knomeit will run... smoothly? i suppose that depends what you're going to do and what you think is smooth00:00
iwrbrowsing, 8+tabs in chrome, maybe word editor open? :)00:01
pleia2my netbook is 1.6ghz + 1G of ram and it's quite usable, except for flash videos (tend to end up being a bit choppy)00:03
David-Aiwr: that may work. the biggest memory eater nowadays are web-browsers, both chromium and firefox. but 8 not too heavy tabs should be fine. high-definition video will probably not be smooth with an old graphics card.00:04
iwrno, its mostly basic work00:05
pleia2libreoffice will load slowly, but it shouldn't be a problem once it's launched00:05
pleia2(I use it on said netbook for Impress presentations)00:05
iwrthank you guys for help00:05
genii-aroundpleia2: I have a similar spec netbook ( Acer D260 ), I highly recommend some cheap SSD for it. After I swapped the drive without changing anything else, everything just zips along.00:22
pleia2oh right, mine does have an ssd and I'm sure that helps00:24
Unit193Hrm, so I'm the only one that has had some issues with 1G ram?  Swapping out was a killer, I optimized firefox and then my kernel also added zswap support which also helped.00:27
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genii-aroundUnit193: My machine ran like a dog. Out of kubuntu, regular ubuntu, and xubuntu only xubuntu was marginally usable. Kubuntu would take 5-6 minutes to load to a usable desktop. Swapping the drive for an SSD took that down to under a minute. Although I'm mostly using xubuntu and lubuntu on it now, both which zip along. I may bump RAM up to 2G00:31
pleia2I use chrome (firefox is leaner now, but not good enough)00:33
pleia2I used the default gnome2 in 8.04 when I first got it, but then switched to xubuntu00:34
al___Does anyone have any experience trying to load the scanner on an HP8600 all-in-one wireless?02:01
AneXim on winxp and im about to install xubuntu. after install the only internet connection i have is wifi. will i beable to auto connect to any wifi signal?02:14
AneXim on old laptop02:14
Unit193Depends on your chipset.02:14
AneXim on intel centrino 1.4 ghz02:16
Unit193What's the wifi card?02:16
AneXwifi is intel pro/wireless 2200bg02:17
Unit193AneX: Should be good.02:18
AneXthx, where in xubuntu will i find wireless connections for future knoledge02:21
Unit193Right in the panel, may offer you to connect.02:21
AneXoh ok coo im just sick in tired of windows02:22
AneXive used puppy linux and ubuntu before but not xubuntu02:23
Unit193http://docs.xubuntu.org/internet-networks.html  That may help.02:23
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AneX_is unetbootin the best program to burn this xubuntu iso to my usb drive?02:42
bazhangif it works for you, yes02:44
AneX_aight thx02:44
David-AAneX_: remember that you may have different options when you right-click and left-click the network icon in the panel02:46
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zrutyapt-get is constantly coming back with some error. I tried other sources, but same thing. What can I do? (unable to locate package, or has no installation candidate)06:44
Unit193And you did apt-get update?06:46
Unit193Can you paste the exact error, or pastebin if long?06:46
zrutyOh, bl*st... I knew I forgot something... gee what a beginner's mistake...06:47
zrutyso sorry to bother you!06:47
zrutyBut thanks!06:47
Unit193Sure thing, no problem.06:48
Noskcajdoes anyone actually use the xubuntu twitter account anymore? why can't we have it tweeting daily, a similar issue affects the facebook page07:25
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jonas____good day11:41
jonas____where is xflock4 in quantal11:41
knome!enter | jonas____11:41
ubottujonas____: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!11:41
jonas____ok , canyou tell me, where is xflock4 in quantal ?11:42
knomei don't understand the question11:42
koegsjonas____: /usr/bin/xflock411:43
koegsor "which xflock4" :)11:43
jonas____alright so in xfce 4.8 there was an app named xflock, that was a small icon used to lock the screen11:43
