:51
C_Clearusually one or two00:52
jakey1nothing happens00:52
dr_willisC_Clear:  so just restarting the player does not reset it.?00:52
dr_willisjakey1:  be les vague....00:52
ikoniajakey1: you are in an empty directory00:52
jakey1do i have to manually instal bash00:52
ikoniajakey1: no00:52
C_Clearnope. have to restart the computer that usually resets it00:52
dr_willisC_Clear:  sounds like a video driver issue then00:53
godzirraHowdy.  Can anyone help me out?  I've installed ubuntu on my macbook (replacing osx) but its now telling me Missing OS, No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key.00:53
jakey1ikonia, yes00:53
ikoniajakey1 yes what ?00:53
godzirraI can boot from the flash drive again and mount the partition any see everything,  Ijust can't boot.00:53
jakey1yes thats probably it00:53
C_Clearyes. I wanted to do the dpkg command to reinstall the video drivers but I'm not certain how to go about it00:53
dforthmangodzirra, you installed grub to the wrong location, most likely00:53
tyroggodzirra: what version of ubuntu?00:53
dr_willisC_Clear:  reinstalling the same drivers.. should have the exaxt same issue.. since nothing would have changed...00:54
godzirratyrog: 12.1000:54
dr_willisC_Clear:  what is your video chipset?00:54
godzirradforthman: How do I get it to the right place?00:54
C_Clearholdup let me run the command00:54
godzirradforthman: It never actually asked me where to install it.  It just sort of did it.00:54
C_Clearthis came up when I ran the lshw command "82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device"00:55
tyroggodzirra: did you download the amd64+mac iso?00:56
godzirraI didn't even know there was and64+mac iso. :/00:56
godzirraSo no.00:56
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tyroghttp://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/ godzirra the third download should work fine00:57
godzirraOKay, let me try that one out.  As soon as my internet stops sucking. :/00:58
datsmoidahow do i run multiple instances of a program that runs as a service (TOR)00:58
PhoebusNight all01:04
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theuserhow do i go about stopping ubuntu from automaticaly enabling a keyboard when i plug it in?01:08
C_Cleartried to lookup the  chipset i mentioned in google. tried the jockey-gtk command as suggested01:09
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C_Cleargot "Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_icon_set_render_icon_pixbuf: assertion `icon_set != NULL' failed"01:10
ApeShotI rather foolishly removed myself from all groups.  I have managed to use recovery mode to restore myself to sudo (I'm using Ubuntu 12.10) and a few other obvious ones, but now I'm nagged by the thought I'm missing one or two.01:10
ApeShotIs there a way to make Ubuntu "fix" my user so that its in all the groups it "should be" in01:11
C_ClearAlso tried to use this  command I came across to update my chipset  "sudo add-apt repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates"01:12
C_Cleargot this result "sudo: add-apt: command not found". Any suggestions ?01:12
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tyrogC_Clear: it is "sudo add-apt-repository"01:13
C_Cleargot it !01:13
C_Clearlet me try again01:14
tyroggodzirra: what model is your Mac ?01:16
godzirratyrog: Its a 9,201:16
tyroggodzirra: it should be compatible with ubuntu. Check here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro9-2/Quantal01:18
godzirraOh, I read that page a lot.01:18
godzirraI just didn't see there was a specific mac distro.01:18
godzirraI'm downloading it now.01:18
godzirraVery, very slowly =p01:19
NandusXHello everybody01:19
NandusXI've in a dead end with my ubuntu 12.10. I'm trying to play an online stream in WMA2 format, using vlc and it claims it doesn't got the necessary codec. Can anyone help me?01:20
Physicist_What kernel is using the Ubuntu 10.04?01:20
xangua!info linux lucid | Physicist_01:21
ubottuPhysicist_: linux (source: linux-meta): Generic complete Linux kernel.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB01:21
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dr_willisvlc cant do most drm protected streams. NandusX01:21
C_Clearok just did the reccommended update video still comes up blank. Should I restart my computer or try something else01:23
NandusXOk dr_willis, is there another option instead of vlc to do what I'm trying to?01:23
tyrogC_Clear: what is your trouble?01:23
Physicist_my broadband mobile modem is recognized easily by 10.04 (backtrack), The new kernel does not! I can not access internet with ubuntu 12.10 QQ.01:23
dr_willisNandusX:  no idea. I avoid sites that use wmv01:24
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C_Clearwell vlc and gnome media player initially play videos then it shows a blank screen. after playing a video or two the screen goes blank.01:24
Physicist_Can I, maybe, install an old kernel in the Ubuntu 12.10?01:24
NandusXOk dr_willis, thanks anywat01:24
tyrogC_Clear: Ubuntu 12.10 with regular updates? VLC from the repositories? What's your card model?01:25
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tyroggfx card01:25
C_Clearon restart it works fine but repeats the same thing. the chipset is  "82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE Chipset Integrated Graphics Device"01:25
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C_Clearvlc from the repositories01:25
_helios_Physicist_: They might have dropped support for your modem.01:26
tyrogC_Clear: that's and odd behaviour. Have you updated your drivers, and then did a reboot?01:26
ghargoilis there a way to make it so that a specific directory from user Alice is always readable and writable by another user Bob?01:26
_helios_ghargoil: google chown and groups01:27
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Physicist_helios, I did everything and nothing happened. So what?01:27
C_Clearupdated the drivers with the sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates command and then  sudo apt-get update01:28
C_Clearsudo apt-get dist-upgrade. did not restart the computer however01:28
_helios_Physicist_: They might have dropped support for your device.01:28
tyrogC_Clear: you need to restart :)01:28
tyrogthen tell if it solved01:28
C_ClearOK will restart. hopefully it works01:28
C_Clearspeaks again in a few01:29
xanguayou just need to restart x / your user session c tyrog01:29
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xanguammm he went01:29
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HTT-Birdok, which silly goose at Canonical decided that installing a UEFI signed kernel should /not/ install a matching set of files (System.map, config, initramfs, etal)01:34
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C_Clearalright tryog. Restarted have some Samurai Jack playing in the background. So far no blank screen. Hopefully I fixed the problem. Thanks for the assistance.01:37
dr_willis blame Bill... its always his fault...01:37
UbubeginI am Desktop recorder to record my GUI software application for demo purposes. So I have managed to hide the top and bottom panels using auto-hide.. I run my GUI from a command shell... Is there a way to make the command shell full screen or remove the *Terminal* heading...01:37
dr_willisyou are recording a gnome-terminal window basically?01:39
UbubeginNo , I will launch a GUI window in QT from the command shell.01:40
tyrogC_Clear: hope for the best :)01:41
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C_Clearthank you :)01:41
dr_willisif you are  launching a gui app from a terminal - why do you  want the terminal fullscreen?01:41
Ububegindr_willis: hmm, just to hide away my desktop (full of stuff there)01:42
drdeath2013hey guys, I am new to linux and need help greping a file01:43
dr_willisso you want the terminal fullscreen... but below your gui app...01:43
Ububegindr_willis: If there is a way, to add a nice background to the recording, that would be cool...01:43
drdeath2013how do I grep a file for all lines beginning with W?01:43
dr_willisrun some imae viewer.. set it below your gui app.. set the gui appp to be always on top..01:44
UbubeginImae viewer is it.. is it on synaptic >01:44
dr_willisdrdeath2013:  the regrexp i think is '^W'  or '$W'     theres  a special cahracter for start of line01:44
dr_willisUbubegin:  use any IMAGE viewer01:44
drdeath2013dr_willis what is the entire command?01:45
dr_willisdrdeath2013:   grep pattern file01:45
kandinskiwhere are the sshd logs in ubuntu?01:45
kandinskiI am looking at /var/log/secure, but is there anything else?01:45
dr_willisi cant recall most of my regrexp skiills...01:45
dr_willisno !listing please. ;)01:46
Ububegindr_willis: hi, what is this Image viewer ?01:46
dr_willisUbubegin:  pick any program that  can view  images...01:47
dr_willissaveriom84:  no warez here.. move along.01:47
Ububegindr_willis: AH... I get it now... Thanks... ;)01:47
dr_willissaveriom84:  no warez here..  not every channel exists just for warez01:48
drdeath2013dr_willis: Thank you for the info.01:48
dr_willis!download > saveriom8401:49
ubottusaveriom84, please see my private message01:49
escottdrdeath2013, ^ is the beginning of the line $ is the end01:49
dr_willisescott:  ;) so my memory was not totally wrong.01:50
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!01:50
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)01:50
dr_willisthat seems  so backwards..   You always have $money    and  $Variables01:50
CrunchcatCrunchbang is Debian-based now.01:50
drdeath2013escott: Thank you also for the tip.01:50
dr_willisCrunchcat:  we dont really care.  its not ubuntu01:50
CrunchcatBut the factoid is wrong.01:51
dr_willisits also most likely 3+ yrs old01:51
dr_willisits a generic factoid01:52
dr_willisim not even sure gnewsense still exists....01:53
gelphgnewsense is alive and well http://www.gnewsense.org/ but sure it's a lesser distro01:55
dr_willisthese things spring up like danadlions on my lawn... ;)01:55
dforthmanIs there a l2tp vpn client that actually works? i tried the l2tp-ipsec-vpn package, but i can't seem to get it connected.01:59
Node231anyone here know how to convert base 2 to 2s complement?02:00
dforthmanNode231, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two%27s_complement#Converting_to_two.27s_complement_representation02:01
RelondoIn installed the Kubuntu packages, and now my login screen is the KDE one. How do I revert to Ubuntu login screen?02:01
escottNode231, if its negative toggle the high bit02:01
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Node231thanks escott02:02
dforthmanRelondo, there should be a "session" switcher at the login prompt. Change it to the one you want.02:02
datsmoidadoes upgrading ubuntu update a lot of software repositories automatically ?02:02
Node231I'm trying to convert 0111 1101 to 2's complement02:02
Node231I can't seem to figure it out02:02
escottNode231, so thats unchanged02:02
Relondodforthman: I thought session was the DE that I logged into. I want to switch to the Ubuntu login screen02:02
Node2312s complement you only have for negatives02:02
escottNode231, 2s complement just means the high bit means a big negative not a positive02:03
dforthmanRelondo, oh, i see. I read that incorrectly.02:03
Node231icic thanks escott02:03
Node231high bit meaning left02:03
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escottNode231, that would depend on endianess, but in writing yes the left bit02:04
escottNode231, unless you are in an rtl language... i dont know how they write numbers02:04
Node231lost me02:05
dr_willisto switch login screen managers -->   sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm   (or ligjhtdm or kdm)02:05
danubhow do i tell if i am running 64 bit or not?02:05
dforthmanRelondo, http://askubuntu.com/questions/138561/reset-to-default-unity-login02:05
escottNode231, rtl = right to left = tfel ot thgir02:05
danubuname -a is giving me conflicting results02:05
Relondodforthman: Thanks02:06
ikoniadanub: show me the output of uname -a02:06
escottNode231, but 2s complement with 3 digits the biggest number is 011=3, the smallest is 100=-4 and 111 is -4+2+1=-102:06
danubLinux WorkHorse 3.2.0-29-generic-pae #46-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 27 17:25:43 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux02:06
Node231I'm doing 8 bits02:06
ikoniadanub: that is 32bit02:06
ikoniadanub: there is nothing confusing/conflicting in that info02:06
danubi686 is 64 bit is it not?02:06
dr_willistheres  no such thing as 64bit pae is there? ;)02:07
Node231for example escott, I'm doing 0111 1101 to 2s comp02:07
tyrogdr_willis: nope :)02:07
Node231I know its 0111 1110, but idk how to get there02:07
danuboh, well nevermind then. i thought i686 was 64 and i386 was 3202:07
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ikoniax86 is 32bit x86_64 is 64bit02:07
danubi can install rpms yea?02:07
ikoniadanub: no02:07
danubnot even with alien?02:08
escottNode231, well the first digit is -256. so if you need a negative you start at -256 and then add positives. for a positive you just add positives02:08
dr_willisdanub:  you wan tto risk trashing your ssystem?02:08
ikoniadanub: not really no, as the contents are designed for a different platform02:08
ikoniadanub: only if they have non-os related components, eg: a webpage02:08
Node231icic, thanks escott02:08
danubdarn. ok, guess building it manually then lol02:08
ikoniadanub: what software do you want ?02:08
danubsun java02:09
ikoniajava is available02:09
ikonia!java | danub02:09
ubottudanub: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.02:09
dr_williswwwhy do people onlky think theres rpms for java?02:09
escottNode231, 1000 0010 is either an unsigned 258=256+2 or a signed -254=-256+202:09
danubdr_willis: because thats all that is listed on suns website02:09
ikoniadanub: check that URL out02:09
dr_willisits ben oracle for some time now....02:10
wron sun's website they also offer a .tar.gz, which is actually a set of precompiled binaries and libraries02:10
tyrogare you visiting sun websites from the cache? :)02:10
Node231thanks escott02:10
wrsame difference, the word "sun" is shorter and less evil02:10
Node231I wish it specified signed or unsigned02:10
dr_willisI just used the java from the repos. ;P02:11
wryeah that's openjdk, which i use as well. some apps require sun/oracle java specifically, though.02:11
dforthmanapt-cache search jre02:11
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escottNode231, signed means "using two complement representation" unsigned means "not using two complement" otherwise its just a string of bits. you could look at holes in a piece of paper and say you shakespeare encoded in binary, or you could just see a bunch of holes. what you see is up to you02:12
dr_willis(2b)||^(2b)  ;)02:15
escottdr_willis, what is the question?02:16
dr_williscomputer geeksisms for $400  alex!02:16
SukhCan u guys please help me i just installed ubuntu  12.10 and there is no dekstop environment or launcher please help!!02:16
escottSukh, did you install the server? or is the gui not starting02:17
escottSukh, what do you see instead of the gui?02:17
dr_willistheres some annoying bugs where unity or compiz fails to start if the 3d drivers donmt work properly.. but the underlaying X does run02:17
Sukhonly the dekstop wallpaper02:17
Sukhi can launch terminal02:18
dr_williswhats your video chipset?02:18
Sukhamd readon hd i think it is a old computer02:19
Sukhshould i format and install 12.0402:19
DaemonicApathyI would.02:20
skaMy system uses Upstart now for dbus. But dbus is being run by the user controlling X11.. Is that correct?02:21
isaiasanyone here know C++?02:22
isaiashello Husky02:22
isaiasUbuntu is made up of different variations of C, right? C, C#, C++, etc.02:24
linuxuz3risaias: yes02:24
linuxuz3rwhy do you ask02:24
isaiasI want to learn C++02:25
isaiasI know HTML/CSS but thats just styling. I was getting into PhP but got bored of it because I can make a website...then what?02:26
isaiasanother website?02:26
dr_willistake over the world?02:26
isaiasPython would be a good place to start if I want to learn C++, right?02:26
linuxuz3rwhat about javascript and jquery?02:26
linuxuz3ri would get a book to learn c++02:27
evanchey folks, I just updated to 12.04 from 10.04 (I know, late to the game) and my computer is a mess. Booting gets a black screen (no xterm) and if I boot into recovery mode, I can get to a root shell but no networking (just hangs). Help?02:27
linuxuz3rbut learn c first02:27
escottisaias, no python would not be a good place to start learning c++02:27
linuxuz3rskip c learn c++02:27
isaiasi read everywhere that learning python would help me understand C++ better. should i just jump into C++?02:28
astro7i am starting to learn programming, and i have chosen C++ to start with02:28
astro7i am also trying to learn Qt02:28
root__who can help me with backtrack02:28
escott!backtrack | root__02:29
ubotturoot__: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)02:29
escott!ircroot | root__02:29
escott!rootirc | root__02:29
ubotturoot__: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.02:29
=== root__ is now known as mark2812
mark2812hello who can helb me with backtrack02:30
isaiaswhat is backtrack?02:30
astro7didnt backtrack change the name of their distro?02:31
escottmark2812, #backtrack-linux02:31
braviswell #backtrack can02:31
mark2812linus dis02:31
mark2812i thaught unbuntu where the same02:31
mark2812ok thanks02:31
isaiasthis is so cool xD. I've been using Ubuntu for months and knew there was a chat, didn't know it would be so populated.02:33
tyrogisaias: PARTY! xD02:33
somsipisaias: chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic This is the support channel02:34
astro7or if you use an ubuntu derivative you can come in here and pretend you are using ubuntu and ask your question02:34
somsipastro7: yes - some people lie to take advantage of other's helpfulness02:35
isaiasand you have no idea how many problems I ran into when starting Ubuntu (well, maybe) xD02:35
somsipisaias: that's just what the support channel is for. Helping people in that position is what it's for02:36
tyrogisaias: If you got everything solved, then you learned how to solve your linux problems alone, which is good for "getting into" Linux02:36
GerowenIf I wanted to start an online blog, what would you guys recommend?02:37
isaiashow do you do that?02:37
isaiasmake the text red02:37
somsip!who | isaias02:37
ubottuisaias: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:37
somsipisaias: then the client often colors it02:37
astro7start to type someones screen name, hit tab to complete it...then type message to them02:38
isaias!who | somsip Thank You! :D02:38
ubottusomsip Thank You! :D: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:38
somsipisaias: nah - like "soms{tab} Thank you!"02:38
isaiassomsip: Thank You!02:39
isaiassomsip:  like that?02:39
somsipisaias: now you're yellow. Well done02:39
* dr_willis sees no red02:39
isaiassomsip: cool. thanks02:39
isaiasdr_willis: is this red?02:40
dem0nhas anyone here used jas-hackberry ubuntu for the allwinner A10 processor?02:40
dr_willisnope...  its hot pink....02:40
dem0ni have it installed to my micro sdcard but i am having a bitch of a time getting wifi to work...02:40
tyrogisaias: like this? xD02:40
isaiastyrog: yep :D yours is red on mine02:40
braviswhat is the best (relative term) irc chat interface?02:41
somsip!best | bravis02:41
ubottubravis: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:41
escottdirect machine-brain interface. thats always the answer to "best"02:41
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isaiasbravis: Try different ones out, pick the one that suits you most.02:42
isaiashey, ubottu is a bot, am I right? lol02:42
somsip!bot | isaias02:42
ubottuisaias: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots02:42
somsipisaias: though if you want to chat tothe bot, please do it privately02:43
escottbravis, machine brain interface is still in alpha testing so i wouldn't use it on any brain you cant easily replace02:43
isaiassomsip: cool02:43
isaiasubottu: hello02:44
isaiashow do i talk to ppl privately?02:44
FloodBot1isaias: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:44
somsipisaias: /msg bot {command}02:44
phunyguy!pm | isaias02:44
ubottuisaias: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:44
dr_willistime to find some irc tutorials02:44
isaiassomsip: wait is this talking privately? or can anyone see this?02:45
dr_willisfreenode homepage should have some02:45
tyrogand I think ubuntu community has one, or am i wrong?02:45
somsipisaias: everyone, which is why chitchat is better in #ubuntu-offtopic so it does not confuse people askng for support in here02:45
madenhi. I'm trying to format my SD card and I get i/o errors. I get this in dmesg: http://pastebin.com/LwVyruF002:56
madenI'm unable to format/change anything ont he drive, I can mount / read though...02:56
nimtzonce a connection is shared with ubuntu's utility, is there a way to "bridge" that subnetwork to your main network?02:58
nimtz(shared using network manager that is)02:59
decciHow to insert RAID driver during the installation time02:59
decciinto Ubuntu 12.0402:59
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dr_willismaden: ive seen sd cards fail in  such a way that they become read only.  you might be a b le to fix it by using 'dd' to zero the card then repartition it.03:04
=== azend_ is now known as azend
t0ntinHi! Does anyone use free VPN services? Can't get any of them to work.03:09
psusit0ntin, a vpn is a bridge between two networks, such as your home computer and the coporate network.. thus, the term "free vpn services" doesn't make sense03:11
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest58919
dr_willis its a bridge to nowhere. ;)03:12
notIronicpsusi:  you could use a vpn service provider to anon your internet traffic03:12
t0ntini'm talking about pages like this: http://www.afreevpn.com/ They give you a host name, name and password and you can use the VPN option under "VPN Connections" on Ubuntu. Isn't that how it works?03:13
t0ntinIt keeps telling me that the connection failed03:14
madendr_willis: i tried that03:14
dr_willismaden:  if dd fails to write to the sd.. id assume the sd is failing.03:14
dr_willisor the write protect switch is on. ;)03:15
tr5how can i otpimize ubuntu 13.0403:15
tr5so that it has efficiency like less "bulky" distros03:15
bazhangtr5 #ubuntu+1 for 13.0403:15
psusitr5, -EOOVAGUE03:16
dr_willistr5:  13.04 is still in testing...  so its not optimized at this time..03:16
tr5ty yall :D03:16
Omen_20Hi. I keep having an issue with flash video players saying it couldn't load plugin03:16
ubuntu_I having problem with sysinfo03:16
bazhangubuntu_, you mean sudo lshw03:17
ubuntu_no sysinfo03:17
tr5what context does -EEOVAGUE go into03:17
Jesterxviihey room03:17
madenlol dr_willis, I also checked that :P03:18
tr5also i download now 12.10 :D03:18
isaiasanyone know of a C++ or programming channel?03:18
bazhang!alis | isaias03:18
ubottuisaias: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*03:18
madenisaias: ask in #c++03:18
ubuntu_Please answer03:18
madenpls respond03:18
bazhangisaias, also help in #freenode03:19
bazhangubuntu_, you never asked a question03:19
isaiasbazhang: thank you03:19
IDWMasterLately I've been discussing Ubuntu with some of my friends at school and a number of them prefer Debian, mainly because of: a) The unity interface or b) The fact that by default, Unity sends your search data to Amazon when you are just searching for a local program. I was wondering who I would talk to to try and get these defaults changed for new Ubuntu users?03:28
IDWMasterPersonally I like Unity but I don't think search data should be sent to Amazon by default03:28
bazhang!adlens | IDWMaster03:28
ubottuIDWMaster: If you wish not to see "More Suggestions" from places like Amazon in your Ubuntu 12.10, simply remove the package unity-lens-shopping, or adjust your Privacy settings as shown here: http://goo.gl/kFO4u . Mark Shuttleworth's blog entry on this is at http://goo.gl/uF7zZ03:28
OerHeksthere will be more such shopping lenses in 13.04 :-D03:29
bazhangIDWMaster, so turn it off03:29
IDWMasterI know how to disable it in Privacy settings, but my opinion is that it should be disabled by default, because a number of users are complaining about it being enabled by default03:29
IDWMasterJust a suggestion to change the default option03:29
bazhangIDWMaster, #ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat please03:29
godzirratyrog: Sadly, the usb drive I made from the iso isn't showing up in my mac.  Not sure why.03:31
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tr5psusi: how do i implement "-EEOVAGUE"03:31
Senjaigodzirra: might not recognize the filesystem you formatted it with03:32
godzirraI burned the iso to the thumb drive.  It should be whatever file system the iso is.03:32
Senjaigodzirra: no, putting the ISO on a thumb drive does not change the thumb drives filesystem. Unless your burner does it by default03:33
godzirraI assumed it would.  I'm checking now.03:33
justmmthi hi :)03:33
Senjaigodzirra: http://guides.macrumors.com/File_systems03:34
godzirraSenjai: That would cause the mac bios to not recognize a flash drive at all?03:35
godzirrathat seems odd.03:35
dustin(ubuntu 11.04 64 bit 16Gb ram) is it normal for the system to start using swap space when around 4 Gb of ram is in use? system is also really bogging down when it does this03:35
dr_willishow did you 'burn'  the iso to the thumbdrive?03:35
Senjaigodzirra: if it can't recognize the filesystem, no03:35
Senjaigodzirra: why did you need to 'burn' an iso anyway?03:36
Senjaigodzirra: FAT32 is a safe bet for all three OS's (in my experience)03:36
tomreyndustin: it's normal for it to start using swap space, but it's not normal for it to become slow.03:36
Senjaidustin: What install are you using03:37
Senjaidustin: Wubi, or normal03:37
dustinnever used Wubi03:37
=== william is now known as Guest20836
dustinbut the system is far from "normal"03:38
tomreyndustin: your system is also EOL03:38
tomreyn!eol | dustin03:38
ubottudustin: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:38
Senjaidustin: Wubi is a type of installer. It installs without partitioning and can be slow. Anywho, No idea why its running slow. There is no catch all solution based on the info you provided us03:39
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) was the fourteenth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on October 28, 2012. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.03:39
godzirraSenjai:  I had a flash drive laying around and for some reason ubuntu has decided to make their iso bigger than a cd =p03:40
dustink system is using 11.04 as a base with mint desktop... 5 drives custom partitioned 3 have swap space03:40
dr_willisits a dvd iso. now03:41
tomreyn!mint | dustin03:41
ubottudustin: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:41
bazhangdustin MINT?03:41
godzirradr_willis:  I know.  I just hit putting something that's like 30 megs too big on a dvd =p03:41
Senjaigodzirra: this is the future, nobody uses cd roms anymore. Only dvd or hd. Follow the instructions from the ubuntu website on making a proper thumb drive in mac.03:41
tyroggodzirra: CD ISOs are dropped, now only DVD03:41
Senjai!install | godzirra03:42
ubottugodzirra: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate03:42
dr_willisgodzirra: i bet it will. grow every 6 mo03:42
dustintomreyn, so how does the mint desktop (though morphed in my install with gnome) change the back-end that manages ram usage, and thus dismiss my inquiry?03:43
dr_willisi vote for removeing libreiffice to save space  ;-)03:43
tyrogdr_willis: libreoffice is ok03:43
Senjaidustin:the 'back end' as you would call itis the linux kernel, it is the same thing that runs all distros.03:44
dr_willisremove it.. put steam on by default. ;-)03:44
godzirraSenjai: I'm doing it again with the universal usb installer.03:44
Senjaidustin: It allocates where programs ask. If a program asks for too much the kernel doesnt know the difference03:44
tyrogdr_willis: Oh, agreed with that03:44
godzirraI did it with another program before.03:44
Senjaidustin: Anyways, if your running a mint desktop, and that has slowed your computer, this is not the place to ask.03:45
tomreyndustin: linux mint is a linu distribution, it's not just a desktop. unless you're referring to something else? the point about linux mint is that it is not ubuntu and thus this is not the place to discuss it, whether or not there are similarities.03:45
dr_willisplus its eol03:46
tyrogdustin: Mint has their own support channel. I can tell you that you can just run Xchat from your current setup and you will get there. But support is not here :)03:46
Senjaiplus its eol03:46
Senjaigodzirra: I dont know why you need an installer.03:47
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
Senjaigodzirra: unles reccomended by the ubuntu site03:47
godzirraSenjai: I'm following the instructions on the install link you just had the bot send me.03:47
Senjaigodzirra: okay, then go for it :) I dont use mac (and never will) so I dont know what it reccomends for it03:48
godzirraYou can do it via a dvd.03:48
godzirraI just don't have any laying around. =p03:48
tyrogdr_willis: steam together with "Now there are no more excuses for the Change!" as highlight feature xD03:48
dr_willisheh.. and put an icon for that netflix on ubuntu  package on the desktop....03:49
tyrogSenjai: Also you can buy a mac and not use osx, just like godzirra03:49
Senjaityrog: never, I would never support apple03:49
godzirraI didn't buy a mac...03:49
godzirraI work for a company that uses macs. :)03:49
tyrogSenjai: me too. Especially when there are better alternatives. Oh, and cheaper03:50
godzirraHa.  Awesome.  So I put the mac ubuntu iso on the thumbdrive as per the instructions on the ubuntu site... I stick it in the mac and get "No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!  boot: "03:50
Senjaityrog: better cheaper and more ethical03:50
Senjaigodzirra: wait, like, when your booting?03:51
godzirraSenjai: Yup.03:51
godzirraIt flashes the syslinux info03:51
godzirrathen says Unknown keyword in configuration file:03:51
tyrogSenjai: W8, Stallman said Ubuntu is unethical now. Joking xD03:51
godzirraand some characters Ican't type because I don't recall the ascii map keys for those characters =p03:51
Senjaityrog: lol03:51
Senjaigodzirra: google is your friend.03:51
godzirrau with two dots over it, something that looks like a oc but pushed together, a backwards f and an o with two dots over it =p03:52
godzirraNot today it isn't. :/03:52
Senjaigodzirra: The point is, dont rely on a mac to do anything right03:52
godzirraNot helpful. =p03:52
Senjaigodzirra: I tried03:52
godzirraIt ran osx just fine.  I'd just rather use linux.03:52
godzirraHeh, I appreciate your help.03:52
godzirraWasn't trying to sound ungrateful.03:52
tyroggodzirra: It should work then03:52
tyrogHave you followed the instructions provided above?03:53
tyrogto create the USB stick03:53
godzirraI did tyrog03:53
=== sellers86|gone is now known as sellers86
godzirraApparently that's not relative anymore.03:54
godzirrableh.  brb.  let me find a freaking dvd.03:54
tyroggodzirra: yea, good old DVDs to the rescue03:55
nimtzim sharing a connection using ubuntu network manager and it works fine03:55
nimtzbut i cant ping the shared computer from other boxes in my network03:56
nimtz(it's in a subnet)03:56
nimtzis there a quick workaround03:56
evonQuestion.  I've been using Ubuntu 12.04 for a couple weeks (Couldn't get 12.10 working).  I've been having various program crashes, compiz crashing, and libreoffice is completely wonky.  I am wondering if it's my hardware or this version of ubuntu is just glitchy period.  i have an Nvidia card and AMD CPU. has anyone had similar issues?03:57
mugsy_evon: my compiz crashes all the time too03:58
mugsy_plus idle cpu is about 20% for compiz03:58
evonmugsy_ You know why this is?03:58
mugsy_evon: I don't.. I'm using i915 chipset drivers.. which is different as well03:58
mugsy_and intel03:59
mugsy_are you using a laptop?03:59
evonmugsy_ so you think 12.04 is just glitchy?03:59
evonmugsy_ desktop03:59
mugsy_evon: I couldn't say03:59
mugsy_heh, so our setup is different in almost every way ;)03:59
evonmugsy_ oh well at least i know that it's not me04:00
evonmugsy_ been debating whether or not i should upgrade to 12.1004:00
mugsy_evon: aye04:00
mugsy_oh ..04:01
mugsy_I misread your initial post04:01
mugsy_I'm running 12.1004:01
kingbeasthey everyone, well I'm just trying to figure out why a lens I added to the dash is still appearing after I uninstalled it?04:01
mugsy_haha, I guess our setup is really different in every way04:01
evonmugsy_ lol. I couldn't even get that installed04:01
=== average_1rifter is now known as average_drifter
evonmugsy_ I kept getting an error whenver i tried. then when i got it installed, I couldn't get the vid card drivers to work04:02
mugsy_evon: yeah, can't really speak to anything about the nvidia drivers.. sorry04:02
mugsy_though I do have to manually patch the i915 drivers since they have a bug with the detect external displays interrupt.04:03
mugsy_guess that patch hasn't made it upstream yet04:03
evonmugsy_ Damn. Mint is looking nice right now04:04
mugsy_evon: haha.. naw04:05
mugsy_kinda like unity on my laptop04:05
evonmugsy_ lol. well I do like UNITY but I need something that freaking works the way i need it to04:05
tr5psusi: how do i implement "-EEOVAGUE"04:06
* tr5 new to this :x04:06
godzirratr5: That's a very vague question.  What do you mean "implement"?04:07
godzirraYou keep asking the same thing with no context...04:07
tr5i asked how i could get ubuntu to run faster04:07
godzirraStill a vague question.04:07
tr5he responded thru hilightin me n saying -EEOVAGUE04:07
godzirra assume he was pointing out in a funny way that your question was vague.04:08
godzirraI may be assuming incorrectly.04:08
tr5it MUST be a kernel thinger!04:08
* godzirra sighs.04:08
* tr5 consoles godzirra romantically 8)04:08
godzirraSorry, I'm not that kind of thunderlizard.04:09
Senjaitrolling should be a bannable offence in this channel :/04:09
tr5ok :x04:09
Nils_One question: Where is the native Steam folder?04:10
Nils_I'm confused by the files in Ubuntu04:10
evonNils_ did you install steam with wine or is there linux version of steam now?04:10
=== sm is now known as Guest44623
Nils_linux version04:11
evonnils_ it will be in your home directory most likely. try displaying hidden files04:11
SenjaiNils_: you shold learn how the filesystem works ;)04:11
tomreynfile hierarchy system rather04:11
evonnils_ if its not there i don't know where it is. sorry04:12
godzirralmfao.  I burned it to a dvd...  it isn't booting.  wtf.  I'm cursed.04:12
Nils_Oh wow it was named .steam04:13
Nils_That's the reason I could't find it04:13
=== dniMretsaM is now known as dniMretsaM_Away
godzirraSeriously, this is ridiculous.  It successfully burned and verified and I can't boot from it.  lol04:16
TheCrownedFoxHi! I have a shell script that I want to run once a second as soon as I login in graphically. I already have the 1 second timing down with watch, where can I start up my script?04:19
john_doe_jrI created an index.html in htdocs when an a href to another html page stored in a folder named windows....anybody know why I'm getting a 403 error when the a href link?04:21
RamsramboI am running Quantal 12.10 need libcstdc++ for symphony installation How to get this lib ?04:21
dr_willisTheCrownedFox:   .config/autostart  perhaps04:22
TheCrownedFoxwhere is that file located?04:22
dr_willisin your home of course04:22
TheCrownedFoxah ok, I will try that, thank you.04:23
dr_willismay be autorun .. i forget04:23
dr_willisusing watch in a script seems..... weird04:23
Ramsrambo I am running Quantal 12.10 need libcstdc++ for symphony installation How to get this lib ?04:24
peterrooneyjohn_doe_jr: check permissions of folder - viz, is the webserver process permitted to see its contents.04:24
bravis_ 04:25
phong_hi , is there any diff from redhat and ubuntu?04:25
phong_it seem that ubuntu is nicer look04:26
john_doe_jrpeterrooney: well I chmod -R 777 each of the files04:26
TheCrownedFoxunfortunently, that didn't quite work04:26
peterrooneyphong: greater than the difference between OS 9 and OS X04:26
peterrooneyjohn_doe_jr: if the web server doesn't have permission to see inside the folder, the permissions on the file do not matter.04:27
Sail!lubuntu irc04:27
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:28
