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famax8excellent :) this whole forum system works like a swiss clock03:34
crocketI just chose "Replace windows 7 with ubuntu studio" with LVM option, and it automatically wiped out my SSD.14:53
crocketHow is my SSD formatted now?14:53
crocketI can't check it now.14:53
zequencecrocket: It probably has one ext4 logical volume partition and a swap partition14:54
zequencecrocket: Did the install fail, or something?14:54
crocketzequence, It is being installed14:54
crocketAnd it sucks.14:54
crocket /dev/sda2 ext2 244MB /boot14:54
crocket /dev/sda3 118GB lvm14:54
crocketext2 and 244MB for /boot?14:55
crocketIt's a disaster.14:55
crocketI need at least 5GB for /boot14:55
zequencecrocket: Are you saying you didn't do any manual paritioning, and yet you got this partition layout?14:55
crocketzequence, yes14:56
zequencecrocket: Which release?14:56
crocketzequence, I thought it would let me partition manually.14:56
crocket12.10 ubuntu studio 64bit14:56
crocket224MB for /boot is just ridiculous.14:57
zequencecrocket: If the install goes through, you can always just remove the /boot partition in /etc/fstab14:57
zequenceAnd move stuff14:57
zequenceI think it should work anyway14:57
crocketzequence, ext2 is lame, too14:58
crocketIt's also an SSD.14:58
zequenceWe'll need to do some testing on that. That's of course not meant to happen14:58
zequenceIt's probably not a Ubuntu Studio specific issue either14:58
zequenceWell, the fun is over for today. Time to go home14:59
crocketext4 is stable.14:59
baskakhi. how do i turn OFF artificial spatilization when using usb multichannel audio interface? in the "sound settings" window it manifests itself as "analog surround 7.1" profile, which is inadequate (i have 2.0 setup) and it applies some bombastic fx and virtual channels to the stereo?16:28
baskakalso i have no input.16:34
baskakand jack doesn't start: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1617082/16:36
baskakmore info: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1617109/16:47
zequencebaskak: Make sure pulseaudio is not actively streaming audio when you start jack16:56
zequencebaskak: Kill jackdbus before attempting again: killall -9 jackdbus16:56
zequenceThe interaction between jack and pulseaudio is a little buggy16:56
zequencebaskak: Actually, even smarter would be to have PA set to use your internal device, and start jack only with the usb16:57
baskakzequence: okay, i will, but how about regular use with usb?16:57
zequencebaskak: You should be able to set PA for a stereo profile, I think16:57
baskakzequence: only if it's internal chip16:57
baskakzequence: if usb, there's only this fake surround profile available16:58
zequencebaskak: Ah, then you might need some alsa wizardry to make that happen.16:58
zequenceOr, PA wizardry16:58
baskakperhaps you are wizards, ubuntustudioers :)16:58
zequenceI haven't done a lot of alsa configuration, ro PA configuration.16:59
zequenceCould be it's possible to force stereo somehow16:59
baskakzequence: btw. what is this fake surround for? it tries to put all channels (with reverbs) into two physical channels if it detects it's a multichannel device?17:00
zequencebaskak: How many channels?17:00
zequenceon the device, I mean17:01
baskakzequence: device has 8 outs17:01
zequencebaskak: I'm pretty sure this is a alsa config problem. PA can only read a 8 channel interface. It doesn't know what else to do with 8 channels17:02
zequenceThe problem is in the config for that card, specifically17:02
baskakand specifically with 12.10, cause with 12.04 i had no problem17:02
zequenceThat's weird17:02
zequencebaskak: What's the device called?17:03
baskakyes. i only had to config alsamixer, which shows all the physical and virtual inputs kind of crossconnected17:03
baskakm-audio fast track ultra17:03
baskak12.04 had no "analog surround" profile forced on it17:04
baskak*and outputs17:04
zequencebaskak: How's the latency on that device? Are you ever able to get it very low?17:05
zequenceJust curious. Haven't ever used it.17:05
baskakzequence: on linux? can't tell you now, but as i remember it was okay17:06
baskakthis was not present on 12.04 http://imgur.com/QujeEcm17:06
baskakshould i talk with #pulseaudio people?17:07
zequencebaskak: Sorry, baskak. Can't tell you what the problem is from what I know. You could ask about it on #pulseaudio. And, I think it would be good to make a bug report about it, in fact17:09
baskakzequence: all right, thanks!17:10
SonikkuAmerica(Kind of a relevant question) I installed Ubuntu Studio 12.10 under Wubi (using the Xubuntu 12.10 trick). Now that Ubuntu Studio will be included in Wubi for 13.04, should I continue to use the trick and just update to 13.04 that way, or dump this install for the real Wubi come the 13.04 release?19:12
zequenceSonikkuAmerica: That's really up to you, I think. The only real downside I know about Wubi is really slow disk access. But, I guess you're afraid to mess up your Win install?19:14
SonikkuAmericaYeah, I kind of like my Windows install taking up my whole hard drive (partitioning is messy + there's unmovable space prohibiting my from shrinking my NTFS)19:15
zequenceNot sure if the slow disk access only concerns the linux "parition". Might be that the access to the ntfs partition(s) is ok19:15
SonikkuAmericaI have virtually no problems running Studio 12.10; it runs as fast as Windows does19:16
SonikkuAmericaunder Wubi19:16
SonikkuAmericaThanks though.19:17
UnWorldlyare there people still working actively on zynaddsubfx21:20
UnWorldlythe mailing list has been silent for 2 months21:20
Unit193http://zynaddsubfx.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=zynaddsubfx/zynaddsubfx;a=summary indicates it's not too dead.21:26
UnWorldlyyeah, 2 months21:30
Unit193That's not really that old.21:32
lucas_hi, i get a d-bus error when i watch a youtube video and then fire up qjackctl. Apparently I should kill pulseaudio and then restart jackd. I'll do it gladly, but is there a more permanent way to solve it? Thanks.21:38
lucas_12.10 here.21:39
zym0Anyone knows how i can install java runtime envoirment? I need it to install a printer-driver but i can't figure out how to get it working...22:45

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