zequencehmm, I see I have access to change some teams now :P00:14
zequenceThis is as far as I got with the team structure page. Hard to condense that stuff to take smaller amount of space https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure00:15
len-nbmicahg, -settings change done.02:06
len-nbzequence, Thunar is now default, Nautilus is removed, gnome-system-monitor has been replaced with xfce4-taskmanager02:07
len-nbzequence, this will show up on an update as the addition of xfce4-taskmanager. The two removed apps will be gone on the ISO, but not on an upgrade. The default will not change except for a new user.02:10
micahglen-nb: need a meta upload?02:13
len-nbThat too :)02:14
micahglen-nb: meta upload, will have to find time for -settings02:35
len-nbmicahg, Thank you02:53
zequencelen-nb: I'm thinking that if we ever do start doing multiple desktop metas for Ubuntu Studio, this one could be called Xubuntu Studio :P07:14
zequenceStill just my brainchild, and I have not spoken with Scott about it07:14
len-nbEnough people install the metas over another DE to make it worth making the settings work as wide as possible.07:16
zequenceI think that already happens07:16
zequenceAnd those who know Linux audio don't even bother with US metas07:17
zequenceEveryone has their own favorite setup07:17
zequenceI think the crucial part, if we ever get our custom tools setup for workflows and everything, is that it'll work on any desktop system07:17
len-nbAnyway, I'm off to bed. C Ya07:19
zequencelen-nb: GN07:20
ttoinehi guys08:49
ttoineI just discovered that Stephane Letz, one of the most contributive to jackdmp is working at the Grame, an institution in my area08:50
ttoineI will try to make an interview08:50
ttoinewould you have some questions ?08:50
falktxisn't he leaving?08:52
falktxI got that impression at least...08:52
ttoinefalktx, perhaps, but he is still an important audio scientist in France09:01
ttoinemaybe he can give us some impressions, and some interesting clues about the perfect setup09:01
ttoinezequence, http://lite.framapad.org/p/5n3kYagDQA09:01
falktxttoine: note that his latest work has not been for linux, but for Windows and Mac09:02
ttoinethe Grame is mainly working on Mac09:03
ttoineI know one of the sound tech working on some projects there09:03
ttoinethey have intensive use of maxmsp09:03
ttoineanyway, the link to the question pad is on the misc blueprint whiteboard09:04
ttoinefalktx, don't hesitate to add some questions, I would be happy to translate them09:05
falktxwhen is jack3 coming? ;)09:05
falktxI have questions, but they are all too technical...09:05
ttoinefalktx, please, write your questions on the pad, even if it is technical09:11
ttoineI will do my best to get answers09:11
ttoinejust follow the link and the howto09:11
ttoineit is very simple09:11
ttoinewell, I need to go09:12
zequenceAh, I missed that09:16
zequenceGreat idea for an interview09:16
zequenceJust got a surge warning from wiki.ubuntu.com. Telling me to slow down, or I might get locked out for a while10:26
zequenceApparently, there's a limit to how fast you are allowed to work on the wiki10:26
astraljavaUnsurprising, considering how slow the wiki has been throughout its history. :)10:59
zequenceI was working on multiple pages at once, open in different tabs. Started saving them one after the other. That didn't sit well with the wiki engine11:03
astraljavaHeheh. Probably took that as DOS attack. :)11:05
zequenceThings are really getting pretty organized now. Each team has their own wiki page. Some teams have blueprints, and are subscribed to them. 11:23
zequenceWaiting for Scott to come online so I can discuss changing a few more things. 11:23
zequenceI updated the team structure page again today https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure11:24
zequenceSoon all that is missing is team members11:24
zequence..well, a bunch of docs too before that11:25
scott-workgood morning everyone :)13:57
zequencescott-work: Hi manm13:58
zequenceI've been busy all day writing wiki pages13:58
zequencescott-work: Have a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/TeamStructure13:58
scott-workwow! that's looking really good. you have a much better eye for presentation that i do :)13:59
scott-workgood job, zequence14:00
scott-workmorning smartboyhw 14:00
smartboyhwzequence, you do really know how to plan things:)14:02
zequenceThanks. There's still plenty to do, but I'm finding the format falling into place now14:03
zequencescott-work: I started subscribing teams to their correct blueprints. Started linking it all up, so to speak14:04
* smartboyhw got at least 3 subscribing emails today14:04
zequencescott-work: I'd like to remove the mail list for ~ubuntustudio-testers, and have them not subscribe to bugs anymore. 14:04
* smartboyhw agrees14:05
zequencescott-work: I have the ~ubuntustudio-bugs team for that. I'm thinking it doesn't need to be a workitem/blueprint based theme, but just a nice way to subscribe to Ubuntu Studio related bugs. YOu become a member, you get bug reports.14:05
zequencenot theme. team14:05
scott-workzequence: i agree with moving that over14:06
zequencescott-work: Also, I think we should create a core team, which has power of adjusting teams. The -dev team I think should only be used for getting privelege to branches14:07
zequenceSo, the core team would own or manage all the other teams. The -dev team would only have priveleges inside itself14:07