john_doe_jrpeterrooney: so chmod but make sure that wwwrun has access to it?04:28
rypervenchejohn_doe_jr: Don't use 77704:30
rypervenchejohn_doe_jr: 755 for folders, 644 for files.04:30
peterrooneyjohn_doe_jr: yes - chmod o+x folder; chmod -x folder/file04:30
escottTheCrownedFox, what on earth do you need to do every second?04:30
john_doe_jrpeterrooney: well index.html is working fine and it doesn't belong to apache04:31
TheCrownedFoxI'm using dwm as my window manager, and I want to display the time in seconds in the root window text. all it does is call date and format it04:31
john_doe_jrrypervenche: it worked!04:32
godzirrathis is my syslinux.cfg: à¸. F1 à¹.à¸.ืà¹.อà¸.ูวิà¸.ีà¹.à¸.à¹. หรือ กà¸. Escape à¹.à¸.ืà¹.อออกà04:34
jtomasrlim trying to redirect frow 80 to 8080 using iptables, but on restart the config dont work "sudo iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8080"04:34
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate04:35
godzirraHrm.  That wasn't it.  Crap.  What was that url.04:35
godzirraah there it is.04:35
kunjijtomasri: Yeah, iptables is not preserved on reboot, you should save the configuration, and have it load with a small script called from rc.local or something of that sort.04:37
dr_willisTheCrownedFox: check out conky04:38
godzirraAwesome.  my md5sums don't match at all.04:39
godzirraDownloading again.04:39
TheCrownedFoxwhile conky does look quite nice, I already have the script running fine when I call it from the terminal. I just need to find a place to put a call to the script on login, as .bashrc only gets called with a terminal is created. I appreciate the help of course.04:40
JcopaceticHello, I was directed here for support is this right?04:41
godzirraJcopacetic: If you're looking for help with something about Ubuntu, and you've already googled, then probably.04:41
dr_willis so you are starting a little bity xterm window just to spit out the time over and over and over.....04:41
dr_willison login .. every script/command/.,desktop file in .confiig/autostart or autorun normally gets ran.. well if you are using gnome/kde/lxde.. not sure about other desktops04:42
* peterrooney wonders why people forget about xclock and oclock04:42
dr_willisor the fact the bash prompt can display a clock also...04:43
dr_willisor screen, or byobu04:43
JcopaceticI'm running sudo dpkg -l filename.deb to install a driver for the scanner portion of ny canon pixma mp280 printer/scanner. the printer works but the scanner doesn't and when I attempt to intall the .deb files it says they cannot be found,,,,04:43
cortexA9sorry for the OT, but the daily of kubuntu have kde 4.10 today ?04:44
dr_willisJcopacetic:  try gdebi foo.deb    it will try to pull inn needed packages04:44
kunjijtomasri: Use iptables-save > <filename> to save the configuration, and cat <filename> | iptables-restore to restore it on boot.  I'm assuming you're familiar with startup scripts, if not, then let us know and someone can help more with that.  At least I think that's how it goes, my memory on that might be a little rusty.04:44
HelloWorld321Is PGP still considered to be Pretty Good?04:44
dr_willisJcopacetic:  and its   dpkg -i foo.deb   not -l04:45
Jcopaceticdr_willis: do I run that in the terminal as dkpg -l?04:45
kunjiHelloWorld321: I don't see why not, as far as I know it is.04:45
dr_willisJcopacetic:  gdebi is an alternative to dpkg04:45
jtomasrlkunji: i'll try04:45
HelloWorld321kunji: tx.  just hadn't checked in a long time04:45
dr_willis  -i = install   ;)04:45
kunjiHelloWorld321: No problem ^_^04:46
=== smw_ is now known as smw
Jcopaceticdr_willis: Yes i for install makes for sense than l. so I tried it and I it said "dpkg: error processing scangearmp-common_1.60-1_amd64.deb (--install):04:50
Jcopacetic cannot access archive: No such file or directory04:50
JcopaceticErrors were encountered while processing:04:50
Jcopacetic scangearmp-common_1.60-1_amd64.deb"04:50
dr_willisJcopacetic:  be sure you are spelling its name right and its path..  use tab completion if needed04:51
dr_willisCase Is imporntant04:51
JcopaceticI'm a noob with a headache so I have to ask if I am supposed to put a space  between -i and the file name04:51
dr_willisYou may wan tto pastebin the EXACT command and error messages for the channel to see04:51
makarahelp...all I need is to convert a binary file to ascii. It's turning into a circus.04:51
dr_willisJcopacetic:  err... of course you are04:51
=== Guest50717 is now known as Rallias
dr_willisdpkg -i  foo.deb04:52
Jcopaceticfigures, well I c & p from the file itself onto the terminal04:52
Sailany tool which help to design my custo theme?04:52
makaraod dumps the file. binary2ascii looks promising but doesn't accept files. GHex gives me ascii, but there's no select all and I have to drag through the whole file before copying. When I try to save to HTML is creates a buffet of files :S04:53
Jcopaceticdr_willis: is it the directory? I dragged and dropped the file containing the .deb to my home directory and ran cd /home. but it still didn't work04:54
dr_willisJcopacetic:  you man want to spennd an hr reading some bash beginner guides,,,,    and about linux paths..   /home is NOT your users home directory...  /home/yourusername IS04:55
dr_willisJcopacetic:  just 'cd' returns you to your HOME, not /home04:55
dr_willisuse the ls command to LOOK and see what files are where you are at.. dont just guess04:56
TheCrownedFoxdr_willis: thanks for the help anyway, I'll keep looking into it04:57
mhaz<Jcopacetic>:terminal opens in your home directory by default04:57
dr_willisor at least it should. ;)  ive seen some cases where it dosent04:58
mhazdpkg -i foo.deb04:59
Jcopaceticok so I used ls and I found the file, then I ran dpkg on the file and I got this:04:59
Jcopaceticjcopacetic@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg -i scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb05:00
Jcopaceticdpkg-split: error: error reading scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb: Is a directory05:00
Jcopaceticdpkg: error processing scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb (--install):05:00
Jcopacetic subprocess dpkg-split returned error exit status 205:00
JcopaceticErrors were encountered while processing:05:00
Jcopacetic scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb05:00
FloodBot1Jcopacetic: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:00
mhazwhat happens if you double click on it in the file manager?05:00
Jcopaceticit opens in the software center, then when I click install it says something about dependencies. when it finishes I'll tell you05:02
godzirraI just redownloaded the imagine again...  I get a different md5, but still not the one that matches the website.05:03
godzirraAre the md5sums on the site correct?05:03
keplerwhich image did you get?05:04
dr_willishmm,, try a torrent?05:04
godzirraThe amd64+mac one05:05
kepler12.10 64?05:05
Jcopaceticit shows this (i hope I used that pastebin right) 1 2 3 4package installation failed  dpkg: error processing /home/jcopacetic/scangearmp-mp280series-1.60-1-deb/packages/scangearmp-common_1.60-1_amd64.deb (--install):  scangearmp-common: 1.60-1 (Multi-Arch: no) is not co-installable with scangearmp-common:i386 1.60-1 (Multi-Arch: no) which is currently installed05:07
mhazdependency error. where did you get this deb file?05:08
Jcopacetichere I believe http://support-in.canon-asia.com/contents/IN/EN/0100302702.html05:08
keplergodzirra, md5s match for me05:09
godzirraWell crap.05:09
godzirraI guess i can try downloading a third time. :/05:09
keplerused this: http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso05:09
godzirraAt 30 minutes a try. :/05:09
godzirraYeah, that's the one I downloaded twice.05:09
kepler:/ mine was like 30 seconds05:09
godzirrafor 800 megs?05:10
godzirraMy internet has sucked lately. :/05:10
kepleri am at work, so that is cheating i guess05:10
godzirraEh.  9mb/s I guess isn't bad.05:11
godzirraYeah, just a little.05:11
keplerhave a couple of 10 gigs coming in, but 1 gig link on my workstation05:11
godzirrathis one at least boots05:11
godzirraMaybe I spoke too soon.  :/05:12
godzirraIt seems to be hanging at detecting the bluetooth usb host controller.05:12
dr_willisit hates you05:13
kepler^ that05:13
godzirraYeah, no kidding.05:13
keplerbe more gentle with it. if the md5 isn't matching, no telling what's up with it05:13
Ben64use rsync to fix it05:13
godzirraBen64: I didn't know you could do that?05:14
dr_willisthought that was zsync? but ive  not done it in years05:14
godzirraIs there an rsync for windows? ;p05:14
Ben64or use torrent, that might be easier05:15
Jcopaceticdr_willis: does this mean it worked? sudo dpkg -i scangearmp-common_1.60-1_i386.deb [sudo] password for jcopacetic:  (Reading database ... 275438 files and directories currently installed.) Preparing to replace scangearmp-common:i386 1.60-1 (using scangearmp-common_1.60-1_i386.deb) ... Unpacking replacement scangearmp-common:i386 ... Setting up scangearmp-common:i386 (1.60-1) ... Processing triggers for libc-bin ... ldconfig deferred processing now tak05:15
godzirraI'm downloading the torrent, but its 37 minutes.05:15
harovalihi, how's a fin way of starting a daemon of mina at startup time? I use to put the command lin in a @reboot line in crontab. In old times, I used to put things in /etc/init.d and ln -s them from ../rcS.2/S40myscript  , f.i.; now I'm pretty lost. Any hint welcome05:15
godzirraI'm looking for an rsync for windows.05:15
Ben64godzirra: have the torrent use the file you already downloaded05:16
Ben64then it'll just grab what is messed up05:16
godzirraI did.  Its down to 12 minutes now.05:16
mhazuninstall scangearmp-common:i386 1.60-105:16
Ben64godzirra: well you wouldn't get any better from rsync then05:16
harovalithere is that 'boot manager' for X application, but it confuses me more than it helps me make things start at startup time05:17
kepler12 mins?? the original download missed like 1/3rd of it?05:17
godzirraHell if I know.05:17
godzirraI think its still going through it.05:17
Jcopaceticlol I just got that package to unpack. So I remove it and then try the other one again?05:17
harovaliI simply need to run a script, namely the one that runs iptables once for each firewall rule05:17
godzirraI'm down to 9 now.05:17
godzirraAnd its going down pretty quickly.05:18
kunjiharovali: Do you need it just for one user, to start when X does?05:18
dr_willisharovali:  once at boot? use /etc/rc.local05:18
mhazdon't buy canon. hp is easier05:18
harovalidr_willis: just as one would do with ye old /etc/init.d and /etc/rcS.2 etc ?05:19
entrerihey there, what is the shortcut to hide all windows (to show the desktop) ?05:19
harovalikunji: no, at machine boot05:19
dr_willisharovali:  for a quick and dirty command. rc.local is easy. or make a upstart service for it..05:19
mhazlooks like it replaced it. try restarting printer daemon or just logout05:19
dr_willisentreri:  press and hold the super key to see unity shortcuts05:19
kunjiharovali: go with dr_willis' suggestion then.05:19
harovalikunji: my mention to X was because there is an application for X that suposedly manages what to run at boottime05:19
harovalikunji: thanks05:20
Ben64!who | mhaz05:20
ubottumhaz: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:20
harovalidr_willis: just putting it there makes it plainly run ? no order or special tricks ?05:20
entreridr_willis: the "windows" key ?05:21
wiggmpkanyone else having an issue with suspend on 12.04?05:21
dr_willisharovali:  should.05:21
harovalidr_willis: thanks05:21
Ben64wiggmpk: nope, you're the only person05:21
mhazubuntu=train wreck=out05:21
harovaliis there a plain tutorial as to how to make a startup service with one's own scripts that you know of?05:21
dr_willis!upstart | harovali05:22
ubottuharovali: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/05:22
dr_willisthe upstart 'cookbook' is the best docs05:22
harovalithanks x 205:22
Ben64upstart isn't very easy to figure out though, but it should work if you read the whole manual, which is like 5200 pages05:22
wiggmpkBen64 :P funny05:22
harovaliBen64: yes I know. I'll put the damn script in /etc/rc.local :-)05:23
Ben64harovali: i was trying to figure out upstart for a while, gave up05:23
dr_willishmm. found the upstart cookbook fairly c;lear05:24
kunjiBen64: Like the iptables man page?05:24
harovaliBen64: I almost went crazy reading about systemd and survived, but startup is rather wierd to me (by my prejudices 'standards')05:24
dr_willissystemd - is going to be so,,,,weird when it eventually gets into ubuntu'05:24
harovalidr_willis: I'll give the cookbook a fair try, thanks a lot05:24
harovalidr_willis: I'm running it in arch05:25
aeon-ltdharovali: kinda have to though, don't you?05:25
harovaliaeon-ltd: I didn't get your sentence , sorry05:26
aeon-ltdharovali: initscripts being dropped, so you have to use systemd05:26
godzirrawell crap.05:27
harovaliaeon-ltd: yes, that was a very hard to swollow step in arch05:27
godzirraWhat md5sum were you guys getting?05:27
harovaliaeon-ltd: ultimately it wasn't horrible05:27
kepler7b7c56c74008da7d97bd49669c8a045d  Downloads/ubuntu-12.10-desktop-amd64+mac.iso05:27
kunjiHmm, are there any obvious regressions that might occur going to systemd from, is it upstart in use now?05:27
godzirraUh..  thats the one I got, but thats not the one in the md5sum file?05:27
godzirraCrap.  Yes, it was.05:28
godzirraI still had the wrong sum the first two times =p05:28
harovalithanks you all !05:28
keplerto be honest, i looked at the first 3 and last 3, so i went back to double check05:28
godzirraI was looking at the server md5 last time05:29
godzirraAlthough even looking at the right one, the last time my md5sum was still off05:29
godzirrawe'll see if booting works this time.05:29
harovalidr_willis: one last question, which component is responsible for running rc.local/* scripts ?05:29
godzirraThanks for all your guys help05:29
dr_willisharovali:  upstart handles them all.. it even relicagtges the sysv bits05:29
puffI'm stuck trying to get an HP photosmart 6520 printer/scanner worknig with ubuntu 12.4.05:29
wiggmpkEvery time I attempt to suspend, my screen turns black and then jumps back to my lock screen. Looking through /var/log/pm-suspend.log I only see 2 fails with NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant. After some googling I tried a few scripts (which have worked in the past) in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ with no effect. I tried unloading my wireless driver and disabling network-manager all together prior to suspending with no effect. Any thoughts?05:30
kunji!details | puff05:31
ubottupuff: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:31
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Jcopaceticok so according to my terminal, when I type dpkg -r filename I need super user privileges05:32
Ben64Jcopacetic: yeah, use sudo05:32
davey486is there a way to get input from my controller to tell me what keys presses are being sent from it?05:32
godzirraIndeed you do.05:32
dr_willisJcopacetic:  you need sudo rights for package management yes05:32
swang1irc 好了。。05:32
puffkunji: When I plug it in via USB, it shows up in lsusb output and ubuntu says driver not found.  Searched and found drivers for 6510.  Now it shows up in printers and I can print a test page.  Simple Scan doesn't see it for scanning.  Also, this printer is supposed to support wireless, so I'd like to get that working.05:32
singharkirathey everyone!05:32
singharkiratis there ubuntu available for ibm-powerpc05:33
singharkiratplease its urgent05:33
godzirraThis still seems to hang right after it finds the bluetooth usb host controller05:33
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ05:33
puffsingharkirat: Probably... what did the almighty google say?05:33
dr_willispppc  linux can be rather... problematic ive found05:33
kunjipuff: I'm no expert in printers.  You could check the output of scanimage -Lv though05:34
godzirraSo whats weird is regular ubuntu (not the mac one specifically) installs and runs just fine on my macbook...05:34
Jcopaceticthats embarrassing, we I removed scangearmp-mp280series:i386 1.60-1. should I remove all of the .debs I've unpacked?05:34
godzirraIts just the boot problem I'm having.  As in it doesn't boot.05:34
Jcopaceticrelated to my scanner that is...05:34
singharkiratpuff: i am getting for apple, not ibm05:34
aeon-ltdgodzirra: using refit?05:34
dr_willisJcopacetic:  unpacked? You mean Installed?05:34
aeon-ltdsingharkirat: see the link the bot posted05:35
puffkunji: Cool, will try that.05:35
dr_willissingharkirat:  whats the exact pc you have?05:35
godzirraaeon-ltd: I was originally using refit and it worked fine, but I blew away the mac partition which took refit with it.  Now I get the "No boot device" error.05:35
Jcopaceticwell my terminal unpacked them but sure05:35
godzirraaeon-ltd: I assumed installing grub would work.  I was incorrect.05:35
davey486dr_willis: is there something like xev that isn't part of the xserver package?05:36
singharkiratits ibm poerpc server05:36
ubuntu_Test.  Please Ignore...05:36
singharkirataeon-ltd: link please..05:36
davey486I've been looknig but can't find anything05:36
dr_willisdavey486:  not that ive ever noticed05:36
davey486k thanks05:36
puffkunji: Hm, scanimage -Lv says not found, but also suggests using sane-find-scanner, which reports seeing the scanner.  So maybe not SANE-supported.05:37
davey486do you know of anything like that for win xp?05:37
aeon-ltd!ppc | singharkirat05:37
ubottusingharkirat: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ05:37
singharkiratubottu: thanx..05:37
godzirraaeon-ltd: Any ideas how to do this without a mac partition?05:38
eolivaI'm having problems with Intel Series 7/C210 chipset and my sound is not working, I tried a lot of things: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=98cdb628090699b07d5eea844b19c725668f770605:38
aeon-ltdgodzirra: not a clue, unless there is some kind of refit install livecd05:38
kunjipuff: Maybe, all I know about it is that if the scanimage command had found it, then it should be working, so we've definitely confirmed there is a problem, unfortunately I don't even have a stab at a solution.05:38
harovaliyet another question: if I put an interface definition in /etc/network/interfaces , can I be confident that it will be processed at boot time without NetworkManager clash?05:40
datsmoidais there any reason to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.10 ?05:40
dr_willisyou want the 12.10 features05:40
godzirraaeon-ltd: Good call.  Didn't even think of that.  Trying it now.05:40
agentWillis, I wanted to do that but, i was waiting to read more about what problems are occuring05:41
dr_willisyou newd newer kernal..05:41
grahamcrackeri have 12.04 and 12.10 i dont even know the difference except 12.10 is buggier..05:41
datsmoidalol gr805:41
agentI've only just corrected wireless in 12'04 on my netbook. I was waiting beofr I tried 12.1005:41
datsmoidawhat are these features05:42
grahamcracker12.10's sidebar is cooler too05:42
dr_willisnewer kernel. newer drivers..05:42
datsmoidait's still buggy right05:42
datsmoidadem bugs05:42
dr_willislife is buggy05:42
datsmoidadon't need it05:42
dr_willis12.04 has bugs also05:43
datsmoidait works fine05:43
agentlater when I know what I'm dong more maybe.05:43
datsmoiday i need more05:43
datsmoidamore bugs05:43
dr_willisnewer kernel. newer drivers........05:43
kunjigrahamcracker: Personally I've experienced fewer bugs with 12.10, mainly in the case of wireless devices05:43
datsmoidacmon ..05:43
dr_willisis the main reason05:43
godzirraWireless was wicked easy to setup for me on 12.1005:43
godzirraI've not tried 12.04 though.05:43
dr_willisi got wireless thats fully linus supported. no hassles05:44
grahamcrackerkunji yeah i tried 12.04 and 12.10 on my desktop and 12.10 actually used my usb wireless receiver05:44
datsmoidawell now it's illegal to crack a phone, so05:44
agentfor wireless i did an upgrade and played with bios.  It broke a few times.05:44
kunjigodzirra: It mostly was for 12.04 as well, but there was a kernel update that made one of my devices jam the entire wireless band if it came under heavy load, it wasn't fun05:44
grahamcrackerbut 12.04 kept using the one onboard05:44
superear13.04 every app went slow ,why?05:44
grahamcracker12.04 on my laptop is just fine though05:45
grahamcrackeri was wiping my keyboard05:45
FloodBot1grahamcracker: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:45
cocomohow can i know the package version before installing it through sudo apt-get install?05:46
godzirraaeon-ltd: If I'm using refit, I don't need grub or anything right?  Do I neven need the partition mounted in /boot ?05:46
supereari love unity!!!05:46
godzirraI can boot refit with a livecd, but I can't figure out how to reinstall it from that live cd.  I think I need to install it to an hfs+ partition05:47
aeon-ltdgodzirra: i've found this but this user used quite an old macbook http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5166788&postcount=2105:47
godzirraThanks, let me read up.05:48
kunjicocomo: Umm, I think the simulation will tell you, I might be wrong though05:48
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »05:48
ubuntuw1204want to share printer from windows vista to ubuntu pls help05:49
Gnea!printer | ubuntuw120405:49
ubottuubuntuw1204: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu05:49
cocomokunji: i just added a repository for jdk now i want to install it but am affraid that sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk might install jdk from ubuntu repository!05:50
cocomoif i add a repository for packages that might also be present in official repo how can i install packages from repo i manually added?05:52
godzirracocomo: man apt-get05:53
timfrostcocomo: update the sources with 'sudo apt-get update', then use 'apt-cache policy openjdk-7-jdk' to see which repository will be ised05:54
timfrostcocomo: s/ised/used/ :)05:54
ubuntuw1204Gnea: how can i completely remove samba05:55
dr_willisubuntuw1204:  why do you need to?05:56
dr_willis!info samba05:56
ubottusamba (source: samba): SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.6-3ubuntu5 (quantal), package size 4010 kB, installed size 22359 kB05:56
cocomotimfrost: ty05:57
ubuntuw1204dr_willis: actually i want to reinstall samba06:00
dr_willisapt has a reinstall option06:01
timfrostcocomo: look for the 'Candidate:' line, which will show the preferred version (eg, for boinc-client on quantal, I get 'Candidate: 7.0.27+dfsg-5ubuntu0.12.04.1', which is in quantal-updates/universe06:01
dr_willisbut why do you expet to gain by it?06:01
dr_willisbut what  do you expet to gain by reinstalling  it?06:02
ubuntuw1204dr_willis: i have edited smb.conf file without backing it up06:04
ubuntuw1204dr_willis: also edited some files with gadmin-samba now i am confused... what to do06:05
dr_willis!find smb.conf06:05
ubottuFile smb.conf found in fusesmb, ledgersmb, manpages-zh, mythbuntu-common, nautilus-share, sadms, samba-common, samba-common-bin, samba-doc, smbldap-tools (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=smb.conf&mode=&suite=quantal&arch=any06:05
dr_willisi think the smb.conf is in samba-common06:06
wiggmpkubuntuw1204: /usr/share/samba/smb.conf should work for you mate06:06
dr_willispurge/reinstall that - to get back an original06:06
aeon-ltdthen make a backup copy so you don't have to do it again06:06
prakashbsHi Friends.. Can some one help me in understanding the license for Virtualization.. I want to use Microsoft VMs on Linux Hypervisor..06:07
prakashbsHi Friends.. Can some one help me in understanding the license for Virtualization.. I want to use Microsoft VMs on Linux Hypervisor..06:09
Ben64prakashbs: doesn't seem like an ubuntu issue, might want to ask in ##windows06:10
aeon-ltdprakashbs: dude it's only been 2 minutes, and this is not vm support06:10
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giggazillaAnyone good with partition recovery?06:22
val_ramosHello.  I am new to ubuntu and am loving it.  However, I've been struggling to get the nvidia experimental 310.14 driver to install successfully on my copy of 12.10.  Appreciate any help.06:23
jason766call the nearest customer service center06:24
SpeficicityIs there any particular reason the texlive package with ubuntu is 3 years old? =\06:24
SpeficicityAlthough I guess that has to do more with debian's packaging?06:24
mickeythewolfanyone know how to solve the usb drive can't be format problem06:24
mickeythewolfi got a usb drive that show empty but on property it show half of the drive is available06:25
mickeythewolfand it also can not be format06:25
jason766that means your drive is experiencing a problem06:26
OerHeksmickeythewolf, what kind of usb drive, U3 ?06:26
DSteelemickeythewolf: sounds like a problem I had b4 when the jumper pins were in the wrong position06:26
mickeythewolfflash drive06:26
giggazillaI had software raid using the onboard intel ich9 and one drive failed.  While the intel rapid storage software rebuilt the drive my second array doesn't show any data06:26
giggazillaIt had an ext3 filesystem on it.06:26
jason766throw your usb away then06:27
jason766buy a new one06:27
mickeythewolfwho got any solution ?06:27
wooAny support for 13.04 yet?06:28
woomickeythewolf: did you try gparted?06:29
timfrostwoo: support in 13.04 of what?06:29
=== Guest39908 is now known as karakedi
icerootwoo: #ubuntu+106:29
mickeythewolfno one got solution ?06:30
wootimfrost: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) && ty | iceroot06:30
giggazillajason766: It's not a usb drive. lol.  I was part of a raid array.06:31
woomickeythewolf: did you try gparted? or partition magic?06:31
mickeythewolfi tried ubuntu disk management06:32
dr_willisdd to zero the usb. then repartion it...06:32
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timfrostwoo:as iceroot indicated, general support of 13.04(Raring Ringtail) is in #ubuntu+106:33
wootimfrost: oh ya im there06:33
woomickeythewolf: dr_willis is < woo.  I would also check out fdisk, gparted and testdisk06:35
woodr_willis > woo06:35
vnc786i am running rsync and want to allocate 50% CPU currently i have done renice to -20 but can't see cpu usage high... its still low..06:36
=== cal is now known as Guest6543
mugsy_vnc786: perhaps the rsync process is not bound by cpu?06:37
icerootvnc786: its a bad idea to set something to -20, specially when it is very io-itensive06:38
kunjivnc786: Disk or network transfer rates are much more likely the cause, but we don't know your hardware setup06:38
icerootvnc786: and the main bottleneck will be %wa (io)06:38
vnc786i am just transfering from sata hdd to sata hdd06:39
vnc786iowait is 39.93 how abt that..06:41
icerootvnc786: and the main bottleneck will be %wa (io)06:41
icerootvnc786: have a look at "ionice" to adjust priority for io-tasks (with the wrong usage you can easily kill the system)06:42
vnc786iceroot: cpu0 95  cpu1 9506:42
icerootvnc786: i dont get what you really want to know. we have told you how to adjust the priority using "ionice"06:43
vnc786iceroot: cpu0 95  cpu1 95 --->%wa(io)06:43
icerootvnc786: and the main bottleneck will be %wa (io)06:43
icerootvnc786: what is your real question?06:43
icerootvnc786: and with %wa of 95, the system should be already nearly dead06:44
fedorhi there, i am desperate, pls help. I took all the steps i found in the net to make flash work with my webcam but to no avail. that just impossible for me. When i use streaming sites the picture in my webcam is greened i tried using some instructions posted in the net, but again that's useless. could you help06:46
W|cKeDi'm still having a problem with my wireless in ubuntu 10.04 for dell inspiron 154506:46
W|cKeDany help?06:47
vnc786iceroot: here is the scenario  the sda header is making noice nearly it is damage but can access data. now i running systemrescuecd  and copying to new hdd through rsync ..but from last 2 hour it is still copying a single iso..06:47
icerootvnc786: and what is your support-question?06:48
vnc786can i make rsync more faster by giving priority06:50
icerootvnc786: and the main bottleneck will be %wa (io)06:51
icerootvnc786: no06:51
dr_willisvnc786: ddrescue may be a better way to copy/recover from failing hard drives06:51
icerootvnc786: rsync is waiting ( %wa(it)) for your hdd to deliver/write the data06:51
W|cKeDhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1615241/ <---- can someone help in this? network unclaimed....what will i do to make it work? i got ubuntu 10.04 here06:52
vnc786iceroot: please have a look at top  http://pastebin.com/aJajqAxj06:52
icerootvnc786: the main problem is rsync is acting on a higher level, when you are using dd (or ddrescue) its working on low-level and does not to the complete repairing when something is broken06:52
icerootvnc786: rsync will try to reread something when there are ioerrors, dd will ignore those errors06:53
icerootvnc786: but ioerror means "file is broken"06:53
dr_willis!info fsarchiver06:54
ubottufsarchiver (source: fsarchiver): file system archiver. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.15-1 (quantal), package size 96 kB, installed size 280 kB06:54
dr_willisfsarchiver has verify and recover  options i recall06:55
wooW|cKeD: what os version?06:55
W|cKeDwoo, ubuntu 10.04 distro and i got dell inspiron 154506:55
vnc786iceroot: the issue is on sda(old sata) all data is on different partitions (logical) and now i m putting all that data on single hdd (750gb)..is there any better way to do that ...06:56
wooW|cKeD: means there is no wireless driver for that card06:59
ubuntuw1204i have a router and a printer want to share printer over router am using ubuntu 12.04  paste.ubuntu.com/1615393/06:59
wooW|cKeD: I am checking fourms and seems there are two ways to go about it 1. port the driver over to your machine 2. install linux-backports.  wish i could help more07:00
ubuntuw1204printer and scan over wifi router07:01
wooW|cKeD: did you try 'Additional Drivers'?07:01
=== alejandro is now known as Guest91808
W|cKeDhow can i port the driver to the machine? sorry bro still learnin stuffs hmmm for the backports i already did using package manager still not working07:01
W|cKeDyup that's what i did awhile ago no luck...07:02
njh_I'm trying to get ubuntu to boot on an aspire s707:08
njh_it boots perfectly from usb stick07:08
njh_but no matter what I try I can't get past "no bootable device insert boot disk" from the uefi or legacy loader07:09
njh_any suggestions?07:09
ubuntuw1204i have a router and a printer want to share printer over router am using ubuntu 12.04  paste.ubuntu.com/1615393/07:10
W|cKeDwoo, still there bro? got dc07:10
giggazillaSo I booted the ubuntu rescue remix live cd and mount one of the original partitions and located my fstab file.07:10
njh_the disk is raid, which might be my problem, although I have successfully created an efi partition and run efibootmgr07:10
giggazillaLooks like the soft raid array I need to recover is /dev/mapper/isw_cdbcbbccgc_Stuff2, but /dev only lists a isw_cdbcbbccgc_Stuff?07:11
ubuntuw1204abi_: i have a router and a printer want to share printer over router am using ubuntu 12.04  paste.ubuntu.com/1615393/07:12
Ben64!patience | ubuntuw120407:12
ubottuubuntuw1204: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:12
Ben64ubuntuw1204: also, don't ping random people in the channel07:13
ubuntuw1204Ben64: Ok sir, sorry!07:13
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Ben64ubuntuw1204: theres a driver on the page you linked to for the printer07:19
W|cKeD!seen woo07:20
ubottuI have no seen command07:20
giggazillaHmmm.... so testdisk found the missing partition on the second array07:20
njh_giggazilla, are you booting from raid?07:20
giggazillaI'm guessing it's a Primary partition and not primary bootable07:20
giggazillanjh_: I'm using the onboard intel ich9 chipset07:21
W|cKeDhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1615241/ <---- can someone help me on this? i got dell inspiron 1545 ubuntu 10.0407:21
giggazillalost a drive and it recovered the first array fine, then booted into windows to rebuild the second array, but doesn't show any data.07:21
=== l057c0d3r_ is now known as l057c0d3r
giggazillatestdisk shows the partition and even the files still on it.07:21
Ben64!details | W|cKeD07:22
ubottuW|cKeD: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:22
giggazillaI want to write the partition to it and not screw my other array up, but the starting block seems to be beyond the other partitions so I'm good?07:22
W|cKeDBen64, sir, i tried to activate my broadcom STA driver but i got an error message and here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/1615672/07:24
W|cKeDso i tried this command and got this output http://paste.ubuntu.com/1615241/ i'm using dell inspiron 1545 32bit ubuntu 10.04 kernel 2.6.32-21-generic07:26
Ben64I'm not seeing an error message. you might want to try a 12.04 or 12.10 live cd and see if it works there07:26
W|cKeDis there a cure to make my wireless recognizable?07:26
dr_williscure wiuld be getting some working drivers installed07:27
dr_willisa newer ubuntu may wirk better for ta.07:28
ubuntuw1204Ben64: I have the driver. There is a usb port in the router i connect the printer to that port. i am able to use the printer in windows but on ubuntu it doesn't show up..07:30
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antonio_I'm about to install Handbrake...Its saying that certain programs are going to be removed..for example gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad and  gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly, k3b, etc.  is this safe?07:31
flintserW|cKeD: did you try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:31
njh_antonio_, yes07:31
njh_in general you can always just reinstall them07:32
njh_apt won't let you uninstall important things07:32
njh_(well it will tell you)07:32
antonio_damn..can't install07:32
antonio_"handbrake-gtk:i386: Depends: libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 but it is not going to be installed07:32
flintserW|cKeD: and it seemed that those bcm43 and b43 drivers were blacklisted?07:32
antonio_is someone trying to get a broadcom to work?07:33
antonio_I found a super simple solution that worked for me last night07:33
issai have a big problem with my web server ubuntu07:37
issai m using ubuntu 12.04 and i have curl 7.2207:37
issaand i need to upadate the curl so how i can do that please ?07:38
Wulfissa: how is curl related to your webserver?!07:38
Wulfcurl is a client, webserver is a server07:38
antonio_anyone able to get Handbrake installed on 12.10?07:39
issaWulf, curl 7.22.0 (i686-pc-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.22.0 OpenSSL/1.0.1 zlib/1.2.3./1.23 librtmp/2.307:39
Wulfantonio_: apt-get install handbrake07:39
dr_willisantonio_: i think i did.. a few mo back.07:39
issaWulf, i need to use a php program who need curl 7.23+07:39
Wulfissa: gcc-4.7.real (Debian 4.7.2-5) 4.7.207:39
Wulfissa: then go and install a newer version07:40
dr_willis!info curl07:40
ubottucurl (source: curl): command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax. In component main, is optional. Version 7.27.0-1ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 143 kB, installed size 365 kB07:40
issai can use the quantal deb on my ubuntu 12.04 ?07:41
Wulfissa: you can at least try07:41
Wulfissa: if it does not work, recompile it07:41
issaeasy to say07:41
dr_willislook for a ppa for a newer version07:41
dr_willisis a better idea. ir look in backports07:42
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging07:42
issaok thanks07:43
issai will t ry today, see u later thanks07:43
linse_anyone uses thunderbird ?07:50
linse_want to setup mail account manually07:51
Wulflinse_: I don't. Is it any good?07:51
linse_Yes its oke07:51
Wulfwell, it certainly sounds more mighty than "mutt"07:51
linse_But now i want to add another mail domain and have troubles07:52
linse_You are right,but Iam not a pro07:52
ubuntuw1204linse_: whats the trouble?07:53
linse_And deal with another os also07:53
linse_can not configure out how to setup a mail account manual07:53
Wulf"edit" / "accounts"?07:53
Wulfor something like that07:53
linse_oke slowwwwwly07:53
linse_no,starts with "new "I guess07:54
=== tnaden is now known as tnud
linse_already tryed search engines ,but Iam on 12.04 and not on windw07:55
tnudHi, is the a log for the wired network interfaces? I'm having an issue where my connection seemingly resets for a split second now and then. It's almost like the connection is turned on and off07:56
linse_had a good idea08:02
linse_and could setup something08:03
