Noskcajdoes anyone actually use the xubuntu twitter account anymore? why can't we have it tweeting daily, a similar issue affects the facebook page07:08
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Noskcajdoes anyone actually use the xubuntu twitter account anymore? why can't we have it tweeting daily, a similar issue affects the facebook page18:38
pleia2Noskcaj: because we don't have enough volunteers to maintain it daily :)18:38
pleia2they were both set up to only cross-post announcements and blog posts, and then other stuff as we have time18:39
pleia2Noskcaj: volunteering?18:40
pleia2(though we would ask to get to know you a bit more before handing over the keys to it :))18:41
Noskcajpleia2, yeah, i could try and post some stuff, at least make it seems active. i'm suggesting we make a wiki page or something where people can put a quick tps that i could post on the xubuntu twitter18:41
pleia2you're welcome to mention things in here18:42
pleia2knome and I both have access, so just let one of us know18:42
Noskcajok, i'm suggesting that you link news pages and your own blogs (if it's xubuntu related) on the page, that would at least give it a volume of posts18:47
pleia2we do link to news articles when we add them to the press section of the website, have any new ones to suggest?18:47
Noskcajnow i actually look, there aren't many18:49
Noskcajalthough some stuff from http://xubuntugeek.blogspot.com.au/ couldn't hurt18:50
pleia2see, I didn't even know about that site :)18:50
Noskcajok :) xubuntu is doing a better job than most Ubuntu teams for advertising itself 18:51
Noskcajdoes anyone have access to the FB page though?18:52
pleia2Noskcaj: thanks :) I know we can do better, and appreciate your help with this19:34
Noskcajnp, maybe i will talk to phill aout lubuntu now19:34
knomeNoskcaj, pleia2 should have access to most of the social media outlets. if not her, somebody from the team does20:11
knomeNoskcaj, ...or if not, we should make that happen20:11
pleia2yeah, I do20:12
knomewas there something that was still wip? linkedin maybe?20:14
pleia2I don't think so, linkedin is sorted20:14
pleia2ah, identi.ca20:15
knomeyeah, that20:15
pleia2never did hear back from boredandblogging20:15
Unit193Isn't that pretty much dead?20:17
Unit193Apart from spammers, that is.20:17
pleia2yeah, I won't kill myself trying to get access, figured we'd try though since it exists20:18
knomeUnit193, are you referring to identi.ca as whole or the xubuntu identica group?20:18
Unit193As a whole, but I'll drop it.20:18
knomesent him !coc and !guidelines from PM.20:48
knomeor her.20:48
knomeseems like (s)he wants us to answer questions (s)he didn't ask20:57
pleia2I wish they'd just ask the question they want answered D:20:58
Unit193Oh my goodness, not half as bad as one I had...20:58
Unit193But easier to ESP it.20:58
pleia2lunchtime is ending, so I'm done with this one20:58
* pleia2 back2work20:58
Noskcajis there a reason gimp is picked as the photo editor in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap , for user friendliness i think pinta would be a better option.21:06
Unit193Ehh, mono. :/21:07
knomeand we're not shipping gimp either.21:07
knomeand yes, the mono dependencies would bring too much overhead21:08
Unit193We might if size goes up, no?21:08
Unit193(Note, I don't care about what FSF says, I'm just not fond of mono)21:08
Noskcajalso, what software center where you planning on using21:09
Unit193Xubuntu has always used USC.21:09
Noskcaji know, i just hope it stays like that, LSC is terrible IMO21:10
Noskcajhttps://launchpad.net/xubuntu-desktop 's milestones need updating too21:11
Unit193There are features of USC that LSC doesn't have, so I don't think it's much of an option?  (I purge it either way, sooo.)21:11

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