zequenceI went ahead and created a documentation team today. We still need to create "contributors team" and "PR/Support" team. I also think we should create a "Art" launchpad team which would own branches for art stuff14:11
smartboyhwzequence, will there be too many teams?14:11
zequencesmartboyhw: No14:12
smartboyhwzequence, eh?14:12
zequenceWe should use the launchpad teams functionality more. Each team will have privileges, or be subscribed to relevant material14:12
zequenceEach team is a sort of portal to that specific area of responsibilies14:13
zequenceSubscribing teams to blueprints is actually a very good method for making sure team members are made aware of what's going on14:14
zequenceSome teams don't have blueprints though. It all depends on what the team is doing14:15
zequenceThe nightly team does seem like a strange team to me. That could just as well be the -dev team. All it does is has a PPA14:15
zequencesmartboyhw: The idea is we get more people involved. Each team needs to be able to operate independently as much as possible. If we don't have a good structure in place, with clear communications, it's hard to get that working14:22
zequenceAs soon as all of this structuring and doc writing is at a stage when someone could more or less jump in and start working - getting info, news and docs easily for what they want to work on, we could start announcing for participants on our different channels14:24
zequenceWith all these billions of people in the world, surely there must be a few wanting to participate14:24
smartboyhwzequence, I think that the -nightly team should get killed. The PPA isn't used anymore anyway14:25
zequencesmartboyhw: It's being used, but not for us14:26
smartboyhwzequence, the old days:P14:26
zequenceLast build attempt was 4 weeks ago14:27
smartboyhwzequence, oh?14:27
* smartboyhw goes to see why:P14:27
smartboyhwAnd failed14:27
zequenceBut, I agree. I don't see a point in having that team. Those builds could be done on any PPA14:27
* smartboyhw agrees14:31
astraljavaI think I removed something that had been failing for the past couple of years or so. I'm fairly sure rexbron was the sole users who had set up anything there. He said he had no use for at least that one failing build anymore. Not sure about the rest.14:39
zequencesmartboyhw: I'm looking to try get more testers. At least, we need to have a good quatily Beta testing period. Until then, we are a little lacking in docs. 14:40
zequenceISO testing is not required that often14:40
smartboyhwzequence, I will post something soon about 12.04.2 testing14:40
zequenceBut, we could use more workflow testing.14:40
zequencesmartboyhw: Not just for a short period, but really try to get people join our testing team, and communicate directly with us14:41
zequencesmartboyhw: I'm not saying you should try to get more testers right now, or anything. Just telling you in advance what my plans are, and that I plan to write docs for this to happen14:43
zequenceIf you have any ideas about docs and whatelse, just let me know14:44
zequenceGoing home. bb in a couple of hours14:59
smartboyhwzequence, see ya15:01
ttoinescott-work, http://lite.framapad.org/p/5n3kYagDQA15:30
scott-workzequence: smartboyhw : we are not in control of that team, rexbron is. but i *do* want to get ubuntustudio-dev not a member of that team though15:42
scott-workttoine: that would be exceedingly exciting to interview stephane15:43
scott-worki presume you want me to add some questions. i'll see what i can do throughout my work day15:43
smartboyhwscott-work, ok15:45
scott-worksmartboyhw: i'm just saying we can't nuke (delete or terminate) this team as it isn't ours, but we can sever ties with it15:46
smartboyhwscott-work, ok15:47
ttoinescott-work, yes, the aim is that the team ad some questions16:22
ttoineI will see him next week, but the date is not fixed16:22
zequencescott-work: So, what do you think of adding a core team? It would make sense to have one team only for administering other teams17:07
scott-workzequence: i'm not sure. what sort of admin activities would they do? should we make an unofficial "core team" and have them as admin members across all teams?17:45
scott-worki don't feel strongly one way or the other, just talking outloud right now17:46
zequencescott-work: I don't think the -dev team is supposed to be admin of other teams. And members of -dev don't need access to lot's of other stuff17:59
zequencescott-work: -core would administer other teams, register blueprints, etc17:59
zequenceIt would function as the Ubuntu Studio launchpad admin team17:59
zequenceI'm suggesting to create one, and make it owner of all other teams18:00
zequenceThen add those people to the -core team that have it as their duty to administer those teams. Currently, it would be you and me18:00
zequenceAll of the teams should be separate what privileges are concerned. If you're a member of -dev, you don't get access to -kernel-team or -website. It would just be a cleaner way to administer rights18:04
zequencescott-work: In short, my vision of the launchpad team structure is: -core would own all official teams. No other teams would have privileges outside their own team19:21
zequenceEach team, other then -core, would only have prileges related to the team19:21
zequence-core members do blueprint drafting, and administer the teams.19:22
zequencescott-work: Logging off. Will look at logs tomorrow, and continue working on the wiki.20:19
scott-workzequence: sorry, webchat died on me and then i got busy at work20:20
scott-worki'll check the logs myself and respond. have a good night :)20:20

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