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silv3r_m00nwhy netbook got ethernet, wifi, usb ports, on windows xp, I put in usb internet stick into usb, and then in network settings clicked "allow other users over network to use the internet connection" so other users over lan (on ethernet port) can use the internet connection, the netbook became a router basically, how can I do this same thing on ubuntu ?08:10
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
iceroot!ics | silv3r_m00n08:17
ubottusilv3r_m00n: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing08:17
iceroottnud: /var/log/syslog08:17
silv3r_m00niceroot: let me check08:19
tnudRIght, so this is my issue: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1615741/08:20
tnudWhen this happens, the IRC bot that I'm running disconnects in a way I can't recover atm. What is this? Can I stop it? Should I stop it?08:21
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
flintseruse static ip?, tnud08:23
john_doe_jrDoes anyone know why png files won't display on my apache server even though I have the full path to them?08:23
tnudIs it enough to set that in the router settings flintser, or should I change something in ubuntu too?08:24
kewelhow long should it take nickserv to send me my registration email?08:24
flintsertnud, in server, use static ip outside dhcp range.08:24
flintser!interfaces | tnud08:25
icerootjohn_doe_jr: display? apache is not displaying pictures, that is part of the browser08:27
flintserjohn_doe_jr: can you paste the part of your html where the png is?08:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest33814
tnudflintser, is this event triggered even if the new IP is the same?08:36
tnudas in.. does it restart the adapter?08:36
adam_hello @ all I've got problems to get a Gamepad running under Ubuntu 12.10. It's the Logitech G1308:38
adam_i cant get the drivers to run08:39
flintsertnud service networking restart08:40
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
flintseror /etc/init.d/networking restart08:40
tnudIs there a scheldued event to restart the connection?08:41
flintserit should only restart when told so08:41
flintseras in service networking restart08:41
tnudoh, right. Well I guess I'll be checking the syslog when this happens in the future08:43
tnudIt seems to be only affecting this damn irc bot though, so I might just get the creator of it to fix it :P08:43
keplercould tcpdump and watch the traffic08:44
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ketan985Anyone know alternate of m/monit08:50
=== cristian_c_ is now known as cristian_c
isaiashow can i add a pdf to my sidebar?08:56
isaiasnvm, google :P08:56
qkitguys, how can i check my dns setting in ubuntu 12.0408:57
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klawdhi! can i get a little help with my audio? i just can't get any sound09:01
ubottufirefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins09:02
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com09:02
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:02
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde09:02
klawdhi! can i get a little help with my audio? i just can't get any sound09:03
isaiasklawd: did you try and update?09:04
klawdupdate what?09:04
klawdmy system?09:04
klawdi'm up to date as far as i can tell09:04
isaiasklawd: System Update09:04
klawdso yeah, i'm up to date. still no sound09:06
isaiasklawd: open up your Dash Home and check for updates. if not, look for the drivers provided by your sound card's company09:06
roger21when i shutdown, should i use poweroff, halt or something else09:07
TakeItEZroger21: does "halt" work?09:07
OerHeksklawd, try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting09:07
roger21or shutdow... can't test now :o09:08
flintser"shutdown now" i use that usually09:08
isaiasI use shutdown09:09
klawdOerHeks: gonna go through that, thanks09:09
klawdmy soundcard shows up in aplay -l twice: as digital and as analog. is it possible that pulseaudio sends the output to the digital but not the analog jack?09:11
flintseryou can choose the output from the sound applet09:11
klawd"sound applet"?09:11
klawdi use xfce09:11
flintserxubuntu? i dont know about that very much09:12
klawdaaaah nice.09:13
klawdi found the pulseaudio config gui thingy09:13
klawdworks now :)09:13
flintseryep thought of that too, i just don't know what to call it in xfce, maybe its applet too09:14
Wiz_KeeDcan someone please help me setup networking printing from ubuntu 12.04 lts to a windows NT x8609:18
Wiz_KeeDi've tried multiple tutorials i can connect to it but when i try to print a test-page it says it's in queue an nothing happens09:19
flintsercorrect drivers in ubuntu? my printer needed extra drivers, generic didn't work09:20
Wiz_KeeDi have printed a test-page from windows and says the driver name and full printer name09:20
Wiz_KeeDi get confuse when i get deep into stuff09:20
flintserwhat printer do you have09:21
Wiz_KeeDHP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 609:21
Wiz_KeeDDriver name: UNIDRV.DLL09:21
Wiz_KeeDData file: hp23256.gpd Driver version: 6.00 Environment: Windows NT x8609:22
flintsertry to install hplib-gui09:23
Wiz_KeeDapt-get install hplib-gui?09:23
flintserit is hplip sorry09:23
flintserbut yes try that09:23
flintserapt-get install hplip-gui09:24
Wiz_KeeDwell i have all the drivers searched from the internet here when i configure the drivers09:24
Wiz_KeeDcan't i choose one from here?09:24
Wiz_KeeDwhen i select the printer click forward it automatically searches for drivers09:25
Wiz_KeeDi see all manufacturers, go to HP then LaserJET 230009:25
Wiz_KeeDand i see a bunch of them then09:25
Wiz_KeeDSeries hpcups 3.12.2 pcl2, hpcups09:25
Wiz_KeeDi get lost here09:25
flintserif it finds the correct one why not09:25
flintseri thought you already tried that :)09:26
Wiz_KeeDi don't know the last one, i got to the model09:26
rslickdo you use use system-config-printer09:26
Wiz_KeeDyeah but there are multiple drivers for this printer09:26
flintserselect pcl6 one09:26
GilesHello, Where can I go to troubleshoot problems with cdparanoia?09:26
Free-InfoHola Free-Boot-Info09:26
Free-Boot-InfoHola, que quieres?09:26
Free-InfoPollas Free-Boot-Info09:26
Free-Boot-InfoLo siento, solo tengo XoXo, te sirve?09:26
Free-InfoNo Free-Boot-Info09:26
Free-Boot-InfoEntonces; Adios! :)09:26
Free-InfoAdios Free-Boot-Info09:26
FloodBot1Free-Info: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:26
gribouilleI'm looking for a program that lists the id3 version 2.4 tags09:27
Free-Infosorry, a test only09:27
Wiz_KeeDno pcl6 here flintser09:27
rslickwiz esti ro?09:27
Wiz_KeeDda, de ce?09:27
rslickabia am instalat network printer09:27
flintserhmm i get a little confused now too... what do you have there?09:28
Ben64Free-Info: don't do that stuff here09:28
rslickcu system-config-printer09:28
Free-Infook ;)09:28
Wiz_KeeDthere are a few09:29
=== KimuSan^_ is now known as KimuSan^
flintserbut what09:29
Wiz_KeeDi used the recommended one and i got Idle - Connection failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME09:30
riqdiizHi all .can a compaq p3 use a 12volts dc car battery?09:30
Wiz_KeeDI can't copy paste and typing would take a lot, nothing with pcl609:31
flintserwell that error does not indicate driver problem09:31
flintserrather in your networking09:31
Wiz_KeeDdidn't show up so far...damn09:32
Wiz_KeeDthis is a loosing battle, i can't do it09:33
daincredibleholgI'm trying to write a upstart config for a tomcat, the template I am using is from here: https://gist.github.com/witscher/2924017, i just add an additional var CATALINA_BASE and this is the problem, this is not recognized. has anybody experiences with this?09:34
gribouilleI'm looking for a program that lists the id3 version 2.4 tags of an MP3 file09:37
Ben64Wiz_KeeD: losing*09:37
histogribouille: have you tried searching the software center?09:37
histogribouille: searching for mp3 tag maybe a good start09:38
Wiz_KeeDIt says Idle - Rendering completed09:38
histoor id309:38
Wiz_KeeDyet nothing happened09:38
Ben64jn98: no09:38
=== ericab is now known as ericab_away
historiqdiiz: yes but it's offtopic09:39
histoWiz_KeeD: what are you trying to do?09:40
Wiz_KeeDhisto, network printing from ubuntu 12.04 lts 32 bit to windows NT x86 printer09:41
riqdiizI thi  using a 12volts dc car battery?09:42
histoWiz_KeeD: are you using cups?09:42
histoWiz_KeeD: there is a driver for yoru printer built in.09:42
Ben64riqdiiz: we can't help you with that, sorry09:42
historiqdiiz: yes you can power a computer with a 12v car battery.09:42
Wiz_KeeDyeah i think it's something related to cups histo09:42
histoWiz_KeeD: Which cups driver are you using?09:43
histo!cups | Wiz_KeeD09:43
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu09:43
=== c[0]li is now known as siapa
Wiz_KeeDhow do i find out histo ?09:45
histoWiz_KeeD: How do you find out what?09:45
duanedesignWiz_KeeD:  Command History09:45
Wiz_KeeDthe cups driver09:46
=== siapa is now known as c[0]li
duanedesignWiz_KeeD: what printer?09:48
Wiz_KeeDHP LaserJet 2300 Series PCL 6 duanedesign09:48
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: if you get "Connection failed: NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME" you should check the connection/printer-name in cups setting again09:48
Wiz_KeeDTakeItEZ, how do i do that?09:48
duanedesigntheir is the package  -  http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/printer-driver-gutenprint09:48
histoWiz_KeeD: follow the directions from cups09:48
histoWiz_KeeD: from ubottu sorry09:49
histo!cups > Wiz_KeeD09:49
ubottuWiz_KeeD, please see my private message09:49
duanedesignWiz_KeeD: according to http://gimp-print.sourceforge.net/p_Supported_Printers.php   that printer is supported, i think, by that driver09:49
Wiz_KeeDso i run that deb duanedesign ?09:50
TakeItEZbest choice usually is hpijs/hplip driver for HP printers09:50
Wiz_KeeDSays here a later version is already installed09:50
duanedesignwhat version of Ubuntu ?09:50
=== jayne_ is now known as jayne
Wiz_KeeD12.04 LTS 32bit09:50
Wiz_KeeDI think teamviewer would be the best choice in this kind of problem lol09:51
Wiz_KeeDI'll add it again, maybe send a screenshot09:51
Wiz_KeeDAdd new printer -> Network Printer -> Find Network Printer -> Host -> Find ... Searching ...09:52
Wiz_KeeDFound two printers09:53
Wiz_KeeDWindows Printer Via SAMBA -> Select HP laserjet -> Forward09:54
Wiz_KeeDSearching for drivers...Select printer from database / Provide PPD file / Search for a printer driver to download09:54
Wiz_KeeDNow what? :))09:55
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: from database09:55
Wiz_KeeDYes sir...HP09:55
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: manuf HP - printer "laserjet 2300"09:55
Wiz_KeeDIt's just selectboxes09:56
histoWiz_KeeD: select your model hp laswerjet 230009:56
Wiz_KeeDso i got HP, forward and i get models09:56
histo!manual | Wiz_KeeD09:56
ubottuWiz_KeeD: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:56
Wiz_KeeDLaserJet 230009:56
Wiz_KeeDAnd i have 11 drivers09:56
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: in the driver-selection, is there any hplip/hpijs "recommended" driver shown?09:57
Wiz_KeeDonly one saying HP LaserJET 2300 - CUPS + Gutenprint v5.2.8-pre1[en]09:57
Wiz_KeeDTakeItEZ, there is one hpijs pcl3, 3.12.2[en]09:57
Ben64so its physically connected to the windows computer and youwant to print over the network from the ubuntu computer?09:57
Wiz_KeeDyes Ben64 that is correct09:58
Ben64are you able to print from a different computer over the network?09:58
flintsergot an idea, is windows sharing correctly configured and are the computers on same workgroup09:58
Wiz_KeeDyes, from a windows configured one09:58
Wiz_KeeDhow do i check my workgroup in ubuntu?09:58
Wiz_KeeDNow what :-s09:59
flintserif you want gui install system-config-samba09:59
Wiz_KeeDnot really10:01
Wiz_KeeDso which driver should i pick...10:01
Wiz_KeeDPrint test page queue 17 Printer state IDle and nothing10:01
ExpressAMñâÿòàÿ êîðîâà10:02
=== aguslr` is now known as aguslr
ZDroidHow to install KDE 4.10 on precise?10:03
Ben64ExpressAM: this channel is for english only, and you might want to get a client that supports proper encoding if you wish to use your native language.10:03
ZDroidi have unity, but want to try other10:03
ExpressAMBen64, okay. np10:03
DJones!kde | ZDroid (Not sure which is the current version), but this should help,10:04
ubottuZDroid (Not sure which is the current version), but this should help,: KDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.10:04
ZDroidok, but without kubuntu-desktop?10:04
ZDroidkde-full or kde-plasma-desktop?10:05
=== raddy_ is now known as raddy
ZDroidWhat to chose?10:05
Ben64ZDroid: kde10:05
phoenixsamprasmorning, Unity is going down....10:05
phoenixsamprasdont like kde10:05
raddyIs it possible to start a native installation through wubi?10:05
ZDroidyou can chose your lang10:06
duanedesignWiz_KeeD:  looks like this driver might support your printer http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/index.html10:06
Ben64oh, kde package doesn't exist anymore10:06
ZDroidraddy: Were you looked to some chose menus?10:07
OerHeksraddy no. native you should start a native install tru dvd or usb10:07
Ben64ZDroid: kde-plasma-desktop10:07
ZDroidOerHeks: that changed? o.O10:07
ZDroidi installed U11.10 on 1 computer with serbian10:07
OerHeksZDroid, it was never possible to start a native install tru wubi10:07
histo!notunity | ZDroid10:08
ubottuZDroid: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic10:08
ZDroidi know histo10:08
=== vincent is now known as Guest19085
Guest19085!nick vincent8110:12
MonkeyDustGuest19085  it's /nick not !nick10:12
=== Guest19085 is now known as Vincent81
Vincent81thanks i've not used irc for a long time10:13
vnc786i have created pendrive multiboot using iso from (pendrivelinux.com) i m able to boot ubuntu12.04 64bit but i am not able to boot systemrescuecd it gives "files not found" and "you need to load kernel first" i have got this http://askubuntu.com/questions/141940/how-to-boot-live-iso-images thread but how do i do on usb10:14
jakey1I have 2 computer with ubuntu 12.04, how do I ssh between them?10:15
DJones!ssh | jakey110:15
ubottujakey1: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)10:15
Wiz_KeeDOk now step 210:16
DJonesjakey1: You need to ssh server on the machine you want to ssh to, then on the client run ssh ip-address-of-machine-you-want-to-ssh-to10:16
Wiz_KeeDI found out the printer had some sort of error and if i manually confirmed on it it printed the 20 test pages i sent10:17
Wiz_KeeDbut every time i try to pring something i have to go there and confirm it by button10:17
DJonesjakey1: Have a look at the link that ubottu gave, thats a good starting point for ssh10:17
DJonesPretty much walks you through how to get it set up10:17
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: try using a different driver then10:17
Wiz_KeeDSo it's the driver still10:17
Wiz_KeeDyet work when i print out10:17
pybeHaving an issue with unmet deps http://pastebin.com/KsKXtujc10:18
pybeany ideas?10:18
Ben64pybe: check line 9?10:20
pybelmao how the hell did i miss that10:21
pybeBen64: thanks /boot is full10:23
OerHekssudo apt-get autoclean should fix that10:24
Wiz_KeeDTakeItEZ, using samba means it's trying to print through the windows server and i should try to do it directly?10:24
graydonhey is anyone here familiar with lxde or similiar guis?10:25
datsmoidai use gnome classic with no effects10:26
datsmoidaanyone know how to address the issue of a program running as a service in ubuntu10:26
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: you might connect the printer directly and test, but i'd first try a different driver10:26
datsmoidaand then i'm running a 2nd instance of it ..10:26
datsmoidaand how to restart the 2nd instance ?10:26
datsmoidathe program is TOR10:26
DJonesgraydon: It might be worth asking in #lubuntu, a lot of people probably use lxde here, but Lubuntu uses lxde by default10:27
graydoncool. so im on a netbook, so the standard ubuntu 12 gui is too heavy for my system. i switched to lxde and its very fast now, but i want to be able to search my applications like you can with the unity toolbar10:27
graydonis that possible?10:28
dr_willishmm. unity ran ok on my 2 netbooks10:28
Vincent81i'm on a netboot and run kde frine10:28
graydonwell mine is only 1gb ram10:28
Vincent81mine aswell with atom 1,66Ghz10:29
dr_willissame here. ;-)10:29
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
dr_willisor i may be thunking of my older netbook. i got 210:29
Wiz_KeeDOk it tries to use Tray 1 instead of Tray 2, that's all there it other than that it's golden10:29
Vincent81i wich way is it slow10:30
dr_willisthere may be some docks with a dash like feature10:30
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: check printer-settings, you might change the tray-setting there10:30
graydondunno why mine was so laggy, but it was unbearable. anyways can i add some kind fo plugin to search applications, or possibly add the unity toolbar to a different gui like lxde??10:30
dr_willisdident notice mine being slow.. but uts been months sunce i last used ir10:30
Wiz_KeeDHow come the windows stations can use tray 2 automatically?10:31
jakey1How do you ssh in the terminal into another ubuntu machine, it s one line of code i remember10:31
TakeItEZWiz_KeeD: ask hp/ms10:31
dr_willisjakey1:  ssh server10:32
TakeItEZjakey1: ssh user@hostname10:32
brotherBoxjakey1, ssh user@host10:32
dr_willislwarn     ssh --help10:32
dr_willislearn.. ;-)10:33
jakey1haha yes10:33
dr_willismostcommands --help10:33
pybeok so fixed the full /boot issue but still left with unmet dep http://pastebin.com/Rijez48t tried autoremove and -f install but not getting anywhere10:33
Ben64also "man <command>10:33
Ben64ignore that quote10:34
Ben64pybe: pastebin "dpkg -l | grep -i linux-image"10:35
graydonso does anyone know if i can add unity dashboard to different guis?10:36
graydon.j lxde10:37
simon_q12:04 and nsupdate automatically updateing dns anybody ?10:38
=== pipopopo_ is now known as pipopopo
pybeBen64: http://pastebin.com/DV8cDeq510:38
=== _mnathani_ is now known as mnathani
Ben64pybe: try removing and reinstalling linux-image-server10:40
dr_willisgraydon: doubtfull. its a compiz plugin10:41
dr_willisvnc786:  i just use the multiboot tools at the pendrive linux site10:41
graydonthanks dr willis10:42
pybeBen64: can you reinstall the meta package using dpkg? becasue apt is non functioning because of the unmetdeps10:43
KeyboardNotFoundare you suggest to use antivirus on linux ?10:43
vltKeyboardNotFound: Usually not.10:44
dr_willisi thought lubuntu had some netbook interface with like a dash ui.. never used it however..10:44
=== kluseczka is now known as karolina612
vnc786dr_willis: do u know how do i modify grub entry in order to systemrescuecd i have got one thread http://askubuntu.com/questions/141940/how-to-boot-live-iso-images can u look at this ..10:44
Ben64pybe: dpkg -r linux-image-server10:44
jakey1What happens if the computer are not on the same network?10:45
jakey1how do i ssh then10:45
Ben64same way10:45
TakeItEZjakey1: ssh user@host10:45
dr_willisvnc786: you can setup grub to boot iso files. each distro needs different options.10:45
jithucan anyone suggest webcam effect software?10:45
TakeItEZjakey1: it makes no difference where the 2nd machine is, you just need a network-route to it10:45
pybeBen64: ok but what then?10:46
TheGreyo/ is it basically impossible to run a speaker test on a headphones? I keep getting this error: http://pastebin.com/sqnF35J810:46
Ben64pybe: then apt shouldn't complain anymore and you can finish installing the kernel(s) you want10:47
jribjithu: cheese10:47
jithuhow can i install cheese?10:47
jakey1whats the program i need to view things remotley x11?10:47
vnc786dr_willis: so can u tell me how do i do update-grub because i m usb10:47
Yizii want to add a new user to ubuntu server and assign /var/www/domain.com as their home directory10:47
DJonesjithu: sudo apt-get install cheese10:47
jithuk jones10:48
pybeBen64: no, still the same, still cant use apt, -f install and autoremove still fail10:48
jribYizi: use adduser (read its man page).  What is your question?10:48
Ben64Yizi: you should use apache conf to have the domain hosted in their normal /home/<user> directory10:48
onondid someone here know the tittyfuck putty mod?10:48
Yiziso /var/www is not a good place?10:48
YiziI assumed it would be more secure10:49
jakey1whats the program i need to view things remotley in the terminal?10:49
Yizi@jakey1 puty10:49
jribonon: this channel is for ubuntu support, mind your language here10:49
jakey1not putty10:49
Ben64Yizi: nah, its kind of strange to have a home directory in /var10:49
ononoh sry10:49
jakey1its x11 or something10:49
Yizithanks ben10:49
Ben64jakey1: vnc? x forwarding?10:50
dr_willis!ssh | jakey110:50
ubottujakey1: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)10:50
jithuwhich is the best dowloader like idm in windows?10:50
Ben64!best | jithu10:51
ubottujithu: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:51
jithuwhich downloader have multithreading?10:52
Ben64probably others too10:52
AppleJuicejithu, A download program does not need to be multithreaded to be good.10:53
jithui want to increase downloading speed10:54
ononuse putty10:54
vltHello. I’m trying out Ubuntu running the install ISO from an USB drive. Perfectly fine. Is there a way to save the settings and changes like (conf) files in ~/ or installed programms to an or the very same USB stick to have them at the next boot?10:56
Vincent81jakay1 try searching nx server of freenx10:56
KeyboardNotFoundis ubottu is opensource bot ?10:57
AppleJuicevlt, Hi. Yes, I used NetBootin to make a live usb disk and checked the "Persistence" option so any changes to the live cd are kept.10:58
Vincent81vlt i think is't saved for u10:58
sinihow do i into le haxing?10:58
Boakamxeyou le leet into xDDD 9f;ag ubuntu10:59
ononi like le ubuntu11:00
Boakamxele ubuntu is leet xDDDD11:00
AppleJuicevlt, The program is called unetbootin. I see now there is a additional standart program on my ubuntu pc which provides the same feature (persistence)11:00
* sini le hacks away11:00
BoakamxeFreenode, AKA "reddit, the IRC network"11:01
BoakamxeIs full of normal hipsters11:01
Ben64Boakamxe: stop11:01
Yizineed a expert advice on web server (ubuntu) should i host the virtual hosts in /var/www or home/username ?11:02
MonkeyDustYizi  #ubuntu-server11:03
JpmhI run a number of public access computers in coffee shops using xubuntu - I use really old/cheap hardware  = what is the difference that I would see if I changed to lubuntu?11:04
vltAppleJuice, Vincent81: Thanks11:05
MonkeyDustJpmh  http://i.imgur.com/3N5f6.jpg11:05
=== KeyboardNotFound is now known as Keyboard_Away
vltHow do I switch between multiple instances of the same programm (gnome-terminal in this case)?11:06
vlt(Alt+Tab doesn’t do what I expected)11:07
odyssey4mectrl-tab ?11:07
MonkeyDustvlt  alt-esc ?11:07
vltodyssey4me: Nope11:07
vltodyssey4me: negative11:07
vltMonkeyDust: ^11:07
JpmhMonkeyDust: ty - what I really meant was - what will I notice different as an admin/maintained and what if anything will my users who use ONLY firefox notice11:08
jakey1it was ssh yourname@example.com -X11:09
Ben64Jpmh: firefox works the same on every desktop environment11:09
jribJpmh: might be lighter ram-wise. Set it up on one of your computers and see11:09
JpmhBen64: ty11:10
Jpmhjrib: is it just the desktop that makes it lighter or is there more?11:11
MonkeyDustJpmh  try a live cd or usb to experience the difference11:11
jribJpmh: the default programs just use less ram.  It's just openbox with some theming I believe11:12
MonkeyDust!rootirc | root_11:14
ubotturoot_: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.11:14
justmmthi :o)11:14
yarajuhi :o)11:14
yarajuAnyone here familiar with unity, 12.04 and Alacarte?11:14
ejcwebRecently I've noticed the fan on my laptop running noisily all the time in Ubuntu. Can anyone suggest how I can go about diagnosing this?11:14
justmmthow to search a file in a folder but not recursively. do not care abour my grammar please11:15
Jpmhso guys will the wifi drivers that are in ubuntu and xubuntu be available for my coffee shops where I need to be wifi connected?11:15
xiphiI require assistance...11:15
DJones!ask | xiphi11:15
Vincent81ejcweb try searching lm-sensors11:15
ubottuxiphi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:15
jakey1is it possible to ssh into a virtual machine on a host?11:15
MonkeyDustjakey1  yes11:16
cfhowlettJakee`_, of course11:16
yarajuI just installed 12.04 LTS and despite following a bunch of forums, I find that adding a menu item to Alacarte doesn't make it show up in a Dash search.11:16
jribjustmmt: you want to search the contents of a single file?11:16
Vincent81a VM is just another computer11:16
xiphiHow do I make 12.10 faster? It was running fine for the first day or so... Now it's really laggy.11:16
yaraju(I'm trying to add Eclipse) Does anyone know how I could get this to work?11:16
BoakamxeObviously drivers11:16
cfhowlettxiphi,  speak up and don't spare the details11:16
xiphi... Everything lags.11:17
Vincent81corrupt harddisk11:17
xiphiI seriously doubt that.11:17
nirvanahwhy 11.04 is not LTS11:17
Ben64ram and swap are full11:17
Ben64!lts | nirvanah11:18
ubottunirvanah: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)11:18
ggherdovHi all. I have the unpleasure of being behind an HTTP proxy, and find myself in the need of adding a repo with "add-apt-repository ppa:(...)" What is the config file where I can tell apt about my proxy? as a side note, I have already successfuly set the proxy at  /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy , but apparently it's not enough11:18
DJonesnirvanah: LTS are released every 2 years, 10.04 followed by 12.0411:18
yarajuIs there a different place I should ask #unity questions?11:19
vltMonkeyDust, odyssey4me: I found out. Hold the Alt key while the terminal icon is highlighted.11:19
jribggherdov: « apt-config -dump » on pastebin11:20
ggherdovjrib: coming...11:20
jribggherdov: « apt-config dump » on pastebin11:20
vltI’m still trying ubuntu from install iso.  How can I make ctrl+alt+l work?11:21
* yaraju heads over to #ubuntu-unity11:22
MonkeyDustvlt  that's your second keyboard question - are you sure the keyboard is ok?11:22
vltMonkeyDust: Yes. The first question was solved too ;-)11:22
justmmtjrib, yep, and not inside all the folder which are inside11:23
vltMonkeyDust: ctrl+alt+l doesn’t work from the shutdown menu either.11:23
ggherdovjrib: http://bpaste.net/show/3XbDFYlVZ3qVQYoWBpl9/ I just removed a couple of passwords.11:23
jribjustmmt: just "grep search_pattern /path/to/file"11:23
jribggherdov: hmm, that seems ok11:24
jribggherdov: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Howto?action=show&redirect=AptGetHowto#Setting_up_apt-get_to_use_a_http-proxy try just using http_proxy to see if that at least works.  Then we can try to think more about why apt.conf method isn't working11:25
Ben64because add-apt-repository is a python script11:25
jribggherdov: what exactly is failing?11:28
ggherdovjrib: ok thanks. Ben64 yep.11:28
ggherdovjrib: http://bpaste.net/show/4A6ARlKrfBi3UpgMTEVE/11:28
ggherdovcannot resolve launchpad.11:29
ravenwhich file contains start commands for user?11:29
jribggherdov: ah. Setting http_proxy is probably enough11:29
ggherdovjrib: it's already in place. both $http_proxy and $https_proxy have the right value. I use tinyproxy to manage everything.11:30
ggherdovjrib: i.e. , if I do "curl launchpad.net" , I get the HTML back (code 200 I mean)11:32
jribggherdov: hmm, maybe the python library ignores the http_proxy environment, which is sad :/11:32
sinii am haxor nao11:32
justmmtjrib, I meant, it's a file what I search, inside folder00, but I don't want to search inside folder00/otherFolders, just folder0011:33
sinianyone need haxor11:33
sini$200 an hour11:33
jribjustmmt: give the path to the file then11:33
MonkeyDustsini  wrong channel11:33
ggherdovjrib: exactly, the bottleneck is urllib2 from python. looking into that. thank you again.11:33
jribsini: stop.  Not here please11:33
ravenhow to autostart command line tools in usermode on text systems?11:33
MonkeyDustsini  and it's hax0r, not haxor11:33
peter__egreetings, I'm having trouble getting a ZTE MF821D mobile modem to work in Precise, it only appears as a wired connection in nm-applet11:34
jribggherdov: you could work around it if you want.  Just add the ppa directly to your sources.list and then follow the instructions on getting the PPAs key (they're on launchpad).  Hopefully you can fetch the key fine through the proxy...11:34
ggherdovjrib: that's good news, thanks.11:34
jribraven: give an example11:34
jribggherdov: see here: https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/node.js/11:34
bebojhi, I hvae issue my beep command dosent work11:35
vltAny idea how to make ctrl+alt+l work in tryout mode?11:35
ggherdovjrib: ok11:35
sinisosry didn't mean anithax11:36
jribggherdov: and here are the instructions https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/InstallingSoftware (just follow the old instructions for pre 9.10 to avoid using add-apt-repository).  I'd also suggest filing a bug if you determine that it's ignoring http_proxy11:36
ggherdovjrib: great11:36
lpanebrhello, sorry if this is not the place for this. I am on a notebook with dual graphics Intel(integrated) and Radeon HD 6400M. I have ubuntu 12.04 installed . After the last xorg system update I am stuck in 2D graphics mode in unity.  Any idea how should I approach this?11:37
sinii just rly need haxjob ya know?11:37
sinimy mom stopped giving me lunch money11:37
BoakamxeYup, Reddit, the IRC network11:38
peter__elpanebr, can you still access AMD Catalyst Control Center?11:38
jribggherdov: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/53146/how-do-i-get-add-apt-repository-to-work-through-a-proxy It seems like it's because sudo sanitizes your environment and removes the proxy.  You can try "sudo -i", then set http_proxy, then try add-apt-repository (no sudo)11:39
lpanebrpeter__e: I do not have it installed. It never worked. I was happy using the integradet Intel driver.11:39
ggherdovjrib: uhm... checking11:39
jribggherdov: and also see bug #516032 :)11:40
ubottubug 516032 in software-properties (Ubuntu) "add-apt-repository doesn't work behind a proxy" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51603211:40
ggherdovjrib: :-)11:40
vnc786how to run update-grub2 on usb ?11:40
peter__elpanebr, ok...  know for sure that at least the latest stable release of Catalyst supports GPU switching11:40
peter__elpanebr, so that rules out your Radeon at least11:41
peter__elpanebr, and I have very little experience with intel's stuff, sorry11:41
lpanebrpeter__e: yes, I guess it does. I's gotta be something with the Intel integrated..11:41
lpanebrpeter__e: do you recommend installing the catalist?11:43
peter__elpanebr, I recommend using what you think is best for you :P  only suggested Catalyst 13.1 because I know it supports GPU switching11:44
nearsthi ppl11:44
peter__elpanebr, if you install Catalyst manually you have to be careful with some stuff... like checking for kernel and xorg updates, because you'd need to uninstall catalyst frt, install the upgrade and reinstall catalyst everytime11:45
peter__efrt -> first*11:46
nearstwhats up?11:46
lpanebrpeter__e: hmm..  thanks for the tip11:46
bebojhow  beep command get to work?11:46
peter__elpanebr, np... also there is a dkms package you might need to install too for HDMI to work11:47
dr_willisbeboj:  which beep command? the 'pc speaker module' is normally blacklisted and under X apps that 'beep' normally use the pulse audio system beep11:47
lpanebrpeter__e: do you know what is that package?11:48
peter__elpanebr, hang on11:50
nearstwhy my sudo lshw -C video output is *-display UNCLAIMED ?11:51
roger21boboj, yeah you need to add a module, add pcspkr in /etc/modules11:52
peter__elpanebr, http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?75650-AMD-Catalyst-12-11-Beta-11-Released-For-Linux&p=299825#post29982511:52
dr_willisbeboj:  then theres some old X bugs that kept some system beeps from working even if the pc spkr was not blacklisted.. :) Then ya got systems like the one om on now.. it dosent even have a pc speaker as far as  i can tell.11:53
bebojyeah I see :)11:53
bebojits only for mutt to get work notifier11:54
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yermanduGood mornig linuxers12:03
lekremyelsewI installed a Wireless Access Point to my home network and it works fine, but it is not password protected. How do I change the password on it?12:03
=== knoppix is now known as Arty-on-knoppix
cfhowlettyermandu, greetings12:04
nibblerlekremyelsew: log in to its IP/Webpage and use the manu12:04
yermanduLet me know, its possible using free ways watch vimeo, youtube, html5 videos in browser like firefox12:05
yermandui mean not using adobe flash12:05
lekremyelsewnibbler, it's a separate device from my router, so I don't know how to find the web interface12:05
cfhowlettyermandu, yes that's what html5 was meant to enable12:05
dr_willisthers flash downloader plugins yermandu  you an use to download the videos.. then watch with somthing else.. if needed12:06
=== Owner is now known as Guest66543
yermanducfhowlett, i haved tryed six month ago but no success, now i will reformat my pc but i really want try use free plugins12:07
cfhowlettyermandu, do you have the restricted extras?12:07
cfhowlettyermandu, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras12:08
yermanducfhowlett, no i havent add no one repository, hmmm let try, this take a long while12:08
dr_willis!info ubuntu-restricted-extras12:09
cfhowlettyermandu, that should fix most of your multimedia codec issues ...12:09
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used restricted packages for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 57 (quantal), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB12:09
cfhowlettdr_willis, thnx12:10
beadsquick question, semi related. i recently switched from windows to ubuntu. i noticed right when i switched, that i was masturbating more frequently, and it even resulted in chafing. my question is, is there any way to heal the now open sores on my phallus?12:10
cfhowlettbeads, stupid is as stupid does.  Now bugger off and take your nonsense with you.12:10
Ben64i guess tonight is troll night?12:11
BoakamxeIt's worse, he started to have a waifu12:11
* cfhowlett is sorry if I was a bit snappish, but it's just a little much to endure such criminal stupidity at times. Probably why I've never been invited to be a channel mod ...12:11
BoakamxeTrolling is an art, m812:14
=== arcsky_ is now known as arcsky
BoakamxeI recently switched from windows to ubuntu, I noticed that I started watching anime more often and more frequently visited reddit and 9gag, how can I aquire battletoads to fix my problem?12:15
sinihow make waifu in linux12:15
sinii cant into python12:15
Boakamxeimport waifu12:16
DJonesBoakamxe: Stop that12:16
ry|ani reckon you need to use perl12:16
CookieMmaybe they are ms-sent trolls?12:16
ry|anpython is for virgin nerds who cant have waifus12:17
PrincessLunaHi, my teacher saw Kubuntu running on my computer and asked me to install it on his ultrabook. I attempted to boot a liveusb, the computer froze and I powered off. Now the computer won't switch on. The computer is a Samsung 530U3C. Is this related. I thought hardware cannot be damaged using software apart from perhaps overclocking.12:17
BoakamxeYou need to import warfrogs.py12:18
dr_willisHmm.. Theres a known bug i saw mentioned the other day with some Samsung Laptops.. but i dident catch the details12:18
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, overclocking would definitely crash it.  software?  unlikely but not impossible12:18
cfhowlettdr_willis, it was UEFI but there was a patch?12:18
dr_willisi dont recall..12:19
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, possible UEFI would cause this failure12:19
DJonesPrincessLuna: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Booting-Linux-using-UEFI-can-brick-Samsung-laptops-1793958.html12:19
PrincessLunacfhowlett: I does not start at all, and yes it is a UEFI system12:19
dr_willisI thought there was some Possible Bricking of some make laptops by the install process..12:19
dr_willis;) thats it.12:19
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, dr_willis yep on the newer UEFI equipped laptops12:20
