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kbanai fuckin "love" kde! thank u god. makes me more happy00:12
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Walzmynjames147: if your still around, renaming the plasma config files did not help00:43
james147Walzmyn: which one did you rename?00:43
Walzmyneverything that started with plasma00:44
james147Walzmyn: then restarted plasma?00:44
james147Walzmyn: try stopping plasma first, it could be regenerating them on close, if that fails then it is probably another config00:45
james147Walzmyn: could also be ~/.kde/share/apps/plasma-desktop00:46
james147or .../apps/desktoptheme/00:47
Walzmynjames147: i loged out the first time00:55
Walzmynsorry, I got called away again00:55
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mr-richOk ... Just applied the latest KDE upgrades to my Kubuntu install (12.04 LTS) ... How do I keep my screen from idle locking with password?01:52
kbanadunno mr-rich, but r u satisfied with ur latest KDE upgrade? Is your system stable?02:15
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urlwolfI moved from kubuntu to gnome shell remix;03:42
urlwolfand some apps didn't get the gtk 3 styling (libreoffice for example)03:42
urlwolfwhy is that?03:42
urlwolfI guess since I installed under kde, it took whatever skin kde told them to; there's a setting for gtk03:42
urlwolfnow they look like win95 on gnome shell03:42
FloodBotK1urlwolf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:42
tsimpsonurlwolf: the libreoffice-kde package is what attempts to theme libreoffice with KDE styles03:45
urlwolftsimpson: so I do sudo apt-get purge libreoffice*03:50
urlwolfthen reinstall with -gnome?03:50
tsimpsonurlwolf: you can just remove the -kde package and/or install the -gnome package03:52
tsimpsonyou don't need to remove the entire thing, just the specific -kde/-gnome packages03:53
tsimpsonI'd suggest trying to install the libreoffice-gnome package and see if that looks better, if not then remove the libreoffice-kde package03:53
tsimpsonI don't actually use libreoffice, but that's what I'd try03:54
urlwolftsimpson: just did that03:59
urlwolfdidn't work04:00
urlwolfor do I need to reboot?04:00
urlwolfIt's also happening with scrivener, another tool04:00
urlwolfit has scrollbar, menubr, etc as it if was win9504:00
tsimpsonurlwolf: did you try removing the libreoffice-kde package too?04:02
urlwolfand oxigen style04:02
urlwolfwhichwas not applied, but still04:02
urlwolfshould I try purge?04:04
tsimpsonit shouldn't matter afaik04:05
tsimpsonhave you tried the libreoffice-gtk3 package?04:05
tsimpsonI don't think that one is installed by default04:06
urlwolfjust tried it after a purge04:08
urlwolflibreoffice apps don't launch04:08
urlwolfsince all failed, I'll try downloading the deb for v 404:16
urlwolftsimpson: any idea why the other tool (scrivener) lost skinning?04:16
tsimpsonurlwolf: sorry, no. maybe #ubuntu is a better place to ask about that as there's more people knowledgeable in Gnome/GTK there04:19
urlwolfhmm, my experience there is that questions get drown in noise04:19
urlwolfbut thanks04:19
Obsidian1723people still use Gnome? I thought that was a dead project?04:23
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urlwolfit's actually very nice04:30
urlwolfI hated 2, but 3 has blown my mind04:31
urlwolfmoved from kde + awesomewm04:31
urlwolfsolved installing 4.0. thanks all04:34
urlwolfI quitted kde because of kwin crashes, and lack of tiling04:39
Obsidian1723I used Gnome 2, but 3 forced workflow changes I didn't want or need, so I migrated to KDE, which is infinately superior to Gnome now.04:40
urlwolfinteresting, we are mirror images :)04:42
Obsidian1723Not a fan of Metro, Unity or Gnome 3. If KDE didn't exist, I'd just go back to strictly command line like it was when I started computing.\04:44
urlwolffor me tiling is the killer feature04:44
urlwolfand shellshape (gnome3) does it better than anything04:44
Obsidian1723ah. not a needed feature for me, same with the tiling, but we all have our own workflow.04:47
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phunyguyso I have KDE 4.10 running from the ppa.... and I'm not sure how to configure the background of the "screensaver lock" screen (where you type the password to unlock the session).  It is this horrible blue/purple color......05:14
KJ_agent007anyone home?05:27
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ignerioushow to install more desktop effects06:46
ignerioushow to install more desktop effects???06:49
