BarkingFishEvening guys :)  Just a quick "uh-oh" for you.  I'm trying to commit an edit to bug 1023645 on launchpad, and it's consistently timing out.  I don't know if it's right down or just some technical probs.  Thought I'd just give you a heads up in case you had anything to do on there :)00:09
ubottubug 1023645 in ndiswrapper (Ubuntu Quantal) "ndiswrapper-dkms 1.57-1ubuntu1: ndiswrapper kernel module failed to build [error: ‘struct kernel_stat’ has no member named ‘cpustat’]" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102364500:09
yofelBarkingFish: too many dupes maybe. 00:10
yofel#launchpad can help, as repeated timeouts warrant a bug report00:11
BarkingFishok, i just joined there, i'm gonna let them know00:11
yofel(if anyone's awake there)00:11
yofelit's weekend after all :/00:11
BarkingFishyeah :)  1.11 am here, and I'm desperately trying to sink an unpleasant feeling in my stomach :)00:13
BarkingFishA couple of beers should do that, but they haven't.  I had to treat someone for a nosebleed earlier, and it's the one thing - only one thing - in my job, which makes me feel like revisiting dinner.00:14
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BarkingFishbtw, yofel, was it you who pinged up the bug on plasma-desktop crashing on login?00:44
yofelcan't remember right now... I can think of many plasma bugs...00:49
BarkingFishyeah - i have a stack of updates here for kde though, and I'm concerned about applying them for fear of getting effectively locked out of plasma.00:49
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smartboyhwGood morning chaps03:37
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kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1082394] krunner freezes @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1082394 (by Manuel López-Ibáñez)05:10
kubotu::runtime-bugs:: [1120077] Upgrade to 4.10 leads to terminal related artifacts on the desktop @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1120077 (by bastafidli)06:00
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phoenix_firebrdhello everyone07:26
smartboyhwHey phoenix_firebrd 07:26
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: hi07:27
smartboyhwOh no, there is a smarter who is smarter than smartboyhw:P07:43
smartboyhwphoenix_firebrd, are you on 12.04 or 13.04 (or 12.10)/07:45
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: 12.1007:49
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: i am in 12.10 with backports enabled 07:58
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: ??07:58
smartboyhwphoenix_firebrd, I want someone with 12.04:P08:00
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: oh ok08:00
lordievaderGood morning, does someone have 13.04 installed on a laptop?08:45
smartboyhwlordievader, I did08:52
lordievadersmartboyhw: Do you recognize this: after you had woken the laptop from its slumber, the case fan start to blow at 100% rpm, while there is no process hogging the cpu. The cpu is around 30 degrees btw.08:54
shadeslayerlordievader: do you have nepomuk enabled?08:59
shadeslayerusually my CPU usage spikes when virtuoso is doing itself09:00
kubotushadeslayer meant: "usually my CPU usage spikes when virtuoso is doing something"09:00
lordievadershadeslayer: After it crashed on every boot I have disabled it. However I have not yet rebooted since I disabled it.09:00
shadeslayer ps aux | grep virtuoso       09:01
lordievaderShall I reboot and verify if the behaviour is still there?09:01
shadeslayeryeah, reboot and check if it's still there09:01
shadeslayerand odd that it crashed09:01
lordievaderProcess isn't running right now.09:01
lordievaderThere were quite a few duplicate bug on the crash of nepomuk.09:02
lordievaderRebooted and put to sleep, wakes up with 100% rpm on the fan.09:05
lordievader<5% cpu usage, cpu temp: 25~30 C09:07
shadeslayerwhat laptop is this?09:08
shadeslayerbecause I remember my macbook having dead fans on boot, turned out to be a kernel issue09:08
lordievaderAn older one: HP Compaq 6730s09:09
lordievaderI'll see if my HP Elitebook 8560w has the same problem, bbl.09:11
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shadeslayerlordievader: interenet says to blacklist the video module09:21
lordievaderThe 13.04 installation is on an external drive, if I boot from there on the elitebook it does not give me the menu option of sleep/standby. However if I issue it with pm-suspend and then wake it up there is no problem. When I do the same on the compaq there is still the bug.09:21
lordievaderNot sure what module to blacklist.09:22
shadeslayerI wouldn't really blacklist that module09:24
shadeslayerafaik it's what drives the display09:25
shadeslayersee http://www.linlap.com/hp-compaq_6730s09:25
lordievaderYou mean the comment: add "blacklist video" to the blacklist file.09:26
shadeslayerdo you have fglrx installed?09:26
shadeslayeror the open source radeon driver09:26
lordievaderThere are different models of this laptop, this one got an intel gfx chip.09:27
shadeslayerthe intel stuff works great out of the box09:28
lordievaderYes they do, the whole laptop works great out of the box actually.09:28
shadeslayerI have no idea tbh, maybe #ubuntu can help09:29
lordievaderHmm does not fix it. Well it doesn't matter much to me, I just thought if this was occuring to more laptops it might be a bug with 13.04.09:30
shadeslayernope, works fine for me09:31