jonas____that paclkage is missing in quantal11:43
jonas____koegs its missing in quantal11:43
koegsnope, i am on quantal right now11:44
knomejonas____, are you talking about a panel applet?11:44
jonas____u have it installed11:44
jonas____yes that one11:44
knomejonas____, try adding the action buttons applet and then edit preferences11:44
jonas____still xflock ain showing in synaptic11:44
knomejonas____, you should be able to create a lock-button from there11:44
jonas____fair engouh11:44
donnieAnyone know of any good, free, WORKING, proxy's?13:28
GridCubenot really, but there is tor, it works for me, just have to be careful with it13:32
badpieHave any of you ever said a bad word?16:28
koegsbadpie: maybe someone in #xubuntu-offtopic16:31
badpieI'm in the process of installing Xubuntu and I presumed this channel was there to entertain me while I wait, a very thoughtful service to provide.16:32
koegsbadpie: only for support, #xubuntu-offtopic is meant for chatting16:33
badpieOk, sorry.16:33
badpieThen riddle me this: Ubuntu 12.10 was too much for my netbook, even when i log in with the xfce env. Is Xubuntu going to be any different?16:34
mikodosorry, test18:04
tjingboemit takes a long time before thunar finds my disks. What is happening?18:26
tjingboemit takes 2 minutes after logging in before i can use Xubuntu. Is this error known?18:30
Noskcaj does anyone actually use the xubuntu twitter account anymore? why can't we have it tweeting daily, a similar issue affects the facebook page18:36
TheSheepNoskcaj: facebook page, seriously?18:41
TheSheeptjingboem: do you have anything suspicious in dmesg?18:41
tjingboemdon't know - i updated today, yesterday there was no problem18:51
TheSheeptjingboem: just open a terminal and type 'dmesg' and look at the messages19:04
tjingboemi see a big difference in time between these 2:19:07
tjingboem[   22.858009] eth0: no IPv6 routers present19:07
tjingboem[  667.721017] usb 1-3: reset high-speed USB device number 3 using ehci_hcd19:07
tjingboemthe rest follows each other very quickly19:07
TheSheepthe most recent ones are at the end19:08
TheSheepanything that looks like IO errors?19:08
tjingboem[   10.564980] EXT4-fs (sda5): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro19:12
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TheSheeptjingboem: that's ok19:13
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swiftkicksup guise19:17
swiftkicki was just re-running the latest xubuntu installer... which appears to be the same as the latest ubuntu installer19:17
swiftkickno more mdraid support from the installer?19:17
tjingboemlots of text, TheSheep. i will disconnect my usb cardreader and reboot - see what happens...19:17
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tjingboemTheSheep - don't know why, but disconnecting the empty cardreader seems to solve problem19:54
TheSheeptjingboem: fun19:56
tjingboem:) and :(19:57
dr_danhi.  I have acquired a Dell Inspiron e1405  (Intel Core Duo @1.6 Ghz)  with just 1GB of RAM.  is xubuntu 12.10 going to be too slow?20:08
dr_dango ahead with answer.  i will brb.20:10
TheSheeptoo slow for what?20:10
dr_danoh hi!20:10
dr_danwell its for my 12 year son.  he just wanted a machine for online (web)  games  like miniclips20:10
dr_danflash based i think20:10
TheSheepmost should work fine, but some are written in a horrible way and need quite some computing power20:11
dr_danyeah i thought so20:11
dr_danso should i find a slightly more powerful laptop?20:11
TheSheepI would give it a try20:12
TheSheepif you can20:12
dr_danthe thing is 6 years old i think20:12
dr_danok.   go with 11.10?   or  12.10  verison20:12
dr_danor it doesnt matter20:12
TheSheepmy parents are using a worse computer with ubuntu20:12
TheSheepbut they mostly read news and use openoffice20:12
TheSheepshouldn't matter much20:13
dr_danthank TS20:13
dr_danhave a good one20:13
TheSheepgood luck20:13
hhhzzzainwho has libreoffice on their xubuntu?20:40
hhhzzzaingridcube, do you have libreoffice on your xubuntu?20:41
hhhzzzainwhich version is it?20:41
knomehhhzzzain, please don't ping random people20:42