ignerioushow to install more desktop effects???06:49
igneriousin kubuntu 12.1006:50
phoenix_firebrdhello everyone07:26
xiaoyHow can i set ark to support unicode? (i'm trying to see some non-english filenames?07:30
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: what language?07:40
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, chinese :)07:40
phoenix_firebrddid you try in #ubuntu-cn or ubuntu-tw channels? folks there might know07:41
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: ^07:41
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, i tried, they told me to switch to gnome XD07:42
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: thats expected :)07:42
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, when i extract the files the namefiles have no problem, it's when i see them inside ark window that i can't see the names07:43
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: i am going to check it, can you wait?07:43
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, of course! thank you :D07:43
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: i have just check , the file name shows properly here07:46
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: what is the kde version ?07:46
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: http://imagebin.org/24604107:47
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, 4.8.507:47
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, i installed chinese support, but my primary language is not chinese on the system07:48
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: can you update to the latest version?07:48
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, i'm on kubuntu 12.04, I just upgraded the system, that's all you get :D07:48
phoenix_firebrdxiaoy: do you prefer 12.04 over 12.10?07:49
xiaoyphoenix_firebrd, LTS <--- 5 years of support, upgrades07:49
jackyalcineI'm going to assume that's something to do with a kio slave07:50
jackyalcinexiaoy: should check if there's a bug about this.07:50
xiaoyjackyalcine, thanks07:51
jackyalcineI'd love to check it out, sounds like a bug I might be able to fix :)07:51
xiaoyjackyalcine, I would be pleased too, if you can solve it :D07:52
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ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:35
pooridgeopen channels10:35
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scherenhaendenhi ppl... when i use skype or wine... have not sound in other apps... when i use other apps... i have not sound in wine or in skype11:52
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kbanalet's meet on freenode then, this channel is like empty...13:51
kbanaoh this is also freenode? k, then #kde13:51
lordievaderkbana: It's not empty, just many idlers.13:52
kbana_yes oc13:52
monkeyjuicestill drinking coffee also13:52
kbana_this is why i said "like empty"13:53
kbana_yeah, good idea13:53
kbana_will drink one also now13:53
james147kbana_: this channel tends to be quite until someone asks a question.14:04
james147or at least an interesting comment :) - idle talk tends to be done in #kubuntu-offtopic14:04
mr-richkbana_: so far, so good ...14:07
kbana_thx james14714:10
kbana_mr-rich, what ya mean? kk anyway14:10
mr-rich<kbana> dunno mr-rich, but r u satisfied with ur latest KDE upgrade? Is your system stable?14:11
kbana_some get a little, some get none...14:11
kbana_ok, yeah14:11
kbana_i c14:11
mr-richOk ... Just applied the latest KDE upgrades to my Kubuntu install (12.04 LTS) ... How do I keep my screen from idle locking with password?14:12
kbana_yeah, oc i remember14:12
mr-richI want to turn it off so my wife can use my computer if necessary ...14:12
kbana_that's fine14:12
kbana_hope she like's it too14:13
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kbana_my wife will will also like it, i'm pretty sure14:13
kbana_*still girlfriend...14:13
mr-richkbana_: PUT A RING ON IT! :)14:14
kbana_yes :)14:14
BluesKajHiyas all14:28
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InspectorCluseaumr-rich, see system settings display and monitor15:31
kbana_hiyas BluesKaj15:44
BluesKajhi kbana_15:46
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sandhyaHi, I have wicd on my system. How can I remove it and go back to the KDE default network manager? What is it called?17:03
sandhya(wicd keeps disconnecting my ethernet connection or perhaps does not automatically reconnect my disconnecting ethernet connection)17:04