shadeslayerexcept when virtuoso takes one entire core09:31
lordievaderAs it did on my other laptop.09:31
shadeslayerlordievader: might also be worth filing a bug against the kernel on launchpad?09:31
shadeslayerlordievader: actually, that happens only once or twice every 12 hours :)09:32
lordievaderI ment that waking up without the fan going haywire works on the other laptop. I haven't seen any cpu spikes on 13.04 yet.09:33
shadeslayerRiddell: plasma-mobile is still stuck09:33
shadeslayersays "Valid candidate"09:34
smartboyhwRiddell, shadeslayer one question: Is MOTU (Masters of the Universe) named after a film with the same time?11:32
smartboyhwBTW, anyone here IS doing plasmate?11:34
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Peace-hi :D12:08
smartboyhwHi Peace- 12:14
phoenix_firebrdPeace-: hi12:24
yofelIt seems that everyone forgot to upload the kde-l10n backports12:33
yofel(I guess me always doing it has a part in that)12:33
* yofel gets to work12:33
Riddellsmartboyhw: yes it has some relation to the He-Man film12:37
smartboyhwRiddell, Wow!12:49
smartboyhwChinese New Year coming in 3:10 hours12:50
lordievadersmartboyhw: Happy Chinese new year!12:51
smartboyhwlordievader, not yet:P12:57
smartboyhwSince I'm from Hong Kong that's why I mentioned it12:57
lordievadersmartboyhw: I've been there last year, man that city is large and busy.12:58
* yofel requested some more space for backports13:09
Riddellsmartboyhw: not out partying and watching fireworks?13:24
Riddellthanks yofel 13:24
smartboyhwRiddell, no fireworks today13:28
smartboyhwIt is on I think Monday13:28
smartboyhwlordievader, yes:)13:28
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: happy new year13:29
smartboyhwphoenix_firebrd, not yet. It is based on GMT+813:29
smartboyhwAnd now it is still 9:29 PM here13:29
smartboyhwWhich is GMT+813:29
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: I am in india13:30
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: its +5.30 for me13:30
smartboyhwphoenix_firebrd, you want to do the Plasmate packaging?13:31
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: queue is full for me13:31
smartboyhw!testers new ISO 20120209 has arrived13:31
ubottusmartboyhw: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:31
smartboyhwDamn how to use it Riddell ?13:31
smartboyhw!testers | new ISO 20120209 of Precise has arrived13:31
ubottunew ISO 20120209 of Precise has arrived: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader for information.13:31
smartboyhwGot it:P13:32
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: one of the patch file in xfs has 70 chunks and it needs to be refreshed, can i package it at last?13:34
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: *hunks13:35
smartboyhwRiddell, apachelogger added me to sftp.kde.org for calligra packaging about 4-5 days ago. Now that I've changed my ssh key, can you re-enable my access?13:37
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: in xfs?  we're not talking kde here are we?13:39
Riddellsmartboyhw: yeah can do13:39
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: ya , here http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/no_updated.html13:39
smartboyhwRiddell, just use the new ssh key in my Launchpad page: https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw13:39
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: check if upstream accepted some of the patches13:40
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: thats by checking the commit logs?13:41
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok13:41
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: why are some package names with version are inconsistant with standars?13:42
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: sadms pkg-ubu-2.0.1613:43
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: i used the v option 13:43
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: this is the present version in ubuntu 2.0.15.repack-0ubuntu213:44
shadeslayeryou mean : 2.0.15.repack-0ubuntu213:44
shadeslayerthat's fine13:44
shadeslayerit indicates that the tarball was repacked13:44
shadeslayerfor some reason13:44
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so i can just <app>_<version> ?13:45
shadeslayerisn't that the norm>13:45
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok13:45
shadeslayerwhere foo is one of xz, bz2 or gz13:46
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so i can rename it right?13:46
shadeslayerupstream will usually name the tar  : src-version.tar.foo13:47
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: can the original arch be used without renaming ?13:47
shadeslayeror zip/rar in some weird cases13:47
shadeslayeroriginal arch?13:47
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: the one that uupdate downloads and which will be uploaded to launchpad by dput13:47
shadeslayeryes, you can rename it, but please try and not to ;)13:49
shadeslayerwe usually don't rename tars, unless we absolutely have to13:49
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: no i asked can we use that without renaming13:49
Riddell smartboyhw done13:49
smartboyhwRiddell, thx13:49
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: well I doubt there's an easy way to do it, apply the patch and look at the bits that don't apply and work out what needs to be done13:50
Riddellphoenix_firebrd: weren't you working on telepathy packaging and something else?13:50