siniI tried deleting system32 but my computer is still alive?12:20
sinihow do i kill it in linux?12:20
PrincessLunacfhowlett: DJones  Anyway to get it working again?12:20
cfhowlettsini, system32 is  a windows folder.  Why are you killing it with linux?12:21
Ben64cfhowlett: ignore that, it's just a troll12:21
siniid cfholett thats my problem12:21
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, Samsung + uefi + brick + linux are the search terms...12:21
cfhowlettBen64, thanx12:21
DJonesPrincessLuna: Sorry, I don't know about fixing, I just remembered the article12:21
ivotklHello everyone.12:22
cfhowlettivotkl, greetings12:22
PrincessLunaSince it isn't my laptop, it kind of looks like I bricked it. And myself I'm in a tight spot saving for university so I really want to avoid having to pay for the damage. I really didn't expect such a bug could exist12:24
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eightieskI have a GTX650 with a 32 inch sony tv with hdmi, the screen res is too large for the screen and it stays that way no matter what i do, how can i configure this to work properly?12:24
dr_willisPrincessLuna:   all we really know about it is at the urls given above.12:24
Ben64eightiesk: define "too large"12:24
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, if it's any comfort, this was/is considered a bug of "nuclear" importance.  a fix is/was forthcoming12:25
=== Guest72992 is now known as TheRainbowDusk
eightieskBen64: the panels are offscreen12:25
Ben64eightiesk: do you have the nvidia driver installed?12:26
eightieskI do12:26
DJonesPrincessLuna: Just searching, as far as I can see, the laptops have to be sent back to samsung for a warranty repair12:26
Ben64eightiesk: nvidia-settings should let you fix that then12:26
eightieskwhere though, all the settings I've tried do the same12:27
eightieskweither i do 720 or 108012:27
eightiesksame results12:27
Ben64eightiesk: could be the tv's overscan setting12:27
PrincessLunaDJones: It isn't my laptop so I don't really know. Maybe I should just insist that it is defective hardware and Ubuntu cannot brick a laptop. But then if he tries to install Ubuntu himself I'm in trouble12:28
Arty-on-knoppix... or when he reads same articles... :-)12:28
eightieskBen64: overscan?12:28
Boakamxeget a monitor12:29
Ben64eightiesk: yeah, kind of out of the scope of this channel but hdtvs usually have overscan by a few percent. there should be a setting somewhere to turn it off12:29
BoakamxeOr use 1360x768 until you get one12:29
eightieskBoakamxe: the limitation is I do not have the room for a tv and a moniter12:30
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, give him a loaner, wait for the fix and repair and return at a later date.12:30
BoakamxeMount the TV behind the monitor12:30
BoakamxeYou can thank me later12:30
eightieskWhere is the xconf file?12:31
Ben64usually there isn't one12:31
PrincessLunacfhowlett: And how would I repair it?12:31
eightieskthen what does x read now ?12:31
=== dp_wiz_ is now known as dp_wiz
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, as I said, there is no fix for this yet that I can see.  Apparently that is still weeks away.  If and when, download the new fix, inject and, hopefully, boot as normal ...12:33
jakey1how do i port forward on ubuntu12:33
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, or go the route of so many others and return the device to samsung for a replacement12:33
eightieskDo you thing a dvi to hdmi converter would be better?12:33
PrincessLunacfhowlett: Besides I only own one computer; an old netbook. I'm not in the best financial situation. But if there is no alternative I have to compensate12:33
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall12:33
cfhowlettPrincessLuna,  I feel for you. Best to show him the documented cases and help him to submit his return to samsung perhaps?12:34
PrincessLunacfhowlett: The problem is the computer does not even start, no fans or anything so how would one update its firmware12:34
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, that I don't know ...12:34
ivotklThank you cfhowlett. I'm trying to recover a drive, I've used testdisk but MarkPhelps @ ubuntuforums advised me he usually uses windows programs for windows drives. You can find more info here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2112074 or here http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/hardware-peripherals/194674-stormy-hdd-drive-ntfs-fat16-lba-not-working.html.12:34
mroundWhen using maas and juju an I right in saying that each charm deployed to a node will mean that node will only have a single machine on?12:34
BoakamxeIs the boot order correct?12:34
BoakamxeAre you booting from the flash drive?12:35
DJonesPrincessLuna: As far as I can see, the only solution is to return the laptop to Samsung for repair12:35
guang_can ubuntu10.04 be used to share local network with my android phone?12:35
guang_i have tried many times by google.but it seems does not work12:35
AxForestis your phone rooted?12:36
SwedeMikeguang_: when you say local network, do you mean it has Internet connectivity and you want to use that on the phone?12:36
AxForesthm idk with root u can use samba12:36
ivotklI'm not sure, what do you mean Boakamxe?12:36
SwedeMikeguang_: if that is what you want, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing12:37
Ben64eightiesk: you should check the overscan setting first12:38
=== linuxthefish` is now known as linuxthefish
ivotklI'm back, I installed XChat here too as web interface was not very "eye-friendly"12:39
PrincessLunaIf the samsung brick issue has been there for so long, they should have put a banner on the *buntu websites!12:39
eightieskBen64:  there is no settign I just checked12:39
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, it's not just ubuntu, but you're right...12:39
ironhalikis thee any way to check time since laptop is on battery? Since AC was disconnected?12:40
Ben64eightiesk: what tv?12:40
Ben64PrincessLuna: what model12:40
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, and samsung is not totally faultless as they neglected to send out an advisory12:40
PrincessLunaBen64: Samsung 530U3C12:40
cfhowlettPrincessLuna, ben64 the exact model that was first publicly reported with the issue12:41
Ben64eightiesk: on sony tvs its called "full pixel"12:42
Ben64PrincessLuna: :(12:43
* PrincessLuna is never installing Ubuntu for someone again without doing research.12:43
eightieskMaybe time for a New tv I fear12:43
eightieskor to start using VGA12:43
Ben64eightiesk:  Menu, Picture & Display, Display Area, Full Pixel.12:43
eightieskwithout sound...12:43
Ben64PrincessLuna: i hate how all the manufacturers and microsoft swore up and down that secureboot and uefi won't cause any problems12:44
eightieskIt doesn't have that option...12:44
eightieskHow would I set a custom resolution?12:45
brotherBoxInstall gentoo12:45
armhn(join #ubuntuusers12:46
AppleJuiceWell, thats custom alright.12:46
armhnups :)12:46
IdleOnecfhowlett: PrincessLuna https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseNotes/UbuntuDesktop#QuantalQuetzal.2BAC8-ReleaseNotes.2BAC8-CommonInfrastructure-1.Installation12:47
=== mpmc|Away is now known as mpmc
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:47
IdleOnePrincessLuna: Good idea to do that research in the future :)12:47
Ben64eightiesk: theres a harder way to change overscan from the computer http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?topic=106650.012:47
PrincessLunaIdleOne: All the same, for something that important, a website banner would be more helpful though it would damage the reputation of ubuntu, linux and samsung12:48
IdleOnePrincessLuna: this is probably a better discussion for #ubuntu-discuss12:49
AlanBellPrincessLuna: it is in the release notes, which is the right place for it, but yes, this does damage the reputation of Samsung and I think they are doing returns on it12:49
guang_SwedeMike:the article does not fit my me.i connect to the internet by ppp0,but i want to my android phone to connect the internet.12:56
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=== BlouBlou_ is now known as BlouBlou
David_BT5Hello Guys. any one here ?13:01
odyssey4meDavid, yes - most lurk and pop in once in a while13:02
SwedeMikeguang_: why do you feel it doesn't apply to you?13:02
BlouBlouI'm using Ubuntu 12.04; Do LTS updates usually work fine? Or will I have to reinstall my whole OS?13:03
David_BT5oh hey Guys ^_^13:03
David_BT5@Blou : i updated my ubuntu to 12.04 , and it worked fine. there's no need to install a new OS13:03
narcosHi all. Does anyone have experience setting up a SSL based IRC server?13:04
guang_SwedeMike:it assume that the internet is connected by wireless card,not eth0.13:04
setraHi, can somebody help me with having 2 networks joined on a ubuntu machine as router?13:04
escott!ics | setra13:04
ubottusetra: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing13:04
SwedeMikeguang_: it has a part where it describes internet connected to eth0, ppp0 etc as well.13:04
BlouBlouDavid_BT5: Great.13:04
David_BT5there's a way to Do it . airbase-ng ...it works ..no ?13:05
datsmoidacan you run your own voip setup on a vps ?13:07
BlackNarcissusHey all. I'm trying to diagnose a Toshiba Satellite P200 latop with 12.04 and latest kernel installed. It shuts down randomly. I suspect a overheating/power management issue but some help would be appreciated. It has an ATi radeon card with proprietary fglrx installed. Thanks.13:07
David_BT5Hello BlackNarcissus :13:08
David_BT5I have had the same Problem13:08
David_BT5but with backtrack 513:08
David_BT5i installed the 32x bits version13:08
BlackNarcissusHello David_BT513:08
David_BT5my computer kept  crashing13:08
David_BT5and it shuts down randomly.13:09
David_BT5after my researches , i found that13:09
David_BT5i had to install the 64x bits version13:09
David_BT5and not the 32x13:09
David_BT5another thing13:09
David_BT5when i also have Ati VGA card13:09
David_BT5(HP laptop)13:09
chrbohi, is there a way to reboot the live-cd without having to press ENTER in the end?13:09
David_BT5@Chrbo : try to open the terminal and type : reboot. and then ctrl + alt + delete13:10
David_BT5but i don't find any positive point from running a linux from a live CD13:10
David_BT5installing it is much much better13:10
David_BT5and it gives you a great experience.13:10
chrboDavid_BT5: I used ubuntu to install a custom linux, but I am not where the computer is right now.13:11
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: So you're saying installing a 64bits distro could solve this ?13:11
chrboDavid_BT5: I need to ensure that the computer is actually booting without anyone touching it13:11
David_BT5black : yes. ( the same problem happened with me )13:11
David_BT5@chrbo :13:12
David_BT5when you install it13:12
David_BT5it won't ask you for anything anymore/13:12
David_BT5(remove the CD and Click on enter)13:12
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: Ok, I will look into it. Thanks.13:12
David_BT5besides, you will be able to save everything.13:12
David_BT5@black : are you running any additional Programs on your Dist. ?13:12
chrboDavid_BT5: I used the livedisk to install gentoo. now I am 50km away and I want to boot into that installation, so I want to skip the warning about removing the cd. it's a notebook drive, so it won't pull the cd back in13:13
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: It's a default install.13:13
=== ravi is now known as Guest43618
AppleJuicechrbo, Who put the live cd in?13:13
David_BT5@Chrbo : ubuntu 12.02 TS right ?13:13
chrboAppleJuice: me, a couple of days ago13:14
David_BT5@black : Okay , when it turns off13:14
David_BT5put your hand on the back of your Laptop13:14
David_BT5is it Hot ?13:14
David_BT5if not , then You must consider Updating your VGA drivers13:14
David_BT5there are 2 main problems for that Crash13:14
David_BT51- VGA drivers13:14
David_BT52- Wrong architecture 32x or 64x bits13:14
AppleJuicechrbo, So, the computer is now still on?13:14
AppleJuiceWith the disc inside it?13:15
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: I already suspect an overheating issue but lm-sensors doesn't give me readings for the ATI graphics. CPU temperature is fine and physically it doesn't seem very hot.13:15
David_BT5@chrbo : Install a fresh Copy mate > i GDM is much better that the KDE version13:15
David_BT5@Black : oh I see. Then Check your VGA drivers13:16
frewtrecently my friend bought a used laptop and it had ubuntu installed.. are there new computers in stores with ubuntu pre installed now?13:16
David_BT5warning :13:16
narcosBasically, what this guy is asking - http://askubuntu.com/questions/235456/ubuntu-12-04-lts-ssl-irc-unable-to-build-with-openssl13:16
David_BT5the last time i updated them on Backtrack ... my OS went crazy13:16
chrboAppleJuice: yes, it is on and the disc is inside. but the bios is set to boot from hdd. my only concern is, that when i use reboot, the live-disc will say: "remove cd and press enter to reboot" - I need to get around that13:16
datsmoidaanyone ever used asterisk ?13:16
David_BT5frewt : Toshiba and HP Laptops come with a Linux13:16
David_BT5(not all the models)13:16
frewtwow that is awesome13:17
David_BT5hey GUYS13:17
David_BT5have you ever tried13:17
sinican you guise also into debian?13:17
David_BT5blackBuntu ?13:17
sininobody is on #tails13:17
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: I installed the latest fglrx from the repo, the ATI card is recognized and the fan works. It's quite puzzling.13:17
David_BT5BlackNarcissus : Does your laptop shutdown suddenly ? does it Stuck somewhere ?13:18
siniim having trouble logging into my facebook13:18
David_BT5Sini ; what's happening tell me.13:18
David_BT5maybe i can help.13:18
SolarisBoydatsmoida: the ivr software?13:18
AppleJuicechrbo, Do you have a local live cd to test anything?13:18
siniit just won't into facebook and my boyfriend is hella mad about it13:18
siniim using usb13:18
DJonessini: This is Ubuntu support, not facebook support13:18
datsmoidaSolarisBoy - yes13:18
chrboAppleJuice: I can download and burn it to test it13:18
datsmoidai have some questions on it13:18
datsmoidau ever use it ?13:19
AppleJuicechrbo, You dont have to burn. You could flash to usb or use virtualbox.13:19
SolarisBoydatsmoida: yes but im sure you'll get better answers in #asterix if it's open13:19
David_BT5@AppleJuice : what's the point from a Live-Linux ?13:19
chrboAppleJuice: I guess I will just try to http://blog.mohammadzadeh.info/index.php/howto-force-a-immediate-reboot13:19
sinidjones i know but i think its linux problem not facebook problem13:20
siniidk why linux cant into facebook13:20
AppleJuicechrbo, That might work.13:20
David_BT5sini : what's happening exactly ?13:20
brotherBoxBuy a mac.13:20
* SolarisBoy on my facebook now on "linux"13:20
David_BT5@appleJuice : a live-Linux only works well , if you just want to test it. !13:20
David_BT5otherwise , there's no need to launch a live-Linux13:21
SolarisBoyit could work well as a mobile OS too if you dont want to install to multiple hard drives13:21
BlackNarcissusDavid_BT5: Yes, it shuts down randomly, and suddenly. I am testing it right now, doing intensive 3d or video.13:21
AppleJuiceDavid_BT5, I was referring to chrbo issue about rebooting a livecd without interruption.13:21
donnieAny chance of getting a proxy that actually works? I'm sick of connection fails, and dropped connections13:21
AppleJuiceDavid_BT5, He could try to reboot in a virtualbox.13:21
AppleJuiceDavid_BT5, To see13:22
AppleJuiceDavid_BT5, If it works13:22
siniI am clicking the login button and nothing is happening13:22
David_BT5man yeah , but I'm just Saying .. a live-Linux sucks13:22
SolarisBoyno it doesn't =(13:22
AppleJuiceDavid_BT5, I concur.13:22
sinifeels batman13:22
David_BT5@Sini ; oh i got you13:22
datsmoidaSolarisBoy - can you jcan you run your own voip from a vps without some special phone network connectivity subscription ?13:22
David_BT5install a new browser13:22
David_BT5check your Java13:22
chrboAppleJuice: worked like a charm13:22
SolarisBoydatsmoida: no you will need a public circuit to do that13:22
AppleJuicechrbo, Thats great. I will remember that trick.13:23
David_BT5Any  Hacker Here ?13:23
David_BT5i need a professional One.13:23
David_BT5we can make a  DEAl13:23
brotherBoxDavid_BT5, sini is a hacker13:23
SolarisBoydatsmoida: they have hosted asterix which they spin up in VM's at colo's which already have their circuits installed and you can use that for hosting your voip13:23
datsmoidaSolarisBoy  - how do i get that13:23
DJonesDavid_BT5: Thats offtopic13:23
datsmoidaoh i see13:23
datsmoidahow hard is it to set up ?13:23
SolarisBoydatsmoida: check on the asterix website they offer it there as well13:23
sinihaxing is always on topic13:23
sinii can hack anything13:24
David_BT5@brotherBox hahahahah LOL13:24
datsmoidaso then i can generate phone calls with it ?13:24
David_BT5i see13:24
sinijust having trouble with fb :(13:24
David_BT5Sini : oh you can't login to FB13:24
SolarisBoydatsmoida: super easy web based and you can get a guy to walk you throgh it - datsmoida yes assuming your soft phone are config'd properly13:24
David_BT5are you a hacker13:24
David_BT5well , tell me then13:24
David_BT5how can you see the tables in a website, infected with the SQL injection vulnerability ?13:24
donnieNo one knows about proxy for me?13:25
sininigga i would tell you but you're obviously fbi13:25
David_BT5nope I'm not Fella.13:25
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:25
David_BT5@Sini : i'm a hacker too.13:25
David_BT5but i need someone to work with me13:25
David_BT5since it takes a lot of time13:25
David_BT5i need someone to work on Metasploit and Armitage13:25
David_BT5I work on PHP , HTML , cracking13:25
David_BT5and finding exploits.13:25
SolarisBoyphp is an exploit13:25
datsmoidais that ivr hosting ?13:26
SolarisBoydatsmoida: correct13:26
SolarisBoyin where they do the ivr stuff and provide a interface to customization and you setup your softphones to point to their voice gateways etc13:27
narufreakHi, newer Ubuntu user here and i wanted to ask a question real quick.  For some reason my screen keeps "blinking" every 5-10 seconds, for no apparent reason, anyone have a clue why?13:27
SolarisBoydatsmoida: paid service ofcourse but afaik it's not very expensive and they have plans and stuff - you get ssh access web access and other types of admin capabilities for your asterix instance13:28
BlackNarcissusHey all. I'm trying to diagnose a Toshiba Satellite P200 latop with 12.04 and latest kernel installed. It shuts down randomly. I suspect a overheating/power management issue but some help would be appreciated. It has an ATi radeon card with proprietary fglrx installed. Thanks.13:28
frewtnarufreak, I'm no expert but maybe change the monitor model13:28
datsmoidathen i can generate phone calls with it ?13:28
erupterguys does anyone know how can I manipulate stdout to intercept any libs' output in my own code before it goes to the console and without source access?13:28
frewtin ubuntu13:29
datsmoidahow cheap should i be able to get the hosting and ivr13:30
datsmoidaif i want to make like a 100k calls a month or so13:31
BluesKajHey all13:31
=== TheRainbowDusk is now known as TheRainbowDawn
escotterupter, how is this not a basic bash redirection question13:32
hillaryam unable to install android development tools (ADT) in aptana studio. How can i13:34
hillaryAm using ubuntu 12.0413:36
brotherBoxYeah what about Benghazi anyway13:36
datsmoidai mean if i want my VPS to make phone calls, i have to set up VOIP on an IVR host, right ?13:37
hillarycan anybody guide me please?13:38
AppleJuicehillary, What goes wrong?13:38
Night-hacksI removed xubuntu-desktop but i still see xubuntu splash while booting and turning off ?13:39
Night-hacksdoes anybody knows how to remove that ?13:40
=== grep is now known as Guest49644
AppleJuiceNight-hacks, Try sudo update-grub213:40
AppleJuiceIf that does not work, try looking in /boot for the image and remove it.13:40
hillaryAppleJuice, it give error message.http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616635/13:41
Pici!plymouth | Night-hacks this should point you in the right direction13:41
ubottuNight-hacks this should point you in the right direction: Plymouth manages the Ubuntu boot process (before the root filesystem is mounted) and also provides a graphical boot animation.  To change your Plymouth theme use « sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth && sudo update-initramfs -u »13:41
Ben64Night-hacks: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm13:42
PiciBen64: lightdm probably isn't what is showup up on boot and shutdown13:42
Ben64oh, maybe i read that incorrectly13:43
AppleJuicehillary, I cant find on Aptana's website support for Android. It seems to be designed for web development. Why dont you use ADT Bundle? : https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html13:44
dforthmanHas anyone been able to get a L2TP/IPSec VPN to actually connect? I keep getting 300 and 500 errors.13:45
hillaryAppleJuice, ok let me try that13:45
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Guest30815hello I've big time issues with grub, i cloned ubuntu to new ubuntu partition, deleted old partiton, ended up in grub resuce, using live usb, ran boot repair, still it doesnt boots, although boot repair says success but it's not, see the log- http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616627/13:47
lesshasteis there a font installer for true type fonts?13:47
erupterescott because I need to do that in c++13:47
DJones!fonts | lesshaste13:48
ubottulesshaste: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "ttf-mscorefonts-installer" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/13:48
lesshasteDJones, thanks .. I realise that what I want was probably in msttcorefonts13:48
lesshasteDJones, but I see that I have ttf-mscorefonts-installer intalled.. does that actually include fonts and if so, how can I list them?13:49
DJoneslesshaste: Installing the ttf-mscorefonts-installer should get you the fonts as far as I'm aware13:49
escotterupter, still dont understand the question. what does c++ have to do with anything13:49
erupterescott, you asked me why it was not a basic bash question, I told you I don't use bash.13:50
erupteror rather: bash is the underlying shell, but I need to control it from code13:50
escotterupter, seems silly to be trying to do redirection from c++, but presumably you just setup the redirected filedescriptors and then execve your program13:51
Guest30815hello I've big time issues with grub, i cloned ubuntu to new ubuntu partition, deleted old partiton, ended up in grub resuce, using live usb, ran boot repair, still it doesnt boots, although boot repair says success but it's not, see the log- http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616627/13:51
mcb_2Hi all, i have the following problem I have tried the #squid channel and #Debian channel, but no one anwsered: Squid works fines using internet LINK1, but machines that are in the "tcp_outgoing_address" acl that uses internet LINK2, can not access some sites. I made a static route using LINK2 to a site that the problem occur  and i can connect to it in port 80 by telnet, so i am certain that LINK2 has no problem connecting to the site, per si. It is only squi13:51
erupterescott, maybe it seems silly, but I want to have a neater output. since my program makes use of a lot of libraries which print to the shell, I want to wrap a curses window around all that output to keep it controlled13:52
Guest30815hello I've big time issues with grub, i cloned ubuntu to new ubuntu partition, deleted old partiton, ended up in grub resuce, using live usb, ran boot repair, still it doesnt boots, although boot repair says success but it's not, see the log- http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616627/13:52
Guest30815hello I've big time issues with grub, i cloned ubuntu to new ubuntu partition, deleted old partiton, ended up in grub resuce, using live usb, ran boot repair, still it doesnt boots, although boot repair says success but it's not, see the log- http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616627/13:54
dforthmanGuest30815, maybe you need to reinstall Grub? sudo grub-install /dev/sdX  # Example: sudo grub-install /dev/sda13:54
Guest30815dforthman, didn't helped13:55
Guest30815see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1616627/13:55
Ben64Guest30815: you don't need to repeat yourself every minute. 20 minutes would be fine.13:55
escotterupter, im sure you could do that by scripting screen or the like13:55
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capoderraquestion: if I want to install Windows 7 in Virtualbox, and I don't want to connect the internet through Windows, then I don't need to install SP1 or any updates, right?14:00
Ben64capoderra: really not an ubuntu question14:03
capoderrano, not really an ubuntu question.14:04
OerHekscapoderra,  you better ask in ##windows14:04
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killerhow do i enable 256-colorrs in terminal ubuntu 12.0414:06
dr_williskiller:  you mean in gnome-terminal in X? or the consoles?14:11
ton111111I try to get on windows 8 and i get error: disk (hd0,gpt1) not found.14:11
ton111111what should i do14:11
killerdr_willis : in d gnome-terminal14:12
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sarthorHELP, Trying to ssh to one of my ubuntu-server installed machine 1 from ubuntu installed machine 2, I am not able to ssh , the message says, "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host". while I can ssh from other computers.14:13
ton111111I try to get on windows 8 and i get error: disk (hd0,gpt1) not found.14:13
dr_williskiller:  what are you using that even needs 256 colors in gnome-terminal?14:14
killerdr_willis: a vim theme14:14
dr_willishttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1090344  killer14:15
dr_willisTERM=xterm-256color vim14:15
ton111111dr_willis can u help at all?14:16
ton111111dr_willis: can u help at all? Whats wrong with it? :(14:16
dr_williston111111:  i dont use windows 8.. seems its trying to boot a disk thats not there any more.14:16
dr_willisthe error is comming from the windows bootloader?14:16
dr_willishow what?14:16
chrisanAny win7 converts here? Wondering if there is window management similar to win+left / win+right key snapping14:17
dr_willisis GRUB giving the error? or is it going to windows and windows giving the error...14:17
=== erry is now known as yrre
ton111111it is there14:18
killerdr_willis: thanx14:19
=== yrre is now known as erry
seanw95I'm brand new to linux and need some help with this " http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/lucid/man4/nfe.4freebsd.html "14:20
lukecarrierseanw95, nobody can help unless you tell them what the issue is ;)14:21
seanw95Lukecarrier: The link pretty much explains it..14:21
seanw95I don't understand anything on that page in all honest14:22
seanw95someone said I needed to do that14:22
seanw95to fix my wired network...cause it needs drivers14:22
auronandaceseanw95: can you pastebin lsmod?14:22
lukecarrierseanw95, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7727245&postcount=214:23
lukecarrierseanw95, I think this thread may be of use http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=123049314:23
seanw95I'm reading it but it makes very little sense to me14:24
seanw95I know what I'm doing and can do near anything within windows environment however I need to get used to linux14:24
lukecarrierseanw95, I'm at work, I can't hold your hand ;)14:24
seanw95just follow the thread?14:25
dr_willisThread seems clear to me.. ;)14:26
dr_willisdetermind the exact mcp## you got.14:26
dr_willisseems the nfe module has been replaced by the 'forcedeth' module14:26
ton111I really14:30
ton111need help :(14:30
lukecarrierton111, with what?14:30
ton111error: unknown command 'drivemap' error: invalid EFI filepath14:30
ton111When i try to launch win 814:30
cfhowlettton111, #windows for windows support14:31
lukecarriercfhowlett, that's a grub issue14:31
ton111Its not win support14:31
mhsHow to install realplayer in ubuntu 12.1014:31
lukecarrierton111, google it14:31
ton111its grub14:31
ton111I did14:31
ton111no help there14:31
cfhowlettlukecarrier, ah.  ok.  thanks.14:31
Seanw95Someone was helping me before14:31
FloodBot1ton111: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:31
Seanw95I did sudo modprobe forcedeath14:32
Seanw95I got "FATAL : module forcedeath not found14:32
lukecarrierSeanw95, check your typing14:32
mindbreakerhey guys, has anyone experience with using ubuntu on a lenovo s400 notebook? are there any problems?14:32
simon_qsean95 stick if_nfe_load="YES" in the loader.conf file use a texteditor like vi14:32
simon_q 14:33
cfhowlettmindbreaker, don't know the model number, but my last lenovo laptop install couldn't have been smoother.14:33
simon_q /crapbuster14:33
Seanw95Oh I feel like a little idiot now luke! :|14:33
lukecarrierSeanw95, everyone has to start somewhere, I'll let you off14:34
Seanw95Should I re-login or restart ubuntu after this?14:34
myrrdincan someone take a look at http://paste2.org/p/2832157 and tell me if they see anything that's stopping xserver from launching? Just updated ubuntu 12.04 and now it only boots to tty1? I've tried everything I've found on the forums and nothing seems to work.14:35
mindbreakerhmmm .. okay, but it depends on the hardware :/14:35
fabian___Anyone ever run into the issue where you hit ctrl+r but after typing the first character it just freezes, and you cant search any further?14:35
=== slank_away is now known as slank
lukecarrierSeanw95, nope, it's dynamic; the driver will load immediately14:35
mhsCan anybody tell me, how to install and configure realplayer in ubuntu 12.10? Please14:36
makara-hi. I messed up my bootloader being greedy. I read an article in hackernews about e4rat and installed it. But apparently Ubuntu already has it's own. So I uninstalled it, but now Ubuntu's loader (forget the name) doesn't run. No 1. No2, I installed BUM to turn off services on system startup and I see openarena-server activated?? I uninstalled OpenArena ages ago, and looking in Synaptic there's nothing there. Any ideas?14:36
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ConfoozedHi folks - I am in a bit of a bind - my /boot partition is full, and I have tried apt-get remove-ing old linux images to clear up space, but no dice - it still bounces me back out with a suggestion to do an apt-get -f install.  I try that, but it then complains about unmet dependencies: linux-image-server : Depends: linux-image-3.0.0-30-server but it is not going to be installed14:37
t0n1111how do i uninstall ubuntu??14:37
Horus`t0n1111: OK EPIC NOOB SPOTTED14:37
brotherBoxsudo rm -rf /14:37
myrrdinerase the partition :-P14:37
Confoozedcan someone point me at some docs about how to make apt-get remove the packages, or how to (safely) fix up the full /boot disk? :/14:37
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Seanw95Lukecarrier: Still not working :(14:38
Nach0zt0n1111: are you referring to the wubi installer?14:38
t0n1111Im on windows 8 with oher on i want ubuntu gone14:38
Nach0zConfoozed: sudo apt-get purge <packagename>14:38
myrrdinI'm still stuck, can't get xserver to start to save me wee little life14:38
Confoozedit seems like I am stuck in a loop - can't update kernel image, but can't remove the old packages either :)14:38
Seanw95Wired network disconnected- you are now offline14:38
ConfoozedNach0z: ok - thanks.  Much appreciated.14:38
crocketIs https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41115 fixed in ubuntu 12.10?14:39
ubottuFreedesktop bug 41115 in Server/General "Please add option to avoid forcing of 96dpi" [Enhancement,New]14:39
crocketI'm trying to install ubuntu studio 12.10 on my zenbook.14:39
ConfoozedAlas - no dice.  Still dumps me out with an error about unmet dependencies :(14:39
myrrdinperhaps someone could side me in a direct chat, I can't tell who anyone is responding to in here...14:40
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:40
myrrdinI'm just trying to get some help with getting xserver to start :)14:40
brotherBoxYou tried startx?14:41
Nach0zConfoozed: unmet dependencies? did you get stuck in the middle of a dist upgrade or something?14:41
myrrdinI've tried everything on the forums, ctr/alt/f7, starting lightdm, nothing is working14:41
myrrdinand yes, startx freezes14:41
ConfoozedNach0z: yes - because my boot partition is full :/14:41
Confoozedso now I am stuck in a loop - cannot purge old linux images, cannot install new linux image14:41
Nach0zoh. dang. yeah, I've never stuck /boot in a separate partition myself, so I can't say I have a helluva lot of experience there.14:42
Confoozedcan I "safely" purge the one that is going to be installed to then clean out the /boot14:42
ConfoozedNach0z: oh  well - thanks anyhow.  I will keep looking.14:42
brotherBoxConfoozed, can you boot from a usb stick? If so, you could try to remove old kernels to get a bit of space14:42
ConfoozedbrotherBox: alas, this is a remote machine.14:42
brotherBoxWhich makes stuff a lot easier...14:42
Nach0zsorry hombre14:43
rackorConfoozed: is it an option of backup up data and going for a full reinstall?14:43
mhsNobody know how to install realplayer in ubuntu?14:43
Confoozedrackor: not really - no.14:44
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* Confoozed wonders if deleting the lost+found file in there would work...14:46
crocketI just chose "Replace windows 7 with ubuntu studio" with LVM option.14:46
crocketAnd it automatically wiped out my solid state drive.14:46
crocketWhat the hell?14:47
bipulHi Good evening to all.14:47
raubIf I have a machine connected to 3 different vlans, getting ips for each of them using dhcp, how do I specify the default route?14:48
bipulWell while runing Network simulation-2 with emulation in my Ubuntu 12.04, i am getting this error , i don't know why :( http://oi45.tinypic.com/1zqac10.jpg Please help me i will be very thank full to you.14:48
mindbreakermhs: add the medibuntu repo and install the realplayer14:48
raubJust putting a gateway entry in the desired interface does not seem to cut the mustard14:48
ConfoozedAHA! dpkg to the resuce :)14:48
Confoozedalso, rescue.14:48
dfgdfgdghello, I have the password for an email adress, say a@b.com, how do normally login to the mail if there is no prompt at the website b.com ?14:49
brotherBoxdfgdfgdg, SMTP?14:50
dr_willismakes me wonder how you got the password for the address... ;)14:51
Jpmhdfgdfgdg: and brotherBox and pop3 or imap14:51
Seanw95Can someone help me with manual network configuration?14:51
dfgdfgdgis there a way to figure out which ?14:51
dr_willisthe site should say14:52
mindbreakerSeanw95: where's the problem?14:52
Confoozedok - that was very scary, but seems to have worked :D  i used dpkg --remove and that worked.  *phew*14:52
Confoozedthanks for your suggestions all.14:52
Jpmhdfgdfgdg: what do u really want to do - send or receive or both14:52
Seanw95I've been having networking issues for the past...days. I've finally got forcedeth driver working14:52
Seanw95DHCP doesn't work on ubuntu for me14:52
Seanw95so I've had to manually input my network configuration14:53
Seanw95but when I ping my router it's unreachable14:53
Jpmhdfgdfgdg: then you need both smtp and pop3 or imap14:53
mindbreakerSeanW95: is the interface up?14:54
OerHeksdfgdfgdg, maybe they use something like mail.b.com ?14:54
Jpmhdfgdfgdg: do you have legitimate access to this account?14:54
brotherBoxUse google tl s14:54
Seanw95I don't know what you mean or how to check14:54
Seanw95but it said connection established14:54
brotherBox*to search for mail b.com14:54
gvodfgdfgdg: try this:  telnet b.com 25  If you get a connection then there's probably a pop server there.14:54
Jpmhgvo: pop is usually at 110 - smtp at 2514:55
gvozOops  sorry you are right14:55
mindbreakerwhat does ifconfig say?14:55
Seanw95Do you want the paste of it?14:56
mindbreakerare you able to ping your own ip address?14:56
bipulWell while runing Network simulation-2 with emulation in my Ubuntu 12.04, i am getting this error , i don't know why :( http://oi45.tinypic.com/1zqac10.jpg Please help me i will be very thank full to you.14:56
Seanw95the same desktops?14:56
mindbreakerokay, well, paste your config file and the ifconfig output14:57
Seanw95How do I find the config file?14:57
mindbreakeri mean this file: /etc/network/interfaces14:57