Obsidian1723Have you done a constant ping to your router to see if it is actually disconnecting?17:09
sandhyaObsidian1723: I have another laptop which is connected fine.17:10
Obsidian1723I didn'17:10
Obsidian1723t ask that.17:11
Obsidian1723Have you done a constant ping to your router to see if it is actually disconnecting?17:11
sandhyaObsidian1723:  I haven't. But I lose all network connectivity and the device no longer appears on my network.17:12
sandhyaObsidian1723: Any idea what the package is exactly called?17:12
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Obsidian1723NetworkManager I believe is the actual name.17:17
sandhyaObsidian1723: Thanks17:18
WalzmynKDE 4.10 for my user has several graphic glictches. A new user does not have these issues. I've tried renaming (and then restarting) .kde, .config, .local and 5 or 6 others. None of them made my errors go away. What other config files can I aim for?17:34
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Peace-Walzmyn: have you tried to change some settings for destkop effects?17:37
Peace-Walzmyn: tried to disable blur ?17:37
WalzmynPeace-: i've turned them off17:37
WalzmynPeace-: what I'm getting is a fugly square line around all my plasmoids and all menus/panels are 100% transparent so you can't read any text on 'em17:38
Peace-Walzmyn: screenshot ?17:39
Walzmyngimme sec17:39
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WalzmynPeace-: how d'ya get a picture on pastebin?17:43
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Peace-Walzmyn: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=image+upload17:45
bazhanghttp://imagebin.org/?page=add   Walzmyn17:47
WalzmynPeace-: http://postimage.org/image/a4wmyhe6h/17:47
Peace-Walzmyn: for me its your plasma theme17:48
Walzmynchanged themes, did nothing17:49
WalzmynPeace-: i copied my .kde over to the new test user and it didn't create the fugly17:49
IdleOnePeace-: please don't give lmgtfy links, it is considere rude.17:49
IdleOneNot sure what you find funny17:50
Walzmynyeah, I was ignoring that, it got me what I wanted17:50
IdleOneyes, rude. You could have just linked him directly instead of being a jerk and acting like you are so much smarter17:50
Peace-IdleOne: ok dude next time do that for me17:51
IdleOnePeace-: The *Ubuntu channels have guidelines you should read17:51
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:51
Peace-sorry man Walzmyn i was considered rude to post you that link17:53
Peace-so the result it's that i will not help you17:53
WalzmynI really wasn't offended17:54
IdleOneWalzmyn: The rule is meant to protect everybody, some people think lmgtfy links are rude, some don't. We prefer they not be used as to avoid any possible offense17:55
WalzmynOh I understand, I shook my head at it, but I got what I wanted and moved along17:56
IdleOneIt really breaks down to the type of atmosphere we want to try and maintain in *buntu channels.17:56
james147Walzmyn: wonder if it has anything to do with the kde caches since it does not appear to be a config issue: /var/tmp/kdecache-* /tmp/kde-* ~/.cache  then try running kbuildsycoda417:56
Torchyes, but if it doesn't go away with a new user, how can it be cache-releated.17:57
Torchit sure _looks_ like it is, i agree17:57
james147Torch: but it dosn;t happen with a new user as far as i can tell, even from copying over the cofigs.17:58
Torchjames147: oh, i must have missed that part then. sorry about that ;-)17:58
james147Torch: <Walzmyn> Peace-: i copied my .kde over to the new test user and it didn't create the fugly17:58
Walzmynno, the new user DOES NOT have the problem17:59
Walzmynjames147: so clean out the cache is your suggestion?18:00
james147Walzmyn: which suggests it is a cache problem with your current user, espically if coping over the configs to the new user does not recreate the problem18:00
james147Walzmyn: yes18:00
Walzmynno love, still fugly18:09
TorchWalzmyn: logged out and in again? or at least restarted plasma?18:13
Walzmyni competely rebooted, but yeah, I've been doing most of these changes from console then startx to test18:13
james147 Walzmyn so, its not cache related and its not ~/.kde related.. strange18:16
Walzmynjames147: well, as far as I can tell18:17
WalzmynI'm competely open to me screwing something up though...18:17
james147Walzmyn: at this point I would be tempted to backup all configs, restore the defaults, then restore your configs until the problem reoccurs... I would start with: `mkdir ~/old-configs && mv ~/.* ~/.old-configs && cp /etc/skel/* ~`  that should reset all of your settings to their defaults, then you can start copying the configs back18:19