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: thats not the issue, i am thinking of putting it at the end of my work queue13:50
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: telepathy work is done is parallel13:51
phoenix_firebrdRiddell: I am preparing a list for my personal purposes and for updating the file. This is the one http://paste.kde.org/668144/13:55
lordievaderTime to test the new 12.04.2 image.13:57
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: some of the packages asks to install certain packages before building else debuild fails, how does the launchpad machines identify these packages but not my pbuilder install?13:58
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: for example i had to install dpatch for debuild to succeed13:58
shadeslayerif you use pbuilder it should automatically install those deps13:58
shadeslayeryou need to have some of the things installed that debian/rules needs13:59
shadeslayerlike pkg-kde-tools if you use the debhelper kde addon13:59
shadeslayerhow else will debuild know what to do :)13:59
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so those machines in the launchpad how do they process these automatically?13:59
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: Build Depends?14:00
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so i should add dpatch to build deps?14:00
shadeslayeris it not there already?14:00
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ya, also i feel that these packages are need to be preinstalled before anything, i may be wrong14:01
shadeslayersorry, I don't follow ...14:01
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: wait 14:02
shadeslayerwhat launchpad does is that it installs some packages, unpacks the source and packaging, installs the build deps and starts building14:02
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: try packaging mpich14:02
shadeslayermake: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make'.  Stop.14:04
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ya14:04
shadeslayer!find dpatch.make14:04
ubottuFile dpatch.make found in dpatch14:04
shadeslayerright, so if you read line 44 of debian/rules14:04
shadeslayerinclude /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make14:04
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: checking14:05
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so?14:05
shadeslayerand I see dpatch in Build-Depends14:05
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: it uses dpatch for patches14:05
shadeslayerinstead of quilt14:05
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ya14:06
shadeslayer( guessing here )14:06
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: so now dpatch have to be installed right?14:06
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: then how does launchpad automate it?14:06
shadeslayerwell .. dpatch is installed because it's there in the build-depends14:06
shadeslayerso it gets installed with all the other Build Dependencies14:07
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: in that case why the error?14:07
shadeslayerbecause debuild doesn't automagically install the build-deps14:07
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: what should be done so that the debuild succeeds without errors?14:08
shadeslayerinstall dpatch14:08
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok i understood14:08
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: do people put this as a comment somewhere?14:09
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok14:10
shadeslayerif you're a maintainer, you usually have these tools installed14:10
shadeslayerfor eg. the debian maintainer of mpich is comfortable with dpatch14:10
shadeslayerinstead of quilt14:10
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: ok, i am preparing a chat with these comments for my personal purposes14:10
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: *chart14:11
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: one more doubt14:11
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: if someone is trying to package KDE but has gnome installed, I wouldn't expect him to have pkg-kde-tools installed14:11
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: right14:11
shadeslayerand s/he will hit the exact same issue14:11
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer:  when doing uupdate for a package the resulting folder downloaded contains the latest version of that software packaged to deb with the .dsc file and the original tar, so should i just upload it to my ppa?14:13
shadeslayerdid you test build it?14:13
shadeslayerif it builds fine, sounds good14:14
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: haven't tested it14:14
shadeslayerRiddell: could you have a look at plasma-mobile?14:14
shadeslayerstuck in proposed it is14:14
shadeslayerphoenix_firebrd: upload to PPA and then test it?14:15
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: thats what i thought :)14:15
Riddellshadeslayer: hum something about kubuntu-active14:16
Riddellbut not sure what14:16
Riddellmaybe it's sitll not installable14:16
phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: Thats all now, build failed because of no disk space , going to try resizing my root , hope it will go smooth14:16
gerloshello everyone!14:22
BluesKajHiyas all14:28