bharathwhile I am building webkit , my laptop is overheating , even jupiter was installed ,but my latop is overheating and it shutdowns , is there any solution for this?14:58
auronandacebharath: jupiter?14:59
bharathauronandace, yes we can on power saving mode with that14:59
Seanw95mindbreaker : ifconfig - https://public.bn1.livefilestore.com/y1pF1_OoftzpFPi8G3WKgibCVRa6uarSExZKKc1KgtMxeVzQbsXb4lxtfjM-nDG5Tp2913tM-nqokG3HuLSfRdUFw/32.jpg?psid=115:00
bharathauronandace, I am using ubuntu 12.1015:00
Seanw95mindbreaker: config file - https://public.bn1.livefilestore.com/y1pIu7WGypPn4X8tHelKVYqOaeiq1WLYfTNWQsiHPxrgTZoCCf35EAoUrqw9ev_RO0Ttw8HoXp5Z-MU5r43eORtPA/33.jpg?psid=115:00
mindbreakerdid you do your network config with the graphical network manager?15:04
Seanw95Well I just input the ip adress, subnet mask and gateway15:05
mindbreakerwhy does your dhcp not work?15:05
Seanw95I don't know...In windows its fine15:05
Seanw95when I'm on linux it goes all tits up15:05
Seanw95I reserved my NIC's mac address its own IP to make things easier15:05
mindbreakerwhat's with sudo ifdown, sudo ifup?15:07
mindbreakersudo ifdown eth015:07
mindbreakersudo ifup eth015:07
neil098hi guys, i need help with my ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. what's happening is all the windows including the menus turned blank white and it goes back to normal after rebooting my netbook. happens everytime.15:07
Seanw95Shall I execute that command in terminal?15:08
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BiPolahDoes the 64-bit 12.10 minimal image support UEFI?15:08
escottBiPolah, it should15:08
BiPolahescott, alright thanks I thought so. I'm just having trouble trying to get it to boot in a VM15:08
Seanw95for ifdown I got " interface eth0 not configured"15:09
Seanw95for ifup "ignoring unkown interface eth0=eth-"15:09
mindbreakercan you configure your network in the config file i sent to you .. i'll send you a config example15:10
neil098hi guys, i need help with my ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. what's happening is all the windows including the menus turned blank white and it goes back to normal after rebooting my netbook. happens everytime.15:11
Seanw95Put all that into my config file?15:12
Seanw95Sorry if it feels like your holdingmy hand...really new to linux and i appreciate it.15:12
tapasif i follow that advice will extra packages be uninstalled?15:12
Seanw95do i delete what was there before?15:12
tapasi.e. dpkg --set-selection < installed_software15:12
mindbreakerno, only pasting below15:13
eriknewbDoes Ubuntu supply virtualbox images?15:13
mindbreakerand after that, you have to execute "sudo service networking restart" in terminal15:13
jakey1how do i check my computers performancefrom the terminal15:13
tapaseriknewb: afaik not ready made.. but it's easy to install in virtualbox15:14
eriknewbI found some on another site, but im wondering about official images15:14
eriknewbtapas: really how so?15:14
eriknewbI thought VB required images15:14
tapaseriknewb: DL an ubuntu iso image.15:14
eriknewbCan I just boot off like any othe3r VM?15:14
eriknewbIm used tyo vmware, sorry15:14
tapaseriknewb: then create a virtual machine.. mount the iso and install it15:14
Seanw95mindbreaker :the document is read only15:14
eriknewboh, just like any other VM then15:14
eriknewbLike I said, im used to vmware and qemu, I thought vbox only uised premade images or something15:15
mindbreakertype this for write access: sudo gedit /etc/network/interfaces15:15
OerHekseriknewb, http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/15:15
tapaseriknewb: np.. finding the dialog to mount the image is maybe a bit tricky in VB, though they have improved it a lot over previous versions..15:15
eriknewbtapas: nah i know where it is15:16
eriknewbOerHeks: thanks for tyhat, that saves me the install time15:16
eriknewbSoi i will just use that, actually, the kubuntu one15:16
Seanw95Typed what you said15:16
eriknewbI just need to make sure there is an x64 one15:16
Seanw95ubuntu 12.10 has experienced an internal error15:16
OerHekseriknewb, x86 only15:17
neil098hi guys, i need help with my ubuntu 12.04 on my netbook. what's happening is all the windows including the menus turned blank white and it goes back to normal after rebooting my netbook. happens everytime.15:17
eriknewbCause even though its not gonna be using 5GB of ram, the thing im going to be biilding requires 64bit libs15:17
Seanw95something about gnome settings deamon15:17
eriknewbOerHeks: wtf? wow15:17
=== IboS_ is now known as IboS
neil098please help15:17
eriknewbI found another site with x6415:17
eriknewbBut its 12.04 newest15:17
mindbreakerafter restarting networking service?15:17
tapasneil098: try a window manager without compositing15:17
tapasneil098: it might be your 3d gfx driver15:18
eriknewbim just gonna do a clean install inside vbox then15:18
tapase.g. use kde and press alt-shift-f1215:18
tapaswhich disables compositing..15:18
Seanw95Shall I send the error report and continue?15:18
tapasneil098: possibly it can be disabled in gnome, too.. but i don't use that *shudder*15:18
OerHekseriknewb, that is the fastest way, clone it after install to keep a fresh copy15:18
Seanw95How would i go about restarting gnomw15:19
Seanw95gnome, seeing as my desktop is now gone15:19
tapasdifferent question: is there a ppa that has qt 5.0.0 for 12.04 LTS?15:19
Seanw95Oh, my terminal has crashed too15:19
mindbreakerthere is a problem with your graphic driver :/15:20
neil098i am not really familiar with those, any help guiding me through15:20
Seanw95Oh no what do I do?15:21
mindbreakersimply restart your computer, than the config should still exist15:21
crocketubuntu studio is disappointing because its GUI is ancient.15:21
crocketIt even uses xscreensaver.15:21
Seanw95Okay will do that now15:21
mindbreakerand then look at the ifconfig output15:22
mindbreakerif there is eth0 with a configured ip address15:22
Seanw95How do I check eth0 output15:23
=== fought`` is now known as fought
Seanw95mindbreaker: what am I looking for15:25
mindbreakeri hope you use an ethernet cable? :D15:26
mindbreakerif there is an ip address on interface eth015:26
Seanw95inet addr
lizacan anybdy help me there15:27
tempnannerhello everyone, I recently updated our server to the latest LTS and apache is now throwing up index.php" is smaller than min_uid all over the place15:27
tempnannerIve change the own to www-data still no luck15:27
mindbreakerokay, are you sure, that your gateway is
Seanw95Yes. Checked router settings15:28
mindbreakerdo you have more than one nic inside your computer?15:28
Seanw95Only one15:28
Seanw95int he top corner where the networking bit is, wired network and underneath it says device not managed15:29
Seanw95It didn't before15:29
tempnanneranyone have any idea?15:30
molgrumi cannot find my wireless in ubuntu 12.10, i dual boot win 7 and there's no problem in windows. i use broadcom network card on my laptop15:30
yeahwhatevermolgrum: which chipset?15:30
molgrumBroadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)15:31
molgrumBroadcom Corporation NetLink BCM5784M Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 10)15:31
yeahwhatevermolgrum: http://askubuntu.com/questions/11993/how-do-i-install-bcm4312-wireless-drivers15:32
molgrumi have the STA installed15:32
molgrumi have had contact with my wifi before, now i don't15:32
yeahwhateveruh, so it was working earlier?15:33
molgrumfor several months15:33
yeahwhateverDid you get a kernel update recently?15:33
Seanw95mindbreaker:  ?15:34
molgrumhmm not sure, i always update security and recommended15:34
mindbreakerit sounds curious .. i think there is another problem, coz dhcp doesn't work too15:34
resnoi have a friend that encrypted his os and is trying to get the stuff out now. he thinks he may have encrypted it again. heres what he's done http://askubuntu.com/q/25123315:35
Seanw95I know windows + ubuntu use a different kernel but I can't seem to think why it works in windows not ubuntu15:35
erik49is there a good way to tell why my ubuntu server rebooted in the middle of the night?15:36
mindbreakertry sudo dhclient15:36
resnoerik49: check your logs15:36
molgrummindbreaker, me?15:36
erik49anything in particular to look for?15:36
mindbreakeroh and before, change the config file15:36
resnopossible reasons are numours really15:37
mindbreakerno, SeanW9515:37
erik49can you name a few?15:37
Seanw95Well thanks for the help anyway15:37
Seanw95I'll continue my quest15:37
Dave77is it possible to partition an uSD card with gparted?15:40
Seanw95does that go in networkmanager.conf?15:40
neil098hi guys please help. the windows of my ubuntu 12.04 are blank white. as well as the menus. it happens every now and then.15:46
belgianguywhere can I find out where a "which <binary>" is set?15:46
belgianguyit's the wrong one15:46
belgianguyand it's not in ~/.bashrc or /etc/environment15:47
tobiasBoraHello !15:47
tobiasBoraI'd like to configure my keyboard to insert the symbol "∃" when I hit "menu + E".15:48
=== nimtz_ is now known as nimitz
neil098hi guys please help. the windows of my ubuntu 12.04 are blank white. as well as the menus. it happens every now and then.15:48
tobiasBoraDo you know how I could do it ? (in graphic mode (I'm under KDE), or in console)15:48
llutzbelgianguy: "which" searches $PATH for the app and gives first match. so reorder PATH if oyu don't like it or call the binary with full path15:49
belgianguyllutz: thanks!15:49
escottDave77, i thought the standard for micro SD was set at FAT. you can probably partition but it might not work in other systems15:54
mindbreakerafter restarting service networking, gnome disappears .. syslog says, there are nouveau driver problems. what can i do?15:55
jali_fso guys, is there any real reason why plugging in a charger makes my mouse jittery?15:55
jali_fis that like a physics thing with the capacitors and electricity?15:55
EaglemanWhen i install sshguard from scratch ( also configured the iptables ) and edit the default of 40 login attempts in /etc/defaults/sshguard to 4, and then start the program and try to login 4 times nothing gets blocked. No rules get added to the iptables chain sshguard and nothing happens in auth.log ( except that the program started ) with ps aux | grep sshguard i can see the program is running.15:56
EaglemanAny idea what is going wrong?15:56
escottjali_f, wired mouse?15:56
jali_fescott: nope trackpad15:56
jali_fand what's hilarious is I've tested it15:56
neil098need help guys, my ubuntu windows are playing up. everything is white. even the menus are white.15:56
jali_fits totally 100% plugging it in lol15:56
escottjali_f, laptops will do weird things to reduce energy usage on battery. it might probe the device for updates less often on battery which would reduce responsiveness. perhaps your sensitivity settings are just too high15:57
escottjali_f, or as you said there could be an electrical problem in the power supply somewhere. or the electrons coming out of the wall socket could be spinning the wrong way... ive heard thats a problem :-P15:58
lizahlw people can anybdy help me a stupid man cm in my private without my  permission and abusing with bad wrd can tell me how to getout him from my private15:59
EaglemanWhen i install sshguard from scratch ( also configured the iptables ) and edit the default of 40 login attempts in /etc/defaults/sshguard to 4, and then start the program and try to login 4 times nothing gets blocked. No rules get added to the iptables chain sshguard and nothing happens in auth.log ( except that the program started ) with ps aux | grep sshguard i can see the program is running.15:59
EaglemanAny idea what is going wrong?15:59
neil098need help guys, my ubuntu windows are playing up. everything is white. even the menus are white.  it happens every now and then. the only to get everything working is rebooting my pc15:59
designbybeck__So GIMP 2.8.4 is out, but Ubuntu Software Center has 2.8.2, what is Ubuntu's process on these kinds of releases? Does Ubuntu only update their software center every 6 months cycle? Just curious.16:00
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:00
lizaplzzzzzz help me guyssssss16:01
Piciliza: What?16:02
designbybeck__liza: what room?16:02
lizahlw people can anybdy help me a stupid man cm in my private without my  permission and abusing with bad wrd can tell me how to getout him from my private16:02
phoenixsamprasfinally it happened UNITY Crashed!!16:03
Piciliza: I don't understand what you are asking.16:03
lizapici you know hindi16:03
Piciliza: no16:04
Dave77is it possible in ubuntu to move the window close/maximize to the right, instead of the current top left?16:04
Piciliza: if you need help blocking someone on IRC, ask in #freenode16:04
yeahwhateverKyon karega?16:04
designbybeck__Dave77: you might try UbuntuTweak16:04
lizapici thanks for help me16:04
yeahwhateverliza: Mujhe aati hai16:05
neil098need help guys, my ubuntu windows are playing up. everything is white. even the menus are white.  it happens every now and then. the only to get everything working is rebooting my pc16:05
phunyguy_workneil098, more info.  What version of Ubuntu?16:05
=== atrius_away is now known as atrius
neil098@phunyguy_work i am using ubuntu 12.0416:06
brightknightUbuntu come in do you read me?16:06
phunyguy_workbrightknight, lima charlie16:06
phunyguy_work, over16:06
lizayeahwhatever: plz help me koi stupid mere private me baar baar aakr mujhe bohot bura bol ra h mai use kaise bhagaau use wnha se plz help me16:07
brightknightHow may I rearrange buttons on the launcher?16:07
phunyguy_workneil098, is there something specific that triggers it?16:07
phunyguy_workbrightknight, click and hold the button to "grab" it and then move to your desired location16:08
neil098nope, it just happens randomly16:08
yeahwhateverliza: You are in just one channel, I cannot possibly dream of which other "private" channel you are talking about16:08
Ecila #anarchists join!16:08
phunyguy_work!ot | Ecila16:08
ubottuEcila: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:08
ChallengerXliza :  gandi kuttiya ... daffa ho haramzadi maa chuda apni16:08
brightknightphunyguy_work:  it is moving all buttons in a block as if it is scrolling16:09
phunyguy_workbrightknight, before you move the mosue, click and hold.16:09
phunyguy_workit will grab the button16:09
jali_fescott: sensitivity isn't an issue though. doing research apparently thats the first thing that comes up. when testing it myself on my computer, changing the sensitivity did not improve responsiveness16:09
phunyguy_workbrightknight, hover over the button, then click and hold without moving, you will see16:10
brightknightphunyguy_work: its grabbing the whole of them as a block, obviously if i do not click and hold the mouse pointer only moves16:10
nearsthi ppl16:10
phunyguy_workbrightknight, you arent listening to me16:10
phunyguy_workDO NOT MOVE IT16:10
jali_fescott: I tried to be as scientific about it as possible without doing full fledged statistics since I know this might just be an issue with my model16:10
tobiasBoraNobody knows how I could create a shortcut with menu key and an alphanumeric key ?16:10
phunyguy_workjust click and hold, and watch the icon get grabbed by the pointer16:10
KionHow do I get rid of the guest account on my ubuntu box?16:10
brightknightphunyguy_work: got it have to wait a second for the button to "pop out"16:10
phunyguy_workyes.  :)16:11
baskakhi. how do i turn OFF artificial spatilization when using usb multichannel audio interface? in the "sound settings" window it manifests itself as "analog surround 7.1" profile, which is inadequate (i have 2.0 setup) and it applies some bombastic fx16:11
MonkeyDustbaskak  what audio program?16:11
jali_fescott: basically I tried my touchpad without the power in (great smooth response), then with the power in (terrible). Also same thing happened in different outlets. Also tried to reduce sensitivity, then I realized the sensitivity on my touchpad is superlow16:11
=== linuxthefish is now known as linuxthefish`
W|cKeD /msg NickServ identify 2212436Joser16:12
phunyguy_workneil098, I apologize, not sure how to troubleshoot that issue16:12
jali_fhaha Wicked16:12
neil098@phunyguy_work nope, nothing seems to trigger it. it just happens randomly.16:12
phunyguy_workneil098, what video hardware?16:12
jali_fescott: I also did research and apple laptops have the same issue with their power sources16:12
Ecila#anarchism on Undernet16:13
baskakMonkeyDust: regardless. i'm talking about system settings16:13
baskakit has some controls like "distance", which doesn't make sense and even work with flaws16:14
phunyguy_workneil098, see if bug #990069 applies16:14
ubottubug 729979 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #990069 [nvidia] Windows appear blank white" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72997916:14
neil098@phunyguy_work not sure this is just a netbook samsung n100 Intel® IGD x86/MMX/SSE216:15
=== kent is now known as Guest68516
ClientAlivemy laptop won't wake up. It's the 2nd time this has happened and I had to hard boot it the first time. What's going on with that? Do I have something misconfigured? Also, I keep getting these error messages when the o/s is running talking about an internal error.16:15
escottjali_f, seems you know more about this than me16:15
nearstClientAlive, try boot with nomodeset option in kernel16:16
phunyguy_workneil098, check otu that bug and see if the symptoms are the same.  If so, you can subscribe to that bug to follow t16:16
ClientAlivenearst: how do I do that?16:16
nearstClientAlive, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313216:17
ClientAlivenearst: ok. thx16:17
=== W|cKeD is now known as coolmenoob
jali_fescott: nah bro. I am just very intrigued as to why this happens and whether this can be improved with a bug fix or its just something with the hardware that I need to replace16:18
baskakMonkeyDust: screengrab: http://imgur.com/QujeEcm. what sense does it make?16:18
neil098@phunyguy_work need exact link to the bug please16:18
=== tm_ is now known as Guest10899
neil098@phunyguy_work sorry all ok16:19
jali_fescott: my model is also a asus k55. I'm interested in finding out whether or not its a new BIOS issue. these new comps all have them and honestly this doesn't happen on my old comps.16:19
jali_fescott: or maybe an intel? the computers I see so far all have intel i-family processors16:19
MonkeyDustbaskak  i guess that's polish? - i don't know what's funny about those settings - guess you better specify your hardware and what you have tried before you came here16:20
Dave77how do I see all the programs installed in a menu in ubuntu? I had 9.04 installed.. now tried 12.10 and its different.16:20
ClientAlivehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 <- says: "This how to applies to ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10."  Does it apply to 12.04 then? or no.16:20
jiridoHaloj! I got a little problem with wine and need to update after adding repository.. But i get this faults .. ppa.launchpad.net/slicer/ppa/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found and some more but i find no one in sources.list that contains the word slicer witch is what differs the problem child from the rest.. can sources be added from other place i need to look?16:20
nearstClientAlive, same16:20
nearstfor the hardware, try look at hardinfo16:21
MonkeyDustjirido  ppa's are not supported here, better contact the maintainer16:21
nicofsI might have conflicting graphics drivers - I just added a new repo and updated them... how do I make sure the old ones are completely gone?16:21
neil098@phunyguy_work i dont think that's the issue with mine16:21
CarlFKIs there a way to set "do not automatically connect to any networks, I want to pick then from network manager."  ?16:21
neil098@phunyguy_work all windows turn white but the one i have opened before that works16:21
jiridoMonkeyDust, but are they all in sources.list ?16:22
MonkeyDustjirido  did you put them there?16:22
neil098@phunyguy_work menus all are white, even the shutdown dialog box is white]16:22
nearstin /etc/apt/souce.list or /etc/apt/source.list.d/16:22
ClientAlivenearst: one of the things it mentioned is: "...to work around various ACPI BIOS issues." <- Does that mean that a more proper way to fix some problems is to first try to configure settings in BIOS then kernel boot params as a 'plan B' ?16:23
jiridoMonkeyDust, I dont know but is it the only place apt looks?16:23
ClientAlivejust trying to understand well enough do things the best way16:23
MonkeyDust!info slice | jirido16:23
ubottujirido: slice (source: slice): Extract out pre-defined slices of an ASCII file. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.8-11 (quantal), package size 19 kB, installed size 87 kB16:23
nearstfor hardware/driver issue. try boot with nomodeset option in grub and use jockey to install 3rd party driver16:23
MonkeyDustjirido  and if you remove the ppa from the sources?16:24
jiridoMonkeyDust, ill try that16:25
phunyguy_workneil098, wish I could help further16:25
MonkeyDustjirido  what's the output of lsb_release -sd ?16:25
baskakMonkeyDust: yes, it's polish. hardware: m-audio fast track ultra. it's not "funny" perhaps, but it's completely irrelevant and flawed. all i want is direct stereo signal to two outputs (1 and 2) where my speakers are connected. i had it no problem with it on 12.04. now there's some reverb added, some reverbed virtual channels (side l, side r and center) added to outputs 1 and 2 (why?), and...16:25
baskak...controls for balance and "distance" are entangled (moving one moves the another). also i have NO analog surround 7.1 setup. how do i change this profile? there are no other options.16:25
nearstClientAlive, u got your grub menu? or that bios problem16:25
baskakit's hyperfrustrating16:26
MonkeyDustbaskak  maybe the people in #ubuntustudio are familiar with your issue16:26
jhutchins_wkjirido: apt may also look in /etc/apt/sources.d/16:26
baskakso please excuse my mindstate.16:27
baskakMonkeyDust: thx, i will ask16:27
ClientAlivenearst: well, right now, I'm trying to understand the more general way things work (in general), then I think I'd like to try and find my graphics card (or other hardware devices) in some list where it says what issues may exist with it. This is iimportant to me. I'd really like to fix the issues in a proper and good way, with understanding. :)16:27
RealKillazHi there..16:28
RealKillazI've tried to upgrade with sudo apt-get upgrade16:28
nearstClientAlive, try hardinfo for your hardware detail16:28
RealKillazbut just bumped into a dpkg error16:28
RealKillazdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of vim:16:29
RealKillazso vim and vim-tiny can not finsihed processing16:29
ClientAlivenearst: yes, I know how to find what hardware I have but I wonder if there is some information on the internet that details what problems that specific device encounters with linux.16:29
nearstRealKillaz, try with apt-get install --fix-missing16:29
RealKillaznearst, what should I install?16:30
RealKillazvim and vim-tiny?16:30
jiridoMonkeyDust, Now it looks better.. :) i took them away in synaptic. Thank you!16:30
nawafhow to set autoindent permanently in vi16:31
RealKillaznearst, You might want to run `apt-get -f install' to correct these.16:31
RealKillazThe following packages have unmet dependencies:16:31
=== Mohsin is now known as Guest55153
RealKillaznearst, looks like it has been fixed...16:31
nearstClientAlive, usually ppl use askbuntu/blog of ubuntuforum for ubuntu specific problem16:31
crocketI have ibus 1.4.1 on ubuntu studio 12.10, and when ibus-hangul is in use, the ibus icon doesn't assume the shape of a flag.16:32
crocketWhat's wrong with ibus on ubuntu?16:32
ClientAlivenearst: oh, ok. Good idea. The thread says nVidia cards have the black screen issue sometimes. I think mine is nVidia but I'll check it with hardinfo first.16:32
nearstClientAlive, lspci -nn | grep VGA16:34
ClientAlivecool. I'm installing hardinfo via ssh now (and realized just now that I can safely reboot over ssh too  :)16:34
MalsasaAnybody has tested KDE 4.10?16:36
ClientAlivenearst: Can hardinfo report the wrong information or could I be misunderstanding what I'm seeing?16:36
jiridoAn other problem i have now is that i want to update wine from 1.5.23 to 1.5.4 after adding wine repository but apt says i already have the latest.. I have a problem with .. "/c echo '%ProgramFiles%' returned empty string" when trying to install .net4 with newly loaded winetrix. #wine is invite only fortunatly :p16:37
ClientAlivenearst: It appears the cpu I paid so much for is not really the cpu that's in the machine16:37
=== grep is now known as Guest29164
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:37
nearsttry cat /proc/cpuinfo16:37
hiloHow do I set the size of the /dev/ram# devices? Seems like they are 64MiB by default. I just need a sub 1MiB ramdisk for passing some sensitive arguments around.16:40
nicofsI might have conflicting graphics drivers - I just added a new repo and updated them... how do I make sure the old ones are completely gone?16:40
nearsthilo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:40
nearsthilo, sory16:40
nomodesetWhich packag i have to install to get php interpreter?16:41
nomodesetthanks in advance16:41
Picinomodeset: for cli usage?16:41
ClientAliveI have a brand new lappy (like 3 weeks old from HP). I ordered the Intel i7-3820QM cpu @ 2.7 GHz (to 3.7 GHz with turbo boost) with it but hardware info reports "Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor"16:42
Picinomodeset: php5 or php5-cli, depending on what you want.16:42
ClientAliveAm I misunderstanding this information or did a different processor get put in my new machine than what I ordered?16:42
DX099hello, I'm trying to sync Ubuntu One but the part where it's retrieving data from the cloud never ends...16:42
nomodesetPici: I need to execute something like: $php script.php16:42
nomodesetI've already install and i used it as apache renderer, but i need in console now16:43
Picinomodeset: php5-cli then16:44
nomodeseti've installed php5 but it does not allow me execute $php16:44
=== Guest55153 is now known as Mosin
nomodesetPici: let me check tnaks16:44
nomodesetPici: Yeah, master, thanks again!16:45
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto16:48
boukehow is the new blackberry ?16:50
nicofsHow do I find out what graphics driver I am actually using? How do I get rid of obsolete ones?16:51
njh_nicofs, look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:53
boukedoes anyone know how to uninstall the mac os x lion theme ?16:53
JeyKeuToday I installed Ubuntu via a usb flash disk. I had windows 8 previously. After installation, I have lost my D E partitions. Any help willl be greatly appriciated16:54
usr13nicofs: You only need to get rid of third party graphics drivers, (or proprietary ones), the others are built-in.16:54
nicofsusr13, i need the proprietary drivers for steam to run...16:54
JeyKeuI'm in deep triuble!!!16:55
philinuxnicofs: system settings and look at additional drivers16:55
usr13nicofs: What display adapter do you have?16:55
usr13nicofs: lspci | pastebinit16:55
nicofsusr13, GeForce 9600 GT16:56
punkyJeyKeu, did you install on C partition or re-partitioned your drive?16:56
usr13nicofs: I suggest you download and install from nvidia.com16:57
irqqany experts about MegaCli here?16:57
nicofsphilinux, it is set to what it should... the latest proprietary - and yet I'm having issues I shouldn't have...16:57
JeyKeuit asked whetehr i want to get rid of windows and i checked that box16:57
irqq... or what channel I could go to?16:57
philinuxnicofs: what are the issues?16:57
usr13nicofs: 64bit or 32?16:58
SunilJoshiHi, After install graphics driver i was not able to use unity desktop16:58
nicofsusr13, i googled my issues and others have reported conflicting driver issues after installing from nvidia.com - 64bit16:58
punkyok, and what about partitions?16:58
nicofsphilinux, "Required OpenGL extension "GL_EXT_texture_sRGB_decode" is not supported."16:59
JeyKeuI dont see them, i can see 640gb in gpart16:59
usr13nicofs: SO uninstall the one you have now first.16:59
punkyDid anyone installed ubuntu from multibuut flash?16:59
nicofsusr13, how? obviously something like apt-get purge... but purge what?17:00
JeyKeusorry, not getting ur question?17:00
punkyJeyKeu, seems like you destroyed other parts so you need some recovery software like EasyRecovery. also, a great LiveCD (ubuntu-based, heh) named CAINE saved me after RAID destruction17:00
JeyKeuso i need another gigantic hdd to store those files?17:01
JeyKeuoh gosh17:01
usr13nicofs: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*idia*17:01
BadKarMahDoes anyone know how to setup a local network install with Ubuntu 12.10?17:02
nicofsphilinux, I was able to get rid of that error by adding a repo (ubuntu-x-swat), but after rebooting, the error was back. I assume that at some point there are conflicting drivers... I just don't know where to start sorting that out17:02
BadKarMahI use to extract the Alternate CD ISO to build a network installer17:02
punkyJeyKeu, yes, or through network.17:02
usr13nicofs: and then  apt-get remove or purge nvidia-what-ever17:02
=== rafa is now known as Guest69656
usr13nicofs: Or myabe just nvidia*17:03
JeyKeuso CAINE is better in ur experience/opinion?17:03
MartynKeigherhey, i just installed 12.04.1 server and im a cli17:03
MartynKeigher*at a clie17:03
MartynKeigherhow do i get into the GUI?17:03
dgbaley27Hey. Are the regular repositories precise,quantal,etc completely immutable after a release has been made, so that all updates go in -updates or -security?17:03
bazhangMartynKeigher, server is cli17:03
MonkeyDustMartynKeigher  server has no GUI by default, you have to install it17:03
punkyJeyKeu, it's a just an ubuntu live with a massive recovery utils bundled17:03
MartynKeigheroff to gogole i go!17:04
usr13nicofs: And then, I'd restart the Xserver in order to get back on the OpenSource driver and go from there. Looks like this is what you need: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-310.32-driver.html17:04
craigbass1976I'm trying to edit my ip address permanently.  Is /etc/network/interfaces still the place ot do it?  I see an tface br0 in there, but have no idea what that might be.17:04
MonkeyDustMartynKeigher  if you want a GUI, better use the desktop iso17:04
usr13nicofs: ... or just reboot ...17:04
JeyKeutestdisk, i heard good in recovery17:04
MartynKeigheris the desktop Unity on server too, or gnome?17:05
JeyKeusothere is no undoingmy ubuntu install?17:05
nicofsusr13, I have *-current, *-experimental and *-settings... i guess settings is the little tool i use to change my settings... ubuntu will default to built-in drivers if i just remove all nvidia stuff?17:05
punkyJeyKeu it also appear in caine :-)17:05
JeyKeuI think this is a BIG flow in ubuntu installer. they should have warned my twice or something17:05
BadKarMahso 12.10 does not have Alternate ISOs anymore, does anyone know how to setup a local network install that's just big enough for "Ubuntu Desktop" , can I extract the Ubuntu Live CD and automate Ubiquity and use my existing preseed file??17:05
usr13nicofs: Yea, that might be part of the problem.  Just remove nvidia*17:05
alterfiHey guys is there a problem with registering a nick on free node I can't seem to get it to get it tob work "/msg NickServ REGISTER password youremail@example.com"17:06
jribalterfi: ask #freenode17:06
bazhangalterfi, ask in #freenode17:06
alterfiThanks will do17:06
usr13nicofs: nvidia-settings will be re-installed anyway when the new software from nvidia.com is installed.17:06
nicofsphilinux, usr13 rebooting... back in a sec17:07
JeyKeuI think ubuntu community should take the responsibility17:08
usr13JeyKeu: responsibility for ___________________ ?17:09
NoteHi guys, does anyone know whether a 512MB Ubuntu server is big enough memory to run a very small web server and a znc?17:09
MonkeyDustNote  #ubuntu-server17:10
SunilJoshiHi, After installing graphics driver i was not able to use unity desktop17:11
SunilJoshi$ lspci | grep VGA17:11
SunilJoshi02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV710 [Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series]17:11
JeyKeuusr13: today i installed ubuntu via usbflash diskto switch from win8. the installer didnt wan me that it will delete my all three partitions which contain imporatnt data17:11
JeyKeuwan => warn*17:12
MonkeyDustJeyKeu  and your backups?17:13
JeyKeui wasnt here if i had backups17:13
usr13JeyKeu: That's not Ubuntu's fault.  You are supposed to know what partitions can be discarded (and which ones need to be kept).17:14
MonkeyDustJeyKeu  always have backups of important files17:14
craigbass1976Where is network information stored?  I thought it was in /etc/network/interfaces, but mine has no ip info in it.  I'm set to static, so I thought I'd see the 192 stuff in there17:14
JeyKeuawarning is must17:14
usr13JeyKeu: Any time you re-partition a hard drive, you need to do backups first.17:14
usr13JeyKeu: We are sorry for your loss but not much we can do about it.17:15
JeyKeusir i know all that stuff but right now i need to get myself out of this mess17:15
GTFr0hey, I need some help with MAAS, can I get help for it in here?  (MAAS channel seems dead...)17:16
nicofsusr13, back among the living... will install nvidia stuff now...17:16
usr13nicofs: Looks like this is what you need: http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-amd64-310.32-driver.html17:17
nicofsusr13, thanks for your support :)17:18
cakesoapwhere can i find out how the ext4 file system works?17:20
Guest67326i can hel17:21
FloodBot1Guest67326: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:21
karrjoin #fsmk17:21
cakesoapwhat was that?17:22
Tex_Nickcakesoap:  see if this helps ... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemsExplained17:22
usr13craigbass1976:  Try: /etc/init/network-manager.conf17:22
EaglemanWhen i install sshguard from scratch ( also configured the iptables ) and edit the default of 40 login attempts in /etc/defaults/sshguard to 4, and then start the program and try to login 4 times nothing gets blocked. No rules get added to the iptables chain sshguard and nothing happens in auth.log ( except that the program started ) with ps aux | grep sshguard i can see the program is running.17:23
EaglemanAny idea what is going wrong?17:23
jbroomeEagleman: are you doing your test from localhost or an outside machine?17:23
uberamdCan anyone tell me why an transfer on gigabit ethernet over SFTP goes at 50MB/sec but over NFS it goes at 15MB/sec and dstat is reporting 98% util on the NFS server's sda?17:23
usr13craigbass1976: or  /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf17:23
Eaglemanjbroome my ubuntu server17:24
=== Mohsin is now known as Guest51036
craigbass1976usr13, still no.  THere's a mac address there.17:24
usr13craigbass1976: But if you are using network-manager to handle that stuff for you, I don't see the need to tinker with the conf file.17:24
usr13craigbass1976: What exactly do you need to find?17:25
jbroomeEagleman: that doesn't really answer my question17:25
usr13craigbass1976: What is your end goal?17:25
Guest67326usr13 hhi17:25
craigbass1976usr13, I'm trying to figure out what someone else has done to their box (12.10), and looking on mine (12.04) to see what to tell them.  I've got a static ip, and so do they.  I'm just trying to see where that's set so I can just do it in vi.17:25
Eaglemanjbroome outside machine on my network17:26
MonkeyDustGuest67326  did you have a support question?17:26
usr13craigbass1976: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/what-ever17:26
Guest67326Eagleman hi17:26
usr13craigbass1976: ls /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/  #And try to determine which file it is.17:26
craigbass1976usr13, wow.  These used to be way more intuitive...17:27
Tex_Nickcakesoap:  you might also have a look at ... https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page17:27
jbroomeEagleman: http://www.sshguard.net/docs/faqs/#does-not-work17:27
Eaglemanjbroome i dont really see why that matters?17:27
Guest67326hii Tex_Nick'17:27
bazhangGuest67326, this is NOT the chat channel17:28
MonkeyDustGuest67326  this is not the place to say hi and wow and ohw17:28
Eaglemanjbroome, yeh i tried that. didnt helped me17:28
jbroomeEagleman: I don't know about sshguard, but I was guessing it had an exception for localhost, and maybe LAN ip addresses.  if you were testing from localhost or your lan, that might explain why it wasn't working.17:28
usr13craigbass1976: It can be. Just uninstall network-manager ;)17:28
Tex_NickGuest67326:  hey, how goes it :)17:28