james147Walzmyn: or, better yet, copy the configs to the new user until you find the problem18:20
Walzmynjames147: i was thinking of jsut making myself a new user and moveing all the stuff I wanna keep over there18:20
Walzmynjames147: but that's ~200 gigs or single disk transfer :(18:21
james147then once the new user is configed the way you want it do the above then copy the new users configs back to the old user18:21
Walzmynjames147: that would be wiser18:21
james147Walzmyn: not if you move the files, then and sized file should move instantly18:21
Walzmynwell, my break looks to be over, back to wife and kids. KDE later18:21
* Walzmyn nods18:21
Walzmynjames147: thanks for all the help18:22
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Obsidian1723sandhya: get it figured out?18:56
d-eggHi, korganizer does always open with monday focused and not the current day. Anybody else having that?19:00
d-eggopen through korganizer reminder daemon or from the command line19:01
d-eggjust upgraded from lts with backport, now on quantal19:02
d-eggwithout backports19:03
d-eggsame problem before and after19:06
Torchd-egg: seems to work fine here19:07
Torchd-egg: do you have first day of week set to sunday?19:08
d-eggTorch: no monday19:08
Torchd-egg: hmm. same here.19:08
d-eggIf I change that it focuses Sunday.  So it always opens with the first day of the week focused, or the leftmost item.19:12
Torchd-egg: i'd search bugs.kde.org and submit a ticket if not there alread19:15
phunyguyhrmmmm... KDE IM always starts in Offline state... how can I make it ALWAYS start "Available"?19:19
phunyguyespecially after a network reconnect....19:20
Tm_Tphunyguy: on contact list window, click wrench -> "Instant Messaging Settings" -> general -> bottom19:22
phunyguyright, all I see is a checkbox that is checked, half checked, or not at all - but I am unsure what it actually means19:23
Tm_Tphunyguy: good question19:24
Tm_Tphunyguy: I suspect it works something like this, when it's checked, it tries to restore connected state (online, away, busy), half-selected takes offline also into account19:26
phunyguylet me test19:26
Tm_TI fully checked it and it connected here (was offline before that)19:26
phunyguywhat about half-checked?19:27
phunyguyI also worried about it connecting in away state because of auto-away then a reconnect19:27
phunyguyPidgen used to do that to me all the time ><19:28
Tm_Tno idea, to be honest19:28
phunyguywe shall see.  ;)19:28
phunyguythanks for the help19:28
Tm_Twith Kopete I could know more19:28
Tm_Tthis new stuff is something I haven't learned yet19:29
snelescherenhaenden: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/02/how-to-enable-new-kde-410-appmenu-title.html19:35
snelethis was the magic command: sudo apt-get install appmenu-qt :)19:36
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madconquerorHi there. For some reason, I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 12.10 yesterday night. Using the installation wizard dialogs, I created a different user. When recreating my orignal user I realized, the folders are created with a umask of 022. Why is this not 027?19:42
madconquerorI mean, I'm fine with umask 022 inside my home folder. but my home folder being 755, no, not really, even on a desktop system. Why is it this way by default?19:46
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phunyguydoes anyone know how to change what color flashes in the task manager buttons when there is an urgent hint sent?  (Like an IM window that has a new message)19:54
phunyguyon my current color scheme it is gray to lighter gray, very hard to see.19:54
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phunyguyd__ed, d___ed, you ok?20:00
phunyguyscrolling my question right out of the window20:01
phunyguyand Amarok responds VERY slowly.... not sure why.20:03
james147phunyguy: it might depend on your plasma theme20:03
phunyguy(while playing)20:03
phunyguyhmmm, there isn't a way to fine tune it?20:03
james147I know the aya theme uses your systems color pallet, and you can change only the panels theme20:04
Obsidian1723sandhya:  get it figured out?20:06
phunyguyyou wuld think it would be a color pallette setting...20:08
james147phunyguy: the aya theme is the only theme I know of that follows your color pallette settings20:11
phunyguyjames147: can you type my name again? I think I found something....20:11