knomehhhzzzain, even if GridCube replied, it's not good manners20:42
GridCubegood point20:43
hhhzzzainyou just joined so It is a good time to ask.20:44
pleia2hhhzzzain: do you have a specific problem/question in mind? a lot of us install libreoffice on xubuntu but it's hard to know how to help if you don't ask ;)20:44
pleia2and knowing what version of Xubuntu you're running and ask about is helpful too20:44
hhhzzzainmy question: which version of libreoffice is the lastest using the ubuntu software centre + updates?20:44
GridCubeLibreOffice Build ID: 350m1(Build:2)20:44
knomehhhzzzain, possibly true, but it doesn't make pinging random people good manners.20:45
pleia2hhhzzzain: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=libreoffice20:45
hhhzzzainreally, if you are idle, make you status idle, otherwise don't expect people to know that you are busy.20:47
GridCubehhhzzzain, its not like that, but please dont enter to an argument here20:47
pleia2hhhzzzain: that's not really how it works :)20:47
GridCubelets just all move on please20:47
pleia2hhhzzzain: the link I gave gives current versions for recent versions of ubuntu, does that answer your question?20:48
hhhzzzainyes (but it is also listed if you go to ubuntu software centre). I wanted to know that through "check for updates" it will update to 3.6.5 (current version on the website).20:49
hhhzzzainso the current version on ubuntu is 3.6.5?20:51
hhhzzzainor 3.6.2?20:51
hhhzzzainso I should download from libreoffice directly?20:52
hhhzzzainto get 3.6.5?20:52
pleia2hhhzzzain: I'm going to assume you're on 12.04?20:52
pleia2ok, then according to the site I linked the current version available for 12.10 is 3.6.220:53
pleia2not 3.6.520:53
pleia2looks like 3.6.5 hasn't been packaged yet, not even for 13.0420:53
pleia2it may need more testing, or has bugs the developers want to see fixed before packaging it, or many other reasons :)20:54
pleia2if you absolutely need 3.6.5 and don't mind that it hasn't been accepted by ubuntu developers yet, I suppose you could download it from libreoffice's site, but I tend to recommend sticking with the current version with your release for the best experience stability, etc wise20:55
hhhzzzainI would have answered this myself if I knew: the most updated ubuntu packages immediately appears in ubuntu software centre. (I thought there was a delay).20:55
pleia2they first go into a "proposed" repository where developers and contributors can test them20:56
pleia2so that's the delay20:56
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dydzEz2__didnt someone here have a thinkpad x1 carbon23:53
dydzEz2__ ah yes it was you koegs23:53
dydzEz2__do you have dual boot with your windows 8 setup23:53
dydzEz2__wondering if you installed xubuntu under UEFI (secure boot off though) and then used boot-repair23:54
koegsnope, i am not using uefi23:54
koegsi have dualboot win8 and xubuntu, but not uefi23:55
dydzEz2__ ah ok23:55
dydzEz2__but you had to use boot-repair right?23:55
dydzEz2__oh wow you didnt? it just fixed up grub, i had to use it. i installed it a first time on legacy and when i would go into grub and hit w8 it wouldnt work23:56
koegshm, i had win7 first, then xubuntu, at some point later i have remove win7 and installed win823:57
dydzEz2__oh so you dont have like lenovo's win 8 recovery thing23:57
koegsafter that i have reinstalled grub with the live-cd23:57
dydzEz2__oh you did that i see23:57
dydzEz2__you used the live-cd to fix up grub23:57
dydzEz2__you just did it manually eh?23:57
koegsyeah, had to, because win8 overwrote grub23:57
koegsbut that is just a matter of minutes23:58
dydzEz2__boot-repair worked under uefi, i think imma setup it under legacy so alll live-cd's will be easier to work around23:58
dydzEz2__is there a forum post on how you did it exactly, if boot-repair doesn work23:58
koegsyeah, did not want to read uefi docs and how-tos, i am good with legacy :D23:58
koegsi can give you the german ubuntuusers wiki :D23:59
dydzEz2__ill just translate on chrome or something23:59
dydzEz2__and work it out23:59

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