nomodesetMonkeyDust: why17:28
Eaglemanthe only whitelist it has is
MonkeyDustnomodeset  why what?17:28
nomodesetMonkeyDust: "this is not the place to say hi and wow and ohw"17:29
Pici!offtopic | nomodeset Guest6732617:30
ubottunomodeset Guest67326: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:30
maymannHi, I have a question regarding openconnect - is this the right place to ask about this ?17:30
nomodesetPici: thanks17:31
usr13maymann: Maybe.  Ask your question and see...17:33
craigbass1976usr13, and I don't see a gateway in that file.  And I had no idea network-manager can be removed with no adverse effects...17:34
EaglemanWhen i install sshguard from scratch ( also configured the iptables ) and edit the default of 40 login attempts in /etc/defaults/sshguard to 4, and then start the program and try to login 4 times nothing gets blocked. No rules get added to the iptables chain sshguard and nothing happens in auth.log ( except that the program started ) with ps aux | grep sshguard i can see the program is running.17:35
EaglemanAny idea what is going wrong?17:35
GTFr0ok, MAAS question:  I'm having problems with nodes being stuck on "commissioning".  It doesn't seem to be an oath time-skew problem (added ntpdate in the cloud-init script to run on startup).  Any other ideas what it might be?  The nodes are HP Proliant DL380e Gen8 servers with intel i350-T4 onboard ethernet17:36
usr13maymann: apt-cache showpkg openconnect  #May tell you what you need to know.17:36
maymannusr13: I need to configure VPN connection to Cisco ASA (windows clients use AnyConnect with company cert+Radius authentication). I have got now a test-cert, but am unsure how to configure the VPN connection in Network-manager with openconnect plugin (I am able to chose OpenConnect type from Network-Manager)...17:36
usr13craigbass1976: The only adverse effect is that you would need to edit /etc/network/interfaces to set up your network connection.17:37
Guest44333hey guys  i have a question i hope you can help me17:38
usr13maymann: I don't know, but there *is* a package called network-manager-openconnect17:38
jbroomeGuest67326: yes?17:38
MyrttiGuest67326: did you have a Ubuntu support question or problem?17:38
SonikkuAmerica1ask | Guest4433317:39
SonikkuAmerica!ask | Guest4433317:39
ubottuGuest44333: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience17:39
maymannusr13: yes this I have installed17:39
maymannusr13: when I connect it tells me:17:39
Guest44333listen I'm trying to install jabbered in ubuntu however i keep receiving this error17:39
Guest44333Couldn't find required libidn installation17:39
usr13maymann:  I see:  network-manager-openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome libopenconnect-dev & openconnect17:39
SonikkuAmericaGuest44333, what's this "jabbered" thing you speak of? I can't find it.17:40
AlanBellGuest44333: you can install jabberd with sudo apt-get install jabberd2 and it will pull in all the dependencies17:40
purplerainhai. which driver i should install for bcm4313, i tried the proprietary wl but the connections is really slow, and if im using brcmsmac driver it won' detect any connections at all.17:40
Guest44333listen I'm trying to install jabberd14 in ubuntu however i keep receiving this error17:40
Guest44333its jabberd1417:40
MonkeyDust!find jabberd17:41
ubottuFound: ejabberd, jabberd217:41
usr13Guest44333: How about jabberd2 ?17:41
Guest44333its required to install jabberd14 jabbered 2 its a different project17:41
AlanBellGuest44333: where did you get it from? what installation instructions are you following (sudo apt-get install libidn2-0 might fix your issue)17:41
MonkeyDustGuest67326  then it may be outside the scope of this support channel17:42
MonkeyDustGuest6733  then it may be outside the scope of this support channel17:42
EaglemanWhen i install sshguard from scratch ( also configured the iptables ) and edit the default of 40 login attempts in /etc/defaults/sshguard to 4, and then start the program and try to login 4 times nothing gets blocked. No rules get added to the iptables chain sshguard and nothing happens in auth.log ( except that the program started ) with ps aux | grep sshguard i can see the program is running.17:42
EaglemanAny idea what is going wrong?17:42
Tex_NickGuest44333:  some libidn packages can be found in Synaptic17:43
maymannusr13: is installed,not libopenconnect-dev - this is not available it seems17:43
AlanBellTex_Nick: synaptic!! we haven't used that for a while17:43
Guest44333the messahe that i receive is this17:44
Guest44333 Couldn't find required libidn installation17:44
maymannusr13: this is in /var/log/syslog when i try to connect17:44
usr13Eagleman: What is your end goal? (Why did you not use the package manager?)17:44
maymannusr13: Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> Starting VPN service 'openconnect'... Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN service 'openconnect' started (org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openconnect), PID 2529 Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN service 'openconnect' appeared; activating connections Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN plugin state changed: 1 Feb  617:44
Guest44333when i try to install via the package that i've downloaded17:44
Eaglemanusr13, i did use apt-get install sshguard17:44
=== Guest67326 is now known as gamerkittenah
Tex_NickAlanBell : out of curosity ... why not ?17:45
MonkeyDustGuest44333  the version you want to use, is not supported here17:45
AlanBellGuest44333: ok, so you are installing the upstream tarball directly, this isn't a debian package so it doesn't have dependency information in it, so you need to install various dependencies17:45
maymannusr13: Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> Starting VPN service 'openconnect'... Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN service 'openconnect' started (org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openconnect), PID 2529 Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN service 'openconnect' appeared; activating connections Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN plugin state changed: 1 Feb  617:45
AlanBellTex_Nick: software center is the new GUI for package installation17:45
maymannusr13: 4]: <info> VPN connection 'CPHVPN' (Connect) reply received. Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <warn> VPN connection 'CPHVPN' failed to connect: 'No VPN secrets!'. Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <warn> error disconnecting VPN: Could not process the request because no VPN connection was active. Feb  6 18:38:26 netbook NetworkManager[474]: <info> Policy set 'GreatSuccess' (eth1) as default for IPv4 rou17:45
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
Eaglemanusr13, i did use apt-get install sshguard, the end goal is to ban IP addresses at 4x wrong entered credentials17:45
maymannusr13: ok NetworkManager[474]: <info> VPN service 'openconnect' disappeared17:46
AlanBellGuest44333: generally sudo apt-get install <thing it asks for > <tab><tab> will give you the package names, so sudo apt-get install libidn<tab><tab> for example17:46
=== |_ocke3 is now known as |_ocke
usr13Eagleman: How about man sshguard or http://www.sshguard.net/docs/man/sshguard/ ?17:46
jribEagleman: not an answer to your question, but you could consider denyhosts or fail2ban as alternatives17:46
AlanBellGuest44333: that might get it a bit further but you will need to repeat that process with different dependencies until it starts up17:46
Tex_NickAlanBell : i realize that, however synaptic will sometimes provide solutions that software center doesn't :)17:47
XtremeWizHi everyone. My system's sound goes muted every time I restart. I have to go to alsamixer and disable 'automute' to get sound back. Any idea why this is happening?17:47
usr13Eagleman: Sorry I missunderstood when you said "When i install sshguard from scratch".17:48
AlanBellGuest44333: incidentally jabberd14 used to be in debian and ubuntu but was dropped in debian bug 65010517:48
ubottuDebian bug 650105 in ftp.debian.org "RM: jabberd14 -- ROM; Dead upstream, all kind of bugs are piling up" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/65010517:48
Eaglemanusr13 it should work out of the box right?17:48
makara-hi. I messed up my bootloader being greedy. I read an article in hackernews about e4rat and installed it. But apparently Ubuntu already has it's own. So I uninstalled it, but now Ubuntu's loader (forget the name) doesn't run. No 1. No2, I installed BUM to turn off services on system startup and I see openarena-server activated?? I uninstalled OpenArena ages ago, and looking in Synaptic there's nothing there. Any ideas?17:49
usr13Eagleman: I would suppose so, yes, but I don't know, (I have no experience with sshguard)(yet).17:49
usr13Eagleman: What about jrib's suggestion?17:50
MonkeyDustXtremeWiz  install dconf-editor, open it and go to com > canonical > indicator > sound17:50
Eaglemanusr13 i tried fail2ban but it seems to complicated, sshguard is not any better at the moment17:50
XtremeWizMonkeyDust: Thanks, let me try. sudo apt-get install dconf-editor ?17:51
=== milind is now known as abyss42
jribEagleman: personally, I use denyhosts.  Should work out of the box17:51
usr13Eagleman: They're probably both too complicated for me ;)17:51
WizekDeja-dup only copies files, or is it smart about it and only backs up those that changed lately? (like git)17:52
usr13jrib: Well, I suppose sshguard writes iptable rules on the fly.  Right Eagleman ?17:53
Eaglemanit does usr13 but the writing part fails17:53
usr13Eagleman: It'd be nice to see what it's doing as it's doing it.  I wonder if there is some sort of debug mode?17:53
=== ross` is now known as ross1
=== ross1 is now known as ross`
usr13Eagleman: Does it do any logging?17:54
Eaglemanusr13 so far i've only found a starting and stopping log line in auth.log17:54
EaglemanBut i've just locked myself out of my server, did something wrong with my new testing iptables. Auto reset should kick in each 10 minutes17:55
notk0hello at random times synclient stops working, restarting fixes the issue17:56
usr13Eagleman: ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/iptables*  ?17:56
alterfiHey guys is there a good channel I could get on for help trubleshooting wireless card in ubuntu17:56
usr13Eagleman: Oh, never mind....17:56
Eaglemanusr13, will reset the tables mannually, brb17:56
delargehi there, I have a IBM with a CPU Intel Xeon @ 3.17 GHz x 4 (quad core) with a Ubuntu 12.10 installed just a few minutes ago ( without any extra package installed) and watching the system monitor I see the 4 CPU btween he 50% and 100% of usage.  For this reason, i suppose, the OS works slowly17:57
delargewhat can be the problem?17:59
delargealterfi: #linux-wireless maybe17:59
pooltablehi help on viedo card select ?17:59
Eaglemanusr13, i am logged in aigan17:59
maymannAny recommendations to setting up a strict+secure interactive ssh gateway18:00
MonkeyDustmaymann  first s in sh means secure18:00
MonkeyDustmaymann  first s in ssh means secure18:00
maymannMonkeyDust: yes, but this can still be bruteforced if opened to Internet->Inside18:01
pooltablefrom nvida 650 and amd 7770?18:02
pooltablewhat is best ?18:02
Jpmhmaymann: operate on a non tandard port number reduces number of attempt to access18:02
maymannMonkeyDust: In my earlier company "someone" had setup a interactive SSHGW, so it asked destination_host and destination_user18:03
EaglemanIs sshguard bugged when i get it out of the normal repository's ?18:04
maymannJpmh: yes, but thinking more like e.g pfsense with SSHGuard+some interactive tool - maybe something even very easy to setup18:04
pooltablewhat is better ?from nvida 650 and amd 7770?18:04
maymannknow it is perhaps off-topic, but anyways...18:05
bindiany portable cli torrent clients?18:05
nownotI'm having issues with my rtl8111/8168b network. it downloads really slow and sometimes just decides to stop all traffic all together. I've installed the r8168 drivers but lsmod shows 0 in the Used By column. any ideas?18:06
Jpmhmaymann: my systems use standard ssh with a non-standard port and secondary authentication performed by the shell for the users18:06
maymannJpmh: I assume this is Internet->Internal. I need this to work also Internal->Internet18:07
=== xxx is now known as guest98389
ioriabindi: i use aria2, i don't know if it's portable :-)18:08
Jpmhmaymann: yes even internet-internet18:08
guest98389My system time keeps changing after I change it back, how can I stop it from changing>18:08
bindiioria: by portable i mean something that doesn't need root to install18:08
Jpmhguest98389: time zone?18:09
maymannJpmh: ok thanks18:09
Dave77what DVB tv software is there for ubuntu?18:09
ioriabindi: i think that all the apps require sudo command .. but you can download the source, compile, and instead of installing, using it from the src folder18:10
guest98389Jpmh, how do I change my time zone? I'm pretty sure I set it to the correct one during install18:10
SunilJoshiHi, how can i retain the brightness and contrast of my laptop, i am using ubuntu 12.10. Everytime i restart... it comes back to full brightness mode18:10
bindiioria: trying that atm18:10
Jpmhguest98389: pls set a real id so we can respond more easily18:10
=== guest98389 is now known as lolwtff
rsinghCan anyone help me with setting up the custom browser command?  I want for it to open my browser (firefox-trunk) if it's not open, or if it is open, open the selected URL in a new tab18:12
rsingh(in keepassx)18:12
MaynardWatershello i have a 00:1f.2 RAID bus controller: Intel Corporation 631xESB/632xESB SATA RAID Controller (rev 09) with 2 drive on it. I am trying to install ubuntu server 12.04, the installation goes fine until it tries to install grub... at that point grub is unable to install anywhere.  can anyone offer me any suggestions, please18:12
Jpmhrsingh: this is not a ubuntu question but one for your browser18:13
L3topMaynardWaters: What kind of RAID (if any) have you setup?18:13
nownotI'm having issues with my rtl8111/8168b network. it downloads really slow and sometimes just decides to stop all traffic all together. I've installed the r8168 drivers but lsmod shows 0 in the Used By column. any ideas?18:13
MaynardWatersL3top: i used the ubuntu defaults18:14
MaynardWatersit was "striped"18:14
rsinghJpmh: Yeah, I just figured there'd be a lot of people using both Firefox and keepassx here18:14
ClientAliveMy new lappy runs super hot all the time. Could there be a problem with some settings or with power mangement or something?18:14
L3topMaynardWaters: What is the current state of the install? Is it up? Can we bang commands at it?18:14
MaynardWatersL3top: i have been able to boot from a usb18:15
MaynardWatersi have a ubuntu desktop running on it currently 32 bit, the install is 6418:15
L3topOk... lets boot it up and see what: sudo fdisk -l        says MaynardWaters18:15
MaynardWatersso we can try things... i could also boot again from the install disk and attempt the recover option, you tell me which you think is better and Ill do it18:15
L3topWhat is the current OS on it?18:16
MaynardWaterswhen i did that while trying to install it gave no useful info18:16
MaynardWaterswhen i do that right now18:16
MaynardWatersit obviously sees the live external usb18:16
MaynardWatersand it sees each of the raid devices individually18:16
MaynardWaterson sda it shows 3 partitions18:16
=== Brewster[afk] is now known as Brewster
MaynardWaters1 linux, 2 extended, 5 unknown18:17
MaynardWaterssdb doesnt have a valid parition table18:17
* MaynardWaters is concerned some of his later efforts may have re-wiped the install... 18:17
L3topOk... so it is trying to install to just one of the disks. Your raid controller SHOULD have its OWN setup, in which you specify the options. I would expect it to be seen as a single drive... but RAID is not a strong area for me.18:18
MaynardWatersperhaps i should start again from scratch.... and let you know when i get back to the grub errors?18:18
MaynardWatersL3top: that sounds like a lot of stuff which needs to be loaded prior to the bootloader18:18
L3topYes... tell me... when you get to post screen from the bios MaynardWaters... do you have a specific option to enter RAID setup?18:18
theuserI read that multiseat support is improved in 12.10?18:18
theuserWhat exactly does that mean?18:19
MaynardWatersL3top: will reboot and report back.18:19
theuserI've been unable to find more elaborate info about what exactly is improved18:19
nedbatI'm trying to limit a user's resource with pam_limits.so, and a .conf in /etc/security/limits.d.  It works when I su as that user, but not when I sudo -u as that user.  Am I right?18:19
MaynardWatersL3top: bios reports 3 SATA Operation options: 1 RAID Autodetect/AHCI  2 RAID Autodetect ATA  3 RAID On18:21
MaynardWaterscurrently set to 118:22
* MaynardWaters thinks RAID On is possibly a better choice18:22
L3topTry 2. if that doesn't gel try 3.18:22
=== Guest27980 is now known as tempnick12312332
L3topI would try 2 first.18:22
MaynardWatersgood deal18:23
=== [entropy] is now known as [ent]
ClientAliveMy new lappy runs super hot all the time. Could there be a problem?18:23
pat__Need some help with xrdp. Using a windows 7 box to connect on my lan, I need to enlarge my screen on the win7 box. Is quite small. Have it set to Full Screen in my win rdp.18:25
phoenixsamprasClientAlive: coz ubuntu sucks handling the power supply, i have suspend and hibernate problems18:26
ClientAlivephoenixsampras: I see18:26
Nick07I need to know howto make my ubuntu 10.10 start and login without monitor18:27
theuserClientAlive, Make sure nothing is blocking the fanven on the bottom and dise18:27
ClientAlivewell I wish I could sort it out bc it's pretty imprtant not to let my new $1600 peice of equipment do that  :p18:27
xangua!eol | Nick0718:27
ubottuNick07: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:27
ClientAlivetheuser: I will look for any packaging that may have been missed. I try to be carful of that when I'm using it.18:27
Nick07I need to know howto make my ubuntu 12.10 start and login without monitor18:28
=== Marco is now known as Guest85180
MaynardWatersL3top: its hung on Retrieving grub-installer18:28
theuserClientAlive, if you get a laptop cooler make sure it actually blows on the right spots and allow proper clearance for air circulation18:28
theuserSome laptops have way too short legs18:28
theuserClientAlive, Some laptops have too short rubber feet so they will suffocate the cpu fan, sitting on a flat table18:29
MaynardWatersClientAlive: i have put a laptop up on "rails" to allow much better air circulation below18:29
theuserClientAlive, MaynardWaters, thats not a bad idea18:30
theuseror somehow prop it up in the back just to give the fan some space to suck easier18:30
ClientAlivetheuser: I can see throught the vents and nothing seems to be obstructing them. I was hoping to avoid the expanse of a cooler. I'd like to check for configurations, boot options, whatnot to be sure that is all dialed in. No, this one has feet but only about 1/8 inch off the ground.18:30
=== mugsy_ is now known as mugsy__
theuserClientAlive, what model/brand?18:31
grahamcrackerwhats the best window manager18:31
ClientAliveMaynardWaters: All else failing - yes18:31
mapc77Hey guys I'm trying to install jabberd14 in ubuntu18:31
DJones!best | grahamcracker It depends what suits you,18:31
ubottugrahamcracker It depends what suits you,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.18:31
mapc77and I'm getting this18:31
ClientAlivethe it's an HP dv7t-7200 quad18:31
mapc77 Couldn't find required libidn installation18:31
AleksanderHello. Can you explain my why exactly is Canonical replacing xorg? I don't get it.18:31
grahamcrackerok bot18:31
ClientAlivetheuser: sorry: it's an HP dv7t-7200 quad18:32
mapc77any suggestion?18:32
pat__BUMP - Need some help with xrdp. Using a windows 7 box to connect on my lan, I need to enlarge my screen on the win7 box. Is quite small. Have it set to Full Screen in my win rdp.18:33
icerootAleksander: its not only canocial which will replace xorg18:33
MaynardWatersL3top: i am at the point where i am going to partition the disks again18:33
theuserClientAlive, this one: http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=6702&review=hp+envy+dv7+dv7t18:33
MaynardWatersI want to choose guided- use entire disk18:33
icerootAleksander: its just because xorg is very old and there are better solutions18:33
MaynardWatersbut i alove hace choises to do that and set up LVM18:33
MaynardWatersor manual18:33
MaynardWatersgoing to choose use entire disk, unless you suggest otherwise, L3top18:34
Aleksandericeroot, who else? and what will Weyland change for enduser?18:34
L3topthat works for me MaynardWaters18:34
g0tchahey guys, i have user1 with a directory called folder1, how can i give pemission to user2 to folder1 owned by user1 ?18:35
ClientAlivetheuser: looks like it: mine...  i7-3820 cpu, nvidia geforce gt650m (fwiw)18:35
wolftuneso I want to get my Apple Magic Trackpad to work with Ubuntu. I saw the wiki.ubuntu page, and a couple times I got it to work. Is it necessary to turn the Mac off first?18:35
icerootAleksander: have a look at google for details about wayland. i guess every distro will change to wayland in the next 5 years18:35
theuserClientAlive, Try to prop it up another cm in the back18:35
wolftuneoh by "got it to work" I mean it showed in the list, but I never had it function18:35
ClientAlivetheuser: ok18:35
jbroomewolftune: i imagine the trackpad would need to be paired with only one machine for it to work18:35
ClientAlivetheuser: is there any way to see the fan speed and check it against spec?18:35
icerootAleksander: the complete network-stack from xorg will be replaced, there are new composer technics, it will allow something like "ssh -X" in a usefull way18:35
theuserClientAlive, make sure you don't block air vents when you doing so.... defeating the purpos18:36
wolftunejbroome: ok18:36
MaynardWatersL3top: it plans on making part 1 ext4 and part 5 swap.... nothing else noted18:36
icerootAleksander: but it will be a big change and needs some time18:36
icerootAleksander: maybe the biggest change in the last 10 years related to GNU/Linux18:36
Aleksandericeroot, I understud, I just haven't found what'll it give to endusers18:37
icerootAleksander: performance18:37
Aleksandericeroot, noticeable change?18:38
anonymousraptrwhere would i go to ask if a model of asus laptop will work with ubuntu?18:38
xangua!hardware | anonymousraptr18:39
ubottuanonymousraptr: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:39
icerootAleksander: for the normal useage you will not see a big difference18:39
icerootAleksander: its the same like hal/udev, the enduser (normal user) will not see the difference18:39
usr13Aleksander: I think it's all supposition at this point. Right iceroot ?  I haven't tried it, have you?18:39
icerootusr13: yes i tried it with 12.0418:39
usr13iceroot: Ok, well carry on... (good to know)...18:40
g0tchai need some help with folder permissions, i have user1 with a directory called folder1, how can i give pemission to user2 to folder1 owned by user1 ?18:40
usr13(it's not just hear-say).18:40
wolftuneI get a timeout trying to connect my bluetooth apple trackpad18:40
Aleksandericeroot, usr13 thank you18:40
icerootusr13: but still not very usefull because alot of stuff is missing. e.g. gtk was not build against wayland so there was a complete rebuild needed and only basic things were working at my tests18:40
wolftuneit shows in the list but timeout and not actually fully connecting18:40
anonymousraptrxangua: if it is so new that it is not listed on the certified hardware list, but the model previous worked?  example: asus k55a not listed, but asus k54 is?18:40
theuserClientAlive, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/jupiter-light-weight-power-and-hardware-control-applet.html18:41
modgodi want to install mtop but i keep getting warning:preset Curses?type of messages18:41
modgodsome for DBD and DBI not being found too18:41
modgodhow do I resolve this?18:41
guideXif I know about a glitch with gftp, should I report it here or?18:42
ClientAlivetheuser: cool. Also, I see a couple tools for monitoring and/or settings for fan speed and other things. Seems like somthing to make a good choice about though  :p18:42
iceroot!bug | guideX18:42
ubottuguideX: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:42
guideXubuntu-bug gftp "When a file already exists on the target ftp server, and I choose to overwrite, the contents of the file do not get over-written, but the ftp client reports that the file is overwritten"18:43
guideX?? ubuntu-bug gftp "When a file already exists on the target ftp server, and I choose to overwrite, the contents of the file do not get over-written, but the ftp client reports that the file is overwritten"18:43
guideXhmm .. did I do it right?18:44
icerootguideX: "ubuntu-bug packagename" on your local shell, not here18:44
guideXoh ok18:44
guideXon my shell?18:44
guideXin the terminal?18:44
icerootguideX: yes18:44
guideXah ok18:44
usr13modgod: What version of Ubuntu do you have?18:44
theuserClientAlive, unless you have a panasonic tough book.... never cool your computer with cold beer18:44
ClientAlivetheuser: ha ha  :)18:45
jemaduxdo you know any program or command to understant which program uses my connection for download or upload ?18:46
modgodusr13: I have version 12.0418:46
modgodi just set up the server a few days ago to be web ready, but i'm use to centos5.5 so ubuntu is still new to me18:46
compdocmodgod, did you select LAMP during the install?18:49
ClientAlivetheuser: so I installed jupiter to check it out. I opened dash, found it, and clicked the icon to launch. I get a window pops up (which has been going on for some time now anyway) that says: "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced and internal error."18:49
theuserClientAlive, Did you try 12.10?18:50
ClientAlivetheuser: I'd rather have an LTS version (though I hear Ubuntu is phasing the scheme out).18:51
nedbatI'm trying to limit a user's resource with pam_limits.so, and a .conf in /etc/security/limits.d.  It works when I su as that user, but not when I sudo -u as that user.  Am I right?18:52
jeyhow do I disable the bullshit bash completion that tries to be intelligent but just gets in the fucking way all the time? I just want the normal behavior where it just completes paths without trying to guess what I'm doing and refusing to complete paths18:52
compdoc phasing out LTS would be a mistake18:52
MaynardWatersL3top: back to the boot loader install prompt18:52
MaynardWatersdefault /dev/mapper failed18:52
theuserClientAlive, for desktop  i favour just sticking with the freshest version, but wait a few weeks to a month from the release date to upgrade18:52
Picijey: enough with the cursing.18:52
MaynardWatersduring the partitioning i saw /dev/mapper/isw_bhciaffgai_ARRAY18:52
MaynardWatersim going to try that location18:52
L3topMaynardWaters: please explain what you mean by boot loader install prompt? You mean you rebooted and you are back at the installer menu? If so, remove the media and reboot.18:53
L3topmedia = cd/dvd/usb drive you isntalled from18:53
MaynardWatersL3top: after chaning the Raid config in the bios i started a fresh install18:53
MaynardWatersthen i got the the grub install part18:53
MaynardWaterswhich is where it has continually failed in the past18:54
MaynardWatersi have now entered the /dev/mapper/isw_ from above, because I saw that during the partitioning part18:54
MaynardWatersit appears to have correctly installed grub and completed the installation18:54
MaynardWaterswill try a reboot now and see if it can boot18:54
L3topexcellent. Make sure you eject whatever install medium you used18:55
MaynardWatersthanks L3top i should have thought about trying different bios configs18:55
MaynardWatersL3top: ++ Hero of the day18:56
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)18:56
slivahey guys i'm having problems getting unity webapps to work18:58
ClientAliveif I click "details" in the window that says: "Sorry, Ubuntu 12.04 has experienced and internal error." I get: "http://i.imgur.com/v9ES4S6.png" <- shows some details. This Error has been occuring sometimes ever since I installed Ubuntu a week ago.18:58
slivathey work on 12.10 amd64 firefox right?18:58
ClientAliveWhat can I do?18:58
slivado i need a firefox plugin/addon or smtn ?19:01
ClientAliveI removed jupiter but what to do about the original problem?19:01
MonkeyDustsliva  start from the beginning, what are you doing and what goes wrong19:02
Dino1003Hello All, just installed 12.10 32 BIT and it is running surprisingly slow! any good reviews on the 64 bit version? operable with most day to day software?19:02
modgod<compdoc> : No I didn't select LAMP during install. I installed everything individually19:02
modgodapt-get mysql, apache219:02
slivaMonkeyDust: i followed this guide: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/09/unity-webapps-available-in-ubuntu-1210.html19:03
slivahow ever when i visit the page (for example facebook) nothing happens19:03
slivait installs ok19:03
compdocmodgod, I always choose OpenSSH, LAMP, Print server, and Samba from that install screen. Works like a charm19:04
daddyjoseph97requisite preamble - google not being a friend today, no solutions seem relevant to this problem; I've been trying a bunch of slimming solutions for ubuntu 12.10 however with lxde. openbox, fluxbox, wow... forgot all the others, well same issue happens: menus of all sorts (including 'official dialogues' like verifying shutdown, logout, etc) are mostly offscreen and I can't find a solution to fix this problem.  I have been tryin19:06
slivaMonkeyDust: do you got any idea what that could be ?19:07
modgodcompdoc: but if I alreayd have a server set up with a client looking at the website for review, will doing an "apt-get install lamp " break and overide anything?19:07
MonkeyDustsliva  no, i don't use firefox or webapps myself19:07
daddyjoseph97anyone know about this issue or some useful phrases or names of the concepts that would give info to use now and I can bookmark for the future?19:07
compdocmodgod, not even sure thats an option for apt-get, but worth a try I guess19:07
modgodcompdoc:  i'm doing everything from the command line. I just don't want to break anything if its not broken already. If it was for personal use thats one thing, but I don't want to expiernent on server containing websites for client review19:09
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compdocmodgod, try asking in ##linux too. maybe someone has the experience19:10
compdocmodgod, or the ubuntu-users mailing list19:11
=== mpmc is now known as mpmc|Away
nearsthi all19:11
pat__Bump - Any XRDP Heros out there? Need some help with xrdp. Using a windows 7 box to connect on my lan, I need to enlarge my screen on the win7 box. Is quite small. Have it set to Full Screen in my win rdp.19:12
usr13modgod: Is this a fresh install?19:12
=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
usr13modgod: Ubuntu 12.04?19:13
nearstpat__, try use remmina19:13
usr13modgod: Have you done updates?  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade19:13
pat__nearst: To connect from a win7 client?19:14
=== awesome_1uffin is now known as awesome_muffin
nedbatif I try to install "timelimit", I'm told it can't be authenticated, how can I get apt-get (or another part of apt) to show me why?19:17
modgodusr13: I don't think I have19:17
RocketLauncherOh god I can't mofve my mouse someone help me19:17
ravurhow to setup two NIC cards attached to two different internet providers to provide fault tolerance?19:17
RocketLauncherIt's a touchpad19:17
RocketLauncherI loaded gnome-settings-daemon and I'm using MATE, which is a Gnome 2 fork19:17
RocketLauncheri loaded gnome-settings-daemon because it has my media keys working fine and i'm lazy19:17
modgodusr13, sorry i meant to say Ubuntu 12.1019:18
swiftkicksup guise19:23
swiftkicki was just re-running the latest xubuntu installer... which appears to be the same as the latest ubuntu installer19:23
swiftkickno more mdraid support from the installer?19:23
jonascjhi everyone. I have a problem with vim (and maybe gnome-terminal). I have tried to get the solarized color theme to work (http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized) but compared to this screenshot http://ethanschoonover.com/solarized/img/screen-c-dark.png I have a darker background behind characters. What might cause VIM to put a different background behind characters?19:34
kbrosnanjonascj: not sure if ubuntu uses 256 color xterm by default yet. might be stuck with the 16 color for right now19:36
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=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
jonascjkbrosnan: so you think the background color glitch is caused by the number of available colors?19:37
Tex_Nickjonascj:  if you don't get an answer here you might try asking in #vim19:38
kbrosnanjonascj: it is a possiblity. i may be completely wrong though.19:38
MonkeyDustjonascj  from the help file: "The terminal emulation can only use 16 colors at a time to draw text. The color palette specifies these 16 colors. Applications that run in the terminal use an index number to specify a color from this palette."19:38
=== ericab_away is now known as ericab
jonascjthanks everyone. I'll look into the number of colors in the terminal used by ubuntu and check #vim if I cannot figure it out19:44
cristian_cI run the suspension, but when I resume, things are not much working, for example chromium19:48
cristian_cI can't open it, and if I launch it from terminal, I get: pcilib: Cannot open /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:00:02.1/resource: File or directory not found19:49
cristian_cI've found that 00:02.1 is the video out, but nothing else :(19:49
cristian_chow can I solve it?19:49
hillaryIs there ubuntu certification or it is the same as linux certification?19:51
hillaryNeed to know all linux certifications19:51
iceroothillary: ask for example the guys from LPI19:53
iceroothillary: http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntucert19:53
MonkeyDusthillary  certified soft/hardware : http://www.ubuntu.com/partners19:54
krabadorhi people, i would build an ubuntu live with working ati catalyst inside19:54
krabadori only want to know if ubuntu customization kit can do it19:55
ozonetrying to install 12.04.1.lts on existing server. install completes but no network.  Can ping loopback and static IP but not gateway.  All network settings for eth0 are correct.  any ideas?19:55
krabadorbecause remastersyst can0t.19:55
jiffe98any idea why ntpdate would run faster on older versions of ubuntu?19:55
hillaryiceroot, MonkeyDust : thank you  for the informations19:56
jiffe98my machines running 10.10 run it in about a second or less, 11.10+ are more like 10 seconds19:56
gaffingtonAnyone know how to get window placement with hotkeys (Ctrl+Alt+Numpad[1-9]) to work in Gnome Classic on Ubuntu 12.10?19:56
MonkeyDustjiffe98  consider upgrading to 12.04 or 12.1019:56
jeyhow do I get Unity to assign a number to all running? for example, xchat has an icon in the dock/launcher thing, but for some reason doesn't have a number associated with it19:56
jiffe98MonkeyDust: I have machines of several versions including 12.04 and 12.10, 11.10-12.10 are giving me problems19:57
MonkeyDustjiffe98  it's because they are !eol19:57
MonkeyDustah, 12.1019:58
jiffe98the machines running 8.04 and 10.10 both run ntpdate fine19:58
LiquidDemocracyIs there a way to fix a broken Ubuntu 12.10 on my netbook? When I boot up I get the message that Ubuntu is in low graphic mode and no keys work anymore.19:59
ozonetrying to install 12.04.1.lts on existing server. install completes but no network.  Can ping loopback and static IP but not gateway.  All network settings for eth0 are correct.  any ideas?20:00
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nimoozone, try this nmap command to study network environment: > nmap -sP | grep scan20:02
nimoozone, change the ip network to yours and the correct mask20:03
ozoneI'll try it thanks!20:03
gurjeetAfter yesterday's update, my DNS lookups are slowed down to a crawling speed!!! :( It takes 18 seconds for one lookup!!20:04
jiffe98when I tcpdump I am seeing 4 packets being sent, in older versions of ubuntu each is sent in quick succession, in newer versions it seems there is a second+ delay between each one being sent20:04
gurjeetIf I use the IP address directly, everything is snappy!!20:04