phunyguyhmmm... I found where to make it use a different theme just for that part.  thanks20:12
james147phunyguy: where?20:12
phunyguyso I will try the aya theme, and just use that portion of it to test20:12
phunyguywhere you change themes, hit the details tab20:13
phunyguyTask Items entry20:13
phunyguyhmm so lets try that ping again, if you dont mind, james147!20:15
phunyguyso now what color to change....20:15
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ovidiu-florinhello world, I can't conect to my pppoe network from Kubuntu 12.04, I tried creating the DSL connection, and still no success20:18
phunyguyovidiu-florin: has this ever worked?20:18
ovidiu-florinI'm on live cd20:18
ovidiu-florinno, it hasn't20:18
ovidiu-florinbut I have reports from other people on forums that it should work20:19
ovidiu-florinphunyguy: ^20:19
phunyguyI have no idea, I was just gethering info for others20:19
Obsidian1723ovidiu-florin: Don't you have a router?20:26
ovidiu-florinno, i don't. not here anyway20:27
mr-richInspectorCluseau: been there ... unchecked password ... still asking for a password ...20:27
kbanaObsidian1723: maybe boot back to windows20:35
kbanasome years ago my wifi stick was'nt compatible, someone hacked it to work but it didn't work for me.20:35
kbanaso maybe just check back later and have real fun :920:35
ovidiu-florinAm revenit20:36
ovidiu-florinSunt mobile iar20:36
ovidiu-florinPoți repeta te rog sbivol20:36
kbanasry, i don't speak ur lang20:36
ovidiu-florinWrong channel20:37
Obsidian1723kbana: Huh? I don't run Windows at all. Haven't for years. What are you talking about?20:41
awayhi, how do I change the desktop background in 12.10? I can't seem to be able to find the setting anywhere20:44
ovidiu-florinaway right click on the desktop20:45
ovidiu-florinDesktop settings20:46
awayI don't see any such option ovidiu-florin20:46
awayah, found it now20:46
awaykubuntu insists on naming it "folder view settings"20:47
ovidiu-florinIf you have folder view set, then yes20:47
awayyeah. I had that. strange that it's nowhere to be found from system settings...20:48
awaywhile I'm on it: Is it possible to prevent the panel selector from overlapping the panel itself? http://i.imgur.com/M2Ooj6W.png20:53
awaythe panel icon thingy overlaps the minutes of the clock20:53
james147away: that is largly due to the fact that you can have different settings for each virtual desktop, each screen and each activity... that would be a mess in system settings20:53
awayjames147, makes sense then20:54
ovidiu-florinaway make the panel longer20:57
awayovidiu-florin it's already max length it seems20:58
ovidiu-florinDoes it take the full width of your desktop?20:59
awaythe strange thing is, it doesn't overlap until you drag it to max width20:59
awaybut if I make the panel slightly narrower, the overlap isn't there anymore20:59
ovidiu-florinThen there is something wrong with the widgets20:59
ovidiu-florinTry deleteing the panel and add it again.... I maybe also re log in21:01
ovidiu-florinabout y ppoe connection problem, here's a syslog pastebin, if someone can please help me: http://paste.kde.org/668384/21:28
ovidiu-florinI'm alsoconected to my phone through wifi thetering21:28
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ovidiu-florinwhat's the command to restart the network manager?21:38
kbanasry Obsidian1723, i meant ovidiu-florin oc21:45
ovidiu-florinkbana: what about me?21:46
ovidiu-florinrebooting, bbr21:48
kbana[20:35:03] <kbana> ovidiu-florin: maybe boot back to windows  :)21:55
kbanabut com,21:55
kbana*but come back as soon as your problem with the connection is solved...21:56
kbana[21:55:19] <kbana> [20:35:03] <kbana> ovidiu-florin: maybe boot back to windows  :)22:01
kbana[21:55:46] <kbana> but com,22:01
kbana[21:56:11] <kbana> *but come back as soon as your problem with the connection is solved...22:01
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leftistwhat is the proper way to add to to sources.list?22:48
leftistit see an option to for software sources but it just refuses to acknowledge the syntax as being correct.22:48
leftistwhere is sources.list located?22:48
mandoguitleftist:    type    locate sources.list       in a terminal23:00
invariantWhat is the bug nr of kdm user switching not working?23:29
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Marius80could anyone tell me anything about the problem,  that I need to hit enter 3 times to execute a command using krunner?23:38

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