morganok, it takes some time00:01
morganhow can I change the global keyboard settings via terminal?00:03
phillwmorgan: sorry for my mis reading of the bug status, i've been following a couple tonight.00:03
phillwmorgan: whilst not exactly what you may want, have a read of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1455877 it details what needs doing in the 'master' file to get the machine to remember settings.00:07
morganthe lazout everzwhere is wrong, bootscreen terminals in F1,F2... and the whole x session00:13
morgansetxkbmap is also reset on reboot00:14
phillwmorgan: so, /etc/default/keyboard is reset?00:15
phillwthat really should not happen00:15
morgan/etc/default/keyboard does not exist00:16
morganI thought this file is gone since a few releases_00:16
phillwmorgan: try creating it.00:17
phillwthe 'X' files do not exist by default but need creating, I'm hoping that this is a similar case.00:17
phillwIt would be a lot easier if there someone around who has a dual language keyboard setting so they could tell you what they did. I only use en-gb :(00:19
phillwwxl: Unit193 do you use dual language on your keyboards?00:21
Unit193Hah, nope.00:21
wxlphillw: yeah i use english and haxor00:22
* wxl prepares to be slapped00:22
morganok, I make a reboot00:24
morganok, couldn't login anymore, this is a good sign :)00:27
phillwmorgan: you would be better asking on the mailing list, on there will be people who use dual languages. https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/lubuntu-users00:28
morganon x it is changed correctly00:28
morganbut not on the Fx terminals00:29
phillwmorgan: that will be the defaults for the terminal, which is different to 'X'. have a read of http://askubuntu.com/questions/133318/how-do-i-change-the-language-via-a-terminal which will tell the terminal session the language you want to use.00:31
morgan$ cat .pam_environment00:35
wxlis that a yay? :)00:36
morgan"LANGUAGE=de_DE:en" this is wrong?00:36
morganLANGUAGE=de_DE:de  ??00:36
phillwwxl: you are familiar with german?00:41
morganI changed .pam_environment and locale but it does not change00:42
morganthe layout00:42
phillwmorgan: I'm sorry, I really am not used to dual language.00:46
phillwyou should get more people who use dual language stuff on #ubuntu-beginners else please do ask on the lubuntu mailing list.00:47
phillwmorgan: the last work I know of was https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/LanguageSupport00:49
wxlphillw: ich bin ein auslander00:54
wxlwhat's LC_ALL morgan ?00:57
wxlprolly null i bet00:57
wxlof course i don't think that's your problem01:01
wxlso where are you seeing that it's not working? is it working anywhere?01:03
morganit is not working on the F1,F2 terminals, after changing /etc/default/keyboard the layout on x is correct01:06
morganLC_ALL is not set01:06
wxlso regardless of what .pam_environment says, what do your terminals think the value of LANGUAGE and LANG are?01:06
morganis I check with locale the lang config is on "de_DE.UTF-8"01:08
morganseems to be correct01:09
wxlso that is in the terminal?01:09
wxli.e. with "echo $LANG"01:09
wxland what is LANGUAGE set to?01:09
morgan$ echo $LANGUAGE01:10
wxland LANG?01:10
morgan$ echo $LANG01:10
wxli'd expect that to work01:10
morganhm... next try tomorrow  - thanks! :D01:15
wxlsorry morgan :(01:15
RarrikinsIs there an easy way to scale the CPU based on its temperature?12:20
_Ethan_hi, i would like to ask something. Is it supposed that all the things i can do with ubuntu can be done with lubuntu ?13:11
_Ethan_i mean, is the kernel and all the stuff the same ?13:11
_Ethan_im asking this because i just want to know if i install gnuradio for example it will work fine13:11
Rarrikins_Ethan_: You can test by getting a live CD, getting gnuradio, and testing it. That way you don't have to change anything on your system.13:23
_Ethan_but in general13:33
_Ethan_is lubuntu just ubuntu with a lighter graphical interface ?13:33
_Ethan_or are there some features changed in the kernel for lower computers?13:33
RarrikinsNo, it's the same kernel-wise.13:33
RarrikinsUses apt-get as well.13:34
RarrikinsSame package repositories and everything.13:34
_Ethan_so, can you tell me the difference ? i mean, i could download ubuntu and then change to lxde13:35
_Ethan_and i would have "almost" the same ?13:35
_Ethan_with different programs installed, am i right ?13:35
RarrikinsI'm not completely sure, but from what I understand, it's just a different selection of packages, so that if you changed the packages on basic Ubuntu and switched your window manager, it would be the same.13:37
RarrikinsNo problem.13:38
_Ethan_btw im amazingly surprised how it works in my old toshiba satellite A5013:38
RarrikinsYeah, it's pretty nice :D I'm using it on an old Vaio, and aside from setting up a temperature throttling script because the fans are dead, it works very nicely.13:40
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