gurjeetI am on 12.0420:04
LiquidDemocracyIt says your graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected correctly, you will need to configure these yourself.20:05
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LiquidDemocracyWhat do I do?20:05
nimoozone,  oh gosh maybe you need to install nmap first, and you are not connected to the internet :(20:05
gurjeetAny pointers on how should I go about diagnosing the DNS slowdown.20:05
jiffe98and if I copy /usr/sbin/ntpdate from a 10.10 machine to a 12.04 machine it works fine20:06
jiffe98so there's something up with the newer versions of ntpdate20:07
MonkeyDustjiffe98  report it as a !bug and add your solution20:08
Gateway69simple question, how can you boot a new ubuntu server image, and have it execute some scripts you want after boot up.. ? aka like a script outside of the image that it loads and runs, is this possible?20:09
Zey/mode $me +x20:14
jhutchins_wkGateway69: Something like a firstboot script?20:15
jhutchins_wkjiffe98: ipv6?20:16
jhutchins_wkgurjeet: Same question - although I thought that had been fixed for a while.20:17
Gateway69jhutchins_wk : yea.. lets say i have a script that says build me a haproxy server, then another script that says build me db server, so we can automate our stack to launch, a new image, update all software on the server, install what we need and configure files20:18
MonkeyDustGateway69  ask in #ubuntu-server20:18
gurjeetjhutchins_wk: Looks like my Cisco VPN client did something funny to /etc/resolv.conf20:18
Gateway69I think linode does this with what they call stackscripts20:19
AeyounHi. If anyone has experience with the ufw/iptables and allowing outgoing multicast connections, I’d apappreciatet if you could assist me with configuration. I posted the details and configuration on http://askubuntu.com/q/252101/1833920:19
gurjeetjhutchins_wk: removing/emptying the /etc/resolv.conf fixed the issue.20:20
andrilhello all20:21
andrilwe need that Mobile OS20:21
gurjeetNow I want to know the command-line that is used to launch a program when I click on an icon in Dash20:21
jiffe98jhutchins_wk: no this is all ipv420:22
gurjeetI click on an icon in Dash, and that used to launch a program. Now clicking on that icon refuses to launch that program. SO I want to extract the comand-line to start the same program with same options.20:23
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jhutchins_wkjiffe98: When they started enabling ipv6 by default in the kernel, DNS lookups would try that first and time out.  This made lookups when only ipv4 was available very slow until you disabled ipv6.20:24
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto20:24
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jhutchins_wkjiffe98: It could be that your later copies of ntpdate are trying ipv6 first and waiting for that to time out before trying ipv4.20:25
jhutchins_wkjiffe98: Also, how are you supplying the host for ntpdate to contact?20:25
rainbowwarriorhi , I am having problems with update manager it keeps saying connection failed check your internet connection when I am connected to the net and I am using Ubuntu 12.10 anyone else having this problem please ?20:26
jiffe98jhutchins_wk: via commandline, by hostname and IP, doesn't matter20:26
rainbowwarriornever mind its working now , thank you20:27
adam_hi does anybody know how to set up a joystick in wine??20:28
m_tadeuhi...how can I change the default gcc version?20:28
TheBondXhello, i can't install mono-complete package in Debian20:29
TheBondXi get the following error http://pastie.org/608189720:29
xanguaTheBondX: /join #debian20:29
adam_are you running ubuntu TheBondX20:30
theadminTheBondX: You can't install deb packages with apt-get, use sudo dpkg -i package.deb && sudo apt-get -f install20:31
meeluI tried to assign an ipv6 /64 block, i could ping the ips locally but can't ping externally20:31
jiffe98disabling ipv6 doesn't seem to help20:32
adam_just doubleclick the downloaded file and choose to run with ubuntu software center20:32
gurjeetTo answer my own question: look for .desktop file that matches your icon under /usr/share/applications/ or $HOME/.local/share/applications/20:33
seanw95Why does my wired network work in virtualbox but not standalone on its own partition?20:36
xentity1xCan anyone help setup a static ip in ubuntu20:37
theadminseanw95: Virtualbox uses a pseudo-network adapter that always works in any recent system. Your actual one, however, may not be supported for some peculiar reason...20:37
theadminxentity1x: Graphical interface or command-line?20:37
jhutchins_wkjiffe98: Sorry, it was worth a try (and part of goog practice anyway if you're not using it.)20:37
xentity1xtheadmin, i suppose either would work ok20:37
theadminxentity1x: Eh, I mean your system, is it GUI or CLI?20:37
seanw95theadmin: could you assist me?20:37
xentity1xtheadmin, gui20:37
meeluanyone know whats up with this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1617811/20:37
meeluipv6 setup btw20:37
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twobitspritedoes ubuntu server with commercial support put a paywall in front of the apt repos like how rhel does it with the rhn yum repos?20:38
Chosihey there, there's a customer that is having trouble getting his dual monitor setup in 10.04 working. he's on 2x nvidia quadro 600 - is there anything known broken with this setup? i'd just like to know what i'm into when i try to fix it tomorrow20:38
theadminxentity1x: Okay, click the Network Manager icon in the bottom and then Edit Connections (or open up "network connections" in the settings), then choose your connection and click Edit,  go to the IPv4 Settings tab (or IPv6 settings if you got lucky :P) and choose Method = Manual. Then enter your configuration and click "Apply".20:39
jhutchins_wkmeelu: Simply configuring ipv6 on your endpoint is not enough to enable it throughout the route.20:39
xentity1xtheadmin, thanks simple enough20:39
seanw95theadmin: could you private message me please?20:40
jhutchins_wkmeelu: Is that address valid with your ISP?  Is your router capable of managing ipv6 routing?20:41
theadminseanw95: Sorry, I really don't know how to fix an unsupported wired network adapter. Never's happened to me before.20:41
seanw95According to everyone i've tried to speak to over the past 5 days20:41
seanw95it should work out of the box20:41
jhutchins_wkseanw95: We try to keep support in the channel so others can contribute and benefit.20:41
theadminseanw95: Yes, it should... What kind of a network is it? Plain ethernet or is there some sort of PPPoE, PPTP or whatnot?20:41
meelujhutchins_wk: I got an ipv6 address block /64 from my server provider, he gave Gateway details, including Nameservers 1&2 and Netnetmask20:42
seanw95it's a Nforce 630a chipset.... Straight ethernet from my motherboard to router/modem20:42
seanw95what do you mean jhutchins_wk20:42
theadminOh, I had a problem with an NForce before. Dunno, it somehow fixed itself in a later release.20:42
jhutchins_wkmeelu: You should be able to get it working then.20:42
jhutchins_wkmeelu: Which release is it?20:43
jhutchins_wkseanw95: in channel as opposed to PM.20:43
seanw95So I should just...wait and hope for the best20:43
meelujhutchins_wk, i just followed a guide on google Description:    Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS20:43
jhutchins_wkseanw95: You might also ask in #vbox.20:44
jhutchins_wkseanw95: I did not understand what your question was.20:44
seanw95It works fine in virtualbox20:44
seanw95I partitioned my HDD so I could dual boot ubuntu, it doesn't work there20:44
axisysi have a hp nc6320 laptop.. but the wifi led button does not work20:44
axisysno wifi.. modprove ipw2200 wokred20:44
axisysbut how to get a network interface up?20:44
theadminaxisys: Well, first things first, do you see any networks in Networkmanager? Can you do an "iwlist wlan0 scan" or an "iwlist eth1 scan"?20:45
seanw95One quick question, 12.04 of 12.10 ?20:46
fully_humanseanw95: Depends on what you want.  12.04 has better support but 12.10 has more features.20:47
=== Guest41037 is now known as ryanclancy000
bin0hi im having trouble installing the correct nvdia driver. Im on lubuntu 12.10 card is NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 AGP 8x. what is the correct driver?20:47
fully_humanI'm using 12.04 right now and doin' just fine.20:47
jhutchins_wkmeelu: See if http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-ipv6-networking-configuration/ is any help.20:47
axisystheadmin: ~# iwlist wlan0 scan20:47
axisyswlan0     Interface doesn't support scanning.20:47
fully_humanbin0: Are you using jokey?20:47
axisys# iwlist eth1 scan20:47
axisyseth1      Interface doesn't support scanning.20:47
axisystheadmin: ^20:47
bin0fully_human: it gives me an error wioth typelib20:47
jhutchins_wkseanw95: Please do an lspci -nn and paste the eight character pciid of the network card.20:48
bin0and doesnt find any driver20:48
seanw95fully_human: I'm new to linux and trying to get a general feel for it and learn bacis in terminal & whatnot. Would the features REALLY affect me?20:48
theadminaxisys: ...Hm. Do you see your network device with "lspci | grep -i net"?20:48
Shadowcathey guys20:48
Shadowcatgot a really nice error20:48
ShadowcatI belong to a group that has full permissions to a directory20:48
fully_humanseanw95: I would suggest burning both live onto a CD.20:48
seanw95jutchins_wk: Okay. I'll just have to boot into ubuntu and webIRC back here on my laptop20:48
ShadowcatI still cannot create files in that directory20:48
fully_humanbin0: What are you running?20:49
axisystheadmin: # lspci | grep -i net20:49
axisys02:0e.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5788 Gigabit Ethernet (rev 03)20:49
seanw95Thanks fully_human =]20:49
fully_humanbin0: What command, program...?20:49
fully_humanseanw95: No prob.20:49
bin0i just reinstalled nouveau but its slow and has the wrong resolutuion20:49
theadminaxisys: Hm, okay, so that's not the module you're looking for. Do you have a Ethernet connection available? If so, we could search for a driver for your wireless adapter20:50
bin0fully_human: i ran apt-get install nvidia-current nvidia settings20:50
axisystheadmin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1617853/ ipw in dmesg20:50
bin0fully_human: nvidia-settings tells me the driver isnt in use though20:50
meelujhutchins_wk: Thanks i saw that guide before but couldn't follow it through, got confused because it only mentions using one ip, thanks20:50
axisystheadmin: i do20:50
fully_humanbin0: I got my graphics driver working with jockey.  Open up a terminal type "sudo apt-get install jockey jockey-gtk"  Run jockey-gtk and install the recommended driver they list.  Reinstall.20:50
theadminaxisys: Okay, open up Jockey ("Additional Drivers"), does it find anything?20:50
axisystheadmin: i am using a different laptop for this20:50
axisystheadmin: Jockey?20:50
fully_humanTo other folks...why did Ubuntu remove jockey by default?20:50
SalveHow do I download kernel 3.5-rc2? I can't find it anywhereplace. :::)20:51
theadminaxisys: It's an Ubuntu app that searches for drivers for your hardware20:51
theadminSalve: Unsupported kernels are unsupported.20:51
theadmin...long cat is long20:51
axisysis the the ubuntu logo on the top left corner?20:51
Salvetheadmin: but, does it exist?20:51
bin0fully_human: jockey-gtk package installed only the terminal verison20:51
axisysok.. let me type jockey, see what I find20:51
Salvetheadmin: google returns nadda20:52
bin0fully_human: no idea why20:52
theadminSalve: It may exist, check kernel.org for details. But, the only kernels supported by Ubuntu are those which are in the Ubuntu repositories and that's it20:52
WeThePeoplewhat is the command to launch the app where i can change proxies?20:52
fully_humanbin0: Did you install jockey as well?20:52
fully_humanbin0: Just plain "jockey" as well as "jockey-gtk"?20:52
bin0fully_human:that package wasnt found, only the one withgtk20:52
bin0im useing lubuntu maybe thats the problem?20:53
thisboy!seen w4sp20:53
ubottuI have no seen command20:53
thisboy* oh20:53
Salvetheadmin: perfect, thanks20:53
thisboyanybody seen w4sp lately though?20:53
theadmin!ot | thisboy20:53
ubottuthisboy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:53
fully_humanbin0: jockey-common and jockey-gtk, sorry about that.20:53
trismbin0: the interface formerly know as jockey was moved to software-properties-gtk in 12.1020:54
theadminfully_human: You realise APT does depndency resolution, right? This isn't Slackware. So you could simply install jockey-gtk and everything else'd be pulled in as necessary20:54
fully_humantheadmin: Ah, okay... :-) Didn't work for me when I did it, but thanks.20:55
bin0trism: fully_human well in software-properties-gtk is nothing to be found about propietary drivers20:56
axisystheadmin: installing jockey20:57
fully_humanbin0: right.  I think trism is saying you should enable "Independent" repository under "Software Sources."20:58
fully_humanOops..stupid thumb pressed ENTER.20:59
bin0fully_human: its enabled20:59
trismfully_human: nope, saying that the "Additional Drivers" stuff is on a separate tab in that app now instead of a separate jockey-gtk app20:59
trismbin0: what is the output of: dkms status;20:59
bin0trism: i found that tab too but its empty21:00
roger21i got some weird encoded character in the man page on console though may local is en_US.UTF-8 ... what font should i use and how do i set that?21:00
fully_humantrism: Ah, thanks...I have 12.04.  :-)  Guess you can take it from here.21:00
bin0fully_human: nvidia-current, 304.43, 3.5.0-23-generic, i686: installed21:00
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: [10de:03f3]21:00
bin0trism: nvidia-current, 304.43, 3.5.0-23-generic, i686: installed21:00
trismbin0: looks fine, have you rebooted between installing the driver? have you tried nvidia-settings?21:01
bin0trism: nvidia-settings says: "You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server."21:01
bin0trism: yes rebooted varios times21:01
bin0trism: i also tried the given command proposed in nvidia-settings21:02
trismbin0: ahh, you might need to run: sudo nvidia-xconfig; if you didn't use the Additional Drivers stuff to install the nvidia driver21:02
trismbin0: though actually shouldn't matter in 12.1021:02
bin0trism: i did that already21:02
=== TheWarden is now known as Guest41476
trismbin0: what does: /var/log/Xorg.0.log look like? or any errors in dmesg?21:03
trismbin0: is the nvidia module listed in lsmod?21:03
axisystheadmin: found smartlink modem21:04
tjbiddleHey guys. Quick opinion: Any problem with running apt-get update via cron? I use Puppet to manage a few servers, and deploy in-house applications with debian packages, but having Puppet execute apt-get update before a run every time marks the servers as "changed" even though a new package may not be available.21:04
axisystheadmin: probably wont help with my ipw220021:04
axisystheadmin: right?21:04
bin0trism: its not listed in lsmod, should i modprobe it?21:04
theadmintjbiddle: APT has a built-in unattended upgrade feature, see /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades21:04
trismbin0: is nouveau listed?21:04
theadminaxisys: Guess not21:04
=== Guest41476 is now known as TheWarden
tjbiddletheadmin: I'll look into that. I just want to update the repo/package information though, not upgrade automatically21:05
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: [10de:03f3]21:05
MoPac2Anybody here know about issues with keyboard language layout in the LUKS cryptsetup access screen? I have a password character that is in a different place depending on the language layout, and Ubuntu seems to be using a different default on that screen21:05
theadmintjbiddle: Ah, I see, didn't realise that. Well just run apt-get update with cron I guess,that should be totally safe -- upgrading packages on the other hand is not21:05
axisystheadmin: btw, setting -> software resources -> additional drivers works too instead of installing jockey ..21:06
bin0trism: no nouveau ist listed either now21:06
theadminaxisys: Must be new in 12.10, I'm on 12.04 so I was unaware of that.21:06
axisysI saw the same drivier not acitvated before getting jockey installed21:06
axisystheadmin: synergy :-)21:06
trismbin0: alright then, may try modprobing it and restarting x, though weird that it isn't there already21:06
axisystheadmin: so ipw2200 is already in lsmod21:06
axisystheadmin: so what am I missing?21:07
bin0trism: shell i modprobe nouveau or nvidia-current?21:07
trismbin0: nvidia21:07
bin0trism: FATAL: Error inserting nvidia_current (/lib/modules/3.5.0-23-generic/updates/dkms/nvidia_current.ko): No such device21:07
tjbiddletheadmin: Awesome, just wanted to double check. Thanks! (The unattended-upgrades looks cool btw, although I don't think I'd use it)21:07
theadminaxisys: I dunno, what is that module anyway?  What is your network adapter?21:08
trismbin0: ahh there's the problem, one moment let me look up the device, is it a fairly new card?21:08
bin0no its rpetty old21:08
bin0nvidia gforce4 420021:08
trismbin0: ahh, you know, might be too old for the newer drivers21:09
axisystheadmin: el.com:  ipw2200_linux_1_0_0.tgz21:09
axisystheadmin: intel centrino 2200 N for Desktop21:09
hiloHow do I set the size of the /dev/ram# devices? Seems like they are 64MiB by default. I just need a sub 1MiB ramdisk for passing some sensitive arguments around.21:09
bin0trism: it was running fine some ubuntu-versions ago... well if so how do i revert to the nouveau correctly then?21:09
alterfi2Amy one know of a good book to read on how to work with Linux?21:09
axisystheadmin: this says I need to install fw.. but it only comes with this kernel21:10
theadminhilo: mount -t tmpfs -o size=1M tmpfs /tmp/ramdisk21:10
theadminhilo: /tmp/ramdisk must exist before  that, of course21:10
trismbin0: should just need to purge nvidia-current and remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:10
bin0trism: simply delete the conf file?21:11
trismbin0: yes21:11
trismbin0: ahh yeah, on the supported cards list it seems to be listed under the 96 legacy driver which I don't think works with newer xorg21:11
theadminaxisys: Okay, well, I'm out of ideas, sorry. I also have a Centrino network adapter but it works right out of the box21:11
theadminaxisys: Try loading iwlwifi21:12
bin0trism: okay i deleted the file, purged nvidia-current now i will modprobe nouveau and restart x. hope it works21:13
axisys[ 1606.957813] iwlwifi: Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link AGN driver for Linux, in-tree:21:13
axisys[ 1606.957821] iwlwifi: Copyright(c) 2003-2012 Intel Corporation21:13
axisystheadmin: loaded.. then what?21:13
bin0trism: fully_human thaks for your help, if i cant get the correct resolution from nouveau i will b back in a minute21:13
hilotheadmin, can you point me in the direction of some instructions on creating /tmp/ramdisk21:14
theadminaxisys: Well, try to scan for networks again21:14
jhutchins_wkSeanw95_: Sorry, wandered off.21:14
theadminhilo: Uh, it's any directory. Empty folder.21:14
theadminhilo: Preferably with 777 permissions so that any user can access it.21:14
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: No problems, can you try help me or are you busy21:14
axisystheadmin: tried it.. no go..i think i need to find a way to enable the wifi button.. it is turned off21:14
theadminaxisys: Ah, the button... Does "sudo rfkill unblock all" do anything?21:15
jhutchins_wkSeanw95_: THat's your PCI Bridge chipset, need the pciid of the network card.21:15
carlom61hi guys, is there anybody so kind and patient that can help me in private 5 mins with some Terminal commands? please21:15
Seanw95_That is21:15
Seanw95_It's all the same21:15
theadmincarlom61: The general rule is t o always ask your question in the channel so that anyone who knows can help.21:15
axisystheadmin: did not help.. i wonder if it disabled at the bios21:16
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:16
carlom61yeah I know theadmin but those would be dumb questions :(21:16
theadminaxisys: Heh, could be, worth to check21:16
theadmincarlom61: This isn't #gentoo :P We don't mind newbies21:16
hilotheadmin, awesome thanks21:17
bin0_trism: hey im back, nouveau is now listex in lsmod but i cant get the correct resolution21:17
jhutchins_wkSeanw95_: THere's a seperate id for the network adaptor.  If you can't find it just pastebin the whole output of lspci -nn and I'll see if I can.21:17
jhutchins_wkcarlom61: If you're right, then there will be eager new channel members who will feel good about being able to answer them.  If they're subtler than you think, the more experienced guys can chip in.21:18
carlom61alright then thanks. I'm trying to edit a file in /etc/postfix/sasl a newly created file to complete the Postfix installation. The problem is that I get Permission Denied when trying to save it using visual or Terminal21:19
roger21i got some weird encoded character in the man page on console though may local is en_US.UTF-8 ... what font should i use and how do i set that?21:19
theadmincarlom61: sudo nano /etc/postfix/sasl21:19
theadmincarlom61: Need sudo to be able to edit system-wide configs and such.21:19
jhutchins_wkcarlom61: Need to edit it as root.21:19
Shogootis there any way to do apt-get update but spesifying the ip to do it from? I have a DNS problem and i need to resintall my resolvconf files.... but as i got the dns problem apt-get update just gives me the unable to resolve host error21:19
bin0_trism: is there a way to add more resolutuions to the menu where i usually choose from?21:19
theadmincarlom61: For a graphical editor, gksudo gedit /etc/postfix/sasl21:19
carlom61and why I get Access Denied when "su root" ?21:19
caleresshey guys im trying to set global xgamma and xbacklight, they run in the script but where can i set them globally ?21:19
theadmincarlom61: Ubuntu doesn't have a root password21:20
theadmincarlom61: It's for security reasons.21:20
caleressif i understand correctly xorg.conf is deprecated ?21:20
theadmincaleress: No, just unrequired. It's still read if it exists, though.21:20
trismbin0_: what's the output of: xrandr; ?21:20
bin0_javier@javier-desktop:~$ xrandr xrandr: Failed to get size of gamma for output default Screen 0: minimum 640 x 480, current 1024 x 768, maximum 1024 x 768 default connected 1024x768+0+0 0mm x 0mm    1024x768       61.0*     800x600        61.0      640x480        60.021:21
caleresstheadmin: do you have a sample of how the file is susposed to look like ?21:21
theadmincaleress: Uhmm... Nope21:22
caleressheh great :)21:22
caleressis this even the right place to change this settings ?21:22
trismbin0_: hmm, I'm not really sure, might just be a limitation of nouveau with that card21:23
bin0_but it was working some time ago21:23
bin0_well ill try to figure it out21:23
jhutchins_wkcaleress: try X --configure21:24
theadminAnyway, I'm off for today.21:24
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=== DaveRather is now known as fourq
caleressFatal server error: Unrecognized option: --configure21:24
caleress :)21:25
jhutchins_wkcaleress: Sorry, I think you need sudo, X needs to not be running, and it's -configure21:25
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carlom61can I delete files/folders using gedit?21:26
caleressso I gotta kill X first ?21:26
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: two minuites21:26
Shogootis there any way to do apt-get update but spesifying the ip to do it from? I have a DNS problem and i need to resintall my resolvconf files.... but as i got the dns problem apt-get update just gives me the unable to resolve host error21:26
huttanShogoot: can you pastebin your /etc/resolv.conf pls?21:27
carlom61so how do I delete files/folders in /etc/ using visual graphical?21:27
Shogooti dont have it. as i did purge it from my system on a recomendation to solve another thing21:28
Shogootthat is why im tring to update directly from the source and not relying on the dns...21:28
jhutchins_wkcaleress: ... well, I suppose you can tell X to use another display...21:29
civixierAnyone in here that have made a syntax color config file for nano? It keeps messing up my quotes. If I write "hello" test "hello" the whole row goes to that color, when only the "hello" parts should do it.21:29
oraziocome si va21:30
huttanShogoot: i think those are behind loaders, what repos u using?21:30
huttanShogoot: i guess i can resolve it for ya heh :)21:30
Shogoothuttan, i dont know what spesific repos i got. its a quite fresh install of ubuntu server. the latets21:31
huttanShogoot: /etc/apt/sources.list21:32
jhutchins_wkShogoot: You don't need to reinstall the resolv.conf file.  As installed it's blank.21:33
jhutchins_wkShogoot: Are you using DHCP or a static configuration?21:33
roger21i don't understand, i put all:all in hosts.deny and nothing in hosts.allow it blocks my incomming ssh but not my the apache requests21:33
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Shogootjhutchins_wk, static.... heres my sources.list http://pastebin.com/f8x3eRKj21:34
jhutchins_wkShogoot: Hello?21:34
jhutchins_wkShogoot: Ok, do you know what your nameserver addresses are?21:34
beanroger21: you should be using iptables or UFW for some sort of firewall, not hosts.deny21:34
Shogootjhutchins_wk, no21:34
jhutchins_wkShogoot: If it were dhcp you would get them from the server.21:34
jhutchins_wkShogoot: Ok, you need to find out from your ISP, but for now just try adding the line nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf21:35
Shogootjhutchins_wk, im trying to set up a homefileserver and that is my im using static21:35
roger21bean, doesn't host.deny blocks incomming connections?21:35
beanroger21: one would think that it would, but it's not the smartest or most used solution21:35
ubottupippo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:36
Shogootjhansonxi, ok. namersrver added21:36
Xtz_Fuzיש פה ישראלים?21:36
tubaguy50035I have two installs of haproxy on different machines, each has "tek-lin-lb1.domain.com" and "tek-lin-lb2.domain.com" in their /etc/hostname respectively.  When I start haproxy on the first machine, I have to set it's name to "tek-lin-lb1" in the peers section, where I have to set "tek-lin-lb2.domain.com" on the second one.  Any reason that might be?21:36
beanroger21: it also depends on what is in your /etc/hosts.allow21:36
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: Here it is http://snag.gy/zv5zB.jpg21:37
pippo /msg ubottu !bot21:37
Seanw95_That's my lspci -nn21:37
beantubaguy50035: because /etc/hostname doesn't matter when it comes to actual DNS names of hosts, i'd guess21:37
chrish1I have a problem with ubuntu-server, cobbler and automated install21:38
btempwhat would be a cute LVM setup gui?21:38
tubaguy50035bean: Hmm...  The /etc/hosts files are the same except for IP addresses and "1" and "2" flipped...21:38
chrish1the network interface that is connected to the internet is different than the one that i pxe boot from21:38
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beantubaguy50035: still, some services rely on DNS and don't really care about /etc/hosts, though I'm not sure exactly how haproxy works21:38
Shogootjhansonxi, you still there? :)21:39
chrish1i tried d-i netcfg/choose_interface select eth1 in the preseed file but it still does not configure eth1 and tries to use eth0 to access the package archive, which fails21:39
ivaliI am running ubuntu server (clean install). Flushed iptables cand disabled ufw.Can it be something else that is blocking me certain ports (135,139,445, 1433 etc.) or should i talk to my ISP?21:40
Shogootjhutchins_wk, ok. namersrver added21:41
qualiaHow do I add --nocursor option of Xorg to .xinitrc21:42
Seanw95_jhutchins_wk: Here it is http://snag.gy/zv5zB.jpg like you asked my lspci -nn21:42
carlom61guys sorry for asking: what's the command in Terminal for deleting files/folders in /etc/?21:42
qualiaor is there a better way to disable touchpad21:43
awaycarlom61, sudo rm /etc/whatever21:44
awayif it's a folder, use -r21:44
qualiacarlom61, rm -rf /etc/*21:44
jribcarlom61: STOP DO NOT DO THAT21:44
=== wagle_ is now known as wagle
carlom61holding on21:44
qualiacarlom61, don't listen to him do it21:44
axisyshow to check the batter status from cli?21:44
qualiabreaking things is good21:44
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!21:44
jribcarlom61: do not delete things in /etc.  What are you trying to do?21:45
carlom61I guess that command would have deleted * from root dir etc21:45
awaycarlom, no, but everything in /etc21:45
awayincluding important files like sudoers etc.21:45
carlom61trying to delete an incorrectly created dir and file in postfix subdir of etc21:45
jribcarlom61: what exactly?21:46
carlom61so its gonna be sudo rm etc/postfix/the_dir_to_be_Removed21:46
awaysudo rm -r /etc/dirname21:46
carlom61ah ok -r for dir21:46
beanif its an empty dir you can do21:46
Seanw95_Can someone help me install a graphics driver?21:47
auronandaceSeanw95_: did you sort out your ethernet in the end?21:49
Seanw95_No, however I'm having problems with my grahics everytime i type certain commands in terminal my screen goes all fuzzy and i can't see anything21:50
Seanw95_So this needs addressing first21:50
=== Logan__ is now known as Logan_
auronandaceSeanw95_: what certain commands?21:50
Seanw95_Restarting networking21:51
=== Guest19155 is now known as LoganCloud
Seanw95_trying to modprobe forcedeth21:51
Tammuzhi every121:52
qualiaHi, I need to disable TOUCHPAD/mouse module in XORG completely, anything related to cursors, the drivers are horrible and i don't need it for now. What would be the easiest way21:52
NetFlamCan i help anyone?21:52
Seanw95_Can someone help me downloading and installing a driver? https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/98271021:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 982710 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "[regression] Nvidia 295.40 driver is extremely slow" [Undecided,New]21:55
roger21ok aparently apache just don't care about hosts.allow/deny (APACHE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT!)21:56
DeadWeaselXUbuntu 12.04 LTS x64:  Trying to torify applications.  Don't know how to point /etc/tsocks.conf to my instance of tor?21:58
graydonhey so im sure you guys have heard this question before because i thnk its a known bug, but i cant get empathy to work in LXDE. it tells me i need to add an account but in order to do it i have to manually enter gnome-control-center credentials, even when i do that it still just says network error and i cant do anything with it. so how do i fix it?21:58
Piciroger21: thats nice, but please mind the language. Thanks.21:58
jrrI'm trying to install libssl-dev:i386 on my 64-bit 12.10 system, and it seems to be mutually exclusive with libssl-dev21:59
roger21you're not fun21:59
roger21you don't know about the honneybadger!21:59
jrrapt wants to remove a whole bunch of things21:59
EaglemanWhat do i need to do in my iptables to allow dns bind9 ( it only acts as a cache ) to work ( all my clients need to be able to use dns )21:59
seanw95can someone help me install these drivers? https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/98271022:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 982710 in NVIDIA Drivers Ubuntu "[regression] Nvidia 295.40 driver is extremely slow" [Undecided,New]22:01
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seanw95can someone help me install these drivers? https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/98271022:02
DeadWeaselXanyone have experience with tsocks?22:02
SirCluelesshi guys, i just upgraded to 12.10 from 12.04 and now my unity taskbar and dock are gone22:03
tqrstcan someone please help me make gnome-panel display the keyboard layout indicator? It used to do it on an older ubuntu install. Not sure why it doesn't do it any more. gnome-control-panel shows that I have 2 layouts (en-US and canadian multilingual).22:03
fbdystangHi, I am running 11.04 ubuntu. How do up upgrade without losing everything?22:05
SirCluelesscan anyone help? my unity is borked, and i can't run programs22:05
tqrstthe keyboard shortcuts to switch layout don't work either, regardless of which one I set22:05
isaiasSirClueless: You need to download it again, i think22:05
Osakasa^SirClueless, write "unity restart" and shutdown terminal22:05
ApesDoes upstart allow you to replace cron yet?22:05
=== chiluk is now known as chiluk_away
thccookieSirClueless, i think you must go to the settings window, and then find "behavior" options, and show22:06
isaiasSirClueless: try this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158085722:06
thccookiehide and show... behavior22:06
PiciApes: its not meant to replace cron. its designed to be a replacement for sys v init.22:06
SirCluelessi cannot seem to do any of those things, because i can't launch graphical programs22:06
ApesPici: That is incorrect, I am afraid.22:07
Osakasa^SirClueless, ctrl+alt+t opens terminal22:07
SirCluelessOsakasa^: didn't work for me22:07
beanPici: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/wiki/ReplaceCron22:07
Osakasa^try alt+F222:08
PiciApes: Then I'm mistaken.  The experts are over in #upstart if you want to ask them.22:08
thccookieSirClueless,  damn it... if your ubuntu have another graphicall interfaces when you log in? like lxde, xfce...22:08
SirCluelessOsakasa^: nothing happens on alt+f222:08
thccookieSirClueless, try install one of them with terminal, and login with different graphic session22:08
thccookieand fix error22:08
fbdystangHi, I am running 11.04 ubuntu. How do up upgrade without losing everything?22:09
thccookiefbdystang, kernel upgrade or version?22:09
SirCluelessthccookie: sudo apt-get install xfce is unough to do that?22:09
fbdystangthccookie: version i think, what is the difference?22:10
thccookiefbdystang, if yiu upgrade kernel, you dont lose settings and stuff22:10
thccookiebud if you update version, it's new system22:10
=== milind is now known as abyss42
thccookieSirClueless, just search on google "install xfce to ubuntu"22:11
SirCluelessthccookie: i am installing xfce4 package now, will reboot and let you know how it goes22:11
fbdystangthccookie: It appears my version is end of life. I have a few servers running on it, how do I upgrade?22:11
SirCluelessthccookie: i can't google, can't run a browser22:11
Pinguy-UserHello I have downloaded and installed PinguyOS12.10 beta onto a usb drive and need to know how to install it to an external drive22:12
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=== chiluk_away is now known as chiluk
thccookieSirClueless, wait i found tutorial for you, because i forgot.. too many stuffs in my head, real madness22:12
thccookiefbdystang, dont risk then, you lost data!22:13
SirCluelessthccookie: i ran sudo apt-get install xfce422:13
SirCluelessthat seemed to work, rebooting now22:13
SirCluelesswill let you know how it goes22:13
Pinguy-UserI have multiple partitions on my netbook, and need to have it work on my external drive without conflicting with the other partitions on the other harddrive22:14
auronandacePinguy-User: pinguy isn't supported here22:14
fbdystangthccookie: can I upgrade to 11.10 and then to the newest version?22:14
EaglemanI cannot seem to get DNS working on my windows machines with my current iptables, any idea what i did wrong http://pastebin.com/jQgN8p42 ?22:14
parabyteany good documentation on ssh login screen's?22:15
bin_bashHas anyone here had any luck getting audio out to work with the thunderbolt port on apple macbooks?22:15
thccookiefbdystang, yes you can22:15
parabyteim using startx on console instead of a graphical X login system22:15
parabyteim trying to make my linux system 1990's style22:15
parabytewondered anyone got any tips22:15
bin_bashparabyte, the man page?22:15
thccookiefbdystang, but you realy need to back up all of you data22:15
thccookieyou loose data, you know that22:16
parabytebin_bash, man page's are my Religious Scriptures22:16
fbdystangthccookie: without losin data? I can backup data, but I cannot backup servers settings. will server settings be lost?22:16
Krustyklimbercan anyone explain how to print, using Ubuntu 12.04?22:16
thccookieno, server settings not be lost if you save config-s22:16
bin_bashKrustyklimber, first you should install the drivers for your printer. then you should print.22:17
thccookietry save hole folder /home22:17
thccookieand restore etc and share22:17
thccookiein new system22:17
KrustyklimberI installed the drivers... I just can't figure out how to send a pdf file to the printer22:17
thccookiesorry my english is bad22:17