gerlosGot Dolphin an Konqueror freeze when I right-click on a file, any hint?14:31
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: hi14:34
BluesKajgerlos, updated /upgraded lately ?14:35
BluesKajhi phoenix_firebrd14:35
gerlosBluesKaj: yes, from kubuntu-backports PPA14:35
BluesKajto 4.10 then 14:36
gerlosBluesKaj: right, I'm on 4.1014:37
gerlosBluesKaj: just disabled ALL the services for the right click menu, freezes seem gone, but right click menu doesn't appear "instantly", it tooks a 2-3 secs...14:38
gerlosBluesKaj: I suppose I have to do some trial and error to find the bad service...14:38
BluesKajgerlos try resetting the menubar style in app appearance >fine tuning14:39
gerlosBluesKaj: it's already there. But I'm using the "window menubar" plasmoid in a panel, may it be connected with the problem?14:40
BluesKajI had the same symptoms yesterday ...I set the menubar to "in application" then rebooted 14:40
BluesKajgerlos , I just tried the window menubar in the panel , works ok 14:44
BluesKajno freezing when right clicking on files14:45
gerlosBluesKaj: right, disabling all the services averything seems to work fine14:46
BluesKajyou can also choose to have a menubar at the top of your screen , which is pretty neat ..set it in fine tuning 14:47
BluesKajdisabling which services , gerlos ?14:47
gerlosBluesKaj: went to Settings -> Configure dolphin -> services and disabled everything14:49
BluesKajgerlos, that seems rather drastic :P14:50
gerlosBluesKaj: right, but at least now we know that's one (or some) of those services fault...14:51
BluesKajhave you updated / upgraded today , gerlos ..also dist-upgrade 14:52
gerlosBluesKaj: did it yesterday, I'll do it again now14:53
gerlosBluesKaj: did it, installed just an updated localization package14:56
BluesKajwhich kubuntu, gerlos ?14:57
gerlosBluesKaj: I'm running kubuntu 12.10, I always upgrade from previous releases14:58
smartboyhwRiddell, can't seem to connect to sftp.kde.org15:01
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phoenix_firebrdshadeslayer: this is what you meant for ktp-desktop-applets debian/copyright? http://paste.kde.org/668228/15:05
Riddellsmartboyhw: ftpmaster.kde.org15:08
Riddellsmartboyhw: but what do you need?15:08
smartboyhwRiddell, ah sorry15:08
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phoenix_firebrdRiddell: is this correct for ktp-desktop-applets debian/copyright ? http://paste.kde.org/668228/15:12
gerlosBluesKaj: reactivated almost all the services, still no freezes... boh!15:15
BluesKajgerlos, good :)15:16
gerlosBluesKaj: anyway, thanks for yrou support!15:16
lordievaderDuring installation of 12.04.2 the release notes point to kubuntu.org/news is this correct?15:17
BluesKajgerlos, np 15:21
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smartboyhwHappy Chinese New Year!!!!!16:01
ovidiu-florinScottK: hello, I wanted to do some more testing, and I saw that there are no more results on this page: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/254/builds/37267/testcases16:07
ovidiu-florinwhat happened?16:07
ovidiu-florinthe results there were submited are gone16:07
smartboyhwovidiu-florin, new build maybe16:08
ovidiu-florinit was for 12.04.216:09
smartboyhwovidiu-florin, yes new build16:09
ovidiu-florinthat means I have to redo the tests?16:10
smartboyhw-queuebot/#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop amd64 [Precise 12.04.2] has been updated (20130209)16:10
smartboyhw-queuebot/#kubuntu-devel- Builds: Kubuntu Desktop i386 [Precise 12.04.2] has been updated (20130209)16:10
smartboyhwovidiu-florin, well frankly yes16:10
ovidiu-florindoes this happen often?16:10
smartboyhwovidiu-florin, um sort of16:10
phoenix_firebrdsmartboyhw: happy new year :)16:14
smartboyhwovidiu-florin, when there is a bug fixed in precise, there is a need to build new ISOs16:14
smartboyhwphoenix_firebrd, thx16:14
ovidiu-florinthank's for the help16:26
ovidiu-florinhave to go now16:26
ovidiu-florinsee you soon16:26
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Peace-my god but really this kind of rule exist ?17:55
Peace-link to let me google for you it's rude?17:55
Tm_Twrong channel17:55
Peace-i don't know17:55
Tm_TPeace-: you know devel channel is not place to discuss support channel rules17:56
Peace-well i don't remember the one 17:56
Tm_TPeace-: you could have asked (;17:56
QuintasanTm_T: Well techically it is since we are the only ones providing support :P17:56
Tm_TQuintasan: not really17:57
Tm_TPeace-: #ubuntu-ops17:57
Peace-omg ubuntu 17:57
Peace-no.. 17:57
Peace-i prefered to leave these stupid conversation off from my life17:57
Tm_Tnoone is asking you to continue on the topic (:17:58
Peace-infact i will close here17:58
claydoh1002 google plus users are part of the Kubuntu community over there :)19:42
ScottKjtechidna: Is the backend code for prompting for upgrading to a new release any different for Kubuntu than on Ubuntu?19:45
jtechidnanope, both use MetaReleaseCore from python3-update-manager19:48
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JontheEchidnaScottK: ^19:49
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1120553] veromix-plasmoid can't be loaded @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1120553 (by Cole Mickens)19:57
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sheytanRiddell: around?21:30
yofelfun, kdesdk just moved to git22:37

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