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vince_Hi everyone :)10:14
vince_I've got a little problem with my crippled nautilus. I need to open a folder with a specific app, but the manu has gone in 13.04 :(10:15
vince_For instance, I need to be able to open a folder with VLC or Audacious with the right clic menu.10:16
vince_How can I get that menu back please ?10:16
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)10:24
vince_Alright, installing nemo instead of nautilus. Bloody gnome developpers !10:34
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BluesKajHiyas all14:28
penguin42Hey BK14:29
BluesKajhi penguin4214:30
NetFlamWho have 13.04?17:20
LantzR<- 13.0417:33
LantzRi have 13.04 daily17:34
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NetFlam13.04 is very good! I like new icons (the best is desktop icon)17:50
phibxrNetFlam, I was hoping for more new icons, but I guess I'm fine with just using Faenza as well. :P17:57
carli2i have a wetab and I wonder if ubuntu 13.04 will officially will support touch and touch gestures18:21
carli2I installed a normal 12.10 image now and will hope that i can upgrade asp18:22
carli2the problem is that the wetab neither has a keyboard nor has a middle click or right click. so if i didn't had installed some extra programs, i would have been trapped in several applications like fullscreen evince.18:23
carli2the wetab has a extra sensor button, but ubuntu does not populate it.18:23
carli2so i wrote my own script that maps this button to the super key and i'm using gnome18:23
gambleriteThose of you who have been using raring for a while: what method do you use to update every day?18:49
penguin42I just use KDEs update manager thing that tells me there is new stuff18:50
IdleOneI let the update manager handle it18:50
IdleOneso far so good.18:50
gambleriteOk I'll try update manager. But are partial upgrades a problem?18:52
gambleriteIf it wants to remove packages, i should just close it and try again at a later time?18:55
gambleriteAs simple as that?18:55
penguin42gamblerite: Well that depends whether it wants to remove anything important18:57
penguin42gamblerite: It shouldn't want to remove a lot, but say something has been replaced with a new package name it might18:58
gambleriteAh, got it18:58
penguin42if it's trying to remove something important than there might be a bug (like a broken package), or perhaps it's upset with a PPA if you've got one in use?18:59
gambleriteWell, when i was using alpha of 12.10, i updated with apt-get and frequently had problems with packages being held back19:01
gambleriteWhich i then installed manually19:02
penguin42you some times get stuff held back where a bunch of packages are being updated and they don't all get to the repo, they'll normally catch up19:03
magn3ts_ubiquity keeps hanging and not progressing past it's first screen. anyone have any debug tips?19:44
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magn3tsThere's almost literally no output at all in the log...19:55
magn3tsSurely there's some way of figuring out what the hell it's doing?19:55
magn3tsIs it possible that Ubiquity is simply broken in today's builds?19:59
magn3tsAny ubiquity tips while I was gone ? :P20:27
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