KrustyklimberI open pdf reader, but there's no option for printing22:18
SirCluelessso xfce4 works, though, my second monitor is misconfigured now22:18
carlom61is there any quick way I can put a localhost/file.txt over the internet, how?22:18
auronandaceKrustyklimber: ctrl+p?22:18
bin_bashcarlom61, upload it to pastebin22:18
Krustyklimberwow am I really that stupid? :P22:18
SirCluelessbrb, relogging into unity again22:18
thccookieSirClueless, go to settings, behavior, hide and show22:19
carlom61uhm, no I want it to be run in localhost22:19
KrustyklimberI was looking for something to click on... still not used to having to type commands... thanks22:19
carlom61so I guess I gotta give out my IP22:20
bin_bashctl-p is not a command22:20
bin_bashit's a keyboard shortcut22:20
auronandaceKrustyklimber: i assume it would be under file > print too22:20
SirCluelessis there a way to force a relog? like restarting the dm or something?22:21
Krustyklimberhmmm I don't see file print22:21
bin_bashwell ctl-p22:21
bin_bashshould work22:21
Krustyklimberand it does... thanks again22:21
thccookieKrustyklimber, just go screenshoot and print :)22:22
EaglemanI cannot seem to get DNS working on my windows machines with my current iptables, any idea what i did wrong http://pastebin.com/jQgN8p42 ?22:22
Krustyklimbera screenshot of 16 pages won't work ;)22:22
thccookieone by one :)22:23
SirCluelessthccookie: so i can get a graphical environment up now, what was the next step in your advice?22:23
Krustyklimberthat sounds complicated... but thanks for the advice22:23
KrustyklimberI liked havinf a printer icon to click though :)22:23
bin_bashYou should really not rely on the GUI so much22:24
bin_bashThis is why most linux users say that Ubuntu teaches bad habits22:24
thccookieSirClueless, did you mess up .gl files or play with you graphicall driver?22:24
KrustyklimberI shouldn't, but I am not very computer literate22:24
bin_bashThen why are you using Linux?22:24
Tex_NickKrustyklimber:  also you can right-click on the toolbar ... choose "more tools" ... then find and enable print ... should give you a printer icon to click22:24
SirCluelessthccookie: yes, the update removed fglrx as part of upgrading22:25
thccookieSirClueless, go to sudo apt-get update -f22:25
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:25
KrustyklimberI click the prineter icon, from there Tex, and I couldn't find the document I want to print... just a confusing set of "menus"22:25
SirCluelessthccookie: done22:26
carlom61how can I make a localhost/whatever.file public providing somebody direct URL?22:26
bin_bashcarlom61, you have to have a public_http directory22:27
bin_bashwith dns setup22:27
bin_bashand a webserver22:27
bin_bashand port forwarding22:27
carlom61cant I simply use my direct public IP?22:28
bin_bashsure, if the port is forwarded22:28
genii-aroundcarlom61: Yes, if your router is set to forward port 80 to your internal machine22:28
carlom61I suppose so yes22:28
carlom61altough I reckon it's not set as such by default, right22:29
Krustyklimberthanks again folks, have a great day22:29
bin_bashcarlom61, no. you have to set it to forward22:29
Chosihey there, there's a customer that is having trouble getting his dual monitor setup in 10.04 working. he's on 2x nvidia quadro 600 - is there anything known broken with this setup? i'd just like to know what i'm into when i try to fix it tomorrow22:29
fbdystangWhat all do I need to backup to upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 then newer?22:30
bin_bashfbdystang, you should be able to just apt-get dist-upgrade22:31
bin_bashbut if you want22:31
bin_bashyou should backup your entire /home directory unless you're smart and put it on its own partition22:32
fbdystangbin_bash: I am running a few servers like samba and others, and I don't want to lose settings.22:32
carlom61so in the Port Forwarding / Port Triggering menu of the router I'd add a service HTTP for forwarding to....?22:32
bin_bashfbdystang, then back up the config files for those22:32
bin_bashseems pretty self-explanatory, no?22:32
genii-aroundfbdystang: dist-upgrade does not increment from 11.04 to 11.10 for instance. You require to do do-release-upgrade for that.22:33
fbdystangbin_bash: I have one of the servers running in var/www so just copying /home wont copy everything. I have a bigger SATA drive on raid connected so I can backkup whatever I need to. I just don't know where all the stuff is to backup. Is it possible to copy an entire hd if I am running on it?22:35
bin_bashyou have to boot into a live environment22:35
genii-aroundcarlom61: First you should probably set the router to set the same LAN number to your machine every time by it's mac address. Then do the port forwarding to that specific IP.22:35
fbdystangAh yes, then I can completely back it up, thanks bin_bash22:36
bin_bashfbdystang, yeah make sure if you have anything in /etc that you need or whateve that you back it up22:36
bin_bashyou can always use rsync to back it up, which imo, is the best utility22:36
bin_bashrsync -av source dest22:36
Apesrsync doesn't actually make true backups, but it could be good enough22:37
dlamthis may be a weird question,  but i have a remote computer with eth0 and eth1,  when i SSH to an IP in /etc/hosts on etho0, it hands22:37
fbdystangbin_bash: what other folders could have important stuff?22:37
bin_bashfbdystang, uhhh all of them? I don't know what you consider important22:37
dlam*it hangs,   but for the hostname binded to eth1, i connect normally22:37
dlamanyone know what to check?22:37
bin_bashApes, what's wrong with rsync?22:37
Apesdlam: ssh -vvv22:37
genii-arounddlam: Whichever interface is brought up last becomes your default route22:38
fbdystangbin_bash: can you explain briefly what rsync can do?22:38
Apesbin_bash: There is an in depth article about it I can try to dig up if you want. But the short of it is that rsync doesn't handle a lot of edge cases.22:38
bin_bashfbdystang, man rsync22:38
bin_bashApes, I'd like to read it22:38
escottApes, name one22:38
Apesescott: Sparse files22:39
SirCluelesshi all, i'm still having trouble with unity after a 12.10 upgrade: no taskbar, dock or alt+f2 run menu, not even a graphical terminal when i hit ctrl+alt+t22:39
DeadWeaselwell crud.  apparently if you torify an IRC app you get immediately banned from the server for RNBL bs22:39
DeadWeaselfigures too22:39
escottApes, man rsync | grep -- -S22:40
jhutchins_wkseanw95: Your Nvidia MPC61 Ethernet controller uses the native forcedeth driver and should work with the stock kernel.22:40
fbdystangbin_bash: Thanks, so it will sync with an external hardrive?22:40
fbdystangok cool :)22:41
SirCluelesscan anyone help figure out why unity is broken after 12.10 upgrade?22:41
tcstarhey all have a ubuntu server and setting up a cronjob...  trying to set it up to mail the output, but need specific people with external email addresses(gmail particularly).. so i created 3 aliases in my postfix.. and added | mail -s "PostDates Processed" layton,robert,micah   at the end of my crontab -- will that work?22:42
Ben64SirClueless: graphics driver22:42
escotttcstar, keep in mind that cron does not run processes in shell, and it may not source your normal environment22:43
tcstarit works on another cronjob that is sent to 1 person -- so that portion i know is correct...  its just when i add in the 2nd and 3rd person to be mailed i'm not sure about22:44
SirCluelessBen64: i have an ATI hybrid graphics card, but from my /var/log/Xorg.0.log it appears I am just properly using my Intel HD400022:44
bin_bashwhere's a good place to get gtk3 themes22:45
jribescott: doesn't cron execute each job using /bin/sh?22:45
SirCluelessBen64: is there a way to figure out what is stopping unity from loading?22:45
xanguabin_bash: GNOME-LOOK.ORG22:45
xanguasorry for the caps22:45
Ben64SirClueless: i don't know about ati or dual gpu stuff, but thats almost always the reason unity doesn't work22:45
Ben64SirClueless: check the logs22:45
bin_bashIT'S OKAY, I FORGIVE YOU, xangua :p22:46
escottjrib, no22:46
SirCluelessBen64: which logs? my xorg logs look clean22:46
=== swappermall_ is now known as swappermall
Ben64all of em22:46
jribescott: "The entire command portion of the line, up to  a  newline  or character,  will  be  executed by /bin/sh or by the shell specified in the SHELL variable of the crontab file." (man 5 crontab)22:47
SirCluelesswhat do you recommend to do to fix this?22:47
Ben64easy way would be to not use unity22:47
escottjrib, hmmm a lot of things break when you try to use pipes.. i always assumed it was a straight execve22:48
SirCluelessis 12.10 just not as tested as 12.04 or something?22:48
jribescott: ah, yes I try to keep cron lines very simple for exactly that reason :P22:48
SirCluelessbecause things were fine before the upgrade22:48
Ben64SirClueless: 12.10 got rid of unity2d22:48
SirCluelessahh, so you think the problem is that i *never* had unity3d running22:49
carlom61is there anybody expert on closed source unified NVIDIA drivers install who already knows how to resolve the issue with the disappearance of Unity ecc right after latest drivers have been installed?22:50
SirCluelessthat's possible, i think there was one point where i compiled the latest ATI driver from source and it worked with Unity3d, but then Ubuntu released the -experimental-9 driver which I installed but that didn't work22:50
Ben64SirClueless: yeah on 12.04 you probably had unity 2d going, and now its trying 3d but not working for.... some reason22:50
SirCluelessi will try compiling the AMD drivers from source again22:50
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Ben64carlom61: what version ubuntu22:51
Ben64read up what i've been saying to SirClueless22:52
carlom61I do install prop drivers thereafter I cant see anything else than the display background and cant restore Unity22:52
carlom61ah ok22:52
Ben64maybe your drivers aren't actually in use?22:52
carlom61now I have Nouveau and they do work perfectly22:53
Ben64nouveau isn't nvidia22:53
escottjrib, i always just call out to a script as a best practice... i guess i've confused a best practice with a necessity22:54
genii-aroundtcstar: I think you're probably better off to do mail -u <your-username> -t fred@wherever, tina@wherever, etc@wherever -S "Subject"22:54
carlom61yeah I know, I need to keep those opensource drv as the Nvidia break my ubuntu :)22:54
Ben64how are you installing nvidia?22:54
=== gskellig is now known as Gskellig[HOU]
carlom61nvidia current22:55
tcstark -- i setup a cron to email myself 3 times -- so if it doesn't work i'll try your method genii-around22:56
=== Gskellig[HOU] is now known as gskellig[sea]
genii-aroundtcstar: I'm pretty sure if you don't use the -u <your-username>  the email will probably seem to originate from root@your-box-name22:56
SirCluelessBen64: so even the source AMD drivers don't work any more22:57
SirCluelessBen64: is there a unity log?22:57
SirCluelessactually scratch that, i forgot to run aticonfig after reinstalling drivers, reboot22:58
=== gskellig[sea] is now known as gskellig
jiridocould anyone tell me why firefox mainwindow dont come around when i alt tab between my windows? and what i could do about it.. Im on 12.04. sometimes it goes down besides the clock but at oter times it is on the bar like the rest of windows.. firefox filegetter shows all ok.. i23:00
schweegihello. how can i remove a submitted text in ubuntus pastebin?23:01
SonikkuAmericajirido: What variant of 12.04?23:01
TheLordOfTimeschweegi:  afaik you can't remove it.23:01
nemoSo, I want the patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/chromebook-arm/+bug/108539223:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 1085392 in Cross distro support for Samsung Chromebook (ARM based) "Merge Chromebook UCM profiles into ALSA packages" [Critical,Triaged]23:02
nemoI'm concerned about enabling all of proposed tho23:02
genii-aroundschweegi: Hopefully it doesn't contain any personal information.23:02
SonikkuAmericaschweegi: You don't.23:02
nemowondering if that's risky for chromebook-arm, and how long it might be in proposed (maybe I can just wait)23:02
schweegiTheLordOfTime: How long is it saved?23:02
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, lubuntu23:02
TheLordOfTimeschweegi:  no clue,23:03
SonikkuAmericajirido: Do you have a window list on your LXDE panel?23:03
SirCluelessoh heavens, i think i entered the twilight zone23:03
schweegigenii-around: true, there some personal information in it :(23:03
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, yes23:03
SirCluelessfragments of my desktop are overlaying my TTY223:03
SonikkuAmericajirido: And Firefox doesn't show up there when you minimize it?23:03
doomsayerHas anyone else been having uninstall issues? I keep getting "ordinal not in range(128)" when I try and reinstall ubuntu.23:03
schweegican i contact canonical to delete it?23:03
genii-aroundschweegi: I'm trying to find out if there are any steps which can be taken23:04
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, no then it goes beside the clock23:04
schweegigenii-around: thanks :) sorry for my poor english.23:04
SonikkuAmericajirido: Well I don't use LXDE. I'm probably going to need a screenshot of what happens.23:05
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, really anoying23:05
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, the icon is between networkmanager and the clock23:05
genii-aroundschweegi: I think the most immediate thing to do is probably email webmaster@ubuntu.com explaining your mistake23:06
SonikkuAmericajirido: That means it showed up in Workspace Switcher.23:06
doomsayerI am having issues reinstalling ubuntu, can someone please help? :)23:07
schweegigenii-around: it's not my mistake, a friend send me his error log which contains personal information about him :( thank you, i try email the webmaster :)23:07
SonikkuAmericajirido: Try right-clicking your LXDE panel and selecting "Add..." Then add a "Window List"23:07
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, i dont really know what you mean but if u mean the one one change desktops with i dont think i have it on the bar/ ok23:07
genii-aroundschweegi: You may also want to visit #canonical-sysadmin and if you ask them nicely they may have someone handy who can remove it immediately.23:08
SonikkuAmericadoomsayer: It sounds like something wasn't done in Unicode (UTF-8) or got corrupted on your ISO image.23:09
doomsayerSeems logical. How would I go about repairing that?23:10
adam__does anybody know how to setup joysticks in wine??23:10
SonikkuAmericajirido: The "Window List" is the place where you can see what windows you have in that workspace. (Like the Windows taskbar)23:10
schweegigenii-around: thank you very much for your help :)23:10
andrebhi all23:10
andrebanyone here using postifx..23:10
SonikkuAmericadoomsayer: Good question. My best guess is to re-download your ISO and write it to a disc or make a new USB image from it23:11
andrebany time i edit my main.cf option smtp_sasl_password_maps23:11
andreband save it23:11
andreband do postfix reload the changes are removed from the file23:11
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, yes i did and now its two windowlists and the watch and that is in middle and all windows are on both but firefox still dont show on alt tab around :(23:11
SonikkuAmericajirido: Oh, you had one before; my bad. Get rid of the one you just added. Did Firefox prematurely shut itself down?23:12
doomsayerSonikkuAmerica: I am currently trying to install Mint via a live CD but wubi is getting in the way. I wish to just completely remove ubuntu out of the way but the uninstall keeps running in to errors.23:12
Ben64doomsayer: we can't help you with mint23:13
SonikkuAmericadoomsayer: It won't uninstall from Windows?23:13
SonikkuAmericaBen64: Mint isn't his problem. Wubi getting in the way of Mint4Win is.23:13
SonikkuAmericaBen64: He's got bad code in Wubi.23:13
doomsayerWhat Sonikku said is correct.23:13
doomsayerAnd I cannot boot into ubuntu.23:14
Ben64well then uninstall it from windows23:14
doomsayerBen64: I am trying but I cannot get past wubi.23:14
SonikkuAmericaBen64: He can't; "ordinal not in range" is blocking him from uninstall.23:14
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, no it has been stable but as i dont want to update it to loose all pluggins that dont keep up with the high updaterate it might be in a state where it has asked to update and i have denied and it still want to restart.. It could be somthing like that could it?23:15
SonikkuAmericadoomsayer: Try opening Explorer, browsing to your C: drive and deleting the "ubuntu" folder.23:15
Ben64then...... use windows to fixmbr, and delete ubuntu23:15
Ben64make sure to fixmbr or you can't boot windows anymore23:15
SonikkuAmericajirido: It could be. But I can't really diagnose problems with Firefox. I use Chrome.23:16
=== adam__ is now known as iRy--
SonikkuAmericadoomsayer: If you have Windows Vista or later, use "bootrec /fixmbr"23:16
doomsayerThank you. the fixmbr was confusing me.23:16
Tex_Nickschweegi:  something to cinsider in the future ... if you use pastebin.com you/he can specify an expiration time23:17
SonikkuAmericajirido: Try logging out and back in, start Firefox, and minimize it. See if it happens again.23:18
Tex_Nickconsider ^23:18
SonikkuAmericajirido: I'll be back, I have to plug in my laptop.23:19
iRy--anybody know how to configure a joystick in wine23:19
jiridoSonikkuAmerica,  Ok Thanks. i guess its this update thing.. i dont know why it want to restart as i dont update it..?? hm23:20
jiridoi restart it to check23:21
jiridosonikkuamerika i did restart it to check and now it works..23:22
JennyBlueBirdhi guys, I'm trying to find my GPU temperature for an nVidia card, but none of the usual ways seem to report it23:22
JennyBlueBirdnvclock, nvidia-settings and lmsesnors all fail to display it23:22
JennyBlueBirdany ideas ?23:22
Ben64what card23:22
JennyBlueBird9600 GSO23:22
Tex_NickiRy : if you don't get an answer here, you might try #winehq23:23
Ben64dunno, it should be working23:23
bin_bashHow much RAM do you guys typcally use after ~4 hours of usage?23:23
JennyBlueBirdif I run nvclock -T  I get:   Error: failed to mmap PMC23:23
jribbin_bash: 32 MB.  What's your real question?23:24
bin_bashthat is my real question23:24
Ben64jrib: thats pretty good23:24
jribBen64: server :)23:24
bpsJennyBlueBird: for lm-sensors did you run "sensors-detect" first23:24
SonikkuAmericajirido: I'm back.23:24
iRy--thx Tex_Nick but nobody is answering there too that why i thought i will try here23:25
bin_bashjrib, what do you have running on there?23:25
Tex_Nickbin_bash : about the same as the first few minutes of usage ờᴗớ23:25
bin_bashTex_Nick, and how much is that?23:25
jribbin_bash: lighttpd, znc, and some python...23:25
JennyBlueBirdbps, yea, and it just gives me cpu and motherboard data23:26
JennyBlueBirdno GPU23:26
Tex_Nickbin_bash i don't think we understand your issue23:28
bin_bashTex_Nick, I don't think you're undetstanding the question23:28
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, thanks for the energy and care sweet! it was what i suspected23:28
TheLordOfTimebin_bash:  your question isn't descriptive enough to allude to why you're asking.23:28
bin_bashTheLordOfTime, the question is literally a survey question23:29
SonikkuAmericajirido: What was?23:29
Tex_Nickbin_bashthat's obvious :)23:29
TheLordOfTime!survey | bin_bash23:29
TheLordOfTimebleh whatever23:29
TheLordOfTimebin_bash:  this probably isn't the best place to have a poll/survey.23:29
bin_bashI'm eally just trying to compare. I feel like my system is using a fuckload of RAM23:30
jiridoThat it waited to restart even i said not to update.. maybe a update of some add-ons.. or whom knows.. :)23:30
TheLordOfTime!language | bin_bash23:30
ubottubin_bash: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:30
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, That it waited to restart even i said not to update.. maybe a update of some add-ons.. or whom knows.. :)23:30
nemobin_bash: I think the amount of ram things on your system use depends a great deal on the amount of memory available23:30
jiridoyeahh :)23:30
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: 9600GS? desktop card? maybe it's too new for the standard ways to do it.23:30
nemobin_bash: Firefox for example will use more memory for caching if you have a huge amount of memory, but hardly any at all on my raspberry pi23:30
Coded1anyone tried installing the latest amd catalyst 13.2 beta 3 drivers?  The install fails looking for version.h for me23:31
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, I would have though nvidia-settings would do it at least23:31
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, but yea, maybe23:31
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, though it is a few years23:31
jiridoSonikkuAmerica, But thanks anyway and good night and good luck with helping out here tonight !23:31
TheSovdoes anyone know where i could find the failed login attempts on ssh, its not in my /var/log/syslog23:31
nemobin_bash: on my system where I have 16GiB of RAM, 12½GiB are in use, but 10½GiB of that is caching - so pretty much just letting stuff load fast23:31
SonikkuAmericajirido: You're welcome.23:31
nemobin_bash: which ofc isn't a waste of RAM at all23:32
nemobin_bash: the other 2GiB are mostly minecraft servers ;)23:32
Tex_Nickbin_bash ust "system Monitor" to see what process's are usint the memory23:32
Tex_Nickuse ^23:32
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: tried the terminal 'nvidia-settings -q gpucoretemp' ?23:32
bin_bashnemo, I've got 4gb and with firefox and everyhting I'm using 737mb, but in a few minutes it'll quickly climb to over 1gb23:33
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, yea, it prints 3 blank lines23:33
TheLordOfTimebin_bash:  where're you getting your "used" numbers from?23:33
jribbin_bash: ram is there to be used, "unused ram is wasted ram" is the linux motto23:33
jrib!ram | bin_bash23:34
ubottubin_bash: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html23:34
bin_bashTex_Nick, yeah I have htop. firefox is the worst, wicd, xchat, pdigin, X23:35
bin_bashthe usual23:35
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: are you worried about its' heat or were you just curious?23:35
bin_bashjrib, that's not the linux motto.23:36
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, it does overheat some times and I'm trying to see how hot it runs for games and things where it does not23:36
jribbin_bash: sure it is; it's one of them23:36
bin_bashjrib, no. It is not.23:36
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, I mean I know it likely bails at about 95C , but I'm curious if it is always very close or if its just certain things that push it over the top23:37
jribbin_bash: not literally, no.23:37
chrisancan I install ubuntu 12.10 to harddrive from a 12.04 live cd i made a while back?23:37
TheLordOfTimebin_bash:  htop doesn't reliably show the amount of *actual* ram used.  Did you look at free -m ?23:37
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: yeah i see nvidia.com says the max is 105 C for that card. maybe invest in an aftermarket heatsink+fan assembly?23:37
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, tbh it seems as if theres only one game that causes it to overheat, which it REALLY should not since other more demanding ones work fine23:38
genii-aroundchrisan: Yes, using debootstrap23:38
Tex_Nickbin_bash : firefox can gobble some memory ... right now my firefox is using 243 MiB23:38
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, so I suspect really messed up rendering code23:38
bin_bashyeah firefox is horrible, Tex_Nick23:38
chrisanty genii-around23:38
genii-around!debootstrap | chrisan23:39
ubottuchrisan: debootstrap is used to create a !Debian or Ubuntu base system from scratch, without requiring the availability of !dpkg or !APT. It does this by downloading !.deb files from a mirror site, and carefully unpacking them into a directory you can eventually !chroot into.  See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot for more information23:39
chrisansweet thx23:39
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: some just use cards badly, yeah23:40
Tex_Nickbin_bash : as jrib pointed out though ... that's what memory is for23:40
bin_bashTex_Nick, but on boot I shouldn't be using like 300mB that's riduclous23:40
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: have you ever used it under Windows to read temps there?23:40
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, 2nd favourite explanation I have is FUCK YOU NVIDIA AND YOUR BROKEN DRIVERS!23:40
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, don't run windows :)23:40
jribJennyBlueBird: please mind your language here23:41
JennyBlueBirdoh , sorry23:41
JennyBlueBirdI mean, even if the code is bad, the driver should not even let the card get that hot, should it ?23:41
jribbin_bash: 300 MB of 4 GB?  I honestly would not be concerned.  It's totally dependent on the applications you use.  Use htop to track down what's using the most ram and decide if it's not worth it or if there is some bug that makes it use more ram than it should.  Unless you're hitting swap, I wouldn't worry at all about it23:42
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: it'll get close to their maximum then either downclock or crash the game23:42
jhutchins_wkbin_bash: No, you should be using all of your RAM on boot.23:42
bin_bashjhutchins_wk, wat23:42
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, it brings down the card as it is23:42
Tex_Nickbin_bash : that's probably about what this box is using immediately after boot23:42
bin_bashjhutchins_wk, are you retarded23:43
jribbin_bash: have you taken some time to read the links ubottu gave you about how ram is used on ilnux?23:43
escottbin_bash, do you leave the lights on when nobody is in the room?23:43
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, black screen, can't get it back without shutting comp down and letting it cool for a while23:43
Ben64             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached23:43
Ben64Mem:          7985       7858        127          0        295       514623:43
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, power cycling the PSU dosn't do it either. I literally just have to wait for it to cool when it happens.23:43
Ben64bin_bash: you don't need the attitude, jhutchins_wk is correct23:43
daftykinsJennyBlueBird: daym!23:44
JennyBlueBirddaftykins, yea, I'm starting to think I need to try older drivers or something23:44
escottbin_bash, ram is like a light you cannot turn off. if its on you might as well put someone in the room and use it.23:44
JennyBlueBirdbut as I remember the last gen drivers were not exactly rock solid either23:44
bin_bashescott, sure, if I'm playing minecraft or compiling code23:45
bin_bashbut at idle it shouldn't use much23:45
Ben64no, all the time. read up on how linux uses memory23:45
Ben64it is very well documented23:45
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, it caches harddrive access, check the +/- buffers line, it gives a better idea of how much is actually used23:45
genii-aroundJennyBlueBird: Are you using something like nvclock to control the fan?23:45
KaiSforzayou guys are obviously misunderstanding WHICH used memory bin_bash is talking about.23:45
JennyBlueBirdgenii-around, no, this started before I even installed it23:46
escottbin_bash, i dont care what you are doing. you are spending money powering that ram. the kernel uses it because to not use it would be a waste.23:46
JennyBlueBirdgenii-around, and it's only in Heroes of Newerth :/23:46
JennyBlueBirdgenii-around, all other games, even more intensive ones, work ok23:46
JennyBlueBirdand turning graphics settings down doesn't resolve the issue23:46
jhutchins_wkKaiSforza: No, bin_bash doesn't understand memory management in linux.  It's not like you get better MPG if you don't use the RAM.23:46
JennyBlueBirdso I assume it is some combination of weirdo rendering code and bad drivers23:46
MartynKeigherhey guys...whats the quick way to enable ssh on a ubuntu desktop?23:46
jrib!ssh | MartynKeigher23:46
ubottuMartynKeigher: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)23:46
genii-aroundJennyBlueBird: Ah, OK. Yeah, sounds just like some freak combination of app and driver or so23:47
escottbin_bash, that 5146 cached can be discarded at any time, but it speeds things up if you happen to hit something in the cache. what you want to ask is free+cached. if that is small you are running out of memory23:47
zenloopHey guys, I have a quick question about repositories and ubuntu.  I am using chef to install my machines and I have fixed the version numbers. I am using a ton of oneiric repositories (oneiric oeiric-{backports|updates} with components main restricted univers multivers,  problem is that packages seem to no longer be available.  It is like a new version has moved into main and the older version disappears.  Is there a component for old23:48
krabadorif casper disables proprietary graphic drivers, how can i build a livecd with working ati drivers?23:48
escottbin_bash, ie the second line of free -m. ignore the first line entirely23:48
KaiSforzajhutchins_wk: sometimes people use /tmp as a ram disk. I do. it uses 4G on my system, so i sometimes i can't use 8G of ram in total, i only can use 4-5. your preconception on what ram usage should look like is just for ubuntu, not for every type of linux. Yes, ram caches and buffers, and that is okay, but the actual used ram shouldn't be full.23:48
krabadormust i install properly ubuntu on a usb pendrive?23:48
jribzenloop: that's how the repositories work, old versions aren't kept around in a component23:48
bin_bashescott, yes, I use conky to report free -m23:48
k1lbin_bash: did you know about: linuxatemyram.com ?23:49
zenloop@jrib: so is the only solution to host my own repository of ubuntu?23:49
KaiSforzabin_bash: also, 380M of ram used is not a lot.23:49
bin_bashKaiSforza, on boot it is23:49
k1lbin_bash: it explains what free displays and what is the sense of that23:49
zenloop@jrib: is there another repository I can reference?23:49
jhutchins_wkKaiSforza: I've been running Linux since about 1995, I've managed six different distributions professionally, and I've probably been working with computers since before bin_bash's parents were born.23:49
Senjaikrabador: no, you should install it improperly23:49
bin_bashthat seems doubtful23:50
jhutchins_wkI've written more documentation that he's read.23:50
Tex_Nickbin_bash : are you experiencing system problems that lead you to suspect memory problems?23:50
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krabadorSenjai, perfect, how can i build a bootable live ubuntu with working ati driver inside?23:50
bin_bashTex_Nick, not especially. Once over 2gb of RAM is being used though, the system slows down considerably23:50
jhutchins_wkbin_bash: I've played Gravity Wars (Asteroids) loaded onto a PDP1 from paper tape.  Round CRT, no keyboard.23:51
Senjaijhutchins_wk: uhmm, stop with the appeal to ethos please. 'Credentials' dont mean anything23:51
PeyamHi, How does outlook work on ubuntu?23:51
SenjaiPeyam: it doesn't. Ubuntu doesn't use outlook. Outlook is a microsoft product23:51
bin_bashjhutchins_wk, that's great. One day, when my children ask me "What's a cool story?" I'll tell them all about you and then say "Now, kids. That's a cool story."23:51
Senjaibin_bash: dont poke at his ego anymore. It might pop and cause a tsunami23:52
k1lbin_bash: as long as there is no swap used that ram usage shouldnt slow the system dosn23:52
bin_bashLOL Senjai23:52
jribzenloop: oneiric-updates and oneiric-security are where you are going to be getting new versions.  I believe the plain "oneiric" should not be touched.  Having said that, you generally want to get things from -security and those versions *can* change23:52
xanguaPeyam: outlook.com works well on any browser23:52
Tex_Nickbin_bash : that would be a cpu usage issue i would think ... again look at "system monitor" to see what process's are eating the cpu23:52
dydzEz2__anyone here have a thinkpad x1 carbon23:52
bin_bashk1l, yeah I'm not real sure why. doesn't really matter though. cpu is fine. but RAM is high at that point23:52
k1lbin_bash: and i dont see the actual issue besides you dont like the technically correct answers23:53
Peyamxangua: hahah I can too go directly to gmail.com23:53
PeyamSenjai: I ment on wine23:53
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, does it swap ?23:53
xangua!appdb | Peyam23:53
ubottuPeyam: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help23:53
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, yeah I have swap on23:53
jribzenloop: with your current strategy, how are you going to ensure security updates?23:53
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, I meant, does it actually start to swap a lot when you have high memory usage ?23:53
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, yea23:53
SenjaiPeyam: you'd have to go to #winhq, this is an Ubuntu support channel, not a WINE support channel ;)23:53
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, yea ok, that's not just the buffers and cache then23:54
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, does it do this just sitting idle you say ?23:54
JennyBlueBirdbecause if so then something in that system is leaking23:54
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, no, it usually doesn't go that high, but I do suspect that firefox is leaking23:54
daftykinsFF is terrible for it23:54
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, heh, firefox is kinda infamous for it23:55
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, when using minecraft or other java applications, I expect high RAM usage because, well, java23:55
bin_bashit just seems like if I have 4gb it shouldn't slow23:55
PeyamSenjai: it is still an ubuntu issue.23:55
k1lbin_bash: that swapping is making it slow23:55
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, top will tell you what is using it23:55
SenjaiPeyam: It is not an ubuntu issue23:55
SenjaiPeyam: it is a wine issue. Ubuntu doesnt suppoort wine, Ubuntu supports what Ubuntu comes with23:56
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, running any plugins in firefox or just the vanilla browser ?23:56
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, script-blocking plugins and stuff like that.23:56
k1lbin_bash: and how many tabs?23:56
bin_bashk1l, never more than 10.23:56
JennyBlueBirdbin_bash, well I dunno, just run top and check what is using it I guess23:56
k1lbin_bash: well look into top what is using the ram23:56
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: htop ftw xD23:57
Tex_Nickbin_bash : sometimes plugin-container drags my system down BAD ... it;s something firefox uses ... i kill it and the system comes back up to norm ... you might keep an eye on it when system bogs23:57
bin_bashTex_Nick, yeah usually i endup killing plugin-container23:57
bin_bashbut sometimes I just hve to kill X and then restart it23:57
JennyBlueBirdSenjai, htop ? is this some new fancy thing that will make me feel old for not knowing about it ?23:57
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: its top on steriods, check it out with apt-get install htop23:58
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: you won't regret it23:58
bin_bashhtop is awesome23:58
daftykinsbin_bash: try using a clean FF profile for a bit23:58
bin_bashit's colored23:58
JennyBlueBirdah yea, that is kinda neat23:58
bin_bashdaftykins, that might be a good idea23:58
JennyBlueBirdsame hotkeys ?23:58
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: ye23:58
SirCluelesscan anyone help debug my graphics driver? i'm trying to just ignore my hybrid graphics card and use my integrated one23:58
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: also addds some others.23:58
JennyBlueBirdthat mennu23:58
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: Ikr23:58
JennyBlueBirdty :)23:58
SenjaiJennyBlueBird: anytime23:59
bin_bashJennyBlueBird, lol23:59
fbdystangbin_bash: OK I am using a live cd to copy my hd over to another SATA RAID drive. When I mount the RAID drive, it does not allow me the option to write to it and that it is owned by root. How do I copy the HD over?23:59
escottfbdystang, what is your objective in copying it over23:59
Senjaifbdystang: sudo chown username /mount/point